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tv   Risking It All Bolivia In The Clouds  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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that was that space race ignited our passion to get to apollo and but at the same time it ignited all the science that was discovered from just that that one mission, basically apollo 11, where we walked on the moon. and here is our to miss one on the launch pad the current going underway. the intention is it will blast off from kennedy space center here in florida on saturday afternoon. no, the already had to abandon one launch. that was because we discovered a faulty gauge. the think they've sorted out the problem. so now everything is on schedule for the launch. artemus one should take off on it's $42.00 d mission including a lunar orbit. and there will be numerous tests as well to see if this really will take people back to the moon for the 1st time in more than 50 years. ah,
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this is our desert. these, your top stories shall anchors disgrace, former president as back home, and she mom solves a. he fled during the nations worst economic crisis since independence got to buy a roger packs. there was blame for pushing sri lanka towards financial disaster. the government ran out of fallen reserves and was unable to pay for imports, leading to shortages. the or state department has improved a potential $1100000000.00 arm sale to taiwan. the package includes anti ship missiles, radar systems, china's threatening counter measures. tension has been highest and see how speaker nancy pelosi visited taiwan. last month. the head of the u. s. atomic watchdog who's just returned from ukraine's upper region nuclear plants as team members from his team will now be stationed there permanently. the international atomic energy agency will also bring us a report on the facility in the coming days. there are fears any continued shelling
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in the vicinity could cause a nuclear disaster. we have been seen military activity around the plan and i was able to see myself and my team impact whole markings on, on building of them. so we leave that with all the policy has been violated, not once, but we believe. and i continue to believe that this vision is extremely complex, extremely challenging, and it will continue to require to permanent, the permanent support and monitoring that we are trying to provide now that we are there. serena williams has been knocked out of the us open in what is expected to be the last match of her 27 year career as a tennis player. she was eliminated 2 sets to one by i love to learn of x during
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her career williams. 123 grand slam titles of record in the near risky at all is next. it was meant to be there day is here, the car is going are quickly put a tragic attack. stunned the world and the u. s. president. a guy came in and whispered something into the previous ear, what it he hated for the school children present. the events of september, the 11th, defined the world. they grew up in just a huge moment. these are their stories. 911 pigs witness on al jazeera. ah
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ah ah, my past the capital of bolivia in latin america. ah. it's the highest calf to city in the world. over 3500 meters above sea level. ah, it's a sprawling city and a 1000 meters of all to, to separate the poor neighborhoods in the andes mountains where the air steam from the wealthy districts below. it can take city for a whole day jaclyn of ties to the lack of oxygen in the mountains. but
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if you live there, you get used to it. like maria ramos. don't god loves cancer. mamma bad when father milan bad. my dad's walters them every 2 weeks maria makes a long journey from a mountain village to le pass to buy goods for her course restore. yes papa mother, he said cannibal them with plenty of some of the stands and we level one of them was we almost thought all righty. so the comparable but i came up with you guys with them or they had i will will. yeah, the stickler millis back. what followed? maria lotes to tons of goods in do a truck alone? i get a fully get all of the month. yes. had saw
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maria is not colin valencia. she's one of the few women living in the mountains, who drives and some men disapprove of that she ah, we met with
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olivia at the rapidly developing country and thanks to economic reforms, it's cruel, which weight is strong. but many of his roads are terrible. some of the most dangerous in the world, a bunch of shock which is full to business and a public service to i submitted mountain villages. a lot to deal with one of the natural resources of the andes is called your desk, used to work in the gold mines, but that dangerous and difficult to access. ah, i get out of your debts now makes women aware of the dangers of pollution linked to mining precious metals
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. i handle my food coordinator at getting off of him and that they can sit there. the deal is being made off with the selection back with him already. he environment here. it's been badly damaged when mining and logging both apart, you're responsible for disasters like this. and they never table, human cost. in the believe in on these life can be a constant struggle. ah, ah ah, maria is climbing higher into the mountains in a truck full of goods. and as she does so, the road gets narrower. it starts to disappear into the clouds.
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the roadside headstones are a constant reminder of the dangers of driving here and at safety is more important than speed. this accident had only just taken place. i use. yeah. feel free to seattle meet up with this. i keep not le lab, i'll get them in. i think i've only sandra lubbock. yeah, i've been a bus accident. is this camino de la with
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food going any further? maria checks the wheels for trump. ah. a girl and family jennifer in upper gave a hello concert sheriff and amanda calling from which when the brake pads overheat, it takes maria longer to stop or control the truck. she let them cool down and tightens a few balls to make sure she doesn't be the will to them is going daniel, they must globally away. what's of the may even better. so mikaela again, i must goshen them say like hello maria is now leaving the tarmac road from now on. it will be a dirt track and mud 100 kilometers along the steep chris
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edge to village. ah . yes, those are some you got that out loud go. dia, knobby again, my name is mel ronda mom had called me about a meadow band with
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ah, maria is now leaving the andes, where it's fairly cool and entering a tropical forest, the co region known as the believe in you got this route connex law passed to the amazon rain forest and the youngest is a hot and humid place where trees nearly all year round. her told me that the platform just because there was only difference between november and march the clouds in the andes collide with hot air from the
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amazon. this leads to very heavy rain and causes destruction across the you got including hundreds of landslide. this was one of the deadliest landslides and a witness captured it on video. in march 2019, the 1st landslide here, host the whole road to disappear. survivors said quite to corston foot, but the earth started moving again.
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ah, this is all claimed the lives of 70 people that day. ah, human exploitation of natural resources is causing environmental problems here and around the rest of the world. forest subbing cleared and driven damaged in order to extract precious metals from them. oh, new marketing ideas. biological better people. here i'm the senior, i'm the lord does used to work in the gold mines, but she's now set up an organization that supports women who continue to work. then
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she choice to make them aware of the fact that this work we'll never make them rich, and more importantly, could endanger their lives. it'll be with you to be after around a 160 kilometers. your dad has to change it according to graham with a little before me because the little ah ah a
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ah ah, it's still raining today. the road ahead is blocked by a trunk. that runs out of that, but the number i was ruined as, as the like that have been another driver has also to take the risk of towing it but it's dangerous because the truck is stuck on an uphill bent at could slide over the edge. i think when i say nobody, buddy,
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the of the drivers have no choice but to wait patiently. they all know that they might be next to get stuck. after 3, our weight lordis is on the move again, on a journey to the gold mines into one. in recent years, climate change has made 12 in bolivia, quite difficult. extreme weather means that some regions a regular to be flooded, while others have experienced drought. in 2015, the 2nd largest luke and the country dried up completely. the problem is exacerbated by the man made deforestation of the amazon. the great
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rain forest covers around 40 percent of olivia. ah, i mean why maria? the shop or now continue said trot journey through the youngest. she's already been on the road for 10 hours and negotiating these difficult roads. it's tiring. some local villages, however, her found a way of making a subsistence living from basic food maintenance.
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i guess i wasn't gonna be any higher. yeah. yeah, yeah, but the whether you're not in my, you know, with players on let me dep albany eagle, i'm a saint that we thought, but as again as is where it goes good here. but again, my check would that work with to 280 to norma to journey from la pass taking 15 od greer finally reaches her vintage. ah, ah,
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maria, the local grocery store, she runs with her husband, is a small business. but for the 300, so nice line it says every think the food to school books, i'm gift with being in unit speaker, one it was that receive kenai mills and then they bought that they be they me, that's the thing for us to be as well. hello, maria and juan used to farm polka lease, and the cash club enabled them to open the course restore those where he got to be live in
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a remote area where traditional ways of life have changed. little by their manage is an equal partnership. in bolivia, women really enjoy such equality, but juan is pleased to see his wife working from russia, understood failures to the end. the solar brazil watchers tele, hamstrung us. yes. bought a u. s. brozowski radar, let amused mercer but again, damien shipper, the libido get common as the double is the result, but another impossible to none of either. but as far as i lived for the dallas, for marie and one farming cocoa even higher, up in the andes was tough. so the appreciate their lives as shop on us now. and it explains why they prepare to deliver to remote locations. despite the way
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this is a ton of to plenty, no locally as the city of gold. nor does an organization try to persuade female gold miners to give up a job that simply keeps them poor. but because of the floods, some families have left town. so she had for the river where she knows debbie women working despite the floods. and doris ah, this is india with the planet to sit with it. i'm not going up by the inside. i mean, there is a, you have to have a hand that she had read those,
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discuss that he, that there is very little less to exploit on this side of the river. and the miners have to be satisfied with tiny specks of gold. maria's hotel is per 2 years old and has worked here for 5 years in ballard, those fellows made yogurt. i am on that. i need a bad business like them in i go on fellas alarm davis, the co colleagues are not really a healthy meal. most of the miners were on the other side of the river. they have more chance to find the golden, but it's also much riskier. ah
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harvey, i only got a bottom of that. but the main danger comes not from the table, told me he said, the bank sits below an industrial mine. families rummaged to its waste in the hope of finding some precious metro pc. we'll need the the problem is that the water released from the mind which is poisonous. it poisons the miners and their food. i didn't know about it. i was mean point and that was probably not the best
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that i handle. may pull you into her or they say, jam al, zeal in india black company not having brought the lord jess and her small association. don't have the power to drag these families out of poverty, but they hope that one day they will succeed in banning big use of mercury in the gold mines. with maria and juan carlos ramos are also on a mission. they meet this hazardous journey in order to provide a remote village with basic supplies.
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it takes them 3 hours to try 620 kilometers to this remote village. a hey, go with my mom in near non do mother. yeah mm hm. mm. gonna go to, there is capital order actually carmina, but at the same role that i see in getting you in the see mostly
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where i am going to stay with us off versus yes. oh i marian juan, don't do this for the money. it's more of a public service and to enable the villages to be able to put food on the table with them before when the garden of what i feel they go on top of that promotional value value to it. but if you're doing well and with
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your dance and others like them are, find me blazing a trail for believing within unthinkable. even a few years ago, they are becoming more involved in politics, the community, and environmental issues. they are challenging, old entrenched attitudes and showing if we can truly be considered equally to men. with extraordinary men and women who are breaking the mold from the taxi drivers, investing everything they have in to their mini bus only to face extreme danger on
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the suitors. rough, his tracks to the joke he turned paramedics saving lives, transporting the sick and elderly from medical help. blue to risking it all. on al jazeera september on al jazeera world leaders from a 193 members, states gather the united nations general assembly with the war in ukraine and the global cost of living crisis high on the agenda up front returns. mot. lamont hill . talk through the headline to challenge the conventional wisdom italy votes. the right wing party fortelli d'italia is ahead in the polls. could a decisive victory overcome the gridlock faced by recent government. the listening prose examines and dissects the world's media. how they operate, and the stories they cover with rising prices, causing hardship and discontent across the globe. we were caught on the human cough
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and that'll attempt a tackling the crisis september on al jazeera. on counting the cost bach hassan is suffering from destructive floods. what will it cost the already struggling economy? they all take region is rich in natural resources. but how is global warming impacting economic potential innovation hub opens and kept handling the costs on al jazeera. what we do in al jazeera is try to balance this story and he's the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity, ah, and money in sight and doe top stories on al jazeera, she lank as disgraced former president as back home, less than 2 months off to he fled during the nations was economic crisis since independence goes to by about japan. it was blame for pushing sri lanka to.


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