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tv   101 East The Worlds Oldest Influencers  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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now, after 9 years of training, she's finally getting her chance to fly higher than she's ever flown before. as a member of the why, like you've, the round valley indian tribes man will be the 1st native american woman in space. it's important that we, i show, celebrate our diversity and really communicate that specifically to the younger generation. because i know there's kids out there that live, you know, perhaps in a community where there are barriers. and i want them to know that these barriers are being broken down. although she's proud to represent people told and competence, she says matter, far more in the u. s. space program than any one's personal background here at nasa . it's really great to be able to say it really doesn't matter. we don't highlight or distinguish based on gender or race or religion. we distinguish based on your ability to execute the job, man flies to the international space station october. but even bigger things may be in store for her while she's on the short list for artemus the mission to send
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humans back to the moon for the 1st time and more than 50 years. nasa says it will and the 1st woman and the 1st person of color on the surface of the moon as early as 2025 than to marlyn al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories. the u. s. justice department has released a redox at version of the document that helped secure permission to such donald trump's home. it says top secret records when not safe, got it at the estate which was such on august 8th. earlier this year, donald trump and his team were cooperating with federal authorities and the national, archived to return documents that had been taken from the white house when donald trump left there. when they got 15 boxes, they went through those documents and find there was some highly sensitive
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documents there. no, using intelligence sources and also people that they spoke to witnesses names of which have been redacted from the affidavit, they decided that they needed to go back in and do a thorough search of morrow lagossi. and as strike has hit the regional capital of to grind the north of ethiopia and reports, it struck a children's playground for people were killed. local media say, the national government is to blame for the attack. pakistan has declared a national emergency on to months of record monsoon reigns, launch pants in the country have been tough stated in what the government has described as a humanitarian disaster. epic proportions stop markets have fallen sharply in the us after the head of the federal reserve said forceful action would continue to combat inflation. jerome promised the federal reserve would use the tools as its disposal and that higher interest rates would continue for some time. the u. s.
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pharmaceutical company madonna is suing it's rivals 5 and by and take over the technology behind its cave in 19 vaccine. both jobs use the m r and a technique which, which claims it developed years before the pandemic. pfizer says it's surprised by the lawsuits and will vigorously defend its technology. as you headlines these continues in out there up to one 0, one east. on counting the coals, european nations turn to coal after ban on russian fossil fuels, but it won't cost buttons, inflation reduction act as a big economic. when is it enough? tech companies won't. time fly is now in best as a ditching technology. stocks counting the cost on al jazeera for in south korea, the worlds fastest aging nation. a new generation is taking the stage with neither to to
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player i hold it influences a shaking up the countries fashion added to timing industries and winning millions of fans on social media. we know, oh, shoot, looking friends will give you guys you know more to fit into it. you know, who put in going to get there when i shouldn't be with you. so i do see there is a one 0 one ace. makes the seniors forging brand new lives in south korea. ah, oh, go. oh man. oh god.
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she is a good day. a really passionate, a already famous in our country from her. so yeah. we know that and they are all of our intake talk with i do i have this stage name is the i do. she's a term that means uncle in korean. 64 year old pop. so mom is part of this pioneer and group of c influences created 3 years ago. sure. to look as high in the world
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can about not gotten a motor with a wish to go, you know, i thought it's not worth putting to go to get there was a kid a half to hold on one, in the note i ah, business welder, restaurant owner nothing in the past he did toward the future in the spotlight until retirement. ah, in south korea, it's not easy being old in a society devoted to the cult of work. retirees quickly lose their social status with almost half living below the poverty line. the suicide rate of people over the
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age of $66.00 is the highest in the world. ah, midnight summer rebelling with a life expectancy of 83, the climbing that placed in the line wise. grandfathers and grandmothers are becoming star. the lie in movies and advertising campaigns. ah, oh, you know as you go, i wouldn't want to know or she been through senior chicago on the dog. i don't know. i've identity anita park drops by these clothing store every week to stay on top of the influence of pyramid. he has to constantly update his wardrobe.
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oh, good luck. ah, come on wanting auction, the cooper i even know had a good little you. would it a little more, susan? if i your poster congress, obey coming on tuesday chemo schematic officer, hammer pinson, would those who didn't think of, sheila will not gonna pay kimberly. and not to be sure that i mean there ah, cook, which 100 though, hasn't your can geneva? like i know you today. my wife, i shouldn't lead tonight dead as senator dare without just go don't get through the facility will get a commit. crittenden meds have officer so touching our peasant upsetting off, so there was a lot in yolanda coo johan implemented all going on in the crockett. look what
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a son could he pay chron, tesile to do sensitive but fashion was never on the cards. the park back then, his career path was all mapped out, working at south korea's largest automobile company when he retired at 60 the foremost sales manager and he and i felt lost qu typically than a logical dimension. yes. her in the household door mom control chill. i t o co hammons as i see chicago, she inc, i did an a sizes george in will turn off. i met with you like what you know and that she knew was what i'm going on. does i, she's in your critical mom. got it and want to come and i'll even wiggle room. so the whole thing has put a ticket on now. what charlatan told on you to get on his if possible, type charge hundreds. you go month on what is going to get a chance, how she talk with nautical to you. good. what was it? wilma? ha, from what i thought. so put him as you can. didn't william?
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oh, cool, touch it. then i had an open goose hazard in cool, a tiny gushed, gotten, got killed, and i think nicole markets hypothetically, grandchildren's hellish. an issue thing you will need immediately to prevent ah, this is the man behind pox, new career. 33 year old, one young. this millennial created the address sheet with a letter to them new to go me this morning and i didn't. and when the elevator told the room is all putting in the minnesota kid, she will order them will have to get to the car. get totaled, figures are all on 129 and your group quoted, you will get
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a good job with some bank will will do the same day. nicholas, leona pope run and gun it. i will do that. hon. latan isaac had a touch of guzzle at young's on local. so you methyl them in toronto homes on her finger on academy, cuz we know public w. o o her story, you musical tallman is president, will humble number, ma'am. the war will said, he put the go, 4200 him info at a ton of her name to cut out a pos no blending. i thought that i am for wrongful to fall when they possibly can and day crooked artists because all took took me several 100 listen is susan will assume, is though linda to the witness in it. this is mr. cummins oils in the to worry
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about all and i know when you get home, you know, i mean zones you, hilton gordon, did she taught is not even a sinister in somebody bought a job. the missive i watched the bar when you told you more torture because when you go to the continental, one kwan has began visions for each of them. he knows in the coming years, more seniors will follow social media and hopes to turn his rising internet stars. it's a multi media heavy whites, 120 column young cockle gallon of all she knew i'm calling it. hadn't those humming finger kim sees are already achieving mainstream fe storming fashion. ron wife to young. bob lee is a famous designer in south korea. today. he's getting ready to present his collection and more than half his model. i think i said all his
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with i am neither to say who is the only money and the shoes stop by is grace me took on it took her to conquer the account. it built 30 minutes or it could be no, she would've been wishing trinity headed or that a combatant at all to get to got dish. and she, she comes dancing shaggy. a. something stated, pushes on. well, before she turns on in the committee agreed that they would have to go to a customer to check her history or not, or whatever soccer to touch your mom li realised the growing importance of the senior market a few years ago. oh oh wow. go
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see both in the field who they are printed on you to go look big as long as it all had an issue you're showing up when your total prism it re they because from down with and it was seen in the spotlight like rice who were responsible thing with
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i did with okay, you know what it all in back feel working . it's sasha. it's always been trained to grace but she did what society expected of her a good education marriage to children and a job as an english professor. ah ah. listen, then, when she retired, grace felt liberated. she could now leave her dream without constructs. her biggest
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fad is her husband. was a girl called old of another to the owner of a virginia lan and i she had 20 guy to miss all more than lawson a table. there wasn't a work order role. i who he dives a roku or he's, you know, to give us some into and then all of reporting the good. oh, go course pagger this love star one look on the canal tugee arts. hi victor. how q, of course, ones as well known, are provided meal. so you don't, you not puzzle, keep bung since there can got one there. one day images on the last day. immunity, according covenants, had am a condo award order, or tonia. patterns had, am it ok, singapore style critical. instead them were toggle competition. what tuggle could ones had? i'm reached it over there to to let her kid ordinance had a canal. chris are a pre or get any go to this from young. you're done and passed it through said i'm
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done or paystub says here you look at her style. could other monica the wishing you did a tony star to jail? yes. you me to get that money. could i saw a chicken wood in that? i saw it. okay. shin yo dennis hansa grey on his home sky. you don't know when you got but the gray were nice fonts has its own limits and some have experienced it. the hard wire. ah, ah, you know, and she probably sure 9 am partially fit. i said you didn't, he thought on the choice then say i'm that i'm on. i'm a 101. who's on one elbow? i thought in pin, i'm baking, quote, korea get ah, you know that
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a good with hunter will not be in south korea. every one knows how them being he shot to national fan in 2019 thanks to a singing contest on tay. it was an answer to his pres, he's deliberately. earnings helped him survive. ah, the fan fame can be fleeting. low to die. he still lives in one of the poorest areas of saw his small apartment, a show taste the memories of his glory days or to ruth jolla. torres, are you at the garden? hi john. fully hope you're well 3 will talk down to where some go level
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for to your to your for your to me now. and ga. how well that was that i always get our time was hungry, push it to night. partially beer, took care to read it to his subcategory, next, which miss hutch used to go hungry to dear barton essay by water is when the 100 channels of your head can i will tell. i just told jordan i wish i would have with his cover of the cape pump, was viewed more than 3000000 times. how care shuttle well checked out what you watched, hadn't been to 1 dollar warner had pumped on de a pump affair. hardy. it took a 2nd. what would you call but had
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a remote up to and they also but the jobs dried on them except for one? ah, almost every day jean visits, mister saw the local toy seller g colson, his manager. oh oh oh no router man, i'm well, i'm the long wait sale are you do, man and it will give you the whole working for free. g helps attract customers to the store room. we're going to go in there we go. so you. busy having to call it in his own, out of this, you don't care. that's how good he's going to come. and it was
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a, a, someone that is going on with me a call, or you would be a, a, a, what is it a, go to the go that or is when you do that, you will model has to your house. you cool. so that i did, how did you need us when you go all good is amount of times a mind form that we sell. i've also got a guy told me to kill it. you ready to come? i deal with all those hell i need and i feel hot dog or i got a i don't think i gave y'all. you know that he's on turned out that he
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actually rally thing. oh i thought a on your 3rd. okay. oh, thank god i got with it. uh huh. why do the door? oh, we'll fix it on pul, paid. oh, oh, hell, mm hm. but i up today g must make do with his pension of less than $500.00 a month. the only might have gained popularity in korea, but that does not guarantee a sustainable livelihood. with oh,
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i'm gong hoc doesn't want to be another flashing the pants. he wants his new career in the spotlight to last. so he's investing time and money on it. i'm sort of high from head kid. oh yeah. oh, they got the i cool. heard from both the b. ha ha ha ha. chris. chris with all the go hunting you couldn't. what are the square know that we'll talk now. hope stacked on the big screen.
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me going to change the summer and she will get on this. she knows she's young, you're young. a fanatical home no conditions who has. and then in the summer that much in question there's also a ton of hilton j. k. could, has despite several unsuccessful constant cold, he hopes that his training will payoff will need to put on it. i can also, i get told that there was a couple of trees on the cricket hung on, on the bench talk, don't you know, where do you just jump at the new crew? i'm going to do that all the w w. i can say i don't put a lot of them on long as you're going to total. could you come to classical o'clock
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today? she threw up your mind. if somebody was cheerful, money they want to put on to you didn't go to money, don't get what she is all that will you hustle, anything or 300 how what you will to and had an issue. none so much mutual talk a big the chair, they said local and your name was laced at victoria, dakota. ne, select them uncle. but before pott could try and change social attitudes. he 1st had to convince his family. she was on those are his up there either you or mole, joe gonna holding an old little other with our ah, with pony. i mean a little money doing if you get stuck from bible up,
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it's another life. good. pock son is 27 years old and finds it difficult to accept his father's stick and korea either the widow to other did he coming up to more than all of the determination not who anguish dominique a fright of what she might sink. park also she'd, he's chase the casting calls from his wife. like to go over the intent. oh, i see now again paying for when you guys are kind of a down and get the phone. i get the hub more thought i saw when i did in the hunting there, shook with another set of hush home wanting to fill. my little home is home today. park is often recognised in the straits and his family appreciates his new additional source of income bar from disappearing into the
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shadows in his retirement park has stepped into the line life. and if he's lucky, a prosperous old age. and if the work dries up, the just like g, he'll always have his memories. ah, the elderly uh, becoming more visible in career. but change takes time. for those like g, it's not easy. good. are you able to cut on it and or pass you alone? you tell me which alondra but the song the brought him glory to keep his dreams alive. i for yeah, what would it our, i'll i all, they're all like with
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a cell in vietnamese children. walk into slavery in europe. 11 east. investigate how the traffic is. are they doing justice? on tuesday, september on al jazeera jillions go to the pose in a vote, could redefine the country, but will the people approve the boat, the constitution up front returns bob motel. talk through the headlines to challenge the conventional wisdom. the u. k. is conservative party, next a new leader to become the country's prime minister. amid an impending economic recession, the listening post examines and dissects the world's media. how they operate,
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and the stories they cover. with rising prices, causing hardship and discontent across the globe, we will close on the human cost and next attempt, a tackling the crisis september on al jazeera. every month you'll have someone from home that will say, oh please, i need money for days with the economy in free fall and children and spread around the world. how does the family survive in modern zimbabwe? i support about 4 people know always every responsibility and money, whole plan. just feel like i'm stretching myself. witness transactions on al jazeera, new voices heating up the airway. lot of can you listen actually, can really hear what i really think in your own country shifting power of a case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen?
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it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative, australian point to the pole with those images front of mine is a war that very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield there listening page. dissect the media on our iraq, sears for miles. is it on the go? and me tonight out is there is all new mobile app. is that the, this is where we dissect online to find with out is there is mobile app available in your favorite app store. just set for it and tapped are made and you opt from al jazeera new at your fingertips. ah .


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