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tv   Witness A Child of Afghanistan 20 Years of War  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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for ah 6 mm hm. and then international intercourse and excellence award bought now for your hero. ah oh i, marianna massey and london, i'll main story this hour. a coffin of queen elizabeth the 2nd is arrived in
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edinburgh after a more than 6 hour journey from balmoral castle. johnny saw the cortez wine through towns, fields and countryside, along the route, lined with well wishes, hoping for their final opportunity to pay tribute to the queen. for monday, she would lie at rest at saint giles cathedral before her casket is flown to london . and fisher has this report now from edinburgh. the beginning of the final journey, the coffin of the late queen, carried by the gardens keepers of her ball moral estate, a place she loved the place she died. initially through the streets, she knew well past the stores and houses of the nearby village and out on to the main roads and the cities. beyond that, it was unhappy over she had to say from concise, it was an absolute pleasure to serve her majesty. you know,
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she would rob ross and we held rob project 1st to aberdeen in the northeast of scotland were local officials paid their respects. farmers and horse riders formed their ordinance special guard devona. then on slowly to dundee and pat heading for scotland, capital title, so extra parts it so has david, is it a whole life to say thank you. so i just felt that was no way i wanted to be here 8 miles to space. as the coffin continued its sad, slow procession, a reminder, the country is moving on. god. okay. the proclamation of the new king met by some disapproval in edinburgh. a reminder that while the cone passes automatically from the queen to her eldest son, the affection the country held for her does not. the cortege passed famous landmarks before arriving in edinburgh coach had gathered since just after dawn.
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some, in the most unlikely of places to mark the arrival at hollywood palace, the monarch's official residence in scotland. the queen came home the journey from bell moral took 6 and a half hours, much longer than normal. but this was an opportunity for the people of scotland to share a collective moment of grief, of celebration and of history. her body will lie here in the throne room before being moved for a special service of thanksgiving and giles cathedral. the mourners led by her son, king charles the 3rd, and then the public will be given their chance to see their, for wells, to figure largely loved widely respected. and though sadly missed by the people of scotland. island fisher, al jazeera hollywood palace, edinburgh. ukraine. officials say that large areas in the countries east are experiencing major power cuts, including harkey, the 2nd biggest city,
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as well as the regions of dina. proper troughs done yet, and soon me a say russian attacks have taken out critical power infrastructure on the abdul. hamid has moved from harkins we are in a blackout at the moment. actually. there is a power outages in 5 regions in the north east and the eastern part of the country. they are also unconfirmed, reported they are power will power outages all the way to odessa. but as i said, those were unconfirmed reports. now what we're hearing from officials is that the russians have hate critical infrastructure. they're not telling us what all where, but certainly that is definitely this city is in pitch black. we were actually on the streets when that happened. and as we were driving back to our location, everything was completely dark. there was not one light on,
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it was quite an airy scene. the accounting is underway in sweden's general election and exit. polls suggest that center left parties, a leading with a slim margin, but pasha result indicates the far right sweden, democrat party as make gains, rising crime, immigration, and the energy crisis. a critical issues in this election witness is coming up next . ah mm hm. mm
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yeah, inside was i mean my the myself that engine with any more as auto logical arsenault. i was though not done on the market. charlotte i? yes. that korea coloma, mitchell or us india motor bishop is in the game on a job as was yet. but a bush. this is the biggest coalition, basic southern afghanistan. air force,
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cargo planes need to use the old 19 fifties airport to bring in vidal, weapons and supplies. it's a lifeline for other local soldiers. and for thousands of coalition troops whining the war on terror. of course sides of anti americanism are surfacing in afghanistan . it's clear there are powerful forces here with the best interest in provoking violent opposition. we would simply say to the people of afghanistan today, that we have given commitments, we will honor those commitments both on the humanitarian side, on terms of rebuilding afghanistan. one of the most reading and repressive regimes ever the taliban is now out of business. ah,
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a with i know can you please give me a call because supposed to do council though are pretty thermal divorce people did . you give the court? we are great. our eyes now in the war on terror. we look forward to a better future for the people in there to many, many years of african american friendship. thank you. for
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the dentist, lima. my gosh, the data volume yet. so the southern table, what does she her little that gather. ringback ah, ah, you do as americans, you are done to bottle sitting near done now for you to figure not going to pass it her daughter being bus, there's certain mortgage. her bee larvae done, i q modem that goes on top on either done are broadcast, twisted or who or does was a whole and i was other boys are little boy, u r t young chap. i
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don't have to have much then each up i see. i can question that it is a i say ah, is that it won't go bosom? who way you're gonna give us a bonded cost middle school us the in jonathan and don't let on us. if i wasn't gonna do me a pushover doing john good only was a moment a check in with your former.
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oh sure. i want you to sign in with my message for the american soldiers as that they have liberated us from tyrant, aid from terrorism, from oppression from occupation into a country that is now moving towards prosperity. whenever you need a bill to see the left us commander say taliban insurgents here are copying the tactics used to fight the u. s. in iran. mm
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final class. she is between the taliban and nato forces left 10 french soldiers dead with violence said to be up 50 percent in spite of the growing number of troops now serving under joint nato, us command an old boat. when alicia hyde kind of shied on the verge, appreciate fig. no. if i was to look, is i not the same time when i met you mentioned enough god, the son of douglas, and even couldn't darcy and i am stop even defeated. the child of thought, we must all try intervention community and of get us up to give it to him. the able to further the penalties of the afghan forces and numbers in town and in a government does dance
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. yeah. okay. for her age. but as you may, as i said, i, we are, they are, i have no oh, leah has big plans to turn its large isabella's into spectacles. but inside the villas he conjured, yearly veda has big plans of his own building. since the age of 12 is untrained, yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any seeing his vision come to light the pedal and the master planner, the concluding part of rebel architecture on al jazeera ah
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ah safe going home and then international anti corpse excellence award bought now for your hero. lou. hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, a quick look at the main stories we are following now. a body of queen elizabeth
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the 2nd is arrived at edinburgh after a 6 hour journey from balmoral castle where she died on thursday. her flag draped coffin was met by a military guard devona. on monday it will be taken to its aunt giles cathedral, where the queen will lie at rest for 24 hours before a casket is flown to london. in our other headlines this, our ukraine officials say that large areas in the countries east are experiencing major power cuts, including harkey, the 2nd city, and also the regions of d nap proper troughs. danielle, and soon me they say russian attacks have taken out critical power infrastructure on the abdul hamid has more now from har keith. we are in a blackout at the moment. actually. there is a power outages in 5 regions in the north east and the eastern part of the country. they are also unconfirmed, reported they are power will power outages all the way to odessa. but as i said,
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those were unconfirmed reports. now what we're hearing from officials is that the russians have hate critical infrastructure. they're not telling us what all where, but certainly that is deaf in this city is in pitch black. we were actually on the streets when that happened. and as we were driving back to our location, everything was completely dark. there was not one light on, it was quite an ear receive more ages arriving in pakistan's, devastated southern send province after unprecedented floods. to more u. s. military plains loaded with 35 tons of relief of landed in the region un such a general antennae. the terrace is appealed for a $160000000.00 to help pockets, sancho, with the disaster. nearly 1400 people have died. 33000000 people affected after a 3rd of the country, it was submerged. that counting is under wayne sweden's general election. exit
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polls just that sent to left parties, a leading with a slim margin. but the partial result indicates the far right in anti immigration party, sweden, democrats, 149.2 percent of the votes, crying immigration in the energy crisis are all critical issues for voters of more and everything in the news hour and 25 minutes time. i'll see you then witness now continues. who's i to god for those of birth marriage the music was india under my daughter. as in good of moderate lincoln aft. as indigo nigger thought there does that a girl did. i am said a girl. did i go with them?
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a bunch of children or she'll need to rush you from the family and all that and what is out there for them? hm. mm huh. so i mean, you'll never get installed. don't presume missile. do do feel as yet julie, so dizzy. let it be annoyed. pray law says mo dormer for falling 12. 6 british soldiers have been killed in a right side explosion in afghanistan. the british prime minister david cameron has described the death, says a dreadfully sad day for the nation. i'm going to say that's going to hold mother. you shall leaf enough, gone as tom hm. i'm hi, mrs. the chance could feel of it. it was commando from the internet, so non should've toper brennaman. muslim, shall leaf is does. he has to give me to
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a bonus, embellish and even so can fish out trying to switch off garnishes o'donnell, police system foodies, the shark found buffy st. there was no afghan national army. there were no afghan national police. we see a situation totally transformed. all aim has always been, can we make sure this country no longer is a haven for terror and terrorists? the american troops training afghan soldiers ambushed by the taliban. as those american troops prepare to start coming home, the afghans realised they still need american help. they demand american fighter jets bail them out. american air support won't always be here to save a day. you as one mother does the white add a single, zahn begotten. as nan, megan's anger,
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get the high console audio master sharif st medicines whose extension to to, to talk would, i'd wondered, swansea wouldn't fullest in a tiny community. village's very dead, dead, father's mothers, and many, many children. u. s. military said it had conducted error rates to protect forces the mother. hum, gordon by the not shit. good as a whole, kenny they go. it's val gordon. others don't. mock like gig comb rab open margotto don't wish that with m a k of course. are them going on? mine show more that i'm model may goofy i rose but had gone rather so wishy us do
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with illness, all the hook. awesome. i gotta go, mark, i'm gonna head we were not given by my qualified. okay. either what a boy at the hotel in cord mccoy wouldn't bit of a global day. he might. i don't. so yeah, chad is sealed. calon find me to nevada. i showed him as altogether near hakan on lay sancho road mas univision africa. yet while i'm lydia. mr. lima as big, gaudy b as gaudy lucian. i. e. are yours, mazda, india, that gov along with m go leggy. they shouted bizarre for to go. and i got on
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my niagara media company got to get them keith about about and i'm a harder laugh when a song by john that caught my eye buzz at my body. my homo would came, i'm out of them. are the home it up, or is it here for the my body? i'm on. are they into hardy? teddy caught, not only gave my course with the keyhole. come on, we're the one man, cause the brute financing. what more than $500000000.00 florida gun is done? as long as sun kandahar city, which has been tormented by violence and terrorists, got a reason to celebrate the cities plus cricket stadium mill. with assistance from india construction began on a pipeline project to carried natural gas from circ medicine through the country to
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india and focused on that $1000000000.00 project will bring job an income. china has already become a lot of sounds, largest business invest, and now it has building security capacity. the right. give them the model they can go. and i don't want to mention only on what i said, you know, the him, that's not funding. we go to a lot of, well to the fed in and we go to the managers and, and mr. malott now with them they don't bring it in in the nether, can come by launch it in court and getting to align internet and go to, to the, committed in the new domain, initial net to get you into our issues. and you know,
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should be offering you told me that it's known address his own what that was. oh, wow. lou louis shawl cham beds. so like gay. now of that with the mouth. and in by yeah, zoom into corn hole. again, official describing it is a suicide attack and the casualties here are mounting 80 people so far happy job this attack 300 injured but i expect that number to continue to other that up. good me what i understood my sad that ended up in lane to laurie to angela would in order to about anita deutsche and boards have moved our daughter smith and i'm pretty sure wow, i spoke with shannon george. good good. what i deal with would ashburn, chapo, he doesn't, did it, and my daughter got him,
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can you pass the water and the guy who's dam oil, it sounds like it has bind up the draft and push dullgard's them. this comes as president trump really caused employees, whether to spend more blood and treasure inside afghanistan with the taliban and other insurgents control. i can tell 40 percent of the country mashanda newton yoga chung. you asked me that i was, i'm the one that has been get us to another summer. can dark circles then? of course not. okay. and so what the discussion can guiana for when i, when my sign on on thursday night for laura malik in, because a lot of michelle,
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i'm just saying it's been a little diaz dag and told her to show her the i ludo said as well. she wasn't, i can tell her mission viejo, the closer to should madison will melisha images should myself on on what are the skills yoda monarch carries to write only mesh out and a more in a chore more some on ourselves other than the rich and we're a bit of adequate now more like hulu and even better shape than i oh, not love the city. oh my mouth and whatnot. and i get a film on both sides. tv and you know, getting it over again. monica from us. below cameras. i said there was the key boy sto, michigan. madly commit horse medevac, georgia national stone, over garden hose,
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albany, got out of bookshelf. now to go with another bond last night to deal with, like i saw says the target was intelligence headquarters. but the exclusion banner flash police, a big press card before joining the crowd, a journalist employing himself vices, claim responsibility for in, for kids in college today. all trusting to proceed with afghanistan, that chosewood with the actually one that will keep it as some lead them k m, record a camera other no, one of them. the advocate bidick of them. key exam center. i'm in, but key by me don't. when figured should got it on them or leg this to come on. i
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got them all in others. oh they configured i jake. so should a it off to tell y'all have all kinds of luck with our little to go or not. he didn't mean to let it go. god forgive my son and daughter should have had don't come on. i got on his up like among a missional colors. helena wouldn't need how another could go late for sunday. music. i miss other mid afternoon. a thought will go to the doctor, give it to them. i'm sure you're good. you look cognitive. yeah.
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you're good. you got a are we just signed an agreement. this time, after all these years to bring our people back home for the caliber k was the big tree march. the afghan government shot out of this feel a ton of on refuse to talk to a doha one deal is done. making peace will be my charter. only swallow lease 32 people are dad and dozens wounded in a mash shooting at afghanistan's capital kabul. and just this past week in the
11:51 pm
taliban negotiated peace deal with the united states with u. s. air strike targeted taliban fighters wednesday after the militants attacked an afghan security force outpost with with adams afford, i get the water and my number's fine, focus trash. so lesson. so that often and with the bank level jango into audio on vision the on, i can vision him as and i will say good. i got, i'm on want to say go to me again, tardies dollar my georgia, i do them for them. chassis, as for they get to want to buy and our level jango in the auditor deserted the there's cas navigation samantha martin embryo. yeah, i'm yeah, the tolliver and tolliver. i thought i key i me how to dig it up when i saw my
11:52 pm
speaker? sure. let me refresh amazon a bonus on can be of them for the global there, which can neither gary console or i, michelle, you're more than i'm yet to get a 3rd than a say we couldn't get to work. so formerly is that assurance you vehicle donna, norah was in the show shoulder 0 to not than couldn't agree month. the cobra vasa neuron came to gushed the fall on the day on me. this is maria, killed the columbia, understand that and a month of of the last one another mid quarter mark. i'm not sure put in the format . hold on. i'm schoolmaster. vosta thought that i should not
11:53 pm
a demonic the p stops in dor and bloodshed dark at home far from losing one's a document. but 3rd, since the reconciliation talks were announced last thursday, a female journalist was shot dead by islamic state operators. this is part of a larger trend that isn't holding an honest on ah a withdrawal from the stand by september in the gym. and you just said, is that all that? to me i'm a more christalin. it timed in and america's longest war. it's time for american troops to come home. president biden is defending his decision to withdraw all
11:54 pm
remaining u. s. troops from afghanistan, 3, dia, was either defy, almo, almost dicky, and not all but, oh, yeah. be too sure that as up when i start have, i mean you k is expected to follow pulling out several 150 british soldiers, but the speaker of the african parliament just wall that the withdrawal could lead to a civil war clock and assured that above a long have you don't for that comment, any ohio equal yes. up on a thong. not only i can move for though because for today on the girl that only shows up on some. ready that young meshes as well except for sat get young at yahoo, that com is about causing this could result out with their hobby, missouri, and the other which is uncle kesh nikki. as are on some gutter on what a job with months. i don't make any downgrade. montgomery negative. i me, i should make it. now that month and as i say, cash taking sentence. derrick debt oliver. marvin cheryl hearts.
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yes. what if you don't live and what did in jammed glad chang. this is bash villa. let him go kima and ship it to she perhaps india new martha moselle never called her mother, mother was more than we thought it is an ongoing problem. yeah, i'm a go home on them. so sidney mendoza quickly pushed ad was living in, give us an unwise out of network. what does that mean? i just wanted me. what is your bottom up now? what i have is up on the song hush for a sinking against done. my name's latasha. as you get by that much of the touch the mirror. uh huh. do you think it was another deal? yeah. no. like when i go in it that i so i'm the owner. i
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can do. i'm not. i'm not sure. how should it be done? lou, the white house has confirmed the military has begun its withdrawal from afghanistan, a series of law to go school and gobble, has kids to year to be belong to which most was students the death toll has raised them to at least 85 killed most of them girl, the last american troops cleared out of barbara mer based without celebrations or fanfare as the u. s. to parts the taliban is closing in militants and taking their tents. major city concerns are growing. if they could take the capital, the telephone is now effectively in control, including and call them. the takeover of the city has triggered deadly scenes of panic at the airport as tape of desperately try to lead into for communities now pulling on the telephone to ensure mm
11:57 pm
a a son, a father, a mutual love of the arch. the stage is set to immortalize trading memories or in a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a jesse, you know, the latest news as it breaks we've been speaking to the families in,
11:58 pm
there's about 5000 people living in this block of government class has been displaced from their homes by this laws to come all over. same province, we detail coverage, elder zeros, legal teeth plans to submit a case with the international criminal court at the hey, from around the world. that there is here in this country. a culture here with news. news. news. news. news is the latest on the typhoon, just east of taiwan. hi everyone. so the outer bans, once again giving us some drenching rain for ty paid its rains. going to linger
11:59 pm
around for the next day or so. that storm is slow. moving at this point would be surprised if we see more than a 100 millimeters in some cases. now we'll continue to drift into these, trying to see but ahead of it, we're already getting striped with some pretty solid bands of rain in shanghai with a high of 28 degrees. there has been a lot of heat for the northwest of china, and we've seen that filter further toward the east. so b jane is up to $31.00 degrees on tuesday. down under right now, quite cool air force has mania, could see some snow over higher elevation there. and toward w. a. we've got an incoming weather maker here. so let's go for a closer look. it's going to be a vigorous system generating not only showers, but we're going to see those winds whip up as well. so same for coastal areas when gust of about a 100 kilometers per hour, but more inland. we'll see those winds 80 kilometers per hour, or we're going to end this weather report right now in new zealand. it's so what day across the northland, the escape. and also around that has been
12:00 am
b as well with this batch of what weather rolling through. it's been got a high of 1900 degrees on monday. that's the snapshot of your weather. we'll see you soon. take care. the express is every emotion. every feeling. good. oh oh and has its own superstars like face al jazeera woe tells the stories behind for iconic songs of passion drama, no infidelity, and an unrequited love or a bill of songs on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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