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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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on a jessina l tell square who is in the house to work hard to tripling the 19th century architecture in a state of neglect. but this city has the ability to law tourists, whether foreign only bunnies ex bugs, yet the authorities have done nothing to preserve the historic and monuments can bring life back to this place. tripoli is considered the 2nd most archaeologically important city problem, the nominal empire after the egyptian capital cairo, the montessori mosque is among some of the structures remaining from that here on remnants from other ears as well are found here. the triple is history is overshadowed by a turbulent recent path and a grim reality. ah, and israeli military investigation says it's highly likely al jazeera journalist, sharina clay was accidentally killed by one of its soldiers.
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ah, this is also sarah live from doha. i'm carry johnston also coming up, we will deliver, we will deliver, we will deliver ways you case routing conservative policy chooses in this trust as its leader and the countries next prime minister, european gas prices, serge, as russia says, it won't re open the north stream one pipeline to sanction lifted. a typhoon that's being called the strongest global storm this year has made landfill in south korea with the life from sun. ah, palestinian officials, human rights campaign is on the family of sherry, and i will actually have criticized an israeli military investigation to killing in
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may. israel now says there is a high possibility that the al jazeera correspondent was accidentally hit by gunfire from an israeli soldier. but the israeli army said it would not be launching a criminal investigation into the killing of the veteran palestinian american journalist, a fashionable name reports from ramallah, the pursuit of justice for sharina abu clay within israel ended on monday as widely expected. these railey military announced its soldiers did not violate procedure, and there will be no criminal investigation into her killing while on assignment in the you need refugee camp in may. a senior military official offered condolences and called sharon's death, a devastating loss of life. the military report concluded that after multiple internal investigations, there was a high probability and is really soldier accidentally shot serene. but it could not
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be determined conclusively. the official says with 100 percent certainty is really soldiers did not target serene or any other journalists that day. and if in israeli bullet killed her, it was a mistake. but that them will their mom, it's not convincing. it's unacceptable. there's no other suspect, but the occupation army murdered, cheering the petition. the military describes the janine refugee camp on the day. sharon was killed as a battle field. it says there was a prolonged gun battle with armed palestinians. the soldiers retreated to vehicles and the military official says they had limited visibility and did not survive. video from the minutes before sharing death show home a little behind that she was very clearly marked. blue brown jacket, about shot in the back of the neck, were helmet even as she collapsed to the ground. witnesses who tried to assist her,
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say, the gunfire continued shooting, how will she's become an international symbol and that is why her blood became a heavy burden. and criminal, political and diplomatic terms, they can't handle this. that is why they're trying to manage the fall out of her murder. sharina family says it's obvious israeli war criminals can't investigate their own crimes. it's calling on the u. s. to conduct an independent and credible investigation into the palestinian american journalists killing. the palestinian authority says it's pressing international bodies for accountability and alger zeros legal team plans to submit a case with the international criminal court at the hague. sharon's case may be closed for the israeli military, but her family says our dear, serene, cannot be swept aside. natasha name l. jazeera ramallah.
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brittany will get it's a 3rd female prime minister on tuesday. this trust has been chosen as the new leader of the ruling. conservative party and will replace boris johnson just beat a former chancellor mission sooner to get the top job. she's promising decisive action to tackle the cost of living crisis. i think baba reports from london. richey sooner 60399. louis truss 81326. therefore, i give notice that this truss is elected as the leader of the concerned union who results had been widely predicted. but it's no less significant given the candidates differing approaches on the economy and helping people facing huge rises of energy bills lose trust, address those issues, but only off to attribute to the man she replaces as prime minister on tuesday. horace, you got breaks it done. you crushed jeremy colbin. you rolled out the vaccine
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and you stood up to vladimir putin. you are admired from kiev to carlisle. richie scenic resigned along with dozens of conservative m. p. 's accelerated boris johnson's departure. he's now word tories to unite behind his former cabinet colleague, but she knows winning, but public trust will be a big challenge. after such a long selection process, the urgency for the new prime minister to tell the public exactly what steps will be taking over the cost of living crisis is clear. unless trust cons have failed to realize that low the work i think has been done. and i think the team are aware that once you transition from campaigning to government, this is a talk question on people's minds. and people will expect to hear clear and comprehensive answers. and i think we'll get that later this week. i will deliver on the energy crisis dealing with people's energy bills that all say dealing with
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the long term issues we have on energy supply of to previously focusing on tax cuts . trust is reportedly considering a freeze on energy bills. something to your position labor party has called for this a political consensus that needs to happen. shinny swapped the question how she got to pay for that labor mcclare. it needs to be a winful tax on. busy oil and gas companies, so she needs to show that she actually understands and come meet the challenges that are there after 12 years of failure of this tori government. i will deliver a great victory for the conservative party in 2024. thank you. said no shortage of immense challenges so immense in fact that some predict another leadership challenge before the next election is due in 2 years time. nadine barbara al jazeera london gas prices have skyrocketed across europe. as russia
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warned, it will not reopen the gnawed stream one pipeline until sanctions are lifted. a price is shot up by as much as 30 percent in early trading. on monday, russian gas, giant gas prom announced an indefinite shut down in north stream on pipeline. on friday, so i think a technical fault. us is accusing rush of using energy as a weapon. donna kate has more from berlin. for months, the german government has been considering its options, how it would deal with a potential energy shortfall in the coming winter. would it look to make greater use of nuclear power given the fact that the 3 remaining reactors are scheduled to be switched off at the end of the year? it's been a central question for the green ministers that a part of the coalition government here in berlin. and on monday, the vice chancellor robert harbor answered that question after undo. they're legally allowed to at the end of the regular term of the nuclear power plants, we will transfer the to southern german reactors to
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a reserve said that they can be used again or continued to be used of the situation demands it. and we're not sacrificing that option. this is a balancing decision, because i have said this is a high risk technology that should be phased out by the end of the year. and i believe it is both an acceptable and unnecessary decision. and i will propose it to the government and coalition partners, devices with any disrespect. this is a difficult step for the green party in government. they have always called for nuclear power to be faced out as quickly as possible, but they are facing others in the opposition. notably from the conservative christian democrats who say, nuclear power should be used to play a greater role in energy production. given the situation, the crisis forced on europe, particularly germany, given the dependence on russian fossil fuels. mr. har back is clear. he says there is no future long term for nuclear in germany. but it's clear he's also saying
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that there may be a place for it between january and the middle of april 2023 for they sent canada. se on of 2 brothers suspected in the stabbing depths of 10 people has been found dead. 10 people were killed in at least 18 injured in multiple locations in the western, the province of saskatchewan on sunday. the tax took place in the remote indigenous community called james smith, cree nation. under the nearby town of weldon, a search continues for the 2nd suspect. us judge has granted for president donald trump's request to appoint a special master to review document seized by the f. b i from his florida home district. judge eileen cannon got her job just months before it's from left office in 2020. the order comes despite objections. from the justice department is expected to slow the pace of the departments investigation into the presence of top secret information at martin lago. let's bring in that bridge fine. he's at former
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us associate deputy attorney general, who worked on the impeachment, solve richard nixon and bill clinton will. he joins us why skype from tentative welcome to the program. so we're in a nutshell, then what does it mean to have a special master? well, it means that someone outside the justice department or make a decision as to whether certain documents have any proper claim of privilege. it will slow down the process of the department moving forward on its investigation of the 3 crimes that were identified in the search warrant. however, i do believe that under the law, the department has an automatic right to immediately appeal this decision. and i think that will happen within the next 24 to 48 hours. and having read the opinion completely, i think it's done persuasive. and that the us court of appeals for the 11th circuit
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will reverse that. there is no need for a special master. when a judge can do the review work or to a magistrate without a special master, it may take up judicial time, but that's what the judges are for. there's nothing except really complicated about attorney client privilege executive privilege which trump is suggesting may be pertinent here. and indeed, to the extent there are issues of that sort, it's because mr. trump mix this classified information with personal documents. and the department could not camp out in mer lago, 4 weeks at a time going through housing. i think it's about 11000 pages to determine what might be privileged or not, and taking only the things that were clearly marked and leaving birthday cards and other things that trump seem to leave scattered hither and yon. so ultimately,
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bottom line, i think the case will be reversed on appeal, the case will move forward and the special master decision on its face does not really affect the ultimate criminality or not. of what mr. trump did with all these docs and the judge, hey, i was a trump, appointee. can anything be made of that? yes, i do think the fact that was that trump a point the was not unanimous. that there are versions of the opinion that in my judgement display bias, let me give you examples where the judge regularly said that the efforts to obtain this information through the search warrant were on precedent. true enough, but what mister truck did with the presidential papers was unprecedented to
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scattering them hither and yon defying subpoenas lying to the department about having returned all classified documents in previous subpoena request. their extraordinary measures to be sure are taken because there was extraordinary wrong doing by a president that hadn't been done ever since the president records act was enacted in 1978. that to my mind in the balancing test, suggested bias on behalf of the judge, which begins reinforces my conclusion. that if you call me back in 24 to 48 hours, we'd be talking about the reversal of the opinion resign. we appreciate your insights. thank you. for joining us. thank you. i said i had hair on al jazeera, india's i t hobb is brought to a standstill after an unusually heavy downpour. i protested. police crashing chile after voters reject to propose your constitution.
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ah, that has been flooding recently on the east side of the u. s. from the midwest and then particular to the appalachians, the ohio valley and you see there is more rain forecast is line of cloud is a cold front. so it's actually taking temperatures down in place like taxes and given rain recently, and the flood risk is still there. that line goes east was during tuesday to the west, though it's completely opposite story. we seen reco temperatures again in places in california, and that is the area where record temperatures could still be for the next few days . 40000000 people under excessive heat warnings. not just of a guesswork. this is a proper warning. again california nevada and arizona. now back down to where temperatures are not really the story we were back into tropical sites. he's
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inheritance using like, early on its way away from puerto rico, but his leaving rain as potential big thunderstorms and of the u. s. virgin islands . just in the, as your screen is one on the eastern, a pacific as well, affecting whether in the western side of mexico flood potential there. i think big temperature changes in july where santiago's 26 is a drop from the recent 30. there's more big rain in the form of thunderstorms, in the southeast of brazil. otherwise things look global. ah frank assessments, how much support is there that street protests that we've seen in protein across the rest of the country? the street has been, has been very good at tapping into the co confound to people across the country, informed opinions we will say more of these events. what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines
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draw. he is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story? on al jazeera lou? the the the watching else is there a reminder of our top stores this house is ready military has admitted for the 1st time that i'll just do a journalist and i will actually was likely killed is very gunfire that it will not proceed. any criminal charges return and we'll get it. 3rd female prime minister on tuesday, this truck has been chosen for union conservative party and we replaced forest johnson. he's promising decisive action package cost of living car gas prices have
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skyrocketed across europe as russia want. it will not reopen the north stream one pipeline full function on listed crisis as much as 30 percent in any training. on monday we'll talk soon enough nor has made landfill nor do sun in south korea. south korea raised its typhoon alert to its highest level as heavy rains and strong winds batter. the south of the country side had been cancelled in schools, and business is closed. why not? nor has wind speeds of up to 170 kilometers per hour. robert bride joins us live, not from this. i say robot. how is the region bracing itself? well, that's right. well, that the typhoon has now passed through this corner of the korean peninsula, but it did get classed as the largest stolen system that the world has seen so far . this year. part of the problem was that as the storm was foaming hinted,
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mall was forming out in the western pacific. and then the east china sea combined with another tropical depression which added half if you like, and made it a very large weather system. hundreds of kilometers across which is gradually moved north. let me just step back and give you a look at the what it's done to seize here came through this part of south korea. during the hours of darkness, it actually made land full to the west of boost down the way these type foods work is with the circling winds around the center. it meant that this part of the coastline really did bad. the bronze from all of these winds whipping in from the sea, combined with a high tide and a storm surge that has been quite a lot of flooding along this part of the coastline. the typhoon has now moved off into the seas that separate the korean peninsula from japan, but because because of its extensive size, we know that it's already cause disruptions in south korea to some flights to train
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schedules. a schools have been canceled for the day. it's also impacting other places in particular, japan, we know that in the southern island, the q u. there has been some power outages there dates, going to bring a lot of rain to a japan as it moves up the seas that separate the korean peninsula from japan. and also north korea is bracing for it's impacted. it says it is ready expecting to say storm damage and this door will in fact, get as far as russia before it finally peters out. well, mcbride, without updates in the sense. thank you. custodial authorities say they're struggling to stop the country's largest lake bursting its banks off. the unprecedented flooding. officials also announced the death of another 24 people. more than 1000. 300 people have been killed after reco monsoon rains and melting glasses with access to clean water is
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a key issue for people trying to find food and shelter. the floods have submerged a 3rd of the country affecting 33000000 people, was without them, and looked up the ballad in 4 days ago. we were driving cars in this area where we are now driving boats. so far we have rescued 1200 people from towns and villages in this region. to angel rainfall has inundated large parts of the engine tech hub of bengal, roof heavy downpours over several days. of course, traffic chaos, and halted drinking water supply. in some areas, authority can be report oh, moving passes by shout, words of encouragement to a man struggling to stay afloat, days of to rent your rain and burglary have turned roads into rivers. this man had a lucky escape. my by weight was here. these people were talking, all of a sudden, i didn't even know what happened. i just went in the back was in, i just see lagging them up a little on like over 40 with the 2nd i just high his head. so i pulled out his
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hair and though he came over, langley re was known as indians, tech capitol. it's home to the regional headquarters of amazon flip carter with pro . but large parts of the city on the water than glory receive nearly 400 per cent. more than the average rainfall on sunday, many companies have told employees to work from home. those who did try to make it in soon regretted it was never thought that in ballard this month and then it had to fade. and again, i thought that i would be able to god, but again, it's my stupidity. i would have done law, and i'm coming just to go to my workplace. the flooding is causing traffic chaos. some blame the government's lack of preparedness. they calling on authorities to scale up the city's infrastructure. forgot to go to really do not really good, you know, really a mirror pull over. the government knows that water logging happens every day. they also know that people are facing many problems, but officials seem unconcerned. they have to find a solution. they must get more information and solve this issue as
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a traffic jam until maralie bridge. more local meteorologists have forecast heavy rain and burglary until friday. so residents have several more days of chaotic conditions to endure before they can expect some relief. victoria gate and be al jazeera can years at supreme court as upheld when the router's when last month's presidential election is throughout all of the allegations of vote. rigging, put forward by his opponent, right, bingo. he said he would respect the ruling even though he disagreed with it. easing fears of repeats of the violence that followed disputed votes in 272017 catherine sawyer. reports from nairobi. judges at can. you supreme court summarize the ruling in less than 2 hours. they dismissed petitions challenging last month, presidential election results president elect william hutto warned the election. the duel of his pushes opponent reloading got dispute at the point of june. the
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bulk of a dingus case was based on the electoral voting system, which he said had been tampered with. the judge's ruled, it was no credible evidence to prove this. is i unanimously division of the court and we legally following owned us when the presidential election petition number, he 005 of 2022. and he and they dismissed a dingo lawyers, said they will respect the division of the court, but they do not agree with it. we had sufficient time to gotta go to order proper orders, including looking at the issue of the foreign intruders live and his relatives, which you would notice the board on wadded in a minute, making any comment about those insurance or the invasions of the system
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opinion outside the court is divided is canyons have been monitoring what has been going on in st corners. both rylon or dean guy and william router have millions of supporters, but only 60 percent of kenyans turned up towards some say they are frustrated by politicians during the time in his fast address since the court's ruling router said to the wheel of the people was respected i therefore extended handled brotherhood to all my competitors and to all their supporters. we are not enemies, we are canyons outgoing president to whom kinyata also addressed the nation. is it about numbers or is it about process? which of these to is it and chi canon and can our institutions rule one way in one
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election and another way in another election without scrutiny, some canyons believe the country is more divided than ever, but they also hope their new leader will deliver on promises. he made on the campaign trail. cathy sawyer al jazeera nairobi, ukrainian soldiers have reportedly raised their country's flag in the village in the her song region, which officials say, has been taken back from russia or video obtained by the reuters news agency shows what authorities say is ukrainian flag flying at the entrance of a building, if a soco police presence is lensky, says, progress is being made in the battle for the southern region. meanwhile, a pro kremlin official in the area says, plans for a referendum on address on reaching, joining russia or on hold. because of the security situation in chilly
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protest is in place of forts a day off to votes is reject to the proposed new constitution. supporters of the new charter were dispersed with water cannon after they started small fires. the draft constitution's baccha say it's one of the most progressive documents in the world. it was rejected by more than 63 percent of the electorate in sundays referendum calls for constitutional changes began in 2019 after mass protests to live with them. we, chileans don't vote for parties, but according to the needs we have, we are not willing to mortgage our freedom and the achievements we have with so many sacrifices over many years to hardy. em all of us that we wanted to overthrow pinochet's constitution. it didn't walk out, we might have the new proposal was wonderful for the people of chile that people didn't read it or take the time to study it. peruse that president has testified to prosecutors as he faces at multiple investigations for alleged corruption. petro
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castillo, says the accusations, all political crowds of people have gathered in the capital to show their support for him. arrianna sanchez has more from lima, or is it a bit o? castillo has come to the public minister for the 3rd time. these prosecutors in the investigation is one more easy who regularities in the purchase of bio diesel and for the dismissal of interior minister. my, the underworld salus are who put together and a police elite group to go after people involved in the corruption pays against a precedent. some of these people, members of his inner circle, very close aids, former ministers, and also members of his family. some of them have been detained, but others continue to be run away. oh, resident, been a few denies any room doing in the 6th criminal investigations against them. now here's the part to grow up in
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a quote. i think reasons at least 5 percentage points to nearly 30 percent. this is the president launched a nationwide campaign saying that he and his family are victims of political persecution, states from here from the public ministry and from an embattled sitting president. so soon to be ex prime minister was forced out by his own party after a series of scandals, or as johnson's time as leader of the u. k. was a turbulent one. if you will look at this time in downing street, the leader of the conservative, i have just been to see her majesty the queen who has invited me to form a government. was your message to the country with the don't. can you go break the deal with a split the country into as a british prime minister low you must stay at home. last
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i still have one of the symptoms, a mighty symptom of a temperature. i had no knowledge of the subsequent proceedings because i simply wasn't. and i want to begin today by renewing my apology to the house or to the whole country for the short lunch time gathering by taking full responsibility for everything that took place. oh my god, the accused minister had previously committed predatory behavior, but he promoted to a position of power anyway. why? oh member for time work no longer has the consent of the when he no longer has a job. what you do know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. but then the brakes blue. this is all this era, these on the top storage now the israeli.


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