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ah, being with from the ruins of machine music as reemerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the whatever orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being been been muscle was occupied by i. so the melody survived. dirt, but christian curd are absent. even trias, these young men and women, represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music. i mean, the ruins of muscles, old city, feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life. oh,
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thousands line. the rainy streets of london as queen elizabeth's coffin arrives at buckingham palace set of headlining states. ah, no, i'm mary. i'm new mozy in london. you watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program this out on me and your, and as a, by john, by in each other for a flare up in fighting, which is killed almost to 100 soldiers. well, to me is lensky says, ukraine fully controls more than 4000 square kilometers of territory recaptured from russia and stabilizing another $4000.00. and what a great day as president biden celebrates the passing of is inflation reduction act, disappointing inflation dates against wall street. it's west dame to me is
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a we begin this hour here in london where the coffin of queen elizabeth the 2nd now lives in buckingham palace. after being fined from scotland, where she died, all is quiet outside the palace now. but early up thousands of people lined the streets in the rain to catch a glimpse of the hearse. the new king charles aside and his wife camilla were in the palace to receive the coffin, while household members now have a chance to say their good byes before lying in state begins. roy challenz has our report now looking at the queen's final journey to london. ah, this is operation unicorn, an action for years? buckingham palace prepared for the queen's death plans and painstaking detail for
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all foreseen eventually, tease unicorn was the procedure for bringing her body to london. if have happened. she died in scotland as her lying and restless scent. giles cathedral in edinburgh drew to a close. many thousands came to pay their respects and say good bye. she will not return to scotland again. accompanying her south was an princess royal's and the queen's only daughter. the royal regiment of scotland stood at attention to see the queen leave, where the queen's coffin on board and r f transport plane took off from edinburgh, the capital of the scottish nation. she loved so much and flew to north felt on the outskirts of london for the last stage of the day's journey. crowds lines the a 40 and unromantic main road that heads into the british capital from the west.
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but then it was into more picturesque territory. the stucco terraces of base water than marble arch and park lane, where mourners stood many deep. it would just bring home. but the reality of the whole situation, and i mean, yeah, if it's going to be sad, this is it the final stretch. now the queen always preferred balmoral and windsor castle, but buckingham palace is the work your hearts of the british royal family. back is where they are taking her now. operation unicorn successfully completed. the queen's coffin spends the night here. then on wednesday, she moved to westminster full for 4 days of lying in state and accused to come and see her are already growing glory shannon's now to 0 london. a small but dedicated crowd of mourners is already started forming a cue in london on monday or full 48 hours before the queen was due to line state
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over the next 4 days. hundreds of thousands of beaver expected to bid farewell to queen elizabeth the 2nd at the palace of westminster. i force it has more from central london. as the rain arrived over london instead on a small but growing group huddled on the south bank of the river tennis waiting with still more than a day to go before they'd be able to file past the queen was coughing. first in line, vanessa had been here since monday. i'm going to be going out to the ceiling. and so you already made the list. this is something very small, you know, considering that chief in safety is looking off to us making big talk. you know, you know, great job. are you worried about what's going to happen overnight? it's like, i'm english. we used to the weather. hail joe. no error came. i'm staying here.
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hundreds of thousands are expected to line up during the 4 days in which the queen will line state their speed and numbers will be monitored closely. officials say they may decide to stop new arrivals for the sake of safety. when the sky finally does get under way, it will proceed up and overland the bridge across the river thames along the north bank, passed the houses of parliament to westminster hall. and officials a warning that those, especially those waiting on the south bank stretching back, will be here for a very long time in a constantly moving queue with few opportunities to have arrest. it will be here at westminster hall. the members of the public will have their long awaited private moment, a short walk away in green park, more private tributes and memories inscribed amid the flowers. from witnessing the coronation woke up to crawford, morgan was sam. my dad took me up in a monthly i was saved
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a queen's my mom was calling me because i can't seem to point to a wedding thing at the same edinburgh cathedral where this week the queen, later at that very point. you know, we know exactly where her, her casket is. i mean that we literally were standing there to be married for so many a constant presence in the daily life is no more. and whether with flowers, messages, or patient queueing. it's being marked. hurry for sit, i'll just era london or earlier king charles made his 1st visit to northern island since taking the throne. hundreds of people gathered in the village of hillsboro to welcome him. and there was a rush of unity from the leaders of northern islands devolved government under simmons reports from belfast. wherever king charles, the 3rd of the queen consort camilla, travel the walk about go, well the cheers are much the same. but this is northern ireland. it's on like anywhere else in the u. k. there's division here. protestant eunice and lewis are
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passionate about the monarchy. he was our king, but he has no king. and god, if the king are good for the job as good as the queen was. but these areas in west belfast are quiet catholic republicans and nationalists are dismissive and i think in the middle of our cost 11 crisis were many, many people and my consistency here and right across ad belfast in the north where people can afford to eat their homes i think as obscene that you have a mark and a king who will be hit miss policies, ebay expanse, or the public purse. first stop for the will visit his hillsboro castle. the royal residence political leaders gather. and there's a message of condolence. alex musky was a fire prime republican in the eighty's and ninety's. now in government to speaker of the northern ireland assembly, say she partially damaged treated, her individual acts of positive leadership can help break down barriers under
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corey's reconciliation. queen elizabeth showed that a small but significant gesture, a visit, a handshake, crossing the street, or speak in a few words of irish can make a huge difference and changing attitudes and building relationships. politics have changed dramatically here, and king charles believes his mother was able to use a combination of skills to bring the 2 sides closer. at the very beginning of her life of service, the queen made a pledge to dedicate her so to her country and her people and to maintain the principles of constitutional government. this promise she kept with steadfast faith. now with that shining example before me, and with god's help, i take up my new juices resolved to seek the welfare of all the inhabitants of
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northern from a castle to the church saint hans cathedral on a service of reflection on the queen's life. all 96 years of it, the theme here once again reconciliation. a congregation of nearly 800 pack the cathedral to hear praise of the queen for her work and bringing northern honors, republican unit communities closer together. in 2011, she had visited the irish republic making major gestures of reconciliation a year later in belfast, she shook hands with the late martin mcguinness of former iraqi commander, chin fein is now the biggest party in northern ireland. what they've been careful to do, however, is to separate the person of the queen from the symbolism of the monarchy, which as far as republicans are concerned, is associated with imperialism and colonialism and rule in
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ireland for centuries. however, they are able to develop a relationship with the queen. now, whether that will continue with the new king as it is another matter thing, charles may have popularity. this is his 40th visit here, the 1st as monarch. his pledge to follow in his mother's footsteps and seek the welfare of all the people in one of his relations with both sides of the divide. here is one of the 1st big tests with his re, andrew simmons, alger 0, belfast ah, d u n u s. and e u of called for immediate de escalation of tensions. after fighting flat out the night between armina and as a by john rush as president also appeal a. com. i mean, his prime minister says 49 of his soldiers were killed along as shad boyd
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a. while as it by john says it lost 50 troops. this is the west escalation of hostility since the 2020 conflict in the dispute in the corner car buck region, victoria gate, and be reports fighting along the border between our media and as a by john started early on tuesday. i mean, he says the as the by johnny army, shelter military positions around a number of cities. it released this footage showing what it says is as a by johnny soldiers trying to cross the border as a by john. no community, not merely, i'll gladly cease fire across school, but it's also targeted armenian positions and also cb infrastructure insider. so it's a clear attack on southern country. it's clear to talk with you in the state as a by john disputes that it says its armed forces were responding to a build up of all media and land mines of weapons on the border. while armenia has
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been selling a military position for a week, 2 weeks now, which shelley has been intensified over the last few days. and over the same few days, our main yes, started amassing henry by 3 amends along the border. it's in our, me as a by john tensions between armenia and desert by john largely stand back to a decades long standoff, sparked by the contested laguna caraballo region. it internationally recognized as part of as a by genes territory. but 95 percent of its population is ethnic armenian, they fought several, was on this issue. the last one was in 2020, after 6 weeks of fighting as a by john, regain much of the territory. a russian peacekeeping force was deployed to enforce the ceasefire. and let's say the conflict appears to have been ratcheting up in recent weeks. there was meant to be a proper washing or peacekeeping presence on,
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in the area around 2000 forces on. but some of the reports that i have seen is that this is very much been depleted to us. it resolved off all rashaw sport in your queen. russia basically needed to bring troops in of form variety of other locations. the russian government says it's now working to ease tensions. it's urging both sides to show restraint and refrain from further escalation, victoria gates, and be al jazeera your secretary say, anthony lincoln has spoken to armine as prime minister and as a, by john's prison urging them to cease hostilities. a spoke to both urge them to do everything possible to pull back from, from any conflict, and to get back to talking about building a lasting peace between our countries. we, we have our special envoy in the region right now working with both countries. i'll
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be in close touch with them going forward. and my hope is that we can move this from, from conflict back to the negotiating table and back to trying to build a piece with al jazeera ally from london will still had on the program. in tai village is washed away as pockets sounds. mountain is caused on region is hit by devastating floods. also with william router is fine, he sworn in as the president of kenya, west food and fuel prices, a surging as well as public debts. ah, the the active systems are rolling through the bite usually bring you some rain to west australia when did then through south australia this next. what is one
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to get to give a miserable day to adelaide during wednesday, and that rain will keep edging into western victoria and the day after that. giving melbourne briefly a wet time, it had toward sydney that the grad is fairly wet and new south for us. we don't expect any flooding from this. just pretty wet weather. for new zealand, things are quiet and down now. temperatures just creeping into the teens. the christ church and need and wellington not so only about 11 degrees, but the sun is act for the most part and talk you the sun as it comes slowly so so the rains follow it. the wettest area, but the look of it is going to be through thailand, lauzon towards the central philippines and weston, borneo. there are showers in jaren's to march up a lot, particularly big one. seasonally though they are increasing. and again, the monsoons are still falling, they will be starting to retreat now, which means as a line of concentration, roughly from good you're at, ne, was towards nepal, matthew south of that, just
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a few showers. the warnings are not severe for goods, right, but the range there for 2 days for pakistan, it is now dry. ah, jenny, a jenny and one of necessity in 3 different missions than all facing the challenge and driving on nick iraqi with at the mercy of it and predictable tropical with oh,
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i have al jazeera alive from london l main story. now. queen elizabeth the 2nd has finished her final journey back to london. why her body has returned to buckingham palace. traffic came to a standstill through much of the british capital as the house with the ot at that one is we'll get the chance to bid delay want to well from wednesday when she will begin lying and state the past, whiteman stuff early can child was made his 1st visit to northern ireland since taking the throne, hundreds gathered in the village of hillsboro to welcome him. he also met leaders of northern ireland, devolved parliament and the un us and you of calls for an immediate de escalation of fighting off the violent side of the night between armenia and as by john, armenian prime minister says 49 of his soldiers were killed along their shed or the
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why the by johns as 50 troops and other stories of following the president of ukraine wrote to me as the landscape says, the countries in full control of more than 4000 square kilometers of recaptured territory that working to stabilize even more land after driving back rushing forces in a rapid counter offensive in the northeast. now ukrainian officials say they've recaptured more than 300 settlements in the car key region in the past week. keith is calling on the west to speed out weapons deliveries to back. it's ongoing advance that ukrainian flags flying in the cities of him and copy answers both located on railway lines that service supply routes for russian troops. ukraine says it's also made gains in the south nor harrison, but at a slow pace or russian vehicles have been left abandoned, often cranes, lightning counter offensive, or the northeast and harkey. region. great and officials say nearly a 150000 people lived in areas recaptured from russia, including a clear,
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a crucial military supply hub we taken late last week. moscow is acknowledging its recent territory. a loss is admitting that it forces have been numbers. now us markets have suffered, there was days in june 2020 after a crucial measure of inflation came in higher than for cost for the month of august that triggered a set off on wall street. the dow jones industrial average sank more than 1200 points. just as president joe biden celebrated the passage of his inflation reduction act with an event at the white house. what a great day. exactly 4 weeks ago today i signed inflation reduction act in the law . a symbol most important legislation, price is the congress to combat inflation and one of the most significant laws in our nation's history. my view, i said it then i'll keep saying it. where does law the america, people one and special interests last say it again. the american people,
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one and special interest last o flattened heavy rainfall washed away in time. villages in the mountainous chi stone region of north west pakistan. very little 8 has been able to reach people living that because of the weather conditions. residents are demanding compensation and threatening to block highways . if the government doesn't provide more health. record breaking funds have killed almost one and a half 1000 people across pakistan since june affected more than 33000000. others come all high to has more from cal has stung this particular storm war. the vain spell that the area affected, the hindu course mountains and a raging thought. and then read through these narrow rallies which i inhabited by people. because land scare people like to stick close to the water bodies and where doors that head and go bare alone, which was the 2nd largest market in lower boys. don. hundreds of shops were swept
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away. the rain was not stopping for several days. and the people already realized that something terrible was about to happen. so 70 percent of the people have already left. but the greatest difficulty, the fact that most geared towards have been cut off, people after carry sacks on their backs, tax, so flaw essential supplied medicines. sometimes it takes them grinned before dog duties, their destination. so people in quite a terrible and desperate situation. here. we've seen people on the road side. you're asking for l. d o targeted of course have been concentrating down south on the province of sin, sudden punjab. but just on and have more or less forgotten what happened to the people head in the mountains, da da says of god and omen is signed because climate change in the people of the not more than anybody else, given the fact that once the land is washed away and is it land that is generated
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out of the mountain sides that digs generations once that's washed away, it almost impossible to be able to have reconstruction or rehabilitation. a 4 story residential building has collapse and jordan capital, amman, killing 5 people and injuring at least 14 others. rescue operations is still on the way with several people believe to be trapped in the rubble. countries. prime minister has visited the scene along with other senior members of government and investigations been launched into what wrote down the building. now william router has been sworn in as kenya's, 5th president. several people were injured in a crush, as crowds earlier on forced their way into the stadium in nairobi where the ceremony took place, which an hourly won the august election defeating long time opposition candidate while or dingo asked when the supreme court rejected a think as challenged the official results from nairobi, katherine sawyer reports,
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i assume, and okay, now president william who to stoop before a pot stadium to take his oath of office. 6 ah ceremony marked the end of a closely contested general election. ah, my president who kenyatta handed over the instruments of power to the new president . the 2 politicians. how fallen out and can yetta backed opposition leader reload, dingo who came secondly, the poles and to day and his fast address to the nation. the president said he will do all he can to address the problems facing kenyans. the largest winner of this election is the people of kenya. ah, ah, we have done well as a nation. we have placed the train in an increasingly challenging environment
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where democracy is consistently on trial. ah many kenya's were there said the hobbs high expectations president with going to fulton, one of the hampton deal with money health one business day of their business. i say it's hard to do living oh is taking over. can't you the big external debt, a drought that has affected millions, rampant corruption. the president promised to walk with all canyons to make things better. we should remain conscious that we have all been elected to walk together in ensuring that our children go to school. our people have food and decent health care, and our young people have jobs and i will walk of hub dignified lives for
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we believe strongly that every hassle matters. hutto holds himself asthma, who is fighting for the majority was struggling to make ends meet his plans to transform the country are ambitious, but economists say all those plans need money and lots of it. if the new administration is to succeed, catherine saw alta, 0, nairobi, and now in mexico, people can regularly go to jail for years before even facing trial. this is called mandatory pre trial detention and accounts for almost a 100000 of those in the countries presence. as john home and our ports efforts to change the system and not going well. the mixed co, almost a 100000 people, are stuck in prison without being convicted or even tried to pre trial detention.
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many were thrown in jail automatically, of the being accused of a crime. they count for a massive 41 percent the prison population. once inside, many of the accused language the few years before they get a trial due to the slow pace of the mexican justice system, like deanna. when she went to prison, had twins were 11 months old. when she got out for lack of evidence, there was 6 moved towards me. mama, when they saw me, they said to me, are you are mom? are you the lady who cries, they didn't know their mom. i was just the speaker phone, the talk to them for 10 minutes every 10 days. she was accused of being an accomplice to her partner who was involved in an illegal people smuggling operation . she is denied knowing anything about the operation. while she was inside, she claims prison gods tortured her to try to get her to confess to the crime.
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thursday board, they thought they were beating all the time, pulling my hair on the lights spelled at my spine with crock. i felt a strong pressure to have made that i was guilty early this month is a mexican supreme court disgust eliminating mandatory pre trial detentions. there was hope things won't change the proposal didn't pass, but it put the issue on the national agenda only for president under his manual up his over the door to staunchly, defend it saying eliminating mandatory pre trial detention would lead to a lot of white color criminals getting out of jo, water you want pat rights to the victims and he goes free. those with money with influence. but the majority of people that are in prison through mandatory pre trial detention, the poor and the young. exactly the vulnerable part, the population that the president says that he champions and lawyers say that there is no way eliminating the measure with suddenly lead to a flood of them being let out. that each case would have to be decided on its own
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merits. right now, mandatory pre trial detention is only serving to corrupt mix because law and order authorities to st. louis tapia of criminal justice watched. oh, fair trials because he gives the public prosecutors off is much more power. it's an incentive for them not to do their jobs. because the messages, if i q, someone of a crime and put them in mandatory, pre trial detention, it doesn't matter that i don't have the evidence to get a conviction because they'll be in jo for 2 years. anyway. i don't, i think that is what the read yanna now an activist is campaigning to change. but with the way the government against that it looks like a long road ahead. john home in mexico city, a former twitter executive turned whistleblower peters. co is accused his former employer prioritizing profit. so security a senate hearing in the us that co twist his head of security until his firing last year has become key to eat on mux attempt to back house of buying the social media
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giant. it says twitter ignored employee concerns of a week. cyber defense is in foreign infiltration. shortly after the hearing to shareholders voted to approve mosque 44000000000 dollar takeover of the company with the committee. i'm here today because twitter leadership is misleading, the public law makers, regulators, and even its own board of directors. what i discovered when i joined twitter, was that this enormously influential company was over a decade behind industry security standards. the company's cybersecurity failures make it vulnerable to exploitation, causing real harm to real people. and what an influential media platform can be compromised by teenagers, thieves, and spies, and the company repeatedly create security problems on their own. this is a big deal for all of us. so there's more in everything we're covering right here.
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you can get the latest on our top stories but also analysis that.


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