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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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and then so say that despite the destruction and lack of help him in committed to bringing the city back to life, it's time for a memorable holiday with pegasus. it's time for turkey, set sail for new discoveries, enjoy. have new experiences hit the shops, make wonderful memories. travel to turkey with pegasus, and with direct flights to istanbul and tribe zone book your ticket now for a memorable holiday. c y p g s, for our best prices. ah . supporters of iraqi, she actually democrat asada withdraw from the green zone in baghdad after he calls for them to end very violent protests.
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ah, this is al jazeera live from doha. i'm fully buy tibor, also coming up ukraine's present needs with the u. n. a nuclear watchdog, as it gets ready to inspect these up region, nuclear power plants, picking up the pieces. the un appeals for emergency funds to wacky sign off to debbie france left a 3rd of the country under water. and to little to made, scientists say 600000000 people could be affected by rising sea levels. and there's nothing that can stop it. ah, calm is returning to the rocky capital as supporters of shiite leader mc tada outside us sought leaving baghdad green zone. he gave them a deadline to end their demonstration that turned violent on monday. laura bird manly reports after 2 days of violence bugged outs,
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heavily fortified green zone is emptying of protesters. a sharp contrast to earlier scenes with violence broke out a monday when powerful she eyed lead and walked out of florida an ounce. he would quit politics a day later. he apologized and quote on his supporters to stand down and go home with them. they're gonna buy them now. committees yet what the on i'm, we're not committees. you have to look up. there were some brutal militias, but the satirist shouldn't be vulgar. i still believe them, my supporters are disciplined. that's why if you don't withdraw from the parliament within 60 minutes, i am not going to be the solder is movement leader again, a moment. i don't even want you to stage a peaceful demonstration. ah, it's not the 1st time saw the supporters have boost their way into the presidential
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compound. they've been demonstrating the mum this is a political rivalry between 2 different parties are sides of the spectrum, one side and trying to maintain the consensus agreement of the con. so say tional, democracy and pulse, 2003 iraq and the other side which is a sundress movement, trying to are revamped the political system in iraq. his party won the most parliament seats in the elections in october, but failed to form a majority coalition. thought it may have told his supporters to stand down, but with such intense rivalry at the heart of a rocky politics. their fears, it's only a matter of time before chaos and bloodshed is repeated, nor about money out of fear of them. on the latest unrest in iraq is fueled by a power struggle between she i'd groups smoked and on sat are opposes for an
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interference in local politics. his supporters mainly come from poor communities that have been shut out of the political system. they're competing against a collection of she, i groups known as the coordination framework are aligned with iran, both sides of military wings with thousands of members. some of them have been involved in the street fighting in baghdad. analysts say one person could help and the crisis, and that is a clerical eoc, his tiny, his words hold enormous sway among iraqi people and their leaders. but so far his kept silence from i'm eligible re, is a political unless and president of the political leadership and governance development academy, he says, solder will now need to work with his political wing to plan how they can win more seats in the next election. the way we're going to see it from today, i think he to try can deal with the matter. jaya, i think was wrong in magnolia and document that his campaign or well let the
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government farm and, and to corruption and arm control will be granted by a hi, sabrina leadership. so he, in one way, feel that he succeed to get his method out how that is going to translate into the world to kind of process. i think that will be detailed in the next few days. and it is either to get the parliament back to his to his session probably will see they start date of a new election. and probably they will move government. and his next movement is to work with his wife to come log or his political support or to how do we assess or so i mean want to clean and military wise
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and let us plan for the next government within a while to come party within the community, so when biologics or that is a new induction, will get more seats done this time. and this way we can control the government and, and we don't go through what we have been done for the last 10 months the, the war in ukraine now in the team from the united nations nuclear watchdog agency, the i. e. a has been meeting with ukrainian president very me as landscape keith has come before the delegation, travel cds operation, nuclear power plant. fighting near europe's largest nuclear facility has drawn international concern about a potential disaster. the i 18 has secured permission to inspect the site which is controlled by russia. meanwhile,
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ukraine is hoping to retake the case on region after launching a counter offensive against washing forces. a government says its troops have broken through russian defences on the front line, forcing units to retreat. but moscow says, year sold, failed in that ukraine suffered heavy losses. european union defense ministers are meeting in prior. they have pledged to ramp up weapons production and both military training for ukrainian armed forces. them many training initiative underway, but the needs are enormous. and we need to ensure the coherence of these efforts. and i can say that the all member states agree clearly on that and on launching did work necessary to define the parameters. florida you military assistance missions for the great. i'm not saying that this was decided today. in any case, this is a you formal gone, sheila, you former,
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gone through those big decisions at asha butler standing by in paris with more on the defense ministers meeting. but 1st, let's go to sir teresa bo in key for more on the situation in ukraine or teresa. let's start with the b i. e a's visit. they're expected to travel to this operation, nuclear power plants. they've been meeting with the ukranian president. do we know what's come out of that and what sort of timeline are we looking at? as far as their visit to is operation? while the 14 member delegation is already here in key, it's being led by the director of the a file. we don't see who earlier today met with president moly me to fill in sky. there's been not have. 1 concerns about how they're going to be traveling all the way to support each. it's a long drive. it's about an 8 hour drive. and there is, there's been some accusations from the ukrainian government saying that shelling
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was ongoing around the area where the teams should be able to make it all the way to stop. what do you say? the reason why you bring in government is saying that this is trying to save that to be a rush. i was trying to manipulate that trip and have them go all the way from crimea . well, in that meeting with president lensky, he assured them that he was going to try to guarantee all the safety possible during that drive. he also said that he was not going forward. that to be a, he team would be able to convince russia to withdraw from the area to the militarize, the area in order to guarantee the safety of everyone. you know, there's been lots of concern about what's happening in that plan. the russian ministry of defense has been accusing ukrainian forces of shelling the area. some of those shells have come very, very close to where the nuclear fuel is located and even the radioactive waste on the other side of korean government is saying that it is the russians were doing the attacks from the plant that was taking over by russia back in march and from
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there they've been launching several attacks. so there's lots of expectation about this meeting about what be be able to achieve. but overall, the most important thing is to verify that a re level of damage that has happened to the plant to feed that the queen and technicians that are working there are doing okay that they're not working under duress, which is what the korean government is saying. because they're being closely monitored by russian soldiers and also that all the faith safety systems are in place. and teresa bring us up to speed with the fighting now on the ground. while the fighting here in ukraine has moved towards the southern and eastern part of the country, but all lies are right now on the southern part of the country where ukraine seems to have gone on the offensive. instead of defending the cities, they're starting to attack harry as all around. they had a phone region, and this is important because, you know, when this invasion began,
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around 6 months ago, the troops came in from crimea and started advancing to take down the southern part of the country. but they were stopped in the call life and they were not able to make it all the way toward the outlets that crucial 50, unimportant city in this country. they were pushed back all the way to the phone where they are currently located. and that's where president phil and he says he has launched on offensive trying to liberate the area. we have also heard some reports, for example, that some groups try to rebel against police forces that are controlled by russia, and that one person was killed. we could not independently confirmed this, but you know, the big question is whether this is something that will succeed. whether you can have the manpower has a weapon that will be able to push russia out from that area. also, regarding the fighting is towards the eastern part of the country, the city of kind of kick. it's located only 30 kilometers away from the border with russia. there's been, you know, they've been trying to take over russia has been trying to take over that town for
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over 6 months now. they have not succeeded and there's fresh shelling on this day. at least 5 people lost their lives. so, you know, it's a dramatic situation on the ground, and especially in those territories where the government has mandated to an evacuation from civilians around that area, trying to save lives. millions have been displaced and thousands of others have died. thank you very much for that. traceable in cave lets not bringing natasha about 9 pairs for more on the defense ministers meeting. so tell us about what the, what they've agreed as far as support for ukraine. additional support for ukraine or these foreign policy chief, or usurper burrell, says that you are defense ministers at the end of this to day meeting in prague have agreed to set up a training missions for ukrainian forces. now what that means is that ukrainian
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troops would be trained outside, or all the ukraine militarily in neighboring u countries. burrell had put this on the agenda of this meeting some time ago. he said there was no reason why or the you couldn't train ukrainian forces in this way . it has a civil emissions in other parts of europe in asia, and in africa. now we don't have any details about these missions when they would start, but what we do know is that a similar emissions have actually been taking place already in the u. k. outside of the u, where thousands of ukrainian or troops have been trained since june on rotation, that seems to work well according to both you k and ukrainian authority. so that's the sort of thing that you want to set up as well. it has to be greenlighted though, by you leaders, and we expect that it probably will at a summit, there will be held in october and i shall thank you for that natasha butler live in paris. as amuse,
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just in the u. s. navy says it's foiled an attempt by iranian forces to capture an unmanned vessel. it's released these images said to show iranian ship on the left, towing the small american vessel before it was let go. the u. s. as the sale, drawing explorer was being operated by its 5th fleet in the gulf, a sale drawn is capable of carrying out data collection missions like osha mapping for up to a year. still ahead on al jazeera, more process. so for the cost of living, haiti, $1.00 presley scaled has demonstrated demand, and the prime minister sat down. and i say shame struggles to reach to retrieve the wreckage of a boat off the coast of lebanon families. of those who died see they are desperate to close. ah. with he has begun. the, the full world cup is on its way to catherine group. your travel package today.
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here's your weather update for asia. thank you so much for joining in. we'll begin in pakistan and afghanistan, a much more quiet pitcher here, how just the odd showers popping up. but of course we're in a law, and it is forecast still. law for the monsoon rains in its forecast to extend into mid september heavy falls of rain for the western gadson india, particularly around marashi tra, around demo by and just outside. and then we've got some to renshaw, rain also long. that border with west bengal and sicken on wednesday off to our japan. you know this says southern island here chichi jima, a record wind gusts of a 174 kilometers per hour. all had to do with this typhoon. this is about a 1000 kilometers a just toward the east of tokyo, also setting records for rain fall within 24 hours. let's track out where this is go and it's equivalent to a category force drawn by the way it step in further toward the south. but it's going to keep its distance from a taiwan that's
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a forecast on wednesday. and by thursday, it's going to inject some moisture to taiwan, but nothing major. we do have this slug of rain crossing over the waters between korea and japan running into northern honshu and ho cato and some thunderstorm, alerts and play for southern areas of honshu. on wednesday that europe, they will see later official airline of the j pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy while the i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the rob. democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to comb. winner fruit vendor is going to immolate themselves and say enough's enough. my life for democracy. on al jazeera lou
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ah ah, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. i. reminder of our top stories. com has returned to the rocks capital after supporters of she, i need i'm of tod asada, left baghdad screen. so i had given them a deadline to end their demonstration, which turned violent on monday. at least 30 people were killed. a team from the un nuclear watchdog agency has met ukraine's present voting these lensky keith. the talks come ahead of the delegation traveling to inspect the russian controls operation nuclear power plant in la ukraine is hoping to retake the care so on reaching out to launching a counter offensive against russian forces. government says its troops have broken 2 russian defences on the fall by moscow says yes, old,
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fatal. now to pakistan where he mandatory and organizations are struggling to get aid to more than 33000000 people affected by the worst flight in decades. united nations is set to launch an appeal for emergency funds, while the u. s. has promised $13000000.00 in 8. meanwhile, many communities are desperate for any kind of health. same bas ravi has this story from a remote village in sind province until the monsoon rains came last week a barcode ollie's was the newest house in the village. was nearby joker got a big mirror. it started raining, i'm my neighbors sent the children to my house as well because my place was new. it was safe. there was no fear. suddenly at 2 in the morning, there was a loud crash, and the entire roof came down. oh no, no. 16 women and children were asleep inside at the time. oh
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ali's wife, young son, and 3 other children, were crushed to death vocal on your mother. he feels helpless. he says his household wiped away and look at the traditional structures in rural synth, affordable for the poor, usually suited to the terrain, are being overwhelmed by the effects of climate change. the weather has become so extreme. so suddenly people say the building techniques, their fathers and grandfathers used to make houses just aren't strong enough anymore. pakistan produces less than one percent of global carbon emissions, but suffers some of its worst effects. mohammad hussein last 2 daughters and a son when the roof collapsed. a message to the world from a grieving father nursing leah garvin helped me. i've got my food, go to my preserver lego. the rain was not like this before. i just want to tell the world, prepare yourselves,
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go somewhere safe. my advice is don't sleep under roofs. may god keep you all safe . i wouldn't wish what happened to us on any one. his wife was in the house at the time to give me money. she'd l clings to the children she has learned, you know, the laws are still in shock. she hasn't said much since it happened the moment. they put their children to bed where they thought it would be dry, where they thought it would be safe. ben slipped out in the open to give women and children more room. the best of intentions met with the worst of fitness in basra, v o 0, she car poor since province pakistan traffic now and south african prison. serial number poster says he's not trying to avoid accountability for a scandal involving his farm. and i post has been answering questions on a range of issues from members of parliament. is been accused of covering up the theft of a large sum of foreign currency at the farm in february 2020 or m from
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a poster had refused to comment on the matter of citing due process at speak to our correspondent try me to miller, who is in johannesburg, voice so that the present had been tight lipped on this candle in the past. how much pressure is the under now? to deal with this matter? well, he may not necessarily be under any additional pressure compared to the last couple of months. i'm following. the scandal being exposed to be know that parliamentarians have austin similar questions before these questions have also been put team on public platforms and via the media and he's maintained that line. he's remain tight. lips saying that they should follow will he will follow to process. he's wanting to cooperate and that he's willing to deal with the necessary authorities on this matter. so not much his change from roma poor. so at least the staunch that he's taken a despite these questions coming up again and this time in a parliamentary session. where parliamentarians asked a number of questions around
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a pertinent issues in south africa, including the scandal. and this is more of what the president had to say a year to day. so i stand here and soon i'm a person not being unwilling to be accountable one. to be fully accountable and i'm saying once again that unlike and it's important and even those who are dealing with this metas, i've said it's important got great human space and time to deal with all the aspects of this matter. now what has begun is a parliamentary process to potentially investigate what happened at the president's private game farm. and if potentially they would be reasons to impeach the president. that would be up to parliamentarians,
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a committee or commission that they would form to further investigate this particular issue. aside from that, there are also authorities who are busy with their investigation as well. so it may be some time before we have any other answers from the president, he maintains that he had done nothing wrong and he has got receipts. he's got a documentation to account for the money that was at his residence. and so not much as developed in terms of south africans learning anything more about what exactly happened. and many people i suppose waiting for that due process to be completed. hernida miller and janice burg, thank you very much for that update. kenya's supreme court is holding a pre trial hearing at this month's election as this month's election comes under scrutiny. this court will outline the process for the legal challenge to the poll results. william motel was declared the winner, but for the 70 commissioners refused to endorse the outcome. his rival, reino, dingo says the commission system was hacked. he wants to recount and says,
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it will prove he won the election, not where is in will be with more what is the next chapter in the struggle for power here and can even started the supreme court over the next 6 days. judges and lawyers representing the various parties will go through the evidence that has been submitted while we're doing. and his lawyers alleged that there was elect to fraud his main opponent, william router, the deputy president denies it. the allegations against the electoral commission 5 years ago, we were in a similar position while we're doing the leading the opposition challenged the results and in an unprecedented move, the supreme court overturned the election in order to re run it in 6 days from now that we're expected to get a judgement and we'll find out if the supreme court upholds the election result as it was, announced dorsey called for a recount, or re run of those polls. if that happens, it has to take place. within 60 days,
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according to the constitution, the wreckage of a migrant boat remains under water off lebanon school says the search team says it's unable to bring it to the surface. the divers also haven't recovered the bodies inside the sunken vessel. the victims families say they are reliving the pain all over again. is in a hot or has their story from tripoli, northern for months on survivors are reliving the pain of losing family members, etc. they were hoping to make it to europe, but their boat was intercepted by the army off the coast of northern lebanon, and circumstances disputed till today. no mckennan had of our goal is to know who is responsible for sinking the boats. we still don't know. there have been contradictory statements. the army said the boat wasn't hit. if the captain of the submarine said it was hit from the front. a few days ago, a privately funded search team located the wreckage more than 450 meters beneath
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the surface. the army says it was overloaded and collided with the navy vessel while trying to get away. survivors say otherwise is all in the army vessel, hit the front of our boat, which is taught to come in. and at 1st we didn't realize the boat sinking. i saw a sailor twice telling them to hit the front of our boat. the captain of the submarine report had signs of damage at the front of the boat, but says his team didn't have the capabilities to retrieve the vessel which is partly buried under silt on the sea bed, mac above me, or they were killed in cold blood. we want a transparent investigation and if they were serious about the truth, they would bring the boat up. relatives of the more than 30 people missing or not only asking for justice. what would they kill my daughter? at least give me her bones. this is all i want now, so i can pray at her grave. the search team says it found some bodies near and
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inside the shipwreck, but they were badly decayed. the tragedy in april wasn't the 1st for 11 on september, 2020 a migrant boat drifted at sea for days without food or water. before it was found, 4 people died including a child. then like now families of the victims blamed the authorities saying they haven't even been told if any of the remains were recovered. i know these are my children. i one thing, it's not up to the authorities. what happens? these are my children not days, but the search team has ended its mission, providing no closure to grieving families. it's another al jazeera tripoli, northern lebanon. her study is wanting that melting from the greenland ice sheet will eventually raise global sea levels. whiteley's 27 centimeters. that's even if fossil fuels are no longer burned, scientists say it's shrinking because of climate change and nothing can be done to prevent it. it's one of 2 massive ice sheets that are slowly disappearing because
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of climate change caused by burning coal oil, and natural gas. the solomon islands has temporarily bound u. s. navy ships from entering its fords. the move comes and made rising tensions between the solomon islands and the u. s. the civic island nation signed a security agreement with china in april, as prime minister says the moratorium will apply to all naval ships. cynthia watson is an independent asia pacific analyst. she says it's simplicity to assume the solomon islands is being strong armed by china. i don't think that it's something that should be interpreted unless we want to make it into something as a grandiose move on the part of aging, to force the solomon's to do something with it. that may in fact be what happened. but there are other plausible explanations as well that have a lot to do with internal politics within the solomons. and we are forgetting that
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as the idea of great power competition makes everything into a 0 sum equation. china has tremendous issues right now. not the least of which is that they've announced as of today when the party congress will occur in october, which will become the primary focus of what happens with in china for the next couple of months. c, u. s. has made that accusation accusation at the same time, china regularly accuses the united states of things and we don't accept that as gospel either. my point is simply that if every thing in the world happens as if it were soley driven by great power competition, that leaves out a lot of possible explanations. one person has been killed in protests across haiti . hundreds took to the streets of the capital port of french and other cities, demanding the resignation of prime minister. i had already. it's his 2nd wave of
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protest this month. many people blamed the prime minister for the high cost of living and widespread violets. yet to day we took to the streets again to quim o rights, the police for it just to kill us. as you can see, all the gus pod spoken fire. i, you know, by the end of the month, we will not stop protesting until arial ali resigns, because things have become more complicated under his government. we don't have purchasing power. inflation is about 31 percent. this is the 1st time we are experiencing something like this in this country. with a scientists in portugal, have an earth. what could be the largest dinosaur skeleton ever found in europe? a 25 meter for so belonged to a sar upon a plant, eating 4 legged species known for its long neck and tail. a dinosaur lived around a 150000000 years ago. a remains were found in the back garden north of lisbon, where a team of experts has been digging since 2017.


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