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tv   Al Jazeera World Izetbegovic From Prisoner To President P2  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2022 3:00pm-3:56pm AST

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ah ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero? ah ah,
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it is 1200 hours gmc hello, this is al jazeera lived from doha, the coffin of queen elizabeth. the 2nd is in its 1st stage of the journey towards london for a funeral, which will take place on september 19th. the cortez left balmoral castle in scotland and travel to aberdeen. from there, it's making its way on to edinburgh passing through dundee and puff before it crosses the queen's free crossing and into edinburgh. once there at the coffin will lie in the throne room of hollywood house palace overnight before church service. on sunday, people have been lining the streets along the routes to pay their respects. let's go live now to edinburgh. our zeros alan fisher. is there alone a long journey than through scotland to allow people to pay their respects to queen elizabeth the 2nd, tell us about preparations there in edinburgh and what's due to be happening over
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the next few hours? well, the drive from bomb moral to edinburgh would normally take just over 2 and a half hours. they're going at not the direct route by taking it north to aberdeen . and then don't these course through dundee, past path and into edinburgh itself. as we say, the whole journey will take somewhere in the read tours that still allow people to line the route to see their final farewells to the queen. people have already began gathering here at edinburgh. was seen people bringing flowers, the age and range from 2 year olds, bringing bouquets, including sweet peas, the queen's favorite flowers, the doors of a much older generation. people who perhaps remembered the queen's father a and the day and what around went into baron when they were very young. indeed, just looking over into the groans of hollywood palace. we can see some of the preparations being made for the arrival of the, at the queen's cortez. and as you see, her body will lie here in the throne room in hollywood palace,
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which is the official residence for the monarch in scotland over night. allowing people who, what with her, some of them for 102030 years to see their farewells before they would be a procession led by king charles to saint giles cathedral, which is just a short distance up the road that is known as the royal mile. which links hollywood palace in edinburgh castle and that will happen on monday. in fact, just after the queen of was crowned in 1953, she came here to edinburgh. and there was a thanksgiving service in the very charge that to mortal will pay thanks for the life of the monarch who passed away late last week at the quoterush following the 890 at now down along the the scottish east coast towards undone d. it will be there, within the next hour, members of the public are being advised to pay their respects allen at various places along that that a $90.00 highway. and there'll be a small ceremony in dundee,
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before the quarters arrives. it really is an opportunity, isn't it? for people to, to express how they felt about that the monarch play . and you can talk about the mean tones like other dean than dundee and path, but they'll come from the areas beyond that as well. they'll come from places like for. busy and our broth and montrose just names normally on a map, but areas that have been impacted. but i've no relationship by the queen and every one will have their own relationship. and they'll come here to edinburgh and in front of the scottish parliament. as the scottish politicians including enforcements, the nicholas sturgeon will pay their respects to the queen as she returns to edinburgh. as she did every year, she came here held a garden party with carriers and best teachers which and award ceremonies people who been granted knighthood of dame, whom there will be ease. and cb e's. they all came to hollywood palace once a year to see the queen, and there will be music here as well. when she left balmoral they played
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a lament and it was played by the sovereigns piper. a rule that very few people have held since the middle of the 18th century and been held by one man the i took time to meet yesterday in his home tone of sterling. and on this, before we hear that report, i'm sorry, tempted to break the flow here, but we're looking at live pictures from buckingham palace in london, where a king george the 3rd is arriving at. we're going to hear alan's report now, and then we'll take you live to buckingham palace on diplomatic editor standing by there. so for almost 4 years, got nathan with queen elizabeth piper. he would play at events, play on demand play, tune she loved. he left the army almost 3 years ago and the role he performed for the queen, but left with memories of a woman he respected and admired. for me personally, this was just someone that's not going on a want to bite. no,
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he was the queen. is that a person to me? am for me either one of my yeah, i was, i was absolutely got it. i was a feel of last a member of my family. want to tell you that there have been 17 people appointed this over and by 3843 or me. 8 are still alive. the former dumb me to consider that acute honor to glimpse behind the cotton royal life will live. some of the things have been said about how much quick witted she was. a how funny and a me, but it's for me personally, i was of his off humanity as a person. that was a big thing. am how she treated staff. i should treated me as a person a me, she didn't, i like a boss and i should look up killing women. and that's, that's the cool thing for me to come. piper will play a role in the coming days as a nation says farewell. and do you are and what for her?
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remember the moment they shared a joint down in sterling and 1989. and i was just a young 15 year old a. and i sort of leisure to the queen. never with a lasso that who 20 or g as liter? i would be sleeping 7 if i step so be for the queen. every night i would be i would close the queen as a new person. she knew she knew my named. she knew my children's name. it is likely when queen elizabeth is late to rest, there will be a final lament place. but of course the countries, those like scot method, you will see that would many passions farewell, do it cosette wr. so let's go back to buckingham palace in london. diplomatic as a james bay is suspended by these pictures from just a few moments ago when king charles the 3rd arrived at buckingham palace. james,
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what is another busy date for him? really? yeah, it was just literally moments ago that he came out of current house, which is where he has been living for some years now with camilla now. the queen consort and the crowd, big shouts when they saw the outriders, the motorcycle out right at least outriders. and then he went very, very slowly waving at all the crowds as king charles then entered buckingham palace again to stop a day's work yet again. and now the main meeting that's happening in the coming hours is with the secretary general of the commonwealth. that is an important meeting, a baroness scotland, baroness patricia scotland heads the commonwealth. and so she will be meeting with king charles, who is the head of the commonwealth. he has quite a few different titles. clearly we focus on him as the new king of the u. k. but
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actually, he's the king. of course, you know, the territories had the state and 14 other countries, and he's the head of the commonwealth, which is 56 countries. and i think the question going forward is, what is the future of the commonwealth? the commonwealth is something that came out of the colonial times, very difficult times for me and all sorts of bad stories of the clarity of times. the idea was to change the empire into something more benign, a commonwealth and one of the key figures in doing this was queen elizabeth. the head of the commonwealth was for 70 years. and she was in many ways the blue that held the commonwealth together. so there are questions about where the commonwealth goes. now, what the commonwealth is for now. those i think, will be asked as the section general of the commonwealth meeks with king charles was telling you that patricia, scotland, paradise scotland,
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who had come welcome to pull the british government minister. she's actually also a lawyer, patricia scott in q c. she was known as, until recently, that's a title key c. that means you're a senior lawyer exists in the english legal system that exists in quite a few commonwealth countries as well. it means queens council, well actually she and only others that had that title. queens council and now she's now patricia scotland, casey kings council. an example of the very little changes that happen and have happened as a result of, of the change of book. lots of things that people in this country going to have to get used to in the coming days. james crowds once again around buckingham palace, the in london, we were talking. we've talked throughout the day and i was here about this, this huge operation that's on the way there in scotland to to bring the queen's casket to edinburgh. of course, we now have a date for the state funeral, september 19th. i'm not a huge operation being planned as we speak. i know that certain plans would have
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been in place for a long time, but it's not a huge operation for the capital, isn't it? yeah, no, we've got all the details. i think now of them that will be more fine details announced, but we know the plan now taking us to that state funeral on the 19th of september on monday. the 19th, so not tomorrow, but a week after that. and in the meantime, king charles will be visiting the other parts of the country as his mother's body eventually gets the edinburgh. he is also going to edinburgh on monday, but 1st, an important meeting in london. he'll be leaving buckingham palace for, for he goes to edinburgh, and he will be going to the houses of parliament. well, he'll be giving his 1st speech to both house commons and the house of lords as the king. then he heads up to scotland. he's going to be speaking to the scottish
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parliament as well when he's there a meeting leaders in scotland, then back to london. as the coffin, carrying the body of his mother returns to london. and then the coffin will lie in state and people will be able to fall past it to pay their respects. then on friday, king charles heads we also have a visit to know not to belfast. before he returns to london, i'd left that out. and then on friday, he will be going to the welsh capital card if ahead of the funeral. and as you say, agent, the funeral is going to be a huge occasion for this country. and a huge problem. i think potentially logistical problem for the police because it's going to be a massive security operation. not just because of the royals in the dignitary here in the u. k. but we're expecting heads of state, heads of government from many, many countries in the world to come here in london, probably more and more world leaders in london than perhaps any time ever. because
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if you look back at the last time we had an event like this, the funeral and the coronation. when queen elizabeth took over, as the queen, well, the trouble was much harder in those days and people didn't come from as far afield . we do expect a very big turn out of, of international leaders, tight security, and remember, that will be so many people wanting to come to the capital city. so many britons want to come to capital c city to see that queen lay to rest. so the really big event on the 19th of september, james, the u. k. observing a period of national mourning them effectively. so many things along hold sporting calendar for one political party conferences or the the union conference that was plans. so this weekend, of course, the country's politics, the business of running the country. yes it is. it is
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a very unusual period. it's strange because some things are going normally and some things have stopped and decided to stop. like much of the sporting counting counting, but not all the sporting calendar. i think the, the role family and the new king of left it up to people to decide how they want to mark this period of morning and whether it should be business. as usual or not. i mentioned the technical thing about kings council that iran, the court of law, as we understand it will be operating, but only for important business. but, but the normal hustle and bustle, i think he's going to be reduced during this period of morning. and as you say, the, the normal political wrangling between the parties that particular time when everyone is very worried here about inflation and the cost of living and the energy prices. that is a very contentious issue. but all of that is being put to one side for now and. busy last 2 days in the house of commons, without speeches from nearly all m. p. 's paying their tribute to the late quick
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queen and as i say, you are going to have in 24 hours time. king charles giving an important address to both the house of commons and the house of lords laying out again his vision for how he sees his time with him. on a diplomatic editor, james bass reporting live from buckingham palace in london. let's go back to alexandria in edinburgh. the proclamation island that we here on 0 took live as, as it was being made in a lot of the james's palace and, and in the city of london. then have to be what out in, in the that the nation's capital is in wales and scotland and belfast. what happened when the, the proclamation was read there in edinburgh. so it was red from edinburgh castle which is just a mile away from where i'm standing. we say a mile rather than a kilometer to kilometers as we normally would. because hollywood palace sits at the bottom of what is known as the royal mile. he had an at brandenburg castle and
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taught. and it's from there that the proclamation was read, ending with the words god save the queen. and at that point from the crowd that had gathered and there was quite a significant crowd, there were a number of boots. and that's just a reminder that while people are sad to see the, the queen depart, there are plenty of people in the united kingdom who believe that a constitutional monarchy is not something that really fits in with a modern society in the 21st century. and believe and have believed for a while that the monarch in the united kingdom should end at with the queen. now there, there was a pull done some 20 years ago that that anecdote that came in the aftermath of the death of diana princess of wales. that suggested many people in the united kingdom would like to see at the crown, essentially skip her generation that would move from the queen to prince william. of course, that's not how it works in a constitutional monarchy. but a reminder of what happened in edinburgh is that there are some people who don't believe in supporting the monarchy. i was there was alan, sasha live in edinburgh,
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alexis sequence against the royal biographer. christopher wilson, who is in london, was with us once again live christa. the pool was good to have you with us. i know you and i have spoken to a great deal in the past few days. it's the, it's the 1st time that we've spoken to day, and i just wanna get your, your thoughts on, on, on the queen's coffin, her cortez making its way to edinburgh or cause her deeply moving and a great opportunity for as many people as is possible to be able to get their loved vision as it were, of the queen, but now just take up a couple of points which jane's base was making earlier. he pointed to the fact that so many people are going to be flying into london. they're going to be, you like the heads of states and other dignitaries. and this funeral is actually bigger than just saying good bye to queen listen to the 2nd because what it
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actually, it will be is both a diplomatic and a political summit. all, some of the heads of state who, perhaps in other circumstances, wouldn't meet until you know, maybe for another year's time. and there's going to be a reception for them at buckingham palace the night before the funeral. now it may seem strange to be drinking cocktails or whatever they're doing just before one of them is solemn events that this nation will see in a, in a lifetime. but actually it is a tremendously important moment when the focus of the world diplomacy and politics is focused in london. all these incredibly important people suddenly all put together here a chance because they're not. there's no agenda for them to talk to, to each other about, you know, whether it's about an international relations or whatever. absolutely. it's just an informal chat. it's everybody catching with everybody else in the way that they
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otherwise wouldn't do. so that is tremendously important. secondly, a james base, again, was to talking about prince charles meeting a baroness scotland and a he was talking about some changes which are being made. but while we are actually watching the pictures of the exterior, buckingham palace inside buckingham palace, people are clearing their desks because prince charles is going to be bringing in his own brand. busy all are all courtier effectively as management team, and those who've been serving the queen many of them for you know, decades of sadly out of a job. and, and so it, there's going to be a big change over there's of revolution behind the palace walls will never see that going on will never get the picture of what's going on. but there's a mass changeover going on even as we speak. and it's interesting that
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a child has 2 sorts of courtier. he's got the, the admin people basically who work for him on a salary. but also the royal court is filled with people who got ancient titles, who sometimes get it through the hereditary principal. other times they get awarded something or another. and, and some of these titles go back centuries and centuries. i'm thinking particularly of the clock of the groom of the stole. and this, originally, it was a guy who used to go into the bathroom and wiped kings bottom. well, they don't do that anymore. but somebody else, somebody is being talk of the groom with the stove for the queen, but he won't be any more. somebody else is going to get that job now and will be very interesting. see who does it, though i doubt he will go to the bathroom with the new canes and 111 does what, what he does then if, if he's not doing during the job, that's awesome, but his,
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it'll describe his ceremonial. i think he's to his i just want to get your, your thoughts so, so on on this, this, this huge operation that is that a swung into place following, or the death of hardesty, the queen. i was seeing it in operation today as her, as her coffee moves towards edinburgh. and of course these are these plans that the queen herself would have been very much involved in absolutely, and i mean, i think, you know, her heart was in scotland. i think we can agree on that, and i think she, i hope it's, it's not the wrong thing. say if i think she would like to died in scotland. and it gives her, gives us all the opportunity to see this rather lengthy process of her coming to london. letting the scottish people have their view of last view of the queen. and she would have approved of that enormously or to, to let you know,
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almost one half the country geographically speaking. get that chance to see their queen for the last time. so yes, of course she knew about it. yes, she approved of it all. and even if, if she died at sandringham, there would have been plan b if she died at windsor. there would have been plan, see if she died a buckingham palace. it would have been tandy that everything has been organized down to the last scintilla for the last 30 years. i would say we heard on fisher earlier talking about the that the booze as the proclamation was, was read in edinburgh. there was a great deal of affection for the queen in scotland despite many people's nationalistic ambitions there. do you think that that king charles will be held in such affection by the people, the monarchy itself, think any new monarch knows that they've got to get it right from the word go. i
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think we'll see more in scotland in a more public ro, he's a, has a private house school, dumfries house in our show that we'll be seeing him going there very much, but he will be on display about morrow because he wants to retain those very strong links, yes, the scholars have a more independent view of medicaid and they can, they might take it or leave it. and so he's going to work hard at that. but then there are so many other aspects of the work that we were talking just a moment ago. about him meeting this afternoon as a priority. baroness scotland, the director general of the commonwealth, one of the issues which i'm sure she's going to be raising with him is when you are crowns, are you going to be calling yourself the defender of the faith, which is the ancient title, which every monarch has had since henry, the 8th, all are you going to call yourself,
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as you promised you would do defender of face because of all those commonwealth nations which we have and we are linked with. many of them have other phase which he now seeks to represent, and it's going to be a big problem for him. this tongue twister in the coronation defender old, both face, all defender, all face, making sure that buddhists and both lens and hinders all get a fair shake, all of his his attention. i was so much when, when we took christopher, i really appreciate you being with us once again. christabel wilson was biographer now to other t, as in ukraine rushes grip on. the ne uncall cave region appears to be weakening. ukrainian troops made significant territorial gains in that counter offensive,
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taking control of 2 cities on washing supply routes. moscow is withdrawn its forces saying that it's regrouping that operations of the washing held zapata sheer power station have been stopped. the government agency in charge of europe's largest nuclear power facilities. he says it's disconnected. the 6th unit from the power grid out 0 is gabriel elizondo reports where the ukrainians continue. this ambitious, offensive in the northeast that has, according to a lot of independent observers, ah retaken up to 300 kilometers of land that was captured by the russians. essentially the big picture is, is what took the russians months to capture the ukrainians are retaking in a matter of days. that gives you an idea of how quickly and how fast the russian lines have completely collapsed. essentially, the poorly equipped and trained russian soldiers that were on the front lines were
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quickly overrun by ukrainians in the past 48 to 72 hours and the more well equipped and entrenched russian soldiers that were in towns and cities, they seemed to just flee immediately. once the ukrainians started to approach the outer rims or outers outskirts of those towns, it's an ambitious ukrainian military offensive in the northeast that is retaking land and towns occupied by russian military that is now in retreat. by saturday night ukrainians had reached zoom about a 120 kilometers southeast of the regional capital had keep city of wood over enough rock bottom of the reconnaissance group. and the special forces are already here in assumed glory to ukraine. this soldier said, is zoom home to a major rail line is strategically important and was
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a russian military stronghold for months. no more. russian forces in the city fled as ukrainians closed in video showed ukrainians also recapturing copy, ask another key supply line city and did by clear re taken by the ukrainians a day before a top commander raised the flag as a sign of victory today where completing the liberation of balak leah. this is big city in our offensive annual fund. i'm sure this is not the last city, but the war has taken its toll up in the recaptured town of graco. their destruction can be seen everywhere through south dylan. there are a lot of damage. buildings in this village is almost completely destroyed. the russia service men occupied every 3rd house. there, a huge garbage piles and places they lived lily behind ammunition, bullets from the other things, a used toner. the world bank estimate. ukraine will need $349000000000.00 in aid,
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just to rebuild. nobody here and ukraine is declaring victory. we need to make that very clear. this still is going to be a long war. and it's important to point out that the russians still control territory in the northeast, still control a lot of territory and don't bass. and in the south, the russians still control, not all but a good portion of the had so on region as well, including the regional capital of harrison city. even though in the south the ukrainians have a counter offensive there. it's much different than the one in the northeast that is fast and, and direct in the south. it's slow and more deliberate. while all this is happening, also in the south, the zappa region, nuclear power plant, the largest in europe, the last of the remaining operational nuclear reactors, there has been shut down intentionally by the ukranian officials. they're in the
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early hours of sunday morning. they did this as a safety measure because they say constant shelling around the nuclear power plant temporarily again cut off power, which destabilizes it and potentially could lead to nuclear disaster. so they took the initiative on sunday morning to completely shut it down, which has happened now. they are intentionally cooling it and now we're moving forward. they are just using one power source to keep it in their words safe. while this is not the ideal situation, it's being described as the best option of, of a very difficult situation. but the headline from this operation nuclear power plant on sunday is it is, it is no longer fully operational at all. it is just being completely shut down in a cooling mechanism to keep it safe amid constant shelling. oh, to his underway in sweden's general election, opinion polls suggest that it's
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a close race between the left wing government and an unprecedented alliance between the rights and fall rights. rising crime at a surgeon, immigration, or among the main issues, the war in ukraine and the energy crisis that's followed up also become crucial for voters. i'll just do as pull research reports from stockholm. sweden's 1st female prime minister is trying to get her 1st election victory. hey magdalena, i'm the sions. social democrat lead coalition is not connecting the poles with an opposition block led by the moderate policy, but it's the rise of the ranked wing sweden. democrats that she's been warning voters against her, that i am very concerned that since we've been democrats, that will be the 2nd largest party park and therefore hadn't very great influence on. now, on another government and another prime minister in sweden. essentially the vote is a choice between under sions, left leaning coalition, and the opposition led by oath kristen of the moderate party. but even if they,
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when the moderates could be a minority in their own government, the difference between this election i'm the last one, is that the opposition moderate party is not willing to work with the right wing suite and democrats. the other difference is that the swede and democrats are ahead of the moderates in the polls. sweden democrat, lead at ye, me august, and is hoping to be of kristen's kingmaker. his party has shot to popularity as a backlash against mass immigration into us, the sweden, democrats, and not at all against immigration itself, but it has increased to such proportion so that it has become absurd. hakim martin was born and bred in sweden, but still feels targeted. always consider myself a part of the swedish society, but as somebody that looked different, we always feel different. some things they are theme might sound reasonable, but it's to the code it, it was really shouldn't coded. and underneath there is racism. a major factor in
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this election is crime. sweden has the highest rate of gangland gunman is in europe with most of the perpetrators and victims being of immigrant background. even the ruling social democrats have made that link with policies to combat segregation. but policy might not be what decide the selection yet it from so called or the core issues are all to the advantage of the opposition is but the swedish people seem to like magdalena anderson, social democrats, wanted to be a presidential election, a choice between her and his dawson, the moderates absolutely do not want that. many other issues will come into play, not least the scrapping of nuclear power just before an energy crisis. whoever wins will need to hold sweden's apparent turn for the worse. if there to last more than 4 years poll reese al jazeera stop. before we go, let's just so sure. the latest pictures, sir, of buckingham palace in london. meanwhile, some 600 kilometers north coffin of queen elizabeth. the 2nd is on the 1st stage of
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its journey towards long of a funeral september the 19th. less bout left balmoral castle and up in scotland around 3 and a half hours ago. it has travelled through aberdeen and is on its way to edinburgh . our coverage continues here on al jazeera in the coming hours. now that it's time for risking at all ah ah liz, who to is a small, landlocked country inside the republic of south africa. only 30000 square
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kilometers, with a population of around $2000000.00. but it's unusual for african country every winter. it's covered in snow. it even has a ski slope. it also has a lot of water. what south africa does not. so it's applies. it's much larger labor with a vital resource. but the people of a suit to are not well off elicit to the rules are so dangerous that bush taxi's remote, rural areas, are only driven by men. women taxi drivers are limited to towns and city. i. but these 2 young women have decided to change things.
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why pallets and felina planning to branch out onto the suitors out of town tracks. they've invested all their savings on a major service for their old. anybody in the i hadn't did put than 280 jan for look out. the other de la la la la had present. mila perez is in town. there is a lot of competition, but in rural areas, taxi for red. so alice after galena are hoping to double their income, but their friend, william is like the idea of them driving the sticks, a comma law was premier to they did mention r n as in tomato one mother in law. he says, you know,
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he was outweighed into moody who didn't follow him on the screen. it'll say, well, with justice august 30. so again, so let me get, let me get to, i like to chase, obviously, blah, hulu really usually can't get you over to let them know what's going on with hijacked. i'd rather well know you got by an elbow lucas america for you. so let's go for now, it was gun kluso batesville as i go saw line. and but alice and fab alina simply can't afford to come, so they need to be careful, and they, and their families, pray for, ah, with catalina, if the road already dreaming of making b money. ah.
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in town, of course, they're all remote, sorry. but out here in the country, child, good day, their own bank of dellagorzo, a mob. one of them by the election in a bad. so like you will see some more. ha ha, ha, ha ha. i think you might have, i do with reading the map. however, it's not as difficult as navigating this country truck with somebody who can class i
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believe with all you gotta do. i don't how to go with reg. thank you, telling me to what i say. yes. with number 2. that's how i live in the go. yeah, i just simply do a job i'm there was that your mother? yes. are my lessons with i'm more general thing. i do not trying to why like you like joy get told
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a we know the auctions. alice decides to sticking with it is better than letting felina drive with the outside temperature is around 10 degrees celsius. but driving a low gear, if heating the engine. ah, let me think of that my that is a good. i mean, i like how got a long with
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and still no sign of any customers alice and fidel leno's business plan me have missed one by 2 factor, la suton transportation horses riding as the only means of traveling here. that allows access to villages where the tracks don't go with a rock house, this guy. so boiler hold for
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a good number. hello. already been busy with a lena managed to keep the engine cool, but still don't have any pain customers. i a a a. what's the one i got that i finally passed with one whole dollar in his pocket.
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ah. with a school a wholesaler, a few women,
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dr. bush taxi's in a suit to date and to command pupils. respect. riley divide by the cotton man. last night my telephone watch with a new group of passengers gets on board. none of them is quite prepared for what the journey has in store a. i mean i would like, yeah, i definitely get music might meet on his happy watch. he score thing with white now. she needs to concentrate hand on this to send
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a a is struggling to control her old test and has an unusual way of reassuring her passengers. oh yeah. oh no, no. no, i do. and i got, i thought with what i was i was he who i've, i've had this,
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well i had to work with i paul who to help with calgary whatsoever. i went a home for me. my dad did go ahead. oh, so then how go, we'll try that one moment while i know i got a while i'm in order to go with
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that. go with that one that i would like to come with with us in back
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down as, as lloyd dealer journey with us and said alina finally came to the bottom of this to and our united within loss passenger with all the drama has given them an appetite and asked if earned $5.00, they can afford lunch with
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cuba, gillespie until we get this one. i said the good to go, the number one that we did is not as little as it is with another one. i well this is a crazy let us, i don't think it's on it. so this is the grades and he's out of the hang didn't it didn't print that it is. are you basically with jonathan polanko to make it wanted to come back to phil? i him a one know when a good night in terms of citizen. sure. well it was you didn't or with didn't, but i cannot wait so hard to po for alice and felina only make about a $1000.00 a year. so it's not every day they can afford for lunch. i know barbara. i the next to for them is a place called the family of the horses. but they're not looking for passengers there. but one of alice's cousin, i did a big,
3:49 pm
you know, and, and day and they do more tribes or her would know little go, go by law, move up better, but by do not you see, stay there or not a try. now look, look up what the long run. how can that would $10.00. i philip will be guy all comes up. what do you got? the shop will automatically stop automatically when i landed ah, issue to post racing isn't one on a track, but on the mountain platters here, the widest local heroes. and every week, detroit long distances to see a
3:50 pm
in ty is leading and freethinking owns along behind him. oh, boy, joe, we'll not get your body and we'll be more moral about biting you know, when you taught on what you remember, the more fun. oh well, during the week a week from nowhere, 300 people have arrived at this remote mountain venue. riders and spectators down boby savings today in the hope of pulling off with what is i mean i do they gallia maybe
3:51 pm
a i a you're bored a oh, i guess where the roof is underway. ah ah, just as anti it's about to take the lead. his horse suddenly source, of course
3:52 pm
i entirely makes the spectacular come. but can only be 2nd, please. ah, i know what is it? don't you talk with you? sure you did like you don't you boucher with a snake you buy? no. lemme lemme go cut through men's or to the suit to look up and then a sofa, william wall. we're not gonna have a suit to buy a guy who did, you know, got new listed to local bonanza. often ago he sent out my lease, isn't it? and i did give you day am i got a little too much. i've got
3:53 pm
a 50 made. i'm on like i got out of him for how board and stuff i was like. i like, i mean, i wasn't gonna be till i did not go with one of the p d sub war. now, if i'm up i wouldn't, i just have a home. i'm to, i'm going to do talk over the suitcase most valuable natural resources is it's new to the country is sometimes referred to as a walk to town. it's the high country in africa and even a snooze point. it's 1300 meters above sea level august the middle of winter, when temperatures dropped below freezing from times as low as minus 10 celsius. blue. oh, a
3:54 pm
. with giving you more than one week, humanity has harness need to hear expect building a ski still to tooth and south africa. have the only ski slopes in this part of the continent. i had a
3:55 pm
a i. 6 to that now you trans gun, mecca, when i bought out by new relax america. i got a job that you got a can refer to still trying to leave.


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