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tv   Marco Polo A Very Modern Journey Another World  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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oh, well oh, and vicious endeavors to create drought proof. amazing to think that the plan be so earlier that now looks completely align and international efforts to combat the pests that threaten them. so they bring in their samples. they show you the effect perhaps. yeah, just like a doctor, write your prescription, you're doing the same thing here. you're writing a prescription for the farmer offline explores inspiring advances to move farming for the future. al jazeera ah. ready ready hello them or a kyle and i of the top stories here on al jazeera, the or nuclear watched out was the situation at the russian controlled zapper each
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a nuclear power plant in ukraine is unsustainable. he, i h. e. a has asked for the creation of a safety zone around the plant to prevent further damage or to have miscast said, jane space has this report from the un. having just led a mission by a team of inspectors to the czar for each c, a nuclear power plant, a place that's been shelled repeatedly the head of the i. e. a spoke to the security council about his findings. the current situation, he said, was dangerous and untenable their physical attack, wittingly or unwittingly, or that he's, that this facility has received and that i could personally see assess together with my experts, is simply an acceptable we are playing with fire and something very, very catastrophic could take place, he's now proposing a demilitarized protection zone rounds, aperture,
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the largest nuclear power plant in europe. it's a proposal that's all so strongly backed by the un secretary general. an agreement on a limited that i study matter should be secured. specifically, that will include the commitment by russian forces to withdraw all military personnel and equipment from that perimeter. and the commitment by ukrainian forces not to move into its didn't have both the ukrainian and the russian ambassadors spoke in the meeting, each blaming the other for the shelling of the plans. after the security council meeting, i asked rushes ambassador about the proposal for the de militarize zone. i want to know the details. same as here. i don't know. do not know what the director general groceries play that. to what extent that will improve the safety of both physical nuclear safe 2 of the client, the proposal for the militarize zone was supported by most members of the security council. but russia and ukraine both said they wanted more details. it's clear much
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more diplomacy and persuasion will be needed if this idea is ever to be turned into reality. james bay's al jazeera, at the united nations prisons new prime, as the less trust has promised to tackle the cost of living crisis and rebuild their economy. and she's replaced many of the top figures embarrass johnson's cabinet. i will get rich and working again. i have a bold plan to grow the economy, 3 tax cuts and reform. i will cut taxes to reward hard work and peace business lead growth and investment. i will drive reform in my mission to get the united kingdom working, building and growing. we'll get spades in the ground to make sure people are not facing unaffordable. energy bells. and we will also make sure that we are building hospitals, schools, rhodes, a broadband. secondly,
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i will deal hands on with the energy crisis caused by peyton's war. the white house has repeated calls for accountability for the killing of al jazeera journalist, serene abu eichler. but it's not pushing for an independent investigation. on monday, the israeli military admitted for the 1st time that she was likely killed by israeli gunfire and may, with his ready army, says it will not pursue any criminal investigation. engineers and pakistan have cut through the embankments of lake mansion in send province to reduce the volume of water, but it's threatening to flood properties downstream. as dozens of villages lie in its path. 2 people have dies and thousands have been ordered to evacuate because of a wild, foreign southern california. the fire has been fueled by high temperatures and extremely dry conditions. one man has been killed during a protest against un peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo. it happened
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in the eastern city of benny, demonstrators say peacekeepers of not protected them from violence in the region and want them to leave those are you headlines? we back with another news update here on out 0 of to marco polo a very modern journey for ah me. ah, let's take
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a look at china. if keep going to for fishing by goes meals that are busy. china overtakes us. america heads to live in the jana that includes o me ah, are i mean the 200 you would say, you know, the sure. sure. shown lead to. oh,
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mark who? the food young. sure. cool. sure. to guy b, m and t shirt you can google hong kong food or the future. you'll wait. ah i ah perhaps the professor was naive to think she could
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find marco po what it come to the right place. this is where it had all begun. venice ah, the place from where marco polo set out on his astonishing journey. it is the starting point of everything that has happened between china and the west ever since. but where do you begin looking for some one who's been dead for 700 years? with the labyrinths of endless streets and bridges ah, well behind the damp doors of the churches and plots us
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professors shout was not the 1st historian to try to find marco polo in venice. but not many have come from china. ah, door shall piano. what old she would shinla warrior do marco poon order you would ye potty what a you michelle fe? tommy bang! sigh. come with all. why where? sure the shirt. i pushy. draw. wait ye rauwer lie wong. why pal was i she by the engine. so you go war and i use young shall not be fun. measure what song under war, clea, condo today. sure. you ah,
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finding marco polo is not going to be that simple. i anyhow, anyhow. anyhow, you know, i know when i think i voted, i mean even genatossio. yes. sure. ah, yes, sure. professor teresa selina is a chinese specialist with jeff and an expert on marco polo. so model 90, sorry to pin the pin. sam, america, pool of young men to lame majesty the medical follow the vacuum lexical about by beyond k chip that you know that my e michael ball. okay, fine. she know what i got. so and what i got for cathy, the chest that they've been, danny, a primo adelaide, a discrete dog, a model ma didn't get a sound to the legit, a conscious then think or speak well at the let she now it took, well look here, segue to are in the la spoon, the quest that the quest that up isn't until noon
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. if marco polo, where live today? who would he be? may be a student with a young man from northern italy. from venice. ah. who is she? jew shanty yeah. was high. ah. to do sure. gene kinda
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me. i seniority impair, ability to tickle. ok. does he didn't know submitted a diversity they did a johnny them on the a knee ill approve into the less but in the thick were. so you brought it over. there were another legal on this shmender than more than the she command marco, polo savvy, or in abdulla cheaper the nor d v niger laquanda marco polo was 17 in 1271. and the world was at war.
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in the middle east, the 200 year old war between christians and muslims for control of the holy land was approaching a brutal end. but the greatest threat, confronting mako polos world, came from the east. the mongols, in the space of a lifetime, had descended from the asian grasslands to create the greatest land empire ever seen. summer camp. but moscow 1238. g f. 1240 all the way to the gates of vienna. only a muslim army had managed to stop them near jerusalem in 1260 but the mongols would be back. like many venetian merchants, marco polos, father and uncle had travel to the east before. now they were returning to the
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mongol emperor, cobbler carr. this time, they were taking marco with the blue moon. they sailed east from venice towards the holy acre. inside the walls, the city was still hanging long as a hub of venice is treating him ah. outside the walls. muslim armies were biting their time. after 8 crusades acre was disputed territory. and marco polo had arrived in medieval europe's last tow. hold on the continent of asia.
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ah, today acre is parts of israel. it's still a divided city. split between histories, winners and histories loses in the re add cafe. you will find those who are defying history, like activist sammy, who are a cath used to be one of the centers of the world. a nation's armies occupy backup and with the other ones that stayed here for 400 years. but in the end, they with the crusaders also came and went after 200 years
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ah, all the conquerors. they are like marco polo, michael came and when me and we stayed here, we are always between tours. ah in east and west crusader and ira ah, jews and muslims. the fault lines run through the middle east like a sparking wire on a circle. anyway. religion, ideology, fanaticism, imperial ambitions. all the conditions of war that existed here in concentrated for, for thousands of years. like all was conflict provides opportunities for business
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and it was in the holy land that marco polo began to learn his trade. but it was more than business that brought the polos to waco. they headed for the venetian quarter near the harbour. it said that this was a hostile venetian travellers in marco polos time. this is where people of high rank were thrown together with pilgrims and commercial travellers. among the guests was theobald o visconti, a paypal envoy, who had dealings with the polo family. this county had an unusual distinction. he had just been elected polk. now the polos journey took on a new complexion. nevada adar could go to the more leopard as inside little papa. it put some ladies, but he cheated out of it. they can get under nora. he competes,
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you mean to did she did us? we're been itsyana. but miss bailey, marco polo actor cannot the miami usa, how the water level of give them a thought said my left lily absi lanchen. sie mac apollo is the early colonialism of europe. they knew that they are coming to see the barbarians. maybe maybe to see they hurt ex medical poor. look on the mustard alone. what cannot fella? alice? shut it. been full. jeff? it said it. doone chef superior. calais to that's the deep busher you consume your merchant your wish unit. dan took
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a pin. finding insurance cheered roots true yell. wish ama puller. yaeger queen g. mungo co? honda? trina? carmel busher. when you said 34, you ordered it. ye a mayor short, a man drew which haul fat. mamma ye issue, blue shirt. ha, manager, shrew, limbo. i sure thomas shen tome. what that? hopefully a hein, pie boy yaeger, shoshone. kate. johan, you made him a merely incontinent? yeah. palmer you're calling from de leon, chairman like to cobb shannon powder who cillian
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marco polo was being drawn into a mission. impossible. excepting letters from the pope to the great con. truly miraculous if they pulled it off. but 1st, there was a task to fulfil in jerusalem the whole he settled the site of christ's crucifixion, the place where jesus was buried for a christian. the center of the world
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marco polos father had promised a great con oil from the tomb of jesus. a gesture from the kingdom of heaven to the most powerful man on earth and in 1271. the son came to keep the father's promise. ah, ah ah oh i hm.
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ah. from jerusalem, marco polo went north through the port of ice and then turned east through southern turkey and armenia. this was territory largely already overrun by the mongols. not the most direct route, but the safest for travelers from the west. the art of travel meant avoiding or not easy, then not easy. now, ah delano dominey milan, which into cheek went off to look at on this new order, the mongolia, they're so live. and i will not run last to the cover lydia front area at the coils california that she 30 bolduc a
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callous, almost to sing the ruler in bagdad refused to bow before the overwhelming threat of the huge mongol army with its frightening array of mortal weaponry. the siege lasted just 7 days. chanel mentally la parasitical foresight. equest off work and undefined. ah, the devastation of a whole country! a country. more than 7000 years old. it destroyed within to it. she of naked power and aggression. ah,
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my dad was again ah. i'm in iraqi it was cruelty to me in humanity. ah, and they devastate the people. they love it that they turned them into wild human beings,
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deprived of their humanity. e r whoo! bonnie n. portia gene 10 were told that dr. john baton de leon bigler. dod childris young told me to go way, thought the trunk shirt shoes. i should eat to ensure you're sure you let me know you got room. she die among gutierrez tito jody's ja code. she rudin parkway hood. she hoods hall is sun. fatty. was an architectural historian who had made
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a photographic record of the buildings of old baghdad. since the american led invasion of 2003, he has seen his country descend into sectarian war. he is now one of thousands of iraqis, exiled in jordan. had i stayed, i would have been either killed or kidnapped. something horrible would have happened to me within a few years. nothing remains of old baghdad. i cannot associate my past memories with, with the present ah, smooth baghdad that i knew people live was term is
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a 35 city what dan shifted the photo, bailey, electric shops and daniels the volume fulfill even an and it's worse days in history has never been like us grew gorly sure she meant june's little woman's home dole. you noticed your thoughts? yes. shut munna rumor. schwartz i ye are bonnie eagle. these little be fine shoulder should ye god that she hate base. she air like the comb with a foot to learn. huddled willer with aisha,
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than what the lubbock men alone shut off. i knew that muffled june peter fit total of la mancha at any hi. mr. manila, blankly lid shabby lamb new up on mobile, called mocker . me man. g to a tool show me, are you lat pole dial, shawanda mussolini. true. see ye twitch home. tertiary you, cylinder o. d, sean, flea, and on the at sigh. not co pa the shirt. nature . sure. now sure shang de their ship pon
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varman to let's say one of astray is most ancient forest on the threat from mine. with toughening penalties against protesters, one o one ace, made those prepared to break the law on al jazeera, extraordinary men and women who are breaking the mold from the taxi drivers, investing everything they have in to their mini bus only to face extreme danger on the suitors rough, his tracks to the joke he turned paramedics saving lives, transporting the sake and elderly for medical help. blue to whisking. it's all on al jazeera september on al jazeera world leaders from a $193.00 members, states gather the united nations general assembly with the war in ukraine and the
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global cost of living crisis. high on the agenda, up front returns mclamore hill, top through the headline to challenge the conventional wisdom, italy that the right wing party fortelli italia, is a head in the post could a decisive victory overcome the gridlock faced by recent government. the listening post examines and dissects the world media how they operate, and the stories they cover with rising prices, causing hardship and discontent across the globe. we were put on the human health and not to attempt a tackling the crisis september on al jazeera. ah again, i'm know kyle and i have the top stories on al jazeera. the a nuclear watchdog won't situation that the russian controls oper each
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a nuclear power plant in ukraine is unsustainable. the i a e, a is asked for the creation of a safety zone around the plant to prevent further damage. humans, actually general antenna guitars, again underline the need to de escalate the situation near the facility. i remain gravely concerned about the situation in and around this up. what is your plan? including reports of recent showing let's tell it like you tease any damage whether intentional or not to europe's largest nuclear power plant in operates year or 20 other nuclear facility in ukraine. could spell catastrophe, not only for the immediate vicinity, but for the region and beyond. kristen z y miss ellis trust has promised to tackle the cost of living crisis and rebuild the economy. and she's replaced many of the top figures in bras. johnson's cabinets. the white house is repeated calls for accountability for the killing of al jazeera journalist,
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serene abu aclu. but it's not pushing for an independent investigation. on monday, the israeli military admitted for the 1st time that she was likely killed by israeli gunfire in may. but the israel army says it didn't find any violation of regulations and wouldn't be pursuing any criminal investigation. one man has been killed during a protest against un peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo had happened in the eastern city of benny demonstrates his se peacekeepers have not protected them from violence in the region and want them to leave engineers in pakistan and have cut through the embankments of lake mankind, sinned province to reduce the volume of water, but it's threatening to flood properties downstream. as dozens of villages lie in its path. the most powerful typhoon to hit south korea and years has killed at least 6 people. 5 of the victims were in the city of po, hang, where the storms submerged rates and buildings. soldiers were deployed to search for the people. still missing. 2 people have dies and thousands have been ordered
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to evacuate because of a wild, far in southern california. the fire has been fueled by high temperatures and extremely dry conditions. those are headlines we back with another full bulletin hell and al jazeera or to we get you back to marco polo. stay with us. ah. professor jour is in venice on the trail of marco polo. why did marco polo travel east? was he apiece and void for the pope. the spy was simply a merchant. he remained something of the mystery. marco polo has heard about the brutal force of the mongols and the terror they inflicted
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on by dad. so he navigates carefully away from the battle peals of the middle east . but as his journey takes him to modern day run, he enters a territory already controlled by the mongol empire. mako travels through to bris, yes, and carmen. the road is hot. crystal piano do robert, single jermarta is but a quarter showing how separate yours are, the multi war mini care reuben or its anti blue teacher fee. it is in the heat and dust of southern iran that we find real roads traveled by marco polo. the excitement of the hunt, travel matter or high time, whether chicago, no, as yet a buffet, martha. iranian scholars, professor was suki and mr. reside, i think they picked up on the center. marco polo. what is the head each other?
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finance? thank very much my. now my see are more popular with check t that show no, it tool is easy to show that she's a whore. there should be there. well, how about it? that's what i was anyway. i mean, i'll on, i'm can iraq with common any ball part of that whole ship hamilton before there was an issue with the law mosquitoes asked any mosquito oh my, the neighborhood of most aurora. he just, it wasn't that any time. all righty, mosquito multiple gabby again i got from was ever, they're kind of hard with as many database, colonial polls that professor pursue ye and his friend, mister reza, ye have a simple idea that you're looking at is a find the right road. and you might find the right man, you track him in the towns in the rivers down the tracks.
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a little nasty. didn't want to check all my did that even? oh, you look for him in the market for you look for him in the eyes that looked at him with town. i am iowa. i got got a shot with laura michael brown, cobbler father, i left the town is me know the biggest in the region in marco polos time, or his name is penny in his daughter t daughter me a would. and she did it would all the time thought
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the medical dont even gonna be in the car to keep this betty, if you had to put the order bear late that up. be the said they'd order it into the lo fi. oh yeah. no, to say it was added to my shorter one of the data for that chair to month. so then do the all i go back to the high school. i mean she's heard of that in. i mean ok. saw that in the say, ah, it turns out an american sincere given the annoy american to the autumn woods, yellow volta, been unable to told lini nice am in dictionary state maybe to the mom who marco polo to see if it she nation eroni or for example the name of their city of china. persian vision, not the chinese version. for example,
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the name of change or to anger in chinese. what more chord mentioned z 201. the pity. a name. change you in case you only never stay in there. that ain't what he nice. they really make you more cord that it could have only to boise kat. k they basha on they as a hamburger, honish iran, he has a maloney care to lot rest. kimmy giddy as egan. u ha. john dory, you only heard that chin ham has. stan was older and a la carte. you boom boom shantia. when you saw jason, king wolf found wishes i combed room candy.
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you roy drew yesenia danielle, kosher wait, drew the diesel chain. she palmer shoes, summer shorter boom. farm shoes she found dang sure, tamar watchful, quaint on the old high dani cheese hung shirt i teeth who shall when you select your shirt, yet at home she needs soda. you the so vague why will you it you ah monstrous races the garden of eden, the end of the world. oh,
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the road east led to all the places of christine europe's wildest imaginings. medieval maps even placed paradise here. a real place ah not finding paradise here. chance the christian story. ah, but then marco polo also failed to find any monstrous races. ah, marco polo needles. i to shoot you a shin that should hear the finishing tra me push out anita tender pena john doodle. chandra goal told her in our to let that all crease i li, man, sri yada ah
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. but then at the northern edge of today's iran, marco polo did hear a story more potent than any of the myths of his time. the story that still affects the way the world looks at iran, ah assure the ceremony of morning for the brutal death of her sang grandson of the prophet, which continues to be upheld by sheer muslims worldwide to this day. oh . the idea of martyrdom is the key to one of the most unusual stories, marco polo encounters on his travels. ah,
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it is the story of an old man and a mountain. i think in good address for me on here, they're showing all them yet. magic daily gather man that have on of a down there as a share see are not gonna be at had to have on i me share those fish that am name
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as ham sadhana. jacob, after the shy, did you have right now? we're gonna now glenn mcgonigal, really in man joy. i'm he salvage all you. i mean she was just ah, the castle of element. it was here according to marco polo than in the 11th century . how san saba, the old man of the mountains, ruled over a cult of drugged and fanatical followers known and feared throughout the world as the assassins. invenio russia, what had the medical made to india? no deductible. delta kevin, bitter from ottawa, mini enestus, seen india, variable cheese or kicker chevalier. it does show that they move to the to the mother mangle. thank you. either way. i cham out my mouth. conklin,
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out of town to get cheesy. as in girl a, both enough mom did thinkin got him to get his she nissan archaeologist. dr. hamid a tobac has been working at alamo for 10 years left. the more in their de la jolla arch. would he owe? what has he not immortal? do i should have said this, should you be not said a busier alexander vizier as dish mandy cow hollow that never steal marco for them . he died in michigan bank. i'm in cost is shakeyla. shat that which one has a she just he odds at it in video, a fun to do another live element on the shore. math in a loop. you well order the in ok. mando of a she may be used to communicate korina bond, danza it had on their lips by livelong,
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particularly only i thought a credit ellis within the kick will foreseen a thorough part of these m chandel lorenzo shanghai, b ali and the kosher gum. gillian, marco, he taught us bushy j u n r. she goes, she's yeah, that 10 pounds per hour turned in a hard bench on our charter the shaw trend tomorrow in good time at you too young? not. hm. and child allan ken comments lou. quando video, all pretty cheap, ashy not the cozy. the chase went on suddenly. the faculty casa a quandary. dorothy e meandra levy frontal, not him, but these old dish eco y made the kosher, the cheer. why may marco dasher drools,
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whom she found than the highway trail shall ah, she monica willow better lessons. alba goes to get your god. hi image. add that we're a no you. how's the garden east? you would that an area should use all my you can then the new general nea woods. home. drill you the busher plan. i don't you michel g do tool using the u. d u n. who mostly li shanda, kindheart marco nepa kin hung bent on a trench on i'll
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get out of your madame. no hun was an unarmed not be neil, but go on here in all. dod on le, you'd on his ard as he saw yard missy, ye, ship cars, g i, sam carven kid is safe. now do we to need cash going it by indoor the whole it allows to. bonham, jasmine, my magic coordinate that we get you to fall. but you'll still there as utica if i can do talk back to you as how well you have a time. if you vision ma monkey, i sat down catawba, marco polo mambo dish a day. that wilma maha, loosely danica deep. no one has ever found the garden of paradise. no
4:48 am
one has found evidence of sheesh. dr. tobac excavations of allah, moot, revealed a sophisticated censure of learning. a library and observatory a mosque built steep into the rock. a picture of the old man of the mountains and his successes as enlightened rulers. aquila and i'm with vick jam be ye. have i was that a law he banish my children? she cack abaz's about that it doesn't the damage i liver has in his up valenzuela does kill. love it. what alban doodle. josh, jeff room, that of all of the class hoarded did the time. i don't pass that in, jack is sadie ball get if that
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a pool less than me voted to inject should that? yeah. new patient cuz she felt holding does that k shamal care of florida de jackie sadie machine? so have is that me so how about every shade? so have they put the gate battle for me? does that? what did they inject them better, bad heat, but one naval head in my d. shaw? yes. my big i became my chinese shadow. hassan landed over there. how many months i had told me to enough time, nobody denies that. there were assassins a dollar boot. no one pretends they expected to return from their missions alive. they killed and died, not only for what they believed in. what they believed in was martyrdom itself. says she has that basil nice gave
4:50 am
a huff while full value alpha fossa, ellamin de shall eva hut incredible can in knology nest that fi hank a shout give a high. did it again. that is our your dish by boulevard harsh, hot or john? all it is sure if i double con vowel yet as i wanted to show my non past, as i wanted to show my non time until he english spanish, by the catholic, by 1256, the assassins were finally defeated by the mongols, after overcoming the fiercest resistance they faced on march westwards. allah moved castle was taken. the famous library and observatory were destroyed. all the secrets of the assassins of allah moods were lost in the ruins. again. bra hawker, i fish model shy meeting. enjoy him few me. are you mom meeting?
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chime dean, chance i salad teen afro dalia. brazil gave her they could. she has been media ah masa, mrs. rosie gout who assign him me. i am on miti mull ah doing your the yamuna lu. nick junior. when your video me wanted, don't just don't judge bella m equal she as into a yes. marcella maddow fees. rica in hall, kara v need dusty set ashanna
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mocker ne b. d long. tiasha hale is home. you wound penya you fall. knew the goose. sure. your transfers in our chair, guy, bella, should you katya, be de leon. b towel gone by the travels of marco polo was written in 1298 on his return to venice 20 years later when he dictated it to a popular writer of romances. professor joe has come to the bureau tech marcy, anna in the piazza san marco villa versa. elbow
4:53 am
rachada 1st issue, a medical mostly blue mark. we're still we're still mosquito. they made the other little quite low change. but they still ain't that i sent the sheila k a but it was a, a couple of steve the political see that camilla today that sooner than later then fast a medical for yeah it is there still the medical policy that that, that i don't think and his 1000000 with a only of all of them. it is
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a little thought i but even a rascally adolfo, no. me a show that ecology i know june to the recalls you put on. yeah, no dog did that ecology that i don't see on it. and off you know that where to look care that he call me thing krista co request prima escalade sony. noy. no luck, no shower, load engine and end of the bell. no, no, no, no, shambling. that other is a bit of if you need them and all that is, i mean to you and you young way, demarco, kosher duleigh g. charlie drew i. what church in some kinda shannon patasha chia? shallow a man or is i truly do you hold it all whole some you what
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his thoughts it wished up that test i mean? oh the gina. i live the medical follow signature. marco polo. where's the lawn chair? i feel my the map of all of a medical all i had a no show. rascally. willing in local, ne until vienna bravado the medical follow. go to shame. franklin. i same for each up. was itsyana dilemma position for jayla beneficial and our family had ugly damn at don't tuscany, adobe mon or they're not attached. yes,
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ali dodge. male, you actual male champion. jewel troyer, shall you? hallmark would a young dan, we do the way nieces, a dude her. she ancient, who are easy for you or we shall rule. sions i needed joshua and beulah gig with the what a josh young v ally. good you too. marco polos. extraordinary journey continues east, where he will encounter the great coupla, come and discover the kingdom of women. ah
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ah, gone. under cover reporting, i was worse with exclusive stories explosive results. al jazeera investigations for a goalkeeper from one is a's. a home world cup was what dreams a night matter of arresting towards you. my argentine is military johnson footballing legend, eric cancer introduces cloud, your temporary, one of the special views that up for their beliefs. whatever the cost for both
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rebels on algebra. now the flood warnings are reducing in number in the northeast, the u. s. for they're still going to be the potential for some flooding in the 2 major cities, new york and washington d. c. in that cloud line. take you down to texas, but this all, this is looking rather warm and once again we've had continuous tensions, whatever, where they should be rather e could or beaten records for september in these cities. i mean, fairfield, 43 in california really is pushing the limits to be honest. mothers, temperatures are going to hang around on the high side for california for arizona and nevada. the rain told you about the shower, the ne will become lighter for the south. it hasn't gone altogether and for many states it's still a case of it's still quite warm this time of year, and generally fine weather jumping south towards the caribbean. so plenty of rain
4:59 am
potential in the virgin islands and they took the cake off, maybe under a shower, and all the major odds, to be honest. back in mexico, get off the edge of your screen. there was a hurricane up towards behind. it's certainly given some pretty big rains in western mexican coast in south america. seasonal weather, once again with this breeze in the northeast, got big shall potential in the southeast of brazil santiago as cool down a lot. ah, what is the ocean's witness claims? witness difference is witness. change. witness happiness. with witness. sunlight. witness de la. witness. last witness. charity witness. confusion, witness. clarity, witness. family and witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end
5:00 am
witness. life witness went out for the latest news. as it breaks, doctors here tell us that they're desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies for to those who are injured with detailed coverage. a plus for granted over there for until the demand for bag as well from around the world. given it, when you came to parts, a brave lawyer the loyalty ah, the one you can watch don't calls for security zone around ukraine, zachary, it's a power plant which is controlled by russian forces.


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