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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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a flying a flag, but in the occupied west bank, wheezing. the palestinian flag could get you shot or arrested after the also ports of the year. 990 s between the palestine decoration organization and israel that bound on the palestinian flag. but don't look round, it's becoming much harder to express. any type of support for the palestinian call . one day there are no palestinian flags. the neck that's 3 are filled with. it's a really wide tier net by young men who were not even born when these railey government for the delay or the palestinian flag in ah, this is al jazeera. ah,
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i'm so robin. this is the algebra news, our life, my headquarters here in del, coming up in the next 60 minutes for the 1st time. israel admits at soldiers likely killed al jazeera jim. the sharina will actually we will deliver, we will deliver, we will deliver. i'm way you can conservative policy picks list trust, so it's leader paving the way for her to become the next british prime minister also can use top cold rejects a challenge to last month's presidential election results upholding william rooted victory. i therefore extend to handle rather with all my competitors and to all their support. we are not enemies, we are the legal victory for, for me. you as president, donald trump, a judge grant says request for an independent official to review record sees from his home. and i'm he to similar to their sports news about breton v. c. have you
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the world heavyweight champion tie some fearing issues. a challenge to anthony joshua inviting a celebrate to take a shot at the title. ah, welcome to the program. these railey military has admitted for the 1st time that i'll just their agenda. sharina actually was like you killed by israeli gunfire. it's released its long awaited report into her death saying that there's a high possibility. she was accidentally hit by israeli troops who were responding to fire from palestinian gunman. israeli army says it did not find any violation of regulations and it will not be pursuing any criminal investigation. al jazeera jamal, a shell begins all coverage. i almost 4 months, a pause. odyssey or a journalist trevino barkley was murdered by an israeli soldier,
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occupied westbank. despite repeated calls from human rights organizations and press freedom, advocates for an independent investigation into the killing luxury and israel has consistently refused even ignoring the call from you or a secretary of state anthony, blinking for such a probe. now israel has released the findings of what it calls an operational investigation. the accused investigating themselves. these railey probe found that quote, there was a high possibility that was clear was accidentally hit by israeli gunfire that was fired towards what acclaimed was suspects identified as armed palestinian gunman. however, there has been no evidence to support israel's claim. should he in was killed in broad daylight whilst wearing clearly marked press protective your eye witness statements and video evidence shows that there was no extremes or fire
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. and the veteran journalist followed all protocol investigations by algae 0 the new york times. and cnn all established that she was killed by israeli fire, in what's many say appear to have been a deliberate hit in the media off them off of the killing israeli officials changed their narrative 7 times in 24 hours. and now 4 months later, whilst admitting that's one of their soldiers was probably behind the killing, the insists it was a mistake. israeli officials will hope that releasing these findings will help save off criticism. but many will question whether or not it will be enough in the course of public opinion. shooting a blacklist as life matters for its parts all g 0 has vowed to continue seeking justice for its murder journalist. as history in the family. her brother, anton a niece, lina, i have met with members of the u. s. congress and senate,
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hoping for washington's help and seeking justice from its ally. odyssey right is also part of a wider coalition of media freedom organizations petitioning the international criminal court to look into the case of the slain veteran journalist with other legal avenues also being explored since the year 2000 israel has killed almost 50 journalists, an injured countless more, the occupying power has bumped entire building, housing, media outlets, and recently rated the officers over internationally recognized human rights organizations and prevented them from doing their work. many fear that unless justice is secured for shooting abruptly and everyone involved in her killing is held accountable. then israeli soldiers will continue to act with impunity, killing whoever they wish. dramatic show yard al jazeera with sugarland has more from the st. that's been renamed after sri i bought actually in ramallah. the pursuit of justice for serene within israel is over. it is ended,
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this is the military's final word on this matter. and now the focus for sharina family and for al jazeera english, which is also taking on her case will be on international the international front. her family is asking the united states to conduct a thorough, an independent investigation serene was palestinian american, and l g 0 as legal team is pursuing a case with the international criminal court. now a senior military official, brief journalists, prior to the release of the report, he's called sharon's death. a devastating and tragic loss offered condolences but said there was not 100 percent certainty that the bullet that killed serene came from an israeli soldier. he cited the possibility that it could have come from an armed palestinian and he says, what if there is 100 percent certainty of is that no israeli soldier,
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targeted sharina or any other journalist? the israeli military says that it conducted multiple internal probes that it also reviewed the investigations of media outlets such as the washington post and cnn. and that when it handed over the results of its investigation to the military advocate general, that that person concluded that israeli soldiers had not violated the rules of engagement or violated procedures. and therefore there was no reason to pursue a criminal investigation. they alter their network and criticize israel's report, saying it's failed to admit its crime of his trying to avoid prosecuting those responsible. whether be a nominal here, it is clear they are trying to perpetuate ambiguity and deception on the one hand, while the same time clear themselves of wrongdoing. by claiming that there was an exchange of fire. these are all lies because all the accounts and videos and witnesses disapprove their claims. that's with trina back. a family is accusing the
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israeli government and military of trying to obscure the truth about what happened . and in a statement her family said, as expected, israel has refused to take responsibility for murdering serene. our family is not surprised by this outcome, since it's obvious to anyone that israeli war criminals cannot investigate their own crimes. we remain deeply heard, frustrated and disappointed. the statement goes on to call for a thorough, independent, incredible us investigation, saying that accountability requires action is thanks and for palestinian prison mahmoud abbas as the results of the investigation or an attempt by as well to evade responsibility. the murdering serene in a statement the bill of rodney said that israel will not be allowed to escape punishment for it's ongoing crimes against the palestinian people. let's bring in luis lorraine accompany. he's a full prosecutor at the international criminal court and join us from brent. his reasons for company is good to have your knowledge there again and thank you very
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much for your time. we know how busy you are. how does this israeli statement impact in principal of the investigation? all the inquiries that are being made by the i c. c. case on serene and other journalists killed by the israelis it is really. ready ready it's very important that is ryan recognized at meach that it probably that booted came from iraq. the soul really border and what would happen next is a different matter. but i think the fact that by the audience you know, times in, in, we're pushing this. and finally, is right and recognize that probably the bullet came from the right. so you really don't replace carol. no, it's the beginning they mitigate. now the next step is to understand
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why these really saw your shoot. and i think even if i say no more than the head, ok, but why if you wish someone were shooting that like why i see that you've ryan, explain what to saw and yours what to say. and that moment in addition is another, that information will come and it's dana forensic architecture. evey will organize it, edition in london is combating. and it's taking a report, analyzing that it just tore about it that another piece that we need to keep pushing for that. so this is jared ross, it is slower than we expect, but he's coming and we got to be feeling today was price. next,
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it is next to know more about what did it should that if we're thinking and also we can add that technique and information about the. ready report on it, 40 of the board. so you have partly the evidence or perhaps investigators want, i suppose really, you know what information has yet to be gathered. i mean, you talk about wanting to know what the israeli soldiers perhaps were thinking and saying to each other, both on the ground and in the chain of command. but what is the information the i c c doesn't have that hasn't yet been established? well, i don't know this come back in some kind of a mitigation on this topic. if i, interestingly, i think as an in mitigation over in palestine. so as we can mitigate this, i think gambling what information do it. right. and it's important because today is
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saying that they conclude and there's knocking a mitigation to conduct that decision change. elaine demand corporate to request more information then, and show the intention to open investigation when you are, when you're evaluating a crime, sir, when you are investigating a scene of crime, and you have a great deal of experience and this, whether it be israel or another sovereign state, how important is it for the i c c to gain access to the scene of the crime? and how difficult is it for a sovereign state to give you that permission? and then do you have any jurisdiction or do you have any? and you might say of a final say on how that investigation proceeds. if you don't get access to the location when it's younger is established because he was in west bank and bang, they call the site by palestine and they go clustered addiction. so to get more
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information, yes, you can be, they can see, but i think he's gone now after all, his mom's printing is gone. bah, i do see request information today. palestine is right above the financial, including i request information to write about the interviews on the so that's something i think could do. so you don't need to go to the field. i think we just, i interviews all day in the gauge is so years in board in this problem. so if as an obstruction to the i c c, investigation in any shape will fall by itself. reinstate can, can i see see as a body go anywhere else for recalls, diplomatic or political recalls? well, but look, you're going to go, it is a new assistant and i need to,
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we have to buy. it doesn't look nice dc but, but it's been das and the judge is already cited. that westbank is a territory and in it. but if you know 30 and therefore they will not go through the should bet. so is no international discussion that the judges in the core can see that they had to addiction. now if the prosecutor who conducted litigation and it through it could go there or not for them to do the prosecutor who decide to ask questions. if the political and request to address these beliefs and to lee, they said views, you conducted it before the good within ok. you concluded that no crisis on confidential basis showed to me why you don't do that. so all this stuff will happen. i need to be have been publicly,
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so all is who have been inside that seat. in addition, i have been the boss. i just see that scene in your time pushy scene, get bushing, and they mitigation and come back more. and that is that why i mentioned these report from a private organization forensic architecture. they are really good on that and they could provide a bank, it piece of information. so this isn't complex process is slow than expected, but is moving. and otherwise we have to celebrate that is it is a progress. and we keep have to keep going forward as good. can you clarification on these issues as the investigation continues, luis, we're on a campus. thanks so much for joining us. what is iris? thank you, sent him or had here all the al jazeera news on including the search is on in canada for 2 men charged with stabbing 10 people to death. also shall. he says,
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lo notice reject to propose new constitution, which would have guaranteed social rights. and the 1st man through to the us open court finals will tell you that is feasible. have that story in sport ah, let's trust has been picked out as the new leader of the u. k. conservative party and will replace boris johnson as british prime minister trust beat. the former chancellor wishes sooner can the leadership contest and his vowing bold action to fix the economic energy crises that he baba has moved from london. ritchie sooner. 60399. this trust, 81326. therefore, i give notice that this trust is elected as the leader of the concerned union,
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as who result had been widely predicted. but it's no less significant given the candidates differing approaches on the economy and helping people facing huge rises in energy bills. let's try to address those issues, but only after attribute to the man she replaces as prime minister on tuesday. horace, you got breaks it done. you crushed, jeremy colbin. you rolled out the vaccine and you stood up to vladimir putin. you are admired from kiev to carlisle. richie scenic resigned along with dozens of conservative m. p. 's accelerating boris johnson's departure. he's now word tories to unite behind his former cabinet colleague, but she knows winning back public trust will be a big challenge. after such a long selection process, the urgency for the new prime minister to tell the public exactly what steps
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they'll be taking over the cost of living crisis is clear. unless trust cons have failed to realize that low the work i think has been done. and i think the team are aware that once he transition from campaigning to government, this is a talk question on people's minds. and people will expect to hear clear and comprehensive answers. and i think we'll get that later this week. i will deliver on the energy crisis dealing with people's energy bills that all say dealing with the long term issues we have on energy supply of to previously focusing on tax cars trust is reportedly considering a freeze on energy bills. something big opposition. labor party has called for this a political consensus that needs to happen. shinny swabs the question how she got to pay for that labor. me clear that needs to be a winful tax on oil and gas companies. so she needs to show that she actually understands and come meet the challenges that are there after 12 years of failure of this tori government, we will deliver
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a great victory for the conservative party in 2024. thank you. said no shortage of immense challenges. so immense, in fact, that some predict another leadership challenge before the next election is due in 2 years time. nadine barbara al jazeera london, let's cross over to under sevens. he's dunning, by london force. and of course the victory for trust is fine for her. but what happens now while everyone's trying to work out the math fur, she's promising, so many tax cuts expenditure right across the board. tackling the issue of the crisis with the economy. inflation rocketing up now beyond 10 percent of the worse for 40 years. elsewhere in the economy, people really worried about how they're going to get back, get it, get, get by day by day. she is promising some sort of solution, possibly
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a freeze on energy bills and also a whole raft of other measures and other spending as well. she says she wants to re grow the economy. furthermore, there are developments now with some ministers beginning to resign. it seems a bit ahead of time. we don't have the official process yet through the, the, the, the queen to watch the appoint her as prime minister. but nevertheless, the home secretary, that's the interior minister, pretty patel has announced her resignation as she jumped before she is pushed. well, probably very likely. she is the architects of that migration plan. them the migrants across from across the channel, english channel being sent at to rwanda. now it has to be says, live trust is in favor of that plan anyway. but regardless, let's speak to patrick mcguire from the times of london. and now the margin of success for her in his vote was 57 percent. that's smaller
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than people expected. his nipple, yes, his commanding model wouldn't say was entirely convincing because polling it suggested she be scoring in the high sixty's. if not, the seventy's really trouncing, where she sooner and in reality, she's not only failed to meet morris johnson's margin in 2019. he won 2 thirds of the vote of all the tory leadership elections that have been contested by the members. she scored the lowest and certainly under shooting expectations does suggest the conservative party at the grassroots and in parliament. but she failed to win a majority of am pays indeed, failed to come. first. at the am pacebutler suggest there is a, a broader and deeper opposition to her policies than perhaps the consensus in westminster on the pulse is let me john to the med because that does lead us. the next question i want to ask, which is the issue of unity, because it's this place that calls a shots when it comes to the voting and, and her getting these plans through. if they're not popular with the party, then we're going to have problems on way the country as
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a whole. yes indeed. and we already know the concept. the parliamentary parties deeply divided on the wisdom of promising tax cuts at a time of ramping inflation in the u. k, and they're also very touchy about her proposals to borrow more because that's implicit in all of her promise of tax cuts, quasi quartz hang them on who's like to be a finance minister. the chancellor wrote in the financial times this morning that there was gonna be significant fiscal loose language, and if that will mean tax cuts and a lot more spending and what does that mean? more boring and 7 pace already unconvinced large numbers of them had let just the ability to see and through this crisis. and that's not going to, oh, well for them. former chancellor, she suna who has failed in his bid for the leadership. he accused a trust of, of using tactics that were immoral in her campaign, promises and also fairy tale land in terms of the sort of money she wants to spend . yeah, it's been a very rancorous, bitter, and of a long campaign actually. and it's very hard to see how liz trussville succeed in
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putting the party back together again. i think it was notable that in her speech that wasn't a, an appeal for party unity earlier. i don't really think support as of riches. you knock as much as he earlier gave a very you said a cursory call for capacity unity there. i'm convinced i think they'll require a lot of convincing a big fiscal plan from her in the 1st days of famish him. but she's got a good record. she's had 8 years of 3 successive governments as minister in those governments. surely she's got some shot real push behind the scenes and unreal strengths. what would you say those? oh well, yes or no. she certainly divides a penny. she's been a minister for 8 years. the longest and broken period to serve as of any cabinet minister in this government and those who work with a say, she's very headstrong, she's across the detail. and she is a, across the detail a policy in the white house bars. johnston never was, but i did try to say she's not as an adept till convincing at public speaker, and certainly she's got a reputation as a, a heart headed idea. long am i the conservative party, when her johnson,
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the consumer party, and beyond say, flexibility is needed rather than a year and economic experiments, which is what her critics would say. she's inviting the, the country to come on at a time. it at nice debility uncertainty. patrick mcguire, thank you for sharing your insight with our viewers. and that's it from now. and the next move will be to bow moral for boris johnston. he will fly out early on tuesday morning at to see the queen and he, she will accept his resignation. then this trust won't fly up as well. she will meet the queen. she'll curtsey and she will be appointed prime minister. she will start her term. she will come back to downing street and color in some of the questions, perhaps answer the questions, but certainly, but start to spell out what she plans to do. she is 47 years of age and she is facing a really big battle to get control of the economy in this country. and with them is therefore, as outside the british, how's the parliament in london?
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thank sandra. now yes, judge has agreed to appoint a so called special master to review record sees from former president donald trump's florida home. yes b, i says it's uncovered evidence that trump's team may have deliberately concealed classified documents. the judge's order permits intelligence officials to continue their review into political damage to national security. but it says an independent 3rd party would be able to look over personal items and other sensitive documents. get more in this and particle haine who's following the story from our washington d. c. bureau, patty. hi. what does this actually mean for both sides? well, it's a very minor victory for the former president donald trump. so this will slow down the investigation, but it'll do nothing to stop at. as you mentioned, this judge basically said that an outside 3rd party can look over these documents. now the catch for the fbi i in the justice department is she also said, well,
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they are doing that. the justice department has to stop its investigation into those documents. let's not forget, these are some of the most highly classified documents that the u. s. intelligence community has so that part of the investigation has been put on on hold the bigger and possibly more important investigation is what's happening in the intelligence community right now, which is looking at the potential harm. these documents could have done to the country's national security. if in fact they were seen outside of the secure channels, so that is allowed to continue. the judge wants basically the potential names for these special masters by friday, so it could move rather quickly. so we're looking at $1300.00 documents and she's going to give this special master as it's called, the ability to look to make sure that none of the documents are protected under attorney client privilege, or that they're covered by executive privilege. now this is where lawyers are looking at this thinking that doesn't make a whole lot of sense because the u. s. supreme court already ruled against donald
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trump in a different case that he had very limited if it any executive privilege. so there's, it seems likely the justice department is going to try and appeal this. we reached out to them. they have it. in fact said, i responded to us, it's a federal holiday here. but there is concern about the precedent, the sets. now this could have been a bigger deal if trump's legal team had, in fact taken this step immediately after those records were sealed. they didn't. so the justice department has already come out and said, we know what all the documents are. we've already read them to basically the judges saying you could know that, but you can investigate where they came from, how they got there. who else could have seen them if it involves the documents themselves. so it's a minor setback for the justice department, but he'll do nothing to stop this investigation. will continue to watch with keen interest pettigrew, heineman, forest and all washington dc bureau. thanks buddy. this well still had hail. now
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there is news out of thousands of people living out in the open and don't run job, didn't i don't and i'm come out of hide. and roger and food also in fulton is jerbill, becomes the 1st african woman to reach the quarter finals. i think us open ah ah, i there, we'll talk about a wildfire in kazakhstan and just one second, but 1st to the middle east. great to see you and no real change in the weather is still plenty of hot sunshine here. rods got a high of 42 degrees. ok, now is that wildfire and it has turned deadly. at least one person has died. high temperatures rate across cause 16 in some places, a record breaking temperatures as furious flames their crews trying to battle back
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. so here's a snapshot of those temperatures on tuesday, i looked through the stands, we've got temperatures in the upper thirties into turkmenistan. oscar bod. they hit 40 degrees, and it wasn't long ago. bach, who was in the upper thirty's, but a big change for you with a high 23 degrees on tuesday. not unsettled weather pattern across turkeys, black, sea coast, and sheriff sneaking in around the boss 1st for stumble. look, these winds a g and the eastern med, that's what's pushing out some of that heat through the levant, where we've had it in syria and jordan further toward the east in iraq and kuwait. so amman, 30 degrees the high for you on tuesday. there's been some deadly landslides boots for eastern and western uganda with these reins. also seen the reins in a downwash states in the northeast of nigeria, and some pretty big waves off the coast of the eastern cape could get up to 5 or 6 meters. ah
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lou. aah! talk about you're watching out there is these are with me so hell, robin. a reminder of our top stories. the israeli military has admitted for the 1st time that al jazeera jen le sharina, but actually was i'd be killed by israeli gun file in a report. it said it will not pursue any criminal charges. let's trust has been picked as the new leader of the u. k. conservative party and will replace boris johnson as british prime minister trust be former chancellor wishes to like by round 20000 votes. the u. s. judge has granted a request by form of present donald trump, for a so called special master to review record seized from trump's home. yet beyond
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his recovery, more than 300 classified documents from his private residence canyon supreme court upheld william lew tows when in last month presidential election. his opponent, veteran politician, while adding a challenge, the result saying the vote was rigged, but the court has now thrown out all of his allegations. after the court's decision, router extended an olive branch to his competitors including reload, nga democracy is expected to unite people, strengthen their society, and improve their institutions and must not become an acrimony us fearful and desperate enterprise. we offered alternative visions, admissions, and submitted to their sovereign de zisha of the citizens of kin. we are only competitor, not enemies. in a statement, i think a said that he has always stood for the rule of law and will respect the opinion of
9:33 pm
the court despite them and the disagree. with that decision, he went on to say his lawyers offered what he called irrefutable evidence. but unfortunately, the judge's sword. otherwise kennedy now were a man hunters underway. the 2 men charged with murder. after a series of staffings, 10 people were killed and at least 18 injured and multiple locations and the province of such one. on sunday, please say they found the victims in a remote indigenous community called jane smith cremation. and in the nearby town of weldon, let's, let's bring in logan sine. he's a journalist based, and regina is such a good time with us on the program. i mean, how, why does this such becoming now for these 2 men? thank you for having the, the search is spread out across multiple provinces right now to our neighboring province in alberta into our neighboring province in manitoba. but please, or adam in school or john is please, chief edmond bray has said multiple times now,
9:34 pm
but he believes the suspects are here in regina right now. even though they have no exact confirmation of that being the case. i mean, the next question really is, poses about the motive. it's the big question. everybody's asking themselves random or race. i mean all the authorities any clearer in their investigations as to where it's going. what the issues might have been these 2 bad. there's very little information regarding that right now. the police have said multiple times that they believe some of the attacks were targeted. while some of them were simply completely random. we've also heard, please say, at some point say they think or the 1st nations james smith creation has said, they believe it could have been drugs involved in some of these attacks. but once again, there's this way more questions. and there are answers right now as to why this heinous and terrible attack took place. have the indigenous communities over the
9:35 pm
years. you might say, god, that he unwarranted publicity, that might, you might say attracted them to these 2 man. has there been any issues, any incidence? that, that you might come, spring to mind that might have been part of the calls. maybe i don't believe so. there is word coming out now though that this man, one of the men wanted by police file sanderson. he's been on the run since may. and they haven't been able to find him. i don't think it has anything to do necessarily with these men being 1st nations or anything of the like is simply just a terrible attack that's taken place and police are trying to find out more information and a to some moving story that we'll come back to as where we get more information like and started thanks so much for joining us from china. thanks for having the trial had started empowers for 8 people accused involvement in the 2016 but still
9:36 pm
they attack in nice 86 people were killed. when the attacker drove his truck into a crowd of people gather to watch fireworks display. there's also been violence between demonstrated sun police in chile after voters rejected a proposed new constitution in a referendum. supporters of the new charter express their anger at the folks while police responded with water cannon. the proposed constitution was due to be replaced or replaced. the text drawn up during the military dictatorship in the 1980s, but opponents argued it would only bring instability or latin america to said lucy, even has the latest from santiago i'd was and is still a very, very progressive text. one that many source of 20 for century constitution that addressed a lot of modern issues that are not included in today's constitutions around the world. gender equality, the problems of climate change. a whole array of issues,
9:37 pm
social justice, though those things chileans agreed with. buddy, what the devil was in the details as they say there was, it went too far from most chileans. there was especially a text or an article that deals with indigenous rights. indigenous autonomy, the rights to take to read, to have our land restored to them. many children's ask themselves, does that mean that all actually will now be returned to indigenous communities? it seemed to them to be very, very divisive and extreme. while those who applauded it said that this could be, could be tweaked afterwards. most julian said, no, it's better to start all over again, and they rejected it massively. another reason is that there was a huge confusion about what that text really said. most jillions did not read it. it was extremely long. it's almost 400 articles and they just didn't really know what it said. and then there was also, you have to admit a one has to recognize rather a very,
9:38 pm
very strong disinformation campaign by those who opposed it. so there was confusion this discontent with what it said. and at the end of the day julians who say they still won't change in their country, did want that change of ear. cuza sellers as a professor of global trends and constitutional law at utrecht university is santiago with me right now or you're in santiago. mr. salus, not me. good. have you at the, on the program though, a controversial constitution written by a military dictatorship stays in place. really until one can be agreed on by all chileans. as a lot of soul searching to be done ahead. what went wrong and what do you think needs to change if it's to move forward? well, what went wrong? i think it would take a while to know for sure. one of the possible answers to that question is that the, this was somebody a constitution making body made up of mostly independence. typically,
9:39 pm
it without any political expertise, previous political expertise and to draw a new constitution even though there were very good ideas, were very good concepts and things that i think we'll have a laughing effecting to in the next process. because it's most likely that it will continue process to get really of the current institution because he was rejected in her for end of 2 years ago. but i think that the lack of quality expertise meant that there were the drafting. it was not as concessional of it should ha, between the majority left on center, left because of the the right wing position. so that meant that right, really in a position would need the compassion started to basically boisvert these content ever since the beginning of their convention. they,
9:40 pm
they really felt push behind. they weren't minority, but are there were various faculty in here in embodied out to some things there were maybe too much too soon to swallow for a day and the bulk of little blish. huh. how important is it now for the president to take stock of what's happened and bring as you say, the right and the send to right into the discussion and perhaps change the full, massive. as you say, the committee that puts this together, you need may be some bureaucrats and civil servants, and politicians in there as well. may be retired politicians that have national respect. that can come in to say this is what we need to paps re look at the whole situation again. well, the british in talk to the nation last night, it invited their positions the right way, not position to talk this week. they are going to happen, and i think that the 1st signs, the 1st hours after the results were known,
9:41 pm
were encouraging in the modern to range. and even some previously, not more than a ride seemed to be open to the need to have a new constitution. only the extreme right, which is about 22 percent of the you have 22 percent of support. a express no need of changing anything about it. the notion is constitution, but i think that these wiggly crucial b. the notion, i think people are, imagine a shorter it process because much, it was a chieftain term. so a text that we'd important the shows i'm mostly it is suppression of many, many details and we're in to programmatic. perhaps they, it could be easily, it be endorsed by the bulk of the political system. there will be a new convention,
9:42 pm
most likely, maybe smaller in size, 70 people. that's what he's been taught only working for 6 to 8 months. and i think that a b one will have the experience of deed reject it on the back of their mind. so he would be aimed at more consensus, reading the convention, which they would happen suddenly in the coming weeks for them. i would have via casa salus. thanks for joining us from santiago. my gosh, saying the regime cruise prisoner has testified to prosecute us as he faces multiple investigations for alleged corruption or their casteel says the accusations of political and crowds of people have gathered in support. but even the sanchez has more from the capital lima, or is it a bit of castillo has come to the public ministry for the 3rd time, these persecutors in manila investigations, one for regularities,
9:43 pm
in the purchase of bio diesel. and for the dismissal of interior minister mariano also i live ah, who put together and a police elite group to go after people involved in the corruption case against the president. some of these people, members of his inner circle, very close aids, former ministers, and also members of his family. some of them have been detained, but others continue to be run away. resident, a few denies any room between the fixed criminal investigations against them. now here's the park continues to grow. opinion poll says he has increased at least 5 percentage points to nearly 30 percent this since the president launched a nationwide campaign saying that he and his family are victims of political persecution, states from here from the public ministry authorities in south korea of razor
9:44 pm
typhoon alert to the highest level as the strongest tropical storm of the earth, based on the region typhoon, hannibal is expected to make landfall in the port city of bruce on later on monday . it's already hit gigi island to our flights we cancelled. the store was also affecting japans and mikhail islands and is expected to intensify as it moves over the wall waters of the east china sea. the refugee agency is sending much needed aid to bonk as thong as a copes with historic floods. one 3rd of the countries under water and more than 33000000 people have been effective. come all hider has more from the roger bought in punjab. the florida in southern one job has destroyed crop. lot of the religious are now on dry learn. but when they go back home, they really find a large and an entire clean up operation. the wor, no rocking. because it didn't make thing where the writing crop ad relics,
9:45 pm
caucuses of dead animals. and the people of god will have to die in order to get back to their normal life. the flood is going to give a big impact, right? nobody in any emotional phase, but the disaster is going to starting next couple of weeks when people will be going back to their home. it will be destructive, they have been, have no rooms, they have no livestock, any with their food insecurity, right now the ve, which was floated down to the water for that disastrous thing is that we need to generalize the water. and rather than if we're talking about the hill thought interest in this area, especially raj input and data become so didn't punjab. the only solution is to make a down and it would be the biggest rivers in white after the money. we've been talking to expert who tell us that instead of billions of dollars worth of losses,
9:46 pm
the country has spent just a little bit more in order to ensure that there does not happen again. his wildfire in northern conflicts, dawn has forced almost 2000 people from their homes. now the blades broke out on saturday. that has been found by hot weather install winds. a state of emergency has been declared and the cold stay region. the government says it will help to rebuild about 100 buildings that have been destroyed by the flames. rich countries have said bell, spend about $25000000000.00 over the next 3 years to boost africa's efforts to adapt to climate change. african heads of states along with officials from the u. n . e u, an international monetary fund. or attending a global summit in the dutch city of rotterdam. nations hoping to use the money to improve resilience to stream weather events and expand renewable energy projects. trench rein battering the coast of liberian law destroying homes and historical sites. the un says the west african nation is one of the most vulnerable to coastal
9:47 pm
erosion. as nicholas hack reports from providence island, the ocean is eroded, 30 meters of the capital shoreline. in the past decade. providence island holds the promise of a pass yet to be discovered 200 years ago freed american slaves settled here and founded liberia. we visited the island in october 2021. look at it now. the island appears to be shrinking. with the rising tide, a window into the past is disappearing, says young liberian archaeologist for day is painful because this coronets our histories, there is no thread in that in the next few years. what all will cover the entire, please the about you raising the entire historical side of the republic. in the summer liberian and american archaeologists excavated parts of the island. they found ceramics from ships from the caribbean, the america in europe,
9:48 pm
but also further afield. their findings brought more questions than answers. on the other side of the atlantic, american archaeologist met riley says it isn't just parts of liberian history but american history as well. being lost to the rising water, just about a meter below the surface, you're encountering the water table. artifacts that were already being absorbed into the river bed system. and as the water table continues to rise, these archaeological deposits are at risk of being destroyed, losing the archaeological integrity of these very significant sites before we even have a chance to study them. and that goes for many of those significant heritage sites across the course region, all $900.00 century sites that were settled by free african americans which represent an unparalleled type of story in the history of the african diaspora. almost 800000 people across west africa are displaced because of ongoing torrential, rains and floods. monrovia is barely a meter above sea level. with the rising ocean, the slums are sinking and so are the historical sites. on providence island
9:49 pm
archeologist found the remains of vessels artifacts and settlements, but look at it now. it is for them race against the tide to dig and retrieve what they can because an important chapter of human history is disappearing as we speak for young archaeologists. full day there is a sinking feeling of grief to a land lost to seeing his roots, his identity vanished and the water. nicholas hawk al jazeera, providence island liberia. the un humanitarian chief, his warning of famine in parts of somalia. extreme drought calls by years of failed reigns as displaced more than 1000000 people. or 3000000 animals essential to smalley. as pastoral communities have died, crop production has substantially dropped. still had all the news. i will explain why this was worth $4000000.00. peter will have the story straight up to the bank.
9:50 pm
ah ah. ah.
9:51 pm
save that. mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. oh, a peter. thank you. so russian 9 see andre rib live is through the us open court finals in new york after a straight said when of britain's cameron, norry, for belief is seeking. he's 1st ever grand slam title the win over no remarks the 3rd time he has reached the quarters at flushing meadows and also makes it most assistant mo, mo, he has yet to reach the semi finals. nevertheless fraction and the 2 and
9:52 pm
a half hours are monday. he beat nori 6464 and 63 blake will face the winner between francis cfo and 22 time grand slam want to wrap found the dow in the women's door. there was also a straight fit swim for american jessica pig. you left the seed power away in the quarter finals by sweeping pulse to time slam champion patrick of the eula beating the check $63.62 in just under an hour and a quarter american meet. either be on think old jewel niema annex took a bit of a may carrier say is wanting to change. the public perception of him is one of the driving forces behind these improvements your strategy. and then you made that as the fence of the us open and rain as will number one. david stokes, as the action friends arriving at arthur ashe stadium. we're hoping for a classic and they weren't disappointed. nick carriers in the form of his life up
9:53 pm
against defending champion dana method of your strategy, went into the 4th round clash with history on his side. having won 3 of his previous 4 matches against the russians. ah, but taking out the top seat of the grand slam with entirely different challenge curios, say 3 set points on his way to taking the 1st in a tie break. he couldn't sustain the momentum though is method of hit back to level the man i ever the entertainer curious, did some show boating early in the 3rd, although it cost him on this occasion with the point already one, inexplicably crossed a method outside of the net to hit the ball before it bounced out. despite that he went on to take us at 63, and the 23rd c dominated the 4th to book his place in the quarter finals at flushing meadows for the 1st time. he rios was world number
9:54 pm
1376 months ago, but he'll now move back inside the top. 20 a fellow gradually struggling mentally. i was very selfish. i felt like it was all but like i was like, i feel bad, like i don't apply like and then i looked at the people closest to me and how much i was letting them del and i didn't want to do that anymore. there's not as much negative things being said about me like i just wanted to turn the narrative around almost sir. that's by. that's basically i just was feeling so. so depressed all the time. and so like feeling sorry for myself, i just want to change or defeat to med with. that means he'll be replaced as the world's top rank player. he says he wasn't at his best because of the air conditioning in the u. s. a new or sorry, i get sick one time for sure in the spring because ac is just crazy. last year it happened in cincinnati. i felt my, my, i throwed a little bit today and i think that physically maybe that i played a bit a little bit over all curious as it's taken him 27 years to play great tennis and be hoping for more of the same in the last date against another russian karen
9:55 pm
hatching of another wimbledon runner up is also in with a chance of winning a 1st grand slam title. jean izzie and angie bo extended her career best run at the tournament, were beating veronica. could him? it's over in straight sets. she becomes the 1st north african woman in the open air to reach the quarter finals in new york where she play. serena williams is conqueror. i let him none of which they would stokes al jazeera will heavyweight champion tie some fury, has called out to anthony joshua offering him a shot at his w. b. c. championship belt. ferry. posted a video on twitter early on monday, inviting joshua to fight joshua most recently lost to alexander ou sake, who holds for other versions of the world vital furies undefeated in 33 fights. and despite his retirement announcement in april, is due to fight again in the coming months. okay, joshua, i know you just lost. if i july, you've got something on them. and i want to give you an opportunity to fight me for
9:56 pm
that. will you be heavy? right? jump each of the walls in the old championship. in that field, you cannot control brown fight so much that you're ready. and i'm giving you a few months notice if you're interested, i'll send you that a verbal about the bretton from b, b, c. have your own company, and let me know if you're interested. if not, i will try back tomorrow. thank you very much. 9. the champ hensley group stage kicks off on seas, and in one of the 1st matches, we will get a chance to see how you're doing and get on without stop strike earning haul. and then we just joined dimensions that he in a multi $1000000.00 deal at the start of the season. daughter and begin the campaign at home against f. c. copenhagen. former manchester, united striker. and then days had the chance to score to the ally galaxy. but his cheeky penalty attempt twin horribly wrong that would have won the match we saw
9:57 pm
with just seconds left. so he did get both of these goals in the tool with sports in kansas city golf now in american best. and johnson has added more than $4000000.00 to his bank account of winning the boston events on the live series. the former will number one was chasing the 5th term and when for 19 months, and i run a great, it was in saudi arabia. he made ego at the 1st play of hope defeating chillin lucky niemen, and india's unable, unless he re, johnson takes home $4000000.00 for the wind, plus an extra $750000.00, proclaiming the team competition will the but to cameron smith australia played. he's supposed to bend and finished equal folk, the 2 anomalies to chicago in 2 weeks. and staying in the u. s, there was a lucky escape for thus mascot drive in south carolina. kevin harvick scott co fire
9:58 pm
towards the end of the race point, forcing him to jump out of the vehicle and run to safety. i'll be glad to blamed unreliable pots, causing the flames, and called a mascot to fix the problem. that's just we'll leave it there for now. i'll be here again later with most bullets. nice. so thanks very much, peyton. and of course you for all the stories on a website at al serra dot com. that's it. from mail hunt, you have to lauren taylor in our london, the center shelby after the break. but until i'm from pizza. me and all of the news . our team here at our headquarters in doha. thanks very much. good time. and your company. ah. a baking the issues of the day
9:59 pm
drug use as always, then criminalized around the boundaries of rights. these are just numbers there people are, family and her friends are community member on our online at your voice. this made it to me. i don't believe in dialogue that political crisis from as vsoft went and political solution as climate change progress is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to made. there's no recognition about what we're already facing. the street on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks. doctors here tell us that they are desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies for to those who are injured with detailed coverage for pe walker under a plastic container there fry until got demand bag as much from around the world given as the new king to parts a new to sing his praise. loy, a loyal meeting in the year 1271. a young battalion merchant set
10:00 pm
out on an extraordinary journey. carrying letters from the pope for the great public. com. marco polo traveled through water meters following dangerous roads from the holy land and beyond. today chasing the shadow. professor showers troubled from china to venice with surging questions of how the relationship between east and west is j. o. marco po, now on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera ah, and he's rainy. military investigation says it's highly likely. out of their journalist cheering i work late was accidentally killed by one of its soldiers.


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