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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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indonesia york investment destination, the world's 10 largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust palate pool politically and economically stable. and strong policies being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you invest indonesia. no. ah, al jazeera in with this is al jazeera ah.
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how to them nora kyle, this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, ukraine says a mass grave discovered and a town we taken from russia contains civilian bodies. fighting on the border between k, gustavo, until jake has don intensifies authorities say to cease fire attempts of failed errands. president abraham rise, he tells al jazeera that us sanctions must be lifted to secure a nuclear deal. and the queue for the queen is full. no more people conjoined for the next 6 hours. and in sports, the attributes continue for roger federer. after announcing his retirements plus a christiane, he went out a schools. his 1st goal of the season is manchester united gas off them off in the right place. so he began to in ukraine where a mass grave has been discovered in
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a north eastern city, recently retaken by ukrainian forces. 450 graves were found in is in the head of the national police force, as most of them contain the bodies of civilians. the city, as in the car cave region ukrainian troops, we took it from russian forces. earlier this month. the bodies are severe. zoomed for forensic examination present brought him insolence. he says legal proceedings are underway. the hike if she lives in muscles, the helloman unity mass graves were founded easier in the car key regions, the necessary legal proceedings have already been initiated. there, there should be more information clear and verified tomorrow to morrow. there will be ukrainian, and international journalists in israel. we want the world to know what is really happening and what the russian occupation has led to butcher mario poll now, unfortunately, is you. russia leaves death everywhere and must be held accountable for it. the world must bring russia to real responsibility for this war. we will do everything
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for the see. let's get more from gabrielle xander. he joins us live from a cave, and it gave a gruesome discovery there of yet another mass grave in ukraine. that's right, ukrainian, a investigators and forensic experts are on seen and they're in the initial phases of this investigation. one that likely will go on for several days, if not per tag, potentially even weeks, given the numbers of bodies that they need to do to deal with more than $400.00. while they are in the early stages, they are signaling 2 things. number one is they do appear to be civilians and number 2 investigators and local officials in his u. m. r. signaling that there do appear to be women and children among the dead.
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they say that they are going to try to recover and examine every body or remains of bodies because they want to conduct a thorough investigation to figure out exactly who are these people, what are their names? what are their identities? and critically, how did they die? and that is going to be critical in this investigation as well is ian was held by russian forces for many months. it was just re taken by ukrainian forces within the last week. the city or town of is him home to about 50000 people has been decimated . it was decimated in the early stages of the war and then most recently as well shelling back and forth into the town and then when the ukrainians ah retook it. when the russian soldiers pretty much packed up and fleet in a hasty retreat, but this is clearly not the 1st time we've seen this. unfortunately. also it harkens back to boucher in the early stages of this war were 458 civilians were
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found dead in that town. just outside keith as russian forces were expelled from that area. and also in the far southeast in mateo, both more than 20000 people some severely. i'm not dead there in weeks of, of a russian offense on that town. so ukrainian officials say they will be investigating this. now, as a focus really does turn now to zoom and exactly getting to the bottom of this. but the ukranian officials are clearly saying that they feel that this is a war crime. russian officials deny that, although they haven't commented specifically about this mass grave in the past, they say they do not target innocent civilians. ok, and this is a counter offensive. it's been we taking these towns moving at some speed. what is happening at the front lines of it at the moment?
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well, the front lines in the south of the country, the counter offensive is still going on. and in some ways, it's affecting all the country, you might be able to hear right now, some air raid sirens in the back. in the background. those are air raid sirens, going off in keys right now. we're in the capitol. it's because there is a counter offensive in the south and there are reports, it of, of intense fighting, just even with the last hour or so. we're getting reports that this city center and had a song in the far south, the main administrative building. there has apparently been hit by a missile strike unclear the details on this, but we do see image is coming in in the last half hour of black smoke rising from the city center in henderson. it just shows you how the ukrainians continue. this methodical encircling of the entire his own region,
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but that the russian forces are deeply entrenched there and certainly posing for a fight. ok, gabriel, and is on i will, will let you go. as we had arrayed silent sirens over the central says he, the capital of ukraine, there were ukrainian troops have been, we taking thousands of square kilometers of land during the past week as part of this counter offensive. we were just talking about out there is hotter absol. hm. me travel to villages north and south of car cave where russian troops have been forced out along the road north of help keep city. sunflower fields are left to road and this is harvest season, and much of the seeds were destined to the international markets. many of the fields are now riddled with land mines, and there aren't many farmers left in the region. these rural areas towards the border with russia have come under constant chilling. the main hospital targeted
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repeatedly is only one building, left standing. treated rooms had to be moved to the underground shelters, but over the last few days, they are less wounded. but to call in and tells me that the ukrainian forces still come under attack to see where the northern edge of ukraine. this is actually the beginning of the border area. russia being only about 3 kilometers away from here. now it's only since a few days that com has been restored in this place. the villages around here had come under constant cross border shelling since the beginning of the war. now ukraine claims that some of its forces have reached several points along the border with russia. there is no trace of russian forces here. after ukraine started his counter offensive in the north east of the country, russia announced it had pulled out all of its troops from that had give region. their heaviest presents was further south along the road,
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more evidence of an army under run, leaving everything behind. in the village of by iraq, people already fixing their homes. this man tells me they were given orders to stay at home. despite the damage and bombing, many soldiers were living in houses of people who fled to safety. a warning on this door says, beware of russia still holds air superiority and is targeting infrastructure around the country. a damn near to hometown of president zelinski was struck, causing major flooding in could be the ukraine is gaining momentum. but there is still more than 2500 kilometers of frontline before it can hold victory. if anything discount to offensive has risen the spirits of a country under attack would have been hamid algebra. in the hockey region. bra says president has held a telephone conversation with our media as prime minister as discuss this week's
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fighting between armenia and as a by john more than a 180 soldiers, most of them armenians have been killed. russian ned shanghai cooperation organization has sent a fact finding team to armenia after it's government requested help. and to cease fires. reports to have been agreed by k castanan to g cust on. both countries accused each other of carrying out attacks on towns along that $950.00 column to border. at least 3 people have been killed since fighting broke out on wednesday. russia's president and several central asian leaders, a meeting in summer kind and whose back is dawn and restless that joins us live from that. so these leaders of to g castanan k gets on there at this summit on the wrestle. what are we hearing about this? these 5 while the decision has just been reportedly, is just that they have agreed on a ceasefire, which is going to come into effect within an hour 4 pm local time. here. however,
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we did not know whether this is going to hold on or not because district is very much fragile there, particularly tajikistan has deployed huge number of the troops and to rapidly to did the conflict areas several areas here. so both countries, tajikistan and coaches done, are the members of the collective security, treat organization, lad by russia, and also both are the permanent member of the jungle corporation organization, which is having a summit here in summer camp. and the leaders, the prayer that the, for the president of pakistan and coaches down there or both year. now there are the diplomatic efforts on the way to to make it to arrange a meeting between these 2 leaders to secure the that the says wire there with the report that they might meet. however, it is not to confirm yet, but seen anyway, this has been quite a shock and it has overshadowed a did that the summit here it was regarded to be a very much important summit because it's the 1st face to face summit or shank
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cooperation organization. since 2019, and this conflict between tajikistan anchorages than has been quite short in here. and as i've been speaking to iran's presence and at the summits over and negotiations and towards the 2015 nuclear deal. what's he been saying? well, i have discuss a wide range of issues or topics with him. i asked him if he feels that it is useful at this stage to meet americans off the are american officials face to face to pay him away for a for, for, for the nuclear. the or to push a for the nuclear negotiations forward. he says that his country doesn't see it doesn't see any benefit in having face of his meeting with american said that just before 2015, we had face to face meeting with american delegations. and we have agreed on several issues, but later america broke his broke its promises and it didn't work out. so said that,
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that's why we do not see. we are not going to repeat the same mistake and is not necessary. we do not see our national interest leaned on in having a direct meeting with americans. and it though i can see that there is a real trust issue between 2 parties. he was where again and again repeat him that, that, that, that the thrust issue between 2 countries. i also asked him about the, the top issues that had prevented iran and usa from reaching a assets factory agreement. and he once again but pointed, they're dead, the dead, the guarantees and the safeguard issues were hallow fastly mazata pod, the money removal of sanctions should be accompanied with the resolution of safeguards. there are some political and baseless accusations against islamic republic of iran when it comes to safeguard issues. so this agreement will not be fruitful of following a few days after signing the agreement. like the resolution proposed to the board of governors that the i a, the same thing will happen and based on the influence,
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so they will create problems again. so we should finalize the safeguard issues for and regarding the guarantees, if we have the trustworthy guarantees and we have the last removal of the sanctions, not temporary removal of sanctions. and if there is a lasting solution for the safeguard issues, the shore, it's possible to reach agreement. well, this remarks from the president of the islamic republic of iran as come in right ahead of longer in new york. so she's going to also fly new york very soon. it's going to be his 1st visit to the usa after being elected as the but the president of the islamic republic off, you run. and he definitely wanted to send out a clear message to the americans and to, to, to, to show that iran is not going to have any concession regarding that the guarantees and without the guarantees that there's negotiations are not going to more forward . ok, russell said ok, thanks very much for joining us. that from back stun. and you can watch our full
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interview with abraham lacy on talked down to 0 on friday at $1630.00 g empty. 20 marcella had here on this news hour including chris executing us. republicans of using people as political pawns and of nearly a 100 migrants dropped in front of the vice president's house. and despite diplomatic tensions, greece and turkey care and joining forces in the military drills will tell you why in a moment. class and sport unique way to deliver it to delivery the opening pets in major league baseball. ah, now king charles the 3rd has just touched on in wales to start his visits. he is a former prince of wales that's now been passed on to his son,
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the title that he's become prince william of wales. this is king charles the third's 1st visit to wells since becoming the monarch are defined as to james bay's joins us now from cardiff. castle where receptions will be held for the king and james's lord parts of operation spring tide, isn't it the king visiting the home countries of the united kingdom? talk us through events there. well, king charles knows wells extremely well. he was the longest serving prince of wales ever in the u. k. history. he had the role for 64 years. but this is his 1st visit to this country, which is the smallish of the component countries and component nations that make up the united kingdom since he became moloch, just over a week ago. and of course now his son, the prince, william, as you say, is the prince of wales on this visit is not accompanied by his son. these and
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company by the queen, consort camilla, also here in wales with him is the prime minister liz trust. and what he's going to be doing 1st is a, a service of prayer and reflection, which is taking place in land of castle. now i'm with a lender cathedral. now i'm a card of castle that's about 3 kilometers from here. it's actually a separate city from cardiff. originally but so the to have grown together. so it's now part of this city, but it's the main anglican cathedral in cardiff and in wales, the most important one. and that's where the service will take place. then it's to the centers, that's the welsh parliament. you seen a similar thing took place in scotland and that storm to northern ireland. you're going to have a motion of condolence from the senate and then you're going to have king charles replying to that. and then the final part of the day takes him here to card of castle has been a castle on this site for about 2000 years. this is where he's going to meet with
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the 1st minister of wales mart dre. forget the drake ford and other dignitaries as they i think also express their condolences and also greet their new king for the 1st time. and they'll also be a, a, a lunch or that's taking place here as well. ready for dignitaries, from our wales who will be wanting to meet the new king as will say, who is the man knows wales well and he'll generally be seat receiving of a warm welcome but we have been getting a few reports of protests as well. james. yes, i mean he knows this potential problem, we protest right back from when he became a prince of wales. it's a, it's a, it's a job that's given by the bollock to their eldest son by tradition. he got the job. what he's very young. in fact, as i say, he did the job for 64 years, but there was an investiture in 1969 that's over 50 years ago. and the raven bomb
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threats them out. the controversial issue for som is, goes back a long way in history. it goes back to the last time. there was a prince of wales who was actually welsh, who was called the well an up griffith lewellen the last, and when he was killed by english soldiers back in 1282, almost 30 years later. edward, the 1st, the english king gave the title prince of wales to his son and many here who support the cause some of an independent whales, but certainly of a wales that looks after its own business. do not like the humiliation the historical humiliation. oh, the english king's son been given a title of prince of wales when he's not actually welsh. james bays, and joining us at that firm at card of castle, thanks very much room just saying live pictures there of the king charles the 3rd traveling through the streets arrive at land of cathedral. where hell, how old?
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a service of affection for the life of the queen. these been greeted though warmly, by crowds of people mining the streets waving flags and cheering him. as he drives passes of a different scene from the very solemn procession that we last saw king charles the 3rd taking pass in behind the coffin of his of the party of his mother. queen elizabeth the 2nd who died a week ago when bringing him straight on to the throne as monica. let's bring in jonathan spangler, he's a senior lecturer in history at munster metropolitan university, and he joins us now from manchester. we had a little bit of history there from our correspondent james bayes a. we're seeing a warm welcome there in wales, but there is also some slight discomfort there it goes back in history as yes, there certainly is. and i think that your correspondent was, was correct in saying that there's tension is, is quite ancient really. and that the original purpose for creating the title
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prince of wales. back in the, the 13 about 13 a one was as a symbol of conquest. and the fact that the prince of wales was always often invested in for an hour in castle is a symbol of power and authority. but over the centuries, the role transmogrified a little bit and became more of a symbol of reconciliation. more of a symbol of the british crowns interest in wales as one of its chief component parts. and so the fact that the air to the throne was called prince wales idiot logically became part of a campaign to, to bring together all the bits pieces of the, of the island. and i think it's also worth pointing out to make that the 3rd, one of the things that brings the monarchy together and all of its component parts,
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particularly whales in scotland is the blood that supposedly runs through all of these families. and there is the blood of the tutors still in the house. the winds are today. so there is some, some welsh blood going on here. and it's that me a title that is going to remain, isn't that we had very quickly that king charles with that had passed the title of the prince of wales down to his eldest son, prince william, do you think we will see an investor sat ceremony such as king charles had back in 1050. well, that's an interesting question because it did take some time for charles to become named prince wales. and then to be invested almost a decade later. but i think part of that was the fact that charles was just a child when his mother became the queen. whereas william is an adult male. so it was interesting that it was literally the day of the accession arm last week. and it would be, i suspect, something that the invested your ceremony would have been fairly quickly within the
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next few years. do you think it was too soon for that title to be announced? i've got some people in wales who pro independence saying that there should have been a discussion a debate before that happens possibly. but i think that the speed of which all of this has happened over the last week has really reconfirmed a number of things about the relationship between the crown and the church. the relationship between the crown and scotland, and i think they wanted to get wales in right away. and let's not forget a lot of people all around the world have been asking the last 10 or so years. couldn't we simply have king william and it away. this might be a nod to those people and sang. william is going to be at the heart of this new reign from the very 1st moment. as we see king charles during his that tor around the home country, scotland, northern eyes there of course has been not some discussion about the referendums
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that those countries. busy want to hold in scotland and possibly in the next 10 and 10 years in northern ireland as well. what chances of their ever being referendum in wales? and what i understand that sentiment is fairly small. i don't think there's a huge amount of pro independence meant in wales. strode seems a lot more likely and yet i think it would be a little bit more complicated and potentially more or interesting in that the scots are very attached to the monarchy. so in my find some way to succeed from the united kingdom, but retain, under the british monarch as a sovereign within a looser confederation. and that's in fact what happened in ireland. originally in the 19 twenties and thirties before they became a republic. jonathan spangler great speak to, thanks very much for. it was a bit of the history that variations between wales and england.
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while the u. k. government says the queue to form the queens, the coffin in london is now full, and no one can join for at least 6 hours. a line of thousands of people are stretching almost 8 kilometers along the river thames. a queen's body will lie in state at westminster hall until her funeral on monday. let's go live to jo, how he's in london, and he's near the end of that q of people waiting to pay their respects to the queen. so as reached capacity, jonah, thousands of people standing line, an extraordinary, almost 8 kilometers. yes, absolutely. the end of the queue, effectively a southern park and within the southern park is about $22.00 and a half miles of cues inside the park. and about an hour ago, we heard that it had reached capacity, and the authorities were asking people no longer to join the queue for at least the
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next 6 hours. but i can tell you that reports from suffolk park suggest the people have continued arriving at the park. and, you know, they talk about britain being a nation that likes a q. well, this is a pretty enormous q, and there is now a q for the q, and i'll, i'll step out of the short so you can have a look at that q because at this point, we're about 4 and a half miles now, just under 8 kilometers from westminster hole and people being treated to run the spectacular view from the south side of the thames. here looking at the city of london town bridge, this pulls down this and pulls picking up behind it. beyond that black fries bridge . and this skew will snake all the way down the south side, crossing over the black for lambeth bridge to the north side, and then to westminster hole. and we can talk happily to a couple of people from the kid who's given up their place briefly to speak to us club is with us all the way from new zealand class. yes. and how does it feel being here, being able to do this for me, a bit of a royalist and thus my mom,
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my late mom, so it's very am humbling for me the clean a thin part of our life for all of my life. anyway. yeah. so i've met her, i'm not measure that. i've seen her and you, dylan long ago when i was young on a state prison on a site visit. yes. so yeah, very good with the school, was quite an extraordinary estimate, isn't it to the queen's global reach that people are. you are in the queue who've had a personal experience of her thousands of miles from here. she, she really appealed, didn't seem to people all over the world, appealed to everybody and, and she so humble as well and did a fantastic service for every month have, what are you expecting to see? how do you think you'll feel when you walked through us? been so ah, i think of the quite poignance anne of the field of emotional and emotion are now just speaking to you and so as to yeah. didn't. quite yeah, nation of me. well,
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thank you so much for speaking to us. you'd better, you'd better go and find your place in the queue. arguing you've got one of your new companions. yeah. a q friend with you as well. i am. yeah. that we met in the queue in the park. oh, yeah. come so sure. respect today, an please that we're here really. where are you from? i'm actually from a government so not far from her windsor castle, so seen the royals are locked in my time and are around the area. and i just felt that i really needed to be here today, the char response. i don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but you know, it's going to be about 11 hours from here to work. i got the train is on ready for like a long walk and a long wait so excellent. yeah. oh goodness, night from modern sleep this should be good. wonderful. well, what good luck to you, and i hope it goes well, i hope it's a good day. a lovely atmosphere, this cute, very sort of cheerful, a great sense of common purpose and camaraderie, of people making friends with one another. and, you know,
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taking this place in history, really having an experience of something that they'll be able to talk about for years to come. journal and deeds of great, same scenes there in london. still had hair on out there on the bank zane $1111.00 and a 4th to shut down up to customers. armed with guns demands that own money will be live in berries. and as in by way, face is blowing through just as we look as an old farming technique that's making a comeback. and in the nfl a rookie house, kansas city remain perfect. the season lazy tells laser ins, boys, ah, italy got hit hard by rain last night,
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a huge amount of rain recorded in one specific area on the adriatic coast, 490 millimeters that happens very rarely overseas a consequence. this is one of the consequences extensive flooding in that to carry of easton italy. now the rain has moved on little bit for the sas and further east . it's actually now wrapped around area of low pressure, which is being fed in the north by what is going to be a cold wind in the sized by the remains of the moisture from hurricane danielle, which gave that rate in portugal 3 days ago. so it's still widest in part anyway, here's the picture for friday, then the rain, the orange top shower, a show, maybe in croatia. whereas the obvious feature, northern europe is this cold wind down through the north sea. now it's got some arctic air and he's not especially cold. for example, in brussels as 3 days in that window about 15 degrees, but not much below average. it will feel cold honestly, but it is cold enough to induce snow on the northern slopes of the swiss alps, maybe as a german madison's as well. then at the same time,
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a heads helps to enhance that rain around the adria tick. in north africa, things are quiet and warm, but still the masses of big thunderstorms focusing now in nigeria. ah ah. ah.
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safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award. bought now for your hero, lou. ah, hello, can you watching out? is there a has reminder of our top stories this our a mass grave has been discovered in the ukrainian city we taken from russian forces . 450 grades were found in is the head of the national police force, as most contained, the bodies of civilians. castorena's amounts of sci fi would tajikistan off the
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days of attacks on towns, long been 950 kilometer border. at least 3 people have been killed since fighting broke out on wednesday. and russia's presence has held our phone conversation with armenian prime minister. let's discuss fighting menu and as a by john more than a 180 soldiers, most of them armenian have been killed since monday. more than half a dozen armed holdups have been carried out at banks across lebanon. in the last 5 hours, financial institutions have announced though, closed for 3 days next week because of security concerns. many of the raids by armed and desperate lebanese people demanding access to their own money. lebanon is facing a financial crisis, and banks of imposed strict limits on the withdrawals for more that speak to zayna . how does she is in beirut and santa some big scene happening? but tell us what's going on?
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well, there's chaos in the streets of the lebanese capital, at least a bank holdups in the past few hours, not only in the capital city, but other areas across the country. if you can see behind me, i bet he is a depository. he stormed the bank. this morning he is still inside. we understand is that negotiations are still under way. he's demanding his money, $275000.00 us dollars. he is saying that he can no longer survive. he is in debt, and this is money. i'm here to write this money now have imposed the informal cap control since late 2019 when the economy started to collapse, the deposit that they've been the one paying the price for the financial collapse. the states, the central bank and the banks, they're refusing to incur any of the losses. and what is happening is that these banks are imposing limited withdrawals. and when you do withdraw your money
1:35 pm
in dollar accounts, you're giving it in the local currency. but at the much less value of 70 percent of its value. so people really are suffering from a haircut. so what we understand from the depositors out quite association is that award has been declared, that's the words that they're using. a war has been declared against the banks, and there are promising that this incidents are going to happen over and over again . but banks a short while ago said that they're going to be closing. closing on monday, tuesday, and wednesday as a precautionary measure, and i asked the depositors union, you know, been, what are you supposed to do if that's happened from he said, that will work to our benefit. why? because the security forces, the army, the public sector, they all get their salaries at the end of the month to the bank. and they are hoping that the security forces will stop protecting the system that they have been
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trying to overthrow for the past 3 years. now whether or not that will happen, really, it is a far cry because what we've seen really the past 3 years in this country is people trying to bring about change. trying to bring about a new political leadership who really are connected in one way or another to the stakeholders in the banks and have done nothing to save the economy. and say that we seeing any sort of government response to all of this. but the interior minister is calling for a meeting, a higher security council meeting to see what they are going to do about this situation. but as and most the incidence, they have ended peacefully, we have a very heavy security presence now around the banks, the army, the security forces. we haven't seen them storm the banks. in most cases, the situation ends amicably. they,
1:37 pm
they negotiate and to the crisis. but if this continues, then there will be further chaos and this, the instability is what people are worried about because it's not just the question of people's money. trust them. people are suffering. the currency has the values, unemployment is on the rise. so there's a real fear that if the authorities, the political elite, don't do anything about the economic situation, then you can see more security incidents. in fact, what we've seen in recent weeks, an increase in thefts increase in shooting and personal and family disputes end up . if they start shooting at each other and in many neighborhoods across lebanon, so this is the real fear instability. santa harder joining us that live from bay route. thank you very much for the update, and we'll be keeping a close eye on this story. now nato is holding a naval exercises with the turkish maritime force of the western coast of takia.
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greece is also taking part in the drills, despite rising tensions between ankara and athens. i would just beats of in the eastern mediterranean, some gossip reports from on board a turkish landing ship of the coast of antalya. the turkish f. 16 fighter jet fly by as part of war game terrain in an agency. drilled come a time of hide and tension between ankara. an ethan last small turkey said. bruce had blocked it as 300. b styles on f. 16 just and the seats. grease denied the accusation as a nato member. grease is also participating in the exercise the . the port each other together. so the problem for this is the exact be beneficial for water,
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especially the for lots of the largest such exercise in the region is being attended by 15 countries and 8000 military personnel. it's a test after kids of ration or readiness as uncle takes overnight, a response for every time comment from u. k. next year. if the nato response force needs to be activated as well, the commended from this ship by the turkish admiral and a potential conflict between russia and nato. would be a challenge for on kara, because it has strong power with moscow and the potential conflict between we center kick would be a challenge for the military alliance as the 2 countries. our nato allies, with turkish navy husband, displaying its local manufactured helicopters, drones, and ships. it aims to contribute to nato's collective defense and show its commitment to the blog. fundamentally, what nato provides is a mechanism where 13 nations can come together in brussels around the table. ambassador levels and senior military level and where we can share our views of the
1:40 pm
world and ensure that we work together to create a collective defense for those 30 nation potentially 30 to shortly. and that's where this issues and disagreements can be worked out for funding. mentally. this is not about any particular individual politics. this is about 30 nations delivering collective defense for the entirety of 1000000000 people in europe. and america. one is called brain dead by the french president of mac. wrong nato says it will continue to work closely with turkey and other laws and partners to the term aggression and defend the ally and seeing them cuz to al jazeera until the turkey china has reported faster than expected growth in factory output and retail sales. but economists are reluctant to call it a full recovery. i say
1:41 pm
a declining property market in straight cove at 19 measures could fill, drank down the economy for us republican governance of escalated that campaign against the, by the ministrations board and immigration policies. one in texas gathered dozens of migrants on 2 buses and sent them across the country to the vice president doorstep. and washington d. scene in florida and word is gone for the paid for 2 flies to take asylum seekers to the results of martha's vineyard. how's your castro reports there people made haunts children clutching plastic bags. men and women who cross the continent to flee poverty and violence now being used as political tools, dirt on a meet, i assume a lift finished wailer. on august 18th, i passed through the jungle. i spent 6 days there. it was a tough experience, something unforgettable. so many people did and the jungle bus is sent by the state of texas. dumped these 101 asylum seekers at the side of the road in front of the
1:42 pm
residence of vice president comalla harris aid worker. say a baby arrived injured and a man with diabetes was rushed to the hospital after his insulin went bad on the 40 hour bus ride. republican governors interfering in that process in using migrants as political ponds is a, is shameful, is reckless and just plain wrong. a day earlier, 50 asylum seekers had been flown to martha's vineyard, massachusetts, the vacation town popular with washington's elites, was given little notice to prepare, volunteers quickly mobilized, finding them food and shelter. it's manipulating people who are in very dire circumstances. no purely for political gain. florida governor and rhonda santas took credit for the flights part of a coordinated effort among republican governors to send migrants to democrat lead cities. some have declared states of disaster to hasten aid to the migrants. and
1:43 pm
all those people in dc and new york were beating their chests. when trump was president, saying they were so proud to be sanctuary. jurisdictions saying how bad it was to have a secure border, the minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door. they all of a sudden go preserve and they're so upset that this is happening and it just shows you, you know, their virtue signaling as a fraud. at the southern border, us agents encountered about 200000 migrants in july, down from may's peak, and slightly lower than this time last year. greater numbers of asylum seekers are arriving from cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela. again, elaine is ugly facility and it's not just me, but thousands of venezuelans who look for ways out of the country in search of the future more than anything, to be honest. so our families can eat 3 good meals a day, not to be made political ponds. in the u. s. heidi jo castro al jazeera washington
1:44 pm
welfare program facility with enough food for 100000 people has been looted and northern haiti, and for his violence straight protests across the country. out, a government doubt doubled field prices. reynolds reports unstoppable protests convulsed haiti again on thursday, i dropped off an unknown number of people have been killed as violence intensified between police and protesters with attacks by criminal gangs, 3 haitian policemen were reported among the dead. the situation appears to be spiraling into greater violence and lawless turmoil. burning barricades and angry crowds blocked the road to the international airport in port a prince. for most of this week, he has been disrupted. the capital for france has been disrupted. for the most part, everybody is hunkering down. ah, there's a home on the street. so it's ritual,
1:45 pm
you're goes down. ah, as there are protests in by with barricades ah, to against the decision from the government to raise the price of oral products and 80 that fuel hike seems to have been the spark that caused simmering discontent to burst into flame cities. the poorest country in the western hemisphere is beset by soaring inflation, criminal gangs that rob kidnap and rate with impunity, and a largely ineffective and widely reviled government. the price of basic food items has increased by 50 percent in the past year. buildings were set ablaze and food warehouses looted, including one operated by the catholic organization, curtis a world food program facility in the town of gonna eve was also looted and burn
1:46 pm
w f. p. officials said, what's important is that we actually lost enough food to feed around one 100000 school children. for 3 months. we have 4000000 actually goodness traditions. 1000000 of which are actually quite on my phone, the one that we prioritized for humanitarian assistance. so when an incident like this occurs, it's impacting the population, it's impacting a very vulnerable population. ah, the critical situation in haiti threatens the stability of the entire caribbean, says the president of the neighboring dominican republic, e k. a still dennis. i feel the effects of the multi dimensional crisis in this country exceed out individual capacities and constitute a threat to stability and security throughout the region. for the dominican republic, it's a matter of national security and to latin america as well. in the crisis overflowing the borders of haiti, i,
1:47 pm
a desperate population. a government seemingly paralyzed and a wave of rage that continues to grow day by day. rob reynolds alger 0. an old farming technique to pre vegetables is gaining popularity in cimbawe place and areas. clay pot irrigation can save up to 70 percent of water without depriving crops. how much asa reports from ciocca? teresa lemming, his garden is thriving under the sled. sunk up to sneak into the ground is one of several clay pots, irrigating her tomatoes. this alternative way of growing food is ideal for zimbabwe. a country prone to drought, and re people don't get regular supplies of piped water from the council. he normally did africa. yes, even when there is no water, my vegetables are all is green. it's been days without water here, but the clay pots are all, is watering my tomatoes. using clay pots to water crops is not
1:48 pm
a new farming technique. it's used in other parts of the world, and now it's gaining traction in zimbabwe. the clippers are here for some small time in your visible. i'm a pause of that are used to for our water seeping. the water that are the is inside pick live, it seeps around the video across the did it yourself for to send to meet us saw the did the plans our own good. yes or for the sisters gets off the water. rising food prices high, a fuel costs and inflation at 285 percent in august means many families a battling zimbabwe government plan to distribute food aid to more than $2000000.00 vulnerable families from october. that number is expected to go up next year. it's not as rural households. people in urban areas also going hungry. and a privileged communities often run out of food in october. the drives period before
1:49 pm
the rainy season. the you in also plans to assist a been hungry is something gotta, we'll started to see more. oh, during the course 19 pandemic. so it's something that is fairly new is you know, the water program. i used to work mainly in the rural areas, but now we have started to sin some pockets in cities and towns where visa had been hung. the clay pots cost $5.00 each buying in bulk can be expensive. so communities also use plastic bottles with holes poked into them. they will just as well for some families in urban areas. these water saving techniques are a lifeline. help them grow food for themselves and sometimes a little extra to cell. i was hired matessa algebra chuck, which it symbolically it got all the sport coming up after the break with jama, including a special tribute from serena williams, optim roger federer,
1:50 pm
and out teas retiring next week. ah. with with
1:51 pm
full ah ah. time now on sport and his job. thank you. laura is the end of an error in tennis with roger federer hanging up his racket within weeks of another icon, serena williams. and now the 23 time a grandson champion has paid her tribute to phaedra saying, retirement just got the greatest of all time. williams reacted on instagram. i wanted to find the perfect way to say this. as you so eloquently put this game to resting perfectly done, just like your career,
1:52 pm
i have always looked up to you and admired g u in spite countless millions and millions of people, including me. i applaud you and look forward to all that you do in the future. welcome to the retirement club and thank you for being you is not just serena, he's been showing the admiration and respect for the swiss star. he's an icon of a school, one of the guys i looked up to him. i'm pretty sure every, every person in the planet has looked up to, to roger. you know, he was a flood our genius out on the colon. and if you're growing up and you don't wanna be like him and he doesn't have a lot of idea about tennis, he is an icon. you know, i mean, he is like the most like tennis player of all time. oh, really nice guy. sad to see him go kind of wanted to play him before he left. if we wanted to get a w of room at some point,
1:53 pm
but that would be nice to have on the resume. so dick shook, you know, and so did john of the game. so yeah, it's, it's, it's not easy for everybody. he just touched ross for 4 turns. he played b different just as i, in my opinion, the best firewalls harm, you know, i saw for him to finish a career. it's been the best career of us. i, i'm sure he's happy, ah ah ah,
1:54 pm
with with that or has left many bands and opponents in disbelief over the years we spoke to john web, i'm from the tennis channel. he says roger was the complete player and never anything less than a graceful sportsman. this is an athlete who showed you don't need to be ferocious . you don't need to be fierce. you can be normal and empathetic and still be the, the towering champion. and i think a lot of us in the beginning, we all waited for roger better to get the art and exterior. and when we turn into the competitive beef and it just didn't happen, he was thoroughly decent when he broke through and he was never anything last time
1:55 pm
we had a 19 year old breakthrough. and when the us open, so it's a bit of a sense that we're out this at this point at the pivot point in tennis. and i think will be fine. i think roger better and a dollar joke day instead of sandra, i do not think we're going to be seeing in next generation with re players winning 20 or more majors, which is just statistically absurd. but in terms of tennis is global appeal in terms of the way players come comport themselves. the business mom and i think these guys have set a really strong foundation. we just need to adjust our expectations instead of one guy winning 20 or 21 majors. it might be 6 or 7 when 3 in the m. b a. there's growing pressure on phoenix, sons, i and robert salva to resign following his sanction of a racist. so genetic and abusive behavior within the organization. the sons of vice chairman and minority enough, john, the javi won't solve it to walk away, saying that should be 0 tolerance, that type of conduct in the workplace, b and b,
1:56 pm
i have suspended, solve it for one year and find in $10000000.00. but in the geography has risen and open left to team employees. similar conduct by any c, o, executive director of president, teach a coach or any other position of leadership would warrant immediate combination. i cannot in good judgment, sit back and allow our children and future generations of funds to think that this behavior is tolerated in accordance with my commitment to helping eradicate racism, sexism and bias. i'm calling for the resignation of robert salva christiane ranada has opened his account the season helping manchester united beach sheriff terrace ball in the york lake united had circulated moldova when christian ericsson provided for jaden sancho. well, the visitors were then awarded a penalty. not long before half time i went out, i stepped up and claimed his 1st of the season. he's now just one shy of 700 club goals, match finished, you know, man united and grabbing the 1st points of the competition after losing last week.
1:57 pm
and the nfl, the kansas city chiefs of open the season with 2 straight winds. and they have a rookie to thank for that latest victory over the los angeles charges. the schools were locked at 17 in the final quarter. and jayden watson intercepted and ran the length of the field. hey, hey. hey, hey. hey lou, kansas is he went on to beat that a vision rivals 2724 the chargers losing their 1st game the season. and we've seen plenty of ceremonial 1st pitches in major league baseball, but almost never miss unique and very rarely is accurate. that was alex oglesby from an h l team at minnesota while to delivering a perfect strike with his hockey stick will shoot, loaded very nicely done that. that is always sports from me for now. i'll have another updates later laura, gemma, thank you very much indeed. well,
1:58 pm
just before we go, we'll leave you with some pictures that we can see from wales. we've got king charles, the 3rd and queen concerts, camilla attending there. a service of reflection for the life of the late queen elizabeth the 2nd there at landorf cathedral. the in cardiff in wales of his operation spring tide a tour round the home countries of the u. k. as much as it from the laura kyle? holler back in just a moment. ah ah
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with a mineral central to the quest for clean energy, a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting, it is dangerous, but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket. people in power investigates, claims that industrial mines extracting the precious material, needed for cleaner energy, are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those
2:00 pm
living and their shadow. the cost of cobalt people in power on a just a final farewell of the days of ceremony and emotional tribute. queen elizabeth the 2nd will be laid to rest. it means a britain. this longest reigning monarch would be very next to her husband can spinet a parents and her sister as leaders from all over the world to pay their respects. join us for life coverage of the funeral on out to say, queen elizabeth the 2nd. a final holding the powerful to account as we examine the usda's role in the world on al jazeera, i


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