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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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in the year 1271 of the young italian legends set out on an extraordinary journey. carrying letters from the pope for the great coupla car, marco polo travel through wardrobe, regions following dangerous roads from the holy land and beyond. to day chasing a shadow. professor showers travel to china events with surging questions of how the relationship between east and west as j. o marco polo on al jazeera ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, ah, and he's rainy. military investigation says it's highly likely out of their journalist sharina work late was accidentally killed by one of its soldiers.
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ah, unearned taylor, this is andrew 0, live from london. also coming up. the you case reading conservative party chooses live trust to be its leader. and the countries next prime minister, i know that we will deliver, we will deliver, we will deliver european gas prices, surge on to russia as its main pipeline to europe will stay shot. ah, i'm william richard. supporters celebrate dr. can you supreme court upholds his election as president dismissing while dingoes accusations afford ah, are these ready military is admitted for the 1st time that outers? their agenda is sharina work late was like a killed by israeli gunfire. it's released its long awaited report and to her death
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in may saying there's a high possibility she was accidentally hit by israeli troops who were responding to far from palestinian gunmen is ready. army says it did not find any violation of regulations and will not be pursuing any criminal investigation. to my child begins our coverage. oh, almost 4 months have passed since odyssey or journalist trevino barkley was murdered by an israeli soldier. pied westbank despite repeated calls from human rights organizations and press freedom advocates for an independent investigation into the killing luxury and israel has consistently refused even ignoring the call from you or a secretary of state anthony, blinking for such a probe. now israel has released the findings of what it calls an operational investigation. the accused investigating themselves these really prob, found that quote, there was a high possibility that was clear,
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was accidentally hit by israeli gunfire that was fired towards what they claimed was suspects identified as armed palestinian gunman. however, there has been no evidence to support israel's claim. city and was killed in broad daylight whilst wearing clearly marked press protested your eye witness statements envied your evidence, shows that there was no exchange of fire. and the veteran journalist followed all protocol investigations by algae 0 the new york times. and cnn all established that she was killed by israeli fire, in what's many say appear to have been a deliberate hit in the media off them off of the killing israeli officials changed their narrative 7 times and 24 hours. the now 4 months later, whilst admitting that's one of their soldiers was probably behind the killing,
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the insist it was a mistake. israeli officials will hope that releasing these findings will help save off criticism. but many will question whether or not it will be enough in the courts of public opinion. shooting a blacklist as life matters for its parts all g 0 has vowed to continue seeking justice for its murder journalist. as history in the family. her brother, anton a niece, lina, i have met with members of the u. s. congress and senate, hoping for washington's help and seeking justice from its ally al jazeera is also part of a wider coalition of media freedom organizations petitioning the international criminal court to look into the case of the slain veteran journalist with other legal avenues also being explored. since the year 2000, israel has killed almost 50 journalists, an injured countless, more. the occupying power has bumped entire building, housing, media outlets, and recently rated the officers over internationally recognized human rights
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organizations and prevented them from doing their work. many fear that unless justice is secured for shooting, bartley and everyone involved in her killing is held accountable. then israeli soldiers will continue to act with impunity, killing whoever they wish. dramatic show yard al jazeera or there is released a statement on the israeli report denouncing the israeli occupation armies, evasion of responsibility for the assassination of sharina worsley. the network also denounces the armies failure to admit its crime and its attempt to evade prosecution of the perpetrators out of their demands that an independent international body investigate the crime of the assassination of sharina berkeley. to establish justice, i shall name has more from the street to ramallah. it's now named after sharina berkeley. the pursuit of justice for serene within israel is over. it is ended. this is the military's final word on this matter,
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and now the focus for sharina family and for al jazeera english, which is also taking on her case will be on international the international fraud. her family is asking the united states to conduct a thorough, an independent investigation serene was palestinian american, and l g 0 as legal team is pursuing a case with the international criminal court. now a senior military official, brief journalists, prior to the release of the report, he's called sharon's death. a devastating and tragic loss offered condolences but said there was not 100 percent certainty that the bullet that killed serene came from an israeli soldier. he cited the possibility that it could have come from an armed palestinian and he says, what if there is 100 percent certainty of is that know israeli soldier targeted sharina or any other journalist. the israeli military says that it conducted multiple internal probes that it also reviewed the investigations of media outlets
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such as the washington post and cnn. and that when it handed over the results of its investigation to the military advocate general, that that person concluded that israeli soldiers had not violated the rules of engagement or violated procedures. and therefore there was no reason to pursue a criminal investigation. ah mistrust has been announced as the new leader of the u. k. conservative party and we'll place or as johnston as prime minister draw speech. former chancellor is she's tonight by around $20000.00 votes and the party leadership contest. but her entrees already full of major challenges. food crosses have risen 10 percent this year, and energy prices are skyrocketing and projected to 40 percent of households will struggle to pay their bills. come october and i plans to cut taxes and offer
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support with energy bills, risk fueling inflation, which is currently at a 40 year high of 10 point one percent. and it's predicted to rocket to 18 point to 6 percent in the new year. another huge challenge is the national health service, which is severely short staffed. the latest figures show a record 6600000 people were waiting for routine hospital treatment in may up 1000000 from the month before. and in mama reports from london. richie sooner. 60399. this truss 81326. therefore, i give notice that liz truss is elected as the leader of the concerned union who results had been widely predicted. but it's no less significant given the candidates differing approaches of the economy and helping people facing huge rises of energy bills. let's try to address those issues,
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but only off to attribute to the man she replaces as prime minister on tuesday. horace, you got breaks it done. you crushed, jeremy colbin. you rolled out the vaccine and you stood up to vladimir putin. you are admired from kiev to carlisle. richie sooner resigned along with dozens of conservative m. p. 's accelerating boris johnson's departure. he's now word tories to unite behind his former cabinet colleague, but she knows winning back public trust will be a big challenge. after such a long selection process, the urgency for the new prime minister to tell the public exactly what steps they'll be taking over the cost of living crisis is clear. unless trust cons have failed to realize that low the work i think has been done. and i think the team are aware that once he transition from campaigning to government, this is a talk question on people's minds. and people will expect to hear clear and
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comprehensive answers. and i think we'll get that later this week. i will deliver only energy crisis dealing with people's energy bills that all say dealing with the long term issues we have on energy supply of to previously focusing on tax cost. trust is reportedly considering a freeze on energy bills. something to your position labor party has called for this political consensus that needs to happen shinny swamps. the question how she got to pay for that labor, me clear the need to be a winful tax on oil and gas companies. so she needs to show that she actually understands and come meet the challenges that are there after 12 years of failure of this tory government, how we will deliver a great victory for the conservative party in 2024. thank you, said no shortage of immense challenges so immense in fact that some predict another
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leadership challenge before the next election is due in 2 years time. nadine barbara al jazeera london. i is in ms. jones, me nath westman sandra, a lot of promises being made to can we expect to hear more on tuesday when she actually becomes prime minister already could be forgiven phone losing count of the number of times she said deliver in that 5 minutes address because she wants to really highlight the fact that she wants to cut tax right around the wicket. and in doing that, she wants to grow the economy. she wants to take on the treasury. she's got a lot of experience with figures. she's an accountant by profession. she's had 8 years in ministerial posts and 3 successive governments, and she's insisting that she will push things in the right direction. she'll tackle the issue of the crisper millions of families run across the u. k. in terms of energy bills chill, possibly introduce a freeze. that's
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a speculation we'll hear about that a little more of that. all the steps of drap downing street to more or indeed inside downing street have yet to work out exactly how that will happen. but she is insisting also that she will be a tackling the issue of defense spending less hasn't been mentioned. and that today that is going to be a massive increase. she would try to put through parliament. and that could be something like the biggest increase since the 1950s. this of course, relates to the war in ukraine, but also the more insecure situation for the, the country right now. but she is pushing forward with these promises right now. but somebody somewhere is going to call out in a very loud voice. can we really afford it? and what i perceived strengths and weaknesses? well, i, i mentioned there that said this 8 years of successive service,
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ministerial post. and he, she is regarded as being a debt, took pulling teams together or amazing. it's at really actually making things clear to people what they have to do, unlike perhaps her predecessor boris johnson. furthermore, she is a determined, a very determined character. however, the weaknesses are there to see she by our own admission isn't a great orator. she also has quirky situations where as you let drop a remark, the causes offense and she has long pauses in public. and so there is a presentation situation here by red emission. however, she is a determined person. she will be going to bow moral on tuesday to curtsey before the queen and be appointed prime minister, not before forest johnson leaves to go to scotland to go in to see the queen
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and offer his resignation. formerly, there is now a 47 year old prime minister, a 3rd woman taking office, getting into a position where she's got a large mountain to climb. and the biggest issue of all, arguably, is unity. she didn't get the biggest margin at all in terms of winning this leadership election amongst conservative supporters. conservative members. and she has a big job on her hand. convincing m p 's that her plans are right because the majority weren't in her favor in parliament or they were in favor of the former chancellor, which she sumac andrew smith. thank you very much. gas prices have skyrocketed across europe. as russia warned, it will not reopen the north stream one pipeline to the continent until sanctions lifted a 30 percent price hike on monday brings the increase this year to staggering. 400
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percent sending shockwave through the current continents economy, which was still recovering from the economy. pandemic european stock market. so fallen was a german dax down nearly 3 percent. and the euro dropped below $0.99 against the dollar for the 1st time in 20 years. the french president, menu michael was urged french businesses and households to save energy to avoid pockets seen some good it you mom. if we collectively know how to behave more soberly, they couldn't and know how to save energy everywhere. hello, then there will be no rationale and there will be no power cause that's the key. so there is no fatality at all. but the fact that he did you to the objective is that if we have a very cold winter, philippines solidarity is called for seat us. we can go through and if we know how to save around 10 percent of energy that the pacific up seen of several. so we must put ourselves in the capacity to do it. as of now, i know you met one celtic on this half hour. i've been shocked to mike all these past few days and you maintain chief visits somalia,
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and warned that famine is at the door again and thousands are already dying. and a judge agrees to donald trump's request to appoint a special master to review records seized from his florida home. ah, now nettie noble, yet this looks like a change of season, a huge swirling, massive cloud coming from the atlantic. it looks like an old hurricane. it'll bring west windy weather into island. in fact, the whole west year, it will see this change and it bring temperatures down from anything above what the normal would suggest to below noble. in many places, there's still a warm strip here, more or less left in probably western pole, east jamie, down to the balkans. throughout the central med where temperatures will stay above
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average. and the blue represents the rain. of course, i said the windy weather will be in southern ireland, that windows go into france. france looks certainly autumnal by this time. big shouts prompted by the alpine mountains and those spreading saffron to northern italy. but in the south found in sicily, palermo, for example, temps are above the average. 43 is the recall to with no, any of that. but $29.00 is the average and we're about 5 degrees. but we stay that way with lighting winds until about friday. and that warm says exists in north africa, still there from more or less central algeria through libya, but the onshore breeze means it will cool down in places like egypt is still masses, a big rain potential in ne image nigeria. but the heaviest rain is for the west in west africa. ah, ah, with
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lou ah, or one of the top stories unit g 0 is running military is admitted for the 1st time that our 0 journalist sharina worsley was likely killed by an israeli soldier. responding to fire from palestinian gunmen, but it says it will not pursue any criminal charges whose trust has been picked as
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the new leader of the u. k. conservative party and is set to replace force johnson as british prime minister on tuesday. she beat for chancellor, where she soon acts by around $20000.00 votes and gas prices have rocketed across europe after russia warned it will not reopen the gnawed stream one pipeline to the continent until sanctions are lifted. the cost of gas increased by 30 percent on monday and is up for 100 percent from the start of the year. can you supreme court has upheld william rooters when in last month's presidential election? it threw out all of the allegations of vote rigging put forward by his opponent while i didn't get. he said he would respect the ruling even though he disagreed with it. easing fears, but can you, was he any repeat of the violence but for a disputed votes in 2007 and 20. 17 catherine, sorry, reports. judges a canyon supreme court. summarize the ruling in less than 2 hours. they dismissed
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petitions challenging last month. presidential election results, president elect william router, won the election. the rule was pushing, pulling, reloading dispute at the point option. the bulk of what dingus case was based on the electoral voting system, which he said had been tampered with. the judges rolled, there was no credible evidence to prove this. is i unanimously division of the court. and we legally following owned us when the presidential election petition number he 005 of 2022 i he and by dismissed a dingo lawyers said they will respect the decision of the court, but they do not agree with it. we had sufficient time to gotta gary all the proper orders, including looking at the issue of the forum intruders venezuelans,
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which you would notice the border, wadded in a minute, making a comment about those insurance and invasions of the system opinion outside the court is divided is canyons have been monitoring what has been going on in st corners. both rayleigh, dean guy and william router have millions of supporters, but only 60 percent of kenyans turned out to vote. some say they are frustrated by politicians during the time in his 1st draft since the court's ruling router sent out, the wheel of the people was respected. i therefore extend a hand of brother will to all my competitors and to all their supporters. we are not enemies, we are canyons outgoing, president to who cannot are also addressed the nation. is it about numbers or is it about process which of these 2?
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is it and chi canon and color institutions rule one way in one election. and another way in another election without scrutiny, ah, sam canyons believed the country is more divided than ever, but they also hope their new leader will deliver on promises he made. on the campaign trail, cathy sawyer al jazeera, nairobi, monks after sounding the alarm, the un humanitarian chief is in draw stricken somalia. or his warning that famine is at the door. at least 1000000 people in somalia have been displaced by the worst drought in decades driven by climate change. so far at least $730.00 children have died in nutrition centers for famine to me formally declared,
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a 5th of households must have significant food gaps. and 30 percent of children is severely malnourished. it would bring vital funding, but modern griffiths griffith says it will come too late to prevent mast devastation. i've been shocked to mike or the past few days by the level of pain and suffering receive so many somalis, enduring famine is out the door. and today we are receiving a final warning situation and trends resemble those seen in 2010, 2011 in that crisis. except now there was the unprecedented failure of 4 consecutive rainy seasons decades of conflict, mass displacement, severe economic. it's yours are pushing many people to that. the drink of
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famine leaders as an african climate summit in rotterdam have criticize western counterparts, but not attending the meeting. despite being responsible for most carbon emissions . the summit aims to help africa adapt to the impact of climate change. and the president, the cynical, and the democratic republic of congo, said, wealthy countries who are the main pollutions of the planet, should be funding that effort. prime minister mark, which was the only western head of state attending the summit in person, along with officials from the u. n. e u, and international monetary fund. kasanya authorities say they're struggling to stop the country's largest link besting its banks and inundating nearby towns. after unprecedented flooding, officials also announced the deaths of another $24.00 people. with 1300 people have been killed after reco monsoon range and melting glasses. and that includes $458.00 children. access to clean water is a key issue for people trying to find food and shelter. of lots of submerged
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a 3rd of the country, affecting 33000000 people, was without them and looked up the ballad in 4 days ago. we were driving cars in this area where we are now driving bonuses, and so far we have rescued him there. 1200 people from towns and villages in this region of mechanical enough in other south korea raised its typhoon to its highest level as it braces for typhoon him was a handful. heavy rain and strong wind already battered the south of the country. flights had been cancelled schools closed and businesses suspended. south korea classifies typhoons in 4 categories. with him know ranked as very strong. nate has wind speeds of up to 53 meters per 2nd in a nor is expected to make landfall south west of the port 50 percent. before heading ne, towards support in japan. an earthquake has killed at least 40 people in china according to state media. the 6.8 magnitude quake struck just outside the city of
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can ding in one province, triggering land sides, local media, say a number of towns are being seriously damaged. police in canada, still searching for 2 suspects charged with murder. after a series of stabbings, on sunday, 10 people were killed and at least 18 injured in multiple locations in the province scotch. when police say they found the victims in a remote indigenous community called james smith, cree nation. and in the nearby town of weldon or us judge agreed to appoint a so called special master to review record seed from for president. donald trump's florida home f. b. i says it's uncovered evidence. trump's team may have been to britney concealed classified documents. the former president denies any wrong doing and says it all documents at his home were declassified and kept securely. last month, dozens of agents such trumps home. seizing all the 33 boxes of files,
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practical hand as move from washington, dc and party. tell us the significance of this appointment. well, it's going to slow down the investigation, but it's by no means going to stop it. so basically this judges just world and said the 3rd party person bit, what they call a special master has to be brought in to look through the documents. in the meantime, she's told the f b i and the justice department. you cannot continue to investigate anything and related to these documents. so that's going to slow them down a little bit. now, what's the impact of this? probably not all that much. if the trump legal team had filed this exactly when the records were 1st taken, then it could have had an impact, but they waited so long. the justice department says, look, we've already read all the documents. we know every single bit of classified information that he had. and again, some of this we believe is the nation's highest most sensitive secrets wanting the judge didn't do is she's the intelligence community,
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is basically going through these documents and looking at what potential harm could have been caused. if these documents got into the open, open source of the wrong people saw it, that investigation can continue. so the judges given both sides until friday to come up with some names for potential special masters. so it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to take a very long time there, about 1300 documents and what she wants them to do is look to see if there's any material that could be considered protected between lawyer and client privilege. the unusual thing is she wants to them to look and see if executive privilege applies to any of this. now that's a very lawyers will tell you a very strange sort of circumstance because the supreme court in the january 6 insurrection case is already ruled that president, former president, al trump doesn't have a whole lot of executive privilege since he's no longer the president. so the big question is, is the department of justice going to appeal it seems possible given the precedent that this could set. it's a federal holiday here. so we've reached out
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a but we have not heard back. but again, bottom line, this is going to delay the investigation, but it's not going to stop it. and just as a frame of reference, the department of justice has a longstanding policy that 60 days before election, they don't tend to do any political, anything, any indictments, any disclosures, because if it's a political nature, so they're already in that window. so it seems unlikely they were gonna make any moves anytime soon. this will just delay when they possibly care patty got any. thank you very much indeed. and truly protest as and police have clashed just hours after voters rejected a proposed new constitution. supporters of the new charter march through santiago, where they lit fires, but within dispersed with water cannon draft constitution supporters say it's one of the most progressive in the world. but 62 percent of people voted against the charter in sundays referendum calls for these changes began in 2019 after mass
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protests, rock the nation. but even with them, we, chileans don't vote for parties, but according to the needs we have, we are not willing to mortgage our freedom and the achievements we have with so many sacrifices over many years. or we wanted to overthrow pinochet's constitution. it didn't work out. the new proposal was wonderful for the people of chile that people didn't read it or take the time to study it. malaysia's foreign premieres to an algebra zak has applied for a royal pardon, days after he was sent to jail for like a serving a 12 year present centers for corruption in a case linked to a multi 1000000000 dollar scandal at state investment fund, one m d b a full pardon would allow him to return to politics ah.


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