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tv   Witness A Child of Afghanistan 20 Years of War  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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walk and who survives history? oh, marco polo on al jazeera. examining today's headlines. we cannot leave them. uncle. good is getting this hop like the titanic heading for the iceberg. setting the discussion, the fall of afghan has done is going to stay with every single asking for the rest of their life, sharing personal stories with the global audience that our body is trying to me. it is about our own. all right, programs does open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. on al jazeera, i'm a jim german door her. these are the top stories on al jazeera, the united kingdom's new king charles. the 3rd has addressed the nation and the
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wider commonwealth for the 1st time as monarch. he praised his mother, queen elizabeth the 2nd for her unswerving devotion to the roll. he pledged to follow her example and serve with loyalty. earlier on friday, crowds were heard shouting, god save the king as he and the queen concert camilla arrived back in the capitol. rory challenge begins our coverage from london yesterday. he was saying farewell to his dying mother. on friday, through the grief he greeted crowds at buckingham palace, his king, and listened to them. welcome in the it's the moment this 73 year old man has spent his entire life preparing for waiting in that most peculiar of cues the line of royal succession. at an age at which most people would be retired, all retiring, king charles, the 3rd is finally doing what he was born to do. time will tell what sort of
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monarch he will be. but greeting the public like he did it. buckingham palace on friday was a warm and open way to start. then his 1st address to the nation, have silver and as the queen herself did with such unswerving devotion, i too now solemnly pledged myself throughout the remaining time, god groundsmen to uphold the constitutional principles. at the heart of our nation . and wherever you may live in the united kingdom, or in the realms and territories across the world. and whatever may be your background or beliefs. i shall endeavour to serve you with loyalty, respect, and love. as i have read my life as enthusiastically as charles has been welcomed, britain is still a country in national mourning for
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a queen locked by millions. it will be a challenge for the new king to equal this affection and reverence. since thursday evening crowns had been coming to pay their respects to elizabeth. as with the death of prince philip last year, the ro family tried to discourage people from bringing flowers down to the gates of buckingham palace. they are saying that if you do, you'll be guided elsewhere. so one of the hawks to put your flowers there where you can see that message has not gone through the keys, the stretching all the way up the road past the palace. he can't hold the people back each with their own personal reasons for coming. these people hang up on your left hand side to call us back and let your flowers every day. i've only known the queen and my mother was a refugee up to the holocaust. and she came here in 1946, and was here for the queen. got married and when she was around and, and we've always been really grateful to this country and great leadership. but yes,
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i was very much when i turned it back, why not? there was a yeah way by. she came to south africa. i was a student there to try to such a big day for everyone in south africa, you know, and mandela day to day for everyone that the queen of england is come to south africa. royal successions are all about continuity, even so, this is one of those few clear hinges in time where an established era is left behind. and a new one begins will reach helens, out to 0 london. british politicians gathered in parliament on friday to commemorate the queen in peace, including the current and 2 former prime ministers paid their respects and shared memories of the late monarch. in other news, russia is deploying more troops to harkey as ukrainian forces conduct
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a major counter offensive to retake towns and villages in the east. keith says its military has advanced almost 50 kilometers in 3 days. european energy ministers have failed to agree on a plan to put a price cap on russian gas supplies at an emergency meeting in brussels. the u energy commissioner admitted that no agreement had been reached next on al jazeera witness. ah hm . wow. yeah, with
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oh, like where the mere madam channelled with john? pardon sheila, with regard to the animals are glad madam push, we're on the dog, but on a mm hm with
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with a in some of them in my the myself that are in june, but any more as a whole logical person on the got i was not a shout that garcia, coloma mitchell, the us injure my bishop and again on the job as was yet what able she thought this is the biggest coalition, basic southern afghanistan air force,
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cargo planes need to use the old 19 fifties airport to bring in vidal weapons and supplies, it's a lifeline for other local soldiers. and for thousands of coalition troops, finding the war on terror, the 1st sides of anti americanism are surpassing in afghanistan. it's clear there are powerful forces here with best interest in provoking violent opposition. we would simply say to the people of afghanistan today that we have given commitments. we will honor those committees both on the humanitarian side and in terms of rebuilding afghanistan. one of the most really in repressive regimes ever the database is now out of business. ah,
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a issue with please you believe you duck games? he's really cool because to push to get on to do our pretty simple development. did you get the coaching? we are great. i was now in the war on terror. we look forward to a better future for the african people and to many, many years of african american friendship. thank you. ah ah,
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mila devota, dennis lima madigan that ammonia yet. so the southern table. well, does she have it all that good? ah, you give me? can do a donkey, but are sitting near done now for you to figure not getting to pass it the door done been past the 7 would be j. b r be done. i get more modern. that goes on top, and i've done, i was bristow or does was that how i noticed other boys are little boy, you cannot eat young campus. you
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don't have to have much then each up nicely. again. question, in what is engaged they were, i say ah, was that it will not go bosom? who will done it again? give us a bonded cost middle school listed in john a felon. don't let and asked him to apply was them to me? give me a ball man and push all the dean. junky i'd only by jo more was ours done. mother marlene you go quite young or mama to me want her to go get all the a
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former. busy 0, one more time i am working my message for the american soldiers as that they have liberated us from tyrant, aid from terrorism, from oppression from occupation into a country that is now moving towards prosperity a . cd us commander, se taliban insurgents here are copying the tactics, used to fight the u. s. in iran. mm
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the week before of any hon. i do love her. i'm in any? yes. i did me one second. oh, man. i did a i did my good this now need it all, my global battery. can the coroner called her out there. why did you call you to call my girl? what they will not need to know god, i won't,
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i am out of my time for that one much unders. i don't hold in digger my dar, nathan is as it is, you're an object on don't you now can he call? we're not going to get now gonna no, ma'am shannon you're long on i often. alrighty. martha. i'm with national bite for 71. i'm hang this megan, i'm really silly. yeah, that'd be a lot. i got it. yeah. yeah, good. good. good. yeah, i don't, i don't wanna lose any charlotte. her kids that ability to go don't put a
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final plan. she's between the taliban and nato forces left 10 french soldiers dead with violence said to be up 50 percent in spite of the growing number of troops now serving under joint nato, us command kind of boat. when alicia hyde kind of shied on the votes, applicant fig, long. if we fail is current. if i have not yet sent home to dammit, you mentioned enough god, the son of douglas, and even couldn't duffy, and i am stop even defeated. the child of thought, we must all try intervention community and get us up to go to in able to further the penalties of the afghan forces and numbers in town and equipment that dance
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i mean they are. i have no set chanda. oh no. just holy. just from a 193 members. states gather the united nations general assembly with the war in ukraine and the global cost of living crisis high on the agenda. up front returns. mot. lamont hill, top through the headline to challenge the conventional wisdom italy votes the right way. t, fortelli, italia, is a head in the post, could a decisive victory overcome the great love faced by recent government. the listening post examines and dissects the wealth media, how they operate, and the stories they cover with rising prices, causing hardship and discontent across the globe. we were put on the human huff attempt a tackling the crisis september on al jazeera, on counting the cost of the energy battle between russia and the waste is escalating. but the who's winning is europe prepared to meet the challenge of going
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without russian gas and soaring fuel prices of pushing up the cost of living globally. when will inflation peak charging the cost or al jazeera for a goalkeeper from one as eighty's. a home world cup was what dreams were made of. they turned into a night matter by resting towards you by argentina's military junction. footballing legend eric can sit down, introduce his cloud, your temporary, one of his special few stood up for their beliefs. whatever the cost for gold rebels on al jazeera. ah, i'm hammock, i'm german durham. these are the top stories on al jazeera,
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the united kingdom's new monarch charles. the 3rd has addressed the nation and the wider commonwealth for the 1st time as king. he praised his mother, queen elizabeth for her unswerving devotion. queen elizabeth was a life well lived, a promise with destiny kept, and she is mourned most deeply in her policy that promise of lifelong service. i renew too old to day alongside the personal grief that all my family of feeling. we also share with so many of you in the united kingdom, in all the countries where the queen was head of state in the commonwealth and across the world. a deep sense of gratitude for the more than 70 years in which my mother, as queen, served the people of so many nations. british politicians gathered in parliament on
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friday to commemorate queen elizabeth the 2nd in peace, including the current and 2 former prime ministers. paid their respects and shared memories of the late monarch. in other news, russia is deploying more troops to hark eve as ukrainian forces conduct a major counter offensive to retake towns and villages in the east. the head of the russian backed administration and the region admits that the advancement of ukrainian forces in the southern region has been very sharp and rapid. keith says its military has advanced, almost 50 kilometers in 3 days at any chance. glaring sil, crane as in nearly up to now the armed forces of the crime have liberated and taking control of about 30 settlements in the cock, a region in a number of regions in the area. activities in checking in, securing the territory are ongoing. gradually, we're taking either new settlements every way we returning the ukrainian flag and safety for our people. european energy ministers have failed to agree on
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a plan to put a price cap on russian gas supplies. at an emergency meeting in brussels, the e u energy commissioner admitted that no agreement had been reached as country is heavily reliant on russian gas fear they will be cut off altogether. all right, those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera, after witness. thanks for watching. oh, thank god for that of by that marriage that be a good one. as india, i know them wanted a dodge, as in get of martha roche, a lincoln draft. as indigo. you good to what there does, said grove, i did that. i was there to go. i did, i gave them the buses. now i was doing
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a mental evaluation this harden the water wallach at wallace and asked her to get the raft from wicker hardwood to barbara hutchings. nana ha, to give to mike and there's one on about this one. i'm going to get to soft cost and i've finished and buy on that. but then you get the raft rather than 2nd law, jackie, but only with joy j. could you with them? you are. the said a gifted with carousel getting in the car was good. aloof follows in your 1st dish pack that will this little keandra under the movie that oh that fort more but you get the very next now very deep. i'm back a lot of what that that but other to them with
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a milder the feel you know, she'll need to rush. you found them learn more than what a lot here from san fernando. mm hm. mm huh. so i mean, you will never didn't stop, please don't brazil, missile do do feel as yet julie so dizzy le employ truth is more dormer for 40 to our firm. 6 british soldiers have been killed in a right side explosion in afghanistan. the british prime minister david cameron has described the death as a dreadfully sad day for the nation. and when is he has got old mother? you shall leaf in afghanistan. mm hm. i'm hi, mrs. jones. good for the of it's, it was commando funder internet son on shouldn't topic brennaman muslim, shall leaf is. does. he has to give me the bonus ability and him to can finish out
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transmission of this is are darlene pullets. as soon trudy's a charge on both the since there was no afghan national army, there were no afghan national police. we see a situation totally transformed. i aim has always been. can we make sure this country no longer is a haven for terror and terrorists? american troops, training afghan soldiers ambushed by the taliban as there was american troop. from here to start coming home, the afghans realised they still lead american help. they demand american fighter jets bail them out. american air support won't always be here to see her day he goes one mad, does the what out a signal? zan bigger him as nan mcadams angle, there's an victim. nashik, agatha madd,
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the odami. i def i fight when i wasn't, i've got, i said, did i will was merely a for last auto seeker. as an, as modern god. i was, i don't, i don't i get it on. i would in myself as your shouldn't, isn't there yet for us to go? margaret wallace, jordan, one him method like are more zana. they go no more. none but homewood. there's a room. my zang gut wasn't a jordan one on their hot dog. hot within the old cut are now than keegan. our garden volume g ma, sad. they tertiary for suppose i came collage them. gower, forming a camera shorter than this. oh my yeah. they didn't love with him and i don't know the form of he and money. he and i have a kid that i might have been, i mean we could offer money that could be
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a honey grandmother's thing. didn't molly hanson on it? she was off the bat. laura. ha ha ha ha ha yoda neither. my daughter, mom so candice, her ma sudden upon him come because you're not. van 0 korea way could work of a got it is all border couldn't because they. gabriel was like, it wasn't biz, waterville? oh good. you know, i don't know called william missouri kong jewish journal bite on when i bought our model. i tennyson on core. welcome, mike jr. of that as a guide. joyous to marsan, crush, dock. wish headquarters. good. now shall come with you. yeah. now that offer me the money. now this is amanda london area. that means you know, and you just that and what she was as on the shore are going to, you know, so they ah, the
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than homer. so they, they cody never keep it. interesting. i'm yeah, through us better sort of mission should have she home as our own machine. harder had up all the run on on those me go where this we're going. machine usually are gone with not 14 again, how i'll come with the said m as that oh was wagon was an anthology gone by sir. so last gal rainbow bottom, tolliver. mamma, musical with the idea shown, the marseilles mother, i'm willing to go well in missouri area to very start hank talk or by the show
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them that i should share. heard the seduce had a day and i'm a ford edge good . which bridge with oh no, no, no good nazir cora gunn. i saw the snake in your want to do something corner, thomas of the day i'm not of then. gosh, there are being recorded. i mark that one. i am no man a little further mac vehicle. no, no, no, i 5 in groceries in the here, the yeah, the shorter the better, i mean she's in the you can call her friends a lot of the year. i never says in the games event that i just seen the vision nikolai, an attorney, been unclear, of dyslexic in ohio. consolidated,
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my site shall leaf since mid distance is expansion. good to to 12 old island. that's once it wasn't fixed in a tiny community. village's very dead, dead father's mothers. and many, many children. u. s. military said it had conducted air rates to protect forces. the mother hum recorded by the nauseous good as a whole county they go because we've got another storm, a mock like gig comb rab open my loaded. i don't watch that with him about that. okay, of course. are them going online show more that i'm model mcguffey. i've rose but had gone rather. so wishy us do with illness,
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all the hook. awesome. i gotta go mark, i'm gonna hide. we were not in my my go to 5 o'clock. what a boy at the hotel in cord mccord wouldn't bit of a global day. he might. i don't so yeah, chad i sealed calon. find me to now fire. i shouted mazata ma hakan on lay so local voted mr. fish africa, yet while i'm not of them, india miss and lima has beg, gaudy b, as gaudy lucian, i. e, i o, as mazda, india, that global on with godaddy. they shouted. bizarre for to go and i got it on
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my they ag media company got to get a phone call about about an i'm a honda laugh when it's done by john maddox caught in my eye goes to marie mccomb. oh, would keep them out of them. are the home it up? or is it here for the malady i'm already into hardy. shady court had that not only for the gave my coach with the keyhole in the come on were the one on cause. the brute financing, what more than $500000000.00 florida gun is done. as long as sun kandahar city, which has been tormented by violence and terrorist, got a reason to celebrate the cities plus cricket stadium mill, with assistance from india. construction began on a pipeline project to carried natural gas from circ medicine through the country to
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india and focused on that $1000000000.00 project will bring job and income. china has already become a lot of sounds, largest business invest and now does building security capacity. the right give them model they can look and, and i don't want to mention only on what i said, you know, the, him, that's not on the, in the go to a lot of well, to the fed and go to the managers and, and mr. malott not with them, they don't get us in the near the campbell lunch in walk in getting to ally internet and go to, to the committee to the in the no initial get your and,
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and your now should be the offering. you told me that the known address his modem set, of course, was louis church and then as i get now, if that would enough to number. yeah. let me call her again, official describing it in a suicide attack and the casualties here are mounting people so far. i think, jordan, this attack 300 injure, but i expect that number to continue to other that are good. me what i understood that that ended up in 9 to laurie to angela. wouldn't honor to about anita deutsche and boards have moved our daughter commit. i might as in helen. wow, i switch up with shalise. george. good. what are you? good ashburn, chapo. yes and in your mouth already got him. can you pass the water board as
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you're getting bigger? push the amvoy kids are going to like it has been dropped a draft and push dullgard's them. this comes as president trump really contemplated whether to spend more blood and treasure inside afghanistan. the taliban and other insurgents can talk. i can tell all the percent of the company thick mashanda newton yoga chung. could you ask me that i was i'm or money that has been congestion. can either sherman can control. so if there's a call not okay. and so what the gushing can guanasha for when i go must, i'm not gonna say enough for laura mulligan because
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a lot of mission and they are saying it's been on the out. the ogden thought kashodi i ludo said his bush was am. i can tell her mission viejo that goes to both should madison a little money should be mad issued master born on what are the us which kills your does monica is good. i only measure and a more in a short, more summer ourselves other than lunch in a bit about upgrade now more like who and in better shape than i oh, not love the ticket on my mouth and whatnot. and i get a film on both sides. chevy and, you know, getting it over again. monica. oh lord, i'm a rosa said there was a cake boy. submission. madly commit host medevac. russia never shut off
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a garden hose and he got out a book shelf. a had another bond glass like lambert was on look like i saw says the target was intelligence headquarters, but the exclusion banner flash to louisa. big press card before joining the crowd, a journalist employing himself vices clean responsibility for in for killing cars today. oh, thing to proceed with in afghanistan. about jolissa got it got the actually one that will keep it as some lead them k m, to call it a comrade holder. no to them. the ica bidick of them. key exam center. i'm in but key by me do when physicians thought either them or leg this to come and go
9:49 am
on and others. oh, they figured out jake procession and it opens up with a little to go or not. did i mean daughter should go? god forgive mother and daughter should have had don't come on, i got on his up like i'm only commission will cover for me what i wouldn't need. how another scholar for 7 name is and i am, is a little bit of a doctor. give it to them. i'm
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sure you're good. you're not calling the deluxe. yeah. you're a good. you got a are we just signed an agreement. this time, after all these years to bring our people back home for the caliber k was a big tree march. the afghan government shot out of this field, a ton of on refuse to talk to a doha one deal is done. making peace will be my charter. only swallow lease 32 people are dad and dozens wounded and a mass shooting afghanistan's capital kabul. and just this past week and
9:51 am
a taliban negotiate a peace deal with united states with u. s. air strike targeted taliban fighters wednesday after the militants attacked an afghan security force outpost hughes with adams afford, i get the wallet in my am is fine. focus charge. so lesson. so that often and with my entire level jango into audio on vision now on, i can vision him as and i will say good. i got, i'm on want to say go to me again. todd is one of my checklist and i did them for them. chassis, as for they get the bank level jango and daughter dedicated jersey the, there's just let me get my son martin embryo. yeah. i'm yeah, the tolliver and tony of all that,
9:52 am
i key. i me how to dig it up when i saw my speaker, let me refresh amazon a bonus on convey or them for the global where michigan leather, gary, consumer or on michelle, humans. and i have yet to get a thing to say, we couldn't get a motion for mill. is that a shot of? are you there? hello, donna nora was the michel sharlack overland davis to nathan. couldn't they gave him unfair cobra? vasa moron came to gotcha a fallen jamison. amelia says, man, a mere goes to columbia understand that on a month of of the last one, another mid quarter mark. and i thought she should put in the format, hold on much, not much investment and the core math. out of that though,
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the ration demonic the piece talks, indoor and bloodshed bank at home, far from reusing bonds. dark 7 bucks stood since the reconciliation talks were announced. last thursday, a female journalist was shot dead by islamic state operators. this is part of a larger trend, better than holding it upon his don. ah, i go by in the country, go withdraw our troops from san by september iraq. that is our gym and you have studies at thornton dameon more test. so linelle climbed in and america's longest war. it's time for american troops to come home. president biden is defending his decision to withdraw all remaining
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u. s. troops from afghanistan for 3. dia was needed to fight on one as almost dicky and not all but oh yeah. be to show that as of when it's not have, i mean you k is expected to follow pulling out several 150 british soldiers. but the speaker of the african parliament, us war that the withdrawal could lead to a civil war. local assurance that about a loaner vehicle for their coleman any to hire media for years up on a thong. martin the i came with adult us did a i'm the girl that only shows up on some. ready a young mission as what except the sat get young at yahoo, that com is about goodness, good. but i thought out of it for me more than i am the other, which is uncle kesh. nikki, has out on some good. what a, what a job with miss. i don't make any downgrade. montgomery negatives. i me estimated down at lumpkin as us, the guys taking center director, tolliver, marlboro cheryl heights. yes. what that if you don't live,
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i knew what did he and resumed again, douglas is thus villa, let him go kima and ship it to see how hard cynthia knew. mar them both though never called her mother. mother morgan thought it is an ungrateful problem. yeah, we'll go home on them. so sydney mendoza pushed ad was living in kingston and was that it had offset neda hotel than i mean i just wanted me and what is your bottom up now? what i have is up on the sun hush for a sinking against done. my name's level. does show as you get by that much of the touch the mirror for showed us in a month. she think it was another news deal new. yeah. know like when i come up in it that i still got the letter
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i counted, i'm not, i'm not the guy that i shot to be to 100 lou . the white house has confirmed the military has begun its withdrawal from afghanistan, a series of law to go to school and gobble, has kids to year to be belonged to which most was students the death toll has raised them to at least 85 killed most of them girl, the last american troops cleared out of barbara mer base without celebrations or fanfare as the u. s. to parts the taliban is closing in, militants have taken their tents. major city concerns are growing. if they could take the capital, the telephone is now effectively in control including and cultural takeover of the city has triggered deadly scenes of panic at the airport as people desperately try to lead international communities out holding on the telephone to ensure mm
9:57 am
hm. a a son ah, the father, a mutual love of the arch. the stage is set to immortalize trading memories or in a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a jesse, you know, until still with
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we speak, when others done, ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes a fear in power and passion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net al jazeera. hello, welcome to look at the international forecast where the slightly quite across much of the middle east. there was 2 showers around the southern end of the red sea that western side of yemen. as i said, though, it is essentially quiet tempered, is getting into the mid high forty's. once again. therefore, back that am for q waste. a warm enough around the levant warms to quiet light winds. early morning, mr. fog around the gulf. so we will see some visibility problems sir, and cut off for example, and to the you a year over the next couple of days,
9:59 am
it is going to feel rather humid in the coming days, but largely staying dry dry to across northern parts of africa are very little cloud showing up here. so the easterly waves once again a ramping up, making the way across the heart of africa. nigeria, seeing some very heavy rain over the next day, or 2, pushing through became faso some parts of molly all the way across into synagogue. the gambia, sierra leone and liberia. so the wet weather will add, extends across, so the tropics all the way across in to were at eastern side of africa. not too many showers showing up here, but there will be one or 2 in play large. you try to the south of that at least for the time being as we go on through sunday. wet weather for the far south of south africa. ah, there is no channel that covers world news like we do. we revisit places, mistake. i'll just, there are really invest in that, and that's the privilege. as
10:00 am
a journalist, this was a young woman, the likes of which we've never seen. this is important. this is the story from breaking down the headlines to exposing the powers attempting to silence reporting . we're seeing media freedom being threatened, and attacked is basically criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. people have no idea what the source of uses back to the game that rolled a, everything on al jazeera beneath the surface lies a darker side. in british politics, i'm exclusive al jazeera investigation coming soon. ah, i shall endeavour to serve you with loyalty. respect.


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