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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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to housewife christina fernandez, the kitchen that divides opinion like no other, but this trial is about much more than whether she's guilty or not guilty. it's about how many argent time see the future of their trouble. country so okay, navy w a former president, the wife of a former president. and now argentina's vice president. this is kitchener has been around for long enough to have made plenty of friends and a lot of enemies. her opponent to you, the former president, the symbolic of the corruption, this blighted argentina for generations. they want to prevent her standing again for president in next year's elections. a sunday i thought he got out of him saying it will be historic for argentina, but it's the 1st summer female president convicted for a fully proven corruption crime that it serve as an example for all of the all. now if we don't find it, it gives us hope that we still have justice and margin tina, and this has only just begun the verdict on christina kitchener and the 12 other
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accused is expected later this year. whenever the outcome argentine will be divided by an increasingly bitter conflict. and so on the al jazeera, what osiris ah, this is al jazeera, these jo, top stories investigators from the you and nuclear watchdog are on their way to the russian occupied parisha power plant and ukraine. equation rush have accused each other of shelling around the nuclear facility, raising fears of a possible disaster. this will be a front us, you know, we have a very, very for there to perform to with there, to help standardized education as much as we can. and i am
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really conscious the read of us this moment, but we are ready to use rate. so we will be reporting. but after after the mission, we're going to be spending a few days via support. as of the former pakistani prime minister and ron colon have gathered outside his home and a show support ahead of his coat. appearance cons been charged with contempt of clues on his na sweet charges. under the anti terrorism acts, prosecutors say he threatened police officers and a judge iraqi prime minister mustafah cody, me says he will resign if political crisis then on. russ continue is comments follow to days of bought in protests in baghdad. off to shit, lead and mcdonald, father announced he was quitting politics. can you supreme court has begun hearing presidential candidate raleigh dingus challenge to the election results. william
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retail was declared the winner would just over 50 percent of the vote. dingus says the outcome is flawed and should be declared null and void. there's a headline. sneeze continues here now to zara off to the stream. stay with us. talk to al jazeera, we ask, so the rebound you speak of is clearly coming at a high cost of airlines and the industry. what's going wrong? we listen, you were part of the i'm struggling in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets. no, we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera i i asked them, yeah, okay, thanks for watching the stream around the world, new outbreaks of the polio virus sicily, back decades of action and efforts to try and eradicate the disease,
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so in this show we're gonna do a couple folks here will be part history. part explain as to why the polio virus is making a comeback. i know, so a q and a 3 you to ask are experts anything you need to know about how yeah, the commit sectional youtube is live site. is that for you? we start in 1956 parents live in fear of polio, sudden attack. and the tragic aftermath. thousands upon thousands of children and adults fell prey to the crippler. march of dimes buns were needed everywhere, needed desperately by patient needed by an army of scientists to search for a preventive. then in 1954, a vaccine to prevent paralytic polio, developed by doctor john assault. a guarantee of the national foundation was tested in the largest field trials and medical history. so that's how the push to prevent polio started. but how is it going?
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joining our conversation today, dr. hamlet, west dall to rise. so good to have all 3 of you with us don't have it. will you introduce yourself to our global audience and explain your connection to pelias? so i'm, i'm a job city and i'm the director of education at the w. a jo, entrance regional office for the eastern mediterranean region. and this region includes $22.00 countries, including the last 2 countries. dad remained demick provide for us. i've been doing it education work for nearly petty edge and i'm delighted to be on this panel. rose and was all right, you are us. you're welcome. hello. was good to have you please read energy south to our view is and tell them what your connection is to police as well. i'm my west
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president network in manitoba and i have a personal connection to polio. i survive to work with them prior to the back to being available. and throughout my life i learned to overcome certain parts of the process. and in the last 40 years, i guess post polio syndrome has taken over and certain money, harassed as to where it was. ready there i contracted the virus at the age of 30 my while to be here today. we're so really important to get it out. yeah, absolutely right. we're happy to have you and doctors get to see you. please introduce yourself to audience. tell them who you are and your connection to please . thank you. i am professor rose from but i'm a cameron in but time i've been chair of the african regional certification
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commission for polio. right. and then i'm also one of the 6 members of the globe certification commission. good to have all 3 of you so much expertise as you're new to right now, put your questions in the comment section immediately. i've got time to ask all of our 3, get your questions or i don't know how many this is the easiest question you're ever going to get in your life. i'm sure you've answered it many times. what exactly is so, polio my like, this is a disease. where will you lie? this attacks the neurons that are responsible for the movement of muscles when you're vitus infection, because most people don't have any, any symptoms that is about one into 10218000 people
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who once they get infected, do actually develop but alice's. but once the but alas, it is said it is lifelong. but unless if the virus is transmitted through real contact, the main route of transmission is what we call the fecal photo. afraid, fecal contamination of hand and other items. and sometimes water that can lead to transmission of lightest. occasionally, it can also be transmitted through respiratory secretions. but in most developing countries transmission. dr. how may not on you cheat doll wants to ask way if polio coming from these outbreaks that and now spreading around the world. why is that happening? so i think 1st i wanted to clarify that what do you is not coming back? in fact, over the last 30 years, then his tremendous progress globally. dr. lee k.
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2 years ago, certified the entire african region. as feel viable you, i this it only 2 countries bed remain endemic for right when you buy this and that is august. and i've got this done so there's been 99.9 percent reduction in your state education program started. so the progress is quite, quite remarkable. and we are actually getting close. what we are seeing is some spread of what we call the vaccine. did i go to vac seen variant polio virus that has caused outbreaks in barks of africa and and, and in the middle east? will you explain that that being quite confusing globally as people are showing information and then misinformation where they oh, well this kind of talia, this is come from the vaccine. can you explain just very briefly what vaccine
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derive polio is? so you know, the, what you're seeing on the screen right now of these polio drops that are being administered. this is the oral polio vaccine. and this vaccine is made up of live vitus, which is weakened so that we can reduce immunity but not produced. but alice is in children who receive it. this vaccine is most effective when it is used in a way, when you can achieve high levels of vaccination rates and coverage in settings where most of the children are immunized. occasionally, what can happen is that this weekend, bite us, which is also in the initial weeks after vaccination, is expected in the stool of children. this virus gets transmitted to other children right now in most situations. they paid out and then if you're not vaccinated,
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the other children are successful to it. ok. good. i know if most of the children in that community direction aided, then i still don't. yes, no, because i was problem of exactly that. but if most of the children i don't vaccinated, this virus can start to circulate and mutate to start to behave like the naturally occurring wireless. that's why we call it the vaccine by the interaction that i read, you are dying to get and go ahead. no, i was just going to thank you for having me on the part and i was just like i made has been saying partners in education initiative have really put in a lot also with the in the community countries come in, it is to get to call you down to a level where, like you just said, we certified the african region free of indigenous wired polio virus. virus.
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2020. that was in 2020 right. and true. we've had now some wild polio viruses circulating in malawi core. and then in muslim big, i have been around why, why, yes, why does that? you know genet this the call because they've been genetically linked to viruses that was circulating in fact and then showing 2019. so this is an important patient in the african region in some allow week i was i'm be called, well so rose, you know what that so to me, if you don't get rid of all the virus is like for them, you don't ready kate, him. it's not going, you're not safe. wherever you are. if you thinking you're complacent, you're being complacent. it can pop up a nice way. so that's why it's in one place. you know,
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i need, you know, you can still get it anyway. that's what the world that really always we've learned . well, we haven't left them, but we know we know what the lesson should be, that we should be learning. i mean, the last 2 years, all right. ways on youtube, lots of people were thinking back and remembering people in that family who had polio, for instance, got shot. see here, says howdy. my grandmother had polio made many things difficult for her. she was very small, had a hunchback and had limited use of her left. however, she didn't let it slow her down. i feel like she sees grandma probably kind of reflect how you approached your polio disease and how you handle it. as a youngster, you were really kind and sent us a couple of pictures. so we're going to start with usually, oh, baby, 13 months old. and then tell us what your 1st memory of having polio was. my 1st memory or 3rd one. i was learning to walk with 2 braces that were
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joined, a grind as i had for alice's below the waist. and as you can see in this picture now my left leg recovered to a certain point. and i was able to use it to learn how to water the right if i and you know how my wife raise 2 kids. and then in my late twenty's, it started through the browse started to return. and now i spend all of my electric wheelchair with even with my arms and trying to do anything. well, as a result of polio was my concern. yeah. so i was just wondering, does it hurt? does it hurt? yeah. when the polio lay, there is no need but muscle assert, joy insert, and crushing for my life almost daily. if i overdue things
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literally cannot function and can't move. so i have to rest. so you are listening to dr. rose and how they talking about polio in 2022 vaccine derive polio. and you, one of i would say, one of the last few people in the develop welsh, who have had a nice living with it. right now. what do you make of resurfacing as vaccine the rise polio, what she take? well, my concern is that that particular term will be used to misinform young parents and help them avoid that. and it's not the that, that actually giving the polio. it's the new taishan that's occurring as the transfers because people of that it's contract, polio show,
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no symptoms whatsoever, and they can spread it for several weeks. and this is the virus attempts to mutate and infect on back needed. and that's my concern. polio is a plane right away from any country in the world, and it's been my concern for several years. so, you know, this is absolutely right. you know what we're just saying. and 1st of all, i want to really tank was for the courage with which he has lived his life. and how he is really concerned about the safety and protection of others. and how use champion a vaccination, particularly vaccination, to protect everybody against against polio. and i think this is what professor rose leak, it just said about light of being exploited from pakistan and going to countries of southern africa and this detection of viruses in the environmental samples we've
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seen in london. and then a case in new york and subsequent detection of these vaccine very and dried us is an environmental samples in the, in, in new york. also, all of that tells us, is that the, the vidas, as long as it is surviving, it will travel with people. and it will, in fact those who are unvaccinated and most of the world has worked very hard to get rid of those children who are now getting polio live in the some of the most difficult and complex settings. we have been in conflict, that is why it's hard to reach them, the country child systems. but it is also surprising that when you see these vital to be at in london and in and in new york, that communities that have really access to act friends who should be getting the children vaccinated are not doing the vital stuff. how may i always find those communities? how may i'm just looking here?
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this is something that was shared on a tweet. there was some misinformation on the tweets. i'm not going to share that, but here the, the n h s, the national health service in the u. k is inviting children one tonight in your power to receive a vaccine against polio. for some children, this will be an additional base to dos if they already up to date with a routine vaccinations. and so connected to this very standard immunization information was some doubt about whether the polio vaccine actually work. if it's healthy for kids. when you see that kind of misinformation ways, what is your reaction? how do you deal with it? this is why because when i want to, i want somebody who is a regular but special person to talk to other regular but special people don't have any. you can see what our go for it might concern me because the only thing is 99 percent effective. you know, really concerns me that you're in cobit,
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a lot of parents weren't able to get their kids into a clinic in order to get a normal childhood vaccinations and people are misinforming them about the impact of vaccinations. the id which is injectable, has no transmission possible from the vaccination that so if you live in the develop. ready the world, that's what you're going to get. you're going to get an injection and you're not going to get the oral back to me. it's important that you get out there and get your kids. so up to day, one of our required 3 doses in the early childhood and the booster dose before you say, well, if you took the filters off, you were really kind data and you just said what you want to say to the public who is worried right now about maybe not immunizing their kids not getting a polio vaccine know filter. what would you say? well it's for like until co,
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nobody talked about oleo. my doctors weren't aware of what was the medical school in the back has been saw in the countries in the western world that were fully vaccinated. you didn't know one of my expertise, the younger survivors, 607080. and i'm just a kid in their group. and i don't want to see it again, i need the moms and dad to go up there, get your kid vaccinated oil. or like the noting west nodding. i'm going to bring in a new voice into our conversation. this is from daniel pasadena, who's a medical doctor associate professor at the university color, colorado school of medicine. the we have a conundrum. we have an issue right now. how do we solve it? this is what daniel told us earlier. to rear its ugly, had any right circumstances. mean we will vaccinations. we have 2 great types of
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vaccine world where the activated vaccine that are over 99 percent effective and preventing parallel polio. and i think the big point here is if you are and vaccinated against polio virus, employee viruses circle in the community, you are at risk for developing parents. so please the number one way to prevent paralytic polio and the spread of it is to get activated. so yes, in them for most of the well, yes, that's absolutely true on youtube. let me give you this question, dr. rhodes, this is an app share. how reliable is the polio vaccine for children? short answer, dr. right. yeah. so before i get to that, i just like to say to west batch, i stay here and i remember the paul, the survivor that we have in africa, i met you, northern nigeria and all the areas. so i just think that kind of what he's doing, and i really commend that. so that back since we have, you know, we same, we,
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we use the try, you know what, it's one type. so 123. and we use that on till the to call the quality a type to, but to say i region thing with done with the indigenous while, while your virus, you know, the vaccination was mainly now we switch now moving on to ip more. but now with the outbreak that we have, we see the pd's when now really using the nobel opie, the tool that has been used a lot in the african african country for these outbreak. well, the, the, the, the, the tools and the real world, i don't understand what that means. can you talk to me as if i'm a 5 year old about to get an immunization for polio? can you explain that to me very briefly, but more straightforward leaf please. all right, let me get down. yeah. that because you have this outbreak now see needed p,
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the tools there were trying work, the wall, the yoke, the mom of valid. but research brought another molecule which is the n. oh, is this who santa rose i failed, i'm failing a immunization school. i'm a program i rose's rosie saying it's slower, but i'm not understanding it any better. but dr. ross, thank you. all right, got it all toys. thank you. i'm gonna move on because i don't think i'm going to get it for the entirety of this show, but don't to race. thank you so much. i, i want to move on because i want to show something dr. hamid that you have on your twitter feed. and i love this because we've been talking about how easily it is to be immunized against polio. how to stop politic polio from happening. but it depends where you live. so i love that you shared this polio teams way through
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water to reach children, the life saving vaccine. incredible level of perseverance, always in sup, inspiring. the reason why this is important, because if we have polio virus anywhere, we really have it potentially everywhere. how are the eradication efforts growing if it's been so easy for polio to spread, seemingly? so what have we been doing for the last 60 years when you know, the, as i said, that when ordering international really organized everybody, including the current global partners in education, w, h o u, and us cdc, broadtree international charles b. and you know, so be organized and mobilized the whole world today to get you at that time. $120.00 countries reporting an estimated $350000.00 issues of ballot,
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tick polio around the world. that's like a 1000 children getting better lighted every day. we have now come so far that only 2 countries are left and this year, so far, only 16 cases of and midwife will you let us have a good all with in a, in a radius of about 16 kilometers in a very focal outbreak. in, in pakistan, so both parties sign and i've done some have made very, very strong progress in the last 2 years. and they are very close to stopping a viable use this as well. obviously the situation is very complex and those in the, in the bordering areas are 5. just kind of understand that is insecurity. there is mistrust of vaccine. there's all kinds of rumors around the vaccine, constipated kidneys and all of that. but it's very,
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very important that out of front line workers succeed and you saw some of those. oh my goodness, frontline, what is that if i never gave up, it doesn't matter how hard it is, you're never going to give up trying to deliver that vaccine to how many we have so many questions. i'm going to ask you to do the impossible take 30 seconds to, to, to questions that i want to share with you 30 seconds so we can get them in. candy says i really nervous because i live in an area of new york where the last measles outbreak was president. should county be know if i stopped him it. she should be nervous. if she is. she has children. who had, i'm back to nature or if she herself is not back to needed. so. but if she has children who are fully vaccinated, she has had a family member or fully vaccinated then the risk of but alice is extremely low, almost 0. is the polio vaccine boost. i need it if you've already had polio before,
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excuse me. we've already had the vac seen before. you know if you had the vaccine before, but if it has been more than you know, several years since you had your last a polio vaccine those. and if you're in an area where would you like to sort of collision, it is very important to get into the booster those. that's why you saw the message from the jeff and you ok. i thank you so much so much to ask about so much. we've lost some of our knowledge about polio because polio has been writing katie in so many places, but not entirely in the world. i'm going to get the last sentence to was, was how you doing today? what life like for you? ah, life is a good today. i had a great sleep last night, a lot of yours. and so i had a fairly restful sleep, which doesn't happen very often because of the amount of different things i get muscle in georgia. and i would like to say also better for and also
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there are wondering now centers wise, make it boss one and the other provider to us. what are your doctor? all right, good advice from somebody who survive polio. and he's living with polio symptoms now. thank you west. thank you. talk to rose, rose. thank you thought hannah. thank you for your many. many questions have taken parting today, shall i see you next time. take everybody ah 2 stories of strong willed with challenging traditional female stereotypes in a male dominated society to make a different channel. if i go a course, we'll pull into the ravine. po, families with the water is highly contaminated. bolivia in the cloud.
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risk in it all on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. dr. sir, tell us that they're desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies for to those who are injured with detailed coverage, a plastic container of their pride until the demand bag, as much from around the world given as the new king. a saying his praise brenda lloyd, the lawyer b ah
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ah say that. mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, ah, this will be with you on team said soft inspect, ukraine's nuclear plants, all the shelling.


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