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tv   Talk To Al Jazeera  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2022 7:30am-8:01am AST

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has mean under the vision and the reason for asking, forget that the, all the sites have reached their commitment and those who are violated of their commitments. they need to not build confidence, came in and do not moving against their promises. so we believe that it is necessary to freak out into removal of sanction should be accompanied with resolution of safe eve. we are supposed to go to our saw please call and baseless accusations. again, this tommy department called me wrong when it's close to save quite issues in telephone. so you know that it's so these agreements were not the footfall following a few days after the, the signing the agreement. likely dissolution, proposed to the board of governors at the same thing will happen and based on the
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plan. so that will create problems again. so visual, finalize the save, quite issue. and regarding the guarantees, if we have the cost or fee guarantees and we have less things, removal of these changes not to putting removal sanctions. if there is less than a solution for the same quality issues, for sure, it is possible to his agreement at the current time, the us side should take the decision. they've reached their commitments. they withdraw from the agreement. and now it is the united states that should take the decision to remain communities obligations while the deliberations are still on grant. what are the top issues that through when did you and the usa from reaching near realistic re meant one chair, monet,
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michelle had impeded most on the breach of the violation of the commitments em call by the us side. the us shes full, full commitments. we have expense lesion hum can on air. that museum was okay. there. li ah is so the president at the negotiation table, we have never left it. we have repeatedly that we are ready to finalize a good and lastly agreement. so the united states should take which asian, so this is the problem for the americans. and this is a problem that they should decide what they are going to do. they have preached their commitments maybe. and at the same time, they are not taking the necessary decisions. so today we are not dealing with the rain or 5. so not taking the nurse said decision, but the use size to take
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a message and nish 100 him v prove that. also, sanctions have create problems and it is very true for all countries was subject to sanctions. sanctions, you can never stop was they have never stopped us. we have no other country or the developmental continues development in the country and development, the county will never be stopped because our people are there is trying and determined to and a are shape the will of harry so as into opportunities and the pull it in different like this santa cassie now nowadays the nuclear industry in the country. he's a localized industry tarnish, went on to marvellous care our scientists. of course,
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they are threatened by the sinus regime and the number of our deer, nuclear scientists have been fascinated by the elements. so design decisions at the same time that has never been stopped from realizing nuclear achievements. because 1st of all, there's a, it is right to develop nuclear industry. and the 2nd time it's cons to industries, agriculture, medical issues at u haul, or gas benefits of nuclear industry when it comes to electricity, generation or other sectors, a lot of benefits to be made out of the nuclear industry. so country is capable today. this knowledge is not given or transfer from the vesting country, but the 1000000 people have realized this in this country. the believe does they should go to country these either through shame room or have every who have
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trust the weapons and the friends of mass destruction have. so they should go prevent those contests from producing. this wasn't these show how they are afraid of the power of his damage upon the cause we want and we are determined to defend the rise of the stormy republic on the line. and his people very strongly was kind of guarantees from the west are acceptable for you moving forward. my way out there has been on the get him. i was expressed by the lesson cons this, i should be trustworthy for a long years. tell me how to do it this. let me call you on has the right to request for karen to share your case. ready? cut off nice going hall because you are facing the country who have failed commitments in the past. the united states failed in committing publication to pass,
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and they have acknowledged this side when they agree that they are breach their commitment. so it is very natural to say that in order to may utilize the industry. and in order to toss in these do an agreement, so we need to receive some trusts or fee guarantees. miss president does the wrong field that it is useful at this stage to meet face to face with the american officials to undo particle that look and push the nuclear negotiations forward. more. your daughter has every cadmium with her. so we have the experience of what one round of direct negotiations with you. so when it comes to the discussions, we have the experience of direct negotiations, who believe that there are no benefits of lighted negotiations when i don't want him to say yes,
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they are asking for more concessions from the ranges more each one have for you. do you are you was already was 30 way believe that there are no benefits out of the diary negotiations with the side. that nuff m a led to hold him home. that was okay. very heavy. believe that the interest of the rain in nation does not lay in d david negotiations. sure, why the united does lawful fail is the case is called the agreement. if they want to have the trust of the some public, they need to fearful the negations of it. it is necessary to go on to it unless you're some tossed building actions with the rain and i get it going. what you are going on? if we don't about, if they have trust building measures, including the lifting of the coup sanctions imposed against is on the phone because
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you don't. and i don't, you don't have, you know, so iran and the rate in nation will understand that the, this side is very honest actions that something was ok to go for that in the corner . and at the same time, while you're doing dinner cliche agency are imposing new sanctions against individuals that i'm your name was you're not at the middle of ocean's. they have the proposal to come to the foreigners to impose sanctions against somebody from the government just showed a good deal of the west side. you know, national, you know, these are some seemed symptoms you show that the side will remain committed to asia . my question from the us side is that you feel about your intent for the finalization of the deal. why do you impose sanctions a, some individual of the new words out in mister president for more than
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40 years. the gran usa relations have remained hostile. so what has per went it and normalized relations with the u. s. e, and how yellow stick is a diplomatic breakthrough in the near future. only a day jory as knowing it on the summit of on the one autumn on how you got it has some causes. so kind of what you do and or some statements as well. you can do your longer have told the word that we do not press other countries and we do not accept the pressure at sort of a heat source to get to that. we do not allow any country to dominate every chord on but in the united states to low change dominate iran night before the feature of the sun lucian mall. we live and our dear people will
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never nance the united states to dominate here one day in defense. methods and different manners. they want to continue and resumed domination in the country. where should we care, vendors funded or? and they started the study. hash san for it is sat down, row his, as he rode, said tom and passed partly at the rock was per located and the support a team financially, from the intelligence perspective, these a logistically against this on the phone. they created a lot of charge on these in iran, at the same time, the rock, they don't bought it on and off and quit at all with them. so they're looking to coo, coo, coo, decide. you want to have jerry on in one offering. they support m g o activities. who are the isis that exist today? i see to me as already,
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but if they are taking the same measures that him g o members use at the beginning of this, tommy, who of the estimated 70000 people in the country, they kill the president. they assassinated the presidency. pharmacists, they assassinated a martyr, the showing the managers and the european countries the now has blacklisted. but today m j o is from joining support. i'll show you list and show you as a tourist group and official analysis at these terrace group who have killed a lot of people agency, the blood of the people and they have they fascinated 17000 range women children. and then, you know, english one, you've got him unless you don't care. these are the hostilities adopted against even people who will be most of it. but that also means that they shut down the
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lenient craft passenger to a great number of measures against my country, which would be a very long list. you know, having to show you only if you see the extent of possibility you're going to get to somebody. what was the reason? because they intended to stop this on the, on the why have they been 60 this, or your official, or you kill tammy. because then when we impose impression, move in position of sanctions. had davis calling the rain and people we want to cold the sentence of the united nest spokesperson, maybe you as the media men, the, all the media with his the sentence to show officially announced that the maximum per share against the public is one, has failed, ridiculously this is not our statement,
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this is his statement made by the spokesperson of the united it is made by the state, the united so they are trying to measure why are you important sanctions? again, you don't want, you know, you can because of all the hostilities at nist said by the us i to stacy came upon probably one cannot be top rated moment. not sure, given amy show you, we have not been stopped and he will not be stopped. we, we need, as all, you see that no decent demonstration held in the country. you see, she ran, hire this and media was working around the clock a publicly long to create disappointed people. you see that you're out in the rainy and people have the same way. you know i could phase and d,
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machinery media in wrong. there's one, you know, i get on it all over down the path of the lizzie, if you're going to be continued by the united states, you know that up to now they have not been successful and you shall not be successful. know that figure going on and i believe that i get do, let him hold that him to go if you miss jason is going to be held via he should put aside the behavior of the administration procession way and it rejects the behavior of the mission and practice the right people, the world shifts the same behavior is maureen and people who have the now starting to not trust this side. we have told that we do not trust the united states. so mister president,
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what is the current state of iran saudi relations or to run and re, are ready to address the issues on yemen, lebanon, iraq, and palestine. or are you only focused on bilateral relations? none taken, graham care? i or is that your question is in fact compose of different questions and i will provide different my 1st answer had was indeed relations with saudi arabia. lee, have some online discussion with saudi arabia hosted in, broaden the friendly country iraq in was actually punch these discussion. i've been house for 5 rounds and they will be, can be believe read the regional issues if not interested. but the
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extend, our services will be settled, we have a task great importance to regional dialogue and we believe that they can be full and regional officials have the capacity to resolve the issues without these interference of forces. but just for the human as well yet. but yeah, any hallmark was so the human human issues settled by him and he believes into yeah, many show show this is closer, you know, one should into this country, but the em any dim says like very well people should resolve issues and problems. it is for 70 odd 100, tory and on fair actions against discontinue, oppress them. william and besides also is empty song because they are resisting against them for selling has said selling the issue. the
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solution for the i'm and the asian, he's to live and leave it to the brave people who are knowledgeable people. so they can find this one for the problems that i believe that you necessary to remove the embargo country are soon as possible. this last and to promote any, any negotiations. i want to read them as iraq regarding the location the iraqi people are. i'm sure a lot rather you have told hold on to supreme lead the late in the household times changing the all the time. the new lease is strong. you all the people in the nation, the iraq, you relationship decide themselves utilizing the message is going to stablish
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a country that we would be very happy to have is strong, call a stablish rhonda country and to avoid the regional forces from each of fear in the internal affairs, or you should not allow the emergency law to be present anymore at all. we need a strong motor iraq, which is trusted by his own people. so there are some countries european countries, other countries up in contact with us. they have told him that when he comes to walk, the walk is, should decide themselves. we believe that co kids should decides with themselves can, can effect is truly yes. i mean, this is true. again, foresee as well as you can go on there. so do you, so what are the emotions going to do in serial? why are they taking the order of these country away?
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not very young people who have subjects of great oppression on the so based on legal for based on things that they are taking off of the country. well, actually, what, where does and laundering their resources and people who should utilize their resources. so what does it mean that the progress of the is forced to believe that nations should satisfy social notice de intel to credit and to manage some concessions dominance from the resources of their country. and we believe that
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our again, based on these can not be lasting in the state today or very inform the knowledgeable so that today naisha has not received that card from the other end of the ward entered into the country and to it's longer those sources. this is not acceptable, is presence. moving on to the east. how will you describe iran, russia, china relations? how much more can these relationship grow? and has us pressure for this relationship not to prosper mall. that it's just that the hard as you will in our foreign policy. how do we, how do easy in ballard mobile having to travel we would like to promote our
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relations. we owe countries, especially with independent countries with china. not only are we, we have set up a 25 year whole program to implemented as to what she has said. it's gotta be according to what we do not lea a has a china relations other countries. yeah. they started a relation to china just of this family to lose younger, continued, and we still true about russia has no relations with russia. bruce, leave you a promoting demo. and with our navy in countries that don't tend to promote out by nights and in fact, you go here and look how all of your have balanced perspective to any other
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countries by this i'm in that we try to promote out my method relations with 3 neighboring countries and were told to swap ha, dominant look in perspective of the west. so the chance a multi bilateral relations with all these countries that or if did, or you caught it or let the law at the beginning of this, an assertion i announced yet i extend my hand to shake hands with, oh, are you neighboring countries? and we are following the same policy now zone and agree, read an art, a press against organic or other countries needed lee except than yours was yours to address voss. and this is the policy of dishonourable napoleon. and finally, mister president, your country immersed from an ash and civilization rich in history, culture, and traditions. and it has been more than for the case is dia lumnick revolution.
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but looking ahead, where and how do you see your country as future and worth could be improved and done differently? movie nat, don't warriors normally even the sun is republican, you want? oh yeah. and then what was your role shannon? we rena leaves that there is a very bright future for us. magnolia nego hm. the base of these perspectives that mom were to redeem with believe it whatever negotiate julius ne, defines the perspective policy of the song that upon the call you on he's originated from the natural demands of human beings. what is the standard upon the co you are, is to administer justice. i want a good as well yet, and it believes that and that justice should know she lives in, you are all visible at the same time you're, he's bilateral relations with older contra should be no more. you're going to just
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are fair. we require somebody in terry justice for all, for all people, all country 100 we believe is just a step arrogant as priest of the night never stays. any good policies is in line with these respective how of it. and we believe that bilateral relations should be just unfair money going on. ask you only can i and there are, i'm, isn't it, we believe that money doors who determine the future have based on the determination and corruption. there's some plea to call relation between the fact that the last thing solution will arise, justice will remain forever the right things will remain closed
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today in the stronger countries. if you look at these people, some other hand, if you look at muslims, all of the want to live in that way. so they live to leave like most of what this in a, me that the light, the on the chair rules and regulations are your audio relevant. normalizing hospitalizations of israel with saw countries seem to phase. i'm here. you can, can create security for these asian in hot call. he, they call you and i don't was longer there doing your so the weekend, the right, the man we and justice demanding the most people, if people among the muslims and ask them he's designing regime as you had this feeling of cooper for these people and the atrocities, as it's on,
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i gaze the senior people and the people of the region going to. so if you ask the perspective of the muslims, you go here, we'll see what, son in the school, all the nations, those liberal, a freedom seeking, people, ask the ideas, what do they think about the sign? so they signed the chance to chat with you, they signed the shanisha government was gonna look now they signed your hostel agreement. i don't wanna pressure them where they are. you successful in launching the right, demanding and demanding a rise of so plaza is under seas. my get them out of them or can you both sign them over there? so the people here stood the change design is forces using this term here.
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so oppressing the people i was telling wash the you're going to prevent those people from failing from resistance or it's changed their story into missiles. i'm sorry what it was for them. so i want to reply to your question . your question is, how do you see the future, whatever you may believe that or you and their own maybe tell and that zone future can not defy this part in just a matter of human beings with muslims and muslims. so they want to say some justice and this social justice will defy future, may be a dominant forces by making use of their influence against these demands and to media to you to create that common knowledge and law. the
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people on the 1st page, they claim that there are no knowledge of humiliation. and therefore in the word, but you have to remember d, r, me, some people are going to call you addition and know that this rate of demanding arise and dispute of demanding freedom cannot be on stock today to somebody in the hands to promote just pay relations or one sentence, we believe that there is a very bright future. we believe that the right will have the right another out of the fall of audio president of the islamic republic of iran, say the brown breezy. thank you for doctor doctor sarah manager. know, are you a shout care? yes, you don't watch it. i would like to thank you and al jazeera, ah,
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from the war in ukraine to the global energy crisis, and the impact of climate change. the need for international cooperation has never been more vital as leaders from 193 member states gather for the united nations general assembly. will we see any breakthroughs on al jazeera, a, jenny, a jenny, and base, and one of necessity in 3 different missions that all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was unpaid roads at the mercy of its unpredictable tropical with risking he told me the curriculum on al jazeera ah
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a flying a flag, but in the occupied west bank, wheezing, the palestinian flag could get you shot or arrested after the also ports of the 19 ninety's between the palestine liberation organization and israel bound on the palestinian flag was listed, but on the ground it's becoming much harder to express any type of support for the palestinian call. one day there are no palestinian flag. the next best to reach are filled with it's a b, y t your net by young man. we're not even born. wendy is really government for the cleared the palestinian flag in lieu stones health ministries has at least 24 people had been killed in fighting with tajikistan on their disputed board.


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