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sierra for half a century indigo, die is all my mood up. what can i? so what did the last ticket? he and others in northern nigeria have watched helplessly as a business struggle and becomes dissipated growth making technology has changed over time, but not at this di pete's yet income. and it's the same that's met some of the products uncompetitive. the dumping of chemically treated fabrics. yeah, like in most african markets is a major source of concern for local producers. there is widespread consent here, but so even the few kits that remain all soft globes, bringing an end to more than 500 years of history. ah. rush as president announces a military mobilization, 300000 reserve. so being called up to fight in ukraine.
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ah, no baptism. this is a lie from doha. also coming up. russia's invasion of ukraine dominates the un general assembly world. busy leaders denouncing plans by full ukrainian regions to join russia. how can fiona strengthens to a category for as it moves up the atlantic ocean, leaving a trail of destruction and parts of puerto rico and the dominican republic. bicycle efforts are underway in australia. busy to save hundreds of wales stranded on a beach my son president vladimir putin, his calling up reservists a fight in ukraine. he made the announcement during a rare address to the nation. the defense minister says the partial mobilization will involve drafting about $300000.00 personnel. the decision comes as russian troops lose ground to ukraine's counter offensive in the northeast. meanwhile,
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moscow, back separatists and for ukrainian regions of so they'll hold a referendum on joining russia. should learn your credit. mm hm. but it, it is necessary to support the proposal of the ministry of defense and the general staff to hold a partial military mobilisation in russia. i repeat, we are talking of a partial mobilization only the only people in the military reserve will be drafted . the priority will be on people who served in the armed forces. he have military specialization and experienced those drafted before being sent to the places of service. you will have mandatory additional training relying on experience gained during the special at military operation of the decree on partial mobilization has been signed. gabriel alexander was in key and he's got more in ukraine's reaction to president putin speech. certainly the sense here in keith is that there is no panic, just the opposite. actually, lot of officials here viewing potent speech with
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a little bit of the shrug of the shoulders, saying that they will continue on trying to meet their objectives. and those objectives are to expel russia from all territory that they are on right now in ukraine. we've already heard from ukrainian president. well, the mirror zelinski. he basically said nothing is new. our plans have not changed. he said our focus remains the same. so there is definitely a sense here that this is in some ways a victory for the ukrainians. they feel because in their view, it shows that russia is desperate, having to now call up as many as 300000 troops. the way the ukrainian see it is, is that they will continue to try to batter the russian supply lines and degrade the russian forces because it's one ukrainian military official said
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publicly. he said, if there's 300000 more russians that are now on the battlefield, in his words, that's just 300000 more russians that the ukrainian military will have to send to hell. well, that's bringing 100 shill, as to director of security programs at the think tank. ukrainian prisms, he's joining us from stock on very good. have you with us on al jazeera. so vladimir putin, once the government funding for more weapons, he wants all these revises reservists to be trained, winter is coming in. how concerned is ukraine going to be about this? you know, we understand perfectly that the morning statement was aimed a, not just were ukraine, but 1st of all, to the russians themselves into the international community. ah, we really new to this phrase about our chill mobilization because everybody being afraid of the total mobilization, influential russian young man, we're just leaving the country. we also notice how he emphasized that they have just 6 solvents at that soldiers, but he's calling for 300 sound. still,
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that looks really quite a strange. honda, the reasoning for pulitzer the needed to defend the air, our territory. nobody's a are going to take their territory. ukraine is just trying to get our ruined territory and the legally recognized, but at the same time, definitely the certain statements like about the nuclear weapon became quite an interesting because he's been advertising that they are not laughing. as we knew, a little european leader said that probably didn't just laughing because he has nuclear weapons and many of them are not out. and the last but not least is referendums references would we have warranty both because definitely the legal there is new local ground for these we see a strong resistance against them on the route it. but when it is the reference of about annexation of the territory, you understand that it can gather, protects to moscow laser, to announce that the defending not occupied territories, but over to so called russian territories. what's the rascals?
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go there to air by deploying 300000 reserve us to the, the eastern part of the eastern front, as it were in ukraine. that is going to try that is going to pull ukrainian forces to a fixed point. and it might actually leave other parts of the front line less well covered. first of all, it's not immediate. you that these $300.00 thousands are coming on the ground. ah, 1st of all, because you need to recruit these, it takes time, then you need to train them. it's also needs time and you understand it. none of the reservation can be the same professional as the military who is on the ground. our next day we understand that currently a russian armed forces brought most of their e to a unit of the a capable law. worse this already for the 7 months as monsters to the territory of ukraine. so the how, for example, baltics or the far east been almost naked in terms of the military personnel. and the also needs to r, plug these places to. it's not that we are thinking,
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the sovereignly 300000 new soldiers are coming on the ground. and also you need emanation for them and you need to just the, even the uniform you can look at the, for those of those russian soldiers that been captured on the north are within the last counter offense operation. they are under uniforms. there with extremely bad will to on the weapons from wearing to suddenly bon mom's get for additional $300.00 sell them. soldiers are one might imagine that, that to vladimir putin in russia, done moscow are counting on the fight. we're entering into a winter war, which is essentially a kind of follow period. it becomes more difficult, both sides to carry out certain types of action that on the field. or do you think that as a result, ukraine is left essentially waiting to see what russia is going to do next. as we go into this winter war period with a view to what is going to be happening ultimately in the spring? no doubt that the ukraine doesn't have any interest to prolong these were the
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longer necessary. so as for now, what we definitely see is that a ukrainian armed forces started preparation for means in terms of by henry forum or artist life with the armed forces. we understand that the will will not finish in one week, but at the same time you see the intensification of the fighting on the south north . you see the center intensification on the south. so the military's trying to gain back as much of forcible before the real cold coming and hearing is unpredictable. on the north, you can have the 1st snow in band of october on the south in houston region. you can have the whole winter without snow with want of weather, but you should be prepared for all those situations. i shall, as we appreciate you being with us and i'll de 0. we appreciate you giving us the benefit of that expertise. thank you very much. indeed for your time. thank frame attention with ukraine. more dominated speeches in the 1st day of the un general assembly. several western countries accused russia of returning to imperialism or
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diplomatic editor. james bayes is at un headquarters in york, and he's joining his life a james of course of the lot to talk about in terms of the ukraine with regards to the u. n. g a. but it's not, of course, the only subject that is on the agenda is it it's certainly the subject that is dominating proceedings, and we're going to hear in the coming hours from president biden. i would expect will hear lots on ukraine from him and later in the day present, zalinski will be speaking to the un general assembly. and he'll be speaking by video link. they are, chat has have a special vote in the, in the general assembly to allow him to do that. russia was opposed, but the majority of nations said that could happen. but as you say, rob, it's not just ukraine. there are so many issues always when leaders from all around the world, the $193.00 countries of the united nations gather as they do every here year. here in new york, let's discuss this further. i'm joined by the un high commissioner for refugees.
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filippo graham day, i commissioner your boss, the secretary general said in his speech, our world is in big trouble. in terms of your roommates, people on the move, flynn conflict and turmoil. how much big trouble oh, in. and what's your message to? well, these the, you know, my organization deals with the trouble with the impact of the trouble on ordinary people. there's 100000000 people that have fled their homes and everything we hear in the general assembly here in new york about war, hunger, climate that the crises of education has an impact on people, displacement force displacement is like a theme that runs through all this big drawback challenges that we're facing as you know, ukraine. we've heard president putin speaking in the last few hours. ukraine is dominating everything. let me ask you 1st about the situation in ukraine, but also ask you how much ukraine is overshadowing all these other conflicts. you
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have to do indeed. now 1st of all, ukraine is m is also a mass. if humanity and crisis of those 100000000. 1314000000 are ukranian, people, refugees in various european countries or displaced inside the country and wind carries coming and deceased for us. humanitarians, the big priority at the moment, ensure that all those that have no home, no shelter, at least can be protected from the bitter cold offer that will prevail there very soon. but you're right. this has had an impact globally. we know the impact on food security. we know the impact on the cost of living on energy availability and prices, but also a less known impact is on the 8th budgets. 8 budgets all over the world are being reduced or 8 programs have to be reduced because so many resources are being put into the ukranian response. and this cannot happen. people suffer in the same way
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whether they're displaced in p gray in northern. it's your peer or from myanmar and are now in bangladesh as they do in ukraine, and they deserve and merit the same attention in terms of political involvement to solve the crisis and resources to alleviate their flight. you say they deserve attention. sadly, they're getting the wrong attention in some political circles as a lot of rhetoric against immigrants in, in many countries around the world, just have to look at recent elections in europe in sweden, in italy, for example. indeed, and this is a of great concern to us. but you know, the ukraine crisis also has had an interesting aspect look. 7000000 ukrainians fled into neighboring countries. many of them into the european union. they were received very well, this temporary protection directive that the you activated allowed them to move around to have access to services to jobs. if that was boss, such
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a large number of people, surely each it can be possible for all the other refugees that deserve no less levy . finally askew, i commissioner about something here in the u. s. the host country of the headquarters of the u. n. we've seen migrant suv just crossed the border being taken by plane from texas to martha's vineyard, a wealthy area in the east coast. this seems to have been a good many believe it was a political suck stunt by one of the key figures in the republican circles, the governor of florida rom desantis. what's your view on treating migrants in this way? for political means, i would have 2 answers to this question. the 1st is that clearly the system through which the united states receives people in search of protection or otherwise at the border needs overhauling precedent by then said it at the beginning of the presidency. and we are working with the u. s. administration to do
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that. it's massive. it's enormous. but having said that, and while that hopefully happen soon, no refugee nor migrant must be dealt with for political means politicization is the worst response. the most immoral response had been, can be given to any migration or refugee crisis li, programmed a high commissioner for refugees for the united nations. thank you for joining us here at un headquarters where the 2nd day of speech is here at the un. general assembly is going to start in a couple of hours time. and as i mentioned earlier on the key speeches to watch are those of the u. s. president present biden delayed. he normally speaks on the tuesday delayed till the wednesday because he was coming back from london for queen elizabeth's funeral and all. so we're going to hear the response. i suspect to what president putin's been saying in recent hours from present zelinski, who's speech will be delivered by video link, rob and james. i know you are going to be covering all those bits as far as we're
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going to be in touch with you. of course when they're happening, but for now james base, thank you very much. still ahead on al jazeera, the money to fight on protest isn't for the capital promised and never forget one of the countries dock is few years. and what's the thought to be the biblical garden of eden? slowly turning into a desert wasteland, we talked to struggling farmers in iraq, southern marshes. ah. the journey has begun. the b for world copies on its way to catholic book. your travel package today. hello. good to have you along. here's your world weather update will begin in japan on thursday, some downpours around tokyo with a hive 22 degrees will come back to that. but i wanted to point out this line of storms from harbin into the korean peninsula. so it's going to be
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a washout for young yang on friday. then look at these downpours just clipping that eastern edge of chicago and japan's main island of horseshoe. there is the risk of seeing some flooding here. now for southern china, we've had some exceptional heat around gray, lynn, as of late temperatures have come down a bit. there's some cloud around, also showers as well, but i think the bigger downpours will be across the western yankee river valley on thursday, while the monsoon is beginning to withdraw from northern areas of india, but were seen at retreat a bit toward the northwest. so pretty much from entrepreneur dash into delhi, we do have falls the brain in the forecast for you. and same goes around buffer roster as well. so by showers, thunderstorms really never too far away. the same goes for pakistan. the monsoon rains have cleared away from sin province after a historic season in southern punjab is while so dry conditions here correct yet 33 degrees and we're seeing the winds pick up around some of the gulf states. so that's going to lift the sand in dust for places like you wait on thursday that
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truck the few later cancer. airway official airline of the journey out is the real world. tells the story of the british italian man experiencing night in a palestinian refugee camp in beirut, coming face to face with the daily lives of its residence. some of whom have lived here for more than 70 years. has been a refugee almost all his life. it's not a normal life machine for decades after the supper, and to telemachus, 7 days in bay, which on al jazeera, ah ah,
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watching, what is it? a reminder of our top story is this. our russian president vladimir putin calling up reserve it to boost its special operation in ukraine. it made the announcement doings address to the nation. it comes ahead of referendums by moscow, back separatists in 420 and regions on becoming part of russia. ukraine was dominated speeches of the un general assembly and number of western leaders of accused russia of a return to imperialism. u. s. president joe biden is also expected to address the war later on wednesday. i was confused as still gaining strength as it rips to the caribbean. it's not been classified as a category for storm residents of the toxin. keiko's islands have been ordered to take shelter. the harlequins left a trail of destruction in the region, killing one person in the dominican republic and 4 people in puerto rico, by raffle reports from san juan. the hurricane. fiona bears down on turks and keiko silence making landfall as a powerful category. 3 storm,
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threatening to devastate the tiny caribbean archipelago in the dominican republic. crops have been destroyed and houses damaged by the 1st major hurricane of the atlantic season. oh, me, johnny. all this area of farming it depends on production on the crops and everything was destroyed. there was nothing left, a lot of people headlines to great bananas, a coffee co, i mean everything is gone. for hundreds were forced from their homes by widespread flooding in puerto rico among them, other beer to reels and his daughter, martha who are now staying at a shelter with other displaced people. walk around the 2nd. my faith is strong. i know god will help me. i lost everything, but if god took everything away, it's only because he has something better planning for me. in the wake of the storm us federal officials have promised to increase aid and support to puerto rico. hundreds of fema and federal responders are on the ground in puerto rico,
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including us army corps of engineer power restoration expert and urban search and rescue team. heavy rains from fiona cars, flooding across the us island territory, leading to damaged roads and collapse. bridges. here in southern puerto rico, tens of thousands of residents are depending on construction crews like this one to restore running water to just some of the communities worst effected by hurricane fiona. the u. s. national hurricane center is warning. fiona will continue to gain strength over the coming day. manuel did up a low al jazeera, sun, one puerto rico. china's hers is determined to work towards a peaceful reunification with taiwan. the top executive body of the chinese government is meant to discuss what it calls the peaceful reunification with ty one . beijing still considers the island a part of each territory, but ty pe rejects china's claims at a fork as more from vision. the key message to come out of the briefing today was
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to say that china would do its utmost to strive for peaceful reification, as john puts it with taiwan. so it was essentially reiterating what beijing had said in his recently published a white paper. but there were plenty of assurances thrown into the mix today as well, same the time one could have its own socialist system, different to that of mainland, china's and the time. one compatriots could live in peace and tranquillity. and that all of this demonstrated beijing's strategic flexibility on the taiwan question. so long as this was based on the premise of china's national sovereignty and security. and the timing of course, is significant because it comes following remarks by u. s. president joe biden, which some analysts have suggested, possibly signals a shift in of the u s's policy on the democratically ruled islands that remarks that have once again, heights intentions over taiwan. so all you be beijing was in fact trying to ease
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tensions here. but at the same time, in a sign of beijing's determination over taiwan determiner affairs office spokesperson said that the motherland is bound for reification. it must be re in a fight. he said people to diamond starting in the philippines to mock 50 years since the declaration of martial law by a former president fed an unlock or senior protesters are vowing to never forget the extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrest and torture. they say were carried out under his rule. human rights groups accused the government of destroying records in an attempt to sanitize history. current. president ferdinand mar house junior is marcus his son. he's denied the allegations. montebello is at the protest. in manila, there is a truck right behind me, so i don't know if you can see the crowd right behind the truck, but there are thousands of protesters here in the mood here it's defiant. remember, this is a country that accorded for a 2nd,
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marcus presidency 31000000 volts. that's the most number of, most of any philippine president. since the ouster of the current president's father ferdinand marco's senior, and there has been a lot of historical distortion going around according to these protesters here. and according to the critics, for example, that the marcus family already had well before the poorest marcus was president. and therefore, it could not have been that there. well, right now has been ill. god, or that the father was a, was not a dictator. everything that he did was in the interest of national security. this is something that the son, the current president created. and marcus junior had also said himself, and so these are what they say, the historical distortions that they want to push back. they're pushing back right now. they want to keep pushing back the current president brand new mark is junior . he delivered to speech before the united nations general assembly. and in that
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speech, he did mention human rights, but only in the context of working with the united nations to improve the human rights situation. in the philippines there was no specific reference to the human rights record of his predecessor, president would be good to 30, no specific mission of the human rights record. all of his father, ferdinand marcus, a senior. iranian media reporting apaloosa assistance being killed and for others have been injured during protest against the death of a woman in police custody. priority of masa, armenia was detained by the morality police. more than a week ago. she was charged for violating the dress food, but died in hospital and friday, after being in a coma. police deny any wrong doing and blame her death on a heart attack. protests about her death in custody, have spread to several cities. an indigenous group in australia has won a landmark court case blocking and the energy company from drilling for gas.
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traditional owners on t. v island had challenged a $3600000000.00 project by santos, ltd. they argued they hadn't been consulted, and they were worried about the environment. a judge ruled the regulators approval was invalid and the drilling has been suspended as being seen as a major win for indigenous whites. hundreds of whales have been found stranded in australia. it's feared about half of them are dead. the part of at least $230.00 mammals beached on tasmania as west coast. scientists say they appear to be pilot whales, which are known for striving in large numbers or rescue teams heading to the area. people are being warned to stay away. laura beavis is a reporter with a b. c news. tasmania. she has this update from a quality heads. you know, the whales, stranding these stranded wiles were discovered this morning by workers from a nearby fish farm. now they have stranded on ocean beach, it's a beach just outside of mockery harbor on tasmania is west coast. and it's
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a beach with very rough see. so it's quite a difficult place for rescuers rescue was from the tasmanian parks and wildlife service, the department of natural resources as well as tasmania police, have been on site all day about half of those wiles was still alive when they arrive this morning and i've been doing things like dousing them with water, covering them with wet blankets, digging trenches around the whales, basically trying to keep the wiles that are still healthy and seem like they'll survive in good condition and trying to get some of them back out into the ocean. it's pretty difficult because is big wise and currents around he so that makes it very difficult to drag the wiles out and to keep them from stranding again. now we've actually seen quite a bit of help from these ne, by fish farm workers. they obviously have boats, they have maritime training and safety equipment. they previously been called on in while stranding. and again, they are taking part in these rescue. it's going to be a long night for the rescue as and we're just going to have to wait and say how
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many of these wiles remain alive, remain ready to be saved in the morning as more risky was arrive, water is running out for agricultural lungs in iraq and is forcing farmers to sell the london move to the cities. high temperatures, decreases rainfall are also affecting the countries famous marshes in the salve. a house on reports from southeastern iraq the hired this drone flies, the more desert it can see. iraq's famous and historic marshes once covered, these last were plucked anymore. this is what is left of the ponds, citrus trees, and many other types of fruits that were grown on what was a 400 acre farm. because honestly, i wasn't much what it was. it was gradually dying due to the shortage of water. first the citrus trees and then the palm trees have died. so many people have left
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the area i'm thinking of leaving, but the question is, where should i go? you can sell your land, but what comes after that? no one knows the future, only god does what used to be the middle east. largest food producing region can feed itself anymore over thousands of years. the countries to main rivers, the euphrates and the tigris transform that does it around them, into green meadows. but now 70 percent of the water that once flow through them is gone, the level of water and the water supply in the country is too low. and we started to see this impact on the very local community, specific farmers, specifically people who are living in rural areas. those who are counting on that life's talk to survive. those who are farming on daily basis. those who use water and every aspect of their day life everyday. this extends from the very north to the missile potassium marshes in the south. routh has reduced these famous marcia,
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some areas to puzzles. and that's damaging the lives of the people, the wild life. and echo assistance that depend on them. low water levels are threatening one of the areas famous animals water buffaloes. these mammals need water to reduce their body temperature and produce better milk. now heard as are forced to wire drinking water to keep them alive. the environmental crisis are pushing them to sell their cattle at low prices and leave to try and find better opportunities lanagan together. if water levels continue to decrease water so in the to goes high, the taste becomes bitter, and capitals here cannot drink this water. it kills the father is expensive to, to the lack of water and food. the animals falls and die. lots of people have lost many animals. sorry. everyone out on the marshes knows all about
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a shift. lee. he has been researching this area for almost 2 decades. what has never seen it destroy, i like always negotiation between narr turkey and iran to agree about what as the shared water budget that iraq needs, at least to habitate some my deb dettori data. their places are like her area with devastation. situation like the i q marsh's, the continuous decrease of water budget to the iraqi market, it will change the iraqi marsh as to about an area on the area of a woodland of the garden of eden will changed to a desert. in may, al jazeera shot this footage of the marshes. there was much more water to day. it's decreasing, endangering these creatures and forcing their owners to leave their historic homeland alhashan al jazeera, tobac marsh's iraq. ah.


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