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tv   Witness A Child of Afghanistan 20 Years of War  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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ah al jazeera with chapel in the year 127180. the young italian merchant set out on an extraordinary journey. marco polo followed the sucrose designer to the heart of the commons empire. retracing his steps, how a modern day explorer discovers the dissenting echoes last words and a reminder of what and who survives history? marco polo on al jazeera. ah knowledge is here. when ever you
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oh i'm toma cry in doha. these are the top stories on al jazeera and scotland. people have been paying the last respects to queen elizabeth. the 2nd members of the public have been filing past the light. monex coffin isn't charles cathedral, and inbred it will lay at risk there until tuesday. before traveling to london, earlier in the day, the queen's 4 children escorted the coffin from the official residence in edinburgh . crowds crammed the streets to watch the historic event, rob matheson reports. the people of edinburgh are the 1st members of the public to pay their respects personally to queen elizabeth. the 2nd long lines would be moving past her coffin as it lies inside the 14th century, said giles cathedral in edinburgh as old time, some in silence. some open morning,
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all my life, i've never known. another more have to pay my respects sons. i come from glasgow to diesel. we're witnessing history to day. it's kind of remarkable. you hear maxim, americans can remarkable that i have the opportunity to be here during such a significant event. the day began as king charles the 3rd and the queen concert, flew to edinburgh from london. the king travel to hollywood house to be ceremoniously handed, the keys to the city. a king and other members of the royal family followed on foot behind the queen's coffin, flanked by the king's royal body, guard through a company of archers and a guard of honor. as it was carried a few 100 meters up, the historic boil mile, diamonds fired every minute. the final runs renewed. as the hairs drew to a halt outside the cathedral. inside
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a memorial service celebrated the life of the queen and her connections to scotland . ah, it's the queen keeps there for 70 years in there who and she is make up how the grammy didn't know. so a thought because the peer specs. she's done a lot for this country. a lot for me. my husband, the nation is a queen is glenda and mother. i just think it's important show you respect. after the service, the king headed to the scottish parliament and responded to a motion of condemns before returning to saint giles cathedral, to post of vigil with other royal family members around the queen's coffin. the coffin continued clean. elizabeth, the seconds will stay here in edinburgh for another 24 hours to allow people the opportunity to pay their last respect. after that, it be fully london accompanied by the queen daughter pretty fast. but for a few short hours,
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thousands of people in edinburgh. witnesses to the making of history in 2014 scott and voted to remain part of great britain, but not by a wide margin. in 2016 had voted overwhelmingly to stay in europe defying the mood of much of the rest of the united kingdom. another independence referendum is proposed for 2023 for mourners and well wishers. none of that seems to matter a scott and prepares to bid farewell to queen elizabeth the 2nd, rob matheson al jazeera edinburgh. there's been fighting along the border between long time rivals, armenia and as a by schon money, as defense ministry reported intense shelling and artillery fire on 3 of its military positions by the as a by john the army. but as you're by john says, armenia started, the light is provocation to delay the signing of a peace treaty, which was agreed between both sides and august. russia is acknowledging huge
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lawsuit losses and ukraine's northern high keefe region, while sco admits its forces have been out numbered in the past week with ukraine's retaking sway to slides of land. sincerely, september, ukrainian troops have advanced rapidly, you cry and says it also made gains in the south near her soul. but at a slow pace who you ins atomic watchdogs is ukraine and russia are interested in its proposal for protection zone to be created around this operation. nuclear power plant keep in moscow have blamed each other for shelling for close to europe's biggest nuclear power station. well, the news continues on al jazeera after witness up next. ah
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then i'm going home, but they're going to show up with them. okay, show the model you're going to we have a roadmap to a new constitution and free and so let me see what i've got done need and i've got this done solution to its problems. the gun have the 1st and last me i could get my integration. they get, i don't get in lebanon. me me, i my phone over them.
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on alicia now another 70 neg him, a hot dog gauze bandage did not go back in that be that b 50 and a 1000 at the drug alcohol, what are the indigo? we have 80 ira crushing in new york on. i mean by lady wiley, native of our many. ve them all made them all made them dirty. she never fed. madame canarvy moshef. now i go and garment at van, i got me out. give my last one. i love a good deal of national debt. that was over hamilton. i see so much opposite amazon, that the giovanni, the gaiety cyclone jabal. when you go humans jago, julia de leon, pretty, or what, and you're there. what in the regime and j. j cutter got
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a component missile. cool. which are moment to i don't, i usually do it on in there somewhere. i do along with honor stone. don't send me the, the controller with the job didn't get her the dog that was with her dad was father . jack bought 2 in your net. i was any other you can buy from there. go shall be away in the cost of out of among the cost of up. jim got full one, put her put only got one mountain and denali the young cameras. no more maryland, but showed me report, i'm gonna call them. but i was case earlier when i was it is yogurt anonymous. caucasian beginning cree walton wooden woman in, in, in the home rather
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that korea coloma mitchell or us india motor bishop is in the game on a job as was yet. but a bush. this is the biggest coalition, basic southern afghanistan, air force, cargo planes need to use the old 19 fifties airport to bring in vidal, weapons and supplies. it's a lifeline for other local soldiers. and for thousands of coalition troops whining the war on terror, the 1st sides of anti americanism are surfacing in afghanistan. it clear their powerful forces here with the best interest in provoking, violent opposition. we would simply say to the people of afghanistan today that we have given commitments, we will honor those commitments both on the humanitarian side, on the terms of rebuilding afghanistan, one of the most reading and repressive regimes ever
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the taliban is now out of business. ah, a with i you know, when you please, you know you'd have a really cool, good to push to do county are pretty thermal develop bill. did you give the tory we are great. our eyes now in the war on terror. we look forward to
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a better future for the people in there to many, many years of african american friendship. thank you for the dentist, lima. my gosh, do data volume yet. so the southern table, what does she her little that gather? ringback ah, ah, you get a mckenzie or duncan, but all sitting near don now for you to figure not going to pass it. her daughter being bus, there's certain mortgage bee larvae done. i get more modern,
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a on a former. oh gosh, no cheetos you? well, i mean, in english, in my message for the american soldiers as that they have liberated us from tyrant, aid from terrorism, from oppression from occupation into a country that is now moving towards prosperity. whenever you need a
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bill to see you as commander say, taliban insurgents here are copying the tactics. used to fight the u. s. in iran. mm. with a with
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man. i don't that i did to my good now need it all my good about, but i can the coroner called out there. where did you call you to call my girl when they will nominate in accord agendas, adulthood. india, my down item is how it is your and i'm jake don't, don't you now give me a call. we're not going to get now gonna. no, ma'am shannon, you're walking on i often, colorado t. martha, i'm with national i want to move on to hang this megan, i'm really silly. yeah. did you like like i said, i couldn't hurt. i did get that. i got
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a new shot at how to get that ability to go long for a final class. she's between the taliban and nato forces left 10 french soldiers dead with violence said to be up 50 percent in spite of the growing number of troops now serving under joint nato u. s. command. and also when alicia hyde kind of shied on the boots up the shed, big long if we tie us pillock is i and i did send time to i met you mentioned enough god, the son of douglas. and even couldn't dotsie. and i am stop even defeated, the shide of thought. we must all try then traversing community and of get us up to
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go to in able to further the abilities of the afghan forces and numbers in town and equipment that dance thyme, and in case nevada with us, all of us need a month to full fledged mom or the guy on her show and went to the says are headed in the hall county dazzle, feathered in thought. martha narrow them down then madam mo dabbled again. oh dear,
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good news to him. he did. i bought a home with him without a walk. megan m a. i got down affordable. shima doesn't want to do other wasn't good and that i mean he a quarter, you're high anyway, learning get a job. it, which means no more than a look. so player who does young under here is i got bustios grandmother got fine, go to him at the dos, had to financial on decimal, what new passcode you're being into,
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i'm glad i got it. i yes, kayla. well, actually that i did. okay. come on with her, he'll be okay for hey, what is your name? jose aria diaz. i know i is here to report on the people often ignored but who must be hurt. how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas? of course we cover major global events, but our passion lies in making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how is fine libya. this is sal region, and so many others. we go to them, we make the effort, we care, we discover
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a world of difference in determination. i'm talking about when we am with freedom plan, char soldiers, only 16 people with corruption and compassion. al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. a jenny, a jenny, and a and one of necessity, a 3 different missions that all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was unpaid roads at the mercy of its unpredictable tropical weather. risking it all with liquor, acura on al jazeera, ah ah
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ah! until mccray in doha, these are the top stories on al jazeera mourners in scotland have been paying their last respects to queen elizabeth. the 2nd her coffin is lying at rest in edinburgh before traveling to london. later on tuesday, earlier the queen's 4 children performed a traditional vigil around the coffin of their late mother at saint charles cathedral, britons new king charles. the 3rd stood for 10 minutes with his siblings. thousands of people lined the streets of the scottish capitalists, king charles and his siblings, escorted the monarchs, coughing through edinburgh in a historic procession. or now from bro medicine who is in edinburgh. it's a time when the family is able to show their respect,
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show their eyes there to a certain extent, humility, i suppose, but certainly they indicate how somberly they take this situation publicly to the members and to the people around them to, to show their public respect for queen elizabeth the 2nd. it is a very unusual situation, one respect because this is the 1st time that a woman has taken fortunate. her princess on. of course the princess while is the queen's daughter and is therefore entitled to take part in this. there's been fighting along the border between long time rivals on mania and as a by schon, many as defense ministry reported and tinge shelling and artillery fire on 3 of its military positions by the as a by shiny army. but as a by chance is arminius started the latest provocation to delay the signing the peace treaty, which was agreed between both sides and august. with russia is acknowledging huge
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losses and ukraine's northern high ki fridge. in moscow admits its forces have been out numbered in the past week with ukraine retaking swathes of land. since early september, ukrainian troops have advanced rapidly areas that took russia months to seize, have been retaken, and just dies. ukraine says it's also made gains in the south near her song, but at a slow pace. the u ins, atomic watchdogs is ukraine and russia interested in its proposal for protection zone to be created around this operation. nuclear power plant keepin moscow have blamed each other for shelling, very close to europe's biggest nuclear power station. this is repeatedly res, fears of a major disaster. but the news continues here on al jazeera after witness up next. oh, thank
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viagra a little but wanted us both at fort more that you get the very next. now very deep, i'm back a little put that that but other to love with a mild feel, you know, she'll need to rush refund them longer than what a lot different than from other. mm hm . mm hm. so i mean, you will never, didn't stop. don't presume missile do do villas yet. julie, so this is sheila lloyd 3 north. there's more dormer for 42 of 6 british soldiers have been killed in
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a right side explosion in afghanistan. the british prime minister david cameron has described the death as a dreadfully sad day for the nation. and when does he have sent old mother? you shall even afghanistan. have my hi mrs. jones. good for the of it. it was commando funder internet son on should've topic brennaman. muslim, shall leaf is does he has to give me the bonus ability and him to can fish out trying to switch off. this is or darknet. pulitzer introduces shahan, farmville p since there was no afghan national army, there were no afghan national police. we see a situation totally transformed or ame has always been. can we make sure this country no longer is a haven for terror and terrorists? american troops, training afghan soldiers ambushed by the taliban. as there was american troop prepare to start coming home. the afghans realised they still need american help. they demand american fighter jets bail them out. american air support won't always be here to see a day. he
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good one much does the what out of signal? zan. big him napkins angle. there's an bigger m nashika vibe. my d o r than me i gave her when i wasn't i've got as it did i will was meeting a for last auto seeker. as on last month and i was, i don't, i don't i get if on i would in my thought michigan, isn't there yet for us to go. marco ali jordan, one in may. i thought i can mo, zanna. they go no more number. oh, but there's a room i zang gut wasn't a children manon there hold the hood within the old cut out. now. them keegan. at garden volume g ma, sad, they tears it was was i came colors, gum gower, form camera shorter than so this is elisa,
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this her mother. i did now with him and i don't know the quantity and money and i have again. i mean you can have the money that your honey grandmother's name didn't while you have some fun. she. half of them that wouldn't normally she hung up on your dam, deny the idea that i'm i'm so can, does carla martin on, on come because you're not one of them 0 korea to make it work? very got it is all border going with the good deal was like it wasn't, this is little vill oh good. you know, i don't know. cor william, missouri congress. jo, hope i don't when i my town more. we now dennis them on corner. welcome. mike jr. of dallas, jr's mother and coach dod wish her god is good and i wish her come to your
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mother for me. the money now isn't and then and then having them in dinner and she just didn't go. she was as on the other short, often a yesterday or the done homer. so they, they cody never came into the i'm yet rose, better sort of mission. cheery she home as our own. i shiara had up all dora on and was me go where is we're going machine? joyce: the are gone with nas 14 again. i want to come with the said m as that. oh,
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always welcome was along. told you going by sir. a solution, guys by nova tolliver, mamma, musical with the ideas shown to my son mother i was in the only missouri amateur burst out hank. dog corp. either show them that a ship is cher. heard the switches had a damage on each which bridge. ah oh no, no, no good, no noisy via cora gunn. my sons is making you want to be from their corner, thomas via jerry, i'm not of then. gosh, there are a little high marker that one i am normally in a little further macroeconomic auto. her name was
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on munoz. completely. i had for 5 years with roses in the year. the villa? sure. very better. i mean she's in the rental her last year. oh no, no. i'm in arizona in the gainesville that i can't seem to be cynical but i am totally been ugly for of the story to get her consolidated. marcell sharif didn't missus extension to 12, or i'm 100 sponsors wouldn't fedexed in a tiny community. village's very dead, dead, father's mothers. and many, many children. u. s. military said it had conducted error rates to protect forces.
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the mother hum recorded by then i'll shut her as a whole county. they go because we've got another storm. a mock like gig comb, rab open mar loaded. i don't wish that with m a k, of course, are them going on? mine show more that i'm model may go fia bruce, but had gone rather. so wishy us do with illness, all the hook. awesome. i gotta go mark, i'm gonna try to move or not get my, my qualified. okay. what a boy at the hotel in cord mccoy wouldn't bit of a global day. he might, i don't. so you're chad sealed. calon, find me to not that i showed him was altogether miracle on
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lay so local mas univision, africa. yet while i'm lydia. mr. lima as big, gaudy b as gaudy lucian. i. e, y o as mazda, india, that. gov. along with them go leggy. they shouted. bizarre was to go and i got on my niagara media company got to get them keith about about and i'm a honda on its own budget home at gordon my a good amount of a mac homo would give them out of them or the home but the mother, i'm on into hurry, tennis court. not only for guys. my horse with a hole in the yeah. come on, were the one on cause. the brute financing was more than $500000000.00. florida gun this
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done wellness done. kandahar city, which has been tormented by violent and terrorist got a reason to celebrate the cities plus cricket stadium built with assistance from india. construction began on a pipeline project to carry natural gas from circ medicine through the country to india. and focused on that $1000000000.00 project will bring jobs and income. china has already become a lot of sounds, largest business invest. and now does building security capacity ah right up with them tomorrow they can go in. and i don't want to mention only on whether they're young measure to him, that's enough on the go to as well to this. i didn't go to that. i can
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then miss milan not with them. they don't even get us in the nether campbell lunch in walk in getting to ally internet and go to to the committed in the new domain and initial gaining during the racial and you're good at a reasonable thing. you told me that the known address his own what that of course louis church and there is a good now started with him after him, but yeah, me dot com again. official describing it is a suicide attack. and the casualty here are mounting. the people so far have been killed in this attack, 300 injury, but i expect that number to continue to add that up. good me. but i and daughter stood my sad that ended up in the into hurry to angela would in on what about
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a needed origin boards of truth, our future commit? i might as in wow, actually jump with shallow job would get what i go through it. and budget boy don't grow. yes and in martha ortega him. can you pass the water in the guy who's dam oil? it sounds like it has been dropped, adopt, and bush does. oh gosh them. this comes as president trump really called employee to whether to spend more blood and treasure inside afghanistan. the taliban and other insurgents can talk. i can tell 40 percent of the country mashanda newton yoga chung. you asked me that i was,
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i'm the one that has been could us in canada, sherman can control. so if there's a call not okay. and so what the gushing can guanasha for when i, when my sign on on thursday night for laura malik in because a lot of mission i'm the are saying is when i live with the out, the again thought of the shower, the little settled version was meghan color, mission viejo that those said both should madison will militia a mad issued master born on what are the of which kill jordan monarch. curious to roy only measure it a more than a short more summer are so little farther than lunch and we're a bit about upgrade now. more like who and in better shape than i. another ticket on amazon, and i get a film on both like tv and, you know,
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getting it over again. monica from us below cameras. i said there was the key boy sto, michigan. madly commit horse medical, georgia, national stone, over garden hose, albany, got out of bookshelf. now to go with let to least try to get another bond glass. it was on the bike. i saw says the target was intelligence headquarters, but the exclusionary banner flash police, a big press card before joining the crowd. a journalist employing himself vices, claim responsibility for in, for kids in college today. all trusting to proceed with afghanistan. but that showed it,
4:49 am
got it. got the actually one that will keep it as some lead them k m record a camera? no. to them the ica bidick of them, key exams and i'm, i'm in but key by me don't when figured should thought it out or leg this to come and go all in others. oh, they configured i jake session and open it up. it's open with a little to go or not get him in the audited go. god fucking was. i'm out in the
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audition. the head don't come on. i got on his up. i am only a missional color. helena wouldn't need how another could go late for sunday. miss and i am miserable mid afternoon, a thought the doctor is not good to know. i'm sitting here with cognitive knuckles. yeah. you're good. you got a are we just signed an agreement. this time, after all these years to bring our people back home for the caliber k was a big tree march. the afghan government shot out of this feel the telephone refused to talk to a doha one deal is done. making peace will be my charter.
4:51 am
only small, the whole police. 32 people are dad and dozens wounded in a mass shooting at afghanistan's capital kabul. and just this past week in the taliban negotiated peace deal with the united states with u. s. air strike targeted taliban fighters wednesday after the militants attacked an afghan security force outpost with with adams afford, i get the water. my am is fine. focus charged our lesson. so that often. and with my entire level jango into audio auto ambition, that one i can vision him as and i will say good had got i don't wanna say go to megan, thought is hello,
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miss jackson. i didn't put in chassis as hold. i get the one to bind to level jungle in doughty debt versus the there's a martin embryo. yeah. i'm yeah, the tolliver and phone of all that i key. i me how to dig it up when it's on speaker. sure. let me buy the cash amazon a bonus on can be of them for the global there. michigan neither gary console or on michel was and i have yet to get the thing to say we couldn't leave you to work for me. is that a short of are you there? hello, donna nora was in the share sharlack overland. 0 to nathan. couldn't they gave him unfair cobra? vasa neuron came to gotcha the fallen ne jamison. amelia
4:53 am
says, man, a mere goes to columbia understand that on a month of, of the last one, another mid corner that she should put in the format hold on much, not much investment on the core math of that though the ocean demonic the piece talks, indoor and bloodshed, bank at home, far from reusing bonds. dark 7 bucks stood since the reconciliation talks were announced. last thursday, a female journalist was shot dead by islamic state operators. this is part of a larger trend that isn't holding in upon us, don. ah, ah, i go by in the country,
4:54 am
withdraw our troops from san by september iraq. that is our gym and you have studies that don't idea. i'm a more test. so linelle timed in and america's longest war. it's time for american troops to come home. president biden is defending his decision to withdraw all remaining u. s. troops from afghanistan for 3. dia was needed to fight on mon as amo dickey and not all but oh yeah. beetle should as up when it's not have, i mean you k is expected to follow pulling out several 150 british soldiers, but the speaker of the african parliament, us war that the withdrawal could lead to a civil war. local assured that about a lower my bill for that comment, i need a higher mid equal years up on a thong martin the i came for the us did a i'm the girl that only shows up on some. ready a young mission as what except for sat get young at yahoo, that com is about goodness, good. but i thought that with their hobby, missouri and the other which is uncle kesh nikki,
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has are on some good work. on what a job with my son and i came down. great martin, i'm negative. and we actually made it down at length. and as i say, cash taking sentence, darby kept oliver marlboro cheryl heights. yes. what that if you don't live and what did him exam declare douglas is nashville, let him go kima and ship it to she perhaps india near him or them both though never called her mother. my mother was more than thought it is. and i'm going to pull him. yeah, we'll go home on them. so suddenly minoza quickly pushed ad was living in, give us an unwise that had offset net. what does that mean? i just wanted me and what is your model? my name, what i have is up on the, on hush for us thinking again. done my analytical gotcha. and to get by that much of the touch of the mirror for charlotte and huh. she knew think it was another
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news deal. yeah. yeah. no. like when i come in at the moment that i still got the letter i came to can not handle it a shot to be done. ah, the white house has confirmed the military has begun its withdrawal from afghanistan, a series of law to go school and gobble, has kids to year to be belong to which most was students the death toll has raised them to at least 85 killed most of them girl, the last american troops cleared out of barbara mer based without celebrations or fanfare as the u. s. to parts the taliban is closing in militants and taking their tents. major city concerns are growing. if they could take the capital, the telephone is now effectively in control,
4:57 am
including and call them. the takeover of the city has triggered deadly scenes of panic at the airport as tape of desperately trying to lead into for communities now pulling on the telephone to ensure mm a a son, a father, a mutual love of the arch. the stage is set to immortalize fading memories or in
4:58 am
a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a jesse, you know, news, news, news, news, news. here's the thing. rain has been crawling across the great lakes in to the northeast of the us . hey everyone. so here's the picture on tuesday. certainly the risk of seeing some flooding here, pennsylvania western new york right through into the northeast. again, these are slow moving storms here. we did have the risk of some flooding across the southeast, but the bulk of that energy is now over the atlantic. on tuesday,
4:59 am
there are flash flood watches in play for a huge swath of nevada on tuesday. so vegas could see some downpours with a high 32 degrees. we've had very poor air quality for the pacific northwest, western canada with wildfires burning there. and i think we'll expect to see much of the same in the forecast on tuesday. central america looks like this pretty much from the bay of can petri to the pacific coast of mexico doubts with rain, but really right across the pacific coast, meaning up with the wet weather toward the top end of south america. so here's what it's looking like on tuesday, got this line of storms from the bolivian, andy's right through to the southeast to brazil. so let's go in there for a closer look on tuesday. the steps that have come down in puerto lay gray, 20 degrees rio de janeiro, your temperatures will fall and watch this bio blanca goes from 15 degrees, all the way up to $24.00. as those winds shift around on wednesday season. the
5:00 am
rio has big plans to turn the largest value into spectacles, but inside different valleys, because the only data has of his own building, since the age of 12 is untrained, yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any in his vision come to light. the pedal and the master planner, the concluding part of rebel architecture on al jazeera, both jen and is in the police violently the fussing protest this. these are some of good tens of thousands of people, troy to play gobble inspired program making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled it's broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools. we have to fight forecasted and al jazeera english crowd recipient of the new york festivals. broad.


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