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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Macky Sall  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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and, and production they extract the poison as part of a show to educate the public. although this center produces enough anti venom for most of southeast asia. there are some parts of the world where supplies are desperately short in south africa. and in india, because they don't have the audio and deep and on producer and the big farm of the call company, they stop producing because their lack of profit back at the station, the sneak wranglers practicing his skills affected over 19 years. but his advice is don't try this, tony ching al jazeera banker. ah look at the main stories of following now and body of queen elizabeth the 2nd has
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arrived in edinburgh after a 6 hour journey from balmoral castle where she died on thursday. her flag draped coffins was met by a military guard of honor. on monday will be taken terse and giles cathedral, where the queen will lie at rest for 24 hours before her casket is flown to london . ukrainian officials are saying that large areas in the countries east are experiencing major power carts, including in harkey, they're the 2nd biggest city and in the regions of dina proper troughs done yet. and sue me, they say russian attacks have taken out critical power infrastructure and is, are, is hard to abdul hamid has more from her keith, which has been plunged into darkness. we are in a black out at the moment. actually there is a power outages in 5 regions in the north east and the eastern part of the country. they are also unconfirmed, reported they are power will power outages all the way to odessa. but as i said,
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those were unconfirmed reports. now what we're hearing from officials is that the russians have hate critical infrastructure. they're not telling us what all where, but certainly that is deaf in this city is in pitch black. we were actually on the streets when that happened. and as we were driving back to our location, everything was completely dark. there was not one light on, it was quite an airy scene, but counting is underway in sweden's general election. exit polls suggest that sent to left parties, leading with a slim margin. but the posher result indicates the far right swedish democratic party has made gains, rising crime, immigration in the energy crisis, it become crucial issues of voters. and more aid is arriving in pakistan's. devastated southern send comments after unprecedented floods to more u. s. military planes loaded with 35 tons of relief of landed in the region. the un
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sector, general angelica terrace is appeal for $160000000.00 to help pakistan cope with this disaster. will bring you analysis on that story in now. the news out that's coming up at $2100.00 g m team coming up next. talk to al jazeera looks at climate change with the 2nd senegalese president. ah ah, the continent of africa generates only 2 to 3 percent of the worst carbon dioxide emissions. yet, africans are at the heart of the global climate emergency. they pay
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a high price for the emissions produced elsewhere from browse to flood food shortages and loss of livelihood for millions of people. so which countries will produce the most emissions on up to their responsibility. and how will african nations harness a climate resilient pathway? members will say that at africa, the patient summit and with her african leaders came to the netherlands, hoping to lay foundation for tackling hot harsher and more unpredictable climate. but why some european companies sent delegations no western liter attended the sessions. i also like to greet all the leaders present here in this room that i cannot help but note with some bitterness. the absence of our leaders from the industrial world. i think if we made the effort to leave africa to come to rotterdam, it would be easier for the europeans and others to be here because they are the main polluters on this planet. so can they succeed?
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and will they harness the powerful synergy between adaptation, growth and development? we'll put those questions to one of the because leaving voice of the prison, authentic god, and the person of the african union, mecca, so talks out as a prisoner and i go to person of the african union. i can tell. thank you for mister president. africans are paying a high price for the carbon dioxide emissions produced in other ridges, but those are responsible for most of emissions. the u. s. a. china, russia, japan, european countries and their leaders are not here today. so do think that they own up their responsibility. george m s c level of care. we had an important summit today and rotterdam, which was a meeting on the adaptation in africa and how to finance this program. you're right
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to say that there are countries that are mainly responsible for the climate movement through their industrialization and their consumption and in the industrialized countries in the west or in asia. and it was normal that the principle over which we all agreed, which is the principle of producing countries, the countries that are mainly responsible for climate mormon finance. the adaptation africa, which happens to be the come to the produce, the less, you know, which is responsible for less than 3.5 percent of c o 2 emissions and which suffers the most consequences of climate and balance the africa is supported in this policy of adaptation, yes, we were sometimes appointed not to see in the leaders of those countries in these industrialized countries, european, otherwise these industrialized countries are the center for the global adaptation.
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they should have been that, especially because it's africa, this organizing the next couple and shake egypt. and it would have been an important signal. but we had contributions announced to finance already the center of adaptation to finance the preparation in the acceleration of the adaptation in africa. and we have a program of $25000000000.00 to which the african development rank will contribute . har, father of the 12 and a half $1000000000.00. but in the meantime, we waited for the financing of the feasibility studies and the mentation. and that's 250000000, and today's meeting was to see the contribution by a certain number of european countries and other industrialized countries to raise this financing that would allow and indeed by way of a lever raising on the markets and the private and state sectors the
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$25000000000.00, the ha remaining says that the continent can be supported in policies. so regarding the, regarding the climate change, do you think that africa is on the top of the agenda or the world or the repeal countries? the developed world will fail africans, as it has happens on other issues. most recently, during the pandemic. whatever, you know, last give says when we talk about africa, every one is very friendly every month adopts resolutions. but at the same time, we also have to be grateful that what is done in partnership with africa. there are programs, there are policies, but it's not sufficient. clearly, africans believe globally overall, that what is in progress, in terms of partnership with the continents, will never allow the continent to emancipate itself to develop itself like other reaches in the world. yet the development of africa was in the interest of the
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whole of humanity because africa festival does a big market. vast continent which has natural resources that are important. and if we transform these natural resources, we create added value and we create employment. and all the other constants will be able to come to valid partnerships in a win win situation. so we, clearly, we can see that arts potations often we are that down. and that is the least that we can say, for example, with regards to coping since since the beginning, the, on the kofax initiative, when kitty, there was a support, came late, but to make available certain amount of millions of vaccine doses. what's needed related to the production vaccines on the continent and the necessary support even since announced its debate. when on the 3rd year of cabbage, everything that's been said on the opportunity hasn't been applied. the big countries can have plans to issue bonds. they could be issued treasury bills
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and it's not the case african countries because about the rated the bad, the rated. so i would have wished to have more solidarity see more so majority in the interest of the hold is the planet for climate development. and also for diseases, but we cannot say what, what was being done. this is very sufficient. 6 dictation have in europe committing to help africa tackle hotter, harsher and more unpredictable. climate we longer monday little, yes, years commitment as well as that of the developed world. we must just focus on climate just on europe, africa, europe, place, important part that commitment is to finance already the adaptation, the adaptation schemes and africa. because if africans follow the same part europeans, the chinese people, asia, the americans,
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it means that we'll be using polluting resources like. busy coal, oil, and if we have to industrial ourselves on that basis, the planet will disappear. so the fact of not following the same path that must be compensation, that we find alternative solutions have sober solutions in carbon. the fact that we're asking for it is not just a request for help is the planet we must protect it together. the best thing for europe, china, asia, and america to support us is to finance the adaptation program, which will be done normally, i hope a trauma shake. if it's not done, people will face the consequences and we'll just have to deal with are in development programs. what are the unique challenges regarding the climate change that africa faces? loving a book that if you had to live in africa as a lot of challenges,
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because we've seen a balance climate and balance with the rainy season have changed. it's not at the same time of year in the regular, the non predictability has become the reality. we don't know from one year to the next. if we have to face flooding and we need to stop flooding, and it's at the global level. histone you have europe, you have america, you have africa everywhere, there is flooding, we will work to dominate, flooding and the next year will be drowned. so that is the effect of climate change . so the same time we need to prepare also to show resilience in relation to these climate change and their fax. and the same time we have the rising sea levels of protection. there's a lot of destruction with regards to natural phenomena side clones, we saw recently in madagascar in southern africa, the real, massive destruction,
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and several people who died. we must also at the same time, have a form of agitation in relation to our farming to vegetate species that will adapt themselves with the stopping, raining and the shortening of wintering. so research and development must continue to give solutions and also fertilizes to farming and to have value through the chain, whole range with post supply chain and all the changes value change and added value . so as you can see, there are several challenges and it requires a lot of funding and that's why i was saying africa needs a partnership and when no longer in a period of help for development, because it doesn't solve the problem. over 60 years, aid doesn't provide any progress, but on the other hand, the partnership requires investments in the private sector and dealing with climate change. we need private investment. but also we need to have state funding,
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which is adapted over the long term at relatively low rates. will allow us to finance developments. so mr. president, do think that the world understand that they mentions off the climate change the impact of the climate change on africa, spastic lamond, to yes, your commitment as well as matter the developed world. we mustn't just point out all the collaboration between europe and africa. europe plays a big part. i think that commitment is to finance already the adaptation program in africa. because if the africans followed the same part of europe in from the asians and the chinese and the americans, it means that we will also use a routing resources, coal, oil. if we need to industrial ourselves on that basis, the planet will disappear. so the fact of not following the same path,
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there must be compensation be find alternative solutions and energy mix that is straightforward in terms of carbon said the fact that we are asking for it is not a request or help know, is that the planet together? we need to protect it. and the best way for europe, china, for asia, for america to supporters, is to fund currently agitation program which will be done normally, i hope a chombo shake. if not, people will face the comments and concerns and will find their own development paths. so in that regard, what does the significance of the african efficient summit to be? and also, what is your idea of success for africa at the summit? listen to the laughing secor, the success of africa,
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that the sum that must prepare the challenge. shake the cup 27 that will take place in egypt. if of course of the rotterdam summit summit where we can see many leaders, there were representatives. but i think that it would have been a good signal, a good sign, but especially that the expected contributions obtained by the time of 27 . we have to month. and that by then, we need to make countries. all the countries are aware including the, our countries that they contribute. trudy in the adaptation that, that countries also that produce a lot of oil. so all that contributes to the reducing there isn't on the left in climate warming. so it's a global problem. and all those that take part in the pollution that they work that they have belief programs. i saw it in some countries of the gulf renewable energy programs the same time we need to participate in the adaptation like that
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formerly industrialized nations, asia and older one has to work together africa to the everyone looks to have policies that are straightforward in terms of carbon and also to provide electricity all africans. it's important that to lay down the foundations for cop 27, but during the comp 26, there was loss of promises made but they were not cap. so in that sense, do you think that the western countries or walk into talk when it comes to the climate change shackle plans for the family? every one of the most faces responsibilities when talking about body climate and saving the planet time, which i think that at the top 21 the probably some it, it was very difficult to find an agreement. the agreement was finally obtained. one
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of the vital basic points was that the funding of the screen climate fund that was estimated the $100000000.00 every 10 years. 20202030. we're now in 2022. the 1st 100000000 have not been received. we hope that will get there, and by the time of 27, you know, every country will do, but it wishes to do what it likes, either. it will contribute to know and history will judge it. but it's to law is a loss of commitment. and we're not funded up, they also need countries that do make an effort, but these efforts must be global. each can contribute, pays its own contribution either one says ready sort of just point out one particular group. i think the climate is affects everyone, the industrialized countries, the countries and development every month must contribute in the collective effort
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. and it's also time that we don't have a clear conscience commitment to make commitments after meeting on the forgotten. and that's us not continue. and we've stated again this morning that was being optimistic, my nature, i really am waiting for the summit of cop 27 and will see this time if really they'll be because it's a car takes place in africa and nothing sunday just shapes. there's no point in continuing to take part, you know, months to do something else. that's what i believe i remain convinced that will get your opinion is keen to see african countries turn in the economy into a crane one. but with the financial crisis, hit him the african economies. is it fair to ask african countries to turn into an economist?
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and it is, is it fair to ask them to do, particularly at this moment when many of the african countries have just recently discovered tremendous resources off gas and oil in it? absolutely. my normal, it's not normal or fat. why to be asked on countries of which half the population does not yet have access to electricity. monday to those countries, to a traditional energy resources and switch to renewable energy. it's not acceptable. we said so at the time of the clause go summit or de, currently we have been africa. the 600000000 africans. out to 1.31.4000000000 population 600000000. do not have access to electricity. they don't have lighting is still using candles and so on. and what's the state for government is to provide electricity to that population. so in these conditions,
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how can you say to countries who contribute very little to comment? will mink of a band natural resources and switch to energy and renewable energy is not here. an argument for africa, but we were able to obtain in february with europe in union, a compromise. this compromise consists of saying to africa, that must be a transition period during which you can use its energy loss of cost. was having an energy mix using both renewable energy. but also there must be a basic and gas. francine's maple shows promises, but we need to find gas, and that's why we're saying, we'll also waiting funding for gas nearer consumes gas. even co. all the big country is consumed gas and coal,
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oil. and why should africans not have the right to do the same? so i think that if, if we helped to finance the agitation perhaps we could do without it not only but in the meantime, unnatural was sources need to be re valued to provide energy populations to make our countries competitive. was working on straightforward plans. just these before the ukraine war and you, africa summit was, was held, have the energy prices in europe effective. your plan to go korea, particularly regarding the fact that some of the european leaders say that they are interested in increasing the production of oil and gas in africa. law group on the ground, one for the credit crisis has shown the dependency of europe on russian
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gas current that we see currently say europe is seeking alternative solutions of course africa, which is one of the solutions in this concept context. africa is not far from europe. africa has natural resources that are important oil gas. yes. there is. we are seeking supply solutions apart from the middle east because the world is globalized because africa could impart contribute. in this kline european market with gas, but also african gas must be also deal with the local market gas for export. yes, because we need funding, but we also have to have an internal approach for development because that wouldn't make sense for our countries to produce gas and to continue to have people who no longer, who don't have electricity while we're exporting, it needs to be
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a balance part will be used for the local local market to provide leg cheap electricity, and the other much thought will be used to supply the external market european market to provide funding for development. the president there seems to be an anti france and anti us sentiment on rise in several african countries. however, france and you and said that they are there to help with the security challenges. so do think that the african countries can handle these challenges without help from france and do an on the month of last week, the 1st one we always ask africa to do what no one else can do. and that's the problem in the world. when the united states is fighting against terrorism in afghanistan, we had a global coalition to go to afghanistan for 20 years in iraq. when it was necessary
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to fight i s, there was a global coalition. even libya had to be nato girlish. and when we talk about africa fighting against terrorism is africa capable on its own? no, because it will cause a lot of resources that doesn't have the role of the un security council, which is responsible for security and stability in the world. must be to find a fight against terrorism. in africa, africans are ready to fight. they have the armies, they have financial resources to have a long term war. when once they they have pouches on development, health and education, and the building of roads and so forth. so we must start to judge african such a way. every time we talk about the continent capable, of course we're capable. but every one must work together to provide funding and who's giving weapon said the terrace. how is it so suddenly, sometimes in africa,
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we have tears gangs, and what is become global contribution? to put an end to that? these are all questions that we need to ask ourselves. africa deserves that the international community fund miss. africans can fight. we have the army that the african union has designed as talked about the structure for peace and has forces in each countries that we need resources, planes drone we need to acquit countries, countries with soldiers. and that's not in our, within the past 30 propensity. you know, we're dealing with the crane crisis. climate warming is far too much on the continent is already weakens. and that's why we brought that like europe after the 2nd, well more when everything was destroyed, it was necessary to have
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a master plan to provide a lot of resources and funding to rebuild europe, to have funding over one year, 100 years or 50 years. and the low rate was 0 percent, one percent for 50 years. and that's what africa needs. if we need to raise have rear on 7 percent, one country, 9 percent for now about how can we build roads, power plants we so if we can't ask africa to do the impossible, but i believe that together with our renewed partnerships with which is practice africa can develop and when africa will develop itself, there will be an opportunity for all parts of the world. everyone can come and the best and then achieve results. there are natural resources. we need to transform them on site to create employment on the continent and not have transport
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across the deserts and over europe. i believe in a, in a win win partnership between african, the rest of the world. and we, we will never stop to lead to that. and with the respect of africa did, dignity was no reason not achieved. president of synagogue and jefferson of the african union like yourself. thank you for the ah,
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in the year 127180. the young battalion merchant set out on an extraordinary journey. marco polo followed the sucrose to sanity of the heart of the commons empire. retracing his steps, our modern day explorer discovers the descendant echoes lost worlds and the reminder of what and who survives history. marco polo on al jazeera. beneath the surface lies a dark aside in british politics, an exclusive al jazeera investigation. coming see ah
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