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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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human blue with wave we have seen the worst, but also the best of our continent. we have witnessed how quickly things can change for the better. but we know that we must work hard to maintain the benefits of the post world. ah . as 21, g m t watching al jazeera live from london,
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where despite the rain crowds have gathered outside buckingham palace to mourn the death of queen elizabeth. the 2nd you case longest serving monarch has died at the age of 96. the queen was on the throne for 70 years. one of the longest reigns in global history and was a familiar face to hundreds of millions of people around the world. but here in the u. k, many saw her as a rock of stability, seeing the country through times of turbulence, like the 2nd world war. and the end of the british empire, and more recent political upheavals like breaks it. she seen 15 prime ministers during her reign. buckingham palace as she died peacefully in the afternoon at her scottish estate balmoral. the queen's family rushed to her side when doctors said they were concerned about her health earlier on thursday. the crown has now passed to her oldest son, who be known as king charles the 3rd. he issued
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a statement saying, the death of my beloved mother, her majesty the queen is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family. we more profoundly the passing of a cherished sovereign and a much loved mother. i know her last will be deeply felt throughout the country, the realms and the commonwealth, and by countless people around the world. during this period of morning and change my family and i will be comforted and sustained by our knowledge of the respect and deep affection in which the queen was so widely held. you case prime minister is trans who took power just 2 days ago. after meeting, queen elizabeth says the monarch was a personal inspiration and touched the lives of millions across the commonwealth. 3 thicken thing, queen elizabeth the 2nd, provided us with the stability and the strength that we needed. she was the very spirit of great britain, and that spirit will endure. she has been our longest ever reigning monarch.
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it's an extraordinary achievement to presided with such dignity and grace for 70 years. her law, her life of service, stretch beyond most of all living memories. in return, she was loved and admired by the people in the united kingdom and all around the world. she has been a personal inspiration to me and to many britons. her devotion to duty is an example to us all. earlier this week, at 96, she remained determined to carry out her duties as she appointed me as her 15th prime minister. throughout her life she visited more than a 100 countries, and she has touched the lives of millions around the world. in the difficult days ahead we will come together with our friends across the united kingdom. the commonwealth. 5 on the world to celebrate her extraordinary life,
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time of service. it is a day of great loss. but queen elizabeth the 2nd leaves a great legacy. eva joins, aside from buckingham palace and many people there wanting to be part of that name and neath. yeah, that's of the absolutely right, lauren, it's a doc and extremely wet evening here, but yet this is of course a hugely historic momentous occasion, which is why we've seen many mighty people come and go. there was a sea of umbrellas here behind main next the statue of queen victoria in front of the well famous of course facade of buckingham palace is on the gates of that palace, where earlier on unofficial royal notice was posted. that's where you many, many announcements in the past to have been made robust weightings and of course deaths as well. people as you mention, of course, want to be here to be part of this historic moment. it is a sad moment,
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but it doesn't feel in any way like a somber atmosphere. we've heard people bursting into song singing the national anthem, other people shouting, god, save the king, to mark the assumption of king charles the 3rd to the british ship. thrown. of course, we don't yet know when his coronation will be, but the monica oversleep, slips seamlessly from wall monica to the next is what some people in the crowd of been saying about this moment. i'm only conrad, you say, you know? and like i said, nobody anybody loca, ever again, that will for, for so long of in. and i charles, now he's with i thought she was fantastic and like such a role model for everybody and that would put rome. did she mean i think people have complicated thoughts about monica and royal family and empires and things like that. i think that's okay, but she is like a really remarkable figure. you know, she's been the leader of this country for so many decades. history much longer than
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a lot of people have been alive. so yeah, i mean, she's been sort of a constant in and out of people's lives. i currently believe it's versus the she's getting older, but it's one of the things you never believed gonna happen. us quite upset and really was the most of them because this is a hugely a historic moment, which means that people will continue to use buckingham palace very much as a focal point for their emotions. i guess that was challenging time for the nation despite. busy so often complicated a mixed feelings about the queen and indeed, but monarchy doesn't matter whether your die hard monarchist, or unaudited republican. it's hard to ignore the real importance of this a historic moment. so most certainly that has been voiced by people north of the border to in scotland. we heard from nicholas sturgeon, the 1st minister of scotland, a woman whose campaign tirelessly for the independence of scotland. something we know the queen quietly, ah, we're p,
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somewhat against here is what she had to say. for more than 70 years, queen elizabeth has been the great constant in our national life. she has inspired us. on occasion comfort, he does, and always personified values. we hold dear throat wherein she performed her duties with exceptional wisdom, dedication and fidelity scotland. this is a moment of acute loss and profound sadness. it is also a movement of enormous significance. the passing of queen elizabeth marks the end of anita omission is in morning or neighbors. nicholas surgeon said there an end of an arrow nor so a moment of transition. yeah, huge moment of transition. we go essentially into the unknown. we know of course
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that sir. formerly prince charles, have been waiting an awful long time for this moment. he's 73 years old, who would have thought that his mother would have lived quite so long to become the longest serving british monarch. but we do know, of course the winds is up strong regimes. the queen elizabeth the queen, mother lived until she was a 101 years old. it does beg the question, how many more years does king charles the 3rd have in front of him and be questions about the style of his monarchy as well. of course, quit elizabeth's being on the phone during a period of huge transition. she was very close to winston churchill very close. of course, it's about war time generation, those numbers of people who served the 2nd world war dwindling. but the same time she remained queen a figurehead for the latest generation, the digital generation as well. and whether or not king charles a 3rd can imbue and reach, o, all of those different generations and different attitudes and different opinions
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in the same way that queen elizabeth can will be i suppose, a great achievement. i, we very much wait to see exactly what will happen, but we're not going to find out any time soon because the coming days the focus will be on celebrating the long, long life and reign of queen elizabeth is these people here outside buckingham palace of come to mug and clearly also the global videos and she and we had the kind of tributes from well lead is quite warm and, and some of them are quite sad. the news yeah, i was really struck by hearing the statement from vladimir putin is quite extraordinary that queen elizabeth became queen the tail end of the 2nd world war book, ending her reign as opposed to war was in europe. the 2nd of course, the war this raging in ukraine after the russian invasion there, but nevertheless, temporarily a reprieve in those tensions to express condolences to can charles the 3rd for the
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loss of his mother and those condolences extended to the rest of the royal family. as well, and also were hearing from other leading statesmen and other parts of the world that had previously been parts of the british empire from india to countries in the caribbean and africa as well come for you are proud and independent and very much on their feet i'd a very much sure with their eyes wide open when it comes to the difficult for the legacy or british colonialism in those nations. nevertheless, all the law temporarily put aside to mark the passing of undoubtedly will most famous faces of the far above the past century. near bunker, thank you very much indeed. and as near mentioned briefly, there, the russian president vladimir putin as extended his condolences to britain's king charles a 3rd. he said, her majesty's name is inextricably linked with the most important events in the
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recent history of the united kingdom for many decades. elizabeth, the 2nd rightfully enjoyed the love and respect of her subjects as well as or 30 on the world stage. i wish you courage and resilience in the face of this difficult, irreparable loss. may i ask you to pass on sincere condolences and support to members of the royal family and the entire people of great britain when, as we heard the leaders from around the world, paying tribute to the queen, u. s. president joe biden as issued a statement saying the queen defined an error and that queen elizabeth the 2nd was estates, women of unmatched dignity, and constancy deepened the bedrock alliance. between the united kingdom and the united states, she helped make our relationship special as cause now to our correspond, kimberly how kit, who's outside the white house and kimberly they had a relationship for a long time, didn't they? biden and quinn was with the 2nd as president joe biden 1st
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met the queen back in 1982 when he was a us senator. his last meeting with her was back in june of 2021. when he, in the 1st lady, doctor jill biden had tea at windsor castle, and that was said to be a very warm and lengthy meeting where they really had a nice time together and celebrated to the fact that they had had such a lengthy friendship. and that was really eggs expressed in the 7 paragraph statement that the u. s. president released on the death of queen elizabeth. he said she was more than a monarch. she defined an era in a world of constant change. she was a steadying presence and a source of comfort, and she united people across the commonwealth during the 7 decades of a range. she bore witness to unprecedented human advancement, dignity. and she was also the 1st british monarch, the people around the world felt a personal and immediate connection to the u. s. president has ordered the flags at
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half staff over top of the white house. and we should point out that is also the case over the u. s. capital. we also should mentioned that there have been statements that have been issued by the house speaker, nancy pelosi, she has said that over her 2nd 7 decades in the throne, her majesty was a pillar of leadership and the global arena and a devoted friend of freedom and the top republican in the u. s. senate mitch mcconnell saying to dale american, stand with our great friends across the atlantic in morning, the passing of her majesty, queen elizabeth the 2nd, the british peoples loss is the entire world's loss. so this is really a profound loss that is being felt by not only view as president, but also some prominent leaders and capitol hill as well. and kimberly touched a little bit about the, the queen's place in american, the american psyche or the, or how they interpret the queen. so legacy you know, it's so funny because the american history is founded on the really
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abolishment of any sort of attachment to the british monarchy, the american revolution and the rejection of the british monarchy. but there's such a fascination with it ever since. and what is really interesting is you're seeing that now there was, as i learned of the death of queen elizabeth, it was during the white house press briefing and real time there was a reaction by the white house press. secretary curry, jean pierre, where she talked about the special relationship that exists between the united kingdom and the united states. one that was strength and she said because of queen elizabeth's rate, and we should point out that there's a fascination with the monarchy and it's almost because of the celebrity status that exist here in the united states. and it's almost like the fascination of hollywood and in turn the we should remember too that this is now the adopted home of prince harry and his wife megan markelle. so the american leave that very much,
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they are included in some ways. as a result of that, a, in sort of the royal family, if you will, the fact that they have now embraced and adopted are welcomed prince harry and his wife and their children. and so this is sort of a sombre day here in the united states. and as this is one day that will be remembered, i think for many americans, whether they are young, whether they are old, i think that people are talking about it and, and really sort of fascinated with the legacy of queen elizabeth. because so many people couldn't really remember some of the accomplishments that she has made in her life and how it affected them personally. kimberly, how can thank you very much indeed. i've at the white house. i thank you kind of as prime minister just intruders as queen elizabeth was one of his favorite people in the world. as her 12 canadian prime minister,
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i am having trouble believing that my last sit down with her was my last. i will so missed those chats. she was thoughtful, wise, curious, helpful, funny. and so much more in a complicated world. her steady grace and resolve brought comfort and strength to us all canada is in morning. she was one of my favorite people in the world. and i will miss her so the queen's death will be marked in new zealand with a period of national mourning and a state memorial service. the country's prime minister is into a den, says it's
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a time of deep sadness for the people of museum. and the queen has been such a constant in our lives for 70 years. the longer soothing monarch and british history over her reign. she has come to define notions of service, charity, and consistency. her commitment to her role and to all of us has been without question and unwavering. she has also demonstrated courage, compassion, and humor, a strong memory i will have of her as her laughter. she was extraordinary when it of a 2nd was also head of state of australia. its prime minister, antony albany, says australian hearts go out to the british world, fanny with the passing of queen elizabeth the 2nd and historic ryan and a long life devoted to duty. family, pike and service has come to an end. this is a morning of sadness for the world,
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for the commonwealth and all astrology, and it is a die, a profound sadness and grief for the royal family who had lost her beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. the person who for so long was the greatest in his strength, a strategy and hearts go out to the people of the united kingdom, who mourn to die. knowing that i will fail, i have lost part of what makes a nation hall. sarah clark is my 1st in bisman. what more did he say? well, at the opening of the, my address and the last 25 minutes on the national tv here in australia, he's a drink nation. he said we all morning for this huge loss. he noted that she has visited the study 16 times. her 1st visit was back in 954. this was not long up to her coronation. she also visited every state and territory,
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here in strategy. and as we all know it, it's a very large country. it's huge admiration for the queen. here in australia, he's noted that he and the governor general david hurley will travel to london. and coming days we will have a national memorial pound has been cancelled. he's might have been moving address, he knows that the strain hearts go up to the people if you tie and those across the commonwealth. he noted that the queen's word with comfort to be found in the words the queen waited. grief is the price we pay for love. so the people who strive had a huge soft. what for, for the claim. so astronomy, of course, is yet another nation in mourning for the loss of the claim on this friday. you touched on it briefly that i couldn't miss jessica down more broadly in australia, aside from the politicians and well, a astronomy is a constitutional monarchy. quain didn't play a day to day role in the running of a strategy, but she was the representative of the strategy. been through the constitution, the governor general acted on her behalf. you might recall back in 999,
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sally went to boats on whether or not we stayed within the monarchy or we go for a public in people, but i would willingly to keep the queen. so she did play a very big part in the lives of astrology. and as i mentioned, she visited 16 times at the albany, noted that she met with 16 prime ministers who consulted with her during her 7 decades of her ryan. so astronomy was waking up to disprove that needs. it's just up to 7. i am here. so they'll be huge. a huge loss for many a stallions. and as i noted, parliament has been cancelled and the prime minister will trouble london to be between charles in the coming days. sir. ca, thank you very much. indeed. queen elizabeth 2nd came to the throne on the death of her father in 952 and became the longest reigning monarch in british history under simmons. back of her life. ah,
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in modern tombs, no more could plame the level of popularity and respect that queen elizabeth the 2nd enjoyed right into her advancing years. i rain was the longest in british history marked in spectacular style by the 1st ever latter them jubilee scenes reminiscent to the end of the 2nd world war. in 1945. she was celebrating 17 ah, what a comfort to 2021. the year before. and this enduring image of being alone with her son, a stoic, the death of her husband, prince philip, and a marriage that lasted 73 years had focused mines on her remarkable reign. she wasn't born to be queen. her childhood was care free. here with sister margaret,
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but then came change. at 10, she found herself as air to the throne. her uncle, king, edward, the 8th abdicated. her father, became king. she was leaving a very quiet family life at fairly out of the knees when the application came. it wasn't her destined ralph from bath, and i think that her father told her incredibly well and she learned her lesson very well as it were. princess elizabeth was $25.00 when she assumed the british throne, returning from a visit to kenya after the sudden death of king george the 6th. by the time she was crowned queen, she was 27. it was in 6 years after she'd married prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, a lifetime of service ahead of her and the end of a naval career for philip,
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who'd be by her side for the rest of his life. as she took the throne, written with its empire was losing its grip on global pal. the queen's 1st mission, along with her husband, was a royal tour. as head of the commonwealth, she visited countries preparing transformation to independence from britain. go back to the early 19 fifties. there she is. it takes a bit to get through to your own mind that this is a person who who conversed with the church shows the nairobi is the very early commonwealth leaders. the queen was able to lift the dark cloud of colonial attitudes and showing the commonwealth became a multi racial multinational association. it was perhaps her biggest achievement, and she was passionate about the commonwealth throughout her reign. back home, it might even look like a normal life, a love of dogs, and
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a passion for horse racing. ha, ha. taylor quaid. she was herself a horsewoman, and she loved the outdoors. as a mother, though, there were challenges. like all the best families we have our share of eccentricities of impetuous and way with youngsters. ah, and of family disagreements. yeah, to the throne. charles, her eldest son had become prince of wales in 1969. at the age of 32, he married diana spencer. she had just turned 20 and was a stranger to royal life. it was an unhappy marriage ending in divorce. then in 1997 princess diana was killed in a paris car crash. initially the queen didn't publicly show grief. she was staying in scotland. walter's straw crowds gathered at buckingham palace. i think dan is death, was a very dangerous, named for the monarchy. i think that was,
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was possibly the one limit where you can look back on, on a pretty flawless rain and say that at that moment i think the queen lost her her judgment. the queen had a special affection for charles and dinah's 2 sons, william and harry, prince harry was seen by royal watches, the queen's favorite grandson. but he was to take his grandmother through some bad times. he mounted american actress megan merkel, left their world duties and moved to america as private citizens, a couple of paid on the us television network with scathing attacks on the royal family for making them unhappy. megan, marco said a member of the world family made racist remarks. the queen's personal life may have had its ups and downs, and family may not have come 1st all the time. while british monex don't have absolute power, they can influence and steer their political leaders. a long list of prime
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ministers followed in the footsteps of winston churchill in their audiences with the queen, each with a piece of history to share with her for as johnson here, the 14th leader and the man who took the u. k. out of the european union in 2020, he also had to handle the countries response to the corona virus pandemic, a face a crisis. the queen are dressed in rare tv appearance. we should take comfort that while we may have more stones, when gill better days will return. we will be with our friends again. we will be with our families again. we will meet again. queen elizabeth adult life was devoted to duty hours. she remembered. i think she had assumed the status of a national icon, the nation's grand mother. her legacy will be the fact that the royal family is in
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a position to survive and indeed thrive that has by, by no means been given throughout her reign. oh, elizabeth, the 2nd queen of a commonwealth, not an empire, had always shown unflinching determination. ah . d. as in why should be reviewed by many millions who would be great, whose name is a rule biography and commentator he joins me live in the studio. thanks very much indeed for coming in. and katie will talk about legacy in a moment, but i understand that you never quite well and have met on number of occasions. and i wonder if you'd give you a personal and i don't think that to any rice, i could ever claim to know the queen intimately. but i saw her on many occasions and as one particular instance, which summed her up for me and it was probably when she's in the late eighty's. and
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she had gone on what was just another routine job. she was at a party on a cruise ship, many tables of people. i sat almost as close as i am to you. and i could see her face throughout the whole this rather very lengthy launch. and it never once wavered. she never once for one second, looks as though she was doing anything other than having the time of her life. and yet for her, it was just my job and that i think sums her up. she put her everything into a job, no matter how boring of a doll it was. she wanted to show people that she was having a great time and that they were giving her that great time. that's extraordinary bill to sustain that for, for 70 is absolutely. and i think that she refined the act greatly as time went on as you would expect, you know, she got better and better at it. and she knew when to put her on the pedal and she
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knew when to take it off the pedal again in terms of publicity, whether she should be seen a great deal or perhaps seen less. and in terms of her legacy, how would you describe queen elizabeth the 2nd? well, without question, i think she is the greatest monarch great britain has ever had. not only her, she reign long anybody else, but she has being more places, she's shaken more hands. she's been seen all over the world. she's gone to places that no other morlock has ever done. her. she has been on magazines, television, and her image over 70 years, has a made itself known to millions, billions of people across the globe. and i think because she's a benign presence, she is not a challenging presence. she doesn't have to be a politician or who is trying to prove something. she is just who she is. and
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that's how she managed to keep that at going for so long. and she has, i suppose, in some ways maintain what it, what is his estranged at him? not many countries in europe all around the world haven't had a system with a constitutional monarchy. what, what do you think the feature of monarchy is without queen elizabeth? well, the cursing about her was it didn't, it looks that she didn't actually change, but she changed a great deal. and for example, if you look at her clothes are they became more one this time went on, she had got the order of the age. if you like her and she knew a very much to inch forward very slowly without pairing to do so. i think that who ever well, who we know who is coming next may find it hard to have such a a subtle play as we are we. we know that it came. charles, a 3rd is, is going to be titled at we, in the what i mean, how will he follow?
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what are we in all these leaders in you and many countries have been saying an incredible incredible action from the queen. well, it's going to be very difficult for him, and of course what he's going to have to do is take his foot off the pedal. he's got to learn not to interfere with politics. the spider had the spider handwriting memos which he sent to. cabinet ministers have to cease if he is to maintain that or 40 as an independent figure, which is above and beyond politics. that's what the great successful queen's rain was that she never once and fear politically. and i think prince charles with his heart very much all right, days has tried to fit on. if he's just go learn not to do it. and in terms of the rule found itself clearly they've not had the easiest of times recently. and this is a personal point morning for them. how do you think they'll react to that? as a family? do you think they will come together after this? do you think the, the fractures will continue to, to be there?
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i think that's possibly the 1st challenge which came charles will face he has got to either knock heads together or talk to people and try to bring a sense of unity back to this fractured royal family. and we cannot deny the fact that the last couple of years as the queen has ailed, we have seen the wheel slightly falling off the royal train promotion. thank you very much and these kinds georgia, thank you. reminding our top story here are now to 0. person as a queen elizabeth the 2nd you case longest raining monarch has died at the age of 96. the queen was head of state of the u. k. and 14 other countries including australia, canada, and jamaica. she came to the throne in 952. the queen and family rushed to her side when doctors said they were concerned about health. on thursday,
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buckingham palace says she died peacefully at her scottish estate morrow. the crown is now past to her oldest son, will be known as king charles. the crowds have gathered outside buckingham palace to moon, the only moloch. most persons have ever known. many saw her as a rock of stability. seeing the country through times of turbulence, like the 2nd world war, and the end of the british empire, and more recent political peoples like facts it. now that queen elizabeth has died her son, that charles automatically becomes king. he's both the oldest and longest serving heir apparent in british history exertion council will meet at saint james's palace to proclaim king charles the new sovereign as is expected to take place on saturday . and at that point, charles was where loyalty to parliament and the church of england. his ceremonial coronation, can take place at any time within a year of his accession. queen will line state in london starting from wednesday.
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once her coffin has returned from scotland and be taken in procession from buckingham palace to westminster hall, within the houses of parliament, and will be a short service upon arrival, westminster hall will be opened for 23 hours a day to allow people to file past and pay their respects if you will be held at westminster abbey around $10.00 days after the monarchs. death. there'll be a military procession in london and windsor. huge crowds are expected, as well as a massive worldwide television audience. the coffin will then travel to windsor castle. a private service will be held for family members and v i p. guess. queen elizabeth will be buried in the windsor castle at memorial chapel with her father, king george the 6th. the queen mother and her sister princess margaret, prince phillips body will also be moved to the chapel. patrick vernon is a cultural historian, he joins us now from london. thank you very much indeed for being with us. give us your impression of what it will mean to have this end of her. an error with,
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with queen elizabeth's death is certainly end of the era because honestly, she had her long rame. i mean, when she came, when she took the throne, it was a time drop in the cold, or it was a time were a number of countries. colonies wanted independence and has been and she's dealt with prime ministers as well as many years presidents. and lots of changes in the world that period. so in many ways her, her pass through is end of an error. but at the same time with all things and then we have to have a new beginner as well. and tell me about the, the commonwealth and how important to figure she was as part of leading that organization at interplay the keys to ro because it, remember the come off was created as a sort of number of countries eventually been independent, you know,
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and all the countries in the calm of our independent countries, some of them are republics as well. and to that transitional period, all of them political called an empire to one a transition run a comma, a key role in that. and pub approach q of a key role was a her extensive tours along with her prince philip across the cong love on a regular basis. no to emily? well, she wasn't sure that should particular personal skills and skills and diplomacy and engagement. and i think what you've noticed are the last couple years and come off now, is my see will still be part of it. rush it with britain by think part of the commonwealth . well hm. once i've a different leadership, same time, that's going to be a big challenge for kings charles, obviously he was made, had become well,
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but 4 years ago, actually, ironically, the same year as a window scandal. so he has a big job to play and he's got to almost create a new vision or how the come up. it can be seen, people see the come up as well. and in terms of the, the, the u. k. culturally, what was the significance, do you think for a queen, elizabeth? well, it's interesting because you know, the clean over so you know, the cold will. we have the swinging sixties or just then course we have, you know, must unemployment in the seventy's. we had the rise of can you've culture, punk new romantics, number disco, so seem, you know, run up to and also the time that we tried to do in europe. we tried numerous times to join europe, and now we bless your. so the quinn has seen this major cultural social to cope
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last style changes in another democratic changes in person joins peer may say that kind of how she's seen the solution to adopt to that change demographics of but some of the same toms will those members, the robustly, would you say that the monarchy is in the, in the u. k. is safe without the queen. most have been, i mean, as you said, and you'll open statements. everyone of unknown moloch and the queen everyone, because she's have a long, long frame. so it's going to be in brand new. it's almost like the reset. the moment has to reset itself because they'll be expert patients. you know, prince charles king charles commentator talked about she came bold and politics.
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i think he will get a poll fix. but in a different way, true, more influencing the queen. you know, the whole, the way the democracy works for separation of powers between the monarchy, parliament and the courts. as been the white or you know, ford focus on the is up, it was happen. know because of, you know, the increase mistress from politics by the public. the one, the reason why the moment came on the queen particular has been seen the gold standard run high standards and public office and diplomacy. the northern principles which people talk about, which is a applause to people in public life, but your counsellor or m p, you sit in the board of the school or inaccessible conversation. the crew exemplified that. and so i think it's going to be interesting period as well. and
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also for prince consoles, because a queen is she got lots of big shoes, the bill and she left the very high standard round public life and the standard of it life patches been and thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the subject. thank you. the you and 60 general antonio terror says he is deeply saddened at the passing of queen elizabeth. the 2nd expects minutes. different jake says the world will remember her for devotion and leadership. as the united kingdom's longest lived and longest reigning head of state, queen elizabeth the 2nd was widely admired for her grace, dignity, and dedication around the world. she was a reassuring presence throughout decades of sweeping changes, including the de kernel eyes ation of africa and asia and the evolution of the commonwealth. queen elizabeth the 2nd was
12:41 am
a good friend of the united nations and visited our new york headquarters twice more than 50 years apart. she was deeply committed to many charitable and environmental causes and spoke movingly to delegates at cop $26.00 in glasgow. the secretary general pays tribute to queen elizabeth the 2nd for her unwavering, lifelong dedication to serving her people. the world will long remember her devotion and leadership entrepreneur together to change space is falling reaction from the united nations. we've just watched a moment of silence in the un security council at the start of their proceedings. the un general assembly also holding a moment of silence, the sec, james general issuing statement. he met the queen on the number of occasions when he was the high commissioner for refugees as the secretary general and his previous post as one of the case allies is the prime minister of portugal. he says, the united kingdom's longest lived and longest reigning head of state christmas with the 2nd was why the mart for christ grace, dignity,
12:42 am
and dedication around the world. she was a reassuring presence. throughout decades of sweeping change, including the decal noise ation of africa, asia, and the evolution of the commonwealth. because the commonwealth is an important factor in this as all the countries around the world where the queen was also the head of state. it's not just the u. k, she is queen, or was queen of 14 other countries around the world. they have been paying tribute as have the close neighbors of the united kingdom, france, for example, president macros saying that cleaners with the 2nd embodied british nations, continuity, and unity for the last 70 years. i remember her as a friend of france, a kind hearted queen left a lasting impression on her country. and on her century, i mentioned commonwealth countries. one of the biggest, of course, is india. the biggest country in the commonwealth. the indian prime minister, the random modi, match the queen, and this is the 2nd, remembered as a stalwart of her times. the dutch king william alexander. we remember queen of
12:43 am
this is the 2nd with the respect and great affection steadfast and why she dedication a long life to serving the british people. was we mentioned that queen elizabeth the 2nd was head of the commonwealth of nations. it was a richer nickel. the british commonwealth and began to take shape in the 1930 s. when some of the colonies in the vast british empire began to great and great or tanami, queen elizabeth became head of the commonwealth when she took the throne. a 3rd of her overseas visits have been to it's nations. it's a voluntary association of $56.00 independent countries. they work together to promote a number of common goals such as democracy, human rights, good governance, and the rule of law. through the decal nation of the british empire, between 957970 over 20. former crown colonies joined the organisation as they gained their independence. it's allowed republics and countries with their own monarchies to remain part of the commonwealth without compromising this overn teeth
12:44 am
. are 2500000000 people in the commonwealth. that's nearly one 3rd of the world populations. when queen elizabeth 1st visited kenya in 1952, she arrived at the princess and left only days later to send the throne. back then can you was still part of the british empire. now it's one of more than 50 members of the commonwealth nations. i just, catherine sawyer reports some canyon's field commonwealth itself is coming to an end of an era. it's now an elaborate tree. how's the wildlife reach of the day of the forest in central kenya? back in 1952. when queen elizabeth 1st visited as a princess, this is how it looked. the only thing that has been constant is of what a hole that attracts wild animals every evening. and what brings in thousands of tourists every year. the story of tree tops launch has been told and re told princess elizabeth was here when her father died and she became queen,
12:45 am
rating bogus, shows me exactly where the original tree house stood before it burned down. bobo was a porter and was selected to help carry the princess luggage to the room. it was a time of colonial oppression while food, some white people do not eat canyons very well. they would beat us out of the 2 car and he had to be found as here. they had all those over a storm, but would only allow us to own utmost to 15. good. only good. then princess visited kenya at a very tense period. the beginning of an uprising, and within a year young canyon freedom fighters declared war on her government. they killed dozens of british settlers. the sympathizers, which is the beginning of the end of colonialism, can against independence in 1963, it was one of many african countries to do so that decades. it appears as if many of policymakers in britain, underwashed. i'm not accepted the fact that africans independent
12:46 am
this, although there was that independence, we tend to think of africans as perpetual wards. children to be guided age remains at the head of braces, engagement of africa, that you case finding it difficult to compete with china in trade and building infrastructure support for africa. it is not that africa, what we're one, the west laundry list. but those who want a new respect under the right to decide who to do it, which i knew deals are not good, get rid of the bridge are not good, get rid of it. while it's during the queen's rain, that serious human rights abuses were committed in kenya. she's remembered fondly. she visited the country several times. a museum dedicated to her is fielded souvenirs from her visits. beatings, connection with africa is evolving as is the post colonial stereotype that the relationship is all about. handouts, africa continues to receive its aid,
12:47 am
but some analysts say the u. k is now more interested in promoting treat. kathy saw al jazeera central, kenya. people in nigeria have been paying their respect to queen elizabeth honoring her for her length of service to the commonwealth. it sounds so real to me on our 3rd is because the quin us live like she was never going to does one for the 3rd of our way generation over den original kid to me. your point of a 60, there not as a coin were process for the dependent advances on just lost. that was no, no my life. i've never known any other law last long. so for this now though, barbara, well, it's only lisa, ever. my last name is a group to see and this is strategy close to the all of her
12:48 am
good britain of west africa proficiency, particularly nigeria are on our platform and i did on gotten the independence that however remember how for i know for a grid to mordor the good morning, who has been in the trial for the period of 70 years. as the longest serving bush mach elizabeth's rain, so many changes. she was crowned on june the 2nd 1953 at westminster abbey. it was the 1st televised coronation that was 4 years before garner then part of the british empire became the 1st african country to gain political independence. and it was 6 years before fidel castro assumed power in cuba. 4 years later, the beatles had their 1st number one hit, she became queen 16 years before neil armstrong and basil darren became the 1st men
12:49 am
to land on the moon. a decade later, the iranian revolution took place when iran came in islamic republic, under ayatollah, how many she became queen 36 years before the berlin wall came down and the fall of communism in eastern europe 37 years before. and he partied figure nelson mandela was released from prison in south africa that he, 8 years before the world wide web. it came publicly available and 5 decades before the us led invasion of iraq, which toppled leaders, sadam hussein. and she came to the throne of 51 years afore the launch facebook. but throughout the wide spread and dramatic changes across the world and the country she rolled over. she remained a constant as new voc report, her rame saw more than 60 years of traumatic change, the social, cultural, and technological revolution that altered the very landscape of the nation. but the
12:50 am
queen retained the same values, the same habits and unchanging presence in a country, living through times of turmoil and conflict. she was just 25 when she came to the throne. exactly the same age as the 1st queen elizabeth and was only 18 at the end of the 2nd world war where she had served as an ambulance driver. only 8 years later, she was being crowned on almost every level kind of politically, culturally in terms of technological innovation. i'm in terms of sort of society, i mean, every sort of massive change in the late 20th century. obviously she's lived through so things ranging from obviously the full of the bud enroll a year at the end of apartheid africa in england. the 1st female prime minister, the 1st black president in america. so those kind of landmarks also think about the development of the world wide web, which is obviously had each impact on society. the queen very much. i love the way
12:51 am
in technology as far as world families are concerned. in 90 myschoolbucks 9097, she actually was pretty behind launching the ro, families 1st website, the british monarchy. and then in more recent years, we saw her get fully behind things like facebook page for the monarchy in 2010. and all these things, while they were being developed will aids, would always say they were sent right to the tops. it wasn't so they were being worked on my press factories. she ever saw all those developments in technology and she raised her plate. she was also all too aware of a new kind of natural bread, home grown terrorism. we're in the new code, little toes and for a long time took the off in the 2nd world war with the problems in northern ireland . she was shocked to a new wave of terrorism. islamic terrorism had hit london on define who she stood in that central all over there about the palace and observed a 2 minute silence. i say defiance as if to say you can promise,
12:52 am
but we will not folder. but as britain shifted to become a multi cultural society, and one that was more accepting of divorce, the queen's family too seemed to adapt when one of her grandson's prince harry married. megan marco, a biracial american actress who had been married before. yes, maam, so after the wedding differences began to emerge and eventually the couple made allegations of racism against members of the royal household, harry and megan and the rest of the royal family started off with the best of intentions. we're going to work together. we're going to take the world family into the 21st century. but how do you change a medieval western european system overnight? it's very difficult to do that. the queen, so the family was saddened by the couples decision to step back from the royal family and move to the united states. when she came to the throne, the queen made a promise to the nation. whether it be long or short shall be to vacate your
12:53 am
service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. it was a pledge, many would say she managed to fulfil, remaining a constant and an ever changing world. the balkan al jazeera london and yes, president joe biden is just arriving at the british embassy in washington dc to sign a book of condolence. how does your castro is there for us, heidi? a lauren outside. the british embassy here in the u. s. capital, we have secret service, i have closed down the road. we expect u. s. president joe biden to be arriving eminently here. he will likely sign a book of condolences for the queen of england. this is something that customarily the u. s. president does, when the head of state of a foreign nation has passed away. he signed a book of nolan says for the former prime minister of japan,
12:54 am
sions obeyed before the japanese embassy a few months ago were expecting him to arrive. eminently biden has not spoken about the queen's passing yet to day, but his white house has released a lin, a lengthy statement. speaking of the special relationship that the queen had not only with biden personally, but also with the people of the united states, biden writing in that statement about the queen, she was a states woman of unmatched dignity and constancy, who deepened the bedrock alliance between the united kingdom and the united states, and by it and just one of many american leaders who have reacted strongly and emotionally to the queen's passing. we've also heard from all the living, former president of the west, from donald trump, to obama, to clinton. also morning, the queen's passing, saying she was graceful strong and an example,
12:55 am
and example for all were hearing more signs of the motor kate. now as the president is likely to appear again, this is a formality. this was not something obviously that was on the white house agenda at the beginning of the day, but after news of the queen's passing came, this is something that added on president biden already. it's expected to pass in this direction on his way to another event. in maryland, you are seeing the presidential motorcade now. now the last time that president biden was with, the queen was in june of last year in london when he was there to attend the g 7 that he spoke of that meeting as warm, friendly, noting their friendship that dates back many decades and expecting we are expecting that people potentially speak again on camera. now to talk about the morning that
12:56 am
he in the 1st lady's feel and the great significance that the queen of england held for americans. and on that to mean aside from the leaders that to the queen as matter over the years, what about ordinary people? what's the view of the queen and, and where this leaves their relationship with the u. k. now that she has done right. i heard what kimberly was saying earlier, and i think she said it perfectly where the average american, i think, has a deep fascination with the british monarchy. it is something so distinctly different than the american experience. you know, historically, of course, is the formation of the united states was a rejection of the british monarchy. yet here we have a sovereign who was celebrated, who fascinated the average person. she was a celebrity. and that's something else noted in president biden's statement about
12:57 am
the queen saying that she was the 1st monarchy to really become a global figure. and the fact that she herself was free of scandal and endure for those 70 years of rain with such dignity. it's something that really shocked americans in a sense, and that it was so different. of course we know that her grandson harry lives now when they knighted states with his wife, who is a former american actress only adding more to the sense of wonder that i think the average american considers the royal family. and that's why i was also see members of the public coming here to pay their condolences and lay down their flowers in memory of the queen. i do thank you very much indeed. i believe you know, of some images of queen elizabeth the 2nd, the u. k. is longer serving monica, who's rain stretched over 7 decades. ah,
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