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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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not really the story we were back into tropical sites in harkins using like url is on its way away from puerto rico. it is leaving rain as potential big thunderstorms and of the u. s. virgin islands. just as your screen is one and the eastern a pacific as well, affecting whether in the west side of mexico flood potential there. i think big temperature changes in july where santiago's 26 is a drop from the recent 30. there's more big rain in the form of thunderstorms, in the southeast of brazil, otherwise things look normal. ah, ah, and israeli military investigation says it's highly likely al jazeera journalist shane ugly, was accidentally killed by one of its soldiers. the u. s. is calling for accountability
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. screens and family accuses israel of trying to obscure the truth they call from independent incredible us investigation ah, carried on. so without a 0 life and also coming up, we will deliver, we will deliver, we will deliver on ways new case ruling conservative party chooses this trust as its leader and the countries next prime minister, one of 2 brothers suspected in the stabbing desk of 10 people in the canadian indigenous community has been found dead and rougher natal is stunned in the 4th round of us opened a 1st loss for the grandson major this year. ah,
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the israeli military has admitted for the 1st time that al jazeera journalist, sri and i will actually was likely killed by israeli gunfire. israel now says there's a high possibility that shrink was accidentally hit by gunfire from one of its soldiers for the army said it would not be launching a criminal investigation. palestinian officials, human rights campaigners and the family of assuring ugly, have criticized these really military investigation into her killing in may. it's, i shall go name reports from ramallah. the pursuit of justice for shaheen. abu clay within israel ended on monday as widely expected. the israeli military announced its soldiers did not violate procedure, and there will be no criminal investigation into her killing while on assignment in the janine refugee camp in may, a senior military official offered condolences and called sharon's death, a devastating loss of life. the military report concluded that after multiple
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internal investigations, there was a high probability, and his railey soldier accidentally shot serene. but it could not be determined conclusively. the official says with 100 percent certainty is really soldiers did not target jarine or any other journalist that day. and if in israeli bullet killed her, it was a mistake. but that then we'll them okay. it's not convincing. it's unacceptable. there's no other suspect, but the occupation army murdered sharing that the military describes. the jeanine refugee camp on the day serene was killed as a battle field. it says there was a prolonged gun battle with armed palestinians. the soldiers retreated to vehicles, and the military official says they had limited visibility and did not see a video from the minutes before sharing death. show home that in mind that you, valerie clearly marked blue brown jack with the back shot in the back of the neck.
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her helmet even as she collapsed to the ground. witnesses who tried to assist her, say, the gunfire continued shooting for how will she's become an international symbol, and that is why her blood became a heavy burden and criminal, political, and diplomatic terms. they can't handle this. that is why they're trying to manage the fall out of her murder. serene family says it's obvious. israeli war criminals can't investigate their own crimes. it's calling on the u. s. to conduct an independent and credible investigation into the palestinian american journalists killing. the palestinian authority says it's pressing international bodies for accountability and l. g. zero's legal team plans to submit a case with the international criminal court at the hague. she rene's case may be closed for the israeli military, but her family says, our dear, serene,
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cannot be swept aside. natasha, her name else's era, ramallah was serene. a black lace family is accusing the israeli government and military are trying to obscure the truth about what happened in a statement. her family said, as expected, israel has refused to take responsibility for murdering sharing. our family is not surprised by this outcome, since it's obvious to anyone that is really war. criminals cannot investigate their own crimes. we remain deeply hurt, frustrated, and disappointment. was statement goes on to call for a thorough, independent and credible us investigation. saying that accountability requires action, where you are, state department has responded after israel admitted its soldiers, had locked me shots, sharing of rattling spokesmen. ned price calls for accountability and policies and procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future. sharina and niece alina
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actually told alger. sarah, they still believe is really forces targeted her aunt as a family. we are not surprised. this is something that was expected from the israeli side. it's definitely outrageous. it's however expected. but for us it was never both in israeli investigation for us. it has always been about a us independent investigation. at the end of the day, you cannot have work criminal, investigating their own crimes from day one. we've known that shooting were car, gets it and killed by an israeli soldier. so for us, so these are, may be nothing but statements obscuring the true and continuing to spread. this information is really for, since i've exchanged guns, far with palestinian fighters during a raid and occupied westbank. soldiers surrounded the house in jeanine, which they planned to demolish. the property belongs to
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a 20 year old student who is accused of killing 3 israelis in tennessee. in april. not britain will get its 3rd female prime minister later on tuesday. this trust has been chosen as the new leader of the ruling conservative party and will replace orest johnson. she's promising decisive action to tackle the cost of living crisis truss beat. a former chancellor mission sooner to get the top job. a full run and reports from the political career. britton's, incoming prime minister. and what we can expect of her this trust is already a familiar face in downing street. she's been a government minister for the past 10 years, serving under and our lasting 3 previous conservative leaders. but her ambition for the top job has always been apparent. and now after winning a bitter and bruising leadership contest, she must prove that she can justify that ambition. we are facing an unprecedented problem with ly. warren ukraine, energy prices rising. amazing in tray, a o,
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a climate change. the shift to power to the east. is she actually convincing people that she is the person to deal with all of those massive issues? and i think that the jury is very much out on their trust as politics of shifted over the years. born to left wing parents as a child. mistrust was taken along to and to nuclear protests by the age of 19 though she was a prominent student member of the centrist liberal democrat party, addressing its 1994 national conference and arguing passionately to abolish the monarchy. because i believe like most liberal democrat in democracy, democracy with a capital d. 2 years later though, trusts had switched her allegiance to the conservative party. in 2010, she was elected to parliament. and now she is regarded as a leading figure in the parties, right? wink, it means that this is somebody who's really got a political message that they haven't just inherited. they're not just pirating
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because it's what their parents told them to think they thought about and come to conclusions themselves. i respect that she's and did herself to party members by being comparative and hawkish on international issues and unabashedly patriotic stationed on the ukrainian border. comparisons with former prime minister margaret thatcher had been marked on social media, but seemed deliberately cultivated entrust meteor appearances. questions persists about live stresses political judgments and her convictions ahead of the breaks that referendum she campaign for britain to remain in the european union. but when the u. k voted to leave, she suddenly became a staunch supporter of breck sit. and i've been other examples from this summer's leadership contest, a major policy on public sector pay, for example, was announced comfortably on a monday and then dumped swiftly by tuesday. the problem with list process that you have their massive ego or a huge vanity, a terrific ambition,
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terrific confidence, but, but no record of any serious intellectual or policy commitment at all. prime minister trust has convinced the conservative party members to give her the top job in government. the challenge now is whether she can convince the wider british public to keep her their poll brennan, al jazeera, downing street police in canada. say one of 2 brothers suspected in this stabbing desk of 10 people has been found dead at least 18 others will also injured in multiple locations in the western province of saskatchewan on sunday. for reynolds has more on the investigation. one of the 2 men suspected of mass murder and canada has been found dead near the scene of the crimes in a remote indigenous community. damian sanderson, aged 31, had been sought along with his brother 30 year old mile sanderson in the stabbing deaths of 10 people in the james smith cree reserve in saskatchewan. the deceased
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is damien sanderson. his body was located outdoors in a heavily grassed area, in proximity to a house that was being examined. we can confirm he has visible injuries, his injuries are not believe to be self inflicted. at this point, asked whether damien sandersons, brother, miles killed him. police said they couldn't be sure they think miles was spotted in the provincial capital. regina on sunday. miles has a lengthy criminal record involving both persons and property crimes. the sprawling man hunt now stretches across canada as 3 vast prairie provinces of saskatchewan, alberta, and manitoba. in addition to the 10 people stabbed to death, 18 people were injured. the motive in the brutal attacks remains unknown. police say, canadian prime minister justin trudeau promised additional resources for the stricken
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community. this kind of violence, or any kind of violence, has no place in our country. were still of course, monitoring the situation closely and we urge every one to follow all the updates from the authorities. priority is keeping you and your loved ones safe. so please, be careful. the saskatchewan killings are one of the worst mass murders in canadian history, rob reynolds al jazeera or sarah had heron al jazeera peruse. president testifies one of several criminal cases against him. and accuses a political elite of floating to aston on protest, his in police crashing chile off to voters reject to postman constitution ah, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to
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a castle book. your travel package today now as typhoon season, as you know, and this one is moving quickly, so it makes brief landfall in south korea. but given this is a 12 hour forecast, just look how quickly disappeared. so anything that happens and it will be strong, wind and heavy rains, go through fairly quickly. and then tuesday, if you like, is a day of watching what's happened and clearing up and you've left behind relatively fine weather. there is an increase likelihood of big showers. i think dan, in taiwan possibly back in hong kong, i'm clearly is part of northeastern china or east russia is going to be very wet as this thing disappears as a typhoon, it is still. there is a massive rain. again disappearing during wednesday. they are leaving behind open skies means attempt there. again rising in central china. it shouldn't be as warm as $35.00 more hands even shanghai, that 30 is above where it should be. and we've had a summer of very high temperatures in central china. now the seasonal right is still here, roughly speaking from thailand across towards the central philippines is coming
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back into western board here in the shower, increasing indonesia by wednesday, having had a dry day on tuesday. as for the monsoon, ryans, they concentrate your way. you might expect them on the western side of india and still up in bangladesh, but in the far north of pakistan, very few showers. cats are always official ally of the journey, debating the issues of the day frog use as always, dan criminalized around the boundaries of right. the honored member, their people, their families, and our friend our can remember on our, on line i, jewel, voice this minute to we don't believe in dialogue. political crisis must be soft with the political assembly as climate change progress is there. some people who are in places that they're just going to have to met. there's no recognition about what we're ready facing. the street. oh no. j 0. lou
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ah, we watching al jazeera reminder of our main store is now the israeli military has admitted for the 1st time, but al jazeera german 3 and i will i clate was lightly killed by israeli gunfire. what it said, it will not perceive any criminal charges. britain will get its 3rd female prime minister on tuesday. this trust has been chosen as the new leader of union conservative party and will replace boris johnson. she's promising decisive action to tackle the cost of living crisis police in canada estate, $1.00 of 2 brothers suspected in the stabbing depths of 10 people has been found dead at least 18 others were also injured in multiple locations. the western province of saskatchewan on sunday no typhoon not,
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nor has made land for their booth son in south korea. the country has raised its typhoon, alert to its highest level as heavy rains and strong winds batter the south of the country or flights have been cancelled. and schools and businesses closed. the typhoon that has the wind speeds of up to 170 kilometers per hour. robert bride joins us live, not from beside that. rob was the latest where you are. well yeah, i mean all along this part of the coastline around that. the very important port, city of boost and people are now assessing the damage of this typhoon, which is basically pass through here. came through the hours of darkness and it's now continuing northward, still a very powerful storm because of it's spread. it's hundreds of kilometers across. it's, it's regarded as recorded as being one of the most powerful storms in the world. so far this year. it is still bringing a lot of damage. now, not just to south korea,
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but also now to japan. it's itself, we've had the flight canceled, ferries disrupted schools close and so on, as it continues to track north where we are at the moment. this is a working fishing village at the far end of this beach, but all of the fishing boats have been taken out of the water, as you can see, just from the clean up operations going on here. but some of the damage that's being caused. basically, people tell us that last night, monday into tuesday, this just became a wall of water and wind as the sea. basically came a ripped up a lot of the water from the paving stones. a lot of the boardwalk that was here with a lot of the benches has to it simply ripped up a lot of it taken across the street where they have to be that much of the sand from the beach, which is now on the road. a lot of it dating some of the water front here these. this is a beat that's quite popular with surfers, but there's quite a few hotels here. convenient stores, small restaurants. we will hit that same time monday yesterday watching people put
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sand bags in front of their businesses to try to keep the water out. and sadly, for a lot of them, they simply said that it was a far more powerful than ever experience. for some of them, they didn't expect with all the precautions in place, they'd have to be spending today. now clearing up and putting that back together. and for all of south korea, this is actually a very important holiday week where the run to choose stock, which is the traditional or some harvest festival gathering when families get together. people travel after 3 years of the pandemic businesses here, families here, we're hoping to have a trouble free holiday and sadly, this is not a very good start to the bride in this time. with that. thank you. now we're getting reports. at least $35.00 civilians have died in a fast so after a vehicle in the convoy hit an explosive device where it happened in the northern
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town of the cheaper the country's instrument, government says another $37.00 people were injured in the instance. kenneth supreme court has upheld william rooters when in last month's presidential election throughout all of the allegations of vote rigging put forward by his opponent dingo . he said he would respect moving even though he disagreed with it. easing fears of a repeat of the violent start for disputed votes in 2007 and 20. 17. catherine story reports from nairobi. judges at kenya's. supreme court summarized the ruling in less than 2 hours. they dismissed petitions challenging last month. presidential election results, president elect william router, won the election. louise pushed his opponent, relo dingle disputed the port options. the bulk of what dingus case was based on the electoral voting system, which he said had been tampered with. the judges rolled, there was no credible evidence to prove this. this is i unanimously position of the
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court. and we legally following owned us when the presidential election petition number, he 005 of 2022 i he and by dismissed, or dingle lawyers said they will respect the decision of the court, but they do not agree with it. we had sufficient time to gotta gary all the proper orders, including looking at the issue of the foreign intruders venezuelans. would you notice the board awarded in a minute making a comment about those insurance or the rules of the system opinion outside the court is divided is canyons have been monitoring what has been going on in st corners, both rayleigh, dean guy and william router have millions of supporters,
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but only 60 percent of kenyans turned up to vote. some said they are frustrated by politicians during the time in his fast address since the court's ruling router said, the wheel of the people was respected. i therefore extended handled brotherhood to all my competitors until all their support us. we are not enemies, we are canyons outgoing president to who kinyata also addressed the nation. is it about numbers or is it about process? which of these to? is it and cry canon and can our institutions rule one way in one election and another way in another election without scrutiny,
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some canyons believed the country is more divided than ever, but they also hoped their new leader will deliver on promises he made on the campaign trail kathy saw al jazeera nairobi, or rich countries have said they'll spend about 25 $1000000000.00 over the next 3 years to boost to africa's efforts to adapt to climate change. african heads of state along with the officials from the u. n. e. u and international monetary fund . i've been attending a global summit and the dutch city of rotterdam, nations are hoping to use the money to improve resilience, to extreme weather events and expand renewable energy projects. germany's the president has asked for forgiveness from families of the israeli athletes killed in the attack. had you in the 1972 munich olympics, frank halter stung him. there also offered an apology at a ceremony to mark a 50 years since the killings. the athletes were taken hostage by palestinian armed
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group and then killed and a gun fight between the fighters and german police. a russian reporter who covered the defense of beat has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for treason. yvonne saffron off is one of the country's most respected journalists. the $32.00 was accused of passing military secrets to check intelligence and a german national. he insisted that he was innocent, arguing that he only collected information legally from various sources as part of his journalistic work. now i, we're going to go to, we're a different story now. so russian court has stripped one of the country's last remaining independent media outlets of its license. effectively banning it from operating via gazette has been accused by russia's media watchdog of failing to provide documents relating to a change of ownership in 2006, the ban comes less than a year after its editor in chief to major merit off one. the 2021 nobel peace prize
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is also part about why the clamp down on press. freedom by the criminal on the newspaper, plans to appeal the decision. now peruse at president pedro castillo has faced prosecutors in to new criminal investigations. is not the subject of 6 corruption cases since coming to power just over a year ago. castillo denies any wrong doing brianna sanchez reports from lima. oh, president bazookas to you is confident prosecutors won't find any evidence of corruption in the 6 criminal cases against him. you know, see there was a little and then i will go as many times as i am samuel. if i have gone to say and demonstrate that i reject all accusations against the president on the republic. oh, the precedent told prosecutors he's innocent, but that's all his lawyer says. he wouldn't answer further questions at the fence
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strategy used to previous hearings, corruption cases expanding. let me see if he's got on monday, attorney general, but the 7 o e, this named prime minister, and he was doris and justice minister, felix kiddo, as part of the investigation the probes have reached gusty hughes closest allies and his family. male thing with the prosecutors asked the judiciary to band the 1st lady ledia by day this from traveling her sister jennifer has been detained for 36 months. a nephew is on the run business, been many years and former government officials are also being drawn into the investigation up with your poll safe return. guess neil support has grown from 25 to 30 percent since he launched a nationwide campaign. seen family are victims of political persecution, states from here, from the public ministry. oh this to you. superior say prosecutors are corrupt.
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what, what a good not doing their very much with the prosecutors are doing is unfair. they have no evidence. they have investigated him several times and found nothing. wow. his critics, one him to leave office with a group of nearly 400 young professionals and university students have joined forces around the country to sign up peruvians to a petition that demands a new general election. gonna get a more topic deals, there must be a lot of cities and pressure. we had last hope, but now we're fed up with the situation because every day there is more and more news of corruption in the government. yes. i know the countries divide it, most peruvians disapprove of castillo and congress, with most former precedence, detained or under investigation for corruption peruvian. see, they don't see a way out from this political crisis except demanding for every politician to leave and start again. medina, sanchez and a seat i. lima, be 2 shillings president is calling on all political parties to give the country
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a 2nd chance to write a new constitution. on sunday, a majority of voters reject to the draft charter that was supposed to address social ills which many so as to radical or latin america, editor lucio newman ports. from santiago, chilean president gabrielle bodied summoned his cabinet the morning after the stunning defeat of the new draft constitution in a referendum that also clearly reflected strong disapproval in his government's performance. those would place their hopes in the new charter put on a brave face. oh, it's a sin and they, it was a very progressive constitution in terms of the environment women's rights. so waking up to this is hard to me in them head in the constitutional process had been fraught with sectarianism and charges that radicals were trying to recreate chile rather than improve if was social reforms. former center left
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delegate, philippa had boy says, extremists went too far over the mode of the 1st thing. and i will be pointed out that the text had multiple arrows that it was based on a wrong diagnosis of what sheila wanted. but they wouldn't listen to go. many lament that the attempt to write a progressive constitution was a squandered opportunity. but all is not lost. hiccups down oclock, don't gamino, luna? if the isn't proposes a path of unity, we will go for it. he and congress must propose a quick and more simple process to start again in the nobody put us on level miss anything monday morning, but each met with leaders of both houses with promise to do just that love and hip on the film. if we're able to model of the fuel, we must learn the lessons from what's happening. and above all respect, the mandate that we were given by our citizens to write the new constitution. those
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were promoted. what many had hoped would be a moral constitution for the 21st century. can take comfort in one thing. and that is that the vast majority of chileans supported and still want much of what the attempts to propose social rights like health education and pensions, environmental protection, and gender equality, which is not so clear is how soon and under what conditions jillions will go back to the drawing board, lucy and human al jazeera santiago. a u. s. judge has granted that for were present . donald trump's request to appoint a special master to review documents seized by the f. b i from his florida home district judge in canon. got her job just months before trump left office in 2020. the order comes despite objections from the justice department is expected to slow the pace all the departments investigation now tennis well, number 2. ruffin a doll has been knocked out of the us open in
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a upset spite american frances to your firm. it was the 1st defeat this year for no doubt in a grand slam. major spaniard had won both australian and french opens. here for one and 4 sets, 644-664-6324 old american is the son of immigrants from sierra leone. he took up the game while his father worked with a maintenance man at the tennyson. i don't believe he's ever been in agreeable time guard by play on lieutenant today, but the i really don't know what happened. my shots needs to be better in some way. my. my me my understanding got the game and the quality of my shots worse. ah, we're not, we're not going to, we're.


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