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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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i have won several applied for a while. if you got them eric, i was told the thing with the women, we made the challenge in the region. i will not being pro life. i want to sleep. we don't have read them in the study. these are about 2 weeks now, 3 days. journey to with someone destroys our country. someone needs to rebuild ah, a quality and democracy are under assault. sounding the alarm president joe biden accuses donald trump and his forces of being a threat to the you with and calls on vote is to reject extremism. ah,
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until mccrae, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up uncharted waters for india. it sit to order its 1st home built aircraft carrier as it tries to catch up with regional rival china. under lockdown . the chinese city of ching do imposes new cove at 19 restrictions, including mass testing to try and contain the latest outbreak. ballasa of campaigning in chile ahead of a vote on a new constitution on sunday. ah, you as president joe biden has launched a scathing attack on his predecessor, donald trump, and the republicans who support him. biden said, trump and his back has posed a threat to the very foundations of the united states. how white house correspondent, kimberly held kit reports ah, speaking from philadelphia,
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the city known as the birthplace of american democracy, president joe biden delivered a prime time address, declaring the us democratic values are under assault. i've come to this place where it all began to speak as plainly as i can to the nation about the threats we face using sharp and combat of language. biden targeted his political rival by name repeatedly former president, donald trump biden has called trump's make america great again or mag, a republican followers semi fascists. donald trump, the miger republicans represented extremism that threatened the very foundations of our republic with just 8 weeks until voters go to the polls for mid term congressional elections. and trump. now the focus of a criminal investigation into alleged miss handling of classified documents,
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biden's sending a message that a vote in november for some opposition republicans is a danger to democracy. but republicans fired back with their own speech. president biden has chosen to divide the mean and disparage his fellow americans. why? simply because they disagree with his policies. big, huge biden, a weapon, i think the federal government to eliminate his political opposition. joe biden, to politicize department of justice launched, arrayed on the home of his top political rival, donald trump, that is an assault on democracy. republicans also accused biden of miss handling the economy and being soft on immigration. their issues that in recent months caused biden's approval ratings to plummet. the white house helps this forceful
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rebuke of tromp and his followers will turn things around. there are dangers around us. we cannot allow to prevail. we hear you've heard it more and more talk about violence as an acceptable political tool in this country. it's not says sharpening his attacks on for president trump. president biden's approval ratings have been rising. it's momentum he hopes will help his democratic party retain control of congress come voting day in november. kimberly, how can al jazeera, the white house of bill schneider is a public policy professor at george mason university. he says biden is trying to recreate his 2020 election victory against trump in the midterm elections. he's a mainstream democrat. i and he works mostly behind the scenes as a professional politician, that's how he gets things done. and he called attention to them. the number of
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things that he has got done, his message was, republicans are extremists who sometimes endorse and re even resort to violence. my god, they're talking about, there's a faction of the conservative movement, the republican party that's attacking the national archives of all things. the national archives, which is demanding that donald trump turn over the records that they brought with him to florida. this, this is outrageous to most americans, and he died. joe biden is trying to make this an issue. it's the most promising issue he has with the one thing he did not mention in his speech was the one threat that americans perceive in the do republican party. and that's abortion. the supreme court decision or abortion removing abortion has constitutionally protected, right. he's trying to re run the 2020 election, which he be in which he beat donald trump, even though trombone admitted he did defeat donald trump and he wants to do it again in the mid term. he's not on the ballot, but his party is so he talks a lot about the things he's, he's accomplished,
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the messages i deliver. what did he deliver? infrastructure, prescription drug prices are a reduction in those gun safety sometimes with the republican support veterans, health care benefits on big climate change bill, student loans, forgiveness of student loans. lot of those things are really relatively small, but they are very important to a number of voters. ah, the head of the u ins. atomic watchdog has warned that the physical integrity of europe launches nuclear power plant has been violated. raphael glossy and his team have finally been able to inspect these operations complex and ukraine. kevin moscow have accused each other of attacking the plans and risking nuclear catastrophe, to respond reports from ukraine's capital. ah, renewed fighting around the somewhat easier nuclear power plant in the city of in order that did not prevent the un nuclear watchdog team from crossing the front
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lines. ah, in spite of the dangers, the team led by the international atomic energy director, i filed aussie moved ahead to begin the much expected visit. go glossy, said he was able to inspect vital equipment. i worry i worried. i worry and i will continue to be worried about the plant until we have a situation which is more stable, which is more predictable. it is obvious that that that plan and the physical integrity of the plant has been violated several times by chance, by deliberation. moscow says, keep sent a sabotage team to try to recover europe's largest. no power plant that's been under russian control since march. first of all, roosevelt at 6 20 am to teams of ukrainians saboteurs. 60 men stroll. you 7 speed boats attempted to land banks of the kafka water reservoir,
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some 3 kilometers little fees to the supper is your nuclear power plant. he denies all accusations and says moscow is trying to manipulate the visit. carried out attacks around the city to terrorize the population and the ukrainian employees inside the plant. their well being is a major concern for ukrainian officials. keith says one of its reactors had to be shut down because of the shelling on thursday and had warned about the possibility of a meltdown if the plant goes offline completely. the visit is expected to last for a few days until the un team on the ground can evaluate the dangers on site. the situation around the nuclear power plant has had authorities here in keep on the edge as they're hoping russia will de militarized the area. but russia has already said it has no plans to remove its troops any time soon. that is how i'll defeat active it when lyman is director of nuclear power safety at the union of concerned
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scientists. he says the i e i is mission is crucial. i think this mission is very important and just to have the ability of a 3rd party, relatively impartial group, assessing what's going on was very important. unfortunately, of the main part of the mission only seem to have lasted a few hours there about 5 i. e, a, inspectors still there for a few days and there may be an enduring presence after that, but to really get a sense of all the potential damage in the state of the equipment and the state of mind of the workers there that seem really need to be there longer and to have more expensive inspection the reactors themselves are under reinforced concrete containment building. so they have some level of protection, but they are vulnerable to it, to damage to other parts of the plans that are not as well protected primarily the
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off site power source as well as the emergency on site power sources. these are not as well protected as we've seen the off site power has gone down a few times already recent weeks, forcing some of the reactors to shut down. and nuclear power plants are vulnerable if they don't have access to reliable, stable offsite power. so that, that is the major concern. india is commissioning its 1st home built a craft carrier. the ins of the crowds, prime minister in reference ramadi is attending the ceremony. and could she celebrating the landmark event? it's the culmination of 17 years of construction and tastes and makes it one of the few countries able to design and commission a ship like this. above name ital joins us live from new delhi into physical. how big a deal is this for india?
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here this is a big milestone for india, both strategically and symbolically. now the grand english means powerful and grave, and that is precisely the image that is being projected over here. the warship took about 17 years to construct and for tests, it got more than 2 and a half $1000000000.00. most of the components have been procured locally. in fact, most of the work from designing to building to testing has been done in india. and for that reason, it is being seen as a big when, you know, with this, india has joined a small and elite club of other nations that have the capacity and have built their own warships off this kind an off of this size and domestically, you know, the indian government has been projecting this idea, been really promoting this idea of making india a self reliant nation. and as the prime minister commissions,
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i honestly can't. what he's really saying is that at least on the high seas, india has truly arrived. this was in china's recently had a great of prisons in the area. so what does it mean in regards to that somewhat tense relationship yeah, this is being seen as a way for india to catch up to china. you know, i'm a big crime is now india 2nd crossed carrier at c. it is being seen as a port in addition to the arsenal. when it comes to expanding india presence, its capacity and capabilities in the oceans, it has the capacity to hold about 1600 crew members and 30 aircraft. now, you know, china has also been expanding its presence pretty aggressively recently. a chinese ship doth, in. she longer china says that vessel is for research,
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but india was concerned saying that the ship, good track it's miss in june. china also commissioned its own domestically bird aircraft carrier, that experts say is a lot bigger than this one. i and the crowns within the navy has big emissions. now to be clear, honest, vic, ron will only be fully operational next year. and the navy's already pushing for a 3rd croft carrier off. it's kind public natal, thank you so much. live from new delhi. the chinese city of ching do is in lockdown after reporting $157.00 locally transmitted corona virus cases. millions of residents are being tested. the lockdown will last 4 days, but may be extended. shing due is the largest city to go into lockdown since shanghai lifted its restrictions and may, patrick fork has more from beijing. little down in chin do is significant. not just
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because the fact that it's a massive city, it's a city of 21000000 people. the capital of citron province, it is in fact the largest city to go under a locked and since a shanghai went under a bruising 2 month long locked down earlier this year. but also because jim do is a key manufacturing hub home to lots of alter makers and tech companies and, and accounts the 1.7 percent of china's g d p. so this is going to have very serious ramifications for china's economy. and it's coming after just a $157.00 cases were reported there. there's going to be 4 days of mass testing to go along with this lockdown, but authorities haven't said how long it's going to last for. meanwhile, sions and has put under semi locked and several key districts, including bowan and nan, shot districts. nan shall home to 10 cent as well as the drone maker. d j i. our entertainment venues are shut altogether in. restaurant dining has been limited. there's also going to be tighter health checks, their notably factory activity contracted for the 1st time in 3 months in august
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and another sign of the impact that curve. it curves as having on china, but the latest development showed that policy makers absolutely want to stick to this 0 covert approach. still ahead on al jazeera and a race against time to hold back the water and disaster had pakistan to some areas in the south brace for more floods. mexico's president is giving his state of the union speech will be live in the capital to find out why he's still popular despite a series of setbacks. ah, ah. hello. the weather remains slightly hot and sunny across much to the middle east. no great surprise is here. largely clear skies them want to shout still plaguing southern parts of the arabian peninsula,
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down towards the southern end of the red sea. but elsewhere, as you can see, plenty of sunshine light winds as well. 40 celsius here in ha, a 40 therefore to by getting up to the 40 still in damascus element. still very much on the warm side, but those temperature cities off a touch as we go on through the next few days. friday, inter sashay a similar pitch, a going on, but wanted to shout, as i said, around the sentiment of the red sea johnny, up in the shower, that we have a cross central part of africa. big downpours once again into nigeria. it's my central nigeria, western nigeria, pushing of it to work in a fossil seeing the wittiest weather over the next hour. so the monthly rates have really packed up once again. now, i'm pushing over to war, sierra leone pushing over towards guinea, more heavy showers, longest bells of rain coming through here, but the possibility of some localized flooding that is also the case to enter the democratic republic of congo, one or 2 showers into that eastern side of tans and there may be in to kenya, but by and larger stays dry. southern africa generate dry light to what we could
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see some rain the cape town. ah, what is the ocean with what is different says change witness. happiness with sunlight. witness, blood loss, witness, charity, witness, fusion, witness, clarity, witness. family, witness. friends with the beginning. witness the end witness. life. witness, and algae for waterloo . ah,
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you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour. the u. s. president joe biden has accused his predecessor, donald trump, and the republicans who support him of threatening democracy. he warned that they want to take the country backwards and urged devices to reject what he called extremism. the head of the u. s. u. k. a watchdog has warned that the physical integrity of europe's largest nuclear power plant has been violated because of the born ukraine. raphael across he and his team finally got a chance to when speak does up a risha planet on thursday. the chinese city of ching to isn't locked down after reporting $157.00 locally transmitted cases of covered 19 millions of residents being tested. the lockdown will initially last for 4 days about may be extended. china has adopted a so called 0 covert policy in recent months. pakistan southern send provinces
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pricing for more floods from brushing rivers in the north record monsoon, rennes, and melton glasses have triggered the country's worst flooding disaster. as i am, beth ravi reports from me ha. and daughter district where people are trying to save the town from suffering the same fight as so many others. ah, i filled the bags, hold back the flood, or risk losing everything. where the road disappears into deep water. there is a desperate race against time. every one must help and every back counts. mirror is on the front line of pakistan's flood crisis. a city in a fight for survival. within a few days of residence built a wall of mud and sandbags around their town to keep the water out. i've got to get bonnie, can you buy it to do more water comes, then there will be
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a threat. but for now the waterfall stopped. and if at some point there is another breach, that would be a risk. but for now, the city is safe, but it was the optimism in the face of mounting odds part of the job. but some of the cities residents blamed the local government for being slow to act was per month. there is a lot of confusion here. they only warn us to leave when there was a breach. they should have warned people sooner. they're telling us at a time when people can't go anywhere, the roads have already been blocked. look at close the waters come, i mean, look at close the waters come about a fear of even more flooding has forced some to walk out where they can and where it is too deep search and rescue operations are also underway, but many families remain perilously close to a growing threat. this is a town that is almost completely surrounded by flood waters. local officials tell us that 80 percent of the 1000000 people who live here have already evacuated.
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those that have stayed behind or either waiting to see what happens or they are working around the clock to make sure that this mud wall does not breach. because this must be sandbags. these are the only things that are standing between this town being saved or being completely overwhelmed by flood waters that are everywhere. compounding matters a relief operation, still struggling to get off the ground towns. people surrounded a rescue vehicle, demanding food. but there was none to give empty handed and angry. they say they don't know what is worse, not having enough to peep or the ominous rising water at their doorstep. zane basra b o jazeera mer district send the packet spun. mexico as president, has delivered his 4th state of the union address address. manuel lock has open door is still popular, even though inflation is at a 21 year high. there's also an increase in drug related violence. he's proposed
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reform to the national guard, including putting the unit under the control of the army on war follow, has more from mexico city, mexican president and manuel lopez over at or delivered his 4th state of the nation address, eager to town more than a dozen policy advances everything from improved access to health care and education, to job creation, and even reducing violence nationwide. now, despite worsening inflation in the country, a sluggish economy, and what many perceived to be in an inadequate response to the pandemic. the president still enjoys an approval rating of about 60 percent. lot of that has to do with an ongoing rhetoric that he's maintained since the beginning of his presidency. that his government is one that is trying to improve the livelihoods of the poorest citizens of the country. take a listen. they may, he yet not mean lonely. mexico is no longer dominated by an oligarchy. instead, there now exists
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a democratic government whose priorities the poor. corruption is not tolerated, nor is there impunity for anybody. in one place that president lope is over, the board has lost ground is on the question of violence, the president strategy to pacify the country has been one that includes more boots on the ground critic say that further militarization of mexico security forces in the long term is not a solution to worsening violence. a man has been detained after pointing a gun at argentina's vice presidents. the incident happened when christina fernandez kitchen is stepped out of her car. she doctor, as soon as she saw the pistol and the man was grabbed by some of his supporters, cushion is back, is have been gathering outside her home, ever since prosecutor's called for her to be jails in connection with a corruption case. the dates back to her time as president is the last day of campaigning for chillies. constitutional referendum, which will be held on sunday. the promised to re draft the document followed violent protests against inequality in 2019. the final version was written by
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especially elected assembly. and presented in july how lesson america editor, lucy newman, has more work. we are at the final campaign rally. hi gillian. so plan to move. 2 against the new draft constitution, or there are a tahoe reject vote. there are only a few 100 people here very, very few. indeed, there are enthusiastic no waiting the gillian flag and vowing to do everything in their power to stop clearly from having a constitution which they believe is too radical, restrictive to vague and which one does stabilize the economy, particularly as well as to least political system. now on the other side of town at this hour, there are tens of thousands of others when planned to approve the new constitution . they are very, very gregarious. they sound very confident. they say that this new constitution will give chile what it has always needed, and that is a more just society where the state guarantees, health, education,
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decent attention, schooling, and much, much more effective. this would be the 1st constitution in the world. the civically recognizes the problems of climate change and the need to protect the environment with some very, very strict articles. and that's what the people here say goes too far, that it would make it difficult for minors and for investment in this country. other than that though, there is, there are a lot of doubts about the details. the demo, as we say, is in the details. so both people on the approve and the reject side have said that if this constitution goes through more changes have, would have to be made. perhaps the most interesting thing of all is that this will be the 1st next in ever where will be mandatory for everybody to vote in including people who had not previously registered. that means millions of young people will go to the polls for the 1st time and it's still unclear. just wouldn't how that
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will go. so far, the polls indicate that the majority of june of finance are going to reject this constitution as it stands now. and are asking for it to do for the country to start all over again and rewrite a new constitution, which would be at least in theory, ready in a year's time. but if it does, when, if they're brutal, i does, when only by a very, very small margin. again, it, it is still too close to call at this point, but we'll have to see what those millions of tenants who never voted before will decide when they go to the polls on sunday. police and chilly have confronted high school students, protesting in the capital santiago. wow. the demonstrators won't the government to improve the conditions at public schools. they're also demanding access to affordable higher education. poland says it will demand $1.00 trillion dollars in world war 2,
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reparations from germany. this follows the release of a report on the costs of the nazi occupation of poland from 1959 to 945. poland. right. when governments is the country has not been fully compensated from that kind reports from berlin. when german forces attacked, poland in 1939 adore hitler said he was writing historic wrongs done to his country . the war he started would leave the continent in ruins and kill tens of millions of people. few suffered more than the poles. one in 6 of them died under german occupation. nearly 2 thirds of their industry was destroyed. more than 3 quarters of their infrastructure was ruined. now the modern polish date believes the modern german state should pay. yes, awesome. i love the palmer 1.3 trillion years is a very serious some. but considering payment of his kind of compensation is spread over decades. it's a somewhat german economy can perfectly overcome about being crushed. the
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compensation paid to france for the 1st world war damages stopped any 10 years ago . right. so this summer's, quite realistic now, but not to modern german eyes, successive governments of said a deal in 1953, between the communist governments in warsaw and berlin waved poland claim for compensation. the present polish government says its predecessor was forced by the soviets to make the offer, and so it should not count. in one sense, germany has already lost much around a quarter of its territory, was annexed by the usaa and poland after the war. millions of people who had lived there were evicted at accepting the loss of this territory was key to bringing about german reunification after the cold war. be by there are some who say the current polish government may be using the restorations argument to make political capital at home,
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fully tonic status or something like 83 percent of their supporters want this to happen. elections are coming up next year and having run out of other issues and definitely wanting to distract from inflation and fuel shortages and other problems at home and is facing in recent times, democratic germany has tried hard to right the wrongs done by nazi germany. building monuments to the many millions who were murdered and expressing determination never to repeat the sins of the past. but also arguing that the time for compensating the countries that were invaded and occupied is over dominant came al jazeera berlin national test results released. and the united states show that the coven 19 pandemic, has had a serious impact on children's education. the results show that 9 year olds lost ground and math, while reading scores fell by the largest margin in 30 years. but pandemic learning
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loss isn't just an issue in the you with a global report shows students from around the world are up to a year behind. and this schooling, students in latin america and south asia are the most impacted in the long term. those elite, these learning gaps could mean lower earnings for students and lower economic productivity for nations. by 2040, the impact could lead to an annual loss of more than one point. 5 trillion dollars world wide. with the white house blamed the handling of the pen to make by the former trump administration, the students fight falling behind in their studies. we're going to make sure that those funds are directed to the most resources towards students who are, who will, for who will, who fell. but the further behind which is important and we must repair the damage that was done by the last administration. the mismanagement that was done by the last minute administration ah.


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