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whole will the us, mexico will costa rica rise to the occasion, the work out countdown on al jazeera when the news breaks, you're wrong, you more intense wildfires that the best case scenario is this when people need to be heard. and the story told it was exciting to have this icon of the line be shown to everyone with exclusive interviews and in depth reports approaches. awful damage being brought up, al jazeera, has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries, and lives ah, must go back separatists in eastern ukraine all to hold referendums on their regions. joining russia, keep and western leaders call the plan votes,
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a sham. the one ukraine dominates, the un general assembly with well laid as demanding and immediate end. the conflict ah hello money inside. this is out there a life day hold. so coming up, an independent investigation concludes that is righty. forces deliberately targeted and killed to al jazeera, javelin, serene ottawa, clay, and hurricane fiona increases in force, bringing devastation as it rips through the caribbean. ah, i'm welcome russian controlled regions in easton and southern ukraine. say that to hold referendums on joining russia this week. keep calling the move a sham while the us says it won't recognize the vote. the referendums will be held
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on friday in 4, regents low hands and yet separate and cast on various cover about 15 percent of ukraine out there as gabriel. amazon does more than this from keith sheila, from the very beginning of the special military operation and before it, we've been saying that the peoples of the respective territory should decide their own fate. the whole current situation confirms that they want to be master of their own fate in separation and in known yes. in both of those regions, russia only holds roughly about 50 percent of the territory. their local officials have said that they only plan to hold this referendum vote in the part of those regions their russian forces do currently hold. how though, it's really unprecedented to try to hold some sort of referendum such as this in active wars zone is exactly what they're facing right now. it also appears that
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this was hastily organized or put together, given the fact that one of the local russian imposed officials in desperation said, well, we're going to hold this referendum by the internet voting and by mail. even though in that area, both mail and internet service are very unreliable at best and in most cases not even available. so. busy still lots of questions to be worked out here. we do expect, or we are hearing, at least that russia's president vladimir put, and potent could be addressing the russian people in a televised address. so be watching that closely to see what more he has to say about this important to point out. we've already heard from ukrainian officials, including the foreign minister that is calling this referendum vote, assuming it goes forward and his words a sham. they're just rolling their eyes and they say it's just simply a joke. onion, as a senior scala ecology endowment for international peace,
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she spoke to us about russia's possible and there is no end goal for russia. meaning that there are one hasn't been announced, which gives the president who is significant on the u. n. t. a t is something that he can use throughout the war as well as the time comes to negotiate. originally at the beginning of this invasion as if occasion regime change. but overall as time went on, his goals also shifted. and most recently he seemed to signal as he also played in a quote before this, that new now. so this was our goal all along to liberate the yes, the little hans republics. but of course, if this was the goal of all along, it really demonstrates the foolishness of kremlin strategy in invading trying to invade all of your brain. one pathway to this is that by essentially changing the border and recognizing this before
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a public's though it may be comic russia's eyes russian territory. so this gremlins eyes gifts, the president, which in some legitimacy at home and abroad, to say that this is not a war. that's, that this war is being wage on our territory. a, something that he already paid backlash in and some high corporation organization. some it was based on, ah, well, ukraine will dominate at speeches on day one of the un general assembly. russia was accused of a return to imperialism by number of western countries. a diplomatic as a james space. new york excellence is ladies and gentlemen. our world is in big trouble. the un secretary general antonio terrace, setting
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a grim tone for this meeting. among the many conflicts in the world, continue to rage. one the war in ukraine will dominate proceedings this week. and as the meeting was taking place, news was confirmed that in the ukrainian provinces of lou hands and don't ask votes within days, will take place on whether to become part of russia. this was the reaction of the u . s. ambassador to the un. they will not be recognized by any one in the international community. they were not recognized in 2014 and it will not be recognized at this time around. it is illegal annexation of another countries territory. nato secretary general told me, he believes russia may be acting now because of the loss is it suffered during the recent ukrainian offensive such different law have and no legitimacy. irby call, sir, they are his shame or a friend. those on the they would not change the nature over the war. this remain
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so war of aggression against the ukraine on her. it represents an escalation. ah, because if suddenly it is sir faith or is which our portal ukraine are declared as part of russia that will further escalate the conflict? the general assembly heard from 2 leaders who maintained a dialogue with president putin throughout the war. the president of turkey recipe type order one, help negotiate a deal to expose the grain from ukraine. he says there now needs to be a dignified end to the war, tennessee president emanuel macro of france in an impassioned speech was much tougher on russia. oh no, not isabel e, as i am speaking to you. now there are russian troops in ukraine and hundreds as far as i know, there are no ukrainian troops in russia. that's a fact. and we all have to recognize that the longer this war goes on for the more it threatens peace in europe, in the entire world. and it leads to a wider, permanent conflict whose, where the suffer entity and security of every one will only depend on power loss.
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what we have been witnessing since february 24th is a returned to imperialism and colonialism. good. ukraine is expected to be one of the focuses of president by speech to the general assembly on wednesday. there's also a speech delivered by the video by present zalinski and on thursday, a meeting of the un security council as part of minister level again on ukraine. james bays al jazeera of the united nations. well, in his speech, the german chancellor also referred to what he called russia's imperial ambitions. michaela has more all of sholtes warned off the threat of a common use of war to achieve political power pointing to the invasion of ukraine as an example. he insisted like many of the other leaders who spoke in the course of the day that brought me a putin on russia, must be sharply condemned full. this ongoing action. he said that vladimir putin would not give up until he knew that he had lost. and he said that the united
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nations itself as a very serious role to play in this ongoing conflict on that's who to contact the international order does not happen by itself. if we do nothing. and this charter is brought a piece of paper, this charter calls in all of us to uphold its purposes and principles. and we must not stand idly by when a major nuclear power armed the t. a founding member of the united nations and a permanent member of the un security council, no less seeks to shift borders through the use of violence. there is no justification whatsoever for russia's war of occupation against ukraine. on another subject, the german chancellor said that the world buddy must adapt to the rules and norms of the 21st century. he says, some customs date back 30 to 70 years. and what he was referring to was reform off the security council. in particular, he said,
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adding the voice of the global south that has been lacking. this is particularly significant, given the platform that the a german chancellor was speaking on, the general assembly itself was picking up the united nations. the amir of casa reiterated solidarity with palestine and call for an end to these railey occupation would do the turkey. i stressed that we stand in full solidarity without brotherly palestinian people in that aspiration to achieve justice. the security council must shoulder its responsibility and must compel israel to end the occupation of palestinian territories and to establish a palestinian state along the borders of 1967 with jerusalem as its capital. and independent forensic investigation is found that israeli soldiers deliberately killed al jazeera journeys, sharina black clay last may research firm forensic architecture, and the human rights group. are hark,
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producer reports malik vow has the details. o a da 0 journalist shooting a burglar was deliberately shot and killed by the way the army. it was no stake. that's the conclusion of an independent investigation. it includes previously unseen footage from may. the 11th. when shooting and 5 other journalists arrived in the occupied west back city of janine to report on an israeli rate on a refugee camp. the video shows shitty and, and her colleague alice, somebody walking slowly and orderly towards the israeli army position, following standard protocols for members of the media. but 6 shots are fired at them. a tropic succession and others, the or a camera keeps rolling as id runs, shouting that he's wounded seconds later, more gunfire. the video captures the last moments of should in his life as she
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couches near a wall. then the calls for help. she has been shot. 7 c oh. c as she lays motionless, a colleague shudder hides behind a tree, unable to reach her. i live on the report and he constructs the position of these lady on the unit, the armored vehicles from which she was shot. it points out that the shots were fired, it individually, meaning that the sniper was aiming each time the bullet retrieved from sheen's head matches the ammunition of the m 4 rifles used by these aly snipers. it's agreed tip indicates that it is designed to pierce body armor. the simulation shows the
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nearest vehicle was a 190 meters from the spot where shooting stood. the journalists press fests would have been clearly visible. investigator see the close ladies of the bullet holes in near by 3 trunks are proof of the deliberate attempts to heat her all r a boss showed the height and according to the report were intended to kill a civilian who approaches shooting as she lays dying is immediately fired ut when he moves out of the snipers, he'll division the shooting stops when he turns it in his arms. the report concludes, he is aly army, targeted the rescuer, deliberately denying, shooting medical assistance. i the sound analysis shows the
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souls of the gunfire that they was where these really army unit was stationed. and the images corroborate witness testaments that no fighters were in the vicinity. nor was any cross fi head before or during the shooting or chilling. investigators conclude 3 thinks sharon and her colleagues well explicitly targeted despite being identifiable as members of the media. the shooter was a sniper firing from inside the on the vehicle. and one shot shooting was deliberately denied medical attention. in some of the report finds it was a willful act, with a clear aim, shoot to kill ham advice. i'll do 0 for louis, acting for sharina family, have filed a complaint at the international criminal court and wanted to open investigation into killing steadfast reports from the hague. it's one of the last avenues in the
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search for justice for al jazeera journalist, marine ugly. it's been more than 4 months and she was shot and killed while covering israeli rates. and janine the occupied west bank. c c we know that there that the soldiers were able to identify shooting, and she was fully geared reading, press both sides, and she was clearly noted as a press. so any person shooting at the press is intentionally trying to couldn't. and that's what's in a, someone in the field doing their job. the complaint filed by the families lawyer supported by the palestinian press syndicate and international federation of journalists. we presenting $600000.00 media personnel worldwide historic day, which is historic day for the family. it's already day or so for the policy and journalist who for over 40 years the have been on the receiving ends of attack by the read the forces. did this, no one is ready court. that is,
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an international court is in the hands of all the countries or the people in the world since the international criminal court will last year, it has jurisdiction over the occupied territories. prosecutors have opened an investigation into possible war crimes lawyer, se systematic attacks against journalists should be part of this process. the family of serene, i will. our players now put their hopes on the international criminal court to bring justice for her death and, and impunity of nearly 50 journalists killed in the past 2 decades in it's for a lack of accountability that according to lawyer, it's only increasing. it's now up to the i, c. c, to launch an independent investigation into the killing of sharina and all the other reporters were paid the highest price for doing their job. steadfast and al jazeera. in the hake, least one that palestinians been killed in the occupied was fine during fighting between palestinian gunmen and palestinian authority forces. the violence began
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after senior figure if the military wing of hamas was arrested on tuesday morning. the arrest was made i, a palestinian official sled on al jazeera, we speak to man who held up a lebanese bank and an attempt to get his own money out. ah, the our 1st made her hurricane of the season, however one, here's the details on fiona and got to tell you as it passes to the east of turks and keiko's may intensify even further into a category for storm check back with us. we'll continue to track it out in time across the great lakes. we've got some showers in storms rumbling through this. going to drop your temperatures down big time much what happens wednesday into thursday. toronto goes from $24.00 down to 14th. certainly feeling more like fault
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has felt like fall across the west, but things are much more con, settled and dry over here on wednesday. and as we look further toward the south, some flash flood alerts in plates, arizona, new mexico, same goes for utah and colorado. on wednesday, that's for the biggest downpours of brain will be inside this part of the world, the se, stone to the u. s. gulf states sons out high temperatures. little rock coming in at $37.00 degrees, top end of south america, some storms around paraguay into the southeast of brazil, we go in for closer look. you can really tell where this frontiers right ahead of it, warmer error ports of the gray, 22 degrees behind it, just 12 degrees in month of the dale and temperatures have now finally started to climb in coma. doro, we've got you in for a hiv 11 degrees on wednesday. that's a snapshot of your weather. take care bye for now. the news, the witness inspiring films from around the world think so not
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the violence, and killed the power in bear. witness intimate, poor traits and epic struggle because the leadership is often not just the people witness the human spirit. and it's a reality that men who believe women, property, witness award winning voices telling groundbreaking stories. witness on al jazeera lou. ah, ah, welcome back. watching al jazeera mind, if i top stories the sour russian control regions of eastern and southern ukraine of announced they will hold referendums on joining russia. this week comes as keeps
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count, offensive gains ground against russian forces. once the lead is that the un general assembly new york shop, the criticized rushes planned referendums in ukraine. germany's challenge to that all of shawls said moscow has imperial ambitions and independent forensic investigation is found that the killing of al jazeera jealous sharina block lay by israeli soldiers in may was deliberate such fun forensic architecture on the human rights group. al hock, producer report, ukraine's government says that there is evidence of widespread torture in areas that were occupied by russian forces in the east of the country. out there has not been able to independently verify these allegations. a warning fear it, 5 years that hold that they'll, hamid's report include systemic images. they have been hard at work for days, exuding bodies from a forest on the outskirts of a to ukraine says this was
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a massive burial site during the russian occupation remains of more than a 140 people have been recovered so far. believe say, most of them are civilians. is that however fixing to witness decomposing bodies to position some are found in sho, did they were thrown into the shallow graves not laid to rest? for the simple answer is we have the proof of torture by russians in is jojo. we know exactly the locations where they happened. and now i expose are investigating really with dna fingerprints or documents and all evidence that can prove the civilians were tortured by the russians. allegations of torture have emerged in many areas recaptured by ukraine recently. but russia has denied all responsibility, will affect the good of a moment, the will so quick. but what's the point of telling you anything? says alexander, still visibly shaking. in men he tells us people were taking him to this police
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station in the held in the basement. investigators a working here to the smell is fitted in here. it's humid. there is no, i ration yet. there were 4 people locked up in this cell, and one of them is called sergey. he has been marking the days he was held in here . others have also done that he had is someone who spent a much longer time in this tiny cell. and we are told that what they had for a toilet was this bucket. as tim says, he spent nearly 2 months in similar conditions in the nearby city by likely detain for having a brother in the ukrainian army. la fontose, new mahala. dennis will put them on the 46th day. they put a bag on my head and took me to the questioning room. they gave me 2 little cables to hold and told me to enable that guy. otherwise, it would be worse than it weren't. they asked questions about her mo,
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trade. they wanted names, i had no idea they would increase the intensity with each quiz. johnathan rolland, how did they ever asked them says he was held in here was 7 others, and that prolong, beatings were comment when the russians 1st arrived here they renamed is june, nov almost course they had support in this part of ukraine. but after several months of occupation, they seemed to have lost some of it. and i did meet and jesse are the top executive body of the chinese government. the state council is meeting to discuss taiwan, beijing considers the island to part of its territory. patrick focus in beijing in a small on the timing of the meeting. it comes of course fallen remarks by president joe biden in a televised interview, which suddenly will of course alarm and beijing a couple days ago. we did in fact say that the immediate reaction from china appeared to be relatively subdued. but the head of the briefing foreign minister,
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one v, as made the suggestion that so basing may invoke anti secession laws in order to achieve reunification. as china puts it with taiwan, he also said in a meeting on the sidelines, the un general assembly in new york with former secretary of state, henry kissinger, that sir washington's a pro taiwan, an anti beijing stance was having a subversive effect. on u. s. a. china relations now, unless have been pouring over those comments or by joe biden with cbs over the last couple of days. and it is worth noting that some have suggested that this possibly marks a shift in policy on taiwan by the biden administration. it wasn't just the fact that present biden said that the u. s. a would defend to taiwan in the event of an attack by china. but notably, also, he said that it was up to the people of taiwan if they wanted to seek independence
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. so which contrasts with washington's long standing recognition of the one china policy and the position that it holds, that it does not support a taiwan independence hurricane. fiona is continuing to gain strength as it rips through the caribbean. residents have been all its take shelton and the turks and cake. her silence. the hurricane has left a trail of destruction. region killing one person in the dominican republic and 4 people in puerto rico manoeuvre poly reports from san juan the hurricane. fiona bears down on turks and keiko silence making landfall as a powerful category. 3 storm, threatening to devastate the tiny caribbean archipelago in the dominican republic. crops have been destroyed and houses damaged by the 1st major hurricane of the atlantic season. oh, me, johnny. all this area of farming it depends on production on the crop and everything was destroyed,
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there was nothing left. a lot of people headlines to go bananas a coffee co. everything is gone. for the hundreds were forced from their homes by widespread flooding in puerto rico. among them other bare to reels and his daughter, martha, who are now staying at a shelter with other displaced people, walk around the 2nd. my faith is strong. i know god will help me. i lost everything, but if god took everything away, it's only because he has something better planning for me. in the wake of the storm us federal officials have promised to increase aid and support to puerto rico. hundreds of fema and federal responders are on the ground in puerto rico, including u. s. army corps of engineer, power restoration experts and urban search and rescue teams. heavy rains from fiona caused flooding across the us island territory, leading to damaged roads and collapsed bridges. nearer in southern puerto rico,
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tens of thousands of residents, or depending on construction crews like this one to restore running water to just some of the communities worst affected by hurricane fiona. the us national hurricane center is warning fiona will continue to gain strength over the coming days. manuel rap, hello al jazeera san juan, puerto rico. they have been protests in pakistan, sen, province after the government diverted flood waters to rural areas. in an effort to save urban once village is blocked to highway and say they will protect protests until authorities help them. internees release water from a lake earlier this month to try to save a nearby town and city. they put the floods in the path of villages, whereas the 150000 people live fired out downloads on our only demand is that the government take measures to clear water from our houses. we don't need relief, we'll find work and take care of ourselves. we're in big trouble and we just want to go back to our village. no one is ready to help us. separate rescue services
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have helped hundreds of migrants drifting. it's seen a small wooden boat that boat sent out a gesture. statue distress call on monday afternoon after engine trouble, 200 kilometers west of cyprus. those on board left lebanon 3 days ago, and we're trying to reach italy. they were transferred to a cargo ship, which helped it to continue. its journey is stumble rather than doc in cyprus. banks and lebanon have shot for 3 days for security reasons, and follows a series of hold ups by people demanding access to their own savings. the country's economic crisis means withdrawal limits have been in for since 2019. we've met one deposit to try to get his money by force and i say the spanish san. my name is the sum. shake. hussein and i have $210000.00 in my account. it's my money that
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i own from work and from selling my apartment and my parents house for what they must. and my dad has a serious medical condition and i needed money. i went to the bank manager and he promised to help me once the bank got cash, but 2 and a half months passed and he still didn't get any money on that. i'll be in the lo fi. i went to the bank and asked if it was available and the manager said no, i went to my car to get the gun and fuel. i entered the bank and locked the door and demanded all of my deposits. i poured fuel every time is below. you found by the house that we're all there. i told the employees not to get involved and no one would get hurt. hello, bill methodical. 3 negotiators representing the government arrived visual clerk and called in thought. initially they wanted to give me $10000.00 in dallas later, they offered $16000.00 again, i refused to flip this route and again,
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it was around 5 or 6 pm when they offered me $13000.00. they then gave me $35000.00 in cash, which i got, and they promised me $400.00 a day and said i would not be detained. so long. i agreed, even though i knew they were like, i surrendered, but they detained me for 5 days because the bank filed charges against me. and i never received a $400.00 payment to have. my life has been steroids since the local currency to values. and i lost my job, shall law them as the visual. i won't rest until i get my money back. was the hyatt omar. it is a life or death choice. the interior minister should arrest those who took our money. not us. i will exercise my rights any way i can even if it involves blood i will never give up with that clooney ah.


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