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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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sort of risks from the point of view of potential flash flooding significant in north. and as you can see, running down from has been or down to christ church. it's cold enough for the top of some mountains in south on to cease now. otherwise, it's looking fairly fine in se asia, the heavy right is still lots been sudden vietnam, cambodia, and parts of thailand. the same is true also western borneo and back down to java and sumatra. the court went to and temporarily a bulge in what should be retreating monsoon trough is bringing ring back up to new delhi during thursday. ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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hello, i'm mary. i'm no mozy very well. welcome to the news ally from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. this warm is about extinguishing ukraine's right to exist as a state. you as president joe biden, cold for the well to stand against russia's invasion of ukraine, accusing him a fusion of being shameless and reckless. meanwhile, russian president has ordered the mobilization of hundreds of thousands more reserve troops is issued a veil. threat uses nuclear weapons that been more angry protests in iran over the death of a woman in police custody. as the government tries to crack down by blocking social media and an indigenous community on a remote australian island winds. a landmark court case against one of the countries biggest energy companies in sport phoenix owns. i know, robert salva announces he's selling the nb 18 following his suspension of
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a workplace misconduct. and as he prepared for his final events that roger federer promises tennis fans, he won't disappear from the game once he's retired. ah well coach then use our western powers of lashed out against russian president vladimir putin off. he ordered the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists in the wake of the warn you crime. in the early morning address, push in and out rushes at 1st war time mobilization since the 2nd world war. and even threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend his country. that was matched with a course of condemnation at the world's largest diplomatic gathering, the united nations general assembly. he was president joe biden told the you and the russia's actions and ukraine should make the blood run cold. let us speak
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plainly. a permanent member of the united nations security council invaded its neighbor, attempted to erase the sovereign state from the map. russia has shamelessly violated the court tenants of the united nations charter. no more important than the clear prohibition against countries taking the territory of their neighbor by force. and fisher is my 1st now from the united nations in new york. tell us more about binds remarks there at the united nations general assembly. well, i don't think we should underestimate the fact that the western nations are undoubtedly coordinating their message. jo biden's with caddy the loudest. and it certainly did from the hall is very rare to see a president or another war leader stand up and directly criticize another one here at the united nations general assembly. perhaps the last time that happened was way
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back in 2003 when george w bush criticized saddam hussein. but this was all about jo bite and making sure that the united nations, with the exception, perhaps of russia and that supporters were on the same page when it came to criticize in what has been happening. and ukraine over the last $200.00 days or so . he insisted that at the world's blood should run cold. russia was defying all the tenants solve the un security council and also the un general assembly. and therefore, there should be some form of punishment for them doing that even if it is freezing them out of the united nation. i said, guy, lover of the russian foreign minister has gone in here in the last 15 minutes or so . people are calling out asking for his reaction to jo biden's comments, but love rove as ever was pretty steward, no expression on his face. hand in his pocket. he just stepped up the stairs and walked in. so no official comment from the russian delegation here on what joe
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biden had to say. but you can be certain that they would not be pleased that they were attacked in such a fashion by the u. s. president. this is so much to think about the land in its representation and irrelevant side of the years. what did the president say about the issue of reform? while he mentioned the fact that russia is a member of the un security council, one of the 5 permanent members and joe biden said, perhaps it's no time for a rethink with more members on the un security council and perhaps more permanent members. and that's certainly something that a number of countries have been talking about over the last few. you're seeing that the insecurity council really doesn't reflect the world as it stands for the. remember, it was created after the 2nd world war. and that reflects the sensibilities that were around at that point. and certainly the german chancellor in his speech on monday evening made the point tuesday evening sort of made the point that there
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should be a change in the way the security council was constructed as well. germany, one of the world's biggest economy is one of the biggest contributors to the united nations. isn't involved in the security council and other smaller nations with mike the chance to have a voice there. so there's certainly a groundswell of support. will it actually change? you would tend to think that if the americans wanted to happen then it will happen . but of course, a lot of these things have to go through the un security council and turkeys don't tend to vote for christmas. so it's unlikely that the likes of china or russia will see. that's a great idea. let's sign up for that. but there is, as i say, a groundswell for teams at the united nations simply are they caviar. you mentioned that. thank you very much. adam fisher at the you and also currently, russian men aged $18.00 to $27.00 are obliged, in military service, usually for a year with exemptions on medical grounds or for students. this means russia could,
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in theory, mobilize 25000000 people with military experience the crime and insist that conscripts will not be sent to fight in ukraine. at the beginning of the air rush had 900000 active troops. in cranes force is a much smaller with just a bit over a 196000. but keith has since ordered mass mobilization, which boosted its numbers. russia launched the invasion of ukraine with a 190000 troops in february. this partial mobilization now means another 300000 reserves. we drafted into the army from wednesday, rush in defense, mister sag assure you also announced around 6000 soldiers have died in conflict so far. in the month of july, the us estimated $15000.00 russian troops had been killed since the invasion began . algiers, gabrielle is only reports now from keith, with battlefield losses mounting, and a ukrainian counter offensive advancing. russian president vladimir putin says now
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is the time to mobilize more troops, yet as a she the national union to protect her motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity. to ensure the security of our nation and people in the liberated areas, i consider it necessary to call for partial mobilization in russia. if we're, the defense minister says as many as $300000.00 russian reservists will report for duty immediately, but more could be called up if necessary. thornton also confirm that he would push ahead with a referendum in for regions of ukraine, including the don boss. the referendum will ask one question. do you want to join the russian federation? that referendum, often a precursor to full annexation of territory, could happen as early as this week. he might become president vladimir zalinski urged allies to focus on what is important for ukraine. the drum kit is growing,
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actually more support for the armed forces for intelligent services. for the special operations and security service for the national guard police and the border guards for everyone who's gradually restoring a territorial integrity. western allies have said they will not recognize a russian lead referendum or annexation of ukrainian territories. calling it illegal. some analysts call a referendum, a pre determined sham, and a desperate ploy by potent there is no free media to talk at to talk her about the issue. there is no other action observe as there is no fair county, et cetera, et cetera. and even without talking about all illegality of the theme, because it's and on the relation of ukrainian and international. but in his speech put left little doubt, he is ready to escalate this war. warriors, civilian jim. russia has a variety of weapons of destruction getting some more modern to those and nato
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countries as i, she's there. and if our territorial integrity is threatened, we will use all the means at our disposal to protect russia and our people. this is not a love, it's unclear of moving more troops to the front lines and annexing ukrainian territory will be enough to turn the tide in an operation that hasn't gone according to putin's plan. what is clear, who is this war is changing, get on, and potentially entering a new, even more dangerous phase. gabriel is armando al jazeera keith or protests. supposing president putin's military mobilization of being held in russia thousands of people have been arrested at demonstrations in the capital moscow and in the city of saint petersburg. pictures also show people being taken away by police in the western city of katherine berg, a monastery groups as more than 1300 people were detained overall. or some russians are rushing to leave their country after president putin's partial mobilization
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announcement rights out. the country to serbia been filling up pretty quickly, driven by fears that orders might soon close or will be a broader call to fight in ukraine or direct flights. but you must going to stumble of also sold out for the next several days. the price is for these tickets have skyrocketed. and then there are, these are reports of people being turned back from russia's land borders. still good, not the believe old as her been. and why did i speak with her because of my a problem in my country about, but i want to say don't for you. great. i want somebody to stop by and on the developments rusher is reportedly released 10 form
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prisoners captured in ukraine following mediation by saudi arabia. the government released this video of the men arriving in the capital riyadh. saudi foreign ministry says free prisoners were american, british, croatian rock and, and swedish nationals. mike, hannah has more in this now from the united nations in new york. what appears to be happening is that there's some sort of detainees swap underway. now we understand that the ukrainians along with took care have been negotiating the release of detainees. we're not sure whether that in russia or being held in russian hill territory. but we do understand that as many as 10 detainees have not been released or have been released from russian custody. and we understand they are on their way or in saudi arabia, which has joined this effort to swap detainees as we go along. but there's be no confirmation of this from any you and source, as i said,
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the real desires to wait for this all to happen for it to be completed before going public with the full details of what is happening. or germany is nationalizing the gas and po company unit. as year it moves to secure energy supplies out of the winter months. germany was more reliant on russian gas than most european countries supplied at my the north stream. one pipeline. russia halted flies through the pipeline, blaming western sanctions over the worn ukraine for this. the reduction and gas applies that unit behind financially with european gas prices skyrocketing more than 200 percent in a year. but in also plans to impose a gas levy on consumers from the beginning of october. now, as armenia celebrates its independence day on wednesday as long security partnership with russia appears to be under threat. although moscow broke the si, fi that ended a recent outbreak of fighting on the board with as of by john. the peace process appears to have stalled. on his alger there is toni chang reports some armenians
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believe they should be looking elsewhere for protection. mother armenia stands tall overlooking the capital yerevan built in 1967 to replace a statue of stone, and she personifies the close ties of the former soviet republics bound by military might. but as our menia celebrates its 31st anniversary as an independent nation, it's moving out of the orbit of russia since 2018 in the revolution that took place in republic square. the democratically elected government has more to the you and us for support. and while armenia still relies heavily on russia and security matters, it's a reliance that makes many armenians uncomfortable. your chamber at interest russians. i don't know why, but i don't trust them because i feel they take all the vision and tacky side continuously. i think relations with russia are in trouble now,
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and i think for me it's better to take your piano, american position rather than stay linked with russia like the statue of lynn and the use to stand right at the center of republic square. most of the remnants of the soviet era have already been removed from the non linear. russia remains its main security ally, particularly on the contested border with as a by john russian peacekeepers operate in the disputed not going to care about the region and with an armenia itself. although they failed to stop. last week's board of fighting the russian broken piece process however, is increasingly being seen as a hindrance. and after the war and ukraine, moscow is no longer viewed and partial allied. russia is a new challenge for armenia. the challenge is rooted in their role as an unpredictable friend, unreliable and unpredictable, hence armenia of necessity to pivot westward, just to seek more balance in the relationship. as the statue of mother armenia
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watches over the 31st anniversary of independence, she may be looking to new horizons as the sun sets on alliances of armenia past. tony cheng al jazeera european in watching when he is our life on london, marcella had foil on the program, have been di warnings of another disaster in pakistan where water born disease is spreading out of control after the worst floods in memory. also hearken, fiona is continuing to rip through the caribbean, leaving 5 people dead and puerto rico without power. and his fort australian rules . football rocked by allegations of racism and bullying at one of our most successful clumps. ah, people in iran is saying they can't log in to whatsapp or instagram and are
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experiencing widespread internet disruptions as anti government protest. bread nationwide, or rallies, being held over the death of masa armine, who died after being detained by what's known as and morality. police, at least 7 people have died in the unrest so far. well speaking at the united nations general assembly ron's president accused the west of having double standards over women's rights. julius nami is don don, how you doing this? lamar republic of iran considers the double standards of some government series of human rights as the most important factor of the institutionalization of the violation of human rights, which resulted in various and numerous stances towards the incident, which is under investigation and dislike republic of iran. and deadly silence about the killing of dozens of defenceless women in a short period of time in one of the western countries. while these double standards exist, human rights will not be saved from the sting of repeated violations superior than human rights are the rights of nations, which are easily trampled by oppressive powers. while ours put, spoke to tara st,
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very far in iran research or at human rights watch and told me that the events leading to the death of massa. i mean, he might be disputed, but many people feel as though she should never have been arrested in the 1st place . i think for the past few years, the topic of compulsory, her job and abuse of enforcement, of these laws have been the center of political debate. and i think the public correctly understands that this of mass. i mean, it was not an isolated event, only a credible in partial investigation can shed light into circumstances of her death, but she should have never been arrested in the 1st place. and the violence that is being used by, perpetrated by morality, police, against the women, is a systemic issue. and over the past few months, we have had several incidents of police using violence against them and are punishing women who speak up against these, these incidental violence. so walla masses, the tragic itself and
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a catalyst. it's an indicative of a systemic problem and i think the general public is correctly calling for an end to the abuse that is enshrined in law and enforced by a law enforcement. we've seen a steady stream of images and videos on social media which appear to show all apologies, not we'll just say to the general assembly now, where have you claimed present? want him in the landscape speaking on aggress. a crime has been committed against ukraine and we demand just punishment. the crime was committed against our state borders. the crime was committed against the lives of people. the crime was committed against the dignity of all women and men. the crime was committed against their values that make you and me
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a community of the united nations and ukraine to mass punishment for trying to steal our territory. punishment for their mothers of thousands of people. punishment for torches and humiliations of women and man punishment for that catastrophic turbulence that russia for walt, with its illegal war, and not only for us ukrainian, but for the whole world. for every nation that is represented in this whole of the un general assembly. i'm speaking on behalf of this t, which is forced to defend itself by has the formula for peace. i'm speaking to everyone who wants to hear how to achieve bees. i will present a formula that can work not only for us,
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but for everyone who may find themselves in similar circumstances as the deep is a formula that punishes crime, protects life restores security and territorial integrity guarantees security and provides determination. there are 5 preconditions for peace. gay, mister president of the general assembly. dear secretary, john of the united nations dear has of state and governments dear journals, nations of the world, ukraine, once pace, you are once this, the world one space. and we have seen who is there only, wow, who was war? there is only one entity among all you and member state who would say
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now if he could interrupt my speech that he's happy with this war with his war. but we will not let this entity prevail over us, even though is the largest state in the world. ukraine showed stress on the battlefield using its right to sell the fans in accordance with article 51 of the un charter. and no one will reproach us now. or in the future with weakness or inability to fight for our self for our independence. we are achieving a result in this path. and we see what the end of this war will be. and what will be the guarantees of a stable piece. they un charter proclaims the equality of nations,
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and we proved that ukraine is equal. amanda equals the un charter protests that in liability of borders. and we conform our state borderline by expanding their occupiers outside the un charter stipulates the value of human rights, dignity, and law. and we also stipulate that with every ukrainian c, d, freed from russian occupation, we didn't per walk. this war. we held 88 rounds of talks in various formats to prevent these for just from the beginning of my presidency until february 24 this year. but russia instead of stopping their crime of aggression, which it started back in 2014 taunted india full scale invasion. and we have
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no choice, but to defend ourselves. we do it. we push the aggressor, the young, the internationally recognized border of the ukraine, and steak. and this is the 1st item of our best formula. comprehensive either punishment punishment for the crime of aggression punishment for violation of borders and territorial integrity punishment. that must be in place until the internationally recognized border is restored until the aggression stops. and until the damages and losses for the war, a fully compensated via full sanctions against the aggressor are part of that this former blocking the trade and relations, where the aggressor is a part of that piece, formal all, this is a punish,
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so long as the aggressor is a party to decision making in the international organization. he must be insulated from there, at least until aggression loss, or reject the right to wald deprive delegation, right, or remove the right of vito. if it is a member of the un security council in order to punish the aggressor within that institutions, we shouldn't torn a blind eye to propagandists who justify aggression but reply a full package of personal restriction against them. that is a punishment for lying citizens of the aggressor stage shouldn't be allowed to enjoy tourism or shopping in the territory of those co valid piece,
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but should be in cars through visa restrictions to fight against the aggression of their own state. punish for a betting that even a special tribune all should be created. 2 by us, russia for the crime of resar against our state. this will become signal to all will be aggressors that they must valued peace or be brought to responsibility by the world. we have to pay at precise taps to establish such tribune they will be presented to all state ukraine will appeal to the un general assembly to support an international compensation mechanism. we count on your support. russia should pay for this war with it's s. it's also a punishment. this is one of the most terrible punishments for russian officials
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who value money above everything ass. the 2nd time of the peace formula is the protection of live the most concrete item. now, while they're sessions of the general assembly continuum in the ukraine and town called the zoom hearted region, that exclamation is under way of bodies from a mess burial, which happened when the territory was controlled by russian troops. the bodies of women and men, children, and the dos to the lands and soldiers where found their $445.00 graves. there is a family that died under that rumble of a house after russian air stripe father, mother, 6, and 8 year old girls,
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grandparents. there is the man who was strangled with their old. there is a woman with broken ribs and the horns on her body. there is the man who was castrated before the murder. and this is not the 1st gage asked bliss there, representatives of russia while the russian military are so obsessed it with castration. what was done to them so that they want to do these to others. the only thing that differs the mess burrell in assume from what that wall saw in boucher is. in fact, that bureau, the russian army was in the zone for a long time. and therefore, the bodies of the kills people where durant and not scattered on the
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streets. so how can we allow the russian army somewhere on ukraine, our soil, knowing that they're committing such mass murders everywhere, we cannot, we must protect life. the world must protect life. every c t suffering. the armed aggression needs the opportunity to protect its citizens and liberate is territory. if it requires help with weapons or shells, they should be provided. if you needed, a ninja held for this, it should be given. if for this, it's necessary to how with intelligence data, just do it. but what does not need? it is life. we can re, tom, the ukraine on flat talk, entire territory. we can do it with the force of arms,
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but we need time. we tried to speed it up. we tried to implement the basic provisions of the un charter for ukraine through negotiations. but russia is afraid of real negotiations and doesn't want to fulfill any fear international obligations . it lies to everyone as it's typical for aggressors, for terrace, even now, when russia talks about negotiation, it only wants to slow down is rhetoric. russia wants to spend the winter on the occupy the territory of ukraine and prepare forces to attempt an u. offensive. new butch, us new is use or at least it was to prepare for to vacations occupied land and carry out military mobilization at all. we cannot agree to the delayed war because it will be even hotter than the war law for us.
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this is a war for life. that is why we need defense support, weapons, military equipment, and shelf offense to weapons and long range. one is enough to liberate our land and defensive systems above all air and fat. and we need financial support to keep internal stability and fulfill social obligation to our people. physical and social protection are 2 elements of any nation's life. so the 2nd item of our, this formula you, their protection of life by all available means allowed by the u. n. charter, the sod item allow up is formula is restoring secure to enter target integrity. look at how many elements of global security russia has undermined with is war,
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maritime safety, food safety, radiation safety, energy, safety and safety from weapons of mass destruction, where all ready, restoring maritime safety and food security. and i think mr. antonio would perish for he is personal involvement. algeria, a fuel down egypt. libya came in somalia. she dar tunisia, bangladesh, israel, india, iraq. yemen cypress china korea. lebanon took kia, belgium, bo gary and greece. island, spain, italy, netherlands, gemini, romania and france have already received ukrainian agricultural province. and we have to increase this supply by see both on the market conditions and
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within the u. n. food product for we eat you, graham is all is air reliable, par. and by the way, despite all the difficulties caused by the war, we decided to provide humanitarian aid to if you will bear and some mala. so we will send them an additional amount of our week. but it's more difficult with other secure to eleanor. on the eve of the general assembly meeting rash fired miss south and the cells ukraine, nuclear power plant, the explosion heat, the station builders, windows were broken walls where damage. the rockets exploded only 300 meters from the walls of the reactors. and this is after the i a e, aged, clear appeal to rush up to stop any cost tile activity against any nuclear
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facilities of ukraine. and in particular, again, this is a parisian nuclear power station, the largest one in europe, which russia has torn in that target. and that makes all of to you it target ration radiation. blackmailing is something that should concern each and every one of you because none of you will find ever seen against radiation sickness. the cost of living crisis containers in dozens of countries. its rules in the distributor zation of the energy market. it's necessary to remove the main factor of global price turbulence, namely rational energy blackmailing. it's necessary to cap the prices and which garage export its energy resources. it's necessary to make russian oil and
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guess just ordinary goods. again, currently, oil and gas are russia's energy weapons. and that is why it manipulates the market so that electricity gets patrol and diesel become the privilege of for you. instead of being a common goose available to all limiting prices is safeguarding the walt, this is the way to restore energy and price security. but will the walls go for it, or will it be scare? will be scared of russia. threats. it's necessary to take only one strong step after week. everything will become clear, the time has come for these that the step we'll put everything in place after they're out in the south or, or after their massacres,
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after marine opal after the burning of the ukrainian prisoners in alaska by the russian military, up it blocking the force after this strikes of the russian tanks and messiah on nuclear power plant. and after threats to use nuclear weapons, which have become the rule, not that exception for russia propaganda. we must finally recognize russia in the state of sponsor of terrorism at all levels. in all cancers that confess, the vellows of peace and protection of human life. legally, politically, if you don't have a legal mechanism, you can make a political decision in the parliament. this is the foundation for restoring global secured. if this strong step is taken, dallas will disappear,
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whether to cake, other important stat. and so what is very sensitive is a border that turned on integrity. when one country tries to steal the territory of a novice date, it push all world nation under attack. global security cannot be restored without restoring that territorial integrity of the nation which suffer the armed aggression. so the thawed i, them of the ukraine and b as for my ear, that restoration of security and territorial integrity. the 4th item is security guarantees. every nation has the right to security guarantees, not only the largest nation, not only the most fortunate was we have proposals to upgrade the security architecture for ukraine and for you are and the world which will not
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allow any more aggression against us. we are already presenting them to partners proposals for legally binding multilateral and by lazarus treaties. these are the conditions for that guarantors to act and the timeline for the actions to bring results resolves on land, at sea and in the ear. in diplomacy and politics in economy and finance. in providing latins and intelligence, each of you will receive the tax follow up his former will also see that details. oh, what we offer as security guarantees. i do not want to compare our offers with it, guarantees of any alliances that exist on the planet. now i want to stress that it is always much better to guarantee the security of a nation preventively rather than to stop
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a war after it has already begun. and the fish item of the ukraine, a piece formula, either determination, something without which there other 4 items will not work. this is our determination to fight. this is that determination of the part of us to help us and also themself. and this is the determination of the world to unite around the won co fights against our and aggression. and to quote order, the one who threatens all show all 5 items of our former punishment for aggression, protection of life. restoration of security and territorial integrity, security guarantees and determination to defend. while south. this is the formula of crime and punishment, which is already well known to rush. and this is the formula of justice and law,
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and order that russia has yet to long as well as any, any potential aggressors. what is not in our formula, neutrality, those who speak of neutrality when human values and these are under attack, mean something else. they talk about indifference, everyone for themselves. here is what they say. they pretend to be interested in each other's problems. they take care of each other. formerly they sympathize only for practical, and that is why they pretend to protect someone. but in reality, they protect only their west. it injures these is wat, create the conditions for war. this is what needs to be corrected in order to create conditions for this. all you need is determination. there was
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a lot of talking about reforming. there you and how did all and no result. if you look carefully at how up his formula, you will see that is implementation is already becoming a de facto where he for of the united nations. our formula is universal and you know, the nurse and the source of the world, it calls for the roles majority and encourages to expand their representation of those who remind, i'm sure, this is an imbalance when africa, latin america, militia, central and eastern europe comply with the right of vito that they themselves never had. and this was ukraine is talking about and have you ever your such words from russia but is
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a permanent member of the security council for some reason. for what reason? now jew pain or brazil, not turkey or india, non gemini, or ukraine. the day will come when this will be resolved. as for the talks between ukraine and russia, probably him, you have happened to hear a different war, us from russia about the talks as if they were ready for them. but they talk about the talks, but in now's military mobilization. they talk about the talks, but announce hutto referendums in the occupied characters of ukraine. what is true then? the military, remember, zation in russia is true. sham referendums are also true. russia once war, it's true, but russia will be able to stop that course of history. mankind and that
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international law, a stronger than one terrorist skate. russia will be forced to end this war. the war it has started. i rule out that the settle man can happen on a different basis than the ukranian piece formula. there further, there are center or reaches the less likely it's that any walk in the wall will agree to seat at one table with them. and if my worse will be followed by new russian sas and acts of terrors, it will only prove their weakness. rush us, weakness is in the ability to prevail over off it in the ability to prevail over the world. it will only prove that 5 items of the ukraine and piece formula must be implemented as soon as possible. we are ready for peace,
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but through honest and fair peace that while the world is on our side. and finally, i want to thank 101 concert that walters for my v do address to take place. it was a world not only about the format it or that was about principles. only 7 countries wanted against belarus, cuba, north korea, a 3 year nicaragua, russia and syria. 77, who are afraid of the video address. 7 who respond to principles with that red button. only said 101 and 7 press. if these coalition is against our
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determination, then i congratulate you all. because this means that peace will prevail over any aggression and that there is no obstacle for us to implement the abuse formula. i thank you. i thank you for your attention. once again, i wish you all bish flooring. so interesting listening to her ukrainian present rodham is zalinski addressing global leaders at the united nations general assembly there in new york. obviously he was speaking from keith and at listening to this allen fisher, the united nations in new york. and it's on a, a typically, a characteristically self assured zalinski there, and that's, you know, he could have, he could have emphasized ukraine's recent gains on the battlefield to clean the ne, in harkey region. but really he chose to focus and emphasize the sort of conditions
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in the parts of ukraine that's been occupied by russian forces. and what he described is the crimes committed against civilians. i am just watching the pictures from inside. the hall is a moment and you can see the standing ovation he's getting from quite a large number of delegates. clearly touched by what the president has been saying that we've had a lot of these things before, but it's important just to recap them. he talked about how russia should be punished at the united nations. they should lose their delegation accreditation. they should not be allowed to have a veto on the the security council. that is something that he said before. then if you ident, to his 5 point plan, which he a, he's talked about before. but just to give a couple of the highlights there. he's talked about how the, the fighting, obviously has to stop how and there has to be reparations for the damage that has been done. the has to be a right to life,
12:47 am
and that has to be security guarantees for ukraine going forward. he said these 5 points were non negotiable. he wants to make sure that the united nations is very much on his side. and he believes it is. he said, look, we can beat the russians. but it's going to take time and is going to take money and therefore the world needs to stand with ukraine when it comes to these 2 important aspects of, of fighting off the russians. and he also made the point that they, i don't spent for the mobilization by a black vladimir putin just in the last few hours of to day shows that russia is an interested in peace. he believes that this is a sign that they are preparing for war, that their intention is to sit tight in ukraine over the winter and then start again with a new offensive. remember, the war and ukraine is no more than 200 days old blooded beers. the landscape believes that the united nations has done quite a bit to this point,
12:48 am
but needs to do more and needs to send out a message that aggression like this, trying to steal the territory of a sovereign country, simply will not be accepted in any form by the united lessons either in ukraine or here in new york. thank you very much from united nations, alan fisher reporting or care giles as the research director of the conflict studies research center at chatham house here in london joined us now from skype, from north hampton. sure, here in the u. k, you listening to president the lansky speaking about the importance of western commitment and support for the war. and ukraine seems to be just as much a response that very dramatic speech earlier from vladimir poo sin in which he was a warning of escalation. should that support continue? that's exactly right. we've seen appointment counterpoint today. we've seen both put in and zelinski playing for the support of the world,
12:49 am
but they're doing it. of course, in very different ways president put in is trying to intimidate the back of ukraine . he's trying to frighten them with nuclear black mil at the same time as pretending that his military campaign is going well. but still that he needs to dig deep into rushes resources of men and industry to stay in the fight flows. the landscape, by contrast, is instead appealing to the universal valleys, which he hopes applies to the rest of the world. and i think that will accelerate the process that we've already seen of that backing that russia had from the rest of the world outside europe and north america, starting to ebb away at the summit of the shanghai cooperation organization. last week, we saw suddenly put in being on the back foot, him receiving explicit or implicit rebukes for his conduct and for what russia was doing from countries that either had been supportive off him or ambivalent up until then. and i think that process is just going to continue, and it's just been given a powerful impetus by this speech by zelinski,
12:50 am
appealing to so much that actually joins members of the united nations together and singling out of those 7 countries, russia. and it's back as that opposed to him being allowed to give this video address in the 1st place. now, western leaders have continued to, to condemn what is happening in ukraine, haven't they? they've reiterated that support for ukraine. back this, this referendum, this staging of a vote. any occupy parts of your crime this weekend is that not complicate things for them by putting says, what pushing is trying to do. is it, is it would effectively put russia and nato on why the direct collision course? well, i certainly, what russia would like us to think of course, is no surprise that there's been criticism from western lead us that strong speech from joe biden criticizing. russia isn't a surprise instead, it's the reaction of other countries around the world. it's going to be more important. the ones that have been ambivalent and the ones that russia has been
12:51 am
turning to as it no longer has that relationship with the west that it needed for so long. but in terms of the referenda, yes, what russia one says the thing is that these countries being incorporated into russia itself makes it impossible for ukraine to continue to liberate them, because then it will be attacking russia itself. and that's when russia's threats come into play. and of course rushes pretend that it's actually fighting the west as a whole. it's already fighting nato in ukraine. that's just one of the many aspects of put in speech this morning that were completely in the face of reality and completely unrecognizable from, from what's happening in the real world. it's one of the many contradictory aspects as well because russia wants to hold referendums in parts of ukraine that are only partially under its control. and russia saying it needs to protect its territorial sovereignty, territorial integrity and of sovereignty by extending its control over parts of somebody else's country. so many internal contradictions in what president putin is
12:52 am
saying, and so distant from anything that anybody in the outside world recognizes as real. thank you very much, appreciate take care, giles from chatting house. thank you. of the case, foreign secretary told out diplomatic, at his james bay's that president putin's partial mobilization announcement shows that things are not going to plan for russia or these are not the actions of a military leader who thinks this war is going to plan. we know, and we said so at the time that rushes plan was to sweep across ukraine in a matter of weeks. and yet what we see most recently is that being pushed back by the very, very professional actions of the ukrainian offices. so these words, a written response to failure rather than to success. and i suspect that all that would happen if these troops were put to the front line is yet more young russians would be lost in this illegal unprovoked and unnecessary war. and what we
12:53 am
call upon russia to do is to remove its troops from ukraine to negotiate in good faith once it has done so and for the ukrainians to be given their country back. let me talk now about that warning from president. let me read you the exact words . if there is a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and for protecting our people, will certainly use all the means available to us. and i am not bluffing. well the means he has includes nuclear weapons. how worried should we be? well, the point that we have made, we've made this throughout this conflict, is there has never been a threat to russia. this was his attack into ukraine. this was his war. this was his violence. this was his aggression to his neighbor. we do not and never posed a threat to russia, he brings this situation upon himself because of his aggression in ukraine. what we want all we want is for ukraine to be able to govern itself all of itself for the
12:54 am
cranium, people to live in peace and prosperity. and for the wider global implications, including food price pressure that's being fell across the globe for those things to be alleviated by russia withdrawing from ukraine and allowing that country to get back to said to living the last i want to live people though watching in the u k and all around the world are going to be worried about these words. i am not bluffing from someone who's one of the major nuclear powers. are you worried about the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons? we had a recent comment from the former deputies section of nato rose guatemala, who said it was a deep concern to her. well, as i said, her nato has never been an aggressive alliance. is a purely defensive alliance. the ukrainians are defending their homeland against invaders from russia. and there has not been and there has never been
12:55 am
a threat to russia itself. you say that? but he says he's not laughing. i mean, are you worried that cornered now he might do something that previously was unthinkable the, the, the, the right thing for him to do, the right thing for russia to do is to leave you cried, let you crane, rebuild itself, rebuild its economy. and to start behaving as a proper international paul about. so we've ever asked for and to escalate the rhetoric as we've seen here is unnecessary. it doesn't, it doesn't help in any way at all. and as i've said, our resolve to support the ukrainians in the legitimate defense of a sovereign territory is on wavering. i want to take you to pakistan now because a health care services they're struggling to cut when outbreaks of waterborne
12:56 am
diseases after recent floods to rancho once in rain, caused some of the west funding there for decades. and it's affecting more than a 3rd in the country and wanting to view is that there isn't distressing images in his report now from lord i did. manley, bmw samir is 7 years old. he is weak and suffering from his skin disease. his family is from pakistan's sinned province, one of the regions worst affected by the flooding. they were trapped in their village shar, debt caught for one week in august, before they found temporary shelter, more than 300 kilometers away in a route site camp. one of semi his brothers did not survive his father to grief stricken to speak on camera shelters. like these have become a mainstay. many people have similar elements tell their thelma the floods have not only taken our homes but also we are faced with acute diseases where everyone is
12:57 am
suffering. the doctors just visit the camps but we don't get proper treatment. it's very painful. some found assistance in charity run cams, but even they are facing severe shortages thought a be model of i but a daughter almost all of us including children, the elderly and women got hill because we don't get clean drinking water and the government is not providing proper food hits up diarrhea may die if they don't get proper medical care. what be done, why the world health organization is concerned about the spread of cholera and local authority, say, bacteria and parasites, a thriving in the stagnant water causing an outbreak of waterborne diseases. barbara, joe smoked back. the number of patients from the flood effected areas are 550000 gastro, 650000 skin related 185008 malaria cases, and almost 12000 or dang gay related cases. so it's
12:58 am
a huge challenge. much rugs or bookcases, i hear these camps have become homes and clinics, but they lack basic food, clean water and medicine, stretching aid and health care workers to then limits laur about a monthly elder theorem. not tiffany is al, but i'll see you in a couple of moments more the days use around up the top stories coming up very shortly. ah ah
12:59 am
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