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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah safe mm hm. and then the international intake option excellence award bought now for your hero, anti semitism is of evil under a labor government, it will not be tolerated in any form. what so ever. beneath the surface lies a darker side in british politics, the labour files hard one on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera
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ah. hello there. i am nora. kyle, this is the news. our live from dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia's president announces a military mobilization and hence at the use of nuclear weapons, nato calls it a reckless rhetoric. the invasion of ukraine is dominating the un general assembly . you as president joe biden is due to speak shortly. i reckon fiona strengthens as it moves up the atlantic ocean after destroying parts of puerto rico and the dominican republic. the lamar court when for a dis, just community at a remote australian island energy company santos is blocked from drilling for gas and amgen, ashwin sports as roger federer for pass for his final event. the 20 time grant sam champion has promised tennis fancy won't disappear from the game at once. he's retired.
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russian president vladimir putin is calling up reservists a fight in ukraine. he made the announcements during an address to the nation. the defense minister says the parcel mobilization will involve drafting around $300000.00 personnel. russian troops have been losing ground to ukraine's counter offensive in the northeast. meanwhile, moscow, back separatists and 4 ukrainian regions have said they'll hold a referendum on joining russia. she though, yeah, prettyman, but it is right, but it is necessary to support the proposal of the ministry of defense and the general staff to hold a partial military mobilization in russia. i repeat, we are talking about the partial mobilization, only only people in the military reserve will be drafted when the priority will be on people who served in the armed forces. i have military specialization and experience be of those drafted before being sent to the places of service will have mandatory additional training relying on experience gained during the special military operation. the decree on partial mobilization has been signed to only her
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teeth jensen by borne that vladimir puritans announcement well further escalate the war. but he also said the move shows that russian troops struggling the speech, earned her portion, mobilization of the armed forces. russia just demonstrate that her, he miscalculated, he made a big mistake, strategic mistake, and walk me. i've seen so far, is that so the russian troops are ill equipped. they lack a proper command and control, and they also have struggle a lot with logistics. but of course, more troops or will escalate the conflict that will mean more suffering, more loss of lives, ukrainian lives, but also russian lives on our correspondence of falling reactions to this latest escalation in the ukraine war in just a moment. we'll be hearing from our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit in washington. but 1st let's go to gabrielle sunday. he's in the
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ukrainian capsule and gay. what's been the response from keith to uproot and speech spent very interesting now because it's been several hours since put in speech. it's now a little after 6 pm local time here and keep and his speech was little after 9 am. so we have many hours now, it's been interesting to see the reaction as a day goes on. it is definitely not panic. in fact, it's just the opposite. it's almost like we're seeing a shrug of the collective shoulders, of many ukrainian officials, saying that this will not change anything. in fact, president vladimir zelinski actually said this will not change anything. he said that the ukrainian military goals are the same now as they were before the speech, and that is to, in his words, liberate all ukrainian territory from russian forces. there's also some, almost, if you will mocking of this. it seems that though the ukrainian officials feel that
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these forces, these potentially $300000.00 reserve, it's being called up. they feel like they won't be necessarily well prepared or necessarily a very good fighting force. and that they say that it doesn't matter how many troops russia sends to ukraine. if they don't have tanks to drive and missiles to fire, they'll be rendered almost useless. and what they're pointing to is the fact that over the last few weeks and in the future now ukrainian officials say they hope to continue to degrade russian capabilities by hitting supply lines and also destroying as many russian military equipment as possible. so the bottom line here from keith is they feel that this is in some ways a victory because they view it as putin admitting whether he wanted to or not. they view it as put in admitting it to some degree that this war has not gone as planned for him. and that to also some degree, the ukrainian,
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a defense and now counter offensive that are happening in the northeast, east and south are working and gave what about reaction to plans for referenda on friday in the russian occupied areas. this is something that putin said he backed in his speech. what's been the response to that? yeah, well they, the ukrainian officials and the western community. the ukraine's western allies have all said it's illegal by international law. it's illegal by ukrainian law. and they say it's a sham, and they simply are not going to recognize it in the discussion period. move on. that's what they say. but it is complicated because clearly, even if ukraine and the international community, the west, i should say, doesn't recognize this. as is, as indicated, he's going to go forward with it any way. and then it sets up the quandary for ukrainians. do they continue to, to push
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a military advance in areas that russia will then say, they control russia, controls risking a further retaliation by russia, which let me put and said, he most definitely would do. so if that gets a little bit complicated, but the bottom line is even on this referendum, ukrainian said, we don't recognize it. so it means nothing to us. we will continue to pursue our objectives again to free all of ukrainian land. it is held by russia as soon as possible. okay. but i was on the in key. thanks very much. i was over to all white house correspondent, kimberly how get and kimberly wants to washington dc saying, and response to preach and speech. yeah, the white house has been quick to react to the issue of the mobilization of troops . the white house, very much seeing this as a sign that the invasion of ukraine buyback vladimir putin not going well just the
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opposite. in fact, the national security coordinator, john per bees saying that in fact they had been expecting this and they are not surprised by this military escalation. in fact, they see this as russia's military campaign, in essence, failing by the perspective of the united states, they see this as a sign bladder repute miss struggling. and that manpower is a problem. now with respect to the. okay, kimberly opposes risking to jump in that because we are crossing over to new york to the united nations general assembly where the u. s. president joe biden is about to address. so let's just take a lesson in as we wait for him to approach the stage.
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he's all seems from the un general assembly. we're expecting the u. s. president joe biden, to take to the stage to give his what's supposed to be a 15 minute speech in the queue of many speakers, the world's leaders, the at the un general assembly, all of them lining up to give that 15 minute speech. of course, i don't have to fix the 15 minutes and so the time does vary some what we are expecting. v as president joe biden, to give a response to put into president putin speech. anyway, he gave a surprise speech to the nation, saying that he was going to be calling out, reserving the fight in ukraine. earlier he announced that $300000.00 troops would be added in a partial liberalization to the forces in ukraine. so we are very interested to hear what the u. s. is going to respond to that, says president joe biden,
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taken the men. i have the honor to welcome his excellency joseph, are biding junior president of the united states of america and my him to address this somebody. thank you. mr. president. secretary general, my fellow leaders. in the last year our world has experience great up people. growing crisis in foods insecurity, record heat, floods and droughts cover 19 inflation and a brutal, needless war or chosen by one man to be very blunt. let us speak plainly. a permanent member of the united nations security council invaded its neighbour, attempted to erase the sovereign state from the map. russia has shamelessly violated the court tenants of the united nations charter. no more important
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than the clear prohibition against countries taking the territory of their neighbor by force. again, just today, president boatner's made over nuclear threats against europe. reckless disregard for the responsibilities of an armful of ration regime. now rushes calling, calling out more soldiers to join the fight. and the kremlin is organizing a sham referenda tried and ex parts ukraine. an extremely significant violation of the un charter. this was, should see these outrageous acts are what they are. food claims he had to act because russia was threatened, but no one threatened russia and no one other than russia sought
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conflict. in fact, we warned it was coming. and when many of you work to try to avert it puts out words, make it true purpose. i'm mistaken all, jesse, before he invaded, potent asserted, and i quote, ukraine was created by russia and never had quote real stay tuned. and now we see tack tron skulls, railway stations, hospitals, one on centers of ukrainian history and culture in the past. even more horrifying evidence of russia's atrocity and war crimes mass graves uncovered it is in bodies, according to those are graded, those bodies showing signs of torture. this war is about extinguishing ukraine's right to exist as
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a state plain and simple and ukraine's right to exist. as a people, whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you believe that should not, that should make your blood run cold. that's why a 141 nations in the general assembly came together and not drawn a criminal, condemn rushes war against ukraine. the united states, as marshal, massive levels of security assistance, the manager and aid, and direct economic support for ukraine. more than $25000000000.00. to date our allies and partners around the world stepped up as well. and today, more than 40 countries representative here contributed billions of our own money and equipment to help ukraine defend itself. united states is also working closely
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with our allies and partners to impose costs on russia. to deter tax against nato territory, the hall, russia accountable for the atrocities and more crimes because of nations can pursue their imperial ambitions without consequences. then we put a risk. everything is very institution stands for everything. every vector, one of the battle fail belongs in the grades as your grading soldiers. but this past year were all was tested as well. and we did not hesitate. we chose liberty. we chose sovereignty. we chop, we chose principles to what you every party to the united nations charter is beholding. we stood with ukraine, like you the united states wanted more to and i'm just terms on terms we all signed up for that you cannot sees
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a nation's territory by force that the only country standing in the way of that is russia. so we, each of us in this body who determined up all the principles and beliefs. we pledge to fan as members of the united nations must be claire firm and unwavering our resolve. ukraine has the same rights belong to every sovereign nation. we will stand in solidarity ukraine will stand in solidarity against russia, aggression period. now it's no secret. then the contest between democracy in our top prosy, the united states and i's president, champion of vision for our world, as grounded in the values of democracy. united states is determining defendant
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trends in democracy at home and around the world because i believe democracy remained. you manage the greatest instrument to address the challenges of our time or him in the g 7, a like minded countries to prove democracies can deliver for the citizens, but also deliver for the rest of the world as well. but as we meet today, the you charge you and charters very basis of a stable and just rule based orders under attack by those who wish to tear down or distorted for their own political advantage. and the united nations charter was not only shy by democracy, the world was negotiated among citizens, dozens of nations, with vastly different histories and ideology, united and their commitment to work for pace. as president a german said, a 945 un charter and i quote,
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is proof that nations like man can state their differences, can face them and then can find common brown. i'm was to stand and the quote that common ground was so straightforward. so basic, today, 193 of you 193 members, states have willingly embraced his principles and standing up for those principles . for the un charter is the job of every responsible member state. i reject the use of violence in war to conquer nations or span borders through bloodshed to stand against global politics, unfair and coercion to defend the. 7 sovereign rights of smaller nations as equal to those of larger ones. to embrace the basic principles like freedom of navigation, respect for
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a national law and arms control. no matter what else we may disagree on. that is a common ground upon which we must stand. and you're still committed to a strong foundation for the good of every nation around the world. then the united states wants to work with you. i also believe the time has come for this institution to become more closely. so we can better respond to the needs of today's world. members of the un security council, including the stage, should consistently appall and defend the un charter, and refrain, refrain from the use of the veto, except in rare, extraordinary situations. to ensure the council remains credible infected, that is also why united states supports increasing the number about permanent and non permanent representatives of the council. this includes permanent shades for those nations. we have long support and permanent stays for countries in africa. latin american car band,
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the united states is committed to this vital work in every region. we pursued new constructive ways to work with partners to advance shared interests. from elevating the quad and in the pacific to sign in los angeles declaration migration of protection. at the summit of the americas, the joining a storage meeting of 9 our leaders to work toward a more official integrated middle east coast in the us, africa, later summit in this december. as i said last year, the united states is opening a relentless diplomacy, the dresser challenge isn't matter most of people's lives all people's lives. tackling climate crisis as a previous bugger speaker spoke to strengthening global health security. feeding the world, feeding the world. we made that priority, and one year later,
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we're keeping that promise. from the day i came to office, we've led with ball climate agenda we rejoined the prior agreement. conveying the major climate summits helped deliver critical agreements on top 26. we help get 2 thirds of the world g d p on track to let it warm in to 1.5 degrees celsius. and now i've signed a historic piece of legislation here in the united states. that includes the biggest, most important climate commitment we have ever made. the history of our country. $369000000000.00 toward climate change. that includes tens of billions and new investments in offshore wind and solar doubling down on 0 mission vehicles. increasing energy efficiency, supporting claim manufacturing. our department of energy estimates that this new law reduce us emissions by one gig a ton a year. by 2030. while on lation,
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a newer of clean energy powered economic growth. our investment laws help reduce the cost of developing clean energy technology worldwide. not just the united states. this is a global game changer, and none to show we don't have much time. well, no, rory, living in a climate crisis. no one seems to doubt it. after this past year. we meet, we made much a pass we made much of pakistan is still under water needs help. meanwhile, the horn of africa face is unprecedented. drought families refreshing and possible choices. choosing which child feed and wondering whether they'll survive. this is the human cost of climate change and it's growing not less need. so as i announce last year to meet our global responsibility,
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my administration is working with our congress, livermore, in the $11000000000.00 a year, international climate finance, tel floor and come countries implement their climate goals and ensure adjust energy transition. the key part of that will be our pep, far plan, which will help half a 1000000000 people, especially vulnerable countries, adapt to the impacts and climate change. and bill resilience this need is enormous. so let this be the moment we find within ourselves the world to turn back the tide of climate demonstration, devastation, locker resilience, sustainable clean energy economy to preserve our planet and global health. we do learn more than 620000000 doses of covert 900 vaccine 216
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countries around the world with more available to meet countries naij, all free of charge, no strings attached and we're working closely with the g 20 in other countries, united states help lead to change to establish or groundbreaking new fund for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response at the world bank. at the same time, we continue to advance the ball and enduring global hell challenges. later today, host a 7th replenishment conference for the global fund to fight age tuberculosis and malaria. with bipartisan support in our congress, i have pledged to contribute up to $6000000000.00 to that effort. so i look forward to welcoming historic ground of pledges that the conference room is only one of the largest global health fundraisers ever held in all history. we're also
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taking down the food crisis set on with as many as $193000000.00 people around the world experience a q a q food insecurity, a jump of $40000000.00 a year. today am announcing another $2900000000.00. and us support for life saving you manage, sharing and food security assistance for this year alone. rush in the meantime is pumping out lies, trying to pin the blame for the crisis. the food crisis on the sanctions imposed by many in a whirl for the aggression against ukraine. so let me be perfectly clear about something. our sanctions explicitly allow explicit, la russia, the ability to export food and fertilizing no limitation. it's rushes war that is worsening. food insecurity,
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and only russia can end it. i'm grateful for the work here at the un, including your leadership, mr. sector, general, establishing a mechanism, export grain from black seed, porch and ukraine, that russia and blocked for months. and we need to make sure it's extended. we believe strongly in the need to feed the world. that's why the united states is the world largest supported the world food program. more than 40 percent of his budget were ladies support ladies, support of the unicef efforts to feed children around the world to take on a large challenge of food insecurity. united states introduced a call to action a roadmap, eliminating global food insecurity to eliminate the global food insecurity. that more than 100 nation member states have already supported. in june,
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the g 7 announced more than $4500000000.00 to strengthen food security. around the world. through usa, i d. 's, feed the future initiative, united stages scaling up innovative ways to get drought, and heat resistance seeds in the hands of farmers who need them while distributing fertilizer and improving fertilizer fisheries show that farmers can grow more or use the less. and we're calling on all countries to refrain from banning food exports or hoarding grain. oh so many people are suffering because in every country in the world, no matter what else divides it, parents can not paid their children, nothing. nothing else matters. the parents cannot feed their children as we look to the future organ with our partners to update and create rules of the road for new challenges,
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we face the 21st century. we launch the training technology council with the european union to ensure the key technology key technologies are developed in govern in the way the benefits everyone with our partner countries in through the u . n. we're supporting and strengthening the norms of responsibility, responsible state behavior in cyberspace, and working to hold accountable those use cyber attacks to threaten international patient security. with partners in americans, africa, europe, in the middle age and end up pacific, oregon to build a new economic echo system. where every nation, every nation gets a fair shock, and that kind of growth is resilient, sustainable, and shared. that's why the nice places, champ, in global minimum tax, and we will work sheet implemented so major corporations pay their fair share everywhere,
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everywhere. it's also been the idea behind the in the pacific economic framework, which united states launch this year with 13 other end of pacific economies. we're working with our partners in the nation and the pacific islands to support a vision for a critical and pacific region that is free and open, connected and prosperous, secure, and resilient together with partners around the world or going to shared key secure resilience. supply chains protect everyone from coercion or domination, and assure that no country can use energy as a weapon. and as russia's war roles rials the global economy. we're also calling on major global credit, including the non parish club countries, to transparently negotiate debt forgiveness for lower income countries. to forestall broader economic and political crisis round the world. instead of never such a project degenerate,
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a huge large debt without delivering on the promised advantages. let's make the enormous infrastructure needs round the world with transparent investments, high standard project protect the rights of workers and environment, key to the needs of the communities they serve. not to the contributor. that's why the united states together with fellow g 7 partners launched a partnership for global infrastructure investment. we intend to collectively mobilize $600000000000.00 investment through this partnership. by 2027, dozens of projects radi underway. industrial scale vaccine manufacturing in senegal, transformative solar projects and angola. first of us kind small modular nuclear power plant, romania. these are investments that are going to live returns, not just for those countries,
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for everyone. united states to work with every nation, including our competitors, to solve global problems like climate change. climate diplomacy is not a favor to united states or any other nation. and walking away, hurt the entire world. may be direct about the competition between the united states and china. as we manage shift in j, a political trends. united states will conduct itself as a reasonable later. we do not seek conflict. we do not seek to call or we do not ask any nation to choose between the united states or any other partner. but the united states will be on a bass in promoting our vision of a free, open, secure, and prosperous world. and what we have to offer communities and nations investment, the design not to foster dependency, but to alleviate burns and help nations become self sufficient partnerships not to
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create political obligation. but because we know our own success. each of our successes increased when other nations succeed as well. when individuals have the chance to live in dignity and develop their talents, everyone benefits, critical of that is living up to the highest goals of this institution. increasing patient security for everyone. everywhere the united states will not waiver on our unrelenting determination to counter and forward the continuing terrorist threats to our world. and we will lead with our diplomacy to strive for peaceful resolution of conflicts. we shake the pol pieces to boeing across the taiwan straits rank committed to our one china policy. we just help prevent conflict from for decade, and we continue to oppose unilateral changes in the status quo by either side. we
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support an african union lead piece process to end the fighting. ethiopian restore security for all the people and venezuela were years a political oppression have driven more than 6000000 people from that country where the van as well and lead dialogue and returned to free and fair elections. we continue to stand with our neighbor in haiti as it phases political fuel, gang violence, an enormous human crisis. and we call on the world to do the same. we have more to do. we'll continue to back or un mediated truce and yemen which is delivered precious, much of pace to people that have suffered years of war. and we will continue to advocate for lasting negotiating peace between the jewish and democratic state visual and the palestinian people. the united states is committed to israel security, full stop, and negotiated to state solution remains in our view, the best way to ensure israel,
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security and prosperity for the future. and give the palestinians the state which to which they are entitled both sides to fully respect for equal rights of their citizens. both people enjoy an equal measure of freedom and dignity. that may also urge every nation to re commit to strengthening the nuclear nonproliferation regime. through diplomacy, no matter what else is happening in the world, the united states is ready to pursue critical armed control measures. a nuclear war can not be wine and must never be fought. the fire permit members is clarity council, just reaffirm that commitment in january. but today, or seen disturbing trans russia shon,
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the nonproliferation full of ration, i, full information, ideals, embrace for every other nation at the 10th and p t review conference. and again, today, as i said, they're making irresponsible nuclear threats to use nuclear weapons. child is conducting an unprecedented concerning nuclear build up without any transparency. despite our efforts to began seriously sustained diplomacy, the democratic people's republic of korea continues to blindly violate un sanctions . while the united states is prepared for a mutual returned the joint comprehensive plan of action for ranch steps up to its obligations, united states is clear. we will not allow rand to acquire nuclear weapons. i continue to believe that diplomacy is the best way to achieve this outcome. the nonproliferation regime is one of the greatest successes of this institution. we
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cannot let the world now slide backwards, nor can return a blind eye to the rows of human rights. perhaps, singular among these bodies achievements stands universal declaration of human rights, which is a standard by which our forebears challenge us to measure ourselves. they may clear a 948 human rights are the basis for all that we seek to achieve. and yet today in 2022 fundamental freedoms are risk and every part of our world from the violations of sin, john detail ration reports by the office of u. n. u. s. report detailing by the u. s. high commission to the horrible abuses against pro democracy actors and ethnic minorities by the military. human berman to the increased repression of women and girls by the taliban in afghanistan
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. and today, we stand with the brave citizens, the brave women of iran who right now are demonstrating to secure their basic rights. but here's what i know. the future will be won by those countries, the least, the full potential of their populations. where women and girls can exercise equal rights including basic reproductive rights and contribute fully to building a stronger economies and more resilient society. religious and i think minorities can live their lives without harassment contribute to the fabric of their communities. really, l g, b, t, q plus community individuals love fairly without being targeted violence or citizens can question and criticize or leaders without fear of reprisal. the united
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states will always promote human rights and the values enshrined in the un charter in our own country and around the world. let me end with this. this institution, guided by the un charter and universal declaration of human rights is at its core. an act of dauntless hope. we say that again, he said ask dauntless hope. think about the vision. los 1st delegates. wonder took a seemingly impossible task. while the world was still smoldering, think about how divided people in the world must have felt. the fresh grief of millions dead, the general style horrors of the holocaust exposed. that every right to believe only the worst of humanity. instead, they reached for what was best in all of us. and they strove to build something
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better. during pace, commitee among nations, a garage for every member of the human family, cooperation for the advancement of all human crime. our fellow leaders, the challenge we face today are great indeed. but our capacity is greater. our commitment must be greater still. so let's stand together to again declare the unmistakable resolve. the nations of the world are united still and we stand for the values of the un charter. and we still believe by working together. we can bend the ark of history toward a frere and more just world for all our children, although none of us and fully achieved. we are not passive witnesses, the history. we are the authors of history. we can do this. we
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have to do it for ourselves and for our future for human class. thank you for tolerance. listening to me, i appreciate very much for sure. the u. s. president joe biden address from united nations general assembly that's bringing automatic as to james base. interesting. and to that speaks from un headquarters in new york, james laws in that space, global health issues, climate issues, you and reform a warning for china and for ra, a number of other countries. but 1st and foremost, there was a message for president putin. yes he started with what i think is the news of the day. he started with his reaction to president putin's escalation in recent hours. his mobilization of more our troops to go to ukraine, his veiled threat of using any means and he said he wasn't bluffing. so
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a hint potentially to using nuclear weapons present biden address that straight on at the start of the speech. he said, the war is about extinguishing ukraine's right to exist as a state and ukraine's right to exist as a people that should he told the people that gathered countries that on under 93 countries of the general suddenly make your rock blood run cold. a lot of mention of the history of the u. n. at the end, he talked about the founding of the un 77 years ago. he said russia has shamelessly violated the court tenants of the un charter. that's the document that everyone signed to form the u. n, the were end of the 2nd world war. none is more important than the clear prohibition against countries taking territory of their neighbor by force. he said no one targeted russia, no one other than russia. once in a conflict, i think he is clearly trying to speak to all the countries of the united nations and saying to them that a line has been crossed. a line in the charter that many would say has prevented world war for 77 years. and that i think was the main theme of this speech. but as
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you say, laura, lots of other issues as every year you get to set peace speeches on the calendar from the u. s. present these weeks, lots of times. but it does the state of the union speech at the beginning of the year to the people of the u. s. and he does this speech to the people of the world . so clearly there was talk about climate change. there was talk about global health. there was talk about the food crisis and a fresh commitment. interesting there the u. s. giving an extra $2900000000.00 to tron alleviate the global food truck crisis. that also was there something that may sound like is not terribly important, which is talk of you and reform. i can hear. some of you is probably yawning at this point. but that will actually go down very well with the membership of the united nations. because so many countries think that the system set in place 77 years ago where you have a security council with 15 members, 5 of them permanent members. and they are basically the victors of world war 2
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needs to be changed. it's time for change. well, he, for the 1st time in public, in a speech like this is backing things. soundings we've had on back to the, to the united nations, linda thomas greenfield. in recent weeks he says the u. s. is now saying very firmly. it wants an increase in the number of non permanent members and permanent members to the un security council. there are many countries that would like to be permanent members. i think that is something that will win some support among the white a membership of the you and the 193 countries of that was the purpose of this speech . president biden trying to win them over to his side, particularly on the war in the ukraine to say to them. and we saw it earlier in the year and a vote in the general assembly that there was support the ukraine against russia. he wants to keep that report support, say to them, ukraine is in the right here. ukraine is suffering nation. it has been invaded by another nation. and that is a basic thing. it shouldn't be allowed under the u. n. system translate to any of that from the united nations,
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thanks very much time. or western leaders have warned russian president vladimir putin against the use of nuclear weapons in ukraine, specifically tactical nukes these are different from long wayne strategic nuclear weapons, as they can be used over short distances. i can be deployed in many different ways, even fired as artillery shells on battlefields. the size and power of tactical nuclear weapons can vary from less than one killer ton to $100.00 killer tons. i comparison, the atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima in the 2nd world war was 15, killer tons. russia is thought to have around 2000 tax for nuclear weapons. and they are believed to be in storage facilities, not ready to fire, as bring him william courtney. he's a former us ambassador to georgia and catholics. don is now an adjunct senior fellow at rand corporation, and he joins us now from washington. d. c. good to have you with us. we just heard president joe biden,
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they're saying that be nuclear threat from president putin was reckless. do you think a line has been crossed hair a line as though you have been crossed, but present butram? oh, sure. well, present bowden for the speech, but are coincidentally today warner who brought the nuclear option and talking about mobilization, the russian seemed to be, or if you will, escalating with stokes throwing that they can expand the war. but also roasting states of home. i'll be a lot of internal resistance now. to this war, especially bro folks might be drafted under this new mobile social order and put, and maybe taking extra rushed brothers on political situ worship. president, alaska ukrainian president says he does not believe that putin would use a nuclear weapon. what do you think? i think is probably right, but no one can ever predict for sure. one of the issues will be if russia were to
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use of nuclear weapon. how would it take mil, military advantage that would have sent its troops across the area that had been the subject of the destination? i don't think the russian forces are really prepared to do something like that. so a nuclear, that motion might have sharp value, but it might also shock roches allies, as we saw last week, with warnings from choosing paying modi in some or cod. both of them are expressing concerns about the way rushes conducting this work. do you think that threats all of it is enough to make the west? we evaluate at support for ukraine. we just had strong winds of defiance from president joe biden, but behind closed doors, did him as a different conversation both. so there's no sign about the west as re evaluating its position. and i imagine the western world maintained a fair amount of unity on this. also,
6:46 pm
what russia has done as president barton pointed out, is really in direct violation of the united nations charter i and is threats about nuclear use or violation of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. these treaties of charter have wired support. what do you make of britain's partial mobilization announcement? the use of 300000 troops immediately to be mobilized to go to the battlefield. i mean, it's already got 1500000 shapes in that ukraine. what is an extra 300000 against it? can it change the course of the war or he doesn't really have wall point 5000000 actually, andrew, correct. well, should seem to be desperate. well, there is not more of support by the board in russia for the war and the number of trained troops. i have your friends met him or been children murdered. so res milford to recruit. prisoners which have been taken place last couple weeks. or
6:47 pm
shrew william courtney. great. speak to you. thanks very much. taking the time to join us here on al jazeera. you quite welcome. i meanwhile rush an opposition either lexie, no valley has condemned putin's call. for military mobilization, he accuses the president of sending more russians to die. and what in a volley calls a criminal aggression. he spoke during a court hearing of the petition. he fought against the prison he's being held in after the facility refused to let him create a trade union. and small protests opposing milton mobilization have been held in russia. these are some of the pictures were saying of people being taken away by police in the western city of yak terran bag monitoring groups as more than a 109 people have been arrested. and indigenous group in australia has won a landmark court case blocking an energy company from drilling for gas. traditional owners of the to be islands had challenged
6:48 pm
a 3 point. $6000000000.00 project by santos limited. they argued they hadn't been consulted and fed for the environment. a judge ruled the regulated approval was invalid, and the drilling has now been suspended. how can foreigner is still gaining strength as it rips through the caribbean, as are being classified as a category for stolen? hurricane has left a trail of destruction in dominican republic and puerto rico. a jury's disaster management says, floods of kill 300 people in the country this year. the n g agency also was that 14 nigerian states were at risk of being inundated by the spillover effect and the diamond cameroon. 100000 people have been displaced by flooding and, and now living in temporary shelters. as porter sil ahead here are the out to 0 and the yankees outfielder are in judge massive bay brief ones. and a single season general will have all the details.
6:49 pm
ah ah ah
6:50 pm
ah ah ah ah level sports and his job. thank you. laura has some good news of the tennis fans and supporters of roger federer. no, he hasn't changed his mind on retirements, but has promised not to disappear from the sports. federal will play his final event on friday at the labor up in london following last week's announcements. on his playing future, number one, i'm not satisfied, i'm happy. i'm happy with the decision because i know it's the right one. i thought i thought about it. i've had a lot of time to let it sit. i mean, it's been a few months now. it's been rather stressful,
6:51 pm
not having it leak out and more worried about everybody around me who knew about it, who was getting asked every single day. how's roger, how's roger's knee? and when is he coming back? and they all very well knew what the situation was. so i'm sorry for them that i had to go through this, but i so i think we're all relieved. at this point it's out rushes, exile from international football will continue for another 2 years. they've been banned from qualifying for the 2024 european championship. us has confirmed they will not be in the draw which takes place next month in the host nation, germany rushes international club sides has been banned from european football. since the countries invasion of ukraine, the court of arbitration, the sport dismissed rushes of pail against their exclusion in july or look at the service could keep the decision regarding russian national club teams on their suspension. it was a decision taken until further notice, which means this until we decide otherwise, this will remain in place. that means we don't have to take the decision when
6:52 pm
another competition comes. we hope that the war will end as soon as possible. so we can have the national team of russia in competition. so in the situation as it is, it is such that we can't even discuss it in the ukraine. miss out on the place that the world cup when they last in the playoffs, but there will still be some representation at the tournaments. payden's captain at rob 11 dusky will wire and abandon capital with the colors of the ukraine flag. the countries shack close football ties and together co hosted at the 2012 european championship, former captain and manager of ukraine. andrea jenco presented levin duffy with the on by the emotional. england's captain will also wear an arm band designed to fight discrimination. hurricane and skiff as of benevolence, belgium from germany, switzerland, and wales intend to wet the one love message during the world cup. with 60 days to go until kickoff, cut towels, and this as the country is ready to welcome all fans. looked up a little bit to let them know the challenge that started 12 years ago,
6:53 pm
required genuine resolve, considerable planning and hard work. and here we are today ready to receive teams and spectators from all around the world. we are opening our doors in the hall to them without discrimination. they can all enjoy the excitement. kat, oswald cup organizing committee is also in new york. they say the 1st, the middle east wild cup will be for the whole region, but will also have a huge impact on the host nation. the world cup was used as a vehicle for reform and to expedite form in the country. whether it's with workers, labor laws, whether it's through, you know, with social and talk to and generation amazing, whether it's with sustainability. i mean, we use the world cup as a, as a platform to expedite that. and there's a lot of the infrastructure that was built for the world cup is not just for the world cup, for the country beyond the world cup. so again, i think, you know, this is, this is a unique aspect of the world. we've had 12 years. yes. but you know, the metro system was the, the infrastructure, the road, the rail, like there's
6:54 pm
a lot of project mega infrastructure project for the country beyond the world cup as well. and the world cup was used as a vehicle to expedite thought turkey f. l to qualify, but that might be because that president was in the side red chip tie up and he played a semi professional football as a young man with gifted a unique world. couple with his name wanted by the fee for president johnny and francine a shade. he haven't lost any of his skills heading the will during the psycho this month for our world cup count down. so it's focusing on north and central america, canada, the us, mexico. and costa rica, the teams you've qualified from the region. you can find it online or watch it here on our sera, on wednesday at 2330 gmc, you'll start in rolls of football, leak has been rocks. why allegations of racism and bullying? one of them most successful clubs, an independent review, commissioned by the whole phone football club, has revealed some indigenous players. what isolated from family,
6:55 pm
and told to break up with partners to focus on their careers. one player also claims he was pressured to terminate his part in this pregnancy. the reporters found aboriginal players were bullied by senior coaching staff, a whole phone, including full time premiership coach allister clarkson, who has denied any wrong doing or misconduct. the a f l is now investigating the allegations. it's populating the top, like we said in our statement this morning that these guys are strongly disturbing . we are family disappointed, but some of our former pliers and their families feel like this. a bad experiences at the club, what we've seen dies a challenging harrowing and disturbing raid acknowledged the hurt, the anger, the great, the people who shared their experiences and told their stories and all of those impacted. in major league baseball, aaron judge is just one high run away from tying the american nig record from those times. in
6:56 pm
a season the yankees were losing in the final inning against pittsburgh. but dutch had a different verdict in mind. with the american league record office. 61 is how'd, why another yankees legend roger maris still trailing by 3 runs at john college. stanton stole the game for new york, adding full runs with a single hit. thanks to this hi me. up with the bases loaded. the tank was winning 9 to 8. think about the numbers and you know, when you talk about ruth maris and mantel and all these, you know, yankees grapes. you know, there's so many great things in this game. you know, you know, you never imagine as a kid, you know, get mentioned with them, but, you know, it's, it's, it's an incredible honor, you know, and, um, you know,
6:57 pm
something i don't take likely like lightly at all. and here's something we don't see too often, a triple play, a mortgage. the taxes ranges, we're moving a 3 l angels players at the same time, but that couldn't prevent a 5 to defeat. a england cricketers that made a historic return to pakistan for the 1st time in 17 years on tuesday, playing in a t 20 international in karachi, pakistan had current events on their minds. their names and numbers appeared submerged in water on their kids to show solidarity with flood victims in their country. their opener mohammed res, one top scored with 68 as pakistan reached a 158 to 7 in that 20 overs. but to england open at alex hales ended his 3 year international absence with a stunning performance. he hit with 53 or 40 balls, lead england to
6:58 pm
a 6 wicket when it puts them one they'll up in the 7 match series. all that's it. it's all over and we finished with cycling were limping champion the enemy vans lessons of that a bizarre crash at the road while to championships in australia. she went down in the opening seconds of the mixed a team time trial, and vladin's full ended the duchess team's chances of claiming the gold meadow, which was won by switzerland. that is a real sport for now. i'll have another updates later. there thanks very much. and that's it from me, laura, coil this news hour. but i will be back in just a moment with all of the days these for you. ah
6:59 pm
ah. it's really those the right wing policy fortelli d'italia is ahead in the polls. could a decisive victory overcome the gridlock that has stifled recent government? and what are the wider ramifications for the e u. n. nato. stay without his era for the latest updates and in depth analysis. debating the issues of the day frog use as always, dan criminalized around the boundaries of rights. these under number, their people or families and our friends and our community member on our online, at your voice fisma to reap. don't believe in dialogue. the political crisis must be soft with the political solutions as climate change. progress is there. some people who are in places that they're just going to have to move. there is no recognition about what we're ready facing. the street on al jazeera. there was a time when the aka banga river flowed were enough to sustain lies in the northern
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