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tv   Risking It All Lesotho  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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schools across you've all day. some parents are concerned. they say that they haven't been able to find out of some of those police officers will be patrolling the schools are the same police officers who were here at rob elementary school on the day of the shooting. they're still upset at the fact that it took more than an hour, almost 74 minutes before police officers took action. and if those same police officers are the ones who are going to be responsible yet again, for the safety of their children, this is something that they feel they're not exactly comfortable with and could cause some tension. but for now, on the 1st day of school, those students who we did see going back to school, lots of smiles and hugs and kisses, as their parents dropped them off. lots of smiles and high fives as they saw their classmates again. so it really does speak to the resilience of this community. ah, top stories on al jazeera view and nuclear watchdog says the situation at ukraine's
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upper is your power plant is cause for grave concern. the head of the i. e. address the un calling for a securities own around the facility to shield it from shelling, which could cause a nuclear catastrophe. they also recommend that conditions be improved for ukrainian staff. operating the plant busy go attack wiggly or unwittingly, or the hits that this facility has received. and that i could personally see assess together with my experts is simply an acceptable we are playing with fire. you case, new prime minister list trust says her government will transform britain into an aspiration nation and ride out the global storm. she gave her 1st speech outside 10 downing street. after meeting the queen earlier on tuesday. trus, is under pressure to announce an immediate plan to tackle spiraling energy costs
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and improve the economy. we will transform britain into an aspiration nation with high paying jobs, safe streets, and where everyone everywhere has the opportunities they deserve. i will take action this day and action every day to make it happen. more flooding is expected in southern pakistan with a release of water. from the country's largest lake. engineers have cut through the embankments of lake mankind, sinned province to reduce the volume of water, threatening to flood properties downstream. as many villages lying its path, the miniature is helping with evacuations, and residents remaining near the lake, a using machinery to strengthen embankments, to avoid an, a devastating over bill. and the governor of mississippi, as announced water pressure, has been restored to the city of jackson, are to taps, ran dry for a week, or a 160000 residents were left without safe drinking water. heavy rain and flooding
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cause the city's water treatment plan to fail. officials declared a state of emergency, and many schools and businesses have been closed as the headlines coming out next on out as they are risking it all morning for you after that. i for now i've worked out their english since its lordship as a principal presenter and as a correspondence with any breaking the story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get that voice is heard on an international news channels. one moment i'll be very proud of was when we covered the napoleon quake of 2015, a terrible natural disaster. and the story that needs to be told from the hall of the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important at the time. ah,
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liz, who to is a small, landlocked country inside the republic of south africa. only 30000 square kilometers with a population of around $2000000.00 but it's unusual for african country. every winter, it's covered in snow. it even has ski slope. it also has a lot of water. what south africa does not. so it supplies, it's much larger labor with a vital resource but the people of a suit to are not well off. elicit to the rules are so dangerous that bush taxi's remote, rural areas are only driven by men. women taxi drivers now
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limited to time and city. i know these 2 young women have decided to change things, hollis and felina planning to branch out on to the suitors out of town tracks. they've invested all their savings on a major service for their old. anybody in the i hadn't did put than you 180. dan wasn't locked out. the other de leon de la had present mila peds image in town. there is a lot of competition, but in rural areas, taxi for red. so alice f. epolina are hoping to double their income,
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but their friend, william is like the idea of them driving the sticks. i got the law was committed to the europe. i'm much in allah and send it to my mother just in our lives is you know, it was how it plays into moody. what didn't follow, you know what a skinny to face with jessica got 30 so again, so let me, let me get to. i like to chase, obviously, blah, hulu really usually can't get to have a tele dealer. you to, it's gonna jared. good hijack. i'd rather well know you got better milk. lucas? america. thank you so much for no one has gone. poo said batesville as i go saw mine, but alice and feeble lena simply can't afford to come, so they'll need to be careful, and they, and their families pray for ah, with,
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ah alice, lena, if the road ready dreaming of making beef money ah, in town of course they are both sorry, but out here in the country. child, good day, then m. thank of calico so my one of them by their lips. enough, i don't like you if you some more. ha ha, ha, ha, thank you. by about to reading the map. however, it's not as difficult as navigating this country crack with
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our robot reading. would you like me to close on time with you on how to go with reg helena, to what i say yes. the number 2. that's how i live in the go. what i will. yeah, i just simply do a job. i'm it was that the young? yes. are my lessons with
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i'm more general thing. i do not say wow, like you're not jo. what gets o'loy mconnell? we know the auctions, alice decides to sticking with it is better than letting felina drive with the outside temperature is around 10 degrees celsius. but driving in a low gear. if heating the engine, ah, i think i may let
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them know when i'm going to look back. how got to la la with and still no sign of any customers. alice and filename land. me have missed one by to factor in the suit and transportation horses riding as the only means of travel here that allows access to villages where the tracks don't go
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with a rock house this guy. so boiler hold for a good number. hello larry. good morning. this is you relate a lena have managed to keep the edge in court, but still don't have any pain customers. i a
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a a one. 0, got it. i finally a passenger with one whole dollar in his pocket. ah. well they don't give you a
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number, a wholesaler. how can i trust with so few women, dr. bush taxi's in a suit to date and to command pupils. respect. riley divide by the cotton, lastname montalvo again as a new group of passengers gets on board. none of them is quite prepared for what the journey has in store a. i mean
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i would like, yeah. i get music might meet, honest, happy watch. he striving with white. now she needs to concentrate hand on this steep descent. ha ha ha ha, ha is is struggling to control her old taxi and has an unusual way. you're sharing her passengers. oh, yeah, i know that my daughter and i got a
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good. what have you been? i was, i was he who i've, i've had this, well, i do work with a high school who all to help with calgary whatsoever went a for me, my dad has it, go ahead. oh, so then how about go, we'll choose, i'm gonna want to,
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i got a while, i'm in order to go with that to that barrow friday. 31, a 3 cheatham
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with a fenced in back. that down is out, lloyd, dealer, tony with alina finally get to the bottom of history. and our united within last passenger with
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old drama, has given them an appetite with and asked if earned $5.00. they can afford lunch with cubicle, i'd be very so when someone i said to her good to go home, number one that we did is not as little as it is. was another one. i know this is a crazy i don't like is on the grades and these are one of the hang didn't it? didn't consider university with. so that's a pelham culture like it's, i'm, it's from, i feel i him a one open again, 9 to one time. so didn't sure, well it was you didn't know we did it and then i can order one week. so had to po for alice and felina only make about a $1000.00 a year. so it's not every day they can afford for lunch over
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the next 2 for them. it's a place called the family of the horses, but they're not looking for passengers there. but one of alice's cousins, i give the mud road big, you know, and, and day and they do more tribes or how long, how little go go by law, move up better, but i did not receive the idea or another time. now look, look up what the long thought environment. another $10.00 will hi. phillip will be guy. l comes up. what do you guys shop with or not of medical estoppel? they're not bad at 1900. ah,
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it is $22.00 posts racing isn't one on a truck, but on the mountain platters. here, the white is a yoko heroes. and every week, detroit long distances to see ah, in time is leading and freethinking owns along behind him. oh, boy, joe would not get your body and am really more moral about biting you know, when you taught on what you read um would be more fun. oh, well of course, during the week, but just to tell you what i do about but, but you made to one of the i from knew where 300 people have right at this remote mountain venue. riders and
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spectators down building savings today in the hope of pulling off when, when you have a i mean, do they tell em i believe it was about i a we are very one here pool. a roof is underway. ah,
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ah, with to take the lead. his horse suddenly swarms, of course, i intimately makes a speech come but can only be taking a seat to talk with you. so you did like it or you don't have to push it as a
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guide. friday would be a new list to, to lock up and then a sofa, a dam on each other. so to mac os last a city made, i'm on like i got all this is amber. how born stuff off like i like, i mean we're not gonna be sell. it did not all filled with little twit you one of you pretty sub war. now, if i'm, i'm out by one i list have arm to welcome to talk over. the suit is most valuable, natural resource is it's new to the country is sometimes referred to as a war to tower. it's the high country in africa and even a snooze point. it's 1300 meters above sea level. august the middle of winter, when temperatures dropped below freezing,
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sometimes as low as minus 10 celsius. blue. oh, a . with a one week humanity has harnessed need to hear expect building a ski still to tooth and south africa. have the only ski slopes in this part of the continent.
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i had a a oh. 6 i see that now you got and i said i, when i bought my new rags america, my daughter's a phone. so yeah,
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that isn't girl is headed. i don't think you're ha, ha, ha fair, i guess i'm willing if you'd like, if i were not with us and said alina, can you forward herself drink to leave them at the feel sort, dreaming of the day when things can come? skincare ah, in time. meanwhile, has more life skills and just striding when he's not at the races, he has a very different job as a paramedic dish, as to leave woman has cold for his helper monday morning, so all the or how got to soil lou gone got the other. we, i cannot g at yahoo! got that issue. didn't know what was on you took on i key. ha, ha, ha, come i have you in the best b o, a warning?
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hell so cool. again, a delta my. when i did over 100 equal, louisa was, i'm deli, some one was he, teen sal, conky offer more data to sell us even harden's alcohol and never implement into despite be in a lot of pain to when you have to endure a whole day on horseback to get to hospital, so when did you just would you talk about those from one? jenna. hi, r. idle with me? i got a lot. i guess i'm one of 12 by the got but each with albany. while we're sure exactly what. how does it
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along with you? but she has to go feel out by you. it's like get out of one. i'm with the more no one on here tonight. what i literally years out to you did that with somebody just a moment and while we're now below these are seeing in the sooty sitting down and doing nothing. one gave the thorn out of his side. it's some so the way people, like alice said, lena, an empty twine every day to meet every one flies just to la to louisiana. an astonishing film documenting 2 decades in one of the most embattled corners of
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the globe, the child of afghanistan, 20 years of war, follows mia from boyhood to manhood. a life that has no peace shaped by hardship, resilience, and adventure. but unique film that captures the conflict in a way it has never been seen before. witness on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks. doctors here tell us that they're desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies to treat those who are injured with detailed coverage for a month from around the world given as the new king to parts a brave. brenda lloyd, the lawyer b, the goalkeeper from one is 80 home will cup was what dreams were made of.
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they turned into a night matter by resting towards you by argentina's military junction. footballing legend eric cancel, introduce his cloud, your temporary one of a special fumes that up for their beliefs. whatever the cost for bold rebels on al jazeera ah al jazeera, ah, when ever you, ah, ah un nuclear watchdog calls for a security zone around ukraine, zachary h. a power plant which is controlled by.


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