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tv   Football Rebels Claudio Tamburrini  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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ah, all is taking over our country, the big external debt, a drought that has affected millions, rampant corruption. the president promised to walk with all canyons to make things better. we should remain conscious that we have all been elected to walk together in ensuring that our children go to school. our people have food and decent health care, and our young people have jobs and our walk of hobb dignified libraries. for we believe strongly that every hassle mottos who took holes himself. tesla who is fighting for the majority was struggling to make ends meet his plans to transform the country are ambitious. but economists say all those plans need money and lots of it. if the new administration is to succeed, catherine saw you,
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al jazeera nairobi. ah, this is al serra, these, your top stories. the coffin of queen elizabeth, the 2nd is now in buckingham palace after being flown from scotland. traffic came to a standstill throughout much of london as thousands lined the streets in the rain to catch a glimpse of the hearse. the new king charles, the 3rd and his wife, the queen, called source where the palace to receive the coffin area. on tuesday, king charles the 3rd made his 1st visit to northern islands since taking the throne . hundreds gathered in the village of hillsboro to welcome him and the queen, consort, sovereign also met, leaders of northern islands devolved parliament. us marcus, have plummeted. often new report showed that monthly inflation increased marginally . that's instead of coming down like many had expected. the figures came out on
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a day precedent. joe biden celebrated the passage of his inflation reduction act. what a great day. exactly 4 weeks ago to day i saw him in bloodshed reduction act in the law a symbol most important legislation, price of the congress to combat inflation. and one of the most significant laws in our nation's history. my view, i said of ban, i'll keep saying it with us law, the america people won. and special interest last said again, the american people, one and special interest laws, the u and u. s. and e are cool for an immediate d escalation of fighting between armenian as by john 49 armenian troops and 50 azerbaijani soldiers were killed and fighting in the early hours of tuesday evening . ukraine says its aiming to take back all of its territory and the occupation by russian forces. ukraine's military has been on
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a rapid counter offensive in the north east. president lansky says ukraine is in full control of mobile and 4000 square kilometers of recap to territory. egypt, president of the fat sal ccs. in doha for a 2 day visit. this is his 1st time in catalyst since he took office in october and comes off to years of political differences between the 2 countries. okay, stay with us here. coming up next is football rebels. talk to al jazeera. we ask for the rebound, you speak off is clearly coming, get a high cost for airlines and the industry, what's going wrong? we listen you where your heart of the i'm struggling in the 970. so do you have any regrets? no, we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah,
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i'm going to show you on a month on the cost of your loss with his emotional body. this jew body did with
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us on sundays, not that great. talking to the does your with close method the much be was help out with the city of the campus. the audience with the loose is on me, not with a jordan because it could be only a include, kept that as you, you but i mean, you better my, i thought the new the butterfly should not be in today. we're on the show to look
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it up us under a company where, you know, a law should then a give them and tell me that me ah ah jill concert. i've been as employ allegation, gabriella, board of condo. i would love. what if i own a persona or not more in canyon, ongoing global persona allow it on boston boone from when on, but it is your to for nobody. so joke. see if, if your ministry, your brother come, what in here you miss gyla your internet just of recent little bit of course of appeal in good on the 2nd is here miss with
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a leak look. mitchell and i was looking into the machine on the course, but i still, i guess the me, marvin will the thought were a rifka loop on the football coaches was c o n i o l a w e n. i was gonna get a hold of them at that bach seabag. look at him at that long bear me no real giller, midday or not. we had that other day. good chitlit's i got on here, but it didn't have we had data equal on that man. this he then lastly a look at them. like i said, giving anchorage out bottle jackal. you need to write on dollar. good. now, mary hellen, miss garcia. now that bullshit are you, i don't miss your internet, but really figured i would not put the ester living them, i need, i could do it up. and then i was at them again, the nippy r e u at 80 for now, boy tele alameda. he give you need on a 2nd day. did he see dangling, heavy,
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ran in them in the manner? hey, sally, more for missouri city, missouri. and i'm especially you, roger. i'm quite gone them it up to. well, i tell miss aguilar but me, i thought on our lactic or the middle of a come up a little bit uncle could began li, bbc release around me at that a male. now i wanna come up and saw me. i really wanna come i. e d. for the back of my all he, he'd me turn our way. yeah. yeah. this her daughter and we gonna because like i see that the in, in lucy but listen, i'm not in lithium but,
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but this is dorothy policy on only got to get get that mean and you're going to be some confusing a moment. okay. give it, get that meeting can do either or good. so freeman, birthdate id, you know, no support. ones are most important. they went out on the dip on the receipt. i'm good that up on a lot of my since he rated to corporate board came in order to see and meet one daughter. oh no. you are not. yes. see the d an in no. c as a quantity. employ your card glue. oh, that's your, that's your dad or my son lucas had been i'm us in the, in a, in the, in the little for we shanella began, i did it. they came home and thought they did. they brought up a bonded outlet. oh she had gotten an $80.00 beetle. bonnie,
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i got one. so it is him a hit on it? oh, central bottle but oh no hit on this i bought a 7 to 5. the let the other said don't to rattle said a child. i'm quite a dog. he knows. however, as he says, you have that in the tin awful dog who knows who you are, so some foul 2 are you? i said my, thow been salazar in k e. then to lafayette, in the near keith, inter, an article in clue, or in a clue in question to one another manual. you, casey journal, you out, you like, you know when the facility with he for him by some of the a yellow in my not it beside the manager. see me, they can leave it a no matter. no, i'm going to go nowhere to nathan for the conceivable normal cooling from the where he met me. don't know. i mean, surely a phenomenal loss among us. i'll get it concierge. yeah. the leg i without the less it does show. she knew that she could ok government it to support the critical make
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any more the defense and you know katie are not tornado of a secret or he government the anemic amendment in a situation and i can just out on those in general, i like ashley pretty maybe said window, you shall go. well, nip the warranty. i even want to tim plastic at the 2nd. you like, what look in my left on the door messes. just as you know, they separate us young dunning control lovely brochure is top. plenty handle all the in the epic, that the all 4 lobby she on. the stunning gus and through the short us yell mitty, c, as in missing a 2 foot, is it been on the job? will be a quarter to one. the mozilla. once i've got to settle up a thought to either mental mentor, 3 though you any me come into the 3. ah, who tell your ally? you tell us it o e p a border 42 initially,
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but at any story he respond via telephone. no signal shaking with an alarm to put in really no shall be again with allah. kitty. i should have thought number cas us, they me contact to fully think of any company that emily fancier or the hint, the garage or should be into a kid. any emily tell shepalees to come in a blame of way. can't bother get delivered out. uncle william. they wouldn't let the nigger i've not, but let the i get america gus in but issued a leave of the will not euro thread a lot to personify ice anywhere ah income. so the sun goes into google cell mucho phenomenon, jestice yelled. but am, we'll just mean i thought that bullying sarah bogus will go to colorado. my dad the had the radical, my point i'm with me in to his nursing session. the bullied
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he'll live it in a 100 percent of the police and this really the it and ulysses wonderful . jo gashodi, a lapointe that it audra read the seal. it gets her gum on hold. total. said the almost olivia no. kiddo seed allegra? yeah, no, nope. we have a content up for you. i said from to the altar one by little percent. the almost i leave your palmetto ceaser the almost i'll leave you. they can talk to dollars lit up. we'll never know shelter us in pursuit who momentous key key key almost are you there i was talking to her teeth on keep our vendors to we don't with a 3. don't get with that rail north been said on what what kid was and what real good. nothing did. i'm awkward body to put a so put one kick on one. come up,
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get down. that doth go as high as he goes. who look awesome. we are me, we're no huh. yet. mm again. but if it is intentionally, vince yes. hey, i guess any other i guess any other guy quickly over 1000 that i put into the up when i bought that napoleon with coven. uh huh. but i mean that it did well and, you know, i know it miracle talk with him. you know, he de la did pick up today and i got to pick up a little bit to get up a cowboys it position,
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he'll get some of the money up thing with the 4 in my 3 go. if you just, i think one is a gal that i submitted in a cough lee in see if we're actually in dallas fortune thumbnails, you're in a kiddo didn't pick up or pick. the one i read about is yenna for a from mine, the market. go ahead. i dan, one day 7. dana, a check our pub hiding and telegraph laid out lady lena to most listen to this young friend that together in rather dump already and
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cielo. who did i not? you had said got it. i mean, i don't, you know, she, you know, putting more or less back or just you'd be mid. ok. we're harder than here. can i subsea or not? i assume no get 100 percent. but if you come off the record, the middle tell you that was young. a place danny, but with the missouri dnr moment on the i was i'll be so me. they will that if they need us here in dallas taylor and then have you heard of lucas aliya, a len hodge allen lucas elliot. yahoo! laugh at us adequacy and jesse a $1000000.00 initial for a r e. yeah, they put a little compl earlier message. i think when i me me back in this in many ways that the see if the latter took the, i mean look around, it doesn't really in your own wound are mind all the when i log into the she or 40
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some dollars. oh i in deal. no india no in the policy copy a prescription it with you. so like when i for the daily. so you've got academic, you got all you gotta order. number one guy, what a good one. you got a man? no trouble, little it's on a sunday will know me. tell you it
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is not say no. i don't say they'll say no said to change. the savvy is f least with the idea here. so i was that of the you. i see that you've got the magazine down my lead allen. ah oh, it was a little voice book i so they think w somebody's, you. okay, don't let us, you know, you know, k v. so keep it. but sometimes if we don't get the rain, i mean when we know address, we've done low level, we're a get allison, my not q model numbers from city. but i will report back to all the middle should do know the machine to machine output elements. if you're lucky, are we on q o and i told us every does your honors latera are call me 30 years. yeah.
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establishment or printer law. lung kyoto. can do it on like i said, no more than another 4. would. i could all kitchen moon on thing which are senior they shouldn't. okay. see on i got so they should know, montana i will. no, no, not ronald, helped us. before we get into i gotta say that it is a high low. so need someone, i think i'll be waiting with a, a quandary pick up book, you know, we don't know. i mean, i'm only certain somebody,
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you know, you maybe who were that they did the class and that, that i got hired. i were letting ship a probably just a couple years loose had a me ah, ah, bizarre i get there give i need our gas. and bruce, i said about that. i get done. do a disability. a boy. he really pushing my mental seen crochet catherine. she at the casa mira can be under lock, combine yet, or if the media doesn't show me. uh oh, i mean, i was wondering if you bought out the money for you, what the news data like, would you want that? i've tried, the little dutch goes on top, is that be the replace your laptop? it doesn't
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cost them anything. you give me a lot. i louder this. i leave it at. keep you up with a room near porch, then 33rd period. so good among the wrong get them in the loop been so you are put in a severe dennis. you go no size, but at the bottom, which of course are. so be a game he said go on the stock one off. he know. i mean on sim through thought daughter come with a late and my name key sass. then so you know in this in momentum which are convenient off my truck and they thought so free and look miss our meal nurses. i see em book on the white board of keep
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a local what container carrier container cellular can't be on, but a broader level, not katie. okay, so your account number, you don't have a toyota volume normally that come up digital, you are now. sorry. it's so bad to say eat but be done, doesn't it? well, there, come. okay, so what about us? you an hour matter or mass open? assume my sanity your center body bitterly as well. and this is full liter. swing of with us will and this is, is sheila premera conduct a whole amount of bizarre module for a moment and chaos gonna last inability to get english or international in melissa digital cause it was a pussy deal by the lucelle boiler argentina constantly. there were english apollo as a buddy. see? lepeu. jo sally, i le cache if we're going door. argentina. gannon is in bucklin blue. say seattle on the pesa alphena clinician, but the lack of the $150.00 got. he's
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a phillip lyric. he just, sally, i like as you in the and he thought bizarre, go more in when the on the let me go to get there been a been polo argentine only quito, ultimately, dennison with that but, but she actually, she did, i see the believe was if you, if you, as with fish, must actually go over with the for the 2nd, the diarrhea ramos, which give us enough, fussy, now. good rest. yeah, i me so for that but victor, yeah, now she up when i go to your area, tell you chandler, they told me she sorry, casey theater, the la portia, ga augustine, beside julia, archy camacho. i leave you what can miss indecent order from them at the minute
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when i leave your mission? t salad bottle. ah! let it be dealing with a capital. i don't want her to read a fleet. i'd base it. we are to feed us a fee and sweet girl. i don't believe he seen it. let us winkle yoletta. we are feed us off eons wake it is bill i normally go. they say love capacity, legally. the global, i'll supply, we haven't solved off it from the article, show it up, it will, but a guy given and so she wants to induction denali with when it goes to separate only wilma, but i'm on except in loving than normal us. it feels ah . 6 thought of them, but used to we don't think joyce did the boys,
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he say studio or media then finally, you know, so gross. got me and on also so they would all be it. okay. let me look a 2nd can increase our gaiety. yes. there are little mass content can play. launch in the buttons. this is she supposed to come? i do me a long busy levels. she come up on the course y'all. can you give jim? do i just want dale through his tony before dallas? you settled in to tell them that a trot now to contain as your girl keep pushy d. okay. so who route? what? until in seattle, i'm going to be more the better. if the she does, is it kamala san diego, the, our, anything? what about other website?
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let me know if you are in new york deep go santander. latonia a whistle with an infinite. they're looking us not, but i don't think it's almost co common up with a machine at media so no, it can. no, no, boy, they have it all wrong. cindy, me into early one. jack can, i didn't get the keys so they said he got out of the a bit ashes, sierra. but she put together another night when was in dallas or you know, at, at the man chat didn't really medically i a, a, when the so young you get a hoot dcea. you disagree with the same noise to him. he can sir,
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him blow by that no us not american it i see on if the key just talking to you and i saw you i was told by, you know, she wouldn't let her busy. so you know that i didn't wanna wait with no help less. yep. especially this with them. if we're not up last it into a promotional negative coin with any keep on what we're ana dino that they sell a mattress quando to get booked up. yes. yes. sent dish. when i from yelp, cade said linda montoya, i assume since the real i saw go 6, you close, you tumble. we need i. because the with the sheet shredder mom bought the see. if i
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do it, sony store yoshi, i bought it for book this year so we can support you all to monday we should go more in good. i need a guess who's he was in the army national for guys. he'll make sealant of. well they're full. so no for this year press every defendant push will be honest with pulled out a sort of a lot, maybe gotten ready go city. but oh, because sure did not. ah put paula a doctor and a pie in the very sports. he lost the chance to play for his country, won a legal battle that paid the way for
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a generation of brazilian players. footballing legendary council introduces one scene of penalized buyers club for his political beliefs. he took power into his own hands, ablaze the trail for players rights football rebels on our g z years from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app, is that this is where we dissects analyze. i want to find what's going on, i guess, going from out there is a mobile app available in your favorite app store. just set for it and tapped made a new app from al jazeera new at you think of it. this was a media moment. the likes of which we've never seen this is important. this is your story from breaking down the headlines to exposing the powers attempting to silence reporting. we're seeing really freedom being threatened and attacked is basically
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criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. people have no idea when the source of uses back to the game, the role. and that was for the on al jazeera, jenny, a jenny, and one of necessity, a 3 different missions. but all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was unpaid at the mercy of it's unpredictable tropical with risking you told me the correct a ah.


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