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tv   earthrise Farming For The Future  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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oh, i seek that. mm hm. and then international intercourse, him excellence award boat now for your hero hulu and are neglected to hold the top stories head on al jazeera. the ceremony has been
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held in london to formerly proclaimed king charles of that monarch of united kingdom. the 1st time and hundreds of years of the british monarchy. accession council has conducted its business in public the prince charles philips off the george is now by the death about late sovereign of happy memory, become our only lawful and rightful leech lot. charles, the thought, by the grace of god of the united kingdom of great britain and northern islands unto his other realms and territories. king head of the commonwealth defender of the faith. while king charles a 3rd made a personal declaration following the proclamation. in taking up these responsibilities, i shall strive to follow the inspiring example. i have been set in up holding constitutional government and to seek the peace, harmony and prosperity of the peoples of these islands. and of the common rose
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realms and territories throughout the world. when the city of london, another announcement was made and the public health, the new king, 3 chairs for his majesty. okay. hep ah ah, the proclamation is also being read out in belfast and called if in edinburgh and around the commonwealth o king charles has not returned to buckingham palace, the flags on public buildings will return to half masters. you capers for the funeral of his mother. we will keep, says russian forces retreated from the key city of his humors. his troops closing in on the eastern city. russia has deployed more troops to the east to shore was defensive, must go back to administration in the region admits ukrainian fonts. as we wrap it in pakistan,
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the un secretary general and tony tara says the country needs massive financial support. it's visiting sin province to see the devastation caused by the worst flooding. in decades, agencies say one of the biggest threats is waterborne disease. and children living in camps are particularly vulnerable. all right, routes, don't the headlines, more news coming up here and out to 0 after earth rise farming for the future. ah ah, some people don't have to worry about where their next meal comes from. but these food supplies weren't always be so reliable. maybe 800000000 people around the world chronically undernourished. yet this is nothing compared to what may be to
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come by 2050 will be 2000000000 more people food production will need to increase by 70 percent to meet demand by then climate change could have increased food insecurity to disastrous levels. it's effects already being felt by farmers around the world, but solutions are being developed to help them adjust to new conditions so they can feed a growing population. as climate change intensifies. i'm only cannula in south africa to meet farm is taking to space to boost agricultural yields. and to find out about an extraordinary plant that could hold the secrets to prey, to crops that can survive drugs. and i am guillory to robbie in the wall where a team of plant doctors are helping farmers fight the path threatening to wipe out their crops.
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reduce revenue goes through the give out the 2 of them. this is the out by jo, them that supply wanted to get done, but also a large part of the old days reserved for you to geisha. nobody, you won't see this. this is the old change that used to be next to the nova before the downward book. i've been under waterfall for close to 30 years now. and this is now the 1st on that they're really being exposed. this is really to via is amended to be the withdraw into 100. yes. normally we expect to dance in one day. maybe we can bring them down to about 50 percent by the end of sod, and then they can fill up again to our busy. but it has never for the last 2 years . so year upon yet and not filling out the never when it rains come because they're just not enough read know to love, right? as out we won't ever go back to the good old days for more that when he was able to
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lend the majority of thomas a small hold is and the crops of rain fade. so when, when the patterns are disrupting, it can have a devastating effect on their yields and livelihood. thomas got back is one such fanta, living in the boy and region. he had a small head of gold, a few pace, and is hoping to grow some glavic with it when i visit his reign. fed reservoir is almost dry. i must never monday talking of tanya, but to from one to 2 valuable for 2016 at laguna lucy, we see go by an incident. i am sorry that you seem to get an opportunity for louisiana baker. okay. but give me a ocean. i see, got my food on hands on my bailey. so my stalker opened cbs. i don't know about what time. my j, my name?
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amanda lice on africa pentagon begged him. i mean, didn't put his money. see if we could see the room zones at adams. i'm going to convert was up shallow. carlindo jim was as he tended zaliah lucky, lucky john wants to solicit timber by this deed. i'm much changed. he did, but as it is with his guests on that young life, these options are august. i've been good place us is a see us is yasenya, one of the ideas of your boxes or whether gardner liverpool now since the 19 ninety's south africa has lost over a 3rd of its fans, largely due to water scarcity. as the droughts become more severe. and the bo holes try out. farmers like thomas a going to need a radical solution. professor joe ferrell to the university of cape town is hoping to provide just that. jolts research focuses on a kind of planned with some extraordinary properties. and she's ideally situated
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because one type rose wild in the hills just behind the university campus. this is, it looks, it doesn't, it, it does, but it's not, it's actually, it's dried, it's lost all its water and it's cold. it's, it's fund into very protective kind of way. how long can it survive like this? ah months to years, depending on the species. and the moment of rain, the thing will re hydrate within 2 hours, within 2 hours, even after year is of to use. wow. a good one species, we kept them dry for 10 years. 12 hours later, there were a lot. i'm trying to unlock the secrets of all these plants can actually lose all that amount of water and not die. so once you understand these plans better and unlock the secrets, what do you do with those? i my crops do the same thing. that's my intent. jill takes me back to the lab where her team is busy unlocking the secrets of these so called resurrection plan. i want to put this one on here, okay? and then start the re watering process so that you can see the magic of
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resurrection. okay? so we just what are the routes? the risk but also give the leaves a little bit of slack, rain trans, simila rain and the thing about farmers in africa that they will it, all of our culture is rain bit. so those who can afford irrigation. great. but if there's no rain for the bulk of us, there's no crock in the nice thing about this top of crop is that it will start off . well, if there's lots of rain, it will continue. well, if there's lots of brain, but should there be a the plant won't die when the next plane comes, it'll continue growing. the former can at least get all this and you can get another chance of life as a group. dr. ferns team's 1st objective is to understand what gives these plans these unique properties. what we did here, it looks like we extracted some of these proteins from one of the resurrection plants, and we transferred these genes to the bacteria. so now you're trying to produce deep or proteins in a large scale. so these proteins are part of the plans arsenal to protect itself against the lack of water, correct?
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right. that is this little protein that we're looking at in water. it has no structure. what it is, the will, plants drawing the water molecules of disappearing, but this protein folds and trips a whole lot of water molecule on them. so it retains its water by changing shape, correct? right. very intelligent system. you and i can run away from my challenges because they have to face if we strictly life, which is us eating intellect, eating and funding them with the salinity. hail all of that. and they have amazing ways of just recovering and responding if they say, oh wow, yeah, luck, it's resurrected. oh, wow. amazing to think that the plant that we saw earlier that looked dead basically now looks
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completely alive when i'm just picturing a pharmacy field where the maze is completely dead. because there's been a drought season and in the rain. finally comes again. and the next day, it looked like that the potential of that is staggering. the most promising crop for achieving resurrection is tess, a populace serial, throughout east africa. but jill's team recently had a big breakthrough. they were able to prove that the genes responsible for the regeneration process already present in old plans. this gives a lot of hope for future drought tire and crops to me them. an important thing is to be able to leave this planet. knowing how started approaches make a difference, a difference in africa, the continent that i grew up in the country with long dry seasons and unpredictable rains farms that can afford to irrigate their crops. almost 2 thirds of south africa's total water requirements are used for irrigation, but in times of drought,
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severe restrictions are put in place, forcing farmers to become smarter with their water usage, devitt, family orchard, just outside cape town, producers around $70000000.00, apples and pears each year an export they produce around the world. oh, i meant to me. all right, thank you for having us love david to ensure their orchards and business survive. the devotee need to be more precise with their water usage. and they're now able to call on a high tech solution. so one of the new technologies we have is safa imaging of orchards. this is what looks like it's called fruit. duke. fruit look is a precision agriculture tool that helps farmers grow more with less. it analyzes satellite images, meteorological data, and available local datasets to provide near real time accurate information about
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crop health. a satellite image can view crops, indifferent light, spectrum and pixels can then be analyzed against models to identify stress product before you can even see it with a visible eye, farmers can react more precisely and quickly any possible problems. so what does, what does the information tell us about what's happening on the farm right now? you can see this shape has growing weaker than the other ones. so the yellow patches mean that that's not as good growth. yes. ok. i have a look. okay, so we can go see what's actually happening then you can give me the early ones even before, just start showing in my dad's generation, this was unthinkable. this is the one thing
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that's fine, it's, it's next irrigation is scheduled quite soon. so it should be, so that should be fine. so this part is ok. so we've got to go looking and see where the problem is. yes, little so the down we test the soil again, you can see this is much more clear, so it's more yellowish. the holding capacity of the soil is weaker. right. so what will you do to make sure that this can catch up to some of the other options? on the next round of marching jo, differently, we'll put some extra motif young more mulching allows for water to be held around the roots of the tree. simply increasing irrigation would waste water as a trade off in the clay soil. knowing this helps pull, manage the use of water more effectively in his orchard. 10 years ago, you would have been happy with 50 times being r. m as thou, 80 to a 100 times and just could form practices and this new technologies coming in to
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make us capable of more precise on it. so actual for twisted. so for yes there were, i think it's better to not pull it because then you get too much of that stem coming off with it. so if you want to get a clean break, you lift it up and over instead of pulling it down. it's incredible to think that the parents that we pick here today will be shipped all over the world, china to the middle east. i met the farm as the workers who work here. i'm making food that will be eaten all over the world. it's important work that they're doing fruit. lucas enabling farms to reduce their water usage by around 30 percent. it's successes have led the agricultural department of the western cape to offer fruit look for free to farmers in the region. only those with the technical means to
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access for kill are able to benefit from it. however, thomas is installing some basic irrigation on his phone. this gives him some home from a future integration movers i years ago. we have on a monthly scale for god and can i? yeah. we finally qualified men. god. so low. let me tease. i wasn't level gog, no on you cooler, go away in come cable here. what i do is accomplish regarding the project by you to get that geeky gallagher. well, but you're not able to buy that, you get up. we'll get with cooperate les protocol, you can okay. yeah, go by, enjoy your tupa cmc cubic it probably galindo's. she todd. mm hm. satellite data is being used in many ways to enhance food security. to full cost, right? still to southeast asia with 85 percent accuracy. to understand how best to grow
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food in south america, by mapping crop plans across the continent to help african heard as identify grazing areas through maps and tom mobile phones that by having hud mortality and to monitor the status of all nigeria crops on a monthly basis we know more than we avenue and we have an understanding of our planet as a closed system that we didn't have before. we have a new generation of satellites up there that have a resolution of found to 10 to 10 meters. today. for example, i can give you with 7 days accuracy, a complete picture of the bennett, with every single tree on that to all the information you need is there, but you really need to get it down to the pharmacy. most of the food that is being used, longest planner is actually produced by small hotel farms, farming families. now these people learn farming on the basis of traditional
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knowledge. now, if the weather patterns are changing, as they do because of climate change, then you need a source of information to adapt what you are doing. and in that, mobile technology offers us until you see them to possibility. there's virtually no space where you couldn't reach the farmers and closing this gap between big day power in small farm. that's one of the very promising. there's nothing that defines the interface between natural resources, human activity, like agriculture does, plays no other sector that isn't blowing more people directly. so if we get this sector right, the potential is enormous, not only to secure food, but really to secure the natural environment that keeps us in warmer climates and a greater movement of people and goods around the world are posing
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a new set of challenges for farmers pests and diseases are also becoming more globalized, causing 40 percent of all crops to be lost each year, threatening the livelihood, a small holders, and also posing a great risk to global food supply. here in nepal, all fruit and vegetable plants are susceptible to attacks by insects and with 2 thirds of its population informing new pests and diseases could spell disaster. what is it about napoleon climate that makes it particularly vulnerable to these past an invasive species? we see that globally this so there is definitely an impact of the climate. and nipple is not an exception. so oddly added to what was that not too much of portrayed was happening between the countries not afraid is happening. so more products coming. so definitely more best coming and the climate here is now getting more suitable to the puffs. it catches the par most quite sudden,
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and they're not able to know how to cope with it. you see, last year in 2016, the tomato crop was almost affected by 70 to 100 percent in some palm. so it was a huge loss into farming company to help farmers lose less of what they grow. a global program called plant wise have set up a network of regular clinics to rapidly diagnose past problems. for small holders, i'm checking out this morning's mobile plan clinic, which seems to be already pretty rising. today's and hands a town just outside of poker. oh, i do read it was going to leave all the amazon google good article on like you really want your mike. i know to get the money. how many people get with it in say a stick with them. say in most of the golf view, where coleman in stay in for your space, there was a despite go on to prison. so lot of farmers are dealing with this problem. how
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exactly does the plant clinic work? blandly if, if the program is, i think they were well fuller giving forms to the farmer. and by daddy observation barrick, the samples are seeing the sample, we recommend the apartment. and if they were to go send them to the farm work. okay, so they bring in their samples, they show you the infected copy. yeah. and you can give them a diagnosis right away. just like a doctor when you go and you're not feeling well. any right, your prescription, you're doing the same thing here. you're writing a prescription for the farmer. i was in the message on the sally. remember name of abuse and medical morrison with his mother and he said he's unifying poverty family . how much would you say climate change and warming temperatures have affected outbreaks and pests in the paul. are you seeing more and more cases? yeah, we're thing memorandum in a case of them many a new bell in 6 our recess avenue and 5th of deborah georgia. and i says to
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pesticide on, so regina is a local small holder who has discovered a larvae that has infested and damaged his tomato crop. coffee bubble on the why am i am with both of us? a middle bama listen to the senior officer is just taking a quick look, but you can see his crops are badly infested. oh, the larva who's the lottery is doing this . so it's a black oh, black margin. oh sorry. oh, died 2 years on the dc. the sign off due to his entire tomato from damage for just 1015 days. destroyed it. yes. or if you did it very impacted.
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blunt regina is added to the clinics database to track the to, to absolute are in weights for his prescription to, to absolute us started life as a larvae that eats the tomato fruit before transforming into a moth and moving to a neighboring plant where the cycle starts. again, it is recently been reported in nepal and a spread rapidly devastating crocks. i want to find out more about this invasive species. so i'm going to meet dr. badger cherry as a to, to absolute, to specialists at the nepal agricultural research council. a. what are you working on over here? yeah, we are working on an american leaf minor. that is go to the ash a letter in our scientific name. this was the misery bist from 1960 that confined to south america only, but in 2006,
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it was reported from past. i'm out of the south, i make it as it is from spain. then it came to that would hold him in iraq and come 2014. it was reported in india after a debt because of the open border and lack of requirement and system between nipple and india. this are best kim nipple from the important on microphone india. now, how many years do you think it's gonna take until nepal is completely to, to absolute a free or has really diminished the invasion? actually is very difficult to get rid of this best. once it is introduced and up up north, it can be good company to eat etiquette. we can complete the ticket any place where we have to manage it. so we can live along with it could have some data with farming communities locked into globalized world. threats to crops from new invasive species are slowly becoming the norm. pratt rise now operate in 34
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countries, gathering data to form and knowledge bank track outbreaks and protects small holders. i catch up with red gender at his farm. i want to see what can be done to rescue is devastated crop. wow. these are your tomatoes. yes, they're all completely destroy. yeah, completely destroy. i get money from this scrubs. it helps to make all family to support your family. him to support how much do you think you've lost with this infestation? how much money? yeah yeah. 20 p 20000. what do wasn't 40 percent? i had also dig for some portals in my mall. what. what are you still at? i okay. we see a big dis portal from dr. garduno so. okay. so green and full of tomato. yes. all greens. what a shame shiva beryl. a doctor from plant wise has come to show agenda
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how to user simple trap to manage his to, to absolute to infestation rule. the trap emits pheromone that attracts the adult male mot. soapy water is added to the basin, which the mouth then falls into by reducing the number of males, the population can be controlled without the use of pesticides. how many days until this entire areas treated until the outbreak has gone? ah, 1121 month, one month. how many months until the coming season coming vista 2 months? so in 2 months he could be fully back in business. going healthy tomatoes again, just from the simple device. oh, that's great. how do you feel about that? i'd be happy ah, globalization is happening,
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the world is developing and we can't slow that down so you can see how an outbreak or a problem in peru could very well be the same issue for a farmer and a paul the very next year. and so plat wise's network of local plant doctors and clinics supported by an international pest and disease database, enable small holder farmers to be more prepared in the face of new threats from climate change in an increasingly globalized world. this is going to be a to order to produce enough food for a growing population as the wealth climate changes. but the work has begun with is extreme new varieties of crops being developed and methods to grow them. by skills of being honed, knowledge is being shad. food insecurity will become and increasingly pressing issue. but people are finding inventive ways of coping with new conditions.
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the journey has begun the fee for world copies on its way to catholic group. your travel package to that hello. we got some rather lively weather pushing across the se offer. so what am active system, this one that will bring some cooler and where to weather? to warsaw palo toward rio over the next couple of days behind that it is a good deal, fresher, 18 celsius and want to service ascension at around $22.00 degrees. a similar temperature, therefore santiago, but it's all changed for santiago as we go on into sunday, swap, those numbers round 12 degrees celsius in the heat of the day. you'll notice it freshening up here. then what a russia showers into the northeast of us or the north west of brazil, more showers, pushing up across northern peru into columbia. johnny up the showers, to venezuela and into the caribbean. the wet is whether here will be across central
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america, live the line of storms coming out of southern mexico, confidentially easing up towards the florida panhandle. and that will continue to be the case not just recess day, also going on into sunday across the islands. it's sunshine and showers, and some of these showers are likely to be very lively in they know where to whether across the panhandle. let's bring some heavy showers into the southeast of the u. s. allied a very heavy rain making its way out of central canada through the lakes right across the great place. we've seen some heavy rain recently to the south west of the u. s. slightly clearing away official airline of the journey ah mm. i may go
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with ah, with ah, this is al jazeera oh.


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