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tv   101 East Indias Celebrity Hunters  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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they are able to openly celebrate their heritage and culture. the tamares out language is now being taught at this college and water. it's the only university in libya that offers the course away there and multi is one of 7 recent graduates. so she hopes to further her education and become a professor. but again, atlanta, i am so proud to be one of the 1st people to graduate in the amazon language in libya's history. but motivated me was wanting to know more about myself and my identity as an amazon women. studying in this department has helped me to understand our culture language. and heritage busy me did her. although libya has been engulfed in violence and political divisions since 2011 the amazon. okay, they're happy with their new found freedom. now, trina, al jazeera western libya, ah,
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. now koga stands, health ministry says 24 people have been killed since fighting between it's donna tajikistan forces broke out on wednesday. a cease fire was reportedly violated just hours after the country's leaders met on friday. that's lucky for those tensions, along with a conflict in ukraine, overshadowed the summit of the shanghai corporation organization in becky stun. russell said he has more from the summit. these 2 companies have engaged in a wide range of conflicts alongside to day or 950 kilometers borders. well, this was happen in the presence of these 2 companies were here in america, attending the shan guy, a cooperation organization summit and the debt, the diplomatic. a force had been just initiated to pave the way for a meeting between these 2 leaders. they met and they had agreed on a ceasefire. but just hours after this is why it was announced. now there are
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reports that the deceased why is already violated and the reports of the ongoing challenge are still coming in. officials are investigating a mass burial site in the ukrainian city of zoom, where the bodies of hundreds of civilians were discovered. the bodies will be exempt for forensic examination. syrian state media says israel has carried out air strikes that killed 5 soldiers. the attack happened near the capitol, damascus. israel has conducted numerous air strikes inside government controlled areas of syria. over the years. banks in lebanon have announced they'll close for 3 days next week. they say they're concerned about security after wave of armed raids, or at least to find the things raids on friday. many the hold up simple, desperate people demanding access to their own money. thousands of people are still coming to see the queen lying in state at london's westminster hall. people
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were turned away for several hours on friday as they tried to join the line. officials say the que reached capacity and a fire has engulfed a skyscraper in china building house offices, one of the country's largest telecommunications companies. the knees continued heron al jazeera, that's after $11.00 east. one day i might be covering politics or in the next i might hear by protesting from serbia hungry to what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here douglas 0, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing and with only cameras in motorbike india, papa rod see our hunters and celebrities, their pre. i work with him on a common rule, friendly voice and emotionally that he's from nicky to build the center. each of
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you thought i days, i just had a little bit about i looked at that, but i'd seen, i tried to run away. i know as fast as i cat from agile did jims to their own home . the pursuit of the famous is relentless and the pressure intense. ah. thus they can go up, dusting enough villas upwards thus again gun. i'm sick on the lease for input a. yep, again i'm, i pull up thanks eva is delivered. exciting. dig. hm. no, la vega is launch go that are botto dobbin without. ve ave i thought for a gun one to one east meets the indian photographer's living in the shadows of starting. ah ah, it's india's biggest wedding of the you. do of bollywood highest earning stars are
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getting married both getting her job at anita got pulled up her 30 sticker instead of landing it all just that will be going does adrienne b r i lakisha the say judy company be town. may wildfire kid that has spread order, he has a couple are there, but i've been game saturday. it's big news and there to catch every moment he gan is bopper out. so are the standby to bigler than have i to delude than i've been jack and probably kitchen yet bought them for a program with the 2nd go up. it does thing and uphill as apple. thus again gun the thumbs. these for him, but i yup. again, i'm at the feet of which company. ah, this so called private affair is a potential gold mine drawing hundreds of photographers,
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old buying for that money short of the bride and groom a it. then there is the vip guest list, a bollywood actors, sports stars, musicians, politician. it's a rare opportunity to get multiple celebrity snaps all in. one of the pressure is on a cup of head of security lays down the rules for the proper out sea and body. got a short survey, bernard belt. i did it for just a
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minute. i but chasing star director karen jo, her the room off of a i go next to arrive is gory. con wife of charlotte con the so called king of bollywood. a good idea. but i'm full of a shuttle here that him but i tele,
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rodeo or that any act is how to one i don't think voted, but i label jo. busy lang, better if you think of what? cookies a pool and saddle by hand, one of the important 4 by years of so i didn't know roger bus. yeah. gotta order me . will you guys charge me damn good. well that's it. but then a last minute surprise. i got the frenzy continues. this is the daily grind for the indian. papa augustine working round the clock. the facts are the conduit connecting the stars to those who worship them. ah, the next day our dish begins his daily cheese for new images. ah, the streets of moon, bye are his hunting ground with
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dish has a deep knowledge of the cities made like streets where celebrities live and hang out like beauty, queen and model. laura, a bollywood actress. a poor artist has been doing this since he was 17. a lot of us, i've had it. yeah, but i got some kind of said you got it wrong. okay. let me go there for a camera was i think that it will make it will be up to you jim a is a shannon with that. okay. really, you know,
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if you're out walking in a sec averaging or that aren't no good bod, be at home. some honda bought about a day with a little hard to skip box so you're going to take them. but the group is either that or provide this little a on the, somebody going on monday. i gotta give you a number that i'm working alone. our dish is running out of luck today. so he decides to meet up with a fellow popper out. so, but he who hm and i, as i was in, i is that of all, but he has the, despite the intense competition, joining forces often helps perhaps drac down celebrities. gus in relativism, and if there was a i their tip offs come from a network of informants across the city on a for how to kiss again. mother is here,
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i think a little for skill watch humans and such in those 3 when i will, i'll make wouldn't. but that they're deep. and which a lot of their vicki id aids knew. i knew i wasn't, wasn't deal lucille watchman, but i work with to day a tip from a reliable source piece of arthur shot his colleagues, a jeep went outside a gym, popular with celebrities thought, i days, i just thought i didn't get a ball as i thought i did. thank you ma'am. for the paps actress, sa riley. con is a guaranteed hit. her image is attract millions of views. i've done is i g. then this bought another fin staff and he's a g. b. but 2nd, labor movement no matter what, 2nd to
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convert the photos into cash or dish. leave the boss streets of center. mom. buy and heads to the crammed liens of an open. slum where his boss been in the cha of law is waiting. ah oh i know this will go on the level but will you go out dive on bigger letters out of every day. hundreds of photographs are sent from here to media networks across the country to them. when you go ahead
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let me know. i'll call you guys with varying their has dedicated his life to proper out see work today. he's hired a team of 15, including outage, to make sure he gets the winning shot to sell to newsrooms a gun to demand a dealer by little by the locals of full, and wasn't idea repository, piazza counting on my history with green. they're also runs a popular instagram account with thousands of followers track their favorite celebrities. the demand for these images is higher than ever i.
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a, he learned the tricks of the trade from his father, a veteran body would photographer. having joined him as a 15 year old at $23.00, he took over the business, successfully adapting it to the age of social media. a being but will not coming up. i'd be able i'm doing that all 247 a month now. he's from nicki deal da centrally. he took you to live with a pound of, of anyone who's been with us all the data there in those shows us where popper out c culture was born in india. it was 2007 and another celebrity wedding with the photographers kept back by the police.
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a good idea about your body. all right. okay. what about is it a government e b? i big guy was but he both ave was 2nd about, but i feel like we're both la la will border nominate what a plan got. but the paps were determined, leaving their position. they rushed across the road surrounding the couples car. either with a mortal, i'd be happy. get right over. okay, thank you. what are the copy that though? the you with doug? i already got you. yeah, i have a click here. literally about denise. you bought the old man,
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if you can yield order, namely committed the coffee bar. we're back here with emily out. is it? but i will then of about of the well, i don't i was i believe you. e ah milestones like wedding attract millions of fi balls. to winders photographs, but it doesn't stop that the paps crack and measure every move of a celebrity and the need to generate new content is so high that notches bollywood stars are in the spotlight. but anyone feed from sports figures to politicians. they then appear in national newspapers and online platforms like miss molly new dot com ah hi, i'm this tiny,
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i run one of india's most popular lifestyle and entertainment. love and be covered just about everything. ah, marleni. hon is a monster at creating, distributing, and selling celebrity news. i think the media industry has a massive role to play and building and destroying bollywood. first of all, i think it's completely impossible to avoid the press because somehow the press always knows everything you're doing. and that's because there's a network reg, they will know when x superstars landing from the airport from where and i think celebrities are aware of that. and they're ok with that, and the ones who are savvy use that to their advantage. very well. what started as a gossip blog is today an empire of entertainment news benefiting from constant access to india's most popular stars. i think social media has revolutionized the entertainment industry one because now everybody is a journalist, right? everyone gets a quick at the airport,
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can cover the news and the new cycle is so much faster. so what's happened is that something happens. it's immediately reported. there is no checks, and rumor is just escalate. but what does popper c culture mean to those who live such highly documented like i one the fall mom is univers. laura has a career spanning over 20 years. in the indian film industry. she sees controlling her public image is crucial. i know with your in your public persona or public perception is pretty much 90 percent of what your identity is and your social liberties. the rise of the popular see has all but it read the line between the private and public identities. copyrights,
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the culture which is fairly new in india and really changed the dynamic when it came to celebrities. actors both men, it really changed that, that landscape quite a bit. i don't think i have ever dressed to go to the f one. but then suddenly you felt this pressure, right? because everybody had these loops will be photographed coming out of the james. you had a jim look, and maybe i'm a little old school, but i kind of felt, you know, oh my god, am i being left behind? you know, is this what is this the new game? it's a trade off. the pop out see have also had celebrities reach new heights. they took the celebrities, i generally think that's one thing that's right on the media attention. it's what motivates them every single day to get out of bed and work harder. and i think that's great. but then there are another kind of people who find that kind of
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attention day, very intrusive. you know, and i think i belong to the latter. i mean, i look it up, but i mean, i tried to run away as fast as i can. the more private situation, the celebrity is gotten, the more valuable the picture. ah, but capturing these intimate moments can have consequences. ah, some thoughts not wicker, a form of buffer rod so knows this better than most active get some out within the midst of filing for divorce. when santoro received its tip about his location, a local court, i think it was just whenever i will get the wife who's been ready to get under what's up with him. but then you get the one we should get body which, which they thought made up. i'm going to show you alina,
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somebody was solid. so how do they know that it is not trained to snip the tissue gaming is not a middle water? is it does up of our legal list and that would be what us in that would be always up. so monopolies meaning if it didn't go and stuff, i just don't know because i'm when did i send that he up? if you can, we'll just, i'll post up just let me go. but that'll be near. we made up. i'm little is the limit. it was a little money. well, i'm look up a few dish on line i. j. k, e were not me to you and i see the can, the home will be 2nd of august, august is i don't know what, what is it? i would look it up on a month when i go to good beach montgomery. ah, ah, fish agrees a year. okay. hm.
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job. i thought a bit, a couple guys. i was there. how much money would you bought bought, but i shuttle, they put in a bought the vehicle. we hm. we got there. it will be logan owned, get towed equal to up needs in the year. a domain name, your phone was good for you typically typically that they got the whole got it. i'm known good towards the bought a new me now value from your point of view. i defy here a lot. it's a risky business. just
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a bag on my leg. i was on my leg by july. the only one of them that are good. what maintenance are you are you like any of it? or dish has just spotted the car of actress through v not dunden. and the cheese is all in a, in a put aside and with a lot and i game, i appreciate the game, but i'll go ahead i was i will for the day again on the here they artice hopes to get his snap off. rubinez young daughter going, i'm going to let even i'm gonna think i was off. i'm day are good,
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any amount of occasion. so g to know that photos of celebrities, kids sell very well. lona little can address. i'll be out. thanks again. exit, getting jojo, i'm making. thank you my enough? i shook. paula, i'm up. thank you ma'am. disappointed that he didn't get afford 2 of rubinez daughter, artist moves on to another target i do with the photographers are hoping to catch katrina kapoor with her husband sally con. and their son, they moved in dallas most famous infant. ah,
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ever since birth di moore has been filled every baby smile, every wildly step. put online for all if in the are to see. now he's 5, they were the what you'll, i'll visit them will harder. okay. now the hard roads, glad the, the vietnam low been out of our own gold wanting deliver them with her. it was goal which in a fee as if they would give them a. 2 0, online knew that their marleni a girl admits privacy can be agree area. on the case of time were i think that it is been made abundantly clear by korean answer that they have no problem having
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time was picture taken. yes. people love to see them was pictures, he's adorable. and so we have always covered famous pictures because we have never seen them seem hesitant. i have actually never seen them say stop or be uncomfortable. i absolutely empathize with all the photographers because they don't get paid a lot. they're out there doing their job. so it is absolutely on the editors. but it's, you know, it's, it's not, it's not as black and white because it's on the editor than it's on the audience. the end of the day, the media is also doing your job. ah, not everyone feel the same dish jeep and their friends routinely face online abuse on the same platforms where their photographs, icons, you, by millions of people. the see, the audience has no idea of what it takes to get those pictures. but for now, some of the fafsa taking a reverie, i mean,
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i'm not going to let you know i can they give you to me. but it doesn't that go back to going to get this in. yeah. but they're close to the glitz and glamour, but photographers like so don't want to cheat stars forever. he owns to be on the other side of the lens. i. they all together with a man getting get time it is with that of us. but it is a mega where there's
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a leak on that. it is a lot of us where we all should need that islam with the me wish for their own fame and fortune. but for now these young bopper oxy are stuck behind the camera. chasing india does. mm. in australia indigenous women missing that disproportionately high rates. 11 east investigate is enough being done to help find missing aboriginal with on algebra. oh ah, ah
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mm. i make up with with them. from breaking down the headlines to exposing the power was attempting to
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silence reporting the listening post doesn't just cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. on al jazeera, a mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous, but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket. people in power investigates claims that industrial mines extracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, or in fact, poisoning the environment. with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow, the cost of cobalt people in power on a j 0. ah it stands health ministry says at least 24 people have been killed in fighting with jackie star along their disputed.


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