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i everyone else. oh, now just hear you voice the heating up the air way. lot of pennies. listen actually was kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting power of a case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative petroleum point to the pole. with those images front of mine is a war, very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. the listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera. ah the un says china may have committed crimes against humanity against we go muslims, provoking a furious response from beijing. ah,
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about this and this is our 0 live from doe hob. also coming up. we are moving. we are aware of the current situation. united nations inspectors had for the russian held nuclear plant and ukraine as worries grow about safety. a little violence in iraq, one person's killed and fighting between rival she eyed factions in the saline city of basra. turning the clock back tennis legend, sabina williams, studies the world's 2nd wind player in the us open putting over time and plans on poles with the are going you and human rights. cheap for said. there's evidence. china's treatment of the weaker minority hammons to crimes against humanity. as part of a damning reports, michelle barclays released just minutes before her term ended,
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but beijing has rejected the allegations as an attempt to undermine its stability. victoria gate be has more. this is michelle bar chalets long awaited report is damning indictment of china's treatment of the week population. it found that we goes and other mostly muslim groups held in detention camps have been subjected to torture, including forced medical treatment and sexual and gender based violence. bachelor's report was commissioned more than 3 years ago and was due to be published last year . it was finally released 30 minutes before her term as un human rights chief ended . china has condemned the report. it says its policies in shing jang fight, what it calls terrorism and provide wiggers with better economic opportunities. we all know so well that the so called disingenuous who is completely yeah, isa completely fabricated. ly auto,
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political motivations and it's proposed definitely is to undermine china's stability and to obstruct the china sun development in the past. passion, aids, faith, criticism for not being forthright about the persecution of the week of community. her visit to china re, may, was widely condemned as a whitewash with the u. s. state department, calling it a mistake human rights group, say her report is better late than never. this is a blueprint really for a member states, especially though is and has dental the human rights council to adopt a resolution that create an independent and international mechanism so that you can start investigating these crimes. and you can start identifying the perpetrators and prosecuting those perpetrators. hello. this is the latest of many reports, detailing human rights abuses against weakness. but this one carries the weight of
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the un and those campaigning for justice. hope it'll mark a turning point, victoria gate and be al jazeera standard. a team of your own inspectors is traveling across the front lines in southern ukraine on their way to europe's biggest nuclear plant. their convoy left the nearby city of zap lucia earlier this morning. despite reports of fighting near their route ukraine and russia have accused each other most shelling near the facility, sparking global concerns of a potential nuclear disaster. i am going to consider the possibility of establishing a continued presence of the i. e, a at the plant which we believe it's indispensable to the stabilize the situation and to get regular, reliable, impartial, neutral updates or what the situation is there. so what we shall slack we are moving now. thank you for your interest is very important and that the world know
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what's happening here on teresa goes live for us now in cave to river though, theresa, this is a difficult journey in order to get to the power plant. there's still some doubt about how much access they're going to be allowed when they get there. what's the latest while we've been following this trip very, very closely. and the latest information that we have is that heavy shilling has been ongoing in the city of an article that that's where the nuclear power plant is located is about 50 kilometers away from the top of each. yeah. where the i 18 was being based and they were starting to travel heading that way. so the latest report we have is that a kindergarten was hit a health care center, and then at least we civilians were killed. we're hearing also from the russians were saying that to ukrainian forces try to take over the city as the a team was heading there. but of course, this cannot confirm the only information that we have right now is what the
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director of the i said that he's heading there. that they know of the risks they know of the danger they were going to cross the ukrainian frontline and then there is a great area until they reach the russian front where we're trying to find out exactly how that visit is going. but also because of this heavy shelling where also hearing that the operating power unit number 5, when talking to support each nuclear power plant, this activated the safety systems in place. this is the 2nd time that something like this happens in the fast week. so definitely there's lots of big situation on going around today. we're, we're trying to monitor where the a team is located. exactly, but it's not guaranteed at this point that they're going to be able to make it to the plan. although that's happening with a backdrop to the fighting that is still going on. well, that's cory, the fighting is ongoing and it's not totally happening all around the region,
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which is we're seeing the shelling that is ongoing there. but it's also happening as the ukranian forces have launched a counter attack. so take back some of the cities that were captured by russia at the beginning of this invasion. there's heavy fighting on going around. they had a phone region. ukrainian government is saying that they were able to take back at least 5 settlements. this is this, that were taken by russia through the forces of crimea, while they were attempted to take the southern part of the country. but there is also information that, according to intelligence agency, that russia is struggling with manpower that they are trying to weak. we recruit injured soldiers among other things that they're trying to also organize their supply lines that have been under heavy, heavy attacks by ukrainian forces in the past few days. but you know, it's interesting to know there's like a very, very tight who penny of what's happening on the ground. there's not lots of information. and while the russians are saying one thing,
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the ukrainians are saying something else. but what's definitely is that right now, your crane is going on the offensive. they're doing what president of the new landscape said that they're trying to take back the territory that's been occupied by russia. and what lensky said also is that he's telling russians to run for their lives. teresa, thank you very much. indeed. theresa. both talking to us from keith. you know something like a city of boss or remains on edge after a night of fighting between arrival. she had factions, the at least one person was killed out of the violence began on wednesday. tensions remain high in iraq out are influential. she, i think most outside it said he was withdrawing from politics. there's been heavy fighting in baghdad earlier this week between his supporters and iran backed forces centrals are being held for several people killed in the violence dosage. a body has more from, by god i. this is the cause,
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the political rivalry in iraq, dozens of people came to pay their respects to the family of with some dorothy, for nearly a decade, the 38 year old had been part of psoriasis along the armed wing of she eyed politician, mac thought. there also, others movement after southern announced yet again on monday that he's retiring from politics. his forces fought with shy rivals, supporting the iran backs coordination framework and iraqi security for hours in the capitol with sam's eldest son alleys, 15 years old. he is one of 4 and was, and wife is pregnant with their 5th child. with sam's brother, a boss says his brother was killed by a sniper who shot him through an eye issue with any monitor. oh, so we believe in the orders of mc, todd ro, sawdust to reform the slaves. he's the only man who can save the state, but it's a posse higher than the coordination framework have gone too far north. we offered them now 73 seats and parliament and told them to form the government,
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but they failed in many here say events of this past week as a reminder of how much they need souther to remain in politics was sam was a member of psoriasis along the on the wing of southern movements, his older brother says his death only reinforces their relief and dedication to move to other else other who they believe is in done with politics just yet on the other side of town, those from the other side of this conflict laid their victims to rest. those been carried here were members of the popular mobilization forces. she ain't our groups that are now part of the government's military. the prime minister address the nation following the end of the violence on tuesday evening with a warning or had the monona. and i warned that if they want to continue to create disputes and complications and not to listen to the source of reason than i will make a moral decision. but i am proceed to leave my post in accordance to the iraqi constitution
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. that's an appropriate time. oh, this political upheaval is not new here, but sees like this are in the heavily fortified green zone area. and as quickly as they began, they ended when southern told his followers to stop the bloodshed and leave that highlights the immense power he still has. despite claims of retirement and many a wondering how he will use it next door to jabari al jazeera backed out to young palestinians have been killed by israeli forces during raids in the occupied west buying. the one of the victims was shot when his really soldiers storm the bilateral refugee camp. the 2nd victim was killed by israeli police in alberta city. the u. s. national press club has posthumously awarded al jazeera correspondence, shall enable our claire with the president's award. her niece, selena barclay received the accolade on her behalf in washington. sharyn was with
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al jazeera for 25 years covering the story of this really occupation. she was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in janine in may, the elders intermedia network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing. i want to bring some live pictures now from beijing v. we are waiting for a daily briefing by the of china's foreign ministry. it's likely to be a responding to the u. n. 's report on changing and china's treatment of the weaker population in china. beijing has been pressuring rights chief michelle bodily not to publish the report, but it has been very critical of the situation of weaker detainees in changing. it was published just minutes before and her end of the end of her term on wednesday. elaine pearson is the acting asia director with human rights watch, and she's joining us live from sidney. are good to have you with us, man,
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while we're waiting for that sir, that press conference. describe your reaction. first of all, to the reports by michelle blashley. well, this really is a groundbreaking report, either un, it's been a long time coming. i'm, it's, well, i begin, but i say it's groundbreaking because it finds that the mass, arbitrary detention of wiggle and other muslim scene. she gang may amount to crimes against humanity. and this is coming from the u. n's top official on human rights. it goes into some detail describing the types of serious violations of human rights . it talks about torture. totes that force, labor rate, and arbitrate attention. china denies all these allegations. it clearly believes there is no case to answer. china does nothing. what should happen? well, i think this report is a really important step towards accountability for the victims and survivors of these abuses. and so, you know, china is not going to act on the recommendations in this report to immediately put
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an end to these abuses. then the international community really needs to step up. what that means is that in 12 days time at the human rights council, this report should be formally tabled. they should be discussion of this report. and what we really want to see is a resolution that establishes a new independent investigation to further examine these allegations and to collect evidence of these abuses with a view to holding the perpetrators to account. if that happened, does not, not simply kick the process down the road because one gets the impression that michelle bachelor's report has been all encompassing, it's already achieved. everything that you're talking about that would be covered in an additional report in practical terms, in terms of accountability, should china b for establish to be accountable for this? what would you want to see? oh yes, i think the report is a, it's a 1st step. but what we really need to do is like look at collecting the evidence,
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i'm about the perpetrators of these crimes. and so the human rights council is the correct forum for that. we've seen time. and again, other governments that are committing crimes against humanity that have formal fact finding missions or commissions of inquiry established. just because the chinese government is fighting tooth and nail against the release of this report. and subsequent action doesn't mean that the chinese government gets to evade responsibility. so, you know, i think that that would be the natural next step is that you would have some kind of mechanism really that can look at building on this initial report and look at gathering specific evidence about the perpetrators of these atrocities. lillian person, thank you very much indeed for being with us and others in a month. thank you very much. we appreciate your time. thank you. let me bring you some breaking news now. a quarter malaysia's found the last mom man saw the wife of former premise, and now she ransack guilty in a corruption trial. unless my man saw it was found guilty of 3 counts of bribery.
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she was charged for soliciting and receiving bribes to help her company. when a contract a husband, nat geo, began a 12 year prison term last week after being convicted of corruption involving the malaysian state fund, one n d b lines. though his life for us in that column for just give us a little bit of the background on what's been happening, thorns that's right. so she was charged with 3 charges. so listing and receiving bribes of around one and a half $1000000.00 between the year 201620178 was allegedly, it was to help a company when a government project to supply solar panels to schools. now the judge said he found that the prosecution had proved their case beyond reasonable doubt. defense lawyers had argued that ross, my man, saw, had been framed by a former aid and other officials. clearly this, the document did not fit with the judge. now her lawyers had also put in
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a last minute bit to have the judge dismissed her critic that said that this was a ploy to buy more time. and ultimately that application to have the judge dismiss was dismiss, it was heard earlier this morning. it was argued this morning by her lawyer, but it was ultimately dismissed and the judge went on to deliver the verdict. and he's now found her guilty on all 3 charges. and we don't yet know what the sentence is. we expect that to be delivered any moment now, but she could receive a maximum off of up to 20 years in prison, and beats and be asked to pay a fine at least $5.00 times the amount of bribes that she had received. but we do expect her lawyers to, i mean it's very likely that her lawyers will fall and appeal and we do expect her to remain out on bill. she has been out and bail old as well. and she could also fall an application for a stay of sentence while she tries to exhaust all avenues of appeals in florence. as i mentioned before, her husband, nat geo, like the former prime minister,
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has just begun a 12 year prison term to be convicted of corruption. i was all of this playing out with the public people paying a lot of attention to this. absolutely. i mean, there was so much anger at the corruption that had been happening at that time. so much so that it was the 1st time in history that his party, known as a know which had been the dominant party and politics was voted out of power in 2018. and this was the 1st time in history that they had been booted out of power. and a lot of it was because of the anger over the corruption and was no man. so even at the time when she was the 1st lady of malaysia, she was known for a very lavish lifestyle. and during the course of this child, the court heard testimony from the witness talking about how powerful she was so much so that there was a special department that had been set up just to handle her affairs. she wheeled at considerable influence in government, even though she had no official position. now after the no party was voted out of
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power after the prime minister. often her husband, nancy bronze, was no longer prime minister of malaysia. that then government had been made that was made up of opposition parties. they conducted an investigation against her, and eventually charges were filed against her and also not your brother. and during the course of that investigation as well, police sees luxury goods, jewelry, watches, expensive handbags, was millions of dollars from residence is linked to the family. so know that there is a lot of anger. this case is being watched very closely in malaysia. and i think there is a feeling that justice is being done, although of course they do have supporters who believe that the cases against them are politically motivated. thorns, thank you very much indeed for the talking to us from call of important. so lanka and the international monetary fund and struck a deal for a $2900000000.00 bailout. shoreline can so been struggling from mung the sound of
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the worst economic crisis since independence. they been acute shortages of fuel medicines and other essentials. the crisis, let a mass demonstrations in the force, the resignation of the president in july. well, let's discuss this with michelle fernandez, who's talking to us now from a columbus. so 1st of all, do we know the details of the deal? and perhaps more importantly, when does for like actually get the cash that's the question on the minds of millions of sheer luncheons, but ah, there's going to be some time yet before the m. f actually shows this country of, of money the deal. it serv basically involves a 48 month period of 4 years over which time, ah, the amount of $2900000000.00 would be given to sri lanka, as part of a sort of an emergency of financing facility. as it's called. this basically will help to lanka,
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tied over the economic sort of shambles and crisis it's facing at the moment. the agreement that has been announced to day, i'm just in front of the country, central bank building, where the i m f has an office where that press conference and statement are we heard earlier. now basically, what they have said is the i m f has reached what is called a staff level agreement with the sherlock and government. that is an agreement in principle. but this agreement is largely conditional. the agreement basically a sort of maps out a number of criteria that the sri lankan government must fulfill. in order for the i m f to be able to put it to their management and the i m f board to allow that agreement where this amount of money. almost $3000000000.00 us dollars will be given to sri lanka over a period of time to help it stabilize its economy a help obviously, its people are secure and protect their livelihoods and help she lanka. basically
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recover from this situation. to report the, the key reforms that the ira murphy is wanting are, do we know which the most important ones are? so basically the whole issue of what they say the revenue of the government has been addressed. now in $1.00, 0, we one of the key things towards that is a huge program of tax reforms. we have seen this a few days ago when the president runner vicar, missing a, presented an interim budget. a looking at some of these areas where the are introducing of increasing the taxes, the value added tax are also looking at broadening the income tax of making it sort of modernizing it, looking at the corporate tax structure, widening the money the government can earn basically by methods of tax,
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also passing on the very real cost of things like electricity and fuel because for many, many years decades, in fact, progressive governments are all decided to subsidize the prices of these things. and nor politician wanted to take the risk of cutting down the subsidies and actually passing the real cost to the consumer because they were scared as to the impact that would have on their sort of political futures. and this has meant that the state which has been taking on a considerable amount of debt and that's one of the reasons for this shaky situation. so that's another thing. another thing in terms of, in that soft level agreement, we here for the 1st time the i m f has included reforms which will help against corruption. they talk about corruption, vulnerability, and vis. came up in the press conference by the army. i am if representatives who address the press earlier and they said that is a key factor. but all in all,
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this is very much dependent on sri lanka as a sort of creditors being able to give them the assurances before the i m f. will release any money now. thank you very much. indeed. michelle fernandez talking to us from colombo members of the national guard, are been deployed to help distribute water in the city of jackson in the us state of mississippi. more than a 180000 people are without drinking water after a treatment plant failed. local people by the lack of funding in the city where the majority of the population is black, vertical haine has this report a long line. many, you're hoping they will not be in the car. the pulls up when the water runs out. i, i, the capitol, mississippi has a long troubled water treatment plant, now knocked offline by recent flooding. for many, the taps are dry. for those who have water, it is simply unsafe,
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is i haven't been well, you don't know what you know special when you add new born baby. you smile, made of residents are being told to boil their water to wash dishes and to keep their mouths closed in the shower. the city council president tells al jazeera, this is not a new problem. for the past 2 years, there has not been a month where citizens and south jackson has not gone a week in 2 days, or even sometimes a week with either low flow or no flow, no flow, and had to have a bow, a water nose. the unfortunate thing about it is that this is becoming somewhat of a norm. mississippi's largest city is more than 80 percent black and some residents believe that is why the city's water system has been neglected. for decades. we are saying the intentional about best men and communities that are led by black elected
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officials. fam, going to have a black sign and to have a cd there has poor schools, poor row, you know, grocery stores when and out of food, and no water to drink. i don't even want to bathe my baby in jackson's water and it doesn't appear the quality is going to get better any time soon. our immediate priority is to have running water, even temporarily sacrificing some quality standards where we absolutely have to, to fulfill basic sanitary and safety needs a long time problem. now an acute crisis, i am in the sweltering heat of a mississippi summer, a dangerous one as well. patty, gall haine, al jazeera the u. s. his authorized updated covered 19 of vaccines and booster shots to target the omicron
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strain. the food and drug administration hopes the modified jobs from pfizer by on tank. i'm more than madonna will provide a higher protection against more contagious variance. the white house says it's confident there will be enough boosters for everyone who wants one. ok, let me take you to live pictures of from a beijing. china's foreign minister is holding its daily briefing. it's likely to be responding to the u. n. 's report and changing and china's treatment of it's weaker population, beijing's been pressuring the rights chief michelle bosh leave you not to publish the report. this is the foreign ministry spokesman wang when been immune and rights to michelle blashley had recently released her long awaited report, minutes before the end of her town on wednesday to the the report says there are credible allegations of tortured sexual violence and ill treatment or rigor detainees in shin jane jane is accused of widespread abuse and shame. jang,
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the u. s. has branded a genocide, not a word that michelle bachelor used in her report. china denies the accusations. it's for the masters said on wednesday before the reports released that it was a quote to force orchestrated by the u. s. and a small number of western powers lads, listen to what wang went been has to say. i england, or even she went, you went to my downtown sanctioning that she has washer latches here in town called you on time, but i don't teach without your teams on sci fi and show him t generally share when she entered he and i shop are who are you yeah. how your cham for g. tangier, how your quote, you don't win g p t. i a repeat of the question, make war the keep out the reports that you should call, that was all the reports. it's like just emotions that say it is c o gosh,
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a huge. i think you that, that off week says wallace. i juncture clutch. i knew that all. i'm sorry, i cannot re transfer you because i'm here in 2 voices. country to strategically use data contain china ah, to use this. ringback assessment of the assessment as my son up, and i got him up from the ferrari and a ton of forces and highlights the mandate of the i see a charge in the principles of universality of activity nozzle activity. novelization it once again shows that the l. a, c, a r has been reduced to an enforcer and accomplish of the us and other western countries. enforcing that about them in countries to fall into line with them. back that this assessment despite is even gelati and sarah for the ability to not go so far as to play a force as an allegation, such as genocide, forced labor, religious oppression. and for serialization shows that the life of the century
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concocted by the u. s. in other words, the countries have already collapsed of all people that they want. ation, john, whatever their ethnic background, sorry, the best position to tell the road whether human rights conditions are like ancient john. ever since your sinner has into a thing even on the growth, social harmony and stability. but a live standers cultures thriving like never before. freedom of religious beliefs or religious harmony, and young people from ethnic minorities, religious figures, workers, and those who graduated from the vocational and education training centers, among others, have voluntarily written to the high commissioner for human rights about their own experience to return to real syndrome. international friends who have been to cindy, said that they saw with their own eyes. intel is completely different from what has been reported by was the media were portrayed by the other china forces where they took the countries who can about to their justice. have sandra co sign leonard to the high commissioner extra position to the release of this on to assess.


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