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ah ah sake that he'd been home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. ah, al jazeera ah, with
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one last chance for morley and scotland to pay their final respects. as queen elizabeth the 2nd coffin lines at rest, an interest in charles cathedral. ah, until mccrae, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up 6 months into the war, and the pressure builds as ukrainian troops drive russian units back further across the northern border. rebels and ethiopia is to gray region, say that really for ceasefire talks with the government, but with conditions with lebanon's economy already suffering. we look at the crumbling state of the prison system.
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ah, we begin in scotland where people have been paying their last respects to queen elizabeth, the 2nd members of the public have been filing past the late monarch's confidence and charles cathedral in edinburgh. it will lay at rest there until tuesday. before traveling to london, la, earlier in the day, the queen's 4 children escorted the coffin from the official residence in edinburgh . crowds crammed the streets to watch the historic event. rob medicine begins our coverage. the people of edinburgh are the 1st members of the public to pay their respects personally to queen elizabeth. the 2nd long lines had been moving past her coffin as it lies inside the 14th century, said giles cathedral in edinburgh as old time, some in silence. some open morning, all my life, i've never known. another more have to pay my respects. sons. i come from glasgow.
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judicial, we're witnessing history today. it's kind of remarkably here. maxima, americans can remarkable that i have the opportunity to be here during such a significant event. the day began as king charles the 3rd and the queen. concert, flew to edinburgh from london. the king travel to hollywood house to be ceremoniously handed, the keys to the city. a king and other members of the royal family followed on foot behind the queen's coffin, flanked by the king's royal body guard, the royal company of archers and a guard of honor. as it was carried a few 100 meters up the historic boil mile. guns fired every minute. the final runs renewed as the harris drew to a halt outside the cathedral. inside a memorial service celebrated the life of the queen and her connections to scotland
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. ah, it's the queen keeps there for 70 years in there who and she is like up catholic, grandly didn't know so as thought because the peer specs. she's done a lot for this country. a lot for me. my husband, the nation is a queen is a good mother. i just think it's important show you respect. after the service, the king headed to the scottish parliament and responded to a motion of condemns before returning to saint giles cathedral, to post a vigil with other royal family members around the queen's coffin. the coffin continued clean. elizabeth. the 2nd will stay here in edinburgh for another 24 hours to allow people the opportunity to pay their last respect. after that. london accompanied by the queen's daughter pretty fast. but for a few short hours, thousands of people in edinburgh. witnesses to the making of history. in 2014
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scotland voted to remain part of great britain, but not by a wide margin. in 2016 had voted overwhelmingly to stay in europe defying the mood of much of the rest of the united kingdom. another independence referendum is proposed for 2023 for mourners and well wishers. none of that seems to matter. a skeleton prepares to bid farewell to queen elizabeth the 2nd rob matheson. i'll 0 edinburgh but there was a tense moments during the royal precision in it and brush. the spectator yelled at prince andrew, whose friendship with 6 trafficking convict jeffrey abstain, caused a lot of embarrassment to the royal family. ah, i leave a message. earlier
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in london, king charles the 3rd address, members of parliament, after they each delivered the messages of condolence. the new monarch promised to uphold the eucharist. constitutional government showed how reports from london. it was his 1st visit to the palace of westminster as king there to hear condolences delivered by both houses of parliament. ah, inside the 11th century hall, the oldest building on the parliamentary estate and in front of lords and members of parliament, king charles the 3rd and queen consort camilla took to their thrones, hers and in shorter than his indifference to the status of the monarch. in the light of a stained glass window presented to the queen to celebrate her diamond jubilee. the speaker of the lords began by paying tribute. her late majesty's joyous
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unstinting and reassuring presence across the years made it difficult to contemplate that her long and inspiring reign of deep and unparalleled devotion would ever end. then the speaker of the house of commons, sir lindsey hoyle, extended the sympathy of m. p. 's overseas deep is our grief, it's. we know yours is deeper. we offer our heartfelt sympathy to you and all the royal family. in response to the king spoke of the principles of constitutional government, and he pledged to follow his mother in protecting them while very young relate majesty pledged herself to serve her country and her people. and to maintain the precious principles of constitutional government which lie the heart of our nation. she set an example of
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sofas duty which with god's help and your cancels, i am resolved faithfully to follow with both houses having pledged their loyalty to the king. he was off on a tour of the realm beginning in scotland and into wales and northern ireland. as well as the king and queen consort, leave the palace of westminster. there. these are scenes likely to become much more familiar in the days to come. the political life of this country, overwhelmed by the choreography of the queen's passing, the streets will again, fill with crowds on wednesday when the queen's body arrives to lie in state in westminster hole. long queues will form with members of the public able to file past her coffin 24 hours a day before the state funeral. next monday in westminster, abbey, joe hall al jazeera london or more details have emerged about the shill over the
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coming days. nice. barker has more from outside, buckingham palace. it's a waiting game here at the moment because the queen's body is up in scotland bus tomorrow evening. she will be brought by plane back to the capital landing at our half north holt and military base. in the west of london, her body will be brought through that part of the city before being brought to buckingham palace, where the body will state overnight. king charles and queen camilla will be here as well for the evening before the following morning. body will be taken by in procession through the streets of london to westminster hall, where she will lay in repose for 4 days. each corner of the coffin, guarded by members of the military in full military dress. we believe also that we may see members of the royal family also taking upon themselves to watch over the body. be guarded 24 hours a day, remaining there for 4 days,
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allowing members of the public to file past expect long queues and multi hour wakes before the main events. of course, the state funeral of queen elizabeth were 2 other news now. russia is acknowledging huge losses and ukraine's northern hockey region. moscow admits its forces have been outnumbered in the past week with ukraine re taking swathes of land. since early september, ukrainian troops have advanced rapidly areas that took russia months to seize, have been retaken, and just dies. keeps forces say that pushed russian troops nearly back to the northern border. ukraine says it's also made gains in the south near her song, but at a slower pace where ukrainian troops have entered this strategic city of is e m a russian stronghold. it's part of keeps it wider offensive in the hockey region. as hota abdul hamid explains, these indians are continuing their counter offensive,
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but we actually as media when it comes to dis military operation, we have very little acts as if amy at all. and i think did the thinking among the military here is that they will control the message and that the media really reporting can only be disruptive. so what we know is what we get on from these statements are the latest we heard through the statements, is that the ukrainian army is indeed in is you are the arc of victor reports or whether it's in could total control of that town or not. but that is a huge blow for russia, because is, you was basically the stronghold of russia in this north east and part of the country. and it was little, it was the command and sent it was also the logistical hub. so certainly a huge loss. we are also hearing that the russians are either right rather the ukrainians are advancing towards a da da border in some parts. they have reached
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a border with russia in other parts. it appears that they would be pushing north toward that norden, northeast section of the border. but more than that, at this point, we cannot tell you, except that delude is the very up beat among de ukrainians. 3000 square kilometers captured in a matter of days 10 days or so. a huge success for them that has taken everyone by surprise and certainly the russian soldiers and honda with them and those striped suit you talk about. we saw ye reporting in the middle of a recent blackout and you were in a, in a basement. adult basement. is the power back off? well, the power has been back on, on and off, wherever you go, a bit around a city. are you asked people? it depends on the area. it was a huge strike, some on social media, and there's dog that was actually, there were to it what that what people here called critical infrastructure that
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were hate. they expect that that will happen more and more. it, one of russian president vladimir putin staunchest laws has criticize moscow's recent territorial losses in an 11 minute audio message church and later, rumson cut off cold on moscow to make strategic military changes. worsley is to go, though i always love saying the truth, my representatives and i was speaking with all the commanders on the front line. if there are no changes on the strategy of the special military operation today or tomorrow, i will have to reach out to the authorities of the defense ministry and authorities of the country to explain the situation on the ground. so guy mark off as a former spokesman for president posen and the director of the institute of political studies in moscow. he says the russian army needs to change its military strategy was
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a rush. i'm not sure he didn't give information about z rayleigh, all 5 rational army. also because international would have was 3 days. so it was a better use for 3 days or less of regional lectures across my job. bower, it interesting not to give negative information to us citizens but on another. and it's a clear and irrational to change. it's me that that is more so i'm going to believe that trust will have to escalate military operation on ukraine before this russian military activity on your current did it. there was too polite to more of those 2 directions or formation. i expect joseph, all rational approach would be bigger now or exist on the front. you can on
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it twice more russian army, noah zalesky guy. nobody population almost 5 times worse than rational revelation. so maybe it could be some of it is asian and sending more russia drugs or former ukrainian review ins. atomic watchdogs is ukraine in russia. interested in its proposal for a protection zone to be created around this upper region nuclear power plants. keith and moscow have blamed each other for showing very close to your biggest nuclear power station. this has repeatedly raised fears of a major disaster. basically yes, basically that commitment that no military action will include or, or will imply aiming of course,
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at the plant or a radius that could be affecting its normal operation. this is what we, what we expect rushes, foreign minister says moscow is not against negotiations. you're the most on us was i think our stands was expressed by the president with them or put in a few weeks ago, addressing participants of the meeting. he said, we are not against negotiations. when speaking of the cleaning situation, we do not refuse negotiations with green, but the longer it takes, the more difficult it's going to be to agree on a thing. will still ahead on al jazeera will tell you why. surely because government has been summoned by the you and human rights council to all the christians over corruption. ah, here's the thing. rain has been crawling across the great lakes in to the northeast
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of the us. hey everyone. so here's the pitcher on tuesday. certainly the risk of seeing some flooding here, pennsylvania western new york right through into the northeast. again, these are slow moving storms here. we did have the risk of some flooding across the southeast, but the bulk of that energy is now over the atlantic. on tuesday, there are flash flood watches in play for a huge swath of nevada on tuesday. so vegas could see some downpours with the high 32 degrees. we've had very poor air quality for the pacific northwest, western canada with wildfires burning dare. and i think we'll expect to see much of the scene in the forecast on tuesday. central america looks like this pretty much from the bay of can petri to the pacific coast of mexico doubts with rain, but really right across the pacific coast, meaning up with the wet weather toward the top end of south america. so here's what it's looking like on tuesday, got this line of storms from the bolivian, andy's right through to the southeast of brazil. so let's go in there for a closer look on tuesday. the steps are, is, have come down in port o late gray,
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20 degrees rio de janeiro. your temperatures will fall and watch this bio blanca goes from 15 degrees, all the way up to 24. as those winds shift around on wednesday season. the news frank assessments, how much support is there for st protest that we've seen in college and across the rest of the country. the st movement has been very good. that's happening into the co confound people across the country, informed opinions, we will say more of that and what is happening is the climate change. it's making them worse in depth analysis of the days global headlines draw. he is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera? ah
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ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder about top stories. the sour munos and scotland have been paying the last respects to queen elizabeth. the 2nd her coffin is lying at wrist and edinburgh before traveling to london. later on tuesday. early the queen's 4 children performed a traditional vigil around the coffin of the light mother, saint charles cathedral, britons, you, king charles. the 3rd stood for 10 minutes with his siblings. russia is acknowledging huge losses and you crimes. logan hockey for each and moscow admits its forces have been outnumbered in the past week with ukraine retaking swipes of land. sincerely, september, ukrainian troops have advanced rapidly. the you in has welcome to statement by
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forces in northern ethiopia to grey sang. they are open to a cease farm, had to ryan so also ready to accept an african union lead peace pro says something they have dismissed in the past. they've been fighting the central government for nearly 2 years. malcolm wip reports to gray in rebels in northern ethiopia. say they're ready for a ceasefire. you've been fighting federal government forces for nearly 2 years. it's been taking this long because egypt and government blocking all the avenues to our talks, we were asking for unfettered humanitarian access. the national community were asking for the same, but the chip and government were coming with different and difficult conditions to resume the services and to act. so the sci fi between the 2 sides in march didn't last fighting resumed last month. hospital officials into grey's regional capital mckelly. the 4 civilians were killed in this as striking at both sides blamed the
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other 2, restarting the fighting. the government denies targeting civilians this time, the government will, will accept the negotiation. the lo, where if there is the peer live force, letty will in forever. when they agreed to avoid, to meet you one can 3 and they agree to it's arm the to grand people's liberation front or t p. last dominated ethiopia, politics and military for 30 years. the government has said that the grand forces must disarm the grand forces to internet electricity, and pre war borders of the region must be restored. piping is ongoing on various fronts. but what we have seen is a flurry of diplomatic activity. the u. s. and boy has facilitated direct talks between the 2 grey authorities and the federal authorities. and we've seen
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a sort of renewed commitment to peace from cry. but what isn't clear that any of the substances positions from either side have altered here. 2 both sides have been accused of committing atrocities. un says about 5000000 people need humanitarian assistance, but access has been limited. it's not clear, if the end of this conflict is in sight. malcolm web al jazeera tr lanka is being summoned by the you in human rights council to discuss the actions the country has taken to tackle corruption and the government were country is already grappling with a worsening economic crisis and shortages of basic goods. no fernandez has more from colombo as if she longer doesn't have enough on its plate. it needs to go a before the united nations human rights council in geneva. the acting high commissioner are reading the latest report on for longer talking about the need for
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accountability reporting about what re lanka has done in recent months. but essentially the overall kind of assessment that the country has fallen short. that are the mechanisms. it has proposed the commitments it has made have not gone far enough and there must be an end to impunity. there must be accountability, and those are behind violations be brought to book shall anchors for administer. ali summary, who is in geneva with the sri lankan delegation, essentially talking about the progress that his government has made. he talked about a different sort of mechanisms that they are looking at, which includes a truth and accountability mechanism. a trip seeking mechanism, as well as all the things that the government has done listening to the countries that made representations after these 2. it was critics and champions. and
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obviously, each of them, obviously, the champions, are talking about the progression has made despite all the problems. it has also talking about the need for impartiality when dealing with member countries, that this resolution goes to far a wire. critics issue lanka has just not stepped up and done enough in terms of accountability an ongoing trade dispute and migration are likely to feature and meetings between the u. s. secretary of state and mexico's leaders at the blinking is in mexico city where he's met the foreign minister and the president. in july, the us filed a complaint against mexico under the north american free trade agreement, saying its energy policies discriminated against us firms of for more on this. john holman joins us now live from mexico city. i understand the meetings just wrapped up. what made you developments that came out of us?
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well, the major development that came out about the trade dispute is that nobody wanted to talk about it. no, from the us side note from the mexican side, they were fairly relentlessly up. be what they wanted to talk about with semiconductors. they used for laptops and computers and things like that. the u. s . has just passed quite a bipartisan, multi $1000000000.00 sort of act to try and get more the semiconductors out there and it will supply line. so i want to talk about next car being a part that mexico vesee. very glad to be a part that the us be very glad to be offering that when the trade dispute came up, it was, well, we're dealing with for the trade dispute mechanisms for settling those sorts of things. but for the time being, we just want to be talking about occupation rather than preoccupations is how they put it doesn't translate that well from spanish to english, but you get the gist there. now one other thing that did come up and it was right via just a few seconds ago actually was talk about ukraine and talk about iran and the
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nuclear deal in terms of the iran nuclear do. nuclear do secretary blink and said that they seem to be clear steps backwards in response to the european union trying to deal with that. and the iran non paraphrasing him here, a willing or incapable to reach an agreement on that and introducing other issues that were getting in the way of that. that was the last question. he also said in terms of ukraine, the russia could and should stop. it's aggression because it's paying a price, talking about ukraine counter attack. so it was a gist of this meeting between mexico and the u. s. john holman, thank you very much for that update. there's been fighting along the border between long time rivals are mania and as a by john and many as defense ministry reported intense shelling and artillery fire on 3 of its military positions. by the as a by shiny army. there has been flare ups and fighting between the 2 sides after
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a cease, fire was declared following a 6 week long war in 2020, and the disputed nagondo caraballo region pakistan's, former prime minister moran cons. bail has been extended in relation to terrorism charges against him. his earlier bail was due to expire on monday, were cases related to a speech con, gave an august in which he accused police and a judge of torture. in one of his aides. lauren says it's ready to cooperate with the u ins. nuclear watchdog to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. it comes after a report by the international atomic energy agency founded could not guarantee the peaceful nature of to rounds nuclear program. that through, if it's to revive the landmark deal into doubt, but rounds foreign ministry now says it's willing to work with the atomic watchdog to clear up false perceptions about its activities. lebanon's economy has been
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in a state of collapse for years. and the crisis is taking its toll on the countries most vulnerable. the nearly bankrupt government is struggling to feed and provide basic services to prison inmates. st. honda reports from by route lebanon's detention facilities are known here as graveyards for the living videos sent to us by inmates inside the largest prison. roomie shows a harsh reality. decades of neglect, by the authorities, has been made worse by the current state of the country and nearly bankrupt. the government blamed on years of corruption hasn't been able to pay months of overdue bills to catering companies. inmates say they are hungry necessarily and i love their families say they can't help the economic collapse has hurt them as well. m omar hasn't visited her son in 7 months because she can't
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afford to pay for transportation. but on the phone, he tells her how prisoners are slowly dying. yet about animals can eat the food they are given. there is also no doctor or medical carrying prison. my son has a stomach bacteria and needs treatment. the lebanese government is asking for help from the international community. officials say there is an urgent need for food medicine, health care, as well as equipment light scanner. in may, i have the, if we neglect this problem, hatred towards the government will increase. there will be less trust in the judiciary. the security of prisons is linked to the security of the state. prisons operate as 3 times their capacity inmates have less than one square meter of space . the standard is $3.00 over crowding is blamed. our judicial negligence and incompetence and cover, but there, as it will have a judicial excuse because they don't have enough judges law. he don't respect the
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law. i think the limits are longer, can detain a prisoner and now judges on strike to modern bits of paper, which means they can't look into cases. roughly about many of the prisoners should not be in detention. the interior ministry says 75 percent of inmates haven't been convicted. many are awaiting trial, while others aren't able to pay their fines. the crisis is another example of estate falling apart. and while conditions have always been bad, in me say, it's never been like this. santa footer al shahida, beirut, an unmanned rocker, so of billionaire jeff bezos, his company has crash shortly after lift off from texas. but the capture it was carrying managed to float safely back to worth there was an apparent malfunction near the rocket's engine section. the capture was loaded with nasa funded research payloads and other cargo that were expected to float in microgravity for a few minutes. some.


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