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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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oh, that's changed oh, least one or 3 men in different parts of the alcove and go down as they faced drought wild animal and man made threat in the constant fight for survival risk in it all. botswana on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter why you call hand out you, sarah, will bring you the news and current affairs that with al jazeera, ah, who claims he had to act. because russia was threaten. but no one threatened russia. he was president joe biden says, his country stands that way,
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the ukraine. he's also told the united nations, but russia has shamelessly violated the core tenants of the global body. ah, hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is alex's are alive from doha. also coming up, roches president announces a military mobilization and hence at the use of nuclear weapons, nato pulls that reckless rhetoric. arc appearance strengthens as it moves up the atlantic ocean of destroying parts of puerto rico and the dominican republic. and rescue teams in australia, trying to save hundreds of wales stranded on a beach. ah, as president joe biden has condemned ross's decision to call out more troops in
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ukraine widened, spoke a short time ago at the un general assembly. he says, moscow must accept the blame for the conflict. rushes, calling, calling up more soldiers to join the fight. and the kremlin is organizing or sham. referenda tried annex parts ukraine. an extremely significant violation of the un charter. this royal should see these outrageous zacks for what they are putting claims he had to act because russia was threatened, but no one threatened russia either. the russian president vladimir putin said he was quoting up reservists to fight in ukraine. now says defense minister says the partial mobilization will involve drafting around $300000.00 personnel. the countries troops have been losing ground to cranes counter offensive in the northeast. meanwhile, moscow, back separatists and for ukrainian regions says that they'll hold
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a referendum on joining russia. shit though. yep. crazy. mm hm. but it does, rick, but it is necessary to support the proposal of the ministry of defense and the general staff to hold a partial military mobilization in russia. i repeat, we are talking of a partial mobilization, only only people in the military reserve will be drafted when you, the priority will be on people who served in the armed forces or you have military specialization and experience. be of those drafted before being sent to the places of service will have mandatory additional training relying on experienced gained during the special military operation. the decree on partial mobilization has been signed to a lot of mac as to james bay's joins us live now from the un headquarters in new york and j. j. by me, me just had the perfect stage, didn't he? to deliver the u. s. his response to putin's threats, he did, he had the world say yes, he does. once a year, the un general assembly, every well lead a speaks, present biden's, turn, speak in the last hour. of course,
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i think the speech by president putin was deliberately timed to go ahead of a president biden, and the other will be, does deliberately time for this day the wednesday when the us president was speaking to the you, the un general assembly. so in many ways, a present for it in time this deliberately, but president biden very strong. this war is about extinguishing ukraine's right to exist as a state and ukrainians. right. to exist as a people, the told the 193 nations represented in the un general assembly that should make your blood run cold. it was a wide ranging speech from president vidal, obviously focusing on ukraine. the idea with a rally the general assembly, which voted very much in favor of ukraine, calling russia's actions and aggression earlier in the year. but they want to keep that broad support for ukraine and, and, and keep the idea that russia is breaking the un charter. that's the founding
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document to the un signed when the u. n. was formed 77 years ago, but the speech went beyond ukraine that he talked to about climate change. she talked about global health. he talks about the global food crisis, an important announcement there by the u. s. $2900000000.00 is going to go from the u. s. and additional funding to help alleviate that crisis. and also something about the u. n. itself and the way the u. n is structured, many members would like to see reform of the un security council. so while he's trying to persuade them about ukraine, he is also said the u. s. is very much in favor of reform and security council having more than the current 15 members expanding that and also having more than the 5 permanent members of the security council. and many members of the un here complain about the fact that they say as 5 of the victors of world war 2 and nothing has changed since the u. n. was founded at the end of world war 2 months of the talk at the you in general assembly james, this is of course about ukraine. several other countries have been criticizing
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rushes, talk of mobilize ational, partial, mobilize ation. one of the other responses that we've been hearing you've got a lot of criticism of this. they say it's an escalation of the war and you're going to hear more in the next 24 hours. because the un security council is going to meet at foreign minister level france is the president this month. the french foreign minister is going to preside. all 15 council members will be the foreign minister level and ukraine, because the meetings about ukraine is going to be there as well. so you have the prospects and we believe the russian foreign minister will attend of the russian foreign minister. i am the ukranian foreign minister around the table and i think that will be fresh a condemnation to come, that of what russia announced in recent hours in one of those seats. the u. k. seat will be the brand new u. k. foreign secretary james cleverly. i spoke to him earlier on and asked him about what president putin has announced. of these all, not the actions of
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a military leader who thinks this war is going to plan. we know we said so at the time that russia's plan was to sweep across ukraine in a matter of weeks. and yet what we see most recently is that being pushed back by the very, very professional actions of the ukrainian offices. so these words, a written response to failure rather than to success. and i suspect that all that would happen if these troops were put to the front line is yet more young russians would be lost in this illegal unprovoked, an unnecessary war. and what we call from russia to do is to remove its troops from ukraine to negotiate in good faith once it has done so and for the ukrainians to be given their country back. let me talk now about that warning from present. let me read you the exact words. if there is a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and for protecting our people, we will certainly use all the means available to us. and i am not bluffing. well
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the means he has includes nuclear weapons. how worried should we be? well, the point that we have made, we've made this throughout this conflict, is there has never been a threat to russia. this was his attack into ukraine. this was his war. this was his violence. this was his aggression to his neighbor. we do not and never posed a threat to russia, he brings this situation upon himself because of his aggression in ukraine. what we want all we want is for ukraine to be able to govern itself all of itself for the cranium, people to live in peace and prosperity. and for the wider global implications, including food price pressure that's being fell across the globe for those things to be alleviated by russia withdrawing from ukraine and allowing that country to get back to, to, to living. the last thing. one of the people though watching in the u. k. and all
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around the world, i'm going to be worried about these words. i am not bluffing from someone who's one of the major nuclear powers. are you worried about the possible use of technical nuclear weapons? we had a recent comment from the former deputies section of nato rose guatemala, who said it was a deep concern to her. well, as i said, nato has never been an aggressive alliance is a purely defensive alliance. the ukrainians are defending their homeland against invaders from russia, and there has not been them. there has never been a threat to russia itself. you say that? but he says he's not bluffing. i mean, are you worried that cornered now he might do something that previously was unthinkable the, the, the, the right thing for him to do, the right thing for russia to do is to leave you crime. let ukraine rebuild itself, rebuild it's economy and to start behaving as
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a proper international, paul. and that's what we've ever asked for and to escalate the rhetoric as we've seen here, is unnecessary. it doesn't, it doesn't help in any way at all. and as i've said, our resolve to support the ukrainians in the legitimate defense of their sovereign territory is wavering. the british foreign secretary james, cleverly speaking to me earlier. and as you can see, it's pretty tense the situation with regard to russia and ukraine. and it's clearly the issue that is dominating the un general assembly. you might think there is no positive news, but i can tell you behind the scenes in recent days, we've learned that there are some negotiations underway between russia and ukraine for a prisoner swap. we know that turkey has been involved in those new goes ations. well, i can't confirm anything yet,
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but we are hearing rumblings that something may even be underway as we speak. i mentioned turkey, but there's some talk are coming from ria that saudi arabia may have been involved in the diplomacy of this as well. we're trying to see confirmation that something may now be underway with regard to a prisoner swap. we'll get back to you when we have more, absolutely tens phase thanks very much rains. the very latest there from the nice nations will follow that business up. story very closely. now nato chief, that gen felton berg has warned the vladimir putin announcement, well, father escalate the war. but he also said that the move shows that russian troops are struggling the speech, her portion of the social, the armed forces of russia. just demonstrate that her, he miscalculated, that he made a big mistake, strategic mistake, and walked, i've seen so far as that. so the russian troops are ill equipped, they lack a proper command and control, and they're also have a struggle,
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a lot with logistics, but of course more troops or will escalate the conflict that will mean more suffering, more loss of life's ukrainian lives, but also russian lives and ross, not listening to relax in the valley is on said chris size, the president. it uses prisoner sending more russians to die. and what have only cause a criminal aggression felony spoke during a court hearing of the petition, he filed against the prison. he's being held in after facility refused to let him create a trade union and have been small protests in russia as people oppose the military mobilization is beat pictures, so people being taken away by police and the western city of york, italian bag, a monitoring group says more than 109 people have been arrested, or gabrielle xander has more reaction now from keith in ukraine, with battlefield losses mounting and a ukrainian counter offensive advancing. russian president vladimir putin says now
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was the time to mobilize more troops, yet as a she the nationally to protect her motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity to ensure the security of our nation and people in the liberated areas. i consider it necessary to call for partial mobilization in russia, or the defense minister says as many as 300000 russian reservists will report for duty immediately. but more could be called up if necessary. thornton also confirmed that he would push ahead with a referendum in for regions of ukraine, including the don boss. the referendum will ask one question. do you want to join the russian federation? that referendum, often a precursor to full annexation of territory, could happen as early as this week. he might go prison, blood amused whiskey urged allies to focus on what is important for ukraine. the drum kit is growing, actually more support for the armed forces for intelligent services,
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for the special operations and security service, for the national guard police, and the border guards for everyone who is gradually restoring a territorial integrity. western allies have said they will not recognize a russian lead referendum or annexation of ukrainian territories. calling it illegal. some analysts call a referendum, a pre determined sham, and a desperate ploy by putin. there is no free media to talk at to talk her about the issue. there is no other action observe is there is no fair county, et cetera, et cetera. and even without talking about all illegality of the theme, because it's and on the relation of ukrainian and international. but in his speech, paul left little doubt, he is ready to escalate this war. warriors, civilian russia has a variety of weapons of destruction getting some more molten to those and nato countries as i shoot there. and if our territorial integrity is threatened,
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we will use all the means at our disposal to protect russia and our people. this is not a glove. it's unclear of moving more troops to the front lines and annexing ukrainian territory will be enough to turn the tide in an operation that hasn't gone according to prudence plan. what is clear is this war is changing the land and potentially entering a new, even more dangerous phase. gabe rosato al jazeera keith r ron's present. abraham rises as western nations have double standards. i say also earlier address the un general assembly in new york. he's, as iran has faced too much scrutiny over it's nuclear activities, not hardly can organize as young yet did. jani does a double standard used when speaking of iran's nuclear capacity, we all know that it is for human and peaceful endeavors. but some countries are keen on portraying this as a threat in order to avoid what they should rightly faced themselves,
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which is the nuclear i zation. and i say as the leader of iran's government, that we are not seeking to build or obtain nuclear weapons, such weapons have no place in our doctrine. harkens. hannah is still gaining strength as at rips through. the car been is now being classified as the category full storm residence of the tags and caicos islands have been ordered to take shelter. meanwhile, the hurricane has left a trail of destruction in the region. kelly, one person, dominican republic, and 4 people and puerto rico on rap hello reports from san juan hurricane. fiona bears down on turks and keiko silence making landfall as a powerful category. 3 storm, threatening to devastate the tiny caribbean archipelago in the dominican republic. crops have been destroyed in houses damaged by the 1st major hurricane of the atlantic season. oh, new york. oh, the ferry does farming well. it depends on production on the crops and everything
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was destroyed. there was nothing left. a lot of people had lines to grow bananas, coffee co, everything has gone very thorough. hundreds were forced from their homes by widespread flooding in puerto rico among them, alberto leels and his daughter, martha, who are now staying at a shelter with other displaced people. the more i failed on the years ago, my faith, a strong m. m. o, god will help me. i lost everything. would have god took everything away. it's only because he has something better planned for me. in the wake of the storm u. s. federal officials have promised to increase aid and support to puerto rico. hundreds of fema and federal responders are on the ground in puerto rico, including u. s. army corps of engineer, power restoration experts and urban search and rescue teams. heavy rains from fiona caused flooding across the us island territory, leading to damaged roads and collapsed bridges. here in southern puerto rico,
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tens of thousands of residents, or depending on construction crews like this one to restore running water to just some of the communities worst affected by hurricane fiona. the u. s. national hurricane center is warning. fiona will continue to gain strength over the coming days. manuel rap, hello al jazeera san juan. puerto rico still had hair on out, is there an expert say used to be part of the biblical garden of eden, but now it's slowly turning into a deserted wasteland. you talked to struggling formulas in iraq, southern marshes. ah, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to cattle group your travel package today. hi there, the monsoon rains are clear and away from pakistan since province and southern punjab as well. so dry conditions in the forecast for you on thursday, for example,
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in karachi it's been back to back to back historic monsoon seasons for sin province . now bit of the different scenario going on in india were seen these rains retrograde toward the northwest at this time of the year. we'd expect them to start slumping further toward the south. so it is going to be a wet day from india's on to pradesh. state right into delhi, and same goes around, maharaj struck as wall. so what day from by coming in at 31 degrees, southeast asia, the problem spots i think will be southern sumatra bursts of rain here. that western side of borneo and southern sections of vietnam, including coachman city. to spend some exceptional heat in southern china suggest the other day gray lin, $39.00 degrees that you there, matched a temperature record or exceeded it for the month of september. and we do have some rain, my raw ma, long western side of the ink super valley on thursday. now we've got a line of storms to talk about stretching pretty much from harbin down toward the korean peninsula that's going to knock back your temperature and harbin over the
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next 24 hours and just some bursts of rain around tokyo. we've got you. pennsylvania for 22 degrees c later cats are official ally of the journey education struggling to keep pace, often failing to prepare children for today's world. but some schools are changing . rooms are kids half half the day. you've spanish and half the beginning with astonishing results. wow, i live in rebel education early learning mexico on it just ah ah
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ha again, you're watching out, is there a has reminder of our top stories this hour? he was president joe bible condemns at rush. it's the system to call out more troops in ukraine. he also said the upcoming referendums in easton, ukraine are a sham, but from president vladimir putin is facing a backlash after cooling up $300000.00 reservists to boost a so called special operation in ukraine. and her computer is still gaining strength as it rips through the caribbean. it's now being classified as a category for storm. harken has left a trail of destruction. dominican republic and puerto rico. sealants in the united states are being hit by a double whammy of rising fees and a spike and the cost of living. the average price of attending a state university is now $22000.00 a year. and the private ones are more than double at me. while inflation is forcing some students to choose between eating or filling their cars, fill tank,
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i'll zera's kaiser, castro has more. john cloud le conan's favorite subject is math, but he takes no joy in counting out each dollar of his bi weekly paycheck with the $450.00 i have so like no, i mean so take care of myself and my school materials. what i'm like more all i'm as well cover the room what i'm, i'm in the house look on an attends montgomery college, a community college in maryland. the 2nd year student is studying biological sciences in the hopes of becoming a doctor for scholarships and 2 jobs that helped to pay for tuition. if i didn't have all of that, so or i don't think i'll being called montgomery college is a refuge for students who lack money, but wish to pursue higher education with inflation prices still high staff members
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have turned some hallways into food pantries where students can get a free meal, the financial stress is just omni present in their lives. it's it's, it's in the prices of things that have gone up. it's in the fact that they have to make really hard choices between eating that day or putting enough gas in their car that they can get to work. montgomery college also has emergency relief funds for students in financial crisis. and hasn't had a tuition increase in 3 years, or the least expensive way to earn a bachelor's degree in the united states is to attend a 2 year community college which gets local government funding. and then transferring to a 4 year traditional university. and the tuition for those universities has soared in recent years, nearly tripling since 1980 next year laguna and would like to attend johns hopkins university for his final 2 years of college. annual tuition at that school is
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advertised at $60000.00. if did he likely pay only a small portion, his financial need would qualify him for more scholarships. he just has to make the grades and depend on free food and supplies until then. i basically rely on those late arrive look on and says the best part of his day is putting on the mascot costume of montgomery college, which is one of his jobs. it's the only time he forgets about the financial stress, because he's having fun and making money. i did your castro al jazeera tacoma park . maryland was a scarcity in iraq as forcing farmers to sell their land and move to the cities. i . temperatures and low rainfall are also affecting the countries famous marshes in the south, and he has hm reports from southeast and iraq the hired this drawn flies, the more desert it can see. iraq's famous and historic marcia's once covered. these
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lance, what luck any more. this is what is left of the palms, citrus trees, and many other types of proves that were grown on what was a 400 acre 4. because i only, i will no matter what the odd was, it was gradually dying due to the shortage of water. first, the citrus trees and then the palm trees have died. so many people have left the area. i'm thinking of leaving, but the question is, where should i go? you can sell your land, but what comes after that? no one knows the future, only god does what used to be the middle east. largest food producing region can't feed itself anymore. over thousands of years, the country's 2 main rivers, the euphrates and the tigris transform that does it around them, into green meters. but now 70 percent of the water that once flow through them is
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gone, the level of water and the water supply in the country is too low. and we started to see this impact on the very local community, specific farmers, specifically people who are living in rural areas. those who are counting on that life's talk to survive. those who are farming on daily basis. those who use water and every aspect of their day life everyday. this extends from the very north to the missile potassium marshes in the south. routh has reduced these famous marcia, some areas to puzzles. and that's damaging the lives of the people, the wild life. and echo systems that depend on them. low water levels are threatening one of the areas famous animals, water before those. these mammals need water to reduce the body temperature and produce better milk. now heard as a force to buy drinking water to keep them alive. the environmental crisis
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i pushing them to sell the capital at low prices and leap to try and find better opportunities, lannigan finally get if what levels continue to decrease, what a cylinder goes high that t becomes bitter and cattle. he cannot drink this water, it kills the father is expensive due to lack of water and food. the animal's faults and die. lots of people have lost many animals. everyone out on the marshes, nose alma shifflett. he has been researching this area for almost 2 decades. what has never seen it this dry. i like always negotiation between no turkey and iran to agree about what is the shared water budget that iraq needs, at least to habitate some. deb dettori data, there places or like her area with devastation. situation like the i q marshes, the continuous decrease of water budget to the rocky marshes. it will change the
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rocky marshes to about an area on the area of a woodland of the garden of eden will changed to a desert. in may, al jazeera shock, this footage of marshes, there was much more water to day. it's decreasing, endangering these creatures and forcing their owners to leave the historic homeland alhashan al jazeera, tobac marsh's iraq. 3 people, including a member of the security forces, have been killed in protests in iran, if living demonstrating against the death of martha armine, who died on friday after being detained by the so called morality police. and he's 7 people have been killed since the protest began last week. sir har at reports, ah, demonstrates as an iran fish back against authorities in mesh had heard to sing the death of master meaning, ah, angry crowds confronted security forces and several cities in the
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capital to her on protest is of called for an end to discrimination against women a meanie had been visiting to her on with her brother police say she was arrested for dressing in properly. she collapsed in custody and died several days later in hospital. her family say she was beaten and that before the arrest she was fit and had no health issues. the morality police have denied reports of beating and miss treatment saying she died of natural causes. the un has called for an independent investigation, compulsory veiling laws remain of concern in iran by appearing in public without a hitch. aarp is punishable by imprisonment. in recent months, the so called morality police have expanded st. petrol, subjecting women perceive to be wearing use a job to verbal and physical harassment and the rest iran law requiring women to wear had been public date from them. 1979 resolution fast and have been cool to
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make it voluntary in the past few days. some have been burning their vale for many years. i think people have lost their trust into the government as a maybe they have no hope at what's going to happen. what's going to be out from iran supreme leader didn't address to protest during a speech on wednesday. but state media report that his aid visited a mini family and promised to investigate fully. a meaning was from the province of kurdistan in west, in iran, with 3 people were allegedly killed on monday during protest. the 22 year old funeral was held in her home town a long way from where she died. now we ron's opposition wants to make her a symbol to fight for women's rights. so i'll just sarah.


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