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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2022 10:30am-11:01am AST

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survivors to promote a united front against recent attacks, joe biden announce sanctioned to tackle hate base violence by new actions from tech companies like youtube and twitch too much hated. surely, extreme violence has been allowed to fester and grow. you know, as a result, our very own intelligence agencies, our own intelligence agencies, united states of america have determined that domestic terrorism, routed in white supremacy, is the greatest terrorist threat to our homeland today. i've been around awhile, i never thought i'd hear that say that enough. we need to say clearly, unfortunately, white supremacy. all forms of hate. fuel by violence have no place in america. ah. so again, i'm fully back to be with the headlines on al jazeera present to me,
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zalinski says a mass grave has been found in is you ukrainian forces reach of the ne, in city from russia. earlier this month, a police official said $440.00 bodies have been found to cross the region. gabriel is on do, has more from ukraine's capital keys. official sir, and you see him are now going through this mass grave area. forensic experts are there on seen right now. they say that they are going to go through and zoom every single site and examine every single remains that they can find to try to figure out names, ages identities, to get to the bottom of this, the officials. they're already signaling that they believe these are all civilians . and they also are signaling at least early on. and this investigation that there are potentially women and children among the dead to his son energy. his son are
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accusing each other of carrying out attacks on towns along their border. at least 3 people have been killed since fighting broke out on when c. foreign ministers from both sides are trying to resolve the conflict. rushes present ho spoken on the phone with arminius by minister to discuss this week's fighting between armenia and as a by john more than a 180 soldiers, most of their armenians have been killed in the violence. iran's president ibrahim or he see, has sold al jazeera that us sanctions must be lifted to reach a nuclear deal. racine says there should be guarantees to achieve a lasting agreement. china's economy has reported faster than expected growth in factory output and retail sales. but economists are reluctant to call it a full recovery, a declining property market in strict over 19 measures could lead to oblique a future. the u. s. pros and has also reform on hate base violence in america. the white house event gathered experts in survivors to promote a united front against recent attacks. and thousands of people in london are
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waiting for hours to see the content of queen eliza the 2nd. the cue is stretching nearly 7 kilometers along the river thames. the queen's body will lie in state at westminster hall until her funeral. on monday. you are up to date with the headlines on al jazeera. i'll be back with more news after inside story, some the war in ukraine to the global energy crisis. and the impact of climate change, the need for international cooperation has never been more vital. as leaders from a 193 members states gather that the united nations general assembly. will we see any breakthroughs on al jazeera pressure from the west pushes china and russia closer together, shooting pen meets, and vladimir putin on his 1st foreign trip. since the pandemic began for message of these presidents trying to send and kelly reshape international political, economic order. this isn't close for
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ah o walker's the program? i'm iran, con chinese president. he's making his 1st foreign trip since the pandemic began one to years ago. shooting pains at 1st was cause extern. that's where he launched his signature belt and rode initiative in 2013 to help build a major infrastructure projects, especially in developing economies. she, in kazakhstan, the president signed a statement, pledging mutual support for their country, serenity, security and territorial integrity. she then flew to as back a stand for meeting of the shanghai corporation organization. moscow and beijing formed the eurasian a regional block in 2001 hotly to counter us influence. she met with president vladimir putin for the 1st time since russia invaded ukraine. both nations are
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looking for support and the face of sanctions at nice elation from the west resorts . her door has more from the respect city of silicon the leaders of the east are gathering in the ancient city of samarkand. inasmuch as than a stronger corp organization, several bilateral meetings are taking place here. but perhaps the most important one is the meeting between the russian president vladimir putin and chinese leader . she champing ukrainian crisis and energy on the top of the agenda. russia once a solid support from china regarding its war in euclid, china says that the wood in ukraine was per walked by nato. however, it refrains from explicitly saying that the war in ukraine is well justified and left them at one is a something that russia definitely wants to hear. and in the turn, china is asking more support from russia regarding time. secondly, russia wants to sell more oil and gas to china. it's crucially important for russia regarding the fact that it is under the heavy sanctions imposed by the western
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western countries. and it wants to a, to find out more resources for revenues to protect his economy from a collapse this by china being the number one client for the russian energy. it also wants to have more alternatives. so they did the chinese leader. she even was in kazakhstan right ahead of the a did the chunk i cooperation are organization summit in has becky stan to seek for increasing ad increasing the that the gas import from kaiser kristen and export say that the reason for that. one of the reasons for that is that china doesn't want it relations with russia to come at the expense of at the cost of its relations with the west. rescue said that for inside story now is russell mentioned. china has avoided openly supporting rushes invasion of ukraine, but in the past week, beijing's 3rd highest ranking leader made his strongest statements yet, the lower house of russia's parliament released this video of legion shoes meeting
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in moscow. this is you loser, who on russia's core interests and major issues of concern? china expresses his understanding and full support for russia. there's yeah, sure. who hello on the ukraine issue, for example, the u. s. and nato are expanding directly on russia's doorstep, threatening rushes, national security and the lives of russian citizens. given the circumstances, russia has taken necessary measures. china understands, and we are coordinating on various aspects, mo, who do. i believe russia was cornered, in this case, to protect the country's core interests. russia gave a resolute response. let's take a look at russia and chinese relationship. in february, they declared a no limits partnership. and china has criticized sanctions imposed over the war in ukraine while expanding trade. it was also russia's 2nd largest arms buyer. but in
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march, u. s. officials reported that moscow had requested beijing's military assistance in the conflict. now the european union punished russia by removing it from the international money transfer system. swift china is reported to have offered assistance with its own system. and in june, our president, she hosted the bricks summit for the developing economies of brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa. and then in 2015, they launched the new development bank that so poured almost $32000000000.00 into projects. ah, that's brainer. guess in beijing einer tongue and senior fellow at the time institute in moscow. dmitri babbage, political analyst at the most me into that project based in moscow and in brussels, theresa fallon, director of the center for russia, europe, asia studies. welcome to the program. let me begin in beijing 1st, or is this a hard power play by china, or is it a soft power play? and by that, i mean is trying, again to start using its financial,
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political muscle to formulate this new partnership with russia that's going to try and reshape the world. well, i don't think it's necessary, a new partnership with russia. this is the ceo. i mean, there's a whole bunch of nations there and a lot more waiting on the doorstep to join with china is trying to do as, as you know, in your opening, you pointed out they are making sure that they're spreading their business around in terms of gas and they've made a very, very point statement. and because lock response, early says territorial integrity is very important. reason this is apropos dimension is that there have been rumblings of very from very hawkish, conservative people in russia saying that, you know, because like a son was not supportive enough of russia's actions and ukraine and also that they were, are lands that should, right, they be in rushes hands, so the fact that she went there 1st is
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a good indication that china is playing this very, very carefully. they do not want to make enemies. what they want is a new new regional world order. i'm sorry, not world new regional order that allows them to have dialogue and you know, this kind of just dissatisfied and in a war like atmosphere. but by bringing in russia at this point in order to have the regional world order regional order. rather, as you say, russia right now is under tremendous amount of pressure. if china truly does back russia exposes itself, doesn't know. i mean, you, you know, there's these different narratives that are out there on a kind of false dichotomy that if somehow, if you deal with russia, you are, you know, europe equivalent of a baby killer. you favor war and ukraine and things like that. that's not the case in the global south has made that very, very clear. it's not just china, india, it's countries in south america in africa. we all witness the the
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speech of the, of the foreign minister of south africa. she drew her dress down lincoln, while he shouted product her about the us trying to demand that people take sides and a conflict that they don't see. there's. so this issue about, you know, ukraine and russia is very simple from china's point of view. they see this as the americans provoking a situation in which there was a response. they do not agree with this idea that nation should be taking matters like this into their own hands. but they understand that there are security concerns. now, in terms of china, in particular, they have the same kind of concerns with taiwan. they see the same type of action by the us towards i want these upgrading of relations, trying to make it a clause i country wasn't making it up by nato partner. all of these things are
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selling, it's billions of dollars worth of arms. these are provocative by china standards and a violation of the 3 communicate. so you're going to see russia and china being pushed together by what they perceive as us, aggression towards them. do retreat and moscow. clearly, moscow is going to welcome any kind of support for russia in this, but this particular time. but is the cost of this slightly too high? i mean, russia is, you serve is used to being the main power. i mean, here it feels like rush, i'm like, with a junior part compared to china. well, no, there are no such fears in russia because compared to what we have through all you would be and you know, from doing that to states. and that is just told the t t p being a junior partner to china doesn't quite such a terrible perspective. and i agree with the previous speaker from begun that basically russia in china board present by the more than the west winds
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idea. what would you which views any current? yes, and any person that just adult feet out. pretty rural narrative. now a moment it was and you have any personal manager for cns anyways, by the west and that declared enemies openly. i mean, if you compare some high corporation organization, if you compare collective security could feed your organization credited by russia to compare them to the nature of the major n d u. when years have been found in much more belligerent. i mean, c, s, t o. usually the sessions begin with a statement that the nation is not directed against any context. any other conference with nato, you always rushing the threat. china is changing the world order. so charlie is also kind of a threat. and this is the guy, the rhetoric that has been not age and but you know, just making very angry,
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both the people in china and the people in russia. so in that case, president c, and present there have support all the nations. there are many people in russia and china were angry about the extra souls or more of the west. and that's for your previous question. when you said, is it a good time for china to be rational? hello. hi, corporation organization. i'm life natal, who is a financial we close. you can not exclude any one from that. can i station or betrayed it? if a county remember it will be there, you don't have to get a special invitation. and what makes this simon special is that they include in all the wrong, which for many years had been viewed with a kind of suspicion by russia and china. you remember probably that president medieval form of presidents who, sorry lisa will have plenty of time to talk about all of this. but i do want to
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bring in theresa fallon. theresa, it seems to me that this is now china's world, and we simply live and there's nothing we can do about it. is that true? well, as a chinese like to say, it's a win win situation with russia. because if russia loses in ukraine, russia, china actually gets a, we can draw, so which is much their benefit. and it should they win in ukraine, which doesn't look likely these days that, you know, they, they've been kind of at least rhetorically supporting them. and they've been spreading their propaganda message in the global so. so i think that it's very difficult for many analysts to accept here in europe that russia and china are so closely having a strategic convergence. and i think that this makes them extremely uncomfortable because this is also true in central asia, as we saw with she didn't things cummins yesterday and cousin son stating what was mentioned in the run up to the program about how that china will not allow russia.
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he didn't use wordpress of any impeachment because it's done sovereignty. and i think this is a key message because since bathing has signed it with russia in regard to ukraine, he has alienated to a certain level, central asian states, which were part of the soviet union who are watching what happens and you can't. and they are terrified that point to do the same thing with them. so these countries have been balancing between russia and china for many, many decades. and so i think that she would run up all international politics for she is domestic right now, especially with the october meeting coming up. so you want to look strong, powerful take advantage is the worst possible time for putting with ukraine's huge pushback on russia. and so the optics are awful for putin. so i think this is a smart move by she didn't ping, he looks very like an international leader. there's not a lot of places you can go these days. this is his 1st trip outside of china. since coven and then he has this kind of feather nest cup. he had a meeting,
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and ukraine signed 21 use with the leader there. and now the, as you know, so the su, it talks about corporation. but there is a lot of fragmentation, a lot of internal problems. we see strains between india and china, india, and pakistan, the members of the se. oh, so they talk about cooperation, but there's a lot going on. there's a lot of moving parts to this. let's get back to beijing. there's a lot of moving parts is august. it has said in brussels, but one of the key things about china's role when it comes to other countries, it's always respected. whoever is in charge of take the example of pakistan on, for example, china has long been a very good friend to pockets on. it hasn't said you need to be a democracy or they shouldn't be a military dictator. it simply dealt with whatever government, whatever military was in power. on the other hand, talk on each one complained that the americans are interfering in their domestic affairs by having this insistence on freedom and democracy. is that something that
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china is now going to lean into? will it keep that up? will it keep dealing with the people in power without actually insisting on any kind of political change while you and i actually kind of object to the form of your question, in this sense that pakistan is you say are complaining about freedom and liberty. i don't think that's really it, it's about a sovereign nation. let's look carefully at the difference between the u. s. and china when i call so summit with s e o, it's about internal matters. it's about, you know, getting rid of terrorism, cross which order terrorism financing of terrorism, etc, trying to make sure that there is a moderate things. the idea is that they want to settle the neighborhood. now there's a lot of contentious relations as the previous speaker talked about, but they didn't exclude anybody. go to the summit of the americas were biden invited, only those countries that he thought he wanted to talk to and excluded
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a bunch of others. that, of course, had immediate backlash. you know, the world is, as it is and you can have dialogue or you can create walls or contain countries change their, you know, their governments, the regime, change opportunities and things like this. this is standard practice for us, you know, the question you should be asking is, does world want the us to be the police of it? and if it is going to be placement shouldn't lead by example, as opposed to hypocrisy was like you want to talk. so we can ask that question to both of the guess and the speak to dimitry in moscow. the us role is over. is it dishonest? is, is, are we talking about the full of the, the full of the influence of the us now? well, definitely, and i can tell us a person who as a young join is lived in the soviet union and they saw the 1st year a lot of people in the former soviet union. good in myself,
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we were not against the united states as a benign policeman. because of the image or americans of the british was very positive at the diamond s nations we still use, i'm very positive. it was, we don't want to leave than you do. i go and deal with what in trashed in the states and in the european union. and in the last, i would say a few dozens of year and which lead to terrible opening our previous speaker invasion rightly conventional the regime change. i mean the rather that situation congress seen with. busy para what's going on in your green? well, i can tell you for sure. i wasn't there to 1014. they booked in terra at what sort of newland did ukraine in here, 1014, because our president, at the time of our bias made a special statement that some people in the family wants to all the legally elected
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government the same way they did it in your grades are not going to allow them to do it. so with that to look at the situation perspective, the congress in central asia, they may not be happy with you to call you. they may not be with the rush of actions in your brain, but somehow rushing chain that respect their political systems. we're not trying to lecture them on holidays should build their democracy is right. and let me, let me say a very grateful thought here in the west right now, especially in the united states, they keep talking about focuses again to move. and of course, they're just where our focus, but read any book on it forwards and you will find out any textbook on political science. there is something was not focus yet. that is totally terry newsome and they lived in a city and state. i remember that there was all the bond view for every event for
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every situation. double. that's exactly what we have now in the united states, and in the you about the situation, ukraine, all the while you is out there is no discussion or i so discussion at the really get a situation very complicated. in russia, you can criticize the so called really to operation which we have been caught in a war to me. tell me, mom, i'm really sorry to cut you off. i'm really sorry. cut you off. i think you made your point brilliantly. i want to bring in a truth, fallen in brussels. you had a bemused look on your face as dimitry will speaking. where is the u. s. and all of this, i just want to pick up on one earlier point because the more people say it doesn't make it true. the fact that sweden and finland, for example, want to join nato prison put in said there was no problem with them joining. so this and finland shows a huge border with russia. so this narrative that it's, this war and ukraine was because of nato expansion has been proven false, even by president putin himself. second. the problem on my down the pro has
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happened after the leader refused to sign the agreement with you because the public one, the closer economic corporation with you. so that was the reason for the beginning of the protests. and again, the kind of unraveling and put in felt you really had to make a move. so i would add, you know, there's this kind of division of labor in the past. and central asia, rasa was the rifle. china was the purse with chinese economy. it's slowing down. russ is really going to be very difficult states for the next decade. i had a huge brain chain because otherwise you can pass all these economic sanctions. so the outcome is remains to be seen. what happens in central asia, who didn't, has very strong feelings, especially because it, because it shares such a long border with we shouldn't underestimate agency of these countries, especially hasn't done. i mean their time is growing and they have large energy exports. and, and so you wanted to say yes,
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i'm just going to bring and i know you were shaking your head there is theresa was speaking to react whenever i yes. i mean, it is, i'm sure there's a wonderful talk points and they represent a point of view, but let's be realistic. what do you say about afghanistan, iraq, all the, you know, turmoil that's been created by the united states and its efforts for 1st revenge then for nation building and then walking away from it. i mean, the middle east is broken because the west are similar things that happen to africa and also south america. so to tell me again how it is that china and russia are the ones who are to stabilize in the world. i mean, terrorism has been a many headed hydra. every time the u. s. says that it has chopped off one to up here. so tell me again why, why you know, how it is that united states is been helping, and it is that you know, on the side of the angels and everyone else is on the side of the evil that i want to bring. and dimitry head to meet you hearing 2 very different perspectives are
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from the chinese and from the will from to raise a father. no, no, no, to speak. you will be off the american certainly. but, you know, i mean, at some point, russia is going to have to decide who it wants to throw it's lot in china's don't completely back in russia when it comes to the war in ukraine, not publicly. they're afraid of sanctions as well. america still has some real power over russia. he doesnt post the war in ukraine is the tragedy robot. certainly the western view. they have you represented by 3. it is a simplistic view of that tragedy. you know, really sad that it started one down of course, which was told he did not refuse. he passed all the sign in or so she's in agreement with you and the public wanted it. well, we got a voice as the president had the full right to postpone the signing of that agreement. that violent action against him during which 38 policemen were killed was absolutely legal. no, you can imagine what will happen in the united states to someone who killed 38
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policemen trying to make the president signed some kind of a document. and the, and the section unfortunately, was fully supported by the united states. and by that you would, that wasn't great. this was the 1st step towards this civil war, actually civil war that we're seeing now in ukraine because these are people speaking the same language, right? most of the cases. ok, watch the same with going support. i support our previous speaker from page in. i criticized a lot of actions of president which and, and a lot of things that rush in china may be doing on the international stage. but everything is seen in comparison. the united states and the you have no right to lecture rushing, china after everything they have done a we are running out of time. i do want to come very quickly to teresa teresa. i want you to answer this question or what can the u. s. 2, when this is happening,
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i think the 2 giants of russia and china, they will actually eventually pull apart. so i think the us, it just comes to back and watch the show. i think that's this idea of a rules base order. i mean, it, it sounds like russia and trying to have such great plans, i mean, an unprovoked war and ukraine. what's happening and she and john, this is another key issue that she just needs to get some sort of agreement from to kind of not to talk about the change on you on the report. because this is kind of alienating muslims in central asia. and so if the leadership tries to down play this, that's a key issue because shin tongue is also the gateway on the belgian road initiative . so this is also a point of friction. so it's a difficult diplomatic balancing act that she to being has to do. he has to try to talk to kyle, because that if he blocks his initiatives, the whole belton road is dead. and i would say that we're seeing
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a dissertation world order between west and east pacific for including australia, new zealand, japan and south korea and the rest, iran, india, russia, china, and india is canada's independent country, trying to make the most of all, you know, benefit from all sides. so i think that the rules based order versus this kind of growing group of axis. so it will be interesting to watch. that's why i think this s e o meeting is watched more than any other a c o meeting in my memory. so it has galvanized worlds attention, and we're going to see how russia china, how, how they play this out. a very spirited debate there, i want to thank all our guests that are not hanging to meet you babich and theresa fallon, and i want to thank you as well for watching. now you can see the program again any time by visiting our website out there. don't com on for further discussion. go to
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in vest indonesia, now the world can't pixel be carried 2 months as the main event gets close, that out to 0 is here. every step of the way i'm going to go with updates with fans across the globe. themes can expect some strong support hearing with the spotlight on milton. central america can canada build on that 1st place? finishing, qualify all. will the us mexico will costa rica right to be asian. the welcome down on al jazeera ah. ready ready ready he crazed present says a mass grave has been discovered in a town. his forces recently veto.


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