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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2022 10:00pm-10:26pm AST

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extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course, we cover major global events, but are partial lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how is fine with yemen, the south region, and so many other we go to them, you make the effort, we care and state don't you so much is the, is of evil under a labor government, it will not be tolerated in any form. what so ever. beneath the surface lies the dog has died in british politics. the labour files are one on al jazeera ah the u. k. holds a minute silence in honor of queen elizabeth ahead of her state funeral. on monday
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. this of the leaders and royals from around the world joined king charles for a reception at buckingham palace. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm noisy in london, you're watching algae 0 also coming up on the program. us how speak and nancy pelosi, i just support for armenia as she visits just at days optimized as a by john killed more than 200 soldiers. violence in protest blocking the streets, leave residence in haiti's capital without war. oh well it's 1900 g and t and a minute silence is currently being held across the u. k. on the eve of queen
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elizabeth, the seconds funeral. these alive pictures are from central london and number 10 downing street. queen, of course, has been lying in state at westminster hall for the past 4 days with members of the public and dignitaries filing past to pay their respects among the movies on sunday was us president joe biden, who is now here to attend the funeral over the past couple of hours, he and many other leaders from around the world have been attending a reception at buckingham palace hosted by king charles the 3rd heads of state or ambassadors from every country, which has a full relationship with britain have been invited to the funeral. many dignitaries
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and royals arrived in groups via a shuttle bus, including japan's emperor, now tahita and king philip of spain. oh boy, challenge is been following this story. he joins us live now from buckingham palace, of course, here in london. what's it been like that already? well, we're entering the final night official morning now the public, the public has been told now not to come and join the back of the q. that's amazing. a kilometer long phenomenon that has been all across the world ways for several days now. because if anyone joins now they will get there, they won't get to the front, they won't get to the to the queen's coffin in time before the queue is basically officially closed at 530 gmc tomorrow. that's when the u. k. the capital changes get once again and move into the official proceedings for the
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state funeral. many, many dignitaries are here already. the capital of expecting some 1000000 people perhaps to be collected in the footprints of the wall palaces and hyde park itself. it's a huge undertaking, an amazing security operation. roads close the kind of thing that the u. k has not seen before, and it is seen quite a great many of the sorts of events. big events like this, but nothing of this size so far. and laurie was speaking about this being really one of the biggest diplomatic events in modern times. you were just mentioning the world leaders in the dignitaries of arrive for that reception at buckingham palace. but you have many, many people from around the world coming to, to pay their respects to the queen and to attend a funeral. absolutely, i mean, we have seen
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a huge number of dignitaries at buckingham palace behind me this evening. there has been this royal reception hosted by king and charles the 3rd at some 500 people in the main state rooms of buckingham palace. $200.00 to $250.00 world leaders were invited, bringing their spouses. we had the us president joe biden, and the 1st lady arriving in the presidential car called the beast. we had a manual micron and, and his wife as well, many, many more, many of them didn't arrive by their in transport. they came in buses, so 10 coaches, bringing people to like live on the land and shells. michelle, we had plenty plenty more coming and of course they are all here for that vast event. the state funeral will be seeing the wall tomorrow for the state funeral in
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london. taking his turn with the tide of people that have been flowing past the queen's coffin for days, now us president joe biden came to pay his respects in london to sign the book of condolence, and to offer his recollections for the much celebrated monarch. she was the same in person issue as their image, decent, unable, and all much service and harsh go out to the royal family. came charles in all the family. and so last that leaves a giant hole. and joe biden is, of course, to join hundreds of dignitaries at a funeral. that is an unprecedented challenge for britain's police and security services. the brief is simple, keep everyone safe, but the execution could hardly be more complex. it is the most nightmarish scenario
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for a security apparatus in the world. it's something that i've never encountered. olivia kita is a security analyst who's looked off the us presidential candidates. we talking about once in a lifetime event, with possibly $500.00 heads of states, kings and queens and v i p coming at the same time at the same place. but then you have on top of that, potentially millions of british are going to be lining up the, the street. so it's, it's a double one. me nightmarish scenario. not. it's what the british police have got to deal with. more than $10000.00 offices have been deployed, potential threats are being checked off soon as rooftops anywhere and attack could come from the placid jubilee. the 2012 olympics math and carnival london is no stranger to massive public events. but the city is massive. a column says nothing can pass to the queen's funeral. here, westminster abbey. the biggest policing operation ever was what he's called
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a former city, a policeman. nichole with his warning, against any alarm as him. though, if you got a hold, any of this don't hold anywhere else in the world of london because london is so well rehearsed at managing instant, managing threats like this. if you look out the window, you will see thousands of police officers on the streets. on sunday evening dignitaries arrived for a reception at buckingham palace hosted by king charles the 3rd and extraordinary gathering of the world presidents prime ministers, royal's governors, and more the word unprecedented is so often over used. but at certain times, no other word will to i'm not going to fall into my trap and use that word again, but is a little challenge for audience around the world. how many other people, kids drop by their death, the number and the importance of the people who come here to london at the moment.
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they're all here to pay their respects to queen elizabeth the 2nd and to be a part of this beautiful and some grand ceremonial pageantry of her royal state funeral on monday. all right, thanks very much, lori charging, bringing all the natives from outside, buckingham palace and central london joining the industries you now as while commentator and historian and ions. and of course, we see the state visits happening. but what's unusual or remarkable is that we are seeing so many squeezed into such a short space of time. yeah, it is remarkable. it's amazing that the british monarchy, despite really the countries decline in its status as a geopolitical power over loss. and he is nevertheless managed to draw all of these dignitaries to the united kingdom. and i think that's testament to the impact of a list for the 2nd as monarch. what do you make of the reception early on at
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buckingham palace have so many heads of state members of royal families wildly did in one room at the same time. how rare is that? it is very rad. probably the last time we witness something on this scale. with such significant personages was back in 1953 at the time of the queen's coronation sites. it's really significant. and how do you think the family or family themselves will be approaching this, particularly king charles? because obviously he's dealing with past the loss of his mother. she wasn't just the queen, but also having to to have so many meetings and cameras fixed on him constantly right now. indeed, the new king has big shoes to fill. as the case sort of number one, diplomat, that's what these mother was when she was alive. that's the role that she played. she helped to grease the wheels with diplomacy and i think it was significant early this summer. france as president, manuel macro describes a list,
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but the 2nd is the golden thread that had held britain and france in close or bit over 70 years. despite the fact the french and british governments have often had very different opinions of one another. it's now the new king's responsibility to, to take on that row, adds this chief diplomatic figure in order to try and continue exercising. a kind of soft power ensuring that britain remains relevant, meaningful to its international partners, even when governments don't necessarily work quite as well in maintaining those relationships and quiz with was very effective at doing that. is it going to be more challenging for king charles to play that role? it's a great question. we know that in the past, king charles has spoken sometimes controversially, about political events in the wide world. for example, in middle east, he's going to clearly have to learn to bite his tongue when it comes to. that's what that was, what his mother was so good at. that's what really defined her as
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a constitutional monitor, i think really explains her success in that role. such difficult very difficult to strike that balance. so isn't it? because in some way, speaking out on the issues that matter to people, global issues, whether it be conflict, misunderstanding between different cultures and communities, climate change at sort of brings that relevance. but at the same time it can now and backfire exactly. and one of the things that the new king has foreman where in terms of speaking out is the environment. many people care about the climate crisis . they want to see action taken to, to prevent environmental degradation. this is the something that would win him plaudits. and yet he's got to be extremely careful the anything he says, for example, doesn't find find that he is, is in direct sort of tension with what british government policies are all thanks very much for now. ad own so thank you. she 8, you are sharing some of your thoughts for this or since wednesday,
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really hundreds of thousands of people have joined a mammoth q to see the queen lying in state. in london, al jazeera spoke to one morner, who spent more than 12 hours in the queue to pay her respects. my name's lucy, and i'm from bristol. i've been waiting in the queue since 1 am this morning, just straight away with such athens people who will say friendly lives to such a great atmosphere. everyones of the here for the same reason that want to come and pay their respects to someone who gave literally her whole life to our country and the commonwealth. so, standing in a queue for what seems like a lot of i was really nothing when you think what she did for our country. i think mclean mean so much to so many of us i think go power certainly is a thing that i think comes to mind, you know, to have their female leader of our country for so many years up against so many man . and she kind of show them how to do it and just to give her whole life. i think
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that's just remarkable. really, people have come from like we've only come from bristol, which is not that far relay. but if the least i feel i can do along with some of my friends to pay, i was that it went from being very jovial and quite light hearted in the cube. and if it was chatted and then we walked in and it was just like, you could have a pin drop. it was just the atmosphere to switch. like the utmost respect, silence it was just was overwhelming. actually. i just have seen it on the tv yesterday. few hours ago, and then to be here now, to leave after 12 and a half inches by 12 and a half hours. we've been in the queue. it's been worth it. 100 percent. i just there's lots of things flushed in my head like lots of moments i'd seen on tv and thought this was probably the closest i ever got to her and take the. i was able to say thank you for all she's done. didn't think about anything but her. yes. amazing
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. we feel quite humbled actually. and yeah, just actually privilege that i've managed her to be there. and if a moment in history that we're probably never going to see again, ah, ah, the speaker of the house of representatives has pledged support for armine or after recent fighting ice border with as or by john. nancy pelosi is the most senior us official to visit arminius since the dissolution of the soviet union. does tony chang reports from yerevan. what raleigh, you asked plain a permanent piece process is far from clear. aah! alongside her armenian counterpart, nancy pelosi paying her respect to the genocide memorial. the speaker of the house of representatives appeared moved. but the message was clear. the united states as standing firmly alongside armenia in its time of need. later in the day,
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after meetings in the national assembly, she was equally resolute and meeting again that had a particular importance to us because of the focus on security following the illegal and deadly attacks on as of by the edge that they hang up on the armenian territory, we strongly condemn those attacks lee in our delegation on behalf of congress, which threatens prospects for much ne piece agreement, but pelosi wouldn't be drawn on how the u. s. might contribute to the peace process we were here to listen to. i mean, is security need, she said, but conceded the russia had broke the seas. father, it's currently in place initiated either series on the streets of the capital protest as cold for an end to the russian broke a peace process under the collective security treaty organization or c, s t o o. we have an alliance with russia, which is not protecting us,
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and we are at a dead end. we are like hostages in our own country, but our mean is in europe and that is it. we are a european country. can you hear people are shouting out of c s t o, out of c s d o a pulling out a common place written. everyone agrees. it's not. you go romney. those me she was gotten with no one knows exactly one while everyone wants american support. no one can agree on how that might work in practice to connie, faith church, and here on the border talk a piece seems very far away. recent outbreak of fighting has left these villages deserted. after farmers fled the shelling that hid the homes and the military moved in as bullying. the fact is that at this moment other by johnny's targeting civilians and the reason and the quick response from the international community it, which is not good in the vast grass lands and hills on the border. the pathway to
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a permanent piece remains elusive and out of sight. tony chang al jazeera european well as a by john is strongly rebuked. nancy pelosi, her comments on the board, a conflict with all media calling them a serious blow said piece efforts as a by john is repeated it physician, that the fighting was the result of a large scale military provocation by armenia. foreign ministry described pelosi as a known pro armenian politician, and brandon remarks, unsubstantiated and unfair, buckley says the ceasefire is being observed and the escalation of hostilities has been prevented. russia is intensified and strikes on ukrainian civilians strong over the past week following setbacks on the battlefield. this, according to british defense ministry, which says it expects moscow to expand its target range further. ukraine has just recaptured a large wave of the northeastern harkey region. special trains are running for
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people from the liberator ton of violet. clear. want to return home following 6 months of rational patients. some of those going back of express their relief, but say they are also wary of what the future holds. preclude that should number screws on. it says if we're in to noble nature has taken over. no one did anything for half a year. nobody trimmed the grass and bushes. everything is overgrown full, so just as good on your sources. it's scary. i'm still scared of being here. i've still kept this feeling awful. that any moment a shell could explode to an airplane could fly over. i'm still scared to be here. will ukrainian authorities have revealed what a say was a makeshift rushing prison and torture chamber. and there he captured high cave region officials believe the seller and cause that shallow pon close to the russian border was used to torture ukrainian civilians also being alleged that russian forced to set up a local police force. he ran the prison for his, i'm not him,
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is lensky says, more than 10 torture chambers have been discovered since russian troops were treated last week. moscow denies this as, as accusations of human rights abuses are a smear campaign by ukraine. haiti is seen looting and protests over the last few days, fueled by rising fuel prices and the high crime rate demonstrations of disrupted the islas water distribution system making clean water hard to come by now tropical storm. fyodor is burning towards the country threatening to make the situation even worse. lia harding reports, protesters lit these tires on fire in haiti's capital. they're angry about high fuel prices and crime and want the prime minister to resign. inflation is at its highest in a decade, and gang violence has left hundreds of people dead and displeased thousands people in puerto prince have been forced to shelter at home as fighting and gunfire. break
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out. the government called for. com, allowing people to come out of hiding to find the one thing they've been living without water. lumpy look like to be because of the blockades in the country. it's been at least 2 or 3 days since i've had access to water. lots of john denise avail. lives on the outskirts of the capital and had to wait in a long line to fill up his container. he is thirsty and hot with daily temperatures here, climbing up to 35 degrees. if it wasn't for places like this, we would die from thirst. we can't find non potable or potable water. this is the only place we can find. water companies had to stop deliveries to the city amid the violence. in 2010, an earthquake destroyed much of the infrastructure, and it hasn't been rebuilt. the issue of clean water is a problem if a clorox in the water to be able to drink it, we just can find water. petrol and diesel are also hard to find government fuel
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subsidies recently ended and nearly half of the country relies on food assistance to survive. and now another threat tropical storm. fiona is heading towards the island of his renewal of this week, ramping up the demand to collect water in case the storm hit. by leo harding al jazeera, now tropical storm. fiona is already at the french car, being island of quite a loop, killing one person. fish will say the man's home is swept away by heavy range and strong wind roads. bridges and power lines have been damaged, eating many communities cast off and without 15. what was storm then strengthening to harden is added to puerto rico, the power source embarrassing electric system is now out of service when hearing 130 kilometers now we're ready been reported with people to remain in doors. president biden is approved in emergency declaration for the island,
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which is still we're building up to hark. and maria, 5 years guys. what millions of people have been told him moved to safety after a powerful typhoon slammed into southern japan, causing black out and grounding flight typhoon. none ma dollars heading north, bringing heavy rain and packing maximum winds at 162 kilometers an hour for cars to reach the capital. tokyo on choose day mr. logical agents, his warning of record rainfall, which could cause rivers to overflow and trigger landslides, an earthquake, a strong se in taiwan tearing roads and bringing down at least 3 buildings. the epi center, the 6.9 micro quake was in a sparsely populated. tie turn, county. i'll bring you more news electron, but coming out next. it's taught to al jazeera, with aaron's present. ibrahim rat, you see, ah ah,
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america. this ashley city in is central was because that was at the heart of the 3 road known as the civil, lincoln east and west pathway for goods and ideas. here more than the leaders of the east have gathered at the shank corporation organization 2022. the nations here represent 40 percent of the world's population and more than 30 percent off is g d p on the line and the importance of this geopolitical alliance. emerson said that in san marcos, this year islamic republic of iran has sent a memorandum of commitments to become a permanent member of the shang corporation. organization of the civil runs of fail pulls in vienna on the iranian nuclear program and economic sanctions imposed by
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the west. what are the opportunities had for iraq find out more as the president of the islamic republic of iran? ibrahim gracie talked about as the president of the islamic republic of iran, see the brand. gracie, thank you for talking to are to sierra mahunis francisco, sir president, there's a wide range of topics i would like to discuss with you from the nuclear negotiations, indiana to the american sanctions on your country. but as you are here in summer county for the ashanda corporation organization summit, and it seems all is set for iran to become a permanent member of this organization. what does this membership means for your country solo, on and off in a 100 a low? hm. below and i mean solarno season or nearby, you know. mm hm and, and not totally a salamander not saying that i know you're not saying no london saying.


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