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tv   Democracy Maybe By The People  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2022 2:30am-3:00am AST

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you still want to key the head of the state, is the queen that she doesn't quite didn't play a day to day role in the running of the country and said she deli guy had the executive pals to her representative and strategy. of course that's gotten a general at the moment who is david hurley and as i mentioned who we traveling with. ringback to the to meet a king child. now you might recall back in 1999, a strange went to referendum of whether or not we should stay with the monarchy or go to republic. of course, the people have a strategy budget overwhelmingly to keep the queen and the monarch. but today's the morning to day to afflict on the, on your, your p of use on the monarchy. and the primary has noted this to destroy, you will be feeling a huge loss with the death of declaim farrah. thank you for. i found clark line for our sand brisbin australia. now, the queen's staff will be marked in new zealand with a period of national mourning and estates memorial service. the country is for many suggesting the order and says it's a time of deep sadness for the people of new zealand. the queen has been such
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a constant and alive for 70 years, the longest, soothing monarch and british history over her reign. she has come to define notions of service, charity, and consistency. the commitment to her role and to all of us has been without question and unwavering. she is also demonstrated courage, compassion, and humour, a strong memory. i will have her as her laughter. she was extraordinary. adrian brown joins is now live from wellington. adrian, tell us more about what the prime minister of new zealand has to say, and how people there are remembering the queen well, just spoke about 2 or 3 hours ago. she said that she was awoken at about $10.00 to $5.00 local time by the torchlight beam of one of the security details. and she said, i knew exactly what that light meant. as you heard in her comments there just
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a moment ago, she spoke with her on wavering the queen's on wavering sense of duty. she also said that the queen had been mother and grandmother to the nation. now of course, general doing is about the age of some of the queen's grandchildren and like many people here, she is never known at time when the queen has not been this country's head of state . here in new zealand support for them on the key is very strong indeed. support for the monarchy public, you know, the strongest, perhaps in the commonwealth. we've also been hearing from don mckinnon, a full menu zealand foreign minister who was also secretary general of the commonwealth and of course, knew the queen very well. he said that she had been forced for good in the commonwealth and that she was always interested in. he said in the progress of democracy in that family, representatives of the indigenous murray population of also been reacting. they said that in the past the relationship between the crown and the murray community
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had occasionally, you know, historically been quite tense, but that the murray community now look forward to working with the new king. and i don't meet the website of the governor general here like australia using and also has gotten a general there was a simple message. it says the hold the tide at its lowest ed. so yes, flags, applying, good, half mast books of condolence have now been opened across the country. and as you mentioned in your introduction, there will be a state funeral hand. but after the main one of course, in london, 10 days or so, 8 changes, you know, moving away from new zealand. your normally based in hong kong for us who don't know you were based in hong kong for a long time. and i want to ask you about the reaction and the relationship with hong kong and china, in particular, the complicated relationship with beijing. well, you're right it's, it's very complicated because, you know, at the moment the,
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the current head of hong kong john leach, is a former policeman who rose to the top of the rank of the hong kong police floor. so he was a man who had to pledge allegiance to queen elizabeth. now he pledges allegiance, of course, to china's communist party. there is no mention of queen elizabeth's passing in his facebook page. there is no sign of the moment in hong kong, though it's just what 7 30 in the morning there at the moment of flags being lowered to half mast and no comment so far from, from china's leaders. and i think it's going to be very interesting foley to see if president she aging ping is invited to attend the funeral of queen elizabeth. because if he isn't, and along with president vladimir putin, they will be perhaps the only 2 major world leaders, not in attendance. now it's known that the prince charles does not have an awful lot of love for china's communist party when president she jin king was in london
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on an official visit in 2015 or prince charles boycotted the official banquet. so i think it's fair to assume that you know, the fries that we've seen in, in relations between these 2 countries is not going to be used by the parsing of queen elizabeth. yeah. and as the saddle, the interesting to see and which world leaders attend at the funeral are in london . adrian, thank you very much for that. adrian brown. live there in wellington. now when queen elizabeth our 1st visit a kenya in 1952, she arrived as a princess and left only days later to ascend to the throne back then, kenny was still by the british empire. now is one of more than 50 members of the commonwealth of nations. but as catherine saw a report some canyon sphere. the commonwealth itself is coming to the end of an era . it's now an elaborate tree house in the wildlife, which are the dares forest in central kenya, back in 1952. when queen elizabeth 1st visited as a princess,
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this is how it looked. the only thing that has been constant is of what a hole that attracts wild animals every evening. and what brings in thousands of tourists every year. the story of tree tops lodge has been told and re tolls. princess elizabeth was here when her father died and she became queen, rating bogus, shows me exactly where the original tree house stood before it banged down. bobo was a porter and was selected to help carry the princess luggage to the room. it was a time of colonial oppression, often with some weight to be put in or teach canyons very well. they would beat us out of the 2 car and he had to be found as here. they had those of life stone, but would only allow us to own utmost to 15 good. only goods. then princess visited kenya. at a very tense period, the beginning of an uprising. and within a year young canyon freedom fighters declared war on her government. they killed dozens of british settlers, the sympathizers,
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which is the beginning of the end of colonialism, can against independence in 1963, which was one of many african counties to do so that decades. it appears as if many of policymakers in britain, underwashed. i'm not accepted, the fact that africans independent the o lobo without independence. we tend to think of africans us perpetual wards. children to be guided age remains at the head of braces, engagement of africa. the you case finding it difficult to compete with china in trait and building infrastructure support for africa. it is not that africans world war one, the west yonder west. but they also want a new respect and they are the right to decide to do it, which i knew deals are not good. get rid of the bridge route deals are not good,
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get rid of it. while it's during the queen's reign, that serious human rights abuses were committed in kenya. she's remembered fondly. she visited the country several times, a museum dedicated to her. it's fielded souvenirs from her visits. britain's connection with africa is evolving as is the post colonial stereotype that the relationship is all about. handouts, africa continues to receive its aid, but some analysts say the u. k is now more interested in promoting treat. kathy saw al jazeera central kenya, and people in nigeria have been paying their respects to queen elizabeth honoring her for a length of service to the commonwealth. it sounds so real to me on our 3rd is because the quin us live like she was never going to die on for the 3rd of our way generation over don't original kid to me. the quinn over a 160, they're not as
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a coin were process for the independent advances onto slots. there was no, no my life. i never known any other ruler last long. so for this not operate, well, it only leaves us every month and then is a great pity. and it's a strategy close to the all of her good britain of west africa proficiency, particularly nigeria or another platform. and i didn't go to an independence that. ready however, remember how for an air for a grid to mordor, the good monarch was been in the troll for the period of 70 years now to the us and present. joe biden has offered his condolences on behalf of all americans to the british royal family. he said in a statement, her majesty, queen elizabeth,
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was more than a monarch. she defined an era in a world of constant change. she was a studying presence and a source of comfort and pride for generations of britons. queen elizabeth the 2nd was a states woman of unmatched dignity and constancy as bringing hydro castro in washington dc for as the flank heidi at the white house has been lowered to half south and the present been 1st lady made an impromptu stop at the british embassy in washington, tell us about that's right it, and that is where we are right now fully. and you can see that this memorial that has sprung into life behind me in front of the british embassy, is growing by the minute with americans coming to lay flowers and share this moment of silence of grief and of inspiration. remembering the queen i and it was her life men to them. of course, this is the place where the u. s. president joe biden was
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a few hours ago signing the book of condolences within the embassy. they're greeted by the british ambassador and her husband, in writing, in that book, in the 1st entry of what will be many ones has opened to the public to morrow. writing that the american people mourn with those who are in great britain and across the commonwealth. now biden also spoke briefly about the queen's passing on stage just a few minutes ago at a political fundraiser, calling her and incredibly gracious woman. now the relationship between these 2 dev dates back nearly 4 decades and back in 1982 is when then senator biden met the queen of england and throughout the time they were in touch, his last in person meeting with her was a little over a year ago in june of last year, when he was welcome to windsor castle by her while he was in the u. k for the g 7 summit. and he describes this close relationship between the u. s. and great
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britain that was symbolized by the personal relationship that queen elizabeth as monarch also had with not only himself president biden, but also 13 u. s. presidents prior to him, that is how long a rain had endured. she herself visiting this country at least 6 occasions, visiting the white house that many times. and it's not just her memory being honored by present bite and other u. s. dignitaries, but also average americans who have been coming here all day with their children. remembering this moment, remembering the woman who they say was a symbol of dignity and of strength, average americans indeed, as we see behind your paying tribute to the queen, outside the british embassy in washington dc, hydro castro. thank you very much for the moment. well, let's talk more now about that relationship with united states. the queen's relationship with the us. barbara perry is joining us on al jazeera. she's
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a director of presidential studies at the university of virginia's millis center, and she's joining us from charlottesville. barbara, thank you so much for being with us and thank you for your patience. as heidi said there, the queen had a very strong and special relationship with the us. tell us more about the kind of relationship she had with the different presidents during her reign. it's amazing and astounding if you think of it this way, the 1st president she met was she had become queen in 1952. i was harry truman. and in the united states, we combine our head of state with head of government, the president bodies, both of those roles. so just imagine of harry truman were still the head of faith in this country. so to think that 1314 presidents have intervened and that her relationship with our president has symbolized this amazingly strong alliance between the united states and the, the former colonization
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a country. and to think that we thought a revolution against great britain and then have come to develop this alliance that saws to through 2 world wars and the cold war. and she embodied that. who do you think was her favorite present? i understand that she had a wonderful court, personal correspondence with dwight eisenhower. so the 2nd president, she knew, but i think ronald reagan was a favorite of hers because they bonded over their mutual love of horses and she rode horses with him at windsor castle. and then she asked if she could visit his ranch in california. and unfortunately, it was a rainy day when she arrived, so they couldn't ride horses. but i think she had a really special connection with him as well as to fighters against the communist world during the cold war and the u. s. assistance during the falklands war, and after that she made an honorary night, ronald reagan and then i'd say most recently the obama's that picture. i'll never
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forget. michelle obama violated protocol, but putting her arm around the weight of the queen and the queen, reciprocating and putting her arm around michelle obama. and right now we're looking at pictures of donald trump with the queen. what was that like? do you think he was released? favorite i would say probably so if you look at the look on the queen face speaking a violating protocol, it's one thing for there could be an in formality on both side. is in the case of michelle obama and the queen, and that they, they bond in their, in formality. but in the case of donald trump, it didn't seem to be in formality, but simply violating protocol by stepping in front of the queen, turning his back on her and then walking ahead of her. and i think the look on her face that at all right. she was of course, as you say, part of many significant moments of us history. there is a new king. now,
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charles, what, what is it going to be like? do you expect continuity in the so called special relationship? i think there will be a, he's of course, visit in the united states. he visited famously with diana. i and they came to the white house. and most famously of all, diana danced at the state dinner with john travolta. so they have been to the united states, he has many times, but i think that except for donald trump, who had this view, that it was time for that alliance to be over, the nato alliance to be over the north atlantic alliance. it had been formed by winston churchill and f d r. winston churchill, the 1st time minister i to serve with queen elizabeth. i think that charles will go back to the pre trump and now post trump era, if trunk should be reelected in this country than it perhaps is up for grabs. but i think that charles will continue this long friendship of the united states and the u. k. barber's so the to talk to you. thank you so much for joining. as barbara
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perry, director of presidential studies at the university of virginia's millicent, to joining us and from charlotteville. thank you so much for your time. i queen elizabeth the seconds long rain. so why sprayed and dramatic changes across the country? she rolled over and the world she lived in. but throughout she remained a con, a constant. as ne voc, every person arranged sole use of traumatic change, the social, cultural, and technological revolution that altered the very landscape of the nation. but the queen retained the same values, the same habits, an unchanging presence in the country, living through times of turmoil and conflict. she was just 25 when she came to the throne. exactly the same age as the 1st queen elizabeth was only 18 at the end of the 2nd world war, where she had served as an ambulance driver. only 8 years later, she was being crowned on almost every level kind of politically,
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culturally in terms of technological innovation, in terms of sort of society. i mean, every sort of massive change in the late 20th century. obviously, she's lived through so things ranging from obviously the full of the but in lieu a year end of apartheid in africa in england. the 1st female prime minister, the 1st black president in america. so those kind of landmarks also think about the development of the world wide web, which is obviously had each impact on society. the queen, very much alleged away in technology as far as world families, a consent in 1000, starbucks 9097. she actually was free behind launching the world families 1st website, british monarchy. and then in more recent years, we saw her get fully behind things like facebook page for the monarchy in 2010. and all these things, while they were being developed will aids, would always say they were sent right to the tops. it wasn't that they were being worked on my press factories. she ever saw all those developments and technology
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and she embraced plate. she was also all too aware of a new kind of national bread, home grown terrorism, with the new code liberal chosen for a long time. took the off in the 2nd world war with the problems in northern ireland. she was short term, a new wave of terrorism, islamic terrorism had hit london on default, who she stood in that central office over there about the palace and observed the 2 minute silence. i say defiance as if to say you can promise, but will not folder. but as britain shifted to become a multi cultural society, the one that was more accepting of divorce, the queen's family to seem to adapt when one of her grandson's prince harry married . megan marco, a bi racial american actress who had been married before. yes, maam, so after the wedding differences began to emerge and eventually the couple made allegations of racism against members of the raw household,
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harry and megan and the rest of the royal family started off with the best of intentions. we're going to work together. we're going to take the war found into the 21st century. but how do you change a medieval western european system overnight? it's very difficult to do that. the cream, so the family was saddened by the couples decision to step back from the royal family. move to the united states. when she came to the throne, the queen made a promise to the nation, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and to the service arrive, great imperial family, to which we all belong. it was a pledge, many would say she managed to fulfil remaining a constant and an ever changing world. the balkan o $20.00 london, or world leaders are paying tribute to queen elizabeth india's prime minister to render. mowdy said he was pained by her death and that she provided inspired
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leadership to her nation and people, franchise and demanded michael has saluted the monarch as a friend of fran saying that shall be remembered as a kind hearted queen whose left a lasting impression on her country and on her century and italian prime minister mario draggy hale, the queen's education, and spirit of service rushes president vladimir putin has extended his condolences to britain's king chance. the 3rd put in, says queen elizabeth's name is inextricably linked with the most important events in the recent history of the united kingdom. he says, for many decades, she rightfully enjoyed the love and respect of her subjects as well as or 40 on the world stage. he wishes carriage and resilience to the new king in the face of his loss and asks for his condolences to be passed on to the wider family and the people of great britain, ukraine's present volunteers. lensky has also extended his condolences to the people of the united kingdom grange. again,
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i was deeply said to find out about the death of her majesty, queen elizabeth the 2nd. it is a heavy loss for the entirety of europe this and for the world im usual on behalf of the ukrainian people. i squeezed condolences to the royal family, great britain and commonwealth countries. our thoughts and prayers are with you, as well as the united nations secretary general antonia the terror says he is deeply sad and at the passing of the queen, i spokesman, stefan dejaris says the world will remember her for devotion and leadership as the united kingdom's longest lived and longest reigning head of state. queen elizabeth the 2nd was widely admired for her grace, dignity, and dedication around the world. she was a reassuring presence throughout decades of sweeping changes, including the d colonel, eyes ation of africa and asia and the evolution of the commonwealth. queen elizabeth the 2nd was a good friend of the united nations and visited our new york headquarters twice
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more than 50 years apart. she was deeply committed to many charitable and environmental causes and spoke movingly to delegates at cobb $26.00 in glasgow. the secretary general pays tribute to queen elizabeth the 2nd for her unwavering, lifelong dedication to serving her people. the world will long remember her devotion and leadership. i diplomatic as a jane space has more reaction from the united nations. we've just watched a moment of silence in the un security council at the start of their proceedings. the un general assembly also holding a moment of silence, the sec, james general issuing statement. he met the queen on the number of occasions when he was the high commissioner for refugees as the secretary general and his previous post as one of the u. k. allies is the prime minister of portugal. he says the united kingdom's longest lived and longest reigning head of state christmas with the 2nd was widely admired for christ grace, dignity, and dedication around the world. she was
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a reassuring presence throughout decades of sweeping change, including the decal, notation of africa, asia, and the evolution of the commonwealth. because the commonwealth is an important factor in this as all the countries around the world where the queen was also the head of state. it's not just the u. k. she is queen, or was queen of 14 other countries around the world. they have been paying tribute as have the close neighbors of the united kingdom, france, for example, president macros saying that queen elizabeth the 2nd embodied british nations, continuity, and unity for the last 70 years. i remember her as a friend of france, a kind hearted queen left a lasting impression on her country. and on her century, i mentioned commonwealth countries. one of the biggest, of course, is india. the biggest country in the commonwealth. the indian prime minister and the random modi match the queen of this is the 2nd, remembered as a stalwart of her times. the dutch king william alexander. we remember queena. this
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is the 2nd with the respect and great affection steadfast and why she dedication a long life to serving the british people. now that queen elizabeth the 2nd has died. her son charles has automatically become king. he is both the oldest and longest serving air parent in british history. let's take a look at what happens next. the day after the queen stair fee, accession council will meet at saint james's palace to proclaim king charleston new sovereign. a proclamation ceremony will take place and charles will swear loyalty to parliament and the church of england. his ceremonial coronation can take place at any time within a year of his accession. in 5 days a procession will be held, carrying the queen's coffin from buckingham palace, westminster hall, where the houses of parliament within the house of parliament a service will be held. the next day, the queen will lie in state for 3 days. westminster hall will be open for 23 hours a day to allow people to fall past and pay their respects. the funeral will be held
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in 10 days. the queen's coffin will be transferred to near by westminster abbey, where the funeral will be held. there will be a military procession in london and windsor. huge crowds are expected, as you can imagine, as well as a massive world wide television audience. the coffin will then travel to windsor castle. a private service will be held for family members and v i p. guess queen elizabeth will be buried in the windsor castle memorial chapel with her father, king george to 6. the queen mother and her sister princess margaret prince phyllis body will also be moved to the chapel. now prince charles will now be known as king charles. the 3rd, a new king has been groomed for the role for 70 years and is expected to address a nation on friday. oh, brennan takes a look at his life. he's been add to the throne since 1952, a long time to wait for his very particular destiny. those who believe in him say, he's put the time to good use it. charles has actually been preparing. you know,
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he hasn't spent his time writing pele ponies and, and cutting the ribbon here and there he has actually been around the world. many times he's met world leaders many times over. he's a great, a student of history and of politics. he knows what it's all about and, and i think he, i think you'll be very good. but his is a complicated story. an unhappy childhood at schools he hated, was never comfortable with a minute scrutiny of an obsessive press verb in moments of petulance. because he is not universally popular in 1981, he married princess diana, who had 2 sons, what it ended in divorce. johnson's relationship with camilla parker bowles came in for her scrutiny in 1997 princess down and died in a car crash in paris. and the british monarchy was thrown into crisis. but
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charles's obvious devotion to his breathing sounds marked the start of a slow rehabilitation. in 2009, he married camilla partnership, which is now more widely accepted. charles has always had his interest, but he's never been shy about expressing his views on the environment, on architecture, on the life of young people, for his family assigned, he cares. critics danger ahead. he's going to be of a different kind of moment and he's going to be a political moment. and that breaks the 300 year deal that we've had with the monkey. and if they break that, they'll them that's going to be the, the unique opportunity to get a valid institution. you have a tough act to follow his mother's restrain style of monarchy was popular. charles's rule will be very different. his challenge will be to do things. his own way without damaging the popular consensus on which the whole institution of british monarchy depends, pull brennan, al jazeera london and the coverage of the death of queen elizabeth. the 2nd
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continues in just a few minutes. we'll leave you now with some images of her 70 year reign. lou ah, ah, i didn't have my whole life. whether it's been all short, shall be debated. the old service. ah ah ah oh, what i said you now the queen and as a grandmother,
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i say from my home, i want to pay tribute to diana myself. she was an exceptional and gifted human being. ah, ah, data acquainted me, we have seen the worst, but also the best of our continent. we have witnessed how quickly things can change for the better. but we know that we must work hard to maintain the benefits of the page world. ah .


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