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tv   101 East The Worlds Oldest Influencers  Al Jazeera  August 28, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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by 2025. so this is going to become much more regular. this is the program this, the software rocket will perhaps have multiple trips. so this is a technology demonstration bishop. you don't want to put humans on this 1st ship. you don't know what is going to happen to this mission will have maniquan there with its exploration sensors and with radiation sensors to make sure that the environment inside the spacecraft remains conducive to humans. and then the but the into technology, the exploration experienced. all this is within allowable limits, and only if this is done, then we will proceed to human rate, which is the next step. but you know, you need to really make sure that everything is safe before he went to get onto the, picked up. ok.
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now again, i'm fully back the ball with the headlines on al jazeera, more than $1000.00 people have died in unprecedented month, unprecedented monsoon range across docusign. 33000000 people are affected by the worst fighting and decades. a nationwide emergency is in place command. hydro is in one of the hardest hit pounds of trash, how to, where people were forced to flee from waters threatened belts. according to reform, over 70000 live dog, missing extensive damage to a proper day. and you can see behind me people are taking shelter on the plastic under top ball and they've been telling us that they've been getting help from the local population who are bringing them food and water. however, they said that in bad need of dot boylen of god, they're being able to get their life god. but most of their valuable comb flooding is also causing destruction enough. ganesh van thousands of homes and large areas
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of farmland, have been destroyed. taliban officials say at least 182 people have died. at least 7 people have been killed after severe flooding in east and sudan. torrential rains destroyed around 4000 homes in cassandra state, forcing people in, in to make shift shelters, almost 70000 hector's of agricultural mandate underwater. the state government has appealed for humanitarian aids in ukraine. russian rocket and artillery strikes have hit cities near these operation nuclear power plant fighting. the other facility has stoked fears of radiation leak. it's been on the ration controls in the early days of the war. the u. s. nuclear agency says it's ready to send inspectors to the plant. calm is returning to the libyan capital after a day of intense fighting that killed at least $32.00 people endangered more than $150.00. we went back to the government, says it's taking control of tripoli,
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group affiliated to libby as rival power centers fought with each other after a dispute about who should govern. and those are the headlines on al jazeera. i'll be back with more news after 11 east stay with us. ah ah, in south korea, the worlds fastest aging nation, a new generation is taking the states with them neither to declare the name on hold. it influences a shaking, not the countries fashion, and entertainment industries and winning millions of fans on social media.
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i hulick your credit. we're going to look, i didn't notice the who i'm going to get there. what i should do. you like to see there is a one 0 one ace. makes the seniors forging brand new lives in south korea. ah, oh wow. oh man. oh god. she is a good day. a
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really passionate, a already famous in our country, friends. very so. yeah. we know that and they are all have our intake talk with i do i have this stage name is the i do. she's a term that means uncle in korean. 64 year old pops a mom is part of this pioneer and group of c influences created 3 years ago. sure to look as high know where to kind of guide you in a motor to where to go from you that always to go, you know, i thought it's not worth putting to go to get there was
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a kid a ha, ha, ha, ha ha, i'm on the modem, i mean, ah, business, welder, restaurant owner, nothing in the past tended towards the future in the spotlight until retirement. ah, in south korea, it's not easy being old in a society devoted to the cults of work. retirees quickly lose their social status with almost half living below the poverty line. the suicide rate of people over the age of $66.00 is the highest in the world.
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ah midnight summer rebelling with a life expectancy of 83, they climbing their place in the line wise, grandfathers and grandmothers are becoming star, the live in movies and advertising campaign. ah, who, you know, who knows? you go. i wouldn't wanted a mil or should be in that in the city of chicago on the dog. i don't know. i don't, i didn't touch it. the part drops by this clothing store every week to stay on top of the influence of pyramid. he has to constantly update his wardrobe. oh, good movies up. are cool. want to go to the cuba or, you know, had
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a good little you little bit more issues with. if i go poster congress, obey camino contributed chemo schematic officer hammer, prison. would those who didn't think of sheila was not gonna pay given that we should have been had i mean there ah, cookers. tornado hasn't your country even? i thought, oh, i know like i shouldn't, we and tonight their percentage over there without kids from will not get the percentage of, oh, gotcha, can. and then could tenon and match have officer. so touching our peasant upsetting off. so there was a lot in yolanda who you are implementing is all going on in the crockett. look what are some credit what he pay clinton will to do terms to do the fashion was never on the cards the park back then. his career path was all mapped
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out working at south korea's largest automobile company when he retired at 60 the foremost sales manager and he and i felt lost qu chiquita on a logical medina. my child is her in our household, dorman control, chile cio. karen hammons as i see chicago, she inc, i didn't. hey sizes georgian boltron hours. i met with you guys. what you know on that he knew was your thought i'm when i'm on, does i she and your critical mongo didn't want to recommend given wiggle room. so different thing, a hash portage is on now, what charlatan tara, if you can help us, if possible, to pay on hundreds, you must have on him. we're going to get a chance how she talk with an article to you. good. what was the obama? how from what i saw. so william was you got didn't william ah oh, cool kitchen. then i had an autumn growth hazelton called a title. you guys gotten got killed in 19 mcmurry type of headache grants, humans fellows finishing anything. you will need him to like keep him in
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ah, this is the man behind pox new career. 33 year old, one young. this millennial created, the address sheet were lera. what letter to them? new to go to me that the moon, the condo, and it will, i didn't, will gladly be totally room is all putting in the room and sorta kid she woke, gave got the order. i'm with true, doesn't i guess he was there the could get ah, 20 schedule or mall 121 monday through gordon doing who will be getting audio listen bank will, would alter the focus of the day. nicholas liana, papered on and done it. i will do that. hon. latan isaac had a touch of guzzle at young's uncle. so you have huddle them in toronto. i turned on
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her finger on academy, cousin. we know public w. o a birth or authority. believe musical tall man is president, will humble number, ma'am. da da da war will said he put the goth all that out until that him info at ton of her name to cut out a personal branding. i thought that i am for wrongful to fall when they possibly can in day crooked artists because all took toys. $700.00 listen is susan will assume installed in the to them listen it. this is mr. cummins oreos. if you would have a call and i know when you go to, when do hilton gordon did? she taught is not given this in his, in somebody report artichoke the mrs. i wanted to call. when you told you got more talk to him because it when you go to the clinical line,
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quan has began visions for each of them. he knows in the coming years, more seniors will follow social media and hopes to turn his rising internet stars. it's a multi media heavy white's 130 column young crocker, how long ago she knew i'm calling it. hadn't that was humming from kim caesar already achieving mainstream fe storming fashion. ron wife to young bomb. lee is a famous designer in south korea. today. he's getting ready to present his collection and more than half his models. i think i said all he was in your how would you like a i am neither to say, oh, here's the 9 money and the sharp stop by his grace and me
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took off. it took her to conquer the account it billy 30 minutes. oh it could be no issue with trinity headed or that i can talk about that at all. to get to gothic ish. she she comes dancing shaggy. i canceled or something stated we shes on a voice. she turns on in the gimme, agreed that they were to go to a customer to check her history or not, or whatever soccer to touch her. young vom lee realised a growing importance of the senior market. a few years ago. oh, wow. go see both in the field hit her print on you to go look big as long as it often is. she gonna show up when your total prism it re they because
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with and it was saying is in the spotlight like grace, who were responsible thing with your child with i did with it. i didn't feel
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working. it's sasha. it's always been a dream to grace. but she did what society expected of her a good education marriage to children at a job as an english professor. ah ah, with when she retired, grace felt liberated. she could now leave her dream without constructs. her biggest fab is her husband. was a girl called old of other good very to the owners of a virginia lan. and i shared 20 guy to me thought more than lawson or tabitha. what
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the work order role i who dives a roman who or who's you know to give us some into and then i'm reporting the good . oh go course pagger this love star on the, on the canal tugee arts. hi victor. how q goes winds as well known, are provided meal. so you don't, you not toggle, keep bung since they can got one day. one day media on the last day. immunity according covenants, had am a condo award order, or tanya, patterns had, am it ok? singer grand style critical. instead them were toggle competent on what tuggle could ones had. i'm reached it over there to to let her kid ordinance had a canal. chris are a pre or get any go to this from young yards and passed it through there and enterprise ships as her look at her style. could other monica the wishing you did a tony star to jail? yes. you me ticket that money could i saw
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a chicken wood in that i saw it. okay. shin yo dennis hansa grey on his i'm sky, you don't know when you got but the gray were nice. fonts has its own limits and some have experienced it. the hard wire ah ah, you know, and she probably sure 9 am partially fit. i said he didn't. he thought on the choice. they said i'm that i'm on, i'm a, i'm not one of them. when i was i, i thought and been i'm baking quote, korea could get, ah, you know, the digital hunter will not be in south korea. every one knows how that me. he shot to national fan in 2019 thanks to a singing contest on tay. it was an answer to his prayers. he. celebrity earnings
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helped him survive. ah, the fan face can be fleeting. why should i? he still lives in one of the poorest areas of saw his small apartment, a show taste the memories of his glory days. for the route. so yeah. theresa, there you at the marcus. hi, john. so we hung you or well, we last hunt down to the wes angelo. where to go at you with younger utah or your to me now? 30. 0 that that i know is a little tighter was hung whether i should turn, i partially bare,
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took care to read it. i thought the got a doing that switch. miss hutchins, to go on to the d. martin with us here. my water that i wouldn't ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha. ha ha ha that i can i little i, the told dorado wasn't one of hazelton. his cover of the k. poppy's was viewed more than 3000000 time. soon click holiday at kell shuttle. well, what you tell what you tell watch tell 100 a month to one. ha ha. laura had ye upon thornton did de papa fair? or it was took a thick which will come with you go by teri. mother can't you? and they all to say. but the jobs dried on them except for one
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ah, almost every day g. visits mr. song, the local toy seller, she calls him his manager. ah, georgia won't get along. we are you do manager, you're working for free. g helps attract customers to the stall whenever we're going to go on board. had him, didn't you goal you did his own, you know, i guess you said all your company was all because i was going to get help with that is i know what is going to be
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done. oh well you would be the biggest, you know, don't have to be just what is it again, what did he go that or send him to the to go out or has he has eco so does this, how did he go so you know, all good is monetize they mind form that we are also you told me to come over that all. it was also on the, the actual how, or are you going to be what we don't to finish somebody, you know, 100 things you know, to ended up and you know, how we thing was wholesale. i knew i say, what i want you to
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do or will fix it on. oh, hell udo, i today g must make do with his pension of less than $500.00 a month. the elderly might have gained popularity in korea, but that does not guarantee a sustainable livelihood with oh, god, park doesn't want to be another flashing the pat. he wants his new career in the spotlight to last. so he's investing time and money on for
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then. okay. oh yeah, what did i say? oh, they got that. i will hear from both the b. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha chris war. because with all the go comes, you know, putting what are the most pop now hopes to act on the big screen. mm. community to someone in their family or if you will get an initiative to deliver young, you're young,
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a fanatical home no conditions or has and then in the summer that much in question there's also a ton of pills in j. k. could, has despite several unsuccessful costing cold, he hopes that his training will pay off and we'll put it out. yeah, i do get told that they don't know how to do things on the cricket hung on on the bench talk, don't you know, i'm really just the new grammar. okay. that all w w. i can say i don't put him on fire guards from all my mortgage. you're going to total . couldn't you know from the quarter clock in today? she's the one you got the amount of money, the one on a on to didn't go to money. don't get what she is all that will you hustle,
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anything or 300 how what you will to and had an issue. none too much. mutual political dig, a dish chair. they said the hall and your name was laced at victoria and dakota. nice electrical but before pott would try and change social attitudes, he 1st had to convince his family. should i know his up there either you or mold you were gonna hold a gun. only little. odd at all with our ah pony. i mean, a little money doing if you get stuck from bible life pock son is 27 years old and finds it difficult to accept his father's stick and korea ivy with 2 other did he coming up to more than
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all of the determination not who anguish dominique afraid of what she might think. park also she'd, he's chased the casting calls from his wife. like to go over that with you guys. just kind of a different type in on her down and get the phone. i get the hub more thought i saw when i did in the you. i come down there. so shook with another phenom hush home. want to go through. my little home is from home today. park is often recognized in the straits and his family appreciates his new additional source of income. bar from disappearing into the shadows in his retirement pocket stepped into the line life. and if he's lucky, a prosperous old age. and if the work dries up,
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the just like g, he'll always have his memories. ah, the elderly uh, becoming more visible in career. but change takes time. for those like g, it's not easy. good. are you able to cut on it? on de la, i sure love you tell me which hollander but the song the brought him glory to keep his dreams alive. i yeah, well you booted our all i all, they're all like with
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a selling vietnamese children. walk into slavery in 11, east. investigate how the traffic is on a bathing justice out there. ah september on al jazeera jillions go to the pose in a vote. they could redefine the country, but will the people approve the both the constitution up front returns baltimore hill. talk through the headlines to challenge the conventional wisdom. the u. k is conservative party alexa, new leda to become the country's prime minister. amid an impending economic
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recession, listening closed, examines and dissects the world's media. how they operate and the stories they cover with rising prices, causing hardship and discontent across the globe. we were both on the human cost attempts, a tackling the crisis. september on al jazeera they say walls have years in palestine. they also have eyes and teeth. architecture is used by r. s. a with advisement reveals the role of architecture in his range occupation, everything in this panorama. he's a tactical tool within the architecture for the patient. just need to know how to decode the architecture of finance. part of the rebel architecture series on al jazeera for science. this, the evidence is near refutable. but america,
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climate change denial stubbornly mistrusted the facts. ah, despite soaring temperature's raging wild fires and shrinking water reserves, the world's largest economy is still split along ideological lines. so can it ever reach consensus to avoid catastrophe, climate wars ought to, on a just data. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. it al jazeera. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah, more than a 1000 people dead and that be 13000000 affected in pakistan's worse floods in living memory. ah.


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