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tv   Al Jazeera World Izetbegovic From Prisoner To President P1  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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oh mm hm. and international intercourse of excellence award bought now for your hero. ah. hello, i'm marianne marcy in london. main stories now. the international atomic energy agency says the russian control facility of zappa region is again lost connection
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to the last remaining main external power line and made ongoing shelling. but it does continue to supply electricity to ukraine's national grid through a reserve line. 3 other power lines were lost earlier in the conflict on saturday, russian backed officials at the plant was knocked offline by shelling crane and russia of both accused each other of attacking the plant and risking nuclear catastrophe. gabriel, his honor has worn this now from keith. well the security and the safety situation are very both very tenuous down in the separation nuclear power plant at this very hour, precisely because there was this main power source on the plan, the last remaining permanent power source there. as you mentioned, the 3 others had already been knocked out during the war. this one went down. that's the bad news. the somewhat good news is that there's backup power system was able to kick in. and that is what is providing power to the nuclear facility at
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this hour. but that is not the ideal situation. this is essentially running on backup generators, if you will, to put it in sort of simple terms and you never want to be doing that at a nuclear power plant, such as this, especially one is large, is this is the largest in europe and provides over half the energy to all of ukraine. so this happened now also at a very critical juncture, was just about 48 hours ago that raphael grosse, the director general of the international atomic energy agency, visited the power plant. he's left in a reporter in speaking to the media 24 hours ago so that he was very concerned about the situation. and there are still several i. e, a staff members professionals that are there at the plant and they are the ones that reported the current situation. so they're monitoring it very closely with their ukrainian colleagues. but let's also remember that this plant is controlled
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by the russian military right now. the loss leader of the soviet union mikhail gorbachev has been laid to rest at moscow cemetery next to his wife, reisa. thousands of russians, young and old file, passed his open casket to pay their respects out of the burial. but surprised, redeem a push and stayed away from the ceremony. blaming his busy schedule, we've been following developments in pakistan, the death toll from the catastrophic floods that are continuing to rise. another 57 deaths have been confirmed 25 of them children, or than 1200 people have been confirmed dead after weeks of rec, or monsoon rains, and melting glasses in northern mountains. at more than $440.00 of the dead are children. aid is coming in from different places, but the head of pakistan's largest charity says millions of people have yet to be reached. nasa is again had to postpone the launch of its ultimate one moon
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mission from the kennedy space center offer fuel league. it's the 2nd time in a week the u. s. space agency has been forced to cancel the launch of its giant rocket because of technical issues. no date has been given for the next attempt at the unmanned journey. well ahead of massa says the decision to stop the launch was the right one. will go when it's ready or we don't to go until then and especially now on a tough one because we're gonna stress loose and test it. ah, and to assert his sheila and make sure dr. before we put for humans upon the top of it. oh, just so one of the story is to bring you a pilot and trying to crashes ashcroft into a wal mart store in the state of mississippi. as landed in a field l, the small plain, circled above the town of 2, paler for several hours. pilot contacted emergency services to make the threat, which prompted the evacuation of the store and surrounding area police. the plane
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was stolen and the pilot did not have a license. manager is in custody. and his face inclined lawson in terrorist threat charges. no one was injured in the incident. lose the headlines this our out there . well this next. ah ah ah, with
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which portable pro yet. now you tra soon to be, which really is less for jammy abuse. 30 mom is a night glee in a sub. wanted to want to get to hear from you on a deal or should have a touch of you to shoot her man detailing a treat. to alina pushed overland, yet known uneasily apiece, weak, yes, love you deem closed mug? goody left? ah maliah no more humble lie than yet there a thin umbrella. i'll eat, i am a hood. same massage out of the room. what can the cathedral pillar with def, kia, guess? he had a shoe feed walker, the lackey melody that and i that the li,
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an elite lake curriculum. you said see, but it proposed to was low. you. but of you put some dose show would do to signal bomb poisoned atom komatt, dean, which remind me when is reese mazili, my can know the measly gracefully showed will that alone understood some. shall your troops, your soil be 80. says he beat. not as li koala don't oaks us more mutually. pl. make debbie my missing the sarah. the lord must he may, for to me, which is one actually machine you wish to my chilly obeyed or slow really for them we slam national going school nym supposed w t sustina a long while ago, long one. 0 joyce, i'm nicky. but each i make it to hip later, like i go work. i know, you know, most of them that are high in the wisdom pushed of i now on a community mcqueen, he says ok, so pretty fidelity, mr. mitchell was to says,
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mel aladdin was denied. not okay, well ma'am lad, any seminars, romeo, tim was that out. yes m e r b o without him. glad to be honestly, man. and he may be a yas miss other talk might. isaac, i, mitchell many, my colleague, chris, so i talked to him. aladdin was the man, if the nicki my name was the man. ah, michael heated lewis to trenton they say little, they shelby's mom for me to do the regime id which is my my yet i guess 3 that iga patella's name prohibition or the valet and you much got school christina bureau, he's a brown enoch you and what that will be eloquently portrayed from a pretty legislative new much go club, but and i was 5, you, you'd radiant nick could ne registry or he shouldn't have any been political nathan,
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to sharon city on that can and then it'll him, yahoo do not an official i believe it was his amendment. nope. you mobile rich was no, this was hula a says hailey say good good shoes, which is she had a nail glass traveling that are tramos bon jovi willowsford trish. yes, but it does give you any reasonable italy's vazo, italy was my name it as much sima. nikolai publish it booted name, look brilliant. and he said able debbie's my actually born been etc. of who my jets going? nicholas's voice mail, don't us me already. but you are the now go ahead look united bonita bureau, poor little maze grown easter holiday. yeah. because they are in only te, hidden when i can come in. i little pool litany than i would say, mr. nimble boon. it nasdaq toys was she wouldn't really do new grad,
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we said at the school would say, oh, in data harpoon, one plus r a t tool or a lynette jewels, lithium feed the liam as been what i meant at, in, or hampstead in law by you. why doctor and the new lawman did it as to some of them attend the club, he shut up. luckily hessen and mother walker dod village, the man i am activity latonia beside ali, viet yourself or pay another check if saddam will surely place communistic alike gallery sway of snarling, there shall attack one where there is a charlie, a alpha of aria he of i kashik that shadow shock which south serpent cache cache cat some gloria yeah. cache little police to cache it will come in. ugh mythology are probably a getting me like a salad. sadly ichard and the casual, valiant little daughter,
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who perfectly ramos at galion it appeared he gave it up the 2nd one like poor night . she was only 7 put us in or not a little passing. never at ally, ally yesterday. if want you send em, yoda would she lose? le le container she bully brought c. any leather dribble bread to to bulkhead or cray up us from his should read on pu, still me smokers near smooth. barely my d. groupie many it though below do are they said, worthy not mazda, really? this is just a more units that top, but i to claim your mood shallow, dennis bush,
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their neck woocommerce, etc, bob, se hebrew edwin, as through jane, the awesome new option. but it won't matter, it would have, it stood tripler, they said trace, they were denied a group on wood delays, keystone. you shenika. he was huge in that 3 goodness i or the audio. but the student colon venus union almost got out in that minutes, didn't know how to beat fiercely evil lessons. toilets. okay, been a in a number here that what i to yes, i'll even mother in law way. arman water, lemon. phoebe. net a mac coveted his be shewy. what year and bill ahmed, few mos gutting, and that her do you mind much? ah, ah, can old for the john feel i'll be on and fin with this n as in what the starting law buying and the student that let me out of the school
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on us getting. i wanted debility florida, the that thought abdulla sal bass and b had october of them at a should been. and mr. mean olivia, or do you mind? i couldn't get them. the doctor bulletin left them at in wes ya, shin the tussle doctor you? it was livia, ah, with taylor minute trip through, they say that idea, you them, you still, gabriella was. gus newsome says load us, who has sent a, we stood as is traditional, pretty escalade of but he's like of what i'm supposed to approve a so, so to get his at you, they aren't open. he's no yeah, me. so pit lashona lou would issued opie.
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busy ah, oh no, such a more like that. okay. the pro channel. okay, so she got a man and the letter e on an on. i mean, um okay, me like in the orange chest or feline ohio. when has not an overly li possession facebook? nobody to me mostly a tongue or st. number 3, like a seen later on as actually possible. mil push so i knew couple jelly beyond that by no slate. mamma he away. he boyish pilcher on a on on. okay. like what? an option or kitchen or at that point ah, can you put below roberto or should he peanut as it was or ocoee but if for a john, what does back i'll be hamlin with gusher. heard that he said no. yeah. what carol intercept. luckily it is, there were like no say at 3 o'clock, and well,
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the haggle be the last at hook are about to are weren't the murderer for my ducky lamar between what he had in jeopardy as what a new was lithia. but the look i know woburn when will a ha caught you the jelly? who nick? it the some of the year will crosswalk looking? i can zoom in the liabilities ah m y for us yet, tanya. so she knew me said a series of my patch. say why the nailed yet the pedestrian depression never glycolysis yet. um, no, it's a mike a buddy, a tucker. me. i thought we were talking about one particular ambient 70 gaudy miles to throughout the co. cordless. grad meatica. cromwell, nicky. but i do not mia. alternate order for those who are not at castle or block
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2 or more. probably a metal but not none. the financial sublime and for the law not not picking their credit. cody h ah, i think they must say, i don't really touch it the same way in the middle teen near ally them all the vision of all going to go to jack seneca. so the so, so the black, nicky boy, somebody was asked us it's gonna let us in queue on your smartphone. there. isn't that much with techy ah, near blue tipton bershana. very good and clear. call me. i
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was a nurse, a cup. couple of the democrats cut them. okay. that's what i owe him to nurse the little go to to here to the she no problem. yes. to auto clinic, the 11 on your go up da signals. it was her plan. ah, ah, will you be making that color jenna? yeah, so i'll leave you a call for my la attacking each. if i said, look at it all out. he got in the dark, but i'm on a guy. come on, i not going to get to middle car. it was underneath now and he could continue stolen. i know what that it without in our community, community mccoy scheme or just me,
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michael could go and i called back. what do i be for yellow again, the director coach deal more audio is it's bigger. it's ah, then came in future leah till july. a swan yeoman are in colorado and he allowed it than in asleep. yet he can't believe that he was the shell in community william that fugitive at mac. i let in with a yellow is josie. wheel noise, but it seems them said a g o use niggle pull more. chill very well tra goose, wednesdays. lance. go calendar at that cream. oh, be a nice try like i but moslem, probably me is one scope but a pod. all the impede tourney my drawers are he asthma?
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bailey's domitian, in each esteemed job. you're my daughter was either migalia, madrid, the monitor, sir. i'm going to like out in ashley sarah g rally or to more need with us. we are with us or a g rolling up, the premi us pneumonia landscape faculty at yarmouth, you, santa fe, and the jewels from among the world. i couldn't as islam lemay, slammer kirkwood wiggle children they slam with up. let me send him out yoda while i called him it wants to be the lord when he will, you will. you will reach it up on me or tossed ongoing nissan or mr. mr. that she's laminate, you know right, was i only a bill of this is through not the course of climate course issue, john nibble's fee should be must, his ear unsafe, shall be more season. nito will not be at all, and not a boy, nita, delaware, he lit ah hard valley re jayla, dean buckley, dean b method. he me hemolytic bullet afy had dean or belie dirty. why, bill?
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assuming it towards federal cache porno, zoe's in my. you're saying now what about the daily can and looked at the whole will chavira the higher daddy all obama? i 80 shabby lithium demi ily billy i took a little bottle an okay and a well there. how thought different cook, and it had it was levy ah, what is it writing mother to he little david susan, this is tracy. and we're from udo middle by noon over to melissa already has an attached to to nice literatures. brett, for the summer toys. oh was tiny polar group of people? nicole de b. u. s. lewinski police tree green t e. they say to miss williams, the family bid, beardless director of the lord knew in mosquito butcher,
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sir book as soon as we know of britain sterno louisa. this was very similar to the sony sky, lily redness of pros, order zebedee will use castle as ever. yeah. isn't that dealer with our collections? and he nod yes. as in an knowledge is love, an atlanta and, and makers amana dudgeon di a palmer, m, which nelson is validated that he may attempt to cooped yet, and how to put to mucous an area is that the process on him in auto zone by took us history mm hm. frames a huge impostors. the name of gluten hooks dana yardage and is on the telephone about empower what glitch on that is rather with angelica alderman and requested his tie. alec project n s m. i stuck in august and fat as the finish. santa r toccoa year guarantee oh, below option i, my obvious history super adriano sent around his art on
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a controversial many duly nice, b t when you would will on darcia may sure chalicia luncheon and sean or job is not a michael who absolutely some are dock of irish, happy chinese. mr. mcmullin, don't know. sina good to. they moultrie, good cassandra shipper scenario, or poor nanosecond e on it down option a i some summary, as none of the semester seminars. i understand kinetic artist yet to study some j m said se, then anthony jackson, saratoga. it doesn't open up peter. alex is others by mistake. the, again, a crush me up a dog. he said, no, as if i'd just rather do that as musical theater. interesting puzzle. others on this beard must be my own. what? right. and his outlook that jennifer at least have without godaddy on dasanya cannot cover sunamerica. i was just just a banter semo can what i called probably nika, said the canada is at least lemme be in the shuttle
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key. whatever was tablet, teddy. yeah, i mean is that vehicle which i let the da had makita, but he on and fin what this it didn't was that many while to be about the had become to santa legend fi america. lucky did we do the decision? she knocked liptak and tardy for it to la anus it. would you know what it may you can, and yes, hulu .
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ah, safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award, bought now for your hero, lou. hello i am i am to mozy in london with a quick look at the main stories now and that the international atomic energy agency says that the russian controls up a region nuclear plants is again lost connection to the last main external power
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line because of ongoing shelling there, but it does continue to supply electricity to ukraine's national grid through a reserve line. the 3, all the power lines were lost earlier in the conflict on saturday, rushing back officials said the plant was knocked offline by shelling on thursday. the head of the u. n z a told me watch dog, one of the physical integrity of europe's largest nuclear plant, has been violated after a team of experts traveled there for an inspection in russia. both accused each other of attacking the plant and risking nuclear catastrophe. gabriel, arizona has more from keith the security and the safety situation are both very tenuous down in the separation nuclear power plant at this very hour, precisely because there was this main power source on the plan, the last remaining permanent power source there. as you mentioned, the 3 others had already been knocked out during the war. this one went down. that's the bad news. the somewhat good news is that there's backup power system was
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able to kick in. and that is what is providing power to the nuclear facility at this hour. the last leader of the soviet union, mikhail gorbachev has been laid to rest and moscow cemetery next to his wife. thousands of russians, young and old fall, passed his open casket to pay their respects head of his burial. presently the fusion stayed away from his how many flaming is busy schedule. the death toll from pakistan's catastrophic floods continues to rise. and now the 57 deaths have been confirmed. 25 of them children. more than 1200 people have been. and now dead after weeks of record mon supervisor of inundated the country, melting black is in northern mountains. more than 440 of the dead children, 8 has been coming in from different countries, but to the had the pockets on the largest charities as millions of people of not been reached in the relief operation. and that's or is again,
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had to postpone the launch of it's awesome is one new mission from the kennedy space and to offer fuel leak, no date has been given for the next attempt of the unmanned journey. i'll be back with the news hour for you in about 25 minutes time. see then ah, it said is washing them in murders and been with this i met in north at i thought it was an article at the shortest the be a new was left viet body as that people which means bates. he walked that who illustrated little walker theme would that he had enough some luck, or to killer is no, i shall. i'm in the, the focus, or my about the him or to killer i didn't mean of for delilah. so challenge to mr. strong lawyer upload not brought to jacqueline to demo your
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sanity. mosher bullock. nobody showed up the tissue dutch to put your breath. ah, in a control knock on torture. to learn a cool record by him. up at our the hops. he's our to our best shoots. goggan alga, marsupial guy in georgia, touch will be pushed in ah, doc, hysteria, chester, oxygen eyes rosler gushed lawyer col. coachella, nikki materially crucial grocery. barney clemens, johnny, ah, yes, a nebulous hope renee does sent us under, so that's what they said little yet not nice about the medium don't bottle patterns most eagerly, much k, michelle that either or not it truly a smash madison is his village that that pleasant thing as the legend directly prem mcmurry pockets and is that the us international 1st the wooded them out with a ceremony salvage amount on and you think essentially leno done on my it was the
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last eleger eligible said the property yes. and they pack it. oh, put your daughter am, but just under let him see, they had him, them had him because i'm not a political daughter in what's up on the southern apologize traffic in our co. ok motors. were your thoughts as a businessman yet, is a more of an eminent issamotto been not at the cooper's upon of never some salems actually it was isn't that article any packet, clean up all of your positions? yes. a dot. yeah. net, nissan noise, but i said more than a plug in some a shaun basement with tap on that until now i did that, but what i said, well gas especially the shower did i said, gosh bama ah bazooka duty mrs. shawnee. oh buddy, it's going to a beautiful, might've solicit that when we hear some director with difficulty at even with improvement as go to be us. i'm up to, we are up to those i had, i had to put the video g mm. as an odd that you've lasted atmosphere classes and i'd critical reason was after that they wouldn't communist it. oh, good girl,
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nodded me at this at the diner. yes. and saki da new saki will be done. be applause . even the thought osmotica. what he says were shy, who has to say, requires a wish for little yahoo aboard the witcher's butcher, it dismissed that a g with you shortly. cher dysart, good. he knows it's. ah mack, his id feet though let us begin. suddenly with ditty la celeste, he now yeoman hassam al moon, so multi hobbled tunnel. and what would that get? i felt like in like it had the de la and look a little to have one ls is needed. i thought that could lithia burnett. when was that i met at noon, so we up let me job. ah, which is little stretch should be was just an respondent that referral machine such
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as this is david solomon. this is mr. was you i 70 in spite most of a sudden, well, it's been, we shall yet sedentary amendment said anthea lots to deal with it or she was love that to do it was like was one is if you get to is that any clueless the lit up that other divisions from this was so bit mazda b let do game yet. no p e paul metro. alice would be like, oh my whiskey more that var metra e billy. so on his in his knee cavity. last breath of alameda mobile hoard at the ease major away clearly into normal negotiate model, each equal cosi was asked, i will be sober. bailey. so what would any bt post her name are always that what? any rata it pushed? i don't. what? ok then?
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no, you practice of and that that could be, this must be what chelly. i'm gonna check to close, but supple yet mean eliquis me now to him, eli dos michel nick or not said ah, easterwood jail at augusta tuna modem at eci. he bread cush stood, can not, she is too much notice from failure below, but a low traced di stoughton with donna pro sandwich. haley you really, trina tried to, to polluted were metra trees. so marley rosary said it had come ugly. the little poor merchant protested, well nutritional said what, excuse good at no, as he was with the zanfeld her but in his breast should be deal okay. is want you to hear that be of anzac for you? 1000000000 is just yes. so he says, oh boy with sorry,
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the dog the this is louise will autoline the beverage dijon pulls in better norman visions or gene hudson davis. the gus, i'm ga onto the junction a mom that was that you didn't really saw for george ah meal through a group review this model. jenny does lupa nida rahman densities are a half so delaney is. blanca, the clarity i belie put, got opportunity dice, more tall, pretty hard to recall. manifest the apocalypse or trip up on asha t does more put on a push to poly radley doctor's in. in a drawer group, he puts, you know, not a lot of his articles,
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money that among the delicate johnny political propaganda, shorter swain yellow monument to sheerly clunky, dear mister dar procedure, common scaredy. cat good. in a healing though it still says, i said there were there no previous em lads of the text is landscape declared sequel use them. he had the limits to sid them. they said they're good in a collette flow. ready? go where we put slows, we it? oh, i never leaky text or co for to they said strand eats or people go a personal tick. nicholas olives, go processes, limit sto, sunday, sit, treachery, good. in a he, they are queer, the mini relo him take some glass delay. some islam moses equity at the merchant on which the musky mazur you're supposed to be treated. a watching nashbow lasted toy est, declare that she is a steal, a lover, attorneys. what im ye aguiro? so g well out i retired now is rima traveler per trainees that are as old but as
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long as ella gallus is unovia polarized. renee and then i see a problem. my nina declared her tina zappa dupree manner. so elecom at a 0. m. me swim denise from walgreens. pros to trina needlessly. eastland stevia low said, said, proclaimed category sarah to some held by an added fled after her and one more her cat and o more than a thinly. i'll be an assure eve that hit above that. even irwin cut the la ah cut about brianna. the slamming li. i swim with him. a silly mean awe, happy, lack of believer, and the other kid didn't p, dad even how to get his. i'm eval bozeman william your full and a new than mentor a dollar to for me. will anecdotal lamia will another minute delivered them?
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yeah. were there are no kill didn't was to refuse them. we'll get best fuck up animal silly moon, a less than a do not a journalist from now had no major chemistry mean. oh, no. cocoanut beeson, when a near pu, not real of shows you what audio your cousin drama video because you on, on a piece. lobby's, an official, those assumed this slope really was leviathan eastern lead there was deliver this, it that was lower. bill updated us for them than here. we looked at them. they were, they said they'd be so the wordless and they said as fossil father wasn't seamlessly, money, emily neutral? really present. we go, nat geo. bonnie appealed on. innocent is lovely. i mentioned earlier. leverage, let me sure i was gonna glad axiom is over here. are still only a bit lucky. we're of schema. grima sloan up near because you are new, say, boston sky. mccleary, market news, nbc, on a b legible, war junior law. but that in what i committed seminar, i showed them in a shot and sat down and seen what this and at, in with with him and he was up ha,
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me to dean will pick letter while keep dead. well, can't did what he fuck, oh no i he brought this year the over look at that he theater. he merger said 80. they all they can, i am are asked by that google nice. it's gay was lobby. they beach any say you need to be brought to serve us army on your portrayed cadillac, montana, montana. and he's all korean the, the wanted me to dock as your greedy monkey that this will should be. so going monkey that i haven't. anya, samuel mujica soon. it's a be or dos, loaner or knock of some yard is a mutual custom tito or to rename. definitely romani militia on your mouth. i saw you escape butcher nikolai cloudy queen size queen size ability pro gotten any
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procedures in a dream. yes. tim. erica yogurt. maslick or your spam browser. cool. you it's gonna be a little acoya has eliquis sitting up in the stall and coastal studio toyota b o v shamiqua. if you're not our absolute, not because i run your community more detail, which is camila today. the cylinder sit with a wooden oxy naughty day or me sun scope report order. is louisa seamlessly mana, he said with which earlier he bare minimum, so glassy lisa and a still know put in a propos whitley to text him, which is in tennessee that he feels group liter ways by which an a p. so you'll be out of your neck, oracle tag, mean text over positing portable words use landscape literacy. guido or middle berman ito vehicle relegate to prepare new connecticut is cumulative. beatrice that im you call it premium. were you so guessed you would add, you would declare that you sought scheme, which in pet or it's it, but it's
11:45 pm
a double year. arissa hodge. ah, you must. who says so brought severely sod. lucas did on it. i adore caught. t o to jenny sher, your d. oh, yeah mm hm. mm hm. mm hm. what does she say? at least get it to the this m a z, a z, a z? when you events get letters in there, that was the garage in your port will no by durham get slow more that we'll see my name up. who was me? so middle log you my unit assumable a toss in the clay or near as yesterday on his over him at the with a miss regina the ability to do that best me center. where so he med not. oh, what did it be? alley?
11:46 pm
a dean taluk filed, see he some ski, diety sawyer dirty? because after mostly moscow go back me absolutely come up to his needs at all. yeah . oh said the opera to no, all but he i'm or gosh, we 7 with the who cala. up suss him? norm allen's hussey men of canada or trick were the says of a she, nicky field pedantic, which ah, brittany cisco richard is a hodge. saki put the silver charlie on. the metal wasn't on. he missed that cliff . he on he is up and i will will pleasure to come. william is up our alley i have with your young swipe while amy nessa se would you miss at his home? hondage of mrs. support. i don't miss 2 shifts him on his up and what the of sway polemic was at the machine, and the woman took on it, and then we check, or can i tell me a shot of the the guy is necessary, yoga studio guy. molly? molly last name or told the police for his outs here and what can make a police or medical put a chance sheet assuaging what was weird to so islam
11:47 pm
us would you on the attribute that then what it'll number to talk to what o w h so check on what they don't want to chance all you're going to, which it's so sway. renewal woke up o'connor some islam, although i saw the apology, when is the national, the choosing a tut tut negligence. so soluble corners i'm slung, when i tied down below, which seemed to move this amount from out of was tensor just associate with these cult. oh, like this, all you have a chance again, i'm sure. ah, who swears originally a tree that goes him? well, yeah. so he was flavio alina, in, in west, so sweet, all bobo, kronos so slow body cell last near, near the poster, still ways the early m. b,
11:48 pm
or some loosely man it or to your city. was to chose some subordinate him just where the slam of sweeter it imagery so situated. ok every water yet. he slammed me as i'm unable to go you mrs. wished a leah boy plenty to eat. so bit chinese. lunar dubois would or chosen mostly muranski murder anyhow. we were to those he asked we so would it nobody at you swear or no slip or more more we had a new bela written for you. it is the martin timothy latino alman k not roger lou are a little late fee murphy, correct rules that you will be he do little will fell. i them on that whole below that he upland huckman aust baja by the her mac juan water german you know, look at it in a book when you played in difficult. ya. meanwhile,
11:49 pm
at the had any her when she does show you, why is it yo was than is the design of breast today c h k. so separate grandma so it renewal took sued years of the area was the name spiritless. nice. nope, committee bill benner, moya leads. clear. the lawyer law basil so drew ito of to shenise, burglary, charlie and her cousin, missouri, thought i would try annual trip to nice to go dean me took what they said sim it all. polo i as a particularly low meal nazena, tennessee most come at a villa to be in new york. and he has some more public trades. ah
11:50 pm
ah. but that often is a big show. your daughter is what does any been omitted look up? the doctor says what was going to change the cause of death to optimize any customer cover or what does any be charge each of them. so then what do you know? what, what does any been installed in a couple of different couple of cars with the big you know, what to really love to jump on a couple go through trying to track your shipment in a fairly big oh, really?
11:51 pm
no problem. because you know what disney georgia is there to be like covers all octave in a chucky july. no troubles up. it'll trace me safety the me need absolute will be are they usually exclude intellect? i'm not going to present it to the video. she has to talk with much audio, was no blood, no audition, drug screen play ocoee and what you're looking to get him. and neither is him jail, it's pretty busy. you got equation book to be ah, fini, lumberman on. and fin with the same at,
11:52 pm
in north finance that in north man in a nuclear ali eliciting future if you want to put in show you that many probably may there be her more our and in the mean she left horrible are, let me, it is then what will go beyond but in will hostile sin, lynn? were there any nearby gerad emmy lee, up to the hockman, be sidney out of bar dash, or harmon? as alia, casale shall fetch. casually in chattanooga. medina from wire going to an am and she some on the quote and on his way he spoke to him. he so vetoed as will you know, context a muster when you will be solo more. i'm only a do that what they could enter going good in rodonna with whom nice food practitioner put a duke asthma switches, and i have no good news shell hit autonomy. silsbee says hemoglobin note a symbol dog, a korean or dom dual glimpse. thursday'll include, send me
11:53 pm
a video, could i ah, in case of us at that day, so they look as our technique honestly nayoka that it will be be a vehicle sonically from the stina alack niga. ah, douglas and openness at him seem sad that i am at glacial matters blog unless again on each of them about up molars here, dusty women, r dondo, we are no woman to die. mccarthy, pacific affairs. namely who she is. he does now promise bossard for him and aly styles. i am more than money lisa for arthur marquise. he saw your scheme look out for william. it has been easy, my little ye confess, ya. any built, i'd be in it and we'd still go bigger zones, computer populate us, of course, only
11:54 pm
a normal amount um our guy, us within emily to my personal continental survey, the son is in the school of as only of all by on palmer gal castillo medical problem on that piece at the mall was up on milan is our slower decker, the scenario to melbourne. hysteria, desert stamford. tom gallagher, i do i fabric and i missed their arisant yet as master directly said about it, pepperdine register adds up continental in up one up, extended passion, a toyota, max natal minutes was i that are available on it? mm. wolfy, mac and ernie audio apple. but it is not you debbie, he began with his let me get that table a little. you're sure pull tardy. oh, it will let the outside in the hall will be the bardeen will pick up. dolly lock out of houston. lemme they in the shop, p o r. ah,
11:55 pm
no you do the business deal is good, man, a brick. glad is his loading. sisters. who would like me little david's to do this. it said, man said to ladle copays, he's put nike greater than a tavern, a freight quote. oh goodness, i'm gonna show it to dana to pull a true clue. but peter takes them to pull your finished on of if i could turn to p . so he put, so pre a to you can add the bigger in our medicaid, they were to put she'll be able to take a little damaged or somebody said, read or take word in it us and we average build it alongside towards georgia to nice to go to 09 and then on if you that, how many see if that's the 5?
11:56 pm
hello ms. bonnie, nobody said talking applebee's command. oh hi clay pavey up. e, close, watch the pot cuff. zach you will go to cost me a piece of the plan. it was because appleton at ta so much appreciate that. you'll mcgaffey mcclellan. yeah. also tony kids that are pretty stories. chaotic thought normal prepayment ah ah, when a good daub? possibly a bruce lee stood a graceful junior because i'm similar would use woman no one border patrol. so pisa to be dish wayllace daughters, michel, reward, tory should have been o beauty, pull it. she approached turning cleanly. jolla mode told him he had leaking to add him. grace, we had known that would any corporate, good dear,
11:57 pm
he needed to be done. i not, she mobile posting now. daquan asked over to renae swift sheeter would want to state and trad is a while bit seat. no, he murmured naturally to pisa. oh, yet underwear. so you put a noise nazzo a swift to tease on his was at the middle it brick wood. this is the good, the be going to me, little david stood over. they said there is a good is a very low can use, you put mass flow m moy, big whistle board ah, from in prison, dissidence to inspiration from founding the independent states to fiercely defending his people from ethnic cleansing. in the conclusion of
11:58 pm
a 2 pod documentary scenes, a jesse a world expose the rise to power of the 1st leader of an independent bosnia herzegovina is a beggar which from prisoner to president on a jessina. if the world has taught us anything, it's that we only support that includes as hale won and held to to do their job, they need help from the ground. support doesn't come any stronger than the s l samp teleport designed to protect and maintain our satellite from infrastructure to control. it never stops adding assail space to deliver your vision. ah
11:59 pm
ah ah, hey, they're great to see a red off the bat. here's an update on our typhoon as it starts to nudge further toward the north. the outer band still lashing taiwan with some pretty intense falls of rain. it's a forecast on sunday. let's see where it goes on monday, still further toward the north. now, eastern portions of china, we do have some weather alerts in play here for some heavy rain, but again, you'll see the bulk of that activity out over the east, china's seat. now again, let's look around the korean peninsula in japan. so ahead of this already, we're getting some torrential downpours. that's on sunday, and we'll start to see this incoming typhoon looking like it's going to make a potential landfall for south korea to stay and to when stay here and just look at this, the dark of the color, the more intense the rain is falling down under we did have some moisture latent
12:00 am
systems across both coast, the worst of it really falling toward the northeast of perth and northern areas of sydney. but by a large on sunday, most of the action out over the open water here is a closer look at still just a few showers across the coast of new south wales and for southern areas of queensland, out of rain across new zealand. so quickly here, sunday, but watch all this. what weather moving into the northland region and the escape, it's going to be a washout there that sure whether ah ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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