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tv   World Cup Countdown North and Central America  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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station and now if he's admit that even as they prosecuted, sire it was known that they were 2 alternatives suspects that were not disclosed. and they accept that key cell phone location day to use. this evidence was floored by the family of hyman lee, who was 18 years old when she was strangled and buried in a park say they've been blindsided by science release. they say the state conducted the appeal without sufficiently consulting them. they want the truth to come out of it. the truth is that somebody else killed their sister daughter, and they want to know that more than anybody. they were shut out of the legal process, the court, and the state attorney's office. and there was, it was inexcusable. question being of would prosecutors reexamined the case without the podcast, whatever the outcome of this case, it has at the very least revealed yet another example of prosecutorial misconduct. and it raises the question, once again of how many others are serving jail time in the us, based on flawed convictions. she ever time see al jazeera,
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ah, good teddy, got us. hello adrian. they got a hearing though, how the headlines and i was 0 wild leaders meeting in new york for the 77 session of the un general assembly rushes war in ukraine. the knock on effects it's having on food insecurity worldwide. and the climate crisis will be discussed on diplomatic editor james space. is there the plan for the day, a little bit fluid? it has been in recent days. exactly what was gonna happen on this 1st day. and that's because many of these leaders are actually making their way from london where they've been at the funeral for queen elizabeth and normally on the 1st day of the high level week of un general assembly. one of the very 1st speeches is from the u. s. president joe biden, while his speech has been put back to wednesday because he was in london and is resting, i think before coming here to new york. but the 1st speech of the lot that we're
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going to be watching is of course, the speech that comes every year from the un secretary general antonio terrace. a complaint has been filed with the international criminal court, demanding accountability for the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina about our cli. it's the 2nd case filed at the i c. c. since she was shot in the head by israeli forces, while on assignment in the occupied westbank in may, her confusion has gained strength as it continues to rip through the caribbean. the storm is lashing the region with heavy rain and strong winds. at least 2 people are reported to have died. ukrainian forces counter offensive in the east is gaining momentum in both the low hands. continental grievance, keith says it's now retaken, the village of bella. horrifically in hans 11 school children have been killed in walk. witness to say was a helicopter attack by me on mars military, on a school and village in the countries north. the military giantess says that it was targeting rebels,
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hiding in the area of south africa's police prison. his civil rights union was taken to the streets of pretoria demand higher wages. they've already rejected the government's offer of a 3 percent increase. and those that headlines. more news for here on our 0 coming up after world cup count down. ah . ah.
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safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. ah. hello and far as smile. welcome to our latest world cub countdown program. as we build up to cats are 2020 to the middle east. first world top, which kicks off in november. each month we're focusing on a different region and this time it's north and central america. oh, canada's bands are excited after their country finished as region is top qualifier . we'll take a closer look at their teen. united states are also in the mix up. they're missing
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the last finals in russia, but will they be able to surpass the success of their women's world cup winners? joining us to talk through it all, our former u. s. international and current being sports analyst christopher's sullivan, who's near of palo alto in california. and canadian sports analysts foreign tool, who's in vancouver? ah, with a lot, lots to get through with 4 teams having qualified from the north and central american region. canada finished top of the table followed by their 2026 world cup co host mexico and the united states, costa rica qualified via the playoff. here's how they've been drawn in the group stage for the finals here in qatar. we'll take a closer look at each one shortly. let's 1st focus on the inform team. canada will
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be making just their 2nd world comp appearance. jody bands reports from vancouver. oh, canadians are passionate about their sports teams. ah, generally those playing baseball, basketball, and of course ice hockey. but more recently, fans are turning to a different game with the success of the men's and women's sides has caused a massive spike and interest in the sport. the canadian women's team, one olympic gold in tokyo, followed by the men's team qualifying for just their 2nd world cup. much of this success is down to the influence of coach john herdman. john herdman has brought so much confidence through the canadian national team program that it attracts winners, right? winners attract, winners. he had metal success as an olympic a coach for the canadian women. he's more than brought that to the canadian men.
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this group of players is much more diverse than the team that played at the $986.00 world cup and mexico. among them, the canadian immigrant from ghana, alphonso davies, the buyer and munich player, has captured the attention of the soccer world and his thriving under heard men, while croatian born b, land bori, and tells everyone how proud he is to be part of this team. happy to agree to, to give back something to jennifer, the gemini, give it to me, you know, new life, new everything. experts thank november's world cap. could be a turning point for the sport in canada. now this is an opportunity to be there in cutter this year. and then in canada, united states, mexico, in 4 years, this will set a real transition for canada to the next level. the recent success is already paying off with greater enrollments in youth programs and fans ready for a taste of world cup. lori were gorgeous. oh, with hopes of being
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a dark horse. canadians are counting down to the tournament in guitar with excitement not felt in a generation. jodi vance, al jazeera vancouver. and here's what's facing canada when the world hub starts in november. they're in group half with belgium who were until recently the top rang side in the world, morocco and co asia are the other teams in my group. what's bring in our guests now . and scott, i want to start with you because canada that have never even scored a world cup goal before. can this team cause an upset tier? do you think? well far are the short answer is yes, but it will certainly be an upset if canada and specifically can take a point or perhaps even a win against either the european side in the group manager, john herdman is already laying the groundwork of canada, being a mass of underdog in his group, he began today in the media, saying it would be
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a monumental task in the group. but if an upset is to occur, it will happen for a couple of reasons. one is that fearless, cohesive approach that we saw from canada during this last round of qualifying candidate were not intimidated by raining powers, like mexico and the united states even away from their home pitch. and the other factor would be the ability to generate goals from a variety of sources. canada led the group for the last age with 23 goal. the cross 14 matches and those goals came from a different sources. yes, it will be an upset of canada. can find a way through this group or perhaps earn a result against one of those european side, but it most certainly as possible. and christopher kennedy coey sean herdman, scott just mentioned to him. he's had quite an unusual career up until now. has any absolutely. i think it's been a fascinating path to this point right here. i mean, he's coached for 7 years where the women's team and he's won every competition that
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he's been in or place metal around in olympic qualified in pen american. they won the gold. it's very interesting, you know, i agree with scott unequivocally a 100 percent. i think they were the best the and merited qualifying top of the group. we for the 1st time you've seen mexico, that's been a power along with the u. s. sub. busy par performance throughout the whole, qualify another hereto martino, the u. s. normally never looked past canada because i've been canada. the us are very similar. similar when you look at the composition of what they brave, what camp canada, and even more diverse. when you talk about the diversity of the players from where do they have all over the world is really impressed. and unfortunately, i think costa rica and kind of are in the toughest groups and cuts. are they come up against belgium creation morocco? i think they can get 3 points against morocco having watched morocco without resides against the us, been a recent friendly. the tough one is going to be belgium and much like 86 when they
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put again, that great french team with the star started midfield of plot can use your eskegal on fernandez. you're looking at the best midfielder and kevin broner. so if they can get a point, i actually believe that they can get a point between belgium in croatia. one of those to the way that they played in perform, you know, we're talking about a year ago and qualifying will they be up to the performance of the day at optimal performance. canada could take anyone in this competition or surprise, anyone the way they play. and scott cannot. the demographics have changed a lot since they last qualified in 1986. how much of an impact has that had on the current national team bar? it's had a significant impact and you need look no further than the roster and the squad that was named by john herdman earlier today for the upcoming friendlies leading up to the up 2 months from now. more than a 3rd of the team are players born outside of canada is back. if you look at immigration trends in canada over the last 30 to 40 years, you can see
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a significant uptick. this is a country that is more than 20 percent immigrants, and the vast majority of canadians are very proud of the fact that we're multicultural. and when you look at john herdman, being an immigrant himself, a story that he has mention, alfonze. davies as was mentioned in jody's report, being a refugee who came from gone to this country. they are the faces of this team, but they lead a very strong contingent of immigrants, so it, yes, it has had a significant impact on candidate soccer portions on the men side. ok, well, but shift our focus to the other team from north america, the united states, they're back of finals. they're missing the last world cup in russia. the further they've ever gone to the semi finals back at the very 1st edition in 1930. since then it's been the u. s. women's team that has enjoyed the most success with for world cub title, when the us will be taking on around in their groups. countries haven't had formal
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diplomatic relations for more than 40 years. around one they're only previous world cup meeting to one in 1998. england and wales are the other 2 teens in fruit. oh christopher, are you confident that the us can get out of the group stage? but i think you definitely don't want to be arrogant and you want to take your opponents, you know, with, with, with certain credibility. and i think wales will be a very interesting battle. i think both teams are on similar levels. when you look star power garrett, vale and others like ramsey and it's a well coach team and they had to fight to get here the game against iran. we last thing is iran in 98? i think that that team under carlos tito's, that's just come back and it's stream we well they got 4 point than in 2018 where they beat they tied portugal and they beat morocco out of the gate. and then last 2, i think they lost the 2nd game. i can't remember who that was again,
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but they have players that can score and they have top forwards equally like the united states. we have a young generation that has an american in each group of champions league, but the game is not played on paper and that's what makes it so excited. we have a team that finally starting to take shape. play a little bit better, but the pool is deeper than it's ever been. a scott had a did beat the usa at the start of the year. what did you think of the u. s. is paula flying campaign. i thought a times the group showed its youth and christopher's point is very well made. this is not a lack of talent on this us roster. this is a deep pool and a very talented one. falsifying round the final one that the u. s struggled when they played outside of the united states to generate results. i'm not sure if that was a lack of experience or perhaps a little over confidence after what was an extremely successful 2021 campaign in which the us won the con cap nations cup and gold cup. it's not a lack of talent, it may be a lack of experience,
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but the u. s. does have the potential to rise up on the biggest age football has to offer. and to me, this group really comes down to that 1st match against wales. i'm not discounting iran by any means and the political ramifications as you mentioned, bar coming in to this topic will certainly plan to that match as well. but it's a lot of pressure on the us and well side coming into that 1st match together. but yes, i agree with christopher esteem is certainly talented enough to make its way through the group. can it come together at the right time and will that youth serve them well instead of being a lack of experience. thanks guys, we'll come back to you both shortly. but now let's take a look ahead. the 2026 world cup will be vastly different from november's here in camp. our tournament is spread over 3 countries, the us, mexico and canada. and for the 1st time ever will feature 48 at supporters in washington, dc are unhappy that the u. s. capital wasn't chosen as one of the whole city. like
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hannah spoke to fans there. ah, you as fans, excitedly awaiting the beginning of the cut, a world cup in a matter of weeks interest all the more intense here. because the game is part of washington's culture. almost every school place it at all levels. and the local professional, t, d. c, united has substantial support and groups like the screaming eagles could be described as fanatical. there's a lot of fandom, a lot of support, a lot of passion for the game. and it's so it's important to us, given this passion, this a degree of anger that dc was not selected as a host city, as it was in 1990 for the last time. the us hosted the tournament and we are the nate, the nation's capital, that i mean that to me is just i don't know what the thinking behind that was, but i mean, how many other countries do not host from their nation is happening. there's
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a place to play in virtually every washington neighborhood. it's important to note that in the u. s. the name of the game is soccer ball is a different sport entirely. but then there's a team called into miami, c f. the c, f stands for club to put bowl, a knob to the many, hispanics supported and in miami, each game is like a festival. the party has been ongoing since the city was selected as one of the 2026th venues we're excited about. the world kept coming down here. ah, just because it's finally happening in our backyard. the kids day, you know, the lobbying the on was for your and how i, you know, everybody so excited a lot of work up billions of us fans like these will be watching when the cutter will come, get turned away. that already there's a sense of anticipation about what happens beyond when the world cup comes to the
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region in just over 4 years time. mike, hannah, oh to 0. washington. christopher, what do you think of the 48 team format? do you think it's too many countries? well, i think most clements and certainly my colleague, richard keys and then the great way to live. and in the united states, they play the mc to a tournament where you get to the sweet 16. it starts at $64.00. so for american, you know, i think that they would understand it for the rest of the world. it's one of those new rules that is different from the traditions, but we've jumped to 32 from 24 and now they're going to 48 and i think it will be a shorter turn them in for some teams before they go out. and we just have to deal with, and i mean that's the only thing that i could say. i do believe that with god said, canada has 3 places. i think it's vancouver, toronto, and montreal. and then you have in mexico, they have mexico city long. and then what, how do i believe?
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and then you have all the cities in the united states. so really, 3 countries and big countries as well. we'll be able to accommodate so many teens. and so many cultures watching this fantastic event in 2026, it's going to be amazing. oh scott, what sort of legacy do you hope? the 2026 world cup will leave for the game in canada. hopefully something that resembles the improved results and increased the expectations that we saw from our olympic programs following the 20 to 2010. pardon me, winter games in vancouver, leading up to those games. there was an influx of money and resources made possible by a lot of different sponsors across canada and a lot of different organizations. and our athletes benefited tremendously. that is increased the expectation across this country. when it comes to the olympics, and i think we could see something similar on the soccer side, our women's t that team has certainly led from the front much like our neighbors to the south in the united states, canada on the women side,
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current olympic champions that started back as christopher and reference earlier when john herdman took over the women side and the surprise to everyone in london in 2012 by winning an olympic bronze and taking the americans to their limits. at that point in time. the number one country in the world, so our women have laid out a template that hopefully our men can emulate and hopefully 2026 is a springboard into future results that resemble those. let's take a look at mexico now. they finish 2nd in their qualifying table behind canada, and they've got quite a match coming up in the group stage against lena massey's argentina. also be placing saudi arabia and poland. mexico is woven into the history of the world. the stadium pack in mexico city was the 1st venue to host to world cup finals, and it was also where diego mer donna scored the famous hand of god goal and goal of the century. and the same game against england in 1986. our correspondent john
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holeman has more from mexico city. this is the cathedral of met conflict though. that's perhaps the real way to describe what is quite a rule kiss around the ground vs pick a stadium. and it's got a long history with the world cup to finals were played in 19701986 in general. this is a tournament, the mexicans get excited about, about 80000 people are expected to travel from here to kick off. the cheer on that team. 3 co lot. that's the nickname at for the national side, based on the 3 colors in the mexican flag. that doesn't necessarily mean that people are expecting that much from the mexico never been past the quarter finals of any well comp. and this is generally regarded as not a particularly vintage crop of players. the country in general actually is only the biggest trophy drought in 15 years. and that the men's women and the youth teams.
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but despite that, whenever they go to woke up, met because know how to celebrate to the point where the mexican foreign minister is actually explicit evil. not to take any tequila in the suitcases at 2 guitar. it's not going to be a problem in 4 years time when the woke up is actually held on home ground. here, together with the united states and canada. chris, her not a great run for mexico. they've gone out in the round of 16 and left 7 world top 10 this year. be there year. well, i mean, they call it l t o part of the 5th match in mexico and it's been stuck in their head. qualifying as, as scott mentioned earlier, was not a very good performance and had taught them mark, you know, in fact the fans have been chanting, what i thought that, what i thought that and you know, they've had the recent injury of hey, sue's l i t t o corona, what nickname that is to kathy corona,
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to beard so you know, is the party, boy, we don't know, but he's from port out. he won't be there to be locked on. napoli is one of their star players, him and it hasn't caught his best form since bad injury that he had with wolves. so they're having problems with the star players that they've under performed. there's been a drought of gold for mexico, and i think mexico, you know, that 1st game against poland is going to tell the story of the group. they have pulling argentina, saudi arabia, they'll be playing against poland for that 2nd place. this, in my opinion, i think with the fans the sentiment and they are, some of the greatest fans in the world is really dire. you know, i mean, they really feel that mexico is not going to do well. the guy only wants have mexico be in canada. or the us in the last 3 years, do they have a chance? or they have a chance to get out of their group because that's what mexico traditionally does 7 consecutive world cup to the round of 16 getting past that hurdle. as chris mentioned, has been somewhat of a challenge,
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a daunting one. what's interesting about mexico is that despite their poor qualification round in the final stage, they still finish with the same record in canada. but that tells you the different standards between the 2 countries. what surprised everyone, including me, was mac, mexico's lack of english in the last round. mexico is the comcast squad that you depend on for goals. and you have known traditionally as one that does not lack often, but that was not the case. over the past year, mexico scoring just 17 goals in the 14 matches of qualifying they do have spar entirely. that game against poland is the one that stands out in mexico gets off to a good start in that game and wins that game and takes 3 points. you feel very good about their chances of getting to the rounded 16, but to hearken back. what's happened in the past year and this particular group of players, i'm not particularly optimistic about their chances of going beyond the round of 16 and now to the final team from the north and central american region, and that's costa rica. they were the last team to qualify for the tournaments
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through the inter continental play, all dating new zealand here in katherine back in june. and they found themselves in a very tough world cup group again for time winner in germany, 2010 champion, spain and japan. i was at her ramp that he spoke to pans who are hoping to win their way to encounter costa rica, the classic match between somebody saying that always brings out the strongest of emotions among football. creates fans known as ecos. shakia for normal conditions in the country as a mentor reduction in the sale of work packages. for many fans, their only chance of getting to guitar is by participating in rattle like this morning. it would be a dream come, true, football, fascinate to me. and in such a speak taking the location price of the state. so we can only hope, travel agency say only around 500 cars. $35000000.00 inhabitants will make the trip
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to don't do so. will be watching from home, say they will still be cheering on their team. guitar will be the ticker participation in our world cup overall. the 3rd consecutive time in a row that they qualify. not bad for such a small country. despite a rocky qualification campaign and the theme will repeat its story performance from 2014 in brazil where they reached the quarter finals, the site owned the label of giant killers. after finishing top of the group, they shared with italy england, and you're away from a former defender and national legend, michael pneumonia scored the winning penalty that sent us that he came to the quarter finals in brazil. he says the current team has what it takes to get out of the group page. once again, elaborate as an indoor side of the truth, as we like being in a group like this one, to compete with the best. and that's what you do in a world count faced the best i feel optimistic. i know our national team shows its
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best when it faces the world's most powerful. the next generation of players hoping for another strong showing and katara allison the and just so was it steady ker christopher, 10 memories of what that team achieved in 2014 to help them here. i mean that's the big question. i think that they track costa rica very similar to that goldman generation from killing that won't be in cut are under jorge, luis, been taught in 2014 in brazil. i was there, i mean they taught the group with uruguay and italy and then they got to the quarter finals. and last for 3 and penalties against the netherland. now they have a different, you know, they have a history of having columbia coach that coach. i have now louise fernando swatted. he's a little more defensive, but he has just has history and experience in a world cup. so i mean, this is a team of old players can he's we that final bit of juice from the 11,
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from the limit of these players, kaylor novice, was the legend in costa rica. and then you have sell. so borges ways with 150 cas and that was brian luis as well. your campbell who scored the goal is to get them there. if they sprinkle enough fresh young players from costa rica, it could be part of the the and they can go through. but the odds are against them . scott, what do you think? are costa rica facing an impossible task? far it certainly feels like it in a group with spain, germany, and japan. and while they have all of that veteran experienced, the christopher talked about they do struggle to score goals and you can expect lows. he goes to try to frustrate their opponents, to play the physical brand of football, to play very defensive brand of football as well. and hope to generate the chance here there be opportunistic, perhaps go to penalties as well. it spain off the hop. and then it, it's japan finishing with germany as well. if the upset is to occur,
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you would think it would have to be early in their group stage of matches. but it does not look very promising. they've drawn an extremely tough group and we'll see if their experience pays off. but i'm not very optimistic about that. happening this time around, let's just catch up on what's been happening here in the house country catera. the venue for the world cup final. the sales stadium is undergone a major stress test ahead of the tournament. it staged the super caught between the champions of egypt and saudi arabia, with a near a capacity crowd of 75000 supporters. that's all we have time for so big. thank you to our guest, christopher sullivan, and scott rental. next month we'll be switching continents to focus on the asian teams. i'll be heading to have her as we get ever closer to november's mid events. and of course, al jazeera will keep you right up to date. every step of the way. ah
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ah al jazeera with no news. ready until mccray in doha, these are the top stories on al jazeera. a complaint has been filed with the international criminal court.


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