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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, which is what ever you? oh, a heavy fighting in ukraine's 2nd, the biggest suzy the countries president says some villages have been recaptured from russia. the u. s. defense secretary arrives in germany to meet with ukrainian military representatives will be live at ramstein apex. ah, hello, i'm emily,
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i gwen this is al jazeera alive from dough house to coming up. you guys knew prime minister least trustee is due to announced plans to cut household energy bills and a winter. oh, from a military bu rides, to political rallies, brazil's president jaya, both in our uses, independence day celebrations, to campaign, to support his the ne, ukrainian city of concave has been hit by missiles and it strikes it comes as ukraine says, its making advances in its counter offensive in the northeast and south of the country he claims is its forces have repelled counter attacks by russian units in concave, after taking back several villages ukrainians. and now holding the city of the united nation says this credible evidence that moscow is forcibly taking
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unaccompanied ukrainian children to russia to be adopted. ukraine says thousands of its children are missing. the us says so called filtration operations. amount to a war crime. diplomatic editor james space has more from the un. this security council meeting was called by albania. i'm the us, the have been persistent allegations that when russian soldiers have captured areas of ukraine, they've taken away people who lived there to russia, a process of enforced displacement. ambassador linda thomas greenfield says the u. s. government believes the numbers involved are staggering. a russian authorities have interrogated, detained, forcibly deported between 900000. and 1600000 ukranian citizens from their homes to russia, often to isolated regions in the far east. and i want to be clear,
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the united states has information that officials from russia's presidential administration are overseeing and coordinating these filtration operations. a senior human rights official says her office can verify that what are known as filtration camps have been set up to process ukrainians. but it's worth noting, she gave no estimate of the number of people involved. alexia, china has documented that men and women perceived as having tines with ukrainian armed forces or state institutions. or as having true ukrainian or anti rash and peers were subjected to arbitrary detention torture, ill treatment and enforced disappearance. they were transferred to penal colony, including the now infamous pin or colony near aladdin williams, co prisoners, the place where 53 prisoners of war died blown up in july. russia says it was result of a ukrainian attack. ukraine says they were deliberately executed an explosion. the
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un fact finding mission has been set up and is expected to visit the site. in the coming days. when he spoke on the security council of russia's ambassador said, the meeting was a new milestone in the disinformation campaign by western nations. he described the people involved as refugees and said his country is providing them with every assist an issue with one of the world's leading human rights organizations. human rights watch says it's research shows that force deportation is taking place and it says that amounts to a war crime. james bay's al jazeera, the united nations, as bringing gabriel allas under his life wrath in cave. hello their game. what more do you know about these counter offensives happening across ukraine? well, we now essentially have 2 major counter offenses by the counter offenses by the ukrainians right now the one in the south. it was well over a week into it now almost 2 weeks into it. it had sown region that is
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a very slow and methodical counter tech, pensive where the ukrainians are trying to in circle and slowly cut off supply lines to well fortified and well armed russian troops numbering well over 25000. but just in the last 48 hours, we've had a 2nd surprise counter offensive by the ukrainians. this one in the northeast and how to keep area, how to keep is the 2nd largest city in ukraine. it's always been held by the ukrainians, but east and south of how to keep have been widely controlled by the russians. how to keep the region if you will, that is what the ukrainians want to change, and that is what their most recent counter offensive there is trying to accomplish . and by all early indications they the ukrainians are being quite successful in this. according to present lensky and backed up with social media accounts and video from the area,
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it appears that the ukrainians have already captured several recaptured ice. you could say several villages and are on the cusp of encircling a very key city of ballad clearer. this is a city of 25000 people that was within the hands of the russians for many months now. and it's on a key strategic point for the russians. ukrainians attacked that under fierce battles in the last 24 hours. and it appears that the ukraine's are very close to potentially retaking that small yet strategically important city. big picture here is that there's been some doubt if the ukrainians could mount a successful counter offensive, offensive creations and war are much more difficult to defensive operations. and it appears right now the early stages that the ukrainians are having some success. we're even hearing from some pro russian bloggers and analysts. and they are even
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indicating that the fight for the russians in the how to keep region is not going as well as the russians would, would like. and game, also close by valerie says, has begun to military exercises, me the polish border. what's the significance event development? well, bella, luce, of course, is a key ally of russia. russia has some military personnel and operations, they're not surprisingly. and it's the geographic location. of course, bella russo plays a key geo political here in terms of where it's located, bordering poland, bordering ukraine. and so where are this military operations are happening or where this military exercises are taking place? it's on the south west corner of bell roofs. it's only about 200 kilometers
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east of the polish capital or saw. and it's only about 300 kilometers north of the ukrainian city of live eve. so it might be a way for the, for the beller bella roost to sort of assert themselves if you will, the bella, luce, defense ministry saying that this won't stop ration they plan to go on till september 14th, military exercises. i should clarify. and they say that they are doing it to liberate territory temporarily seized by the enemy in their words and basically to bolster their defenses along the border region. so of course, so the polish authorities and ukrainians will. ready watching this very closely, given how these exercises, military exercises are so close to their borders, i'm sure they will. thank you for the update to gave l as under live pressing key. ending on now in britain's new prime minister lives truss is due to announce new
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package to tackle soaring energy bills in the coming hours. but she's rolled out taxing energy companies. huge profits on wednesday trans faced off against the opposition in parliament during her 1st prime minister's questions as anxious simmons reports from london. ah, for all new prime ministers, the 1st journey to parliament to face opposition questions has a big hurdle at the end of it. this trust is promising help for millions of people facing high energy bills. this winter is saba, yet she refuses to impose windfall taxation on energy companies, stock abbey altogether. and companies the already doing well, a getting a $17000000000.00 pound tax got. yeah. while working people pay for the cost of living crisis, stroke victims, wait an hour for an ambulance, on criminals. walk the streets with impunity. i on the side of people, iraq. ha, why,
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why we the national insurance increase. and that is why we will keep corporation tax flow because ultimate, watching on fresh faces on the front bench, all of them trust loyally supporters of leadership rivalry. she to not from the last government by the resigned or been fired. she's are a top tier of the cabinet, is the most diverse in british political history, with not one male white politician among them. this cabinet is short on experience though. what could it have new dynamics? not surprisingly, stammer doesn't think so. the face at the top may change, but the story remains. yes, there is nothing new about the tory from to see of trickle down economics yet. well, there's nothing new about a labor leader who is co going for more tact. oh,
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same on the transmitter. have impressed in supporters, she did hold ground and seemed to keep her cool. but there was an absence of detail on what she's promising. and so on. thursday, liz trust will announce her energy plan, aimed at relieving the stress of millions of people in the u. k. with escalating bills, she knows it's a crucial card to play. if she is to win back any popularity, the conservative party has lost of late curse dominoes that only too well, which is why he persistently pressed her on asking, who pays? she couldn't really answer. andrew simmons, al jazeera london, iranian diplomats and embassy staff are preparing to leave albania capital to run a open yet civil. it's diplomatic ties with iran on wednesday over an alleged cyber attack on government website back in july. mm. iran has dismissed the claim as
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baseless and says cutting ties is unwise you. it says it's investigation also found iran responsible for that attack. nice. who? yes. some alert. sheely minister, the government has decided with immediate effect to and diplomatic relations islamic republic of iran does. extreme response is fully proportionate to the gravity and risk of the cyber attack. the threat and paralyzed public services during digital systems and heck, interstate record, and still government documents still chaos. an insecurity in the country fall detailing the nuclear capabilities of a foreign nation were founded. donald trump residence, that's according to us media report, f b i. agents discovered the military defense documents during last month search of the former president, florida mention the washington post has not named to which country they belong to. trump is on the investigation for an authorized removal of classified records from the white house. day to roche is
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a professor at the national defense university. he explains the impact of the discovery. let's assume the worst case that it is something significance. it falls in one or 2 bins. if it's nuclear, from ration from an allied country, like the united kingdom is then that could damage bilateral relations. what that means is that an allied countries, nuclear information has been compromised. if it's nuclear information on a non allied nation such as pakistan or north korea, then it's falls on line along with the mishandling and any other information. but again, we only know the titles, we don't know what actually is in it. so this, this could be very significant, or it could be nothing burger. the justification for the raid was unreturned documents that it should have been in the national archives court in the presidential records acts and potentially classified information. but i did not hear that central nuclear information as
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a predicate for the rates. so that seems like something that they've discovered in the course of plowing through what they've picked up. a us congressional delegation has met with tie ones. president sy, in when on a trip to the island, it's one of several us delegations to visit ty, pay since house bacon, nancy pelosi in august. the trips have angered by jing, which has worked to block and international recognition of taiwan. china sees the island as a breakaway province that will eventually be re unified with the mainland. pakistan prime minister says the scale of destruction in his nation is unbelievable . and parts of the country looked like a scene. she, as she rave has been visiting areas devastated by pakistan's worst floods on record . the human toll is staggering. more than 1300 people at date. 33000000, that's 15 percent of the population have been affected. many of those who have
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survived have lost everything. 1.6000000 homes have been swept away along with nearly 6000 kilometers of transport length and food crisis is looming. the floods killed $750000.00 heads of livestock and submerged more than 8000 square kilometers of farm land. meanwhile, the world health organization says almost 1500 health facilities have been hit and emergency medicine is running out. prime minister sharif has urged pakistani is to donate generously. but families in ballasa, the largest on the province, are accusing local government officials and powerful landlords of hoarding humanitarian relief. same as robbie explains the people who lived in the house that one stood here, piled up and tied down everything they could. a final act of desperation,
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but also hope of returning one day the residence of darrow le yar, say the water is likely to recede in 2 months. but across below, just on people are wondering if they can last that long after the house was washed away. la molly moved his family into an unfinished shop. it may be better than a roadside tent, but not much of john b. joe could see if they'd be, my name is equal, rename. mila, wherever you go, ask any one. nobody has received anything that pushing, beating, and hurting poor people. the 8 is coming for people. i cause a need, but so far we haven't received anything. look on the would you be name? hello. everyone we speak to says the same thing. local government officials, politicians, and feudal lords are hoarding relief goods, their joint, which we did age and i'm no good, that's the landlords on giving us anything we've been worried for weeks. we waited
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the district commissioners office all night. they give truckloads landlords but nothing is made available to us. the police are going to break into that report now where us secretary of defense lloyd austin, is meeting with ukrainian delegations at the ramstein advice in germany. he's speaking now let's listen in williams and courage. so thanks again for being here with us in person today. today, we're back at ramstein, where this contact group was founded. and we're here to renew our commitment and intensify our momentum to support the brave defenders of ukraine for the long term . now, our group 1st came together 4 months ago at a turning point in rushes, reckless and ruthless war of choice against ukraine. back then, russia had lost his battle to take heave the conquer a peaceful neighbour, and to overthrow the democratically elected government of ukraine. and during that
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initial phase of the war, we joined with nations of good will from around the world. and together we surged in critical military aid to help ukraine defend itself from flagrant russian aggression. in late april rushes shifted, it's shifted to massive artillery strikes against sovereign ukraine territory, and the don boss. and this contact group responded swiftly to the changing character of russia's war of choice to help ukraine defend its territory. we've committed unprecedented security assistance. the united states has swiftly delivered a broad range of capabilities, including stinger and aircraft systems. armored personnel carriers grenade launchers in my 17 helicopters, body armor and millions of rounds of small arms munitions. to take
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just one example, among many consider howitzers. in april, the united states delivered our 1st batch of im triple 7. how it serves, including nato standard, or introducing nato standard artillery pieces to ukraine for the 1st time. and today, the united states has delivered $126.00 of those howitzers along with countries around the world. we've increased a number of how is her system systems for ukraine's defenders by more than 18 fold . and since our 1st contact group meeting the united states and our allies and partners have delivered a total of $26.00 long range rocket artillery systems, and he associated gamblers, rockets. and all these capabilities have demonstrably helped ukraine fight back against russia's aggression. and even a enabled ukraine to resist russia's ongoing on slot. so we've come
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a long way by working together. and today, 4 months after our initial contact group meeting, the war is at another key moment. russian forces continue to cruelly bombard ukrainian cities and civilians with missiles and artillery far but ukrainian forces begun their counter offensive in the south of their country. and they are integrating the capabilities that we all have provided to help themselves to fight and reclaim their sovereign territory. so it's fitting that we're meeting back here at ramstein. we establish this contact group as a free world was racing to meet ukraine's most urgent requirements. but today, this contract group needs to position itself to sustain ukraine's brave defenders for the long haul. and that means the continued and determined flow of capability.
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now it means urgently moving urgently to innovate and to push all of our defense industrial basis to provide ukraine with the tools that it will need for the, the hard road ahead. and it means renewing and deepening our resolve to stand by ukraine with support and strength. that doesn't hand on any one particular battle. we're here because we refuse to live in a world where a big powers trampled borders by force or support for ukraine's bedrock. right to defend itself. doesn't waiver based on any given clack clash? and ladies and gentlemen, the face of the war is changing. and so is the mission of this contact group. we will work together to train ukraine's forces. for the long haul. we work together
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to help integrate ukraine's capabilities and bolster its joint operations. for the long haul, we'll work together to upgrade our defense industrial basis to meet ukraine's requirements for the long haul. and we'll work together for the, for production and innovation to meet ukraine's self defense needs for the long haul. now we're seeing the demonstrable success of our common efforts on the battlefield. and every day we see the resolve of the allies and partners worldwide were helping ukraine resist. rushes, illegal, imperial, an indefensible war of conquests. and we must evolve as the fight evolves. in the weeks, it says the contact group last met the united states has committed another 6300000000 dollars in security assistance. the ukraine. in yesterday,
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the president approved the latest tranche of u. s. assistance to ukraine, valued up up to $675000000.00. and this is the biden's at minute the biden administration's 20th drawdown of equipment from us stock since of, for the ukraine since last august. the latest package includes more gamblers, one o, 5 millimeter howard, sirs, artillery munitions are missiles, humvees armored ambulances, and i tank systems small arms and more. and since our last meeting in july, many allies and partners have come forward with their own important new deliveries of advance radars and tanks and armored personnel carriers. the u. k. has sent a 2nd tranche of em to 70 m r s grantors ammunitions. and that brings british assistance to ukraine to
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a total of $2300000000.00 pounds. germany and denmark have both also announced significant packages of military assistance. and let me especially thank minister alon brecht, for germany's recent commitment to boosting ukraine's air defenses. i'd also like to thank poland for serving as a linchpin of our efforts to support the ukrainians and for his generous donations of military equipment. earlier this summer, for example, poland transferred 3 battalions of 155 millimeters. so we're propelled howard service to ukraine. and meanwhile, slovakia, north macedonia, and several other countries have announced their own critical donations of tanks and other heavy armor. so i look forward to building on that with momentum and finding more innovative ways for all of us to support ukraine's defenders. that
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means reinvigorating our defense industrial basis to match both ukraine's priorities and our own needs. and it means coming up with new ways to accelerate our production of key capabilities. and so in our discussions today, we'll also talk through the next steps in standing up and international training emission for the ukrainian forces. we're also going to talk about a new push to bring together our national armaments directors under the auspices of this contact group to intensify our efforts to meet ukraine's long term needs. and ladies and gentlemen, just looking around the table, i can see our unity of purpose. i see determine ally and partners who are just as resolute and supporting ukraine as we were in april when we 1st met here at ramstein. and so we've got a lot of work to do today,
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but i know that we're all going to leave ramstein this time with even greater momentum. we've done so much and we're determined to do even more. and i know that we're going to deepen, our assured, resolved to help the people of ukraine in their fight for freedom. thank you very much. oh okay, that was us secretary of defense, lloyd austin, who's been amazing with ukrainian delegation members at the ramstein air base. he spoke about how the warn ukraine is at a cane moment with ukraine, recapturing some villages of from russia, and that the team is working together to train ukraine's forces for the long hold. and we must evolve as the conflict evolves. it's bringing jonah how, who's lived for us outside the ramstein, a base in germany. hello,
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they are now. what did you take away from that press conference? well as lloyd austin, the us secretary of defense pointed out there, this is the 5th time that this contact group has met, founded by the americans here at ramstein back in april. they've met more or less monthly, 50 plus nations represented there, most of them, nato. but others participating as well, and he was sitting alongside, of course, the ukrainian defense minister alexi resnick. all of these meetings are an opportunity for those contributing allies to sit down and listen to ukraine, explaining the needs that it has on the battlefield, as the battlefield evolves. and in this particular meeting, that will be focus besides what he has just said, the u. s. secretary defense on winter needs. ukraine has already made that plainly clear. there is a long winter campaign ahead. there is no end in sight for this war. they need winterized weaponry, they need winterized equipment. they will be talk about that. they'll also be looking at the circumstances around this operation. nuclear facility that of course,
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high on everyone's minds. but to what secretary of defense lloyd austin had to say, in particular, he talked about the way that the wars evolving in the way that the actions and activities of the allies need to evolve as well. and this, the focus of this contact group is going to begin now to change to change from looking at the specifics of the battlefield now towards looking at a much, much longer term operation in ukraine. and the ways in which allies work to meet the needs of the koreans need to change specifically in terms of their own industrial defense basis. powering up those bases to be able to supply more weaponry, to be able to supply it in the long term. so a real change of focus here, and the message behind all of this, as has been enunciated by the secretary defense and the native secretary general who's here as well, is to send a message ultimately to vladimir putin in russia. that the allies standing by ukraine are going to be standing by ukraine for the long haul. are going to be
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powering up their own ability to supply you over the long haul, and that is not going to change. that certainly seems to be the focus join as the war evolves, the u. s. his commitment is certainly not whining, and that 2 of the u. k. is that what you took out of what he said? he went into great detail about what has been supplied over the. 1 past 4 to 5 months, what sort of weaponry, millions of rounds of ammunition, anti tank systems, long range missile systems, and so on. the president, president biden in the united states yesterday, he said, approving the 20th draw down the latest tranche of military support, $675000000.00 worth. he talked about the case commitment to point 3000000000 pounds worth that has been contributed by the u. k so far and he ran through a bunch of other countries, germany in particular as well. of course as, as poland. so yes,
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a big count down here on commitments. a renewal of commitment. secretary austin said we're here to renew our commitments to intensify our momentum. and to support ukraine in the long term. and as i said is the, as i said, is the ultimate message being delivered here that this group, that ukraine's allies a standing firm. and that is not gonna change in day. that message certainly came through loud and clear. we appreciate that update. right. as we mentioned, that was us secretary of defense lloyd austin, meeting with the ukrainian delegation at the ramstein air base in germany. ah, you know, watching al jazeera, these are the headlines this. our ukraine 2nd biggest city cave has been hit by missiles and strikes overnight. president vladimir landscape says troops and making advances in the counter offensive to retake cities from russia. gabriel elizondo is


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