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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2022 11:00am-11:30am AST

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find the world they grew up in just a huge moment. these are their stories. 911 witness on al jazeera, indonesia york investment destination, the world's 10th largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies. being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you. invest indonesia now. ah, the u. k is conservative party set to announce it's next leader. that person will replace forest johnson asked prime minister.
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ah, hello my money inside this is alex, they're alive from doha. also coming up. decision time for kenya and supreme court proposed to rule on the challenge to last month. selections. chilly says no vote is rejects a proposed new constitution which would have guaranteed social rights. and police and canada are searching for to suspect soft. a number of stopping attacks killed 10 people. ah, hello and welcome. the new lead of the u. k. conservative policy will be announced in the next few hours. opinion polls suggests that foreign sex treat liz trough is the front runner trust and former chancellor richey soon. i have been campaigning for months to lead the governing conservatives. the winner will replace orest
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johnston who will submit his resignation to the queen on cheese day. now the new prime minister will inherit a rush of challenges including energy shortages on rising inflation. let's go straight to correspond, jonah, how, who is live for us in london? look, it's been a difficult contest for the party in what's been a very difficult time for the country. give us a bit of background and also how do you expect things going to unfold today? forward another big well it has been an almost 2 months political transition, high stakes high drama from the old prime minister to the new and we are very nearly the result expected in the next couple of hours. it began, of course, on july, the 7th with the resignation of boris johnson off the back of the so called party gate for illegal gatherings in downing street and other government buildings during periods of lockdown. that setting train a leadership contest featuring candidates from every faction of
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a deeply divided party eventually whittled down to a race between rich c, a former chancellor and his trust, the foreign secretary. she is the favorite to win, to have secured a majority of votes among an estimated 160000 conservative party members who are making this choice a tiny sliver of the wider electorate. of course, their decision will be made known in about 3 or 4 hours time now as to who the next leader of the conservative party will be to go on. of course, on tuesday to succeed maurice johnson. as prime minister, after meeting the queen and whoever that person is trust or indeed sooner will inherit the reins, not just over divided party that has deposed 3 of its previous 3 leaders in the past 6 years, but also goes much more importantly, taking the reins of a country in the throes of a series of deep, deep prices from skyrocketing, household energy prices to i, water levels of inflation. the cost of living crisis in the context of an economy
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thought to be already in recession, faltering public services. and of course, the wider umbrella background, a war on europe's board is with russia and ukraine. it is a pretty formidable to do list. so what are we expecting from the new pm once he or she gets into office? well, as i said, whoever that person is will have one priority and a very, very immediate one. and that is to get to grips with these multiple domestic problems. inflation that is predicted to hit 20 percent by the end of the year, energy prices that by january next year could be triple. what they were a year ago, strikes across public sectors, faltering health services, 18. britton's now on an h. s. waiting lists and all the while this cost of living crisis spiraling, winter is coming. heating will become more expensive, eating will become more expensive. many families may have to choose between them.
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it is a grim contest pretty soon. ac has been pretty clear eyed about the extent of it calling it a genuine emergency. promising help to those who need it. most of this trust has promised it a package of help within a week of taking office if she does so in her acceptance speech. if it happens, she said that hard decisions will be required. some of them will be unpopular, but she's promised honesty about what is required and that issue honesty, of course, something that they still current prime minister devoris johnson has frequently been charged with. not indeed, jonah hall, that for us in london will be speaking to jonah throughout the course of the morning. we are expecting that decision at 1130 g m t. we will, of course, bring it to you here on out, you, sarah, can you supreme courses due to delivered verdicts on a challenge to last month to speech a presidential election when he was declared the winner by a narrow margin,
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but his opponent, the veteran politician, rollo, dingle said the boat was riggs, captain sawyer mo, from nairobi. madame chief justice madam deputy chief justice judges at kenneth supreme court have a difficult decision to make. if we look at the number of the polling stations. there been hearing a presidential election case that has been disputed. president elect william mucho was declared winner of last month. paul, his opponent rylon. dinger came 2nd. a dingo seized the election was wreaked or the heart of the case is a role played by an increasingly divided electoral commission for its commissioners have rejected the results. the others, including the chair of the commission, off will, legible, katie accused their colleagues of trying to force or run off. we'll see them being divided on an issue that the entire all the commission on
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a was a managing is really surprising and is very, ah scare even to some extent because we're talking about a country to of yellow gone to war because of elections. this is not the 1st time that kenya is going through a hotly contested judicial process. after our national paul, the presidential election was nearly 5 in 2017, for the 1st time in africa. judge's said the paul was mud by irregularities. some canyon said this time. the stakes are much higher opinion outside the courtroom is divided. misinformation is rife and those who are trying to get a sense of what is happening. say they are overwhelmed. we're looking at twitter on facebook, on whatsapp, on instagram tick tock. all these platforms were a wash with a lot of our false information. and we see this because the institutions that are
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charged with giving kenyans regular updates or credible information. we're taking a step back, a group calling itself the p ports. parliament has also been monitoring what's going on in st. horner's verdict, but even day saying they are polarized their debates are based on which political side they support. one thing is clear, we want our court to dispense nothing but justice go more. so prim got denied or canal if what if the supreme court is going to nullify? i am telling william you told me we already shall. we should vote you in again. many canyon said he just wants to know the truth and i know no matter which way the co truths, catherine saw, al jazeera nairobi, has been violence between demonstrators and police in chile, after vote, as rejected a proposed new constitution in a referendum. supporters of the new charter expressed their anger,
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the voice properly responded with water cannons. the proposed constitution was due to replace the tag throwing up during the military dictatorship in the 1980s. but opponents argued and would only bring instability. a latin american edison this year, newman reports now from santiago opponents of chiles. new proposed constitution never dreamed they'd wind sundays referendum by such a wide margin. some toasted the victory. others hunk their horns convinced that the charter would have fan divisions and instability. you're looking at your data, but for our lab, i think the majority of us once a new constitution and that must be respected lawyer. but it has to be done properly. capable of people to that persona. supporters of the proposed text insisted was progressive in cutting edge it guaranteed gender parity,
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social rights to all allowed abortion and protection of the environment. yet many others believe it when to far, for instance, by recognizing chilling indigenous groups as individual nations. some people, even from the st, the left that are voting for a task or rejection of this texas because they fear that this deborah taylor will be dismembered in somehow voting in this referendum was mandatory. but that's not the only reason why this vote will likely be remembered as the one with the highest citizen participation in trillion history so far. it's an indication of just how much chileans believe that a new constitution has the possibility of changing their lives for better or for worse. humbled by the electoral defeat, left wing president government, but each acknowledged that the proposal had supported was not what the people wanted to make on palmetto up on it for me. but i promise that i will do all i can
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together with congress and members of civil society to present a new constitutional calendar using the lessons of this process to deliver a new text that will interpret the will of the people. the referendum has delta, strong blow to the president, whom many blame for a rise in inflation and crime people such as cecilia who voted against the constitution normally though yes, i see said angrily, it will be honest. i did not read it by the idea here. now the process starts all over again, prolonging uncertainty in the country that needs social and economic change, but can't agree on how much. to see in human al jazeera, santiago, 10 people have been killed, an at least 15 entered in a series of stabbings in canada. the attacks happened in multiple locations in the western province of saskatchewan police. they, they found the victims in
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a remote indigenous community called the james smith, cree nation. and in the nearby town of weldon as searching for 2 males suspects. prime minister justin trudeau has treated saying the attacks incest scratch one are horrific and heartbreaking. he added that he was thinking of those who have lost a loved one and those who were injured. please say some of the victims appear to have been targeted. we're taking all steps possible to track these individuals and any information that comes in from the public or other sources that we obtain the information we're following up on that information. immediately. my county is in washington with more on the attacks at the moment the 2 suspects are still on the run. according to the royal canadian mounted police. they have been identified as damien sanderson and a mile sanderson, both of them in their thirty's, driving a black, nissan road. according to the royal canadian mounted police who held a news conference
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a short while ago. now what they are saying to is that the initial alert came at some 7 a. m this morning, a canadian time when the 1st reports were received of stabbings happening in the james smith cree nation. as the original reports came at that particular time, then subsequent reports were coming in of a series of stabbings happening both in the james smith cree nation, as well as in the neighboring town of weldon. now the royal canadian mounted police say that the last time the suspects were seen was around about lunch time. canadian time they were seen in the town of regina, now they are pulling out all stops, obviously to try and apprehend that the 2 suspects who they have now appeal to, to contact the police, should they be seeing at the various, but broadcast put out by the royal canadian mounted police. importantly the police say that some of the targets were targeted. some of those people stab,
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we're targeted. others, they say it appears to have happened at random. palestinian man has died of his injuries off to being shot by is ready soldiers in the occupy to west bank. not according to the palestinian health ministry, israeli on the right of the town of katia. in the early hours of monday, it led to confrontation between the soldiers and a group of palestinian men. a suicide boma has detonated explosives near the russian embassy in the afghan capital. the ball struck near the entrance to the embassy and the south western part of kabul. witnesses say people were lined up outside the building at the time of the blast police, at least 20 people have been injured. still, head on al jazeera, empty streets in at chinese cities as the country continues. it's 0 ok with policy class. and i'm nicholas hog in liberia's capital monrovia,
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city barely one meter above sea level to rental range. and the rising ocean is destroying people's home and reshaping the map of this country. ah, richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. it's monday. here's your forecast for europe and africa. good to see again, we've got spells prolonged rain across the islands of ireland and britain, but let's pinpoint this more. so our eastern areas of the republic of ireland into the south is well western england pushing into wales. but i'll tell you what this is also associated with a southerly push that's going to pop up the temperature in brussels to 31 degrees on monday. central europe got some hit and miss showers, but most of the action is going on in greece. so let's pick up this story there. i think we'll see some severe thunderstorms bubble up around athens got the winds
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through the boss for us as wallace stumble could see gus up to 50 kilometers per hour and along turkeys black sea coast. there is some rain in the forecast, other side of the mediterranean right now, a push of some atlantic grey northwest of spain, northern and central areas of portugal. so some showers in lisbon with the hiv 24 degrees south end of africa. temperature is above average from elders to cairo, the reins picking up southern shad into a demo was stayed in the northeast of nigeria. len, this weather report right now in southern africa. let's focus on south africa. those winds a factor through the western cape a some big waves off the coastline there could see them about 5 or 6 meters high with a high of 14 degrees in cape town. see you later. i saw official elling of the join debating the issues of the day produce was always den, criminalized around the boundaries of rights. these are just numbered. there people are families and our friends and our community member on our online. i jewel,
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voice this minute to reap. don't believe in dialogue of political crisis must be soft with a political solution as climate change progress is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to make. there is no recognition about what we're ready facing the street. oh, now j 0 with wow ah, it watching out 0 mind if i top stories list our the u. k will learn who will be it's next prime minister in the coming hours with list trust the foreign secretary seen asked for favorites. the governing conservative party has been choosing between trust and the former finance minister wishes to knock canyon supreme court
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is due to deliver a verdict on a challenge to last month's disputed presidential election. when even rich, i won by a narrow margin. his opponent, veteran, politician, rado dingo says the vote was raked. voters in chile have overwhelmingly rejected a proposed new constitution in a referendum. it would have replaced one, drafted in 1980 on the military rule. support to say it was progressive. the critics feared it would divide the nation african heads of state along with officials from the u. n. e. on the i m f. all amazing, and the dutch city of rotterdam for climate adaptation summit. the continent of africa is among the lowest greenhouse mit is, but it's facing rapidly increasing threats in the east 4 years. a failed rains in kenya, somalia, and ethiopia have caused the worst drought in for 2 years. un warned. 22000000
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people are on the brink of starvation. meanwhile, on the west and central africa floods have displaced more than a 125000 people. a number of storms and gonna ivory coast. liberia nigeria and sierra leone on now double what they were in the early ninety's. historic grains in south africa, caused floods and landslides, in april, more than 400 people were killed in tens of thousands displaced. nicholas hack is in the liberian at captain monrovia to shows the actual effects climate change is having on the region. profess. let's go to restore said who is at that climate conference in rotterdam, russell, we tend to see a lot of these climate conferences. what are the specific goals of this particular one? well, this is the largest ever gathering off the african has of said, and governments focused on adaptation. so the summit today is taking place at the
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global center on the patients headquarters in the largest floating office in the world in the netherlands today. so, and this is also coming right ahead of the cops when 7, which is going to take place in november in egypt this year. so we have seen that the leaders are, did this summit is bringing together civil society, the global leaders youth youth. the leaders did the central banks and the development banks and so on. so they say that the discussion today on that edition is going to continue on for main pillars. the 1st one is the agriculture and the food security and african infrastructure resilience, accelerator and empowered in youth for interpreters, shape and job creation in adaptation, and also innovative financial initiatives for africa to develop or to increase the capacity of the african companies have access to their adaptation finance, so to they will see whether they are going to achieve these goals or not. but one
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of the main issue is, is that even the organizers are seeing that even though the organizers are seeing that this initiative, this summit is lad and owned by african leaders, african nations. however, have heard the concerns from several african african leaders regarding this. so the, at the european ambitions and the african reality for now is not matching. african leaders are seeing that they have just discovered tremendous resources of oil and gas, and only economies, which has been further detail later because of the impact of the cobit and award in ukraine. and we need to sell this gas and oil to the willow power economies. so in that sense, there is a gap between the european stance and the african states. so today we will see whether they are going to overcome these differences. and now we can see that arrivals off the leaders presence of ghana and the synagogue,
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and many other states as well. as i said, this is the largest ever again of the african has of states and the governments. and to day that the full scale of the adaptation of africa for climate change is going to be at the stake. interesting stuff. okay, thank you for that resource that are there 1st at that conference in rotterdam as k to are correspond. nicholas hack, who is in monrovia. nicholas climate change. there is literally changing the landscape of liberia. what are you seeing on the countries coastline? well, we're in a community called jeff k, and this is low tide. and i want to show you how the ocean is raging in look right behind me. look at what is what remains of the homes here. now these are people's living rooms, people's bathroom people, kitchen, someone just trying to shower here outside. and this is struction, malia didn't happen 20 years ago where a decade ago it happened just
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a few weeks ago. literally, every day the ocean is moving, moving in, destroying people home and having a devastating effect to people in, in, in monrovia, specifically during the rainy season, we've seen on press it that said rain and it's not just happening here on the coastline of liberia. it's happening throughout west for a job. in fact, scientists believe that several key historical sites are perhaps going to disappear if this rising ocean continues to move forward. there are about a 100 sites historical sites, important not only for african history, but for humanity. and if not more is done for people here to adapt to protect their livelihood than those sites will be destroyed. take a look at our report. providence island holds the promise of
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a pass yet to be discovered 200 years ago. fried american slaves settled here and founded liberia. we visited the island in october 2021. look at it now. the island appears to be shrinking. with the rising tide, a window into the past is disappearing, says young librarian archaeologist for day is painful because this coronets our histories, there is no threat in that in the next few years. what all will cover the entire, please the about you raising the entire historical site of the republic. in the summer liberian and american archaeologist excavated parts of the island. they found ceramics from ships from the caribbean, the america in europe, but also further afield. their findings brought more questions than answers. on the other side of the atlantic, american archaeologist met riley says it isn't just parts of liberian history but
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american history as well. being lost to the rising water, just about a meter below the surface, you're encountering the water table. artifacts that were already being absorbed into the river bed system. and as the water table continues to rise, these archaeological deposits are at risk of being destroy, losing the archaeological integrity of these very significant sites before we even have a chance to study them. and that goes for many of those significant heritage sites across the coastal region. all 900 century sites that were settled by free african americans which represent an unparalleled type of story in the history of the african diaspora. almost 800000 people across west africa are displaced because of ongoing torrential, rains and floods. monrovia is barely a meter above sea level. with the rising ocean, the slums are sinking and so are the historical sites. on providence island archeologist found the remains of vessel artifacts and settlements. but look at it
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now. it is for them race against the tie to dig in, retrieve what they can, because an important chapter of human history is disappearing as we speak for young archaeologists. full day there is a sinking feeling of grief. too alarmed, lost to seeing his roots, his identity vanish, and the water. nicholas hawk al jazeera, providence island liberia. the chinese city of chang do has extended its karone of ours, locked down as the government continues its 0 cove and policy. many of the 21000000 residents have been confined to their home since thursday. patrick folk is more beijing who reported previously the authorities on actually given any specific timeline for how long this lockdown would go on for inching to. but they did say on sunday that we go on for at least another 3 days in the central jin chang, district, and ordered people there to go for another round of mass testing. a 3rd round of
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testing was ordered in other districts as well. and people were told to go home immediately afterwards. a total of around a $120.00 cases was reported on sunday for the 24 hours prior. there was little bit of a drop from the 150 cases reported the day before. meanwhile, and sions and case loads, there have stayed more or less steady, just over 80 cases reported there on sunday and authorities are adopting a 3 tier system mentions. and so people in low risk areas are allowed to move around. now they had been confined to their compounds over the weekend and, but people in medium and high risk areas are still under locked down according to the financial news outlet. china sin, there are currently a total of 33 cities in china, either under full or partial lockdown. a lot of this is happening many people believe because it's in the run up the final weeks to the commas parties. congress
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in the middle of october and says, so we are expecting things to tighten even further. but economists ad nomura released a note on friday saying that expectations that things might ease after that are optimistic. and they expect that covert curbs could remain in place until the middle of march. and the 7 people have been killed in an earthquake that has hit se in china. the china struck just outside the city, a can gain local media, putting a number of towns, incision, one province had been seriously damaged by lance lights to the u. s. on people in jackson, mississippi, facing an unprecedented water crisis. more than $160000.00 residents have run out of safe drinking water. the government is distributing bottle water, but there's not enough to supply the anti city. pension monahan has more cars lining up around the block all to get the most basic of human necessities. for nearly a week, the people at jackson, mississippi have been struggling with
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a serious water shortage. the national guard are providing relief. some are happy for the help. others are growing in patient. i'm not able to cook, like i want to cooks not able to brush my teeth like i want to do to the water quizes. and i'm just certainly grateful that they are the national guard and everyone is out, you know, trying to help us. so we can see i have, i have the life and maintain on a daily basis. and my home, the water is running very slowly. it's our most into agent in the entire city of jackson, you know, just not one individual. and i blame rhyme the, the city council, the governor and the mayor because they're all in confusion and no one thing to know how to solve the problem. fema, the federal emergency agency, it's working to end the crisis inspectors toward this water plant where heavy rains overwhelmed the cities, aging infrastructure. they're hoping to speed up repair work,
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but play down expectations of a quick return to normality. yeah, i think it's still too early to tell dana, i think that having e p a in the army corps of engineers, we had a really good conversation on friday about what it's going to take him, the assessments that they're doing, the longer term in the mid term about how long it's going to take to actually make it safe to drink. things that we have a lot more to learn about what it's going to take to get that plan up and running. in tens of thousands of homes, water has slowed to a trickle. and what they do get isn't safe to drink. but this isn't a new problem. state and federal authorities are being blamed for allowing jackson's infrastructure to crumble for decades. jackson is overwhelmingly black, and many se rates is a factor. we have been getting punished for quite some time for being a predominantly black city. i can recollect these issues for as long as i've been here and i was born in 1983 and jackson.


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