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but changing mind can be as hard as altering space. rental architecture continues with meaning the city anal disease. in the year, 1271. the young italian merchant set out on an extraordinary journey, carrying letters from the po for the great coupla car. marco polo travel through wardrobe, regions following dangerous roads from the holy land and beyond. to day chasing the shadow. professor showers travel to china events with surging questions of how the relationship between east and west as j. o marco polo on al jazeera. ah. and israeli military investigation says it's highly likely al jazeera journalist syrian acclaim was accidentally killed by one of its soldiers. us is calling for
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accountability. ah, this is officer. a lie from dough. i'm carrie just also coming up. we will deliver, we will deliver, we will deliver away new case. really conservative party chooses mistrust as its leader and the country is next. prime minister, european gas prices, serge, as russia says, it won't re open the north stream one pipeline until sanctions are lifted. typhoon that's being called the strongest global storm this year has made land form in south korea. ah, palestinian officials, human rights campaigners and the family of sri. i would actually have criticized an israeli military investigation to her killing in may. israel now says there is
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a high possibility that the al jazeera correspondence was accidentally hit by gunfire from an israeli soldier. for these really army said it would not be launching a criminal investigation into the killing of the veteran palestinian american journalist. its actual name reports from remodel, the pursuit of justice for serene abu clay within israel ended on monday, as widely expected. the israeli military announced its soldiers did not violate procedure, and there will be no criminal investigation into her killing while on assignment in the janine refugee camp in may, a senior military official offered condolences and called sharon's death, a devastating loss of life. the military report concluded that after multiple internal investigations, there was a high probability and is really soldier accidentally shot serene. but it could not be determined conclusively. the official says with 100 percent certainty is really
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soldiers did not target serene or any other journalists that day. and if in israeli bullet killed her, it was a mistake. but that then will them. it's not convincing. it's unacceptable. there's no other suspect, but the occupation army murdered cheering that the military describes. the janine refugee camp on the day serene was killed as a battle field. it says there was a prolonged gun battle with armed palestinians. the soldiers retreated to vehicles, and the military official says they had limited visibility and did not see a video from the minutes before showering death. show home a little behind the she. valerie clearly marked blue brown jacket about shot in the back of the neck, were helmet even as she collapsed to the ground. witnesses who tried to assist her, say, the gunfire continued shooting to how well she's become an international symbol,
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and that is why her blood became a heavy burden and criminal, political, and diplomatic terms. they can't handle this. that is why they're trying to manage the fall out of her murder. sharina family says it's obvious israeli war criminals can't investigate their own crimes. it's calling on the u. s. to conduct an independent and credible investigation into the palestinian american journalists killing. the palestinian authority says it's pressing international bodies for accountability and al jazeera is legal team plans to submit a case with the international criminal court at the hague. she reads case may be closed for the israeli military, but her family says our dear, serene, cannot be swept aside. natasha, her name l. jazeera ramallah. during our close, family is accusing the israeli government and military of trying to obscure the
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truth about what happened in a statement. her family said, as expected, israel has refused to take responsibility for murdering sri. our family is not surprised by this outcome, since it's obvious to anyone that is really war. criminals cannot investigate their own crimes. we remain deeply hurt, frustrated and disappointed. the statement goes on to call for thar independent and credible us investigation, saying that accountability requires action. where you are, state department has responded after israel admitted it. soldier had lock is shot, serene spokesman net price called for accountability and policies and procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future. britain, it will get its 3rd female prime minister on tuesday. this trust has been chosen as a new lead of the ruling conservative party and will replace forest johnson or trust beat. former chancellor was she sooner to get the job. she's promising decisive action to tackle the cost of living crisis. and the mother reports from
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london. ritchie, cynic, 60399. this truss 81326. therefore, i give notice that this truss is elected as the leader of the concerned union is why the results have been widely predicted, but it's no less significant given the candidates differing approaches on the economy and helping people facing hue drawings is an energy bills. less trust address those issues, but only after attribute to the man she replaces as prime minister on tuesday. horace, you got breakfast done. you crushed jeremy colby. you rolled out the vaccine and you stood up to vladimir putin. you are admired from kiev to carlisle.
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richie scenic resigned along with dozens of conservative m. p. 's accelerated boris johnson's departure. he's now word tories to unite behind his former cabinet colleague, but she knows winning back public trust will be a big challenge. after such a long selection process, the urgency for the new prime minister to tell the public exactly what stretch they'll be taking over the cost of living crisis is clear unless trust count of failed to realize that low the work i think has been done. and i think the team are aware that once you transition from campaigning to government, this is a talk question on people's minds. and people will expect to hear clear and comprehensive answers. and i think we'll get that later this week. i will deliver on the energy crisis dealing with people's energy bills that all say dealing with the long term issues we have on energy supply of to previously focusing on tax cost . trust is reportedly considering a freeze on energy bills. something big opposition. labor party has called for this
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a political consensus that needs to happen. shinny swapped the question how she got to pay for that labor. me clear that needs to be a winful tax on oil and gas companies. so she needs to show that she actually understands and come meet the challenges that are there after 12 years of failure of this tori government, we will deliver a great victory for the conservative party in 2024. thank you. said no shortage of immense challenges. so immense, in fact that some predict another leadership challenge before the next election is due in 2 years time. nadine barbara al jazeera london. well, this trusts inherits the government that came to power in a landslide in 2019 by the conservatives. and now training the main opposition labor party in opinion polls, haywood reports from grimsby in northern england. well challenges facing the new prime minister. going on a day when the states couldn't be high
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a getting the right price is everything. it may be 300 kilometers from downing street burton political future is being watched closely here. i'm hoping for honesty and integrity. i'm hoping that they're going to lead us out to be quite frankly, very worrying times. well, we won't change anyway. yeah, the media will focus on getting rid of virus and they got what they wanted and they, we, all grimsby has seen its fortunes ebb and flow back in the 60s. it was the biggest fishing port in the world. now it's at the center of sea food processing and the offshore wind industry, but poverty levels remain high in some parts of the town. at the last general election force, johnson led the conservatives to power and that when saw the party take territory, which had been held by labor like this one for decades, nearly 3 years old. this is the reality for some people queuing, for sensual,
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for just one of grimsby spoof banks. right now, westminster feels a long way from here. and i think we do need to a little bit more government support in keep in the economy to a level where people can afford to buy their own food. this was only a food bank is only meant to give temporary aid to individuals. but what's happening is we're get more and more individuals that come in on the weekend week out basis list ross has promised to lift the economy and tackle the energy crisis, shall also need to build trust in people who are the backbone of british business. i want to vote for a just for the, for the i kind of gave up on the politics of in games rigged. and i don't think any of the pies can get a handle on what's going on at the moment. it's been such a small choice time that i don't think anybody has the answers. finding those answers won't be easy. as the u. k. battles,
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record inflation and the worst energy crisis in decades. emma haywood al jazeera in northern england. gas prices of skyrocketed across europe as russia worn that will not reopen, nor stream on pipeline until sanctions are lifted. process shot by as much as 30 percent in early trading on monday. i should get john gas from announced and indefinite shut down the north stream. one pipeline on friday, citing a technical fault. the u. s. is accusing rush of using energy as a weapon. french present, myoma. com, as urged businesses and households to save energy to avoid power cups. seeing 7 could, you know if we collectively know how to behave more soberly and know how to save energy everywhere, then there will be no rational and there will be no power cause that's the key. so there is no fatality at all. you get for the fact that he did you to the objective is that if we have a very cold winter, if european solidarity is called for see that we can go through and if we know how
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to save around 10 percent of energy the pacific up to 70 so we must put ourselves in the capacity to do it. as of now, you know, we're getting reports of at least 35 civilians have died in book uniform. so after vague on the convoy hit an explosive device. what happened in a northern town of the g m. the country's interim government says another 37 people were injured in the incident. police in canada say one of 2 brothers suspected in the stabbing death of 10 people has been found dead in east 18. others were also injured in multiple locations in the western, the province of saskatchewan, on sunday. the tax took place in a remote indigenous community called james smith, cree nation, and a nearby town of weldon. the search continues for the 2nd suspect was that i had harold al jazeera india's i t hobb is brought to a standstill after an unusually heavy downpour of protest. hasn't police crash in
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chile after voters reject a proposed new constitution? ah, richard, he has begun the fee for world copies on its way to the castle book. your travel package today now is typhoon season as you know, and this one is moving quickly, so it makes brief landfall in south korea. but given this is a 12 hour forecast, just look how quickly disappeared. so anything that happens and it will be strong, wind and heavy rains. go through fairly quickly. and then tuesday, if you like, is a day of watching what's happened and clearing up. and you've left behind relatively fine weather. there is an increase likelihood, a big shout. i think dan, in taiwan, possibly back in hong kong. i'm clearly is part of ne, in china or east russia is going to be very wet as this thing disappears as a typhoon, it is still. there is
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a massive rain. again disappearing during wednesday. they are leaving behind open skies means attempt there. again rising in central china, it shouldn't be as warm as 35 more. han even shanghai that thirty's above where it should be. and we've had a summer of very high temperatures in central china. now the seasonal rain is still here, roughly speaking from thailand across towards the central philippines, is coming back into western bornea and the shells are increasing indonesia by wednesday, having had a dry day on tuesday. as for the monsoon range, they concentrate your way. you might expect them on the western side of india and still up in bangladesh. but in the far north of pakistan, very few shows. cats are official airline of the journey. it was meant to be there day. he just here to care is going are quickly, quickly put a tragic attack. stop the world. and the u. s. president, a guy came in and whispered something into the prisoner's ear. what it he just
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hated for the school children present. the events of september, the 11th defined the world. they grew up in just a huge moment. the to their stories, $911.00, witness on al jazeera. ah, the me wondering else is there a reminder of our top story this out? these very minute she has admitted for the 1st time that i'll just 0 journalist she and i will actually was likely killed by israeli gum fund will not pursue any criminal charges. will get it for 3rd female prime minister on tuesday. his trust has been chosen as the ruling conservative party and the faith,
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forrest johnson. she's promising decisive action. the cost of living gas prices have skyrocketed across europe. as russia warns it will not reopen the north stream . on pipeline for functions on listed as much as 30 percent in early training on monday high food in nor has made land for their boost on in south korea. south korea raised its typhoon alert to its highest level as heavy rains and strong winds batter the south of the country. flights had been cancelled, and schools and businesses closed. the typhoon has wind speeds of up to 170 kilometers per hour. robert bride is in the sun and has more on the impact of the typhoon that the typhoon has now passed through this corner of the korean peninsula . but it did get classed as the largest storm system that the world has seen so far this year. part of the problem was that as the storm was forming, hinted,
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mall was forming out in the western pacific and then the east china sea combined with another tropical depression, which i did have if you like, made it a very large weather system of hundreds of kilometers across which is gradually moved north. let me just step back and give you a bit. a look at the what it's done to us sees here, came through this part of south korea. during the hours of darkness. it actually made land full to the west of boost down the way these type foods work is with the circling winds around the center. it meant that this part of the coastline really did bad. the bronze from all of these winds whipping in from the c combined with a high tide and a storm surge that has been quite a lot of flooding along this part of the coastline. the typhoon has now moved off into the seas that separate the korean peninsula from japan, but because because of its extensive size, we know that it's already caused disruptions in south korea to some flights to
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train schedules. schools have been canceled for the day. it's also impacting other places in particular, japan, we know that in the southern island of q u, there has been some power outages that they've got to bring a lot of rain to a japan. as it moves up the seas that separate the canoe, a korean peninsula from japan and also north korea is bracing for its impact. it says it is ready expecting to say storm damage and distort will in fact get as far as russia before it. finally, peters out focused on authority, so they're struggling to stop the country's largest lake bursting its banks off. the unprecedented flooding. officials also announced the death of another 24 people . more than 1300 people have been killed. off the record monsoon reins and melting glasses. access to clean water is a key issue for people trying to find food and shelter. the floods have submerged a 3rd of the country affecting 33000000 people. was redundant them and looked up
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the ballad in 4 days ago. we were driving cars in this area where we are now driving boats. so far we have rescued 1200 people from towns and villages in this region were un refugee agency offending much needed aid to pakistan. come on, hider has more from roger put in the punjab province. the florida in southern barn job has destroyed crop last year of the religion now on dry learn. but when they go back home, they really find a large and an entire clean up operation. the water is no rock thing because it doesn't make thing where the writing crop ad relic august says of dead animals. and the people of god will have a difficult die in order to get back to their normal life. the flood is going to give a big impact, right? nobody in any emotional phase. but the disaster is going to start in next couple of
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weeks when people will be going back to their home. it will be destructive, they have been, have no rooms. they have no livestock, any with their food insecurity. the v, which was floated down to the water for that disaster thing is that we need to generalize the water. and rather than if we're talking about the hill thought interest in this area, especially important data i become so didn't from job. the only solution is to make a down. and it would be the biggest rivers insert wide after the money down. we've been talking to expert who tell us that instead of billions of dollars worth of loss, the country has spent just a little bit more in order to ensure that there does not happen again to angel rainfall has inundated large parts of the indian hackable. think of the room, heavy downpours. there were several days of course, traffic chaos and halted drinking water supply in some areas that are getting
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b reports now. oh, we're moving passes by shout, words of encouragement to a man struggling to stay afloat. days if to wrench rain and burglary have turned roads into rivers. this man had a lucky escape. my by a boy was here. these people were talking. all of a sudden i didn't even know what happened. i just wonder the bag was in. i just see lagging them up a little on like over 40 with the 2nd i just high is head. so i pulled up all over his head and though he came over langler, he was known as indians, tech capitol. it's home to the regional headquarters of amazon flip caught him with pro, but large parts of the city on the water. when glory received nearly 400 per cent more than the average rainfall on sunday. many companies have told employees to work from home. those who did try to make it in soon regretted it was never thought that in ballard with much of any they had to face. and i thought that i would be
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able to god. but again, it's my stupidity. i would have done love. oh, and i'm coming just to go to my workplace. the flooding is causing traffic chaos. some blame the government's lack of preparedness. they calling on authorities to scale up the cities infrastructure. forgot to go to really do not really good in our really a nearby there. the government knows that what a logging happens every day. they also know that people are facing many problems, but officials seem unconcerned. they have to find a solution. they must get more information and solve this issue as a traffic jam until maralie bridge mar, logo. meteorologists have forecast heavy rain and burglary until friday. so residents have several more days of chaotic conditions to endure before they can expect some relief. victoria gay to be out, his era u. s. judge has granted for press. donald trump's request to appoint a special master to review document seized by the f. b i from his florida home district. judge, alien cannon got her job just months before trump left office in 2020. the. all the
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comes despite objections from the justice department is expected to slow the pace of the departments investigation in the presence of a top secret information at mar laga. this fine is a former us associate deputy attorney general. he says the fact the judge was appointed by trump is important. there are versions of the opinion that in my judgement display bias. let me give you examples where the judge regularly said that the efforts to obtain this information through the search warrant were on precedent. true enough, but what mister truck did with the presidential papers was unprecedented to scattering them hither and yon defying subpoenas lying to the department about having returned all classified documents in previous subpoena request. so their
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extraordinary measures to be sure were taken because there was extraordinary wrong doing my present that hadn't been done ever since the president records act was enacted in 1978. that to my mind in the balancing test, suggested bias on behalf of the judge sneeze at president his calling on all political parties to give the country a 2nd chance to write a new constitution. on sunday, a majority of voters rejected a draft chart that was supposed to address social ills which many saw as to radical or latin america. editor lucio newman reports from santiago ah chilion president gabrielle bodied summoned his cabinet the morning after the stunning defeat of the new draft constitution in a referendum that also clearly reflected strong disapproval in his government's performance. those would place their hopes in the new charter, put on a brave face. well go. it's a sin and they, it was
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a very progressive constitution in terms of the environment women's rights. so waking up to this is hard to me in them head. the constitutional process had been fraught with sectarianism and charges that radicals were trying to recreate chilly rather than improved with social reforms. former center left delegate philip had boy says, extremists went too far over the moon on the good thing allowance. he pointed out that the text had multiple arrows that it was based on a wrong diagnosis of what sheila wanted, but they wouldn't listen to go. many lament that the attempt to write a progressive constitution was a squandered opportunity, but all is not lost. hiccups down oclock, don't gamino, luna. if the president proposes a path of unity, we will go for it. he and congress must propose a quick and more simple process to start again. the nobody put us in level miss anything. monday morning. what each meant with leaders of both houses with promised
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to do just that. love and keep on the film. if we're able to level of the fuel, we must learn the lessons from what's happening. and above all respect, the mandate that we were given by our citizens to write the new constitution. those were promoted with many had hoped, would be a moral constitution for the 21st century. can take comfort in one thing. and that is that the vast majority of chileans supported and still want much of what the text proposed social rights like health education and pensions. environmental protection and gender equality, which is not so clear is how soon and under what conditions jillions will go back to the drawing board. lucy and human al jazeera santiago ah, rich countries have said that they'll spend about $25000000000.00 in the next 3 years to boost africa's efforts to adapt to climate change. african heads of states
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along with officials from the u. n. e u and international monetary fund have been attending a global summit in the dutch city of rotterdam. nations are hoping to use the money to improve resilience, to extreme weather events, and expand renewable energy projects. russell soda is at the summit in rotterdam. the largest ever gathering off the african head of states and government focused one adaptation was held on monday. it took place at global center on adaptations headquarters in the largest floating office in the world in the netherlands. so the summit has brought together african leaders, civil society, private sector, central banks, development banks, youth leaders, and several other stakeholders to raise the ambitions on adaptation action for africa. however, there was not even a single western head of state and government here. and today i spoke to the prisoner of senegal and the chief person of african union, how he feels about that rhythm or
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a little after this summer. and rotterdam where disappointedly, we didn't see any western had sustained. what matters is the contributions we are waiting to get tyrannized before cop $27.00 to go, we have 2 months, so we need to raise awareness for all industrialized countries included, arab nations should understand, be involved in climate adaption. this summer came right had a cup 27, which will take place in november in shar, music in egypt. dizzier the participants. and the organizers are saying that they try to lay foundation for cup 27. this might live in the interest from developed countries and their stress in that just transition and financial resources for adaptation on what african needs to turn into green economy. and of course, the promises to be kept. a russian court has stripped one of the country's last remaining independent media outlets of its license. effectively banning it from operating. if my visitor had been accused by russia's media,
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watchdog of failing to provide documents relating to a change of ownership in 2006, the band comes less than a year after his editor in chief to mention the rat of one. the 2021 nobel peace prize is also part of a why the cramped down press freedom by the kremlin. he's play the fans to appeal the decision with the case really conservative party choosing this trust as its leader or johnson is on his way out as prime minister. oh, with even with the look at his turbulent time in downing street, the leader of the conservative, i have just been to see her majesty the queen who has invited me to form a government. was your message because you don't mind. can you get a break? the deal with a split the country into as a british prime minister, you must stay at home last i still have one of the mighty symptom of i haven't,
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i still have the temperature. i had no knowledge of a subsequent proceedings because i simply wasn't. and i want to begin today by renewing my apology to the house or to the whole country for the short lunch time gathering. i take full responsibility for everything that took place. oh my god, the accused minister, but previously committed predatory behavior. but he promoted to a position of power anyway. why all medical time work? no longer has the concern of the way he no longer has a job. what you know, how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. but then the brakes ah, this is out there and these are.


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