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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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destiny, iranian general gas, sam, salam mani. he also play down iran's nuclear capabilities. there's plenty to unpack here. so let's bring an out diplomatic editor james bay's, who's at un headquarters in york. james l. firstly, start with the start of his speech where he was addressing what he's described as mid dabble standards on the west. what was he referring to one of the context of those remarks? well, the remarks i think were on the basic heading of human rights. and i think he knows he's under some pressure at the moment. there are some protest as in new york in recent hours. why don't think reflect opinion necessarily in iran, but they're also more worryingly for the rain in government are protested. have been taking place in to ron, following the death of a 22 year old woman who reportedly was beaten to death by the authorities. he simply didn't address that. of course, of course, that specific incident,
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but talked about human rights talks about the double standards of the west, raising things like her native tribes and canada and the rights of the palestinians . i think that was his comment on human rights and his response to some of the claims that have been made without specifically referring to the case. there was a lot of talk about the u. s. and it's role in the. busy world, he said, what we saw in europe right now was a mirror image of what has been happening in recent years in western asia, the middle east. and i think by that he means the build up of nato troops that we've seen on the eastern flank, closer to the border with russia that we've seen this year since the russian invasion of ukraine. i think he's likening that to the military build up that you saw in the last 2 decades by the u. s. in iraq and afghanistan specifically. but again, it was not the sort of speech to talk about specifics. it was giving,
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i think iran's overall view, overall strategy, overall guiding principles on how to deal with the world. he said that the world needed dealt be dealt with justice and fairness based on religion. i was, was his main message or in terms of the way iran wants to operate. and then the other points that he may was calling the justice for the assassination of ga samsung money. and also made mention of an the nuclear deal, iran's nuclear capabilities. what did you make of those comments? while i think you were going to get a mention of chasms on the money, who that very important, very key iranian commander of the revolutionary guards who was killed as we know, in an attack in iraq, by the us, by the trump administration. in 2020, that is still something that iran is very, very angered by. he said that they wanted
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a fair try tribunal to bring those responsible for justice. he said it was a crime that the former u. s. president, referring to president trump had admitted with regard to the nuclear deal, a pretty clear i think summary. busy of iran's case with regard to the nuclear deal, he made it very clear that there are nuclear deal sign in 2015, the so called j. c. p. o. a was a deal that iran had entered into after lots of negotiations. and it had lived up to its bargains, under that deal. it said it had followed all the things it was supposed to follow. following that long negotiation that took place with that combination with the signing in vienna in 2015, he made it clear that it was the u. s. the trump administration that pulled out of the deal. he said that the maximum pressure campaign had been completely defeated or by what had happened afterwards and made it clear that that iran is always
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prepared to negotiate. but this time, if they do another deal, they want guarantees because he said they had what was lived experience of the u. s . leaving the deal last time. and they wanted guarantees that that was not going to happen again. and interesting, just that statistic he came said is so many other countries have nuclear weapons that are expanding their nuclear arsenal. iran, he said, has a, a fat to our religious order under the sheer, a branch of islam that was signed by the supreme leader humanae, which means that iran will not pursue a nuclear for the cisco is referring to. i need to check these figures if that was their official i. e, i guess for the certainly what the iranian president says of the activity nuclear activity around the world. just 2 percent takes place in iran. he said, of the inspections carried out by the international agency, which is part of the you and system, the i a 35 percent of them concern iran. stat difference in nice,
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fig. and james is always, we appreciate you breaking down fresh james bank at diplomatic, edited in new york. thank you. russian president vladimir putin, his calling up reservists suffice in ukraine. peter made the announcement during a rare address to the nation. russia's defense minister says the partial mobilization requires the country to draft about 300000 personnel. the decision comes as russian troops lose ground to ukraine's counter offensive in the northeast . meanwhile, moscow back separatists in 4 ukrainian regents have said they'll hold a referendum on joining russia should burn your credit. mm hm. but it does reg, but it is necessary to support the proposal of the ministry of defense and the general staff to hold a partial military mobilization in russia. i repeat, we are talking about the partial mobilization only only people in the military reserve will be drafted by you. the priority will be on people who served in the
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armed forces have military specialization and experience. be of those drafted before being sent to the places of service will have mandatory additional training relying on experience gained during the special military operation. the decree on partial mobilization has been signed for us and our team is tracking reaction to russia's move. kimberly hallett is at the white house, but 1st, let's get the latest on the ground in ukraine with gabriel. alexander, who joins me live now a day, but plenty of questions remain about how this partial mobilize, ang, mobilization rather will actually we're yeah, that's right. there are a lot more questions and answers if you will right now, but we are getting a better idea or understanding of what this will look like. number one is that these soldiers who are reservists that are being called up immediately to report to bases to go through re training. and then they will be put with battalions that
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will presumably then be deployed here to ukraine to fight in this war. a war that is now going on for more than 7 months. now it is clear that these are, are soldiers that are reservists that don't necessarily want to fight because if they want it to be in this war, they would have volunteered already. so this is very much non voluntary force if you will. that's what a call up is all about. there are also questions on the effectiveness of this force . these are reservists, many of whom haven't seen any sort of combat or been in the military for many, many years. so there's certainly questions now about how ready they will be to fight and how effective they will be given the fact that their counterparts ukrainians are very motivated and have a lot of western weapons. now that seem to be very effective in pushing the offensive towards the east, towards the russian lines in the east,
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particularly in the don bass. but clearly there are a lot of questions about this. and clearly it's a situation where it's probably going to take time, perhaps even weeks for these reservists up to 300000 to finally get here to the front lines if that's where they end up here and ukraine. gabriel, thank you for bringing us up to said gabriel alexander live for us in cave. let's go to our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit who is in washington dc. hello that. kimberly us president jo, bottom most speak at the u. n. g a shortly. and he's trying to address the ukraine war. what can we expect from him? well, what we can expect is that he will be addressing some of the key foreign policy issues that have been of concern to the united states. of course, the ukraine war will be on the top of the agenda iran as well. but already we have an idea that the united states is likely to respond to some of those provocative
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comments that have been made by a lot of repute. in fact, the white house already quick to react to those comments on the issue of mobilization of more troops, the national security council coordinator john kirby saying that the united states isn't surprised by this extra relation. in fact, they had been expecting it. they see this is a sign that the military is failing on the part of russia and really see this as a sign of weakness. and on the overall escalation, threat of using nuclear weapons, the white house has come out even stronger, saying that it is taking the threat very seriously. they see this is irresponsible rhetoric, but also not a typical in fact, the united states says it is closely monitoring moscow's what they call strategic posture. and if needed, the united states says it will adjust its own posture. but they believe that this is not required for now. having said that, they also say that is
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a lot of recruitment is to in any way use nuclear arms. the united states will retaliate with severe consequences. right. kimberly is always great to speak to. kimberly healthcare live for a day in washington, dc. neither chief installed him big says potent announcement will further escalate . the wall however stolen the stress, the move shows fusion and his troops a struggling. the speech earned her portion of the social, the armed forces of russia. just demonstrate that her, he miscalculated, he made a big mistake, strategic mistake, and walked. i have seen so far as that to the russian troops are ill equipped. they lack a proper command and control, and they're also have struggle a lot with logistics, but of course, more troops or will escalate the conflict that will mean or more suffering more loss of lives, ukrainian lives, but also russian lives. may my ration opposition leader alexey. no valley has
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condemned putin's coal for military mobilization. no only accuses the president of sending more rations to die in what he calls a criminal aggression. he spoke as a rash in court. heard a petition against the prison where he is being held. no valentine took legal action after the facility refused to let him create a trade union. armenia celebrates his independence day on wednesday. it's an important milestone for the country, but there are questions about its ties with russia. the country has entered into a ceasefire with as by john a deal broken by moscow. but many armenians believed they should be looking elsewhere for protection. turning chang reports from a year of him. mother armenia stands tall overlooking the capital year of earn built in 1967 to replace a statue of starlen. she personifies the close ties of the former soviet republics
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bound by military might. but as armenia celebrates its 31st anniversary as an independent nation, it's moving out of the orbit of russia since 2018 in the revolution that took place in republic square. the democratically elected government has more to the you and us for support. and while armenia still relies heavily on russia and security matters, it's a reliance that makes many armenians uncomfortable. your children also, i'd interest russians. i don't know why, but i don't trust them because i feel they take the vision and turkey side continuously. i think relations with russia are in trouble now, and i think for me it is better to take your opinion of american position rather than stay linked with russia like the statue of lenin. the used to stand right at the center of republic square. most of the remnants of the soviet era have already been removed from the non linear. russia remains its main security ally, particularly on the contested border with as
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a bison. russian peacekeepers operate in the disputed nagondo carbonic region and with an army near itself. although they failed to stop last week's board of fighting. the russian broken piece process however, is increasingly being seen as a hindrance. and after the war and ukraine, moscow is no longer viewed as an impartial allied. russia is a new challenge for armenia. the challenge is rooted in their role as an unpredictable friend, unreliable and unpredictable. hence armenia of necessity to pivot westward, just to seek more balance in the relationship. as the statue of mother armenia watches over the 31st anniversary of independence, she may be looking to new horizons as the sun sets on alliances of armenian past. tony cheng al jazeera european harrigan. fiona is still gaining strength as it rips through the caribbean. it's now being classified as
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a category for stone. residents of the turks and caicos islands have been ordered to take shelter. meanwhile, the hurricane has left a trial of destruction in the region, killing one person in the dominican republic and 4 people in puerto rico. manuel rapids reports from san juan hurricane fiona bears, down on turks and keiko, silent, making landfall as a powerful category. 3 storm, threatening to devastate the tiny caribbean archipelago in the dominican republic. crops have been destroyed and houses damaged by the 1st major hurricane of ve. atlantic season o. me joining all this area of farming. it depends on production on the crop and everything was destroyed. there was nothing left, a lot of people headlines to go bananas coffee co. everything is gone. for hundreds were forced from their homes by widespread flooding in puerto rico. among them other bare to reals and his daughter, martha, who are now staying at
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a shelter with other displaced people, walk around the 2nd. my faith is strong. i know god will help me. i lost everything, but if god took everything away, it's only because he has something better planning for me. in the wake of the storm us federal officials have promised to increase aid and support to puerto rico. hundreds of fema and federal responders are on the ground in puerto rico, including us army corps of engineer, power restoration experts and urban search and rescue teams. heavy rains from fiona cars, flooding across the us island territory, leading to damaged roads and collapse bridges. here in southern puerto rico, tens of thousands of residents are depending on construction crews like this one to restore running water to just some of the communities worst effected by hurricane fiona. the u. s. national hurricane center is warning. fiona will continue to gain
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strength over the coming days. manuel did up a little al jazeera son, one puerto rico. china says it's determined to work towards a peaceful way, unification with taiwan. the top executive body of the chinese government is meant to discuss the islands by jenkins this taiwan part of its territory. the country's government has rejected that claim. patrick falk has more on the timing of the meeting. it comes of course fallen remarks by president joe biden. in a televised interview, which suddenly will of course alarm and beijing a couple days ago. we did in fact say that the immediate reaction from china appeared to be relatively subdued. but the head of the briefing foreign minister, one v, as made the suggestion that a bathing may invoke anti secession laws in order to achieve reification as china puts it with taiwan. he also said to, in a meeting on the sidelines, the un general assembly in new york with former secretary of state, henry kissinger, that sir washington's a pro taiwan,
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an anti beijing stance was having a subversive effect on u. s. a. china relations. now, the analysts have been pouring over those comments or by joe biden with cbs over the last couple of days. and it is worth noting that some have suggested that this possibly marks a shift in policy on taiwan by the biden administration. it wasn't just the fact that present biden said that the u. s. a would defend to taiwan in the event of an attack by china. but notably, also, he said that it was up to the people of taiwan if they wanted to seek independence . so which contrasts with washington's long standing recognition of the one china policy and the position that it holds that it does not support taiwan independence . still head on al jazeera inflation is sitting hot in south africa. the country please hold a hotel,
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sang they can afford to put food on the table. ah, praying to victory, brazil's presidential franklin his battle to the blessings of evangelical christian . ah. hi there, the monsoon rains are clear and away from pakistan, syn, province and southern punjab. as well, so dry conditions in the forecast for you on thursday. for example, in karachi it's been back to back to back historic monsoon season for sin province . now bit of a different scenario going on in india, we're seeing these rains retro gate toward the northwest at this time of the year. we do expect them to start slumping further toward the south. so it is going to be a wet day from india's entrepreneurs state rate into delhi. and same goes around marashi as well. so what day for me by coming in at 31 degrees celsius stage of the
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problem spots i think will be southern sumatra bursts of rain here. that western side of borneo and southern sections of vietnam, including coachman city. it's been some exceptional heats in southern china, so just the other day way. lind, $39.00 degrees that you there, matched the temperature record or exceeded it for the month of september. and we do have some rain rock long, western side of the yangtze river valley on thursday. now we've got a line of storms to talk about stretching pretty much from harbor, down toward the korean peninsula. that's going to knock back your temperature and harbin over the next 24 hours and just some bursts of rain around tokyo. we've got your pencil then for 22 degrees c later. the debating the issues of the day from use has always been criminalized around the boundaries of right, the number there people are a family and friends and our community members on our online, jo, voice, military,
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don't believe in dialogue. the political crisis must be off with the political climate change progress. is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to? there's no recognition about what we're ready to stream on now. just 0. 0 lou. ah ah. hello. watching al jazeera, i'm language, he's reminder of our top stories this. our russian president vladimir putin is cooling up reservists to boost its operation and new crying. he made the announcement during his address to the nation. it comes ahead of referendums by
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moscow, back separatists inform ukrainian regions on becoming part of russia. iranian president, abraham racy says he's country is serious about reviving the nuclear record. he made the comments that the un general assembly, where he also pulled performing us president donald trump, to be investigated for the killing of an iranian that general. and harry can. fiona is still gaining strength as a rip story, the caribbean. it's now being classified as a category for storm. the hurricane has left a trail of destruction in the dominican republic and puerto rico able of demonstrating in the philippines as a mark 60 years since the declaration of martial law. by former president, ferdinand marco's senior protest is a vowing to never forget the extra judicial killings apple tree arrest, and torture they say were carried out. under his rule. human rights groups accused the government of destroying records in an attempt to sanitize history current.
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president, ferdinand marcus junior is marcus, his son is denied the allegations. barnaby lo is at the protest. in manila, there is a truck right behind me, so i don't know if you can see the crowd right behind the truck, but there are thousands of protesters here in the mall here in defiance. remember, this is a country that awarded for a 2nd markers, presidency. 31000000 volts, that's the most number of boards of any philippine president. since the ouster of the current presidents father ferdinand marco's senior. and there has been a lot of historical distortion going around according to these protestors here. and according to the critics, for example, that the marcus family already had well before the 1st marquess was president. and therefore it could not have been that there well, right now as been ill. god or that the father was a, was not a dictator. everything that he did was in the interest of national security. this
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is something that the son, the current president, craig, and margaret junior. i've also said himself, and so these are what they say, the historical distortions that they want to push back. they're pushing back right now that they want to keep pushing about the current president for a new market junior. he delivered a speech before the united nations general assembly. and in that speech, he did mention human rights, but only in the context of working with the united nations to improve the human rights of the situation. in the philippines there was no specific reference to the human rights record of his predecessor, president would return there. more specific mention of the human rights record. off of his father, ferdinand marcos senior, the leader of tennessee is opposition and not a party is expected to appear in court. later on wednesday anti terrorism police detained a rush. he had good news. she and former prime minister ali la rey it. they've been
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accused of sending fighters to war zone, such as syria. both deny the allegations saying they're part of a political attack targeting opponents of president chi, saying we're going to shayla hope you're doing this. matter is a totally politicized case. rashid, our hon. she is a leader of a political party and a state official. he is a public figure. he cannot be questioned for those in his contact list. many people know and try to get in contact with him, but they do not look like any public figure. he may be asked for a photograph by people that he doesn't even know what an indigenous group in australia has. one, a landmark court case blocking an energy company from drilling for gas. traditional owners in the t we islands had challenged a $3600000000.00 project by santos limited. they argued that they hadn't been consulted and feed for the environment. a judge ruled the regulators approval was invalid, and drilling has now been suspend it. still in australia and hundreds of wiles have
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been found stranded on a beach. it's feed about half of them are dead. the pot of at least $230.00 mammals based on tasmanian west coast. scientists say they appear to be pilot wells, which are known for stranding in large numbers. rescue tame is heading to the area and officials, a warning for people to stay away to nigeria and the disaster management agency there says, floods have killed 300 people in the country. the see, the agency also warns 14 nigerian states could be inundated by the spillover effect of a dam in cameroon. more than 100000 people have been displaced by the flooding and are now living in temporary shelters. hundreds of place in prison officials have rallied in south africa demanding high a peg. they say their salaries are no longer enough to put food on the table. inflation is at its highest level in 13 years as to room of tasa reports from
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pretoria in some other countries, it's rate to see police and prison officials protesting. they are considered an essential service. but unions in south africa, did they want to pressure the government into addressing the rising cost of living . so you would have little leverage on a day to day basis, sending the labor and at the end of the day does nothing that they're able to put to the table to take care of them. work as i rejected a 3 percent awake, increase saying it's not enough to help them cope higher food and fuel prices. the world bankers it is not as one of the most unequal countries in the world. many people here are finding it hard to make ends meet. the economy doesn't seem to be improving, and more unions are threatening to go on strike in the coming weeks. so that because crippling power cut also fueling public frustration, electricity can go for hours a day here, reducing business productivity,
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which could lead to job losses with a very high levels of unemployment. their experiences south african, the marmont especially if you're looking at around the 36 percent mock look economic growth. they're like no comma 7 percent economic growth. we do not have enough growth to actually be driving the stock and economy the way we need in order to not only reduced that unemployment, but be able to create sufficient, shall we say, jobs or large cells for people to be able to survive. my local mocha baby managed to make a few dollars selling food to some of the demonstrators. she understands why people are angry. we would put them. i can't afford friends. my kids are at school. there are days. i feel hopeless. he. oh prison sir. my pleasure is not attending this week's un general assembly meeting in york saying he's going to tackle the electricity crisis. that the challenges facing the country. it seems africa's most industrialized economy is in trouble. as more and more south africans going increasingly frustrated. oh, how to monetize our desert between the front runners in brazil's presidential
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election are battling for the blessing of evangelical christian voters. the group represents one 3rd of the countries electorate. monica, you knock it has the story. ah, a battle to be anointed, the chosen one, not only by 156000000 brazilian builders, but by god himself. right wing present, able so narrow and former left his leader, wheezy mass, who let us silver. are both cording, evangelical christian vote. it will be decisive, but divided phone. i mean what vessel classes, what the book, a man of god, defends biblical values, and we want a traditional family, boston our o stands by these values, while lula is a communist tour. so we only embark where you've angelica women, support lula will be raped, and her born the brown after covey. 19 pandemic,
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dealing with a employment and an equal wages lula has always defended the poor. and the women, one 3rd of brazilian voters consider themselves. evan jellico christians in 201870 percent of their rose, went to bull sonata projected himself as a man of faith. but that has changed. over b, premier little guy, boston are made good on his promise to give evangelicals power by naming pastors to 3 key ministries, including one dealing with woman, family and human rights. but these more to family values, their morality brazilians faced enormous tragedy. but the coven 19 pandemic. which both scenario and to place and is still facing economic hardship via the majority of brazil's population is still cap slick, attached rapidly to ah, it may not look like it. but this simple building here is one of 21. if angelica churches that sprout every day in brazil, that's an average of one you church for our recent polls. shobel so narrow is
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favored among evangelicals, but he's losing ground to lola fucks up there. several, just some 7 out of every 10 evangelicals are women who are less than 2 minimum wages. they both for lieu of because they're worried about everyday problems, like putting food on the table. also, mattel has deployed his wife in illinois, jellicoe christian to win over women's votes. jaya matthias, both scenario you were chosen by god. hoola is reminding voters that they should rely on facts rather than face. he do not use the name of god in vain, but this election may come down to who consult voters, problems on earth, rather than offering them a place in heaven. monica, and not give, i'll jazeera we edition era. ah.


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