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price is high on the agenda. up front, returns mclamore hill, talk through the headline to challenge the conventional wisdom italy. but the right wing party for tele d'italia is a head in a post. could a decisive victory overcome the gridlock faced by recent government? listening post examines and dissects the wealth media, how they operate, and the stories they cover with rising prices, clothing, hardship, and discontent across the globe. we report on the human coff attempts a tackling the crisis september on al jazeera. ah behold, say the us nuclear watchdog. com, verify iraq's nuclear program is the peaceful purposes ah,
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a robin you want to go to 0 like my headquarters here in doug, also coming up more certainty for iraq's political future. the top cold rejects the petition to dissolve parliament, saying it doesn't top the authority. russia threatened to cut off delivery of oil and gas to any country that imposes caps on energy prices and the city cold india. silicon valley is submerged after unusually heavy monsoon rains is raising concerns about infrastructure. homes like these are now empty as residents need improve. we are one of the was affected areas in the city of banking. ah, welcome to the program, the reuters news, the news agencies quoting a report by the u. s. nuclear watchdog saying it could not verify that iran's
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nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes. we'll say the international atomic energy agency is saying that wrong, don't pass up to 60 percent enriched uranium, have grown by more than 12 kilograms. ralph says the former director of the disarmament arms control and nonproliferation program, stock homes, international peace research institute. he believes iran is enriching uranium as a bargaining chip for future negotiations. well, the i, yes. now reported that iran has struck by the 55.6 kilograms of 60 percent in radium. and they said that there is no useful use for it. in iran, iran claims that they will use this material in the research reactor to produce i put up for medical use. nonetheless, this is quite an extensive quantity. in my view, iran has produced this amount of 60 percent enrich uranium as a bargaining chip to give up in return for release from economic sanctions and
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other items that it wants from the united states. so iran has demonstrated a capability to enrich uranium since 2003. this is nearly 20 years of enrichment activity. so that's nothing new. why does new in the growing stop pile of enriched uranium? iran also has delivery systems in the form of ballistic missiles. so taken together, there are some consent that iran may go for a nuclear weapons capability a short order, but we mustn't forget that there are other countries in the middle east that also have ballistic missiles. and israel is non reputed to have had a nuclear weapons program as well as delivery systems. so iran is not alone in the region. iraq supreme court has ruled against dissolving parliament, saying it doesn't have the constitutional authority. politicians allied with influential sheer liter booked. heather of sutter had re filed a petition last month after a previous request was rejected. so those supporters have been protesting for
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months calling for a complete overhaul of the political system and new elections. falco 3 is a research officer at the london school of economics where she specializes in iraq . she says the court is called for lawmakers to dissolve parliament. the result. the court ruled the conners of parliament because it doesn't have the constitutional authority. the way it did is it will say, criticize the m p 's that came after october 2021 and said that they haven't fulfilled their constitutional duties. so basically threw the ball back into the court. but of them or implicitly urge them to dissolve parliament and hold me election however, is really difficult because it's been 11 months and the 2 sides, the coordination framework and the southern have been unable to agree as to how to move forward and to and the political impasse is really difficult to predict what's going to happen next. and the last couple of days there's been talks have been
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organized by current prime minister stuff. i'll call the me between the coordination framework and various other sort of dominant posed 2003 parties. however, looked at the, has refused to partake in these talks, and what they've done is they form the committee that's supposed to decide on the formation of been, you can say to government and decide on dates for the new elections and what they're trying to do at the moment to get them to agree to joining the tools that there are no signs at present that he's willing to do. so president vladimir putin has warned the west that it cannot isolate russia. he was speaking of the eastern economic fall in love of all stock. he rejected a un nuclear watchdog report on the jeffery ship power plant in ukraine. denying that russia has military equipment at the facility. and that's after the i a, a called for a demilitarization zone around what is europe largest nuclear plant. he also said that western sanctions against russia had backfired. and now threatened the whole
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world. you do seem to newly hurt because of the sanctions from the west have been an aggressive attempt to get other countries to follow certain models. there are questions around sovereignty and subordinating to their will. these are policies which have been carried out for decades. but there's been slipping away of us domination. they haven't been able to see the objective fact. if we look at recent times, the entire system of international relations is going through tectonic change of putin threatened to cut off boil and gas to countries that impose and energy price capital. he called it a dumb idea. the g 7 has already agreed to camps and the u is considering it. we aim at lowering the cost of gas and therefore we will propose a price cap on russian gas. of course, the objective is very clear. we all know that our sanctions, deeply grinding into the russian economy with heavy negative impact.
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but booting is partially buffering through fossil fuel revenues. so here the objective is we must cut rushes revenues, which fortune uses to finance is atrocious. war and ukraine. and dominic cane has more from berlin the last few days, few weeks about the russian position. these are ve, the energy crisis. we know that several western governments have said that it's a weapon, eyes ation of the situation. we know the e you long ago said that they believe that's president putin was recognizing the situation. what you need to remember is that not just the eve of the g 7 has already said that it would like to see price caps on russian oil. now we know that the spanish government has said that the e u is considering price caps on russian gas masses for spain, because spain, over the course of this summer has been shipping in more l. n g,
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that's liquefied natural gas from russia. so the suggestion that the b caps on prices, well, that obviously would potentially have an effect on russia. and we know that president putin is talking about. he said that the west would be frozen using a russian allusion to a russian fairy tale about a wolf having its tail frozen. that's the sort of language that he is using. and it has to be said, it is in direct opposition to the sorts of language that he, you leaders, other western leaders happening using these avi russia. clearly there is no question. there is no meeting of minds between president putin's position and the position of the politicians in brussels and elsewhere. that same speech vladimir putin also accuse ukraine of cheating, developing countries out of grain shipments and sending its harvest to the european union. instead, an advisor to ukraine's president says that claim is groundless. last week a ship came 23000 tons of ukrainian grain arrived in east africa. a dispute your
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continuous, if we did everything we could to get this ukrainian grain as we did this with turkey is the result. if we remove turkey as an intermediary, virtually all the grain was brought not the poor country but to the european union . the world food program speaks of the need for the poorest country on the out of $60000.00 tons of production, just 3 percent went to developing countries, you know was humans terika lu is a professor of international relations that is stumble, aiden university, he says rushes claims a part of a larger geopolitical dispute. i don't think that the russian explanations on this particular issue makes the reality on the grounds. what we have is that there is a kind of consultation, been russia and russia, ukraine, and ukrainian, or russian have older, committed to comply with the terms of the screening agreements. i think russians are feeling the growing exposure to creating a text lately in recent days. and also the europeans are increasing the kind of
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pressure on russia. so i think rational leadership might have decides to find a certain damage on this kind of growing assault on ukraine. so you should be should see, hash kinds of frustration as part of our logic, your political game. it's part of teeth for type kind of face. the countries which are located in the global chart are in dire of having access to such kind of grades . so i think ukrainians and russians are supposed to go, they advance to make sure that those grains reach to the countries which are in need of. so i find the idea that the russia, ukraine, and ships target european nations or countries other than the countries in the global start at some helps fabrication. so rich, i think it doesn't reflect the reality because this will be in complete violation of the terms. the hell did committed themselves to comply with in july 2002. and so i think this is a part of larger jo political accusation begin will say,
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choosing each other or violating the terms of the agreement. britain, the leader les stress, has held her 1st prime minister's question times in parliament on her 2nd day in office. now i would give and cheer for visa. she pushed her plans to go the economy through tech, so the conservative government is under pressure to title a cost of living crisis and storing energy bills. but let's trust has ruled out taxing energy companies. huge profit meeting when she sat in a leadership campaign though she was against winful taxes. did she mean it? i am against a winful tax. i believe it is the wrong thing to be met to be hurting companies off investing in the united kingdom just to be growing the economy. luxury simmons has more westminster questions than answers in parliament. is the big test of any new prime minister for the actual end result juries out really?
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she did stand her ground. she did seem relatively calm. she did answer back in terms of the usual way. a prime minister would do the attacks upon her a but care stormer was targeted in his approach. he knew where he could find weak points, he kept emphasizing. where is the money going to come from? if you're going to freeze energy prices, the cost of prices, millions and millions of families in this country are desperately worried about labor says it's got the answer because they would actually use the windfall tax against the energy companies. 170000000000 pounds. that's well over $200000000000.00 is actually being up forecast for the next 2 years by the oil and gas companies. ah, he says darma says that that money should be attacked with winful tax. now as far
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as the new prime minister is concerned, no, she said no, she will not. will not affect those taxes. they're totally legitimate. she says and she carried on repeating that a comic growth and tax cuts were the way forward. though brazil is barking, $200.00 jasmine dependence from portugal, the critics accused the president of turning it into a campaign event. president john bolton already is attending parade, the military demonstrations, but with elections leaving october. his team was also planned to political rallies across the country. and central, hopefully later silver has not planned. any events well still had here on out there, albania cuts, ties with iran, and orders all iranian diplomats to lee following cyber attacks in july. and tell the floods destroy thousands of homes in saddam the stories after the break. ah,
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with attempts is in central north and iran are still pretty high. the sun's beating down here. there's not much can anywhere around, but there's a change of season coming. it's coming down through the caucasus and then to can extend that is much cooler weather, but i think ahead of it her up, for example, might hit or get very close to its reco, which is 39 is certainly $36.00 which is above normal for the rest, it looks pretty much like it should do. it's pretty hot still in the rock. it's hot and humid throughout the gulf states, and there are a shout, potentially there in the mountains of southern saudi west and yemen. the onshore breeze cooling things down little bit in egypt, in israel, and probably in lebanon, both still talking about such degrees, which isn't bad going really. but the picture on friday sees little real change, as you can see, for most places. but there's a hint of those shells moving down towards normal around, still $35.00 in to run all the same. now for tropical africa,
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it is increasingly wet, but the rain still reach rotter business. a hell we've seen flooding recently in chad and the potential is still there from these big thunderstorms which stretch all the way back towards west africa, particularly active seas. they have to say at the moment and for both thursday and friday, there isn't really much change in the general picture just in some of the detail. ah, in the year 127184, the i'm the italian merchant and set out on an extraordinary journey. marco polo followed the still co designer to the heart of the columns empire. retracing his steps, how a modern day explorer discovers the descendant echoes last words and the reminder of what and who survives history? marco polo on al jazeera
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rule. a welcome back to algebra with me to hell robin. a reminder of all top new stories. the voice is ne, a p news agency say a report by the u. s. nuclear watchdog. states that come up verify iran's nuclear program as exclusively peaceful they quote. the idea is saying iran stop piles of up to 60 percent enriched uranium. have grown bible than 12 kilograms. iraq supreme court has ruled that doesn't have the authority to dissolve parliament. the court said only parliamentarians been dissolved themselves. politicians allied with she, a leader on site refiled to legal petition last month, calling for new elections. and rushes president does reject the report by the u. a
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nuclear watchdog denying the prevalent has built trade quitman. so you credit job reach a nuclear power plant not to repeated, said western sanctions against russia, but back fired. al damien has some diplomatic ties with iran after accusing it of launching a major cyber attack of a new government, ordered iranian diplomats and embassy staff to leave the country within 24 hours. the u. s. has also weighed in saying an investigation found that a rod was responsible for the attack on government services. and websites in july, prime minister at rama says the move is justified. white house correspondent kimberly hallett says the incident could complicate efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal with iran. the white house is calling the attacks on albania, to be both reckless and irresponsible, saying that it strongly condemns the attacks on a nato ally, the u. s. is joining the calls as
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a prime minister in saying that iran should be held accountable for what the ghost is calling an unprecedented cyber incident. and the usaa saying that intends to hold iran accountable for its actions without specifying how it intends to do. so saying that this said a troubling precedent for cyberspace. now, we should point out that the united states has been working alongside albania, officials on the ground since this attack occurred back in july. what we know is that they have been working not only to investigate the origins of this attack, but also to mitigated. this comes into an interesting time, given the fact that the united states is continuing to try and revive the j. c, p o, a or b ever to limit or runs nuclear program through that 2015 agreement to the by the administration is keen to revive that. the previous administration under donald trump abandoned us. so this certainly does complicate those matters. in fact,
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we know that the white house press secretary crecia pierre, spoke about this i, those efforts i just one day ago saying that there is still mutual interest to try and revise this agreement. but there are gaps that remade, and certainly this incident will only complicate those matters further. fringe prosecutors say they found no evidence. members of the french armed forces played a role in the rwanda genocide. 800000 should seize and moderate who trees were killed over 100 days. in 1994 commission found friends had been blinded by its colonial attitude and both serious responsibility for what happened. the prosecutor say nothing points to the direct involvement french troops and they've closed the case australia has been accused of interference after offering to fund the next general election in the solomon islands. the solomon's prime minister is facing mounting pressure, falling proposals to change the constitution. he says the country can't afford to
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pay for a general election and a major sporting event in the same year. sarah clark reports, checkpoints are in place with police coding of access to parts of the parliamentary precinct. the solomon islands, prime minister plans to change the constitution to delay next year's election and stay in power until 2024. the oppositional warns that would trigger political unrest and protests in the capitol all that i object to anything that undermines the mandate in the role in the place of the people in decision making, affecting especially a matter as important as the life of parliament itself. the solomon islands is due to host the pacific games next november, man, a se, so gavera says the ana nation can't afford to hold an election in the same year. some analysts say postponing the vote is considered an attempt to crush democracy. this is not generally considered to be what the people of solomon islands once they take their elections quite seriously. and i think that's quite
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a politically engaged society. and community said, since on our side, a security agreement with beijing critics of expressed concern about his growing influence, the deal as chinese police and law enforcement teams to be based in the capital to ensure public order. the pacific analysts say the implications of china's presence on the, on a nation a far reaching last week. the solomon islands band, us naval ships from its ports, camping. the west ships away from solid islands would certainly be in part, has insurance right now. and i think it's, it's pretty, it's been safely established on this to sort of already has been must culminating pacific leader on china strategic content in the region. the position she has similar concerns. what is happening now that concerns me, is that prime minister sobari is so pro china and clearly anti u. s. and its allies that concerns me a great deal. it's not good for the future of this country. and he says it
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challenges the pacific traditional partners in the region. australia has revised its travelling boss warning a potential further on rest in the capitol. it's a matter that will be raised by australia's prime minister anthony albanese. when he meets his counterpart in coming weeks. the sullivan islands laid. it says delaying the election will be a one off. there's little doubt, sa, gavera, is planned for constitutional reform will be passed as his government holds a majority in parliament. sir clark al jazeera brisbin, australia julian, president gabriel bora. charles at allstate, cabinet re cheval, just days after a constitutional referendum, he championed was defeated that the move could alienate members of his political base. as our latin america editor, we see uneven reports now from santiago. this is saying that you don't really know you're in charge until you have to fire people you care for in the wake of sundays constitutional referendum defeat president
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w l. but each had to do just that. i knew it was under might be going to the cabinet changes have always been dramatic and she lay in this one has its fair share. it's been painful but necessary and i won't hide it. i think that this is one of the hardest political moments i've ever faced. interior minister escape cities was replaced by catalina law, the daughter of an emblematic interior minister under former president, salvador allende, who was overthrown in 1973 military. cool. more difficult still was the removal of cabinet minister george or jackson, what it is confidant and right hand man. together they began fighting to transform chile, a student leaders in 2011, forming a new generation of politicians. later they were inseparable as congressional allies. now, jackson, who was unable to work well with congress, has been moved to a less significant ministry. he's been replaced by former president. we shared
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bachelor's, ex, cabinet chief analia with the out. the cabinet shake up, incorporated little generation that the leslie millennial president had once dismissed as history. this is the equivalent of when you move out of your house. because you're a grown up now and you're going to have your own life. and 6 months later, you have to bring in your dad your ma'am, and your siblings, because you cannot of sort of live on your you the presidential palace university students protested throughout the day against the defeat of the draft constitution supported by bought each. it would have introduced progressive structural reforms, but for the majority of voters, it went too far. if the event, the game, which is obvious that the president had to get the message from this electoral defeat. and is taken note by incorporating people from other generations below. you weren't formed in student protests for sunday or taken into the ceremony here at the presidential palace was the late 90 minutes because of an uproar over the
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choice of under secretary of the interior. why did we change that? the very last minute. the embarrassing reshuffling of the cabinet re shuffle underscores why present embodied was forced to turn to older, more experienced politicians. what each acknowledged, very hard times ahead, but insisted that with the help of these more traditional social democratic cabinet members hill forge ahead with his ambitious program of social reforms. lucy and human al jazeera santiago, at least 15 people, mostly women and children have been killed in a landslide in western uganda. heavy rain triggered the slide in the town of casa. several houses were buried under mud rescue operations continue. irene matthew, cuz he thought is these folks who in the for the red cross and uganda, she says it's unlikely that rescues will find anyone else alive. we received the rainfall that people. second very didn't process
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a district experienced airline flight, which buried callers of people. and we got our response action teams go to the last round for today and i immediately, we dispatched it even, but of course it was had to walk in though we, i was considering that there was no lighting. but by early morning, such a rescue team was on ground and they've been able to retrieve 15 bodies today and my jury to these mothers and children. and they really have to understand because they were sleeping and a marking they, they were helpless. so it's still happening, but anyway, buried and of course on that the rescue team had to dig them up from, from there. and as i speak right now, it's a playground way i did for these. i've actually been assembled and i was met them seem has come from that district or say to be able to conduct the assessment rather the post mortem. and i'm so sure that would be kind of what they have for mini day
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. it's quite said that it's likely that normal people might, for what might be found a life because those who were injured actually the 6 of them were referred to today in the morning to hospital. but then the community may show that 18 people had been missing. so meaning if we've gotten a boat 15, so we have these, it may be likelihood of 3 more people. but it's not possible that the before the life considering that kind of tragedy. and that you spent embassy. and so most likely the such and rescue is going to dig deep into much and it's not likely that somebody is alive from the time of that. in fact, for now, flooding incidence, eastern state of good r s has killed at least 6 people. more than 4000 houses have partially or completely clamped emergency crews say they've provided all of the assistance they can that need international aid. you the woman average and one telling her that the water came in flooded us and took everything on its way. and there was nothing left
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for us. we used to have a huge number of books, but we lost them completely. we lost our savings foods and furniture. we have nothing but to thank god for that. know you name them and i see lillian that we live in very difficult situations. our children hardly live here. we need tents, we need food and water. we need medicine and treatment. our children are suffering as we don't have anything. and the least a dozen people have died in the southern indian state of kanaka and parts of its capital city. bengal, a route remain submerged after record rainfall. those who had to flee their homes of blaming bad urban planning for the floods. bobby metal has bought from burglary residence in se wrangler who are leaving as fast as they can. down bows that began on sunday, had inundated their cars and sent water to their homes. some said they had lost everything, i desired hard and was layout. hello. so sunday, the heavy rain started and bought from the door to stop labeling our label and be
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the no one not spam. like the red died, holes was filled with water. the sodden seed of cannot to ga, has received its most rain fall in decades. bengal lulu is in just dec hub affected areas. include the offices of start up, i to companies and $1000000.00 homes. there is heavy traffic on the roads as hundreds of people are leaving all the banks of the water playing some bags of bleached. and this can be mr. any want to play in the everyday. it isn't any different than road. there is a picture that and that been rudy's invalid, and had been rude, has not been problem. basically, you'll joint that go particularly one john mother, but of john, he's in problem authority, say they're still assessing the why levels are receding low line neighborhoods like this one remains on the water on that road is more than
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a meter deep and it comes from a nearby lake that has overflowed. it's led to a debate about urban planning in one of india's biggest cities. rapid development, illegal construction and encroachments have blocked the drainage system, exacerbating the impact of climate change. it's currently under industry of infrastructure stormwater when it infrastructure is absolutely almost absolutely. so be relying an old tank irrigation systems and what we call roger calories, we could sort of were brain sledging one tank which is an advantage to the other day. these systems were design or oh, ecosystem which they're 300 years back. not on because it's super gaudily consistent. the government says it has spent millions of dollars to drain the water and demolish illegal buildings. rains are expected to continue for some time. and residents don't know when their homes will be habitable again. pardon him at the al jazeera banga, lulu.


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