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tv   earthrise Building Better Cities  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2022 4:30am-5:01am AST

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witness the end witness life. we miss an algae for the great thing about being amused, presented in that book like al jazeera, is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child is here. you've seen news from parts of the world. other networks just don't come up, you're getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many colors, phone books in corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching out 0. lou, i'm how much of german door ham. these are the top stories on al jazeera. nasa has ruled out another launch attempt in the coming days for its artemus one moon
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mission. the u. s. space agency had to postpone the launch of its giant rocket for a 2nd time after a fuel leak. nasa says the leak is too complex to fix and a matter of days and a 3rd attempt will be delayed until at least late september launch period. 25 is a definitely off the table. we won't be launching or this period ends on tuesday. we will not be launching in this launch period launch period 26 and 27 will really depend on the options that the team comes back with likely on monday or early tuesday morning. so our confidence comes through what we're going to learn in this. when we're ready to go back out there, we'll go back out there and try for another launch. former us president donald trump has called the f. b. i search at his moral lago residents last month, a travesty of justice. he's been speaking at
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a rally in pennsylvania. trump also called his successor joe biden. an enemy of the people. joe biden came to philadelphia, pennsylvania to give the most vicious, hateful and divisive speech ever delivered by an american president. vilifying you. $75000000.00 citizens plus another probably 752800 and 50. if we want to be accurate about it, as threats to democracy and as enemies of the state, you are all enemies of the state. he's an enemy of us, say you want to know that the enemy of the state is him and the group that control him. the international atomic energy agency says these operations a nuclear power plant in ukraine has been disconnected from its last remaining external power line. but the facility is still managing to supply electricity to the grid, through a reserve line connected to
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a nearby thermal power station. if al gorbachev, the last leader of the soviet union has been laid to rest at a moscow cemetery, thousands of russians filed past his open casket to pay their respects ahead of his burial. but president latimer putin did not attend those of the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after earth rise. ah, people move to the cities because that's where the jobs, the money and other opportunities are. but the planets metropolises are being stretched to that limits. more than half the world's population live in cities, and by 2050,
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the speaker will rise to 2 thirds. that's more than 6000000000 people. over the next 40 years, cities who cover up natural habitat as the area covered by triples. will people means more transport, more buildings, more weight, more pollution? as muslims many of those moving to cities of rural pool. they joined a 1600000000 people living without adequate shelter. p. it's vital to define sustainable ways to deal with this rapid nice ation. i'm juliano shot the columbia where plastic waste is constructing new home for the, for the vulnerable and i'm russell bearden, so you're poor. we're one. metropolis is striving for environmental sustainability in the face of rugged urbanized asian p as gras. yes. in over $300000000.00 tons of particles produce each year with only a fraction of it being recycle. much of it ends up in landfills or polluting urban
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living environment. waterways in ocean in columbia, tons of plastic waste has been diverted into the building blocks of a new environmental housing pollution. a column is capital city above is home to 8000000 people, and it is estimated that 650 tons of blood is thrown away every single day. i have come to meet oscar mendez, an architect and founder of a new enterprise for environmental change called concept this class because he has brought me to an informal housing settlement on the outskirts of town to show me 1st hand the problems faced here and across latin america, we'll get one will be lucky geisha fall. okay. dog, a place where is plastic or yahoo dot com. but those channels are kinda those onions. 75 percent of glass sticking packaging is single use. when you see all of this plastic on the ground, you see potential yes, a lot of potential. we can transform all these plastic in order for oscars
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enterprise to succeed though he's going to need a lot of plastic. wholesale informal recycling has been a long standing trade in columbia with 40000 trucks on the street to bogota, collecting conventional re use for waste, with the scrap metal and plastic bottles. so we're in a book bag. all right, now where the recycle is come to bring their plastic and other recyclable products and they weigh them here so that they can then be paid. ready for looking for paulina. he's the lead recycler. he's organized all of the recycling in this area. over recent years, government support has allowed people like paulina the opportunity to upscale and legitimize the industry. creating recycling centers like this one all over the city . i'm video, the emotional sequence of the last, the final gonzales cookies. i see lucy glenda bottle us. god is a gravity does. it's all rules as far as the bland,
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the ongoing challenge for paulina and his team is getting the word out blowing to one another. one, a slow leak was almost at the r, my da son who normally be gone. ted dubin boise knows about bugging. mckinney reckon tomorrow the i think will easier a way of knowing people and so they was like, oh wait a minute with me. same with if given was you out of me, i'm being a celebrity middle, that is like i was like in the job. she did. i mean thing that
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a good as you on the almost some of the the others can almost like on the plastic was awesome. and as a new venture, which is making good use of this waste plastic i had to the company headquarters to meet up with. yeah, welcome to i think was a perspective. thank you. this is we're, we take all the plastic from pauline all on negative information. over the past few years, oscar and his team had been refining this waste to make durable building blocks different types of plastic or 1st ground separately. household plastic waste, battery packaging and electrical ways such as old computers and t, v. 's. so you could see like just come straight from the, the battery, but these haven't even been used. it's like a diet lender. what would happen to this packaging if you weren't recycling it? so the packaging for the consumer, for sure,
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is going to london. now we've got all the ingredients. now the chef will go to work . dan put it together. he, he's the chair. all he about, sorry, this is the shop. they will tell us exactly the proportions because it the secret recipe. the grand plastics are mixed together. he did and then compressed into brick shaped mall. tell me about the temperature what, how hot are the plastic? we just get them as you point. depends of the me is depends of the bloody between longer and longer. at 40 degrees, it is very important that the temperature is kept melting point was not to burn the plastic and the least toxic gases. let's take this out. let's look at it. it looks like the manual on, not as happy, but in 30. i wonder what that, what are that, are that a telephone numbers? we have a one another,
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i have one number of all. so now that we have all of these bricks, what kind of uses do you have for them? imagine would you made this same thing with this kind of work? and where are these going? this rigs are going to gully. you is the word we're going to deal with, recognize globally as the world capital for salsa dancing. a city of cali, 400 kilometers west of bova is one of great social 56 percent of the land area occupied by slums housing. 40000 people, a godaddy. oh, you give me a good weekend to end by gather a neighborhood in mister prolly, one of the city's most deprived areas. oh yeah. oh phone. yes, i do. gotta remember me ill from your leaders upstairs to catch up with oscar ellis
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bricks. wow. oh my goodness. the bricks, me just thought in the factory there actually constructing into a house for someone who was here in the community. i feel as i thought you were in bogota at the plan, we're building these things now are here and building. it's amazing. tell me a little bit about what stage you're at. right now. we are in the kitchen. aha, where many meals will be cooked? i'm sure. he has. this is the bathroom. this house cost $5000.00 and has been micro financed by the community for elfaire. mia, whose son lives in the apartment below, where we are market than your own up yourself or not, um, with our and were not one dish unit. aha! see, get that electron fix young because it's fussy boys to their booster said, oh no, you're so fussy, leap away. no, it's literally like lifestyle. lego oscars hope is that this project will generate
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interest in the community and encourage future collaborations, vida, if that was going through the in the natasha. it's the law that he just listening to the plastic or the club. there rocha looks like rock to them. a government with i'm all up is remaining crack yesterday about, i mean, i mean, you'll need to get with this. i just can't get over the holes for the electrical outlets in the plumbing wire the cable down in a be so like it out, it's actually a room now at the kitchen. but he's telling me this is where the closet is gonna be here. i've got to know that got enough with the television on top of you can imagine at the all we've got left is the roof and some doors. so we're pretty close to rough. how much plastic is in this house? we use it 5 pounds. teen compact. thought as
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a pleasant globe with us here wasn't one of the minute clinton out of what interviews a little bit. okay. okay. let me, let me put in just under today's the house is almost complete. the plan is that a family of 4 will be able to put together their own home in less than 5 days. time . look up as a room isn't close, is working with employee amazon. you me consult this last because have already helped to house 42 families displaced by conflict in the town of why fi, recycling? 120 tons of plastic in the process. tell me a little bit about the magnitude of impact that this project can have if we use just to present their waste blasting the war. we can change the life of millions of people. we can finish their house in short, especially latino america in just 10 years. that's an enormous number and a huge em hagi. we have to start with the we have to start step by step.
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ah, what additive sustainable building materials are being developed globally. bamboo is been treated and use for construction in countries including ethiopia, indonesia, and here in the poll with many strains, 10 times stronger than steel, and a rapid growth cycle of 4 to 5 years. bamboo is one of most eco friendly building materials on the planet. in the middle east to engineering graduates and gaza have created an environmentally friendly break called green cake. this uses coal, edward ashes, a filler, instead of sand making use of waste that would otherwise be buried in the grounds. and, and guatemala, one nonprofit to spill to school using natural resources and rubbish that would normally pile and landfills. the organizations made assistant out of old tires capable of holding thousands of gallons of rainbow materials like these and not
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only paving the way for green urban sprawl. that redefining the spaces we inhabit. singapore is a low lying island and city state 80 percent of its population live in high rise public housing resulting in one of the highest population densities in the world. challenges for rapid organization, sea level rise and increasingly chaotic climate as forcing planners, an architect and policy makers to respond to critical questions about how cities in the future will cope with growing demand. despite the growing pressure on space, singapore has been dubbed h's greenest city. so i've come here to meet some of the people who are helping it earn that title. my 1st stop is the park royal hotel, which bowes, 15000 square meters of greenery and was completed in 2013 by award winning architect, which it has now in almost every way as being formed by human activity. though for
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us as architects, we feel like it's something within our control to the jeff wise. that building projects can also play a much stronger role in june ship of the when you look at like google earth or images from space, cities are really desert. you know, you see a very bright white, shiny area surrounded by documentation. if people build buildings like this, you would no longer see that you would see the vegetation layer covering the city as well. the singapore in government avoided talk while it's coveted, platinum, clean mark, the nation's highest environmental city location is part of a way to scheme to promote environmentally friendly buildings and investment into green city solutions. to understand more about why the city is the greenest in asia . i want to see what's happening at the grass roots of heard about a non profit cross term is providing environmental education and supporting accruing into community. i've come to meet the funder lie hawk,
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a man i came here trying to get people to go back to basic. and i thought as a result that we've of a nice asia globalization and digitization. that's really come disconnect. so i was trying to create, using a space to connect back peeper and to bring better spirit of the community. and it's very strange for a country like things well with us. we are so top down. and that's why my name is called ground up initiated the ground up initiative started in 2009 and secured a piece of land to provide environmental education for people of all ages and several workshops and seminars. building a community of environmental, engage citizen, i guess if you for a moment, forgot that we were in the middle of a just knocking down your door. and in fact, we want to build on this land that to and i told the government to give me a chance to prove that. i think singapore needs a different cannot space 50 percent of the world population now leave in cities and
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we 70 percent will leave out of 9300000000 or 9.5000000030 years time. what do you think will become where a full coming from? who wants to work on the land? who will clean the rubbish for you? all the same by malaysia in the ground up initiative gardens or meet troy friend and co way volunteers have come along to get their hands dirty. why do you company doing farming in a way? i get nemo connected with what we are actually doing every day because it, whether it food we know exactly where they come from. and in singapore, i realized also people don't appreciate food because on maybe to the kids they have never seen this. how different is grown? maybe they thought it just from a supermarket. places like this is very good because it makes us go back to the basics. what keeps us surviving? what makes us try and if not really about having money,
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it's not really about having all the tech stuff, but really been able to, to understand that you are just big, what a part of this legal ecosystem thing, how things are growing. for example, it makes me start to ask a lot of other questions like how, where things come from. so if i use a paypal, i start to think so way that from and if i troy away, is it going curve we is committed to reducing are ways to almost 0. we go back to reflect to see if she's good and oh, this is the last place that you would expect to see a little permaculture garden going on in somebody's front room. i just started this journey barely a year ago. so a lot of things are to me, are experiments. you are here on your new experiment with all this. how do you, are you kind of creating a network? yes. because you can't be the only person to st paul into it. yeah, i on, when i saw that a group on facebook, it was sometimes frustrating because i seem to be the only person who kick posting, but now i think it's at least 523000 or 500. and it's quite surprising.
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i think when we see individual taking just a small action to me is very encouraging. a technician can we in the journey to 0 waste communities still have a long way to go. last year, singapore is 5500000 population. ditched over $7500000.00 tons of waste as one half tons per person. but momentum is building and similar grassroots projects are sprouting up throughout the city. we met choice then earlier at the ground up initiative, and she's invited us to come across, turn and have a look at her own community. good. how are you? so this is your projects. yes. my neighbors will come and spend time here in the garden. i to lead doing stuff. the ad directors, i am c o lawyers is there is a demand. me, is that so i never seen soybeans group before. i feel that a lot of this
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a bunch basis is thing up bar should not be hot the couch or landscape. it should be full. and how can it surely make singapore, maybe a city in a foot godaddy? why does it need to just be a small one? you know, that only serves a few people in the community. why not? the larger community over 80 percent of the food consumed in singapore is imported . so the ministry of national development is investing heavily in boosting food production on the island. i've arranged to meet jack in an engineer turn food producer, who's taking commercial skill urban farming to the next level. i kiss, i have never seen a farm like this before. yes, we are fuzzy noah 1st in the world for someone that's never heard of a vertical form. how would you describe something?
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a single boy landscape, so we don't have much our land thought of what it was for vash. give us think about and we stay in the history. the fact is, is that the carry full of it. why invest they were agriculture can go for the study candy. our system is using the hydraulics are using water, make it these power lot 80. so pan can go up together in our family. can now get a new trans and what that so and the water is a similar though. miguel locating is a sim, whatever. so give a good a plan and the what the it will be q one out the sika use it so far, we not change or what at all, so far you've not changed it at all. worse. that's quite something given that this farms been operating for 3 years. these rotating shelves effectively increased the land surface area by a factor of 10. meaning this vertical farm can produce 2 tons of vegetables in a single day. meat pie play. king of the veggies is a beauty. is me or look that we'd as the 1st we'd have seen in the, in the entire place. this is to attract a pair, is that?
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yeah. and then they, they're stunned on these buys and then, but there's none in there. i mean, me, there is a past many been his work and even a path up though it catch him. we are picked our fish. this is really to where to this is floating. this is, this is yes, combi put a completely floating jack way be created a po and reno's in upon. we need pon to get what the far west they were. so i do, if you look back upon as a less easier for our system. so i do, can we build upon at the same time we had a plan. so i consider is the, is the sim area. we have to put action one, harvest of fish for every 6 harvest of vegetables, calling the fish are feeding the vegetables. yes. and the best of those are in a sense, be raising feel of fish. yeah. so that, that the trimmings from the vegetables are actually going to feed it and using is the sim, size of the land,
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but have to pull out yet being located within the city. these high density aquatic setups are also saving energy on transportation and storage. so it's little wonder this greens had gone at widespread interests, ro, asia, as well as with the singapore in government. continue to support the development of the technology of come back to the wo, her offices to learn more about their living buildings. what lies ahead for ages, greenest city. this project, for instance, when it's fully grown, we'll have 11 times aside area as green area. so why go to all this extra effort to, to swadell you buildings in plants, a huge one in hot climate like singapore is that plants are the only thing that when the sunlight falls on it, they don't heat up. they actually take that energy and use it for the chemical processes of building carbohydrates and things. so the calculation for singapore, for instance, is that before the city was built, singapore with 5 degrees cooler. and all that heat ends up being converted into
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fossil fuel use as people use air conditioners to cool the space and throw even more heat out into the city. if substantial plant covered even reducing a poor by 2 or 3 degrees celsius, the energy saving for the entire country would be in the billions of dollars over the years. a lot of the arguments have the also much of the city is built. you know, it doesn't matter. one or 2 buildings, what difference can they might. but if one building can compensate for 10 other sites, not having any grain, you can see that just by doing selective injection of these kind of buildings for the city, you can already create a statistically significant amount of green in the city. can you see it potentially in the future where you could actually see some of this area providing a food supplement because we know that singapore, it's several relying on food input. yeah, we've sort of done generation one which is providing
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a lot of planting and achieving these plot right shows, i think generation to is. so i can now we have this. what can we do with it? and as for i think there's anything you do on land, on the ground, you can start thinking, does it make sense to do that apply on a building so, you know, food. oh, we're also very interested in ecosystems. you know, can, we might have, not just decorative, but can we make it very biologically productive. we think like in a lifetime, how many buildings can we build? this is something that needs lots of a who doing it. and it needs rethinking at the urban planning level. and that whole city visioning, ah, so we come up to the sky vill dawson, which is one of rich, it's public housing projects. and it does feel great. i mean the, the planting design in this shady canopy of solar panels. he was lovely. but i mean, looking out at the view is pretty terrifying, is not just the density,
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but is the number of housing and, and building development projects. and is this kind of a model of oil tankers and shipping containers that stretches to the horizon in almost every direction. but when you start to look at that horizon through riches eyes and you see the potential for a rooftop, a coupon, except a vertical forest, you know, you start to have hope. but for us to make that future a reality. and it means getting the grass roots in gaze, it means that choice. and can we and all those guys get things going from the ground up. and it means they're meeting the plan as in the policy makers half way. if we're going to see the, is there truly sustainable as i, metropolis is continue to expand. we're being pushed to explore more radical solutions to the environmental costs to see living. in ty, one, a french architecture firm is constructing a garden tower which will absorb a $130.00 tons of carbon dioxide each year. while local government in washington
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d. c is utilizing the high foothold in the city center to generate energy kinetically for lighting, using a technology called paycheck. and to south korea. some dough has been up the smarter city on the planets. developing a built the wealth largest pneumatic waste collection system, city wide recycling is protected to reach 76 percent by 2020 innovations with an if the was supporting funding to adopt them widely as a chance to wells mitchell passes could become sustainable. and with so many of us living in cities, the environmental impact could be huge. ah ah
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ah ah, they're sweating it out across western u. s. and western canada. hi everyone here is the temperature is on saudi lewis, los angeles may hit 40 degrees. we've got 42 in vegas, but even if we go further toward the north, across the pacific northwest into the northern plains, we had temperatures in the upper thirties here, batch of what weather slides into vancouver. so that's going to bring down your temperature a bit to 20 degrees. different stories we looked toward the east though much fresher air here. so toronto 20 and we got some scattered activity with some showers here. look at montreal in quebec city. you're in the teens, but let's remember it is also mute or all logical fall here. so temperature is that this, somebody, you're starting to fall a stationary disturbance over the southern us here is just ringing out it's moisture to the west of houston. we could see about a months worth of rain in this fan of 24 hours. and we've got storm url here.
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that's going to pick up the rain for puerto rico into the u. s. virgin islands. and now for the top end of south america, it's our usual storm stuff for western areas here. and a cool down in those temperatures across the southeast of brazil, sao paulo at 15. same happened for association just the other day. you're about 32, and now you've got a high of 21 degrees on sunday. that's all i've got for you. i'll see you later. ah, with me holding the powerful to account as we examine the ulysses rule in the world on al jazeera. ah, i do want to know the enemy of the state is him and the group that could.


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