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tv   Witness A Child of Afghanistan 20 Years of War  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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ah ah save that mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award bought now for your hero. ah . and at an r carlindo ha, these the top stories on al jazeera king charles the 3rd has promised both houses
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of the british parliament that he will uphold the you case constitutional government. the mac address, members of the house of lords and house of commons in westminster. hall after they each delivered their messages of condolence. it is a loss to the entire commonwealth, which she did so much to nurture. it is the last to all levels. but we know most of all, it is a loss to you, your majesty answered the rogue family. newspapers have been filled with photographs of late majesty, since the news broke, the most touching, the bid, the glimpses into the family lie, which were usually kept sheltered from public view. as i stand before you today, i cannot help but feel the weight of history which surrounds us and which reminds us of the vital parliamentary traditions to which members of both houses dedicate
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yourselves with such personal commitment for the betterment of as all parliament is the living and breathing instrument of our democracy that your traditions are ancient. we see in the construction of this great hall and the reminders of medieval predecessors of the office to which i have been cold. ah, i will. brennan has more from outside buckingham palace. he spoke about his deep gratitude for their addresses,
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how those condolences touchingly encompassed what the late queen meant to us all. he said he cannot help but feel the weight of history which surrounds us. he was referring there to westminster hall, the location for that ceremony. a whole which dates back to the 11th century. it's where henry the 8th was crowned it's where guy fawkes, the gun powder pato was tried. it's a deeply historic, it's the oldest part of the parliamentary estate. he then went on to say, it reminded him of the vital parliamentary traditions. of course, we have a constitutional monarchy here in the u. k. the sovereign reigns, but does not rule as such. he spoke about the example of duty that his late mother had given, which he said, i have resolved faithfully to follow after that ceremony. there was a rendition of the national anthem for the 1st time. he's parliamentarians singing
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god, save the king as opposed to god save the queen, and then his medicaid passed by buckingham palace without stopping and headed off to the airport, where he's going to edinburgh. and the king has now arrived to n as in bird weight in a bass. now's time he'll be inspecting a god of honor at hollywood house palace, where his mother's coffin has been lying in ra, pays the game will then lead a rural procession a campaign. the coffin, st. john's cathedral. we'll also meet the 1st minister of scotland. nicholas hagin, underneath in rebels in ethiopia, northern t cry region say that ready for a mutually agreed cease fight with the government. they will say say they would accept a peace process led by the african union, which in the past they've opposed. united nations has welcomed the development ukraine has accuse russia of targeting a power plant in call keep causing electricity outages, as, as the strikes were in revenge for ukraine's rapid successes in a counter offensive in the east equated army, says it has we captured more than 20 settlements in the past 24 hours. pakistan's,
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former prime minister m ron cons, bail has been extended in relation to terrorism charges against him is that a bill was due to expire on monday. the case is related to a speech con game, which he accused the police and the judge of torturing one of his aids. yup, stating out with all the headlines, news continues of to witness on al jazeera. for hm . wow, a
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time with ah no ma'am nita, in those toni, mom, well those tony issue a mom? sure. what a kimball virginia, how much is this? is donna enough on its own us came up. i don't,
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i should have them that the harshness them came out of them although they both may push them a mother. ah, well if i that i'm good. but how does all month? well, with the i'm bricklayer sony on it only off by maggie my daughter. look at them. we know her, the more money of buying a co junk. i didn't know how much is i? i don't got in the heart of all my all my heart just got our son. but the joy go to hey, but i don't care
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who are but i'm i've and all that out by that kid that i want to sun but i'm to go up. i'm like, i don't ever been out there by. i'm rick or not other i'm in both key. i'm recall, but he got a label to put that we will not fail. patient freedom will prevail. madame had a question for done thinking mclennan, i'm legally home but they got okay, show it to her or whatever them. okay, sure. the model you're gonna we have a roadmap to a new constitution and free and fair election. mm. what i've got his dad needs is
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and i've got his done solution to it's problems. the afghans have the 1st and last lou, i'm with only quito. divorce of put, get me the question i gave her on getting my bomb, young ahmed. mm ah my thought of them any man mm hm much ever them so never been or they have i don't have with them. ready that may for them,
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they exon, the border goes in, they can make it in both their southern terrible. with lucy, i quoted you. yeah, i got wanted, i didn't, that's germany. i checked, but ticket good. i'm calling about my calendar shaun and he'll think of them in the matter say, got circuit as asked get f through my mama. i am a. ready teacher
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guy a n. yes, lou i anna doas or is he gal gonna where is he getting florida sala willingly there was love love would as busy. 6 he had other, the nayoka love more the plaza could get it, didn't he? arm was not, is, it was money in the was on to schools, it plays out for like, my little girl was mind. the girl was any good there, wilma,
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but it was just lilian in while i look at him, was that again. i was as he does know, you're going to more than lose it as the energy you are. my dad does your more gig masa mom. good about him dorm, had him are see dr. motta to begin by. do i mean, dr. marla, do begin. i'm a more that i've heard them already. was a demo, cuz me my, as is jordan with him, i was gonna get mart. i'm here more moment by that it would i get up there called bird looked at it for that it would em modulus dinky based on alicia that now have all that are 70 meg in a 100 glass band as did might go asking in that gig, ashby 50 and a 1000 got dug out are what are the indigo we are they the ira pushing them new
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york on i north carolina. wiley. notified our many. ve them all made them all made them 30. she never sent madam in calabi moshef. now i go and yarn and then i got me out. give my law firm. i love a good deal of national debt. there was a win hamilton, i see so much opposite. come assorted giovanni. the guys is equally job. oh now go louis jago, julia de aline, pretty or what you are to enjoy, the or what the new regime enjoy your cutter. gara cantoya, missouri. cool. which are mama too. i don't, i just do it on here that i might, i do along with honor stone. doesn't look like at all with the georgia gazillion with her though with that with, with her dad his father got but who is your net? i was a near kaiser. he can buy from there,
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go shamburger away in the car from out of them on the cause of up, jim got full one, put her put only got one mountain and denali the young cameras. no more maryland, but showed me gonna put, i'm gonna call them mother goose case earlier when i was it is yoga runner lamps for cameras. you didn't include organ wooden woman in, in, in the home rather than to help us that with
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oh, like where the mere, my don't change old with jonathan sherwood. i'm the grandmother, jordan, missouri. mother push one or my daughter, but on a dime with
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with a in some of them in my the myself that engine by benjamin as idaho, logical and personal or was not done on the market share that got here. coloma mitchell or us injure my bishop and again on a job as was yet fast. but able she thought this is the biggest coalition, basic southern afghanistan, air force,
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cargo planes need to use the old 19 fifties airport to bring in vital weapons and supplies. it's a lifeline for other local soldiers. and for thousands of coalition troops whining the war on terror, the 1st sides of anti americanism are servicing in afghanistan. it's clear there are powerful forces here with us vested interest in provoking violent opposition. we would simply say to the people of afghanistan today that we have given commitments, we will honor those commit both on the humanitarian side, on the terms of rebuilding afghanistan, one of the most really in repressive regimes ever the taliban is now out of business. ah,
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a with a new plan you please you believe you duck games? he's really cool because you brush look out on a more develop able to get the course. we are great. i was now in the war on terror. we look forward to a better future for the people, and to many, many years of african american friendship. thank you. ah, ah
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mila through the water, but then se mortgage, the data volume yet. so the southern table, what does she have zillow that get her? ah ah, you get the mckenzie or duncan but are sitting near done now for you to think or not getting past it or dawn been past the certain will be j b. what are be done? i get more modern, the garage on the on either done, i was just twisted ohio or does was a whole another. so the boys are little b u r t young cap. thank you.
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thanks dan. each up i see again, question after it is engage africa. when i say ah, was that it won't go bosom? julio? donna dodge gibson with dante clark middle school listed in jonah, fell on. don't let. and i asked him to apply was them to me getting me double man, i'm household we're doing junky. i'd only buy joy more ways out. dumber than marlene to go when john or mamma, to me want her to go get all the a with your former work.
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busy oh, sure more you. well, i think i got my message for the american soldiers as that they have liberated us from tyrant, aid from terrorism, from oppression from occupation into a country that is now moving towards prosperity a . cd us commander, se taliban insurgents here are copying the tactics. used to fight the us in a room
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with a with mm miss her go now it was camera. would then, as you could call,
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chris didn't look on the call when the week before and hon. i do love her. i'm any yes. give me one second. oh man, a did to my good this now needed to all my good about, but i think in the corridor call got out there. why did you call you to call my girl when they will nominate in accord agendas,
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adulthood, india. my down at them is as it is, your and i'm jake, don't. don't you know agony, horrible. now going to get now gonna? no, yes, ma'am. shannon your one on i often called what the g marta i'm what a nice day bye for the hang this megan, i'm really silly. allotted yolanda quite a while yet you're going to her. i urge. i don't wanna lose any shot at her kids that ability to go on for a
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final plan. she's between the taliban and nato forces left 10 french soldiers dead with violence said to be up 50 percent. in spite of the growing number of troops now serving under joint nato, us command kind of boat when additional height kind of shied on the votes, applicant, fig, long. if we fail is current. if i not get sent home to dammit, you mentioned enough god, the son of douglas, and even couldn't dusty. and i'm start even if it was the side of thought. we must all try intervention community and of get us up to go to in able to further the penalties of the afghan forces and numbers in town and equipment that dance
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thyme, and in case nevada with us, all of us need a full fledged mom or the guy on homo and went to the says are headed in the hall, county says as a feathered in thought that none of them down them mother, no doubt again. oh dear, good new with this image that are more lower than what out of what megan. i do other i got dana farber, jima doesn't want to do other wasn't good. i'm that i live here
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. go to your, my learning good job. it. which may not do more than a look so clear who those young under here is . i got pastor ask, i'm like, i find out here at the ross at financial and doesn't wanna give you more passcode. you're being interviewed, gosh, i gotta use gala ma. well, actually they don't do okay. hm. and with her he'll be okay for her. but as you may, as garcia, they offer, you know,
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in the year 12 i tell you merchant, set out on an extraordinary journey. marco polo followed the still crow designer to the heart of the account and retracing his steps how a modern day explorer discovers the descendant echoes of lost worlds and a reminder of what and who survives history. marco polo on al jazeera, the welcome pizza. as the main event gets close that out as it is here, every step of the way i'm going to go with update has been fans across the globe. things can expect some strong support hearing with the spotlight on milton, central america, and canada build that 1st place. finishing qualified poll will the us,
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mexico will costa rica rise to the occasion the work countdown on al jazeera in how do you bring the feel of the stadium into your home by cheering on your team? hearing the rule, the crowd watching it with friend, marveling at the best place on the planet scoring incredible goals. what really makes the big match. great is all those things in the highest definition as they happen, wherever you are, as sales space to deliver your vision. lou and again, i'm laura carlindo, how these are our top stories on al jazeera king charles the 3rd has promised both
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houses of the british parliament that he will uphold the u. k. as constitutional government. the mac address, members at the house of lords and the house of commons in westminster hall after they each delivered the best judge of condolence. as i stand before you today, i cannot help but feel the weight of history which surrounds us at which reminds us of the vital parliamentary traditions to which members of both houses dedicate yourselves with such personal commitment for the betterment of a soul. parliament is the living and breathing instrument about democracy. the jor traditions are ancient. we see in the construction of this great hall and the reminders of medieval predecessors of the office to which i have been called,
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ah, as umbrella where he's been inspecting a god of honor at holly root house, where his mother's coffin has been lying in repose. he's also taken part in the ceremony of the keys, where he 1st receives and then returns the keys to the city. later, the king will lead a rural procession accompanying the coffin saint charles cathedral. unless i meet the 1st minister of scotland, nicholas, georgia, or the news and a major breakthrough ethiopians to go, i rebels say they're ready for a cease fire with the government on would accept a peace process led by the african union. they previously opposed any
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a you involvement ukraine has accused russia of targeting a power plant in car cave causing electricity outages. it says the strikes are in revenge for ukraine's rapid successes in a counter offensive in the east state. now with all our headlines, we back with more news. don't we get you back to witness? with i had to go to live by that marriage that b o, that one as india. i know them with the reduction as in get it from the ritual. lincoln draft as eager and eager to what there does said a girl dinner. i mean, said a girl, did i give them the buses?
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enough avenue in the middle of alton, this harden the water wallach at wallace and asked her to give that up with hardwood to barbara hutchings, nana how to give the mike and there's a lot about this one. i'm going to get to soft cost and i finish them by on that. but then you get thereafter. rather than said, go live, jackie, put on you. would the joy go j, could you with them? you are. the said kyra longish, that will cook carousel. good again. god was beard, i'm all in. one is in 5th, 3rd dish pack that over the rocky other a little but wanted us both at fort more that you get the very next day. now very deep on back a lot. but that's it. but i will double check with
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a manager of so you know, she'll need to rush, you fund them, let them know that. and what about their from san fernando. mm hm . mm huh. so you will never didn't stop please don't brazil, ms. all the duvie leisure. julie, so this is really employ, remove this mo dormer for 40 to our firm. 6 british soldiers have been killed in a right side explosion in afghanistan. the british prime minister david cameron has described the death as a dreadfully sad day for the nation, and wonders he has got old mother. you shall even afghanistan of mine. i mrs. the giant's good for the of it. it was commando on the internet. so now you shouldn't topic binam. marcel, you shall leaf is does he has to give me the bonus here?
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belies and even so can fish out translation of this is or darknet pulitzer. soon today's the shy tram bobby, since there was no afghan national army, there were no afghan national police. we see a situation totally transformed. i aim has always been can we make sure this country no longer is a haven for terror and terrorists? american troops, training afghan soldiers ambushed by the taliban. as those american troops prepare to start coming home, the afghans realised they still lead american help. they demand american fighter jets bail them out. american air support won't always be here to see the day he goes one man does the what out a signal? zan bigger him as nan mcadams angle, there's an bigger m nashika 5 my
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d o r than me? i gave her fire when i wasn't, i've got as it did, i will was nearly a full last r o. c got as an as mountain gutter was. i don't, i don't forget if on i would in myself as we shouldn't, isn't there yet for us to go? marco ali jordan, one him met. i come all zana. they go no more. none but homewood. there's a room. my zang gut wasn't a jordan. mon lanier. hot dog, hot within the old cut are now than keegan. our garden volume g ma, sad. the tertiary for i suppose i can collage them. gower, forming a camera shot on thought. oh no, this is a new you can my new. yeah. they didn't of him. i don't know the form of your mommy. he and i have you. i mean, you could offer money that could be
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a honey grandmother's name given while you have some fun of with of them that live in nor am ha, ha ha ha ha. jordan, do not want the order, ma'am. so candice had not had enough on him. come because you are not. van 0 korea way could work of a got it is all border couldn't because they gave you was like, it wasn't different waterville while ago. you know, i don't know. cor william, missouri congress. jo, hope i don't when i my town more, we have a tennyson and quarter. we'll call mike jr of tarika, jr's mother and crush dock. wish headquarters is natasha. come with you. yeah. now that offer me the money now is le none. bolivia, that means enough and you chance that it was she was as on the other short often a, you know, so they ah, the
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done homer so they, they cody never catered shooting. i'm. yeah, throws virus are of mission. sure. she her as our machine harder had a i don't a run on on goes me. good. well this we're going much. did you see a gun with nas 14 ag? i'll come with the said m as that oh was wagon was an anthology gone by sir. was so lost as rainbow bottom tolliver, mamma, musical with the go dijon de la, sad mother, i'm willing to go well in missouri. very, very start home,
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talk or by the show. them that i should share, heard the seduce, had a damage with age good. which bridge with no good nazir cora gunn, i saw the snake. he knew what to do from their cornered thumb as of the day a man of then gosh, there are the local market that one i am normally like in a little further macroeconomic auto mashed zango near a far live good in the here. the yeah, well i sure would be of any regime in the rental. her friends, in lafayette. 0, one of the businesses in the games event that i just seen envisioning over
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i am taliban and get this off to still actually get a high eclipse without my sight sharif sent me this is extension to 2 to 12 or either one thats one. so you wouldn't fedexed in a tiny community villages buried at dead fathers, mothers, and many, many children. u. s. military said it had conducted error rates to protect forces them other homes go to play the not shit. good as a whole, kenny, they go guess we'll go another storm. a mock like gig comb rab open melodious. i don't watch that with him as well. today, of course, are them going on? mine show more that i'm model may go. fia rose, but had gone rather,
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so wishy us do with illness, all the hook, host them, i gotta go mark, i'm gonna hide, we were not given by my qualified. okay. either what a boy at the hotel in cord mccoy, wouldn't rid of them a good day. he might. i don't. so yeah, chad is sealed column. find me to nevada. i showed him was altogether near hakan on lay sancho road mas univision africa. yet, well, i'm not them, india, mr. lima. as bay gaudy b as gaudy lucian i. e, i o as more you dot india that. gov, along with godaddy they shouted visit was to god i got on
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my they ag media company got to get them came out about and i'm a hoarder. laugh when a song by johanna dot caught my eye because my body ma como would keep them out of them are the home and up or is it here for the my body i'm on. are they into haughty kitty corner? had that not only for the guys my coach with keyhole in the come on were they hope the the one bon cause the brute financing was more than 500000000 dollars. florida gun is done as long as sun kandahar city, which has been tormented by violent and terrorist got a reason to celebrate the cities. plus cricket stadium built with assistance from india. construction began on a pipeline project to carry natural gas from circ medicine through the country. to
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india and focus on $10000000000.00, projects will bring job an income. john has already become a want to sound largest business invest and now to building security capacity. who's right with them? not only can we can in a general mission, only going on with a very young nation. him that's not funding. we go to a lot of to this. i didn't go to that. i was in the mid my lot, not with them. they don't get us in the nether malachi, in cork, in getting to ally internet. and the audio is committed in the new domain initial to get to you and, and, you know,
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should be the new offering. you told me that the known address his credit card with louis church and they like now if that would enough to him, but yeah, me call again, official describing it is a suicide attack and the casualties here are mounting. 80 people so far have been killed in this attack, 300 injured, but i expect that number to continue to hold that up. good me. but i understood that that ended up in 930 to angela. wouldn't honor to about anita deutsche and board chapter youth. our daughter smith, i might as in helen. wow. asked william with shalise george. good. good. what i deal with would actually go jumbo. yes. and in my thought acre in hoffman, you're past the water or did you tell him the guy who's dam roy and collected has
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been laughter. dr. bush dullgard's them. this comes as president, trump really call it employed, whether to spend more blood and treasure inside afghanistan, the taliban and other insurgents control i q, test 40 percent of the country. mashanda newton yoga. so mm hm. could you ask me that i was, i'm or money that has been congestion. can other sherman can conduct circles than to call not ok. and so what the gushing can guanasha i, i must say, i'm sorry. say not for laura mulligan because
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a lot of mission. i'm the are saying is when i live with the out, the again thought it showed the ludo said bush was megan. tell her mission viejo that those cfo should madison will melisha a mad issued master born on what are the of which killed jordan monarch curious to roy. oh, the measure and a more in a shorter more some of our shows up. other than rush in when a bit about great, now more like who and in better shape than i not, not the listing. and i get a film on both sides. chevy and you know, getting it over again. monica. oh lord, i'm a rosa said there is a cake boy stemming them madly commit host medical. gotcha. national. all for
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government host cabinet. got out of bookshelf a lease trying to get another bond blast deal with like i saw says the target was intelligence headquarters. but the exclusion banner flash to louisa, big press card before joining the crowd of journalists, employing himself places, claim responsibility for in, for kids in college today. who rushing to proceed with afghanistan, a chill was heard. i got it got the i told a mom that will keep it as some lead them key in the car. they can read her no to them the ica bidick of them. key exam, i'm in, but key by me do when physicians thought either them or leg to come and
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go on and others. oh, they figured out jake procession and open it up. it's open with a little to go or not yet. i mean, daughter should go god for the mother and daughter, shall the head don't come on. i got on his up like i'm on the commission will cover for me what i wouldn't need. how another scholar for 7 name is and i am is a little bit of a doctor. give it to them. i'm
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sure you're good. you're not calling it a lot. yeah. you're oh good, you good a are we just signed an agreement this time. after all these years to bring our people back home for the caliber k was a big tree march. the afghan government shot out of this field of on refuse to talk to a doha, one deal is done. making peace will be my charter. only swallow the least. 32 people are dad and dozens wounded in a mash shooting at afghanistan's capital kabul. and just this past week and the
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taliban negotiate a peace deal with united states with u. s. air strike targeted taliban fighters wednesday after the militants attacked an afghan security force outpost whose with as it was afford. i get the welcome. i am is fine. focus charge, so lesson, so that often and with the bank level jango into audio on vision that one i can vision him as and i will say good. i got i don't want to say go to me again. todd is one of my children. i did them for them, chassis as for they get the one to bind to liberal jango in doughty, dedicated jersey the there's guess, let me get with mr. martin, what are your yeah, i'm yeah, the tolliver and tony of all that i key. i me how to dig it up when it's on the
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speaker. let me refresh amazon. a bonus on can be of them are the global there which can lather, gary console, or michelle. you're more than i'm yet to get a 3rd thing to say. we couldn't get to work reform is that short of are you there? hello, donna. nora was in the shadow. sharlack overland did is to nathan, couldn't they gave him unfair cobra? vasa neuron came to gotcha the fallen jamison. amelia says, man, a mere goes to columbia understand that and a month of, of the last one, another mid quarter mark, and i thought she should put in the format. hold on much. not on mission guzman. i'm sure the core math out of that though,
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the ocean demonic the p stops in dora and bloodshed, dark at home, far from reusing bonds. dark 7 bucks stood since the reconciliation talks were announced. last thursday, a female journalist was shot dead by islamic state operators. this is part of a larger trend better than holding it upon a stone. mm hm . and then go back into the country, withdraw our troops from the stand by september erotic. that is our gym and you have studies that don't that to me, i'm a more test. so linelle slimed in and america's longest war. it's time for american troops to come home. president biden is defending his decision to withdraw all
3:54 pm
remaining u. s. troops from afghanistan for 3, dia was needed to fight on one as almost dicky and not all but oh yeah. be too shut up when it's not have, i mean you k is expected to follow pulling out several 150 british soldiers, but the speak of the african parliament just war that the withdrawal could lead to a civil war. local assurance that about a loaner vehicle for their coleman any to hire media for years up on a thong. martin the i came with a don't did a i'm the girl that only shows up on some. ready gang measure, that's what except for sat get young at yahoo, that com is about goodness, good. but i thought out of it, honey, missouri and the other, which is uncle kesh, nikki, has out on some good. what a, what a job with mr. mckinney downgrade. montgomery negatives, and we estimated there latin hampton as us, the guys taking some director, tolliver mother. mm hm. okay. little hearts. yes. what that if you don't live and
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what did in his end go jungle says dash fellow, let him go kima and ship it to see how hard cynthia knew. mar them, boss though. lyrica wanda marvin, marvin morgan thought it isn't greatly problem. yeah. we'll go home on them. so sidney minoza, corporate pushed ad was living in chemist. none was that it had offset neda hotel than i mean i just wanted me. what is your bottom up now? what i have is up on the sun hush for us thinking again done, my analytical does show as you get by that much of the touch of the mirror for showed us him, but she knew singer was another miss dale? no, no, like when i come up in it that i still got the letter i
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counted, i'm not, i'm not the guy that i shot to be to 100 lou . the white house has confirmed the military has begun its withdrawal from afghanistan, a series of law to go school and gobble, has kids to your to be belong to, which most was students the death toll has raised them to at least $85.00 killed. most of them girl, the last american troops cleared out of barbara mer based without celebrations or fan fair. as the u. s. to parts the taliban is closing in militants have taken their tents. major city concerns are growing that they could take the capital. the telephone is now effectively in control, including and called the takeover of the city has triggered deadly scenes of panic at the airport escape of desperately try to lead into for communities now pulling on the telephone to ensure ah
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a a son ah father, a mutual love of the arch the stage is set to immortalize trading memories or in a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a jesse, you know, ah,
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the journey has begun. the faithful wold cop is on its way to the castle book your travel package to day. hello, we got the usual rush of heavy showers, crossed northwestern parts of south america, venezuela, columbia st. big down poles as per usual along with their northern parts of brazil . very heavy rain just around the southeast of brazilians, still some lively showers, longer spells of brian also affecting a power. why for a time? not a little further north, which she had our system just runs its way into bolivia, simon temps. down pause on that. could keys cause some localized flooding to the south of that generate dry temperatures, trying to recover and santiago around 16 celsius with more in the way of sunshine.
3:59 pm
now there's plenty of sunshine across the eastern side of the caribbean. la, she fine and dry here. but for hispaniola pushing across cuba, we could see some very intense showers over the next couple of days. thunderstorms rumbling away and wide spread down, paws to across a good part of central america. monday, going on through tuesday, still some pretty wet weather than to southern parts of mexico. they go with a shout even more widespread. they're across a eastern pass, a keep it out. was jamaica as we go through tuesday. so we danced our pause to just around the great lakes. we got this, are the nasty looking a curl of cloud this sense, right? the way down to the deep south. and we could see some flooding around the lakes on monday. katha airways official airline of the gen ah, ah
4:00 pm
ah save that. mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. ah, this is al jazeera oh.


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