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tv   Football Rebels Afonsinho  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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a representatives of indigenous people who have their own beliefs. mark, one christian jewel. this march is to show that diversity of faith in brazil or diversity. people here want to maintain. illinois says, never angelica christian, as churches have been taken over by groups with a political agenda of their own good balls will truly believe in christ, nor you preach to log into alone, nor to fight for power. many here hope the fight for political power won't tear the country's religious communities apart. 6 ah, monica, you're not give al jazeera rio de janeiro. ah, i carry johnson with the headlines here on al jazeera.
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ah, a minute silence has been held across the united kingdom on the eve of queen elizabeth the 2nd funeral. since wednesday, hundreds of thousands of people have lined up to see the queen lying in state should be laid to rest later on monday. you as president joe biden, and the 1st lady paid their respects to the queen in london earlier on sunday, up to 500 foreign dignitaries from 200 countries are in the city to attend the funeral. people have already begun camping out to watch the funeral procession. and those hoping to witness the 1st funeral of a british monarch since 1952 are braving a cold night. people have come armed with tense, sleeping bags and chairs. why would you not pay her? this is, this is not just once in a lifetime once and everybody's watch. and this is not going to happen. i think in the u. k. ever again. 70 years. all right. i've got to, we're gonna have
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a monitor for 70 years again and just to pay your final respects to her. why wouldn't, why would you be just yeah, i know if you go to come and see an event like this, you've got to come early. you gotta sacrifice something, you know, it may be a few hours tonight, but we get cold, but we get the benefit tomorrow afternoon. i think you know more than a 1000000 people without power in the u. s. parish reporter rico off that was hit by hurricane fiona wind speeds, about 140 kilometers, now have been recorded, but people advise to stay in doors. present biden has approved the declaration of an emergency for the art in which is still rebuilding off the hearth maria 5 years ago. and millions of people in southern japan, i've been told to leave their homes as typhoon none model may land full on sunday. japan's weather agency has warned of unprecedented strong winds high waves and the
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risk of landslides, tens of thousands of homes on the island of key. she has left without power. it's expected to move north springing heavy rains to the main. on the face of the headlines, the news continues. heron algebra, that's after football rebels. ah anti semitism is of evil under a labor government. it will not be tolerated in any form. what? so f beneath the surface lies a darker side in british politics. the labour files, hot one on al jazeera a . ah, cuz i'm going to use that either from john a month on the cost of your house or business
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with us in washing bottles. jew body value is on. got me the ice. ah. i was your western was gone this in board. can you go to pieces to discuss this
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with me? i will you please. he is in this from what you dealing by the jasa, bob able to show never did. if you people beat the other 2 call metric that your media said of, i'm sure i got the elaine goodness elaine to go to one of the front back with you, my copies. and you said 87. you paid a check if your novel and she got me today, she woke up with my bill g. a bestseller, so religion all she will. but we'll do that mad. you must be all she really does what you thought them. i mean she, democrat them. i mean dingy age. now you appeal to more than i'm
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a g g. i should ask is up in the morning, but i with suzanne was as good as you know, football. who have been that my land lord see just look at their capacity. you say so who am i due to cement? and got a vase? not, i mean a stem was, will proceed with these might mean as when we all got quite hedge. you say, so my legally, i'm with energy at deputies. odessa, 2 boys each. thank you. i got back ideas, elko fall bridge, aren't you that wallace? you're gonna be able to see. i think though, learn the message. i think the ideas on it that's i just don't jacob is getting to
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pass a pitch. but i view that, maria, and i should boil and a fuck with died, you know, to abide by for me to push the off. i mean, if he is a say, said the last about a year more you bought more. busy yeah, he moved in or sulu me their, their son stamp was my is my hand on him. good. they're sick are separate. call him that, that as well. the others imagine wasn't either them either a deluge view your view all involved with. busy just know that he may or york was a desire to gather more mountain in your for my son. i'm you can,
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it's on bail all with her spirit or to look it. they voter says alpha to boeing, carson, look in 30 garza one year, was won't buy it. is the spa man janeth bite and man girl were blacked out. like i said like this in a possible vanish, keianna was i knew the skin or the scholar once they looked at it. well, of course it went by your lafferty with go ahead with the natural nice in the you then you know then that will that he's
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a cool manga would've, stella denied it. no, it air. hello marcia. song nice to some other li video. the fool will be normally selling it book it uses. he says that i'm here to give that he says edit magnitude more capacity, bad killer, g a g, g, bravo, car west. as a real guy, he said, wondered, he wanted a black eye in a bad guy said total power isn't . well, i can say daniel copacetic whisker gene that was god vein us of his owner as enjoy your money neither to accomplish the vehicle method. i get home with a push was away venice. net and mortal and what to pack that
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with i did them so me letter give for you. i did a daughter to look a common or just shoot those or loss of fish, but as it you need to damage. glad i meant dumb. been off, which a boat and body is all out for to bodies. mo, pass. so mirror that as was said to ball fresh, but this
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stuff will cut that as article that was in. there is a view sky volley. he saw his to them, but i'll say for him when we assume the infinity g included hipaa. so i was just on, with some more mer to put you through these. i me, i looked at them for the me up of sound for to ball of at a funky sort of boss you ah, what else i wouldn't do above becca ill, joe mil python
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o n g shannon nor say tarver. say dad, this is equal to do you not? what is a good i was, easter go, go pass there. can i? applica i said almost describes what to let the percentage which ball and its gravel and you know, tia lipitor, badger, g t, v. he didn't know until, but his epa says in our contract globally, you grew be ada. donald, you will seal as of it was all that good as far as you pointed out school school, this is going to not being seal it is everybody got up a month since groups goes to forcing webpage after lunch, as adams was really quick start by doing this space, you know jim was liberal that the g d v. he says ill, so he said, oh, be sued sheila, my all my, all my, my goodness. so digital minus. yes, you hit the local place. oh,
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a with zebra. so then what the folks will do premier, the 2nd one they keep both. so now what are folk st day own vehicle rule for mile got issues are cited to finance. she will ship it is, shall ruby fit there? add to that quote, ma, my door will shut that off in colorado. say separate so now says or tamika cinnapool just say that kid global st in, we started, you weren't bill new me when i was there, we started, you were my so article say what you want. and i said thank you. the senior kalak was a single point that was it, and i will desire wasena to some our sequence tragedy. gov it is the leather june collins asking where his dad equipment set. the problem is to help
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us with somehow loop with her to do miss. it did the at 3 a to a come on to, to, to prove into a sudden and put the aside attack you have been looted last year. oh b a. but he says to get them to not be so what can i, what you are you talking about here? janet put them in the village where he brought a book at the top of what was the date now for data might, is at our vendor parabola. the light bill up properly. i gotta go to the senior flu for through now. it, i'll visual useful. casey equipment who will mil to move for. shadow is 2nd to cement to it. it could a series call miss le till wow. when it is in what you hold as someone to the manager there at the co luna associate for you guys. are the dawkins ok? who's a barber?
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it don't have been so kayla. i can know what to say and also keep in t o in places. rather one is this, is that a g, g? this is but as far as sort of issue for you guys to put, you know where it into it. is it a bit more e? she's a terrible hyster if it's used intermittent, is that about this liberal badge preferable? are no more to shock a uniform each month just they're going to school this. is it no contract or foreseen looking like a blunder. nauseous. latuda over the door, pauline quinette saline sugar are connected. you should fit inside the house. also true that louis can i have the next time, otherwise i'm new to the popular so now what is to that you need to see if any of
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them are not see support each come to the financial solution to michael and michael . i am a so now it came from your school to that don't where is all are they to plug it in? macklin. sonya view the the my 30, i'll mail you arnold at them. now the momentum was i'm, i would your name but just go to the source who is in india said ship local barking, so food bombay the so i was a fundamental that we moved to want to said in portugal, more proof. so ah, with
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less one seen really 20 established storms as i bob, a bill of grange eat, or his human 1000000 thought was if giddeon to feed him a squash storms. the sheriff's wasn't going. my jim was yoga door. bob boyd, the cab, the law dot com again later this year, my asked that i'm up with a little bit a really low. oh yes, i am going to some fun on you barbara. would you g d chiller lad was about would
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run or he will show not as a pill, mourned by patty. this jimmy didn't turner, and who jesse getsco pro beautiful ill? do my daddy, i'll put in a faster use. i go on, richard. i'm barbara. you would you forgot you barbara. it's you know, yet you are barbara barbara, so up super me. he did you cool? no problem when you watch p. o and they're going to going on with it again, you were told that the name watch only financial on want to sign key. we talk about those behavior lawsuit back on tomorrow much to, to try to call for oh, back with the quote that's it brought. oh, oh, cool here to fight them guys and threw off on you. you might not be not that in my no problem with dish. yeah.
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you see, you said that the class in quote so you know, my question no matter what the deal more than a diagnosis. so it was this one metal to me a think you pedestrian. i would add lasha, kin with jin devalued up in a little matter. supposes so school till may of for school, just glean for them they threw so that due to football and want to throw the se, there's somebody a single machine you put, i mean, you saw a special not to bully the duke with his you bought a poodle caching issue to force you know, politics easy to play, basketball, sit, you all know. can you meet the out on peter? do you monday to synchronize?
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ah was glad you can you. so and this to pass a damp module. so here, quincy, miser, tail course, there are so yet, and i master about good think is play cock and off with us. oh and quote on a who a quote to pike without at 1st all anchor that they had bid was orders of ship middle were mortgage with us. citizen dix buchanan with her italia. so into school. got of each got idea of, of can my, she must include book, it is issue a conte de set. they enter an authentic way through resume wilma. neither
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in through in tongue. it's got a visually, a fear amanda, for coffee monde for crystal is xander. ah less is to them. yeah. them yet. oh my did it was is so i don't i don't really don't see it, but we'll do that. magical did a cheer was over here. so you put your ball must be all she wanted her bad of to resume in to sell. so similarly, been repaired robson who damages all of your little rewards center to pele. you know, she want to just have a little a so ice. ah,
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so my stuff their lives i'm used to left isn't one to use even if he is a family billy. joe romanella. it asa labors. my joe for he alba was about to what is this the best results from that bus or mm. a pool. i've been loan from them, advised milk, would assume him or so. no, and i mean via the last one, i missed one of the the door that was sure he's got a visual fickle my little my saturday theo, 2 se until he said that they collateral equal history. he's was go for a little food on a lot that you have a lot of the ill ill tell me what was the sound of because the latter key. yeah he it to the won't deal with scott polka said i can what they mosier. oh wow. okay. no,
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no, no my, his godaddy if we would gladly. and if we should come to my my, her name is valerie key. you got our call happening in eskimiya, i suppose is celine name. you said to aqua mill, miss it really fuzzy, the village it go fast. call me in the back with a name ill, ill, jeswicky. i had bill dicky moved, the wounded her visit with him over here on the show. on the
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3rd with balky ball with it. he ended. i thought it was his boss in toe. oh, would you barbara still not risking vo home. did you hear a go to the issue isn't well past my is important. you know what you bought a pattern matching for 30 l wanted us fish. jewish could put you both purpose here . there are i league as soon merlin get it that i've got
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to read the book. it was all do with that a little use when you think it is okay to visual is of home to sunday what you got you handled that? mm hm. ah, what he, she veiled for sale is so if so educate you believe that you know, by age or they see anthropological e s t o s dash be so wish you why the, i shall die, cannot support each can go either or gainfully made says each question, why depend them to the support? how did you, i don't get they, i would managed by sync which run of yoga data. so we're little zacko mazda z. if it, i'm it in there, grab the dose ish, them as
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a business lot and may be able to search for opportunity with, you know, but i do yoga, go to school more one, seen a bedroom pass in for the image a know this, but i love it, buddy, he's in the throat, got more popular, so no doesn't work. who is a jimmy guy? i won't do it, but of his emotional glue for the day. i sat down with you for a
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a so to bo can nice heat with apples. she must, so it was on, i'm with
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my voice. you know, i'm, if you did it with you and to help them walk some flaming with the lead. you're come to the on to the pitcher is a special moment for any football to do it as a palestinian woman is a remarkable achievement. footballing legend added canton our introduces honey found ya. who broke through social and political barriers to expire. a generation
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of female players across the middle east football rebels. that's the way on al jazeera. i make up with, [000:00:00;00]
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with 6 away from the glitz and glamour. but with the paparazzi chasing india celebrities, if the high stakes game one or one east coast, behind the lands with those hunting for the perfect picture on al jazeera italy boats the right wing policy for tele, vitalia is ahead in the polls could a decisive victory overcome the gridlock, there's a stifled recent government and what are the wider ramifications for the e. u and nato stay with al jazeera, for the latest updates and in depth analysis. ah .


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