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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2022 3:30am-4:01am AST

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former us president donald trump and his company lateesha. james is alleging business fraud involving some of the trump organizations most valuable assets, including properties in manhattan, in chicago, and washington d. c. trump's 3 eldest children were also among those named as defendants. a group of around 50 venezuelan migrants are suing the florida governor after they were flown to an exclusive us resort island lawsuit accuses florida officials of engaging in a quote, fraudulent and discriminatory scheme. republican governor rhonda santas says he was protesting the vitamin administration's integration and border policies to russians and an american have set off for the international space station from catholic stand on a mission set to last 188 days such cooperation between the us and russia is rare given heights and tensions over the ukraine war. russia announced its withdraw from the i s s 2 months ago, but also have plans to develop its own orbital station service space.
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a 0. the headlines this, our russia has released 215 ukranian prisoners of war and a deal negotiated by turkey in return, keys, feed fried, a pro russia oligarch, and 54 russian prisoners in a separate deal. 10 foreigners who forth, alongside ukrainian forces were released by russia and sent to saudi arabia ukraine's president bullied amir lensky, spoke to the released prisoners by video link. dial us val landominium. congratulations in your return. our guys are heroes. it's good to see everyone. it's nice, after all the time we've been on the phone, we're proud of you what you've done for our nation proud of each and every one of you. and i'm very glad that the team got you out of russia. i'm glad you made the 1st step. you are safe in turkey. on the 2nd step is of course, to get your homes in. irvine volunteer the lensky told the un general assembly that
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russia needed to be punished and isolated over its invasion of ukraine. he also urged world leaders to strip moscow of its veto. the un security council. russian president vladimir putin announced that he was calling up thousands of reservists to boost the military operations in ukraine. it comes the head of a referendums by moscow back separatists in for ukrainian regions on becoming part of russia. people in iran say that they cannot log into wet sap or instagram and are experiencing widespread internet disruptions. is anti government protests spread nationwide rally to being held over the death of master? many who died on friday after being detained by the morality police. at least 7 people have died in the unrest. and indigenous group in australia has won a landmark court case blocking an energy company from drilling for gas community. and we islands has had challenged a $3600000000.00 project by santos limited. they argued that they had not been
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consulted and feared for the environment. hurricane fiona has now claimed at least 6 lives in the caribbean. the category for storm is tracking towards the bahamas and bermuda. and new york state attorney general has announced a lawsuit against former us president donald trump and his company leticia. james is alleging business fraud involving some of the trump organizations, most valuable assets. and those your headlines analysis era up next inside story. stay with aah! wash is present, cause 830-0000 reserve. this to join the warren, craig and vladimir putin is giving his full support to referendums in occupied
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areas. could the moves raised the stakes in this 7 months? this isn't a story. ah hello, welcome to the program. i'm him wrong current. it's believe to be russia's 1st military mobilization since world war 2. up to 300000 reservists are being drafted to join the war and ukraine. russian forces have suffered setbacks against ukrainian count offensives in east president vladimir putin announced the so called parcel of mobilization during a rare national television address. he also gave his full support to referendums on occupied ukrainian areas joining the russian federation, separatists planning to hold the votes from fighting hootin says referendums are needed to protect civilians from what he called neo nazi government of ukraine. and
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his supporters in the west. moscow recognized desk and the hands as self governing republics, just before the will madeleine in the middle. this is public dan musser parliaments of the people's republics of don boss and also military civilian administrations. of the kerosene and apparition regions took a decision to hold referendums about the future of these territories and asked us to support such a step. i will stress that we will do everything to provide safe conditions during the referendums, so that people can express their will. we will support their decision about their future, which will be taken by most residents of the da nets in the hans people's republics, zappa, leisure and care san regional yoga. back in 2014 russian backed separatists held a similar referendum when moscow, annex crimea, from ukraine. most countries deemed the vote to be a legal out zera's. gabriel, alexander has more from keith to key aspects of lat. amir put in speech, the 1st one being the fact that he's calling for
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a partial mobilization of the russian armed forces. his defense minister saying that as many as 300000 russian reservists will be immediately called for more training and then put into this war with ukraine. now how ukraine has responded to this has been sort of a shrugged shoulders, ukrainian president, while the mayor zelinski saying that nothing really changes with this announcement by putting that he will continue with his main objective to help the ukrainian armed forces get the weapons that they need and also the main objective to expel all russian forces off all ukrainian land. also, the 2nd major announcement 5 lead amir putin was the fact that he is pushing forward with a referendum in 4 ukrainian territories. there either fully or partially controlled by the russian military. the response by the international community to this is that any referendum would be illegal and that ukrainians also say they will not
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recognize it. the referendum would ask residents of those areas. one question, do you want to join the russian federation? ukrainian say that this question is simply a sham, and that the results are already pre determined by russia. the bottom line is, it's unclear that if these new initiatives, by putting throwing more troops at this fight and trying for a referendum that would lead to certainly an annexation of ukranian land will be enough to change the tide of this war for the russians. and for potent, but what is clear is that this war is certainly taking on a new direction. gabriel is on auto for inside story. let's take a closer look at the situation on the ground areas and read a held by russia and it's separatist allies. these include landscape denette, zap risha and curse on, while the referendums will be held. ah,
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that's brain, i guess in the russian republic, a dog astonish survey mark of former russian m. p. m. public spokesman for president vladimir putin. he's now the director of the institute of political studies in moscow in dublin is that demarco buchan professor teaching post soviet politics at dublin city university. he's also the author of an upcoming book, the domestic politics and post soviet unrecognized states. and in vancouver island is michael bore, secure senior fellow at the atlantic council and former spokesman for the organization. for security and cooperation in europe, all will consume. i'd like to begin an dog, a son with survey mark of us. there are 2 things to discuss. let's discuss the 1st one, this idea that there is a partial mobilization of some, nearly 300000 reserves. that has to be an admission that this invasion of ukraine was a badly run. and a mistake if the calling up that many people the largest,
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i call up since the 2nd world war you know, why does it even show additional use of the sex roles? and now why it's less then you know, it's because the actions of relation fire type you can and why is it? because i just normal. i'm with a piece that it was, but you create now totally can now move from high juice. so whenever you create 10 times more so to
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change is use abbas. that's why are not actually now saw 600000. i sold us addition to each now about $200000.00 us well to get it to be in meters. and you now saw this roll, do you want me to come back to our friendship and you know, we got to see what you can and you know, because you can you create a source to serve the but you, you'll of this 7 months ago you, you well, the state of the ukrainian military was, you knew how much challenge it was going to be. yet you still went in underprepared
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. you couldn't supply your own troops. this is been a disaster for you. us your questions and others obviously a few articles even on march. army ma ma strong because in a we used to see and it's because you couldn't i did. she was tardy as the way except to be in touch on our hands would be much more you what you meant with jim, i think because he made this possible member decisions algebra now should be dots because you want, anytime you don't want to make a decision because if you want to continue to leave normal life and let me put you couldn't be contracted with. who is what jerry? now i can see it create a new generation where, you know,
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august more than last year. so you should have the power station. it's clear competition and who can be that you might not be in your, in your conference or how, what does this go tonight? but you're going to put, you saw to where in my previous i made it comes and you let me bring my call. both is in vancouver island to buy anything that's more of the same. absolutely not. you know what i do respect to sergei. you should get out of time to say land, but maybe that's the goal for him because he's probably still in the kremlin payroll look. the only terrorist here is let them or put on, you know, people have to understand that when the so called special military operation was declared, put inside is going to liberate russian speakers and ukraine. well,
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the most fierce opposition are among the most curious opposition to this illegal invasion. i'm just dividing asian were russian speakers in eastern central and southern parts of ukraine. you want to talk about terrorists? go to the russian soldiers who have burned villages bumps close raped women children, grandmothers, who have committed war crimes on a scale we've never seen before. the, as for the partial mobilization, i think this is the role of the dice for mr. newton. i think it shows that that's production is very, very risky for him domestically because what's going to happen? he's going to throw more men into the fire. they will come back, sad to say in boxes and 2 zip codes in russia. federation, which have never received them before because what on this type of cale men are going to be called up from key centers?
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i'm think st. petersburg and bosco. and the other thing, you know, a lot of russians, especially middle upper class. i've tried to not collect them south, ignore this war, but with this huge vocalization, there's no way they can ignore it any further. and one final thing that's going to trigger, especially because of the holding of the legal sham referendum, is that the crossing of the red line as far as the international community is concerned. and that will bring even more sanctions on rush up further pushing them into prior state data. so get your reaction to that in just a 2nd. but i do want to bring in a code back on who's in dublin, florida augustine, vancouver just mentioned the referendums that it's the next biggest talking points . they're going to, the russians want to hold referendums. it's very simple question. do you want to join the russian federation? now if those are referendums happened, the lucky to begin on friday is that the end to diplomacy is this. busy no more diplomatic efforts between russia and ukraine. the whole idea of holding
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referenda at this time, or indeed at any time is, is farcical. it would be, it would be comedic, if it, if it wasn't so tragic. i mean, russia doesn't have even control over the territories that it proposes to have referenda in these are, these are occurring during a state of war and of course have been called it a few days silvers. and we know well that these results are already known to the kremlin in advance. this is just to give a veneer legality to what is an old fashioned imperialist land grout and in terms of liberation, ukraine, which was the term that's a survey markoff used. i mean, here in ireland, which is not a member of the military lines, we have tens of thousands of people who have fled this liberation on who are giving their, their stories 1st hand of what they are fleeing from a 3rd of the population of ukraine are now displaced from their homes, all as a result of this imperial aggression. i tell you here an armed, we know imperialist aggression when we see it. europe is united as never before. we
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hear from, sorry, mark off about, you know, the west supply ukraine, an aging ukraine. the reason why the west is supplying nuclear, an 80 ukraine is because we have faced this crossroads before in europe. the united nations is meeting at the moment. the united nations was established because a dictator should try to unilaterally change boundaries in europe by force. and we're seeing that challenge again, and europe is uniting against russia and russia is feeling the full force of european pressure on this issue and it will not assuage over time. i know that they're trying to put pressure, of course on your using energy as leverage. but i think they will see as this winter approach is that that will not work either as it hasn't worked in ukraine as like a mock of these referenda being a being taking, taking place rather under the barrel of a girl. they call be legitimate in any way, shape or form why even bother? so it is now in russia don't evolve to
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united states. and yet can you come in and get it? well? well done or done because we conducted ideal if you can. i mean, i've been an hour and i saw or even, you know, some of the, some are going to be to be part of your ideas. i've had to know why you should care about your opinion because we know that you all land and county so that whole success is right about what i want to know is that you can you know, i mean, even i'm not a boy. so terry said, i wouldn't know molly's but nevertheless with some countries we don't care but we need to know because we love
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seat, you know for sure it's real. real advice about these people who use that 90 percent of the passion letters. if you may know that you're back, keep it, that you're interested in media, not yourself. that's why i've been a v not to you why i was doing all of these yet. and partial was a lose, was for joining rational created by russia. yes. this ah, but those are all sir gates of an impassioned defence. you've just given us why when i go to michael next,
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michael um the u. s. is really out of options when he comes here there. west is out of options. russia, like sir, guy says, doesn't care. you've done your sanctions. you, you've put pressure on russia yet. the war still continues. sug, is right, there is nothing you guys can do. well, 1st of all, i'd like to correct sir guy survey scientists say lines. i've spent a lot of time in odessa, which is primarily russian speaking. i visited chinese hills, mostly russian there. and guess what are gay, all you see on every blog in odessa now, are you created flags? if there's one thing mister putin has managed to do to these areas, is he's really stocked up, the patriotism there. and finally, onto the hill. talking about russians being terrorist. i visited a community on the outside of germany, where a $500.00 pound bomb was dropped by the russians in a densely populated settlement shredded toys shredded teddy bears in that
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bomb hall destroyed homes. i asked people i looked into their eyes in russian. i said, who did that, they said the russians, number one, what do you need most is rebuilding and salvation from. ready terrorism, as for the united states and western, i lived around, i think, what needs to be done immediately is for the administration to grow this bind. and finally declare rush, state, sponsor of terrorism. and a big reason for that is exactly what's happening at the supper is a nuclear power plant. this is nuclear black male, this is nuclear terrorism conducted by the russian federation, not by the russians, but not by the ukraine. and it's the russians who have parked their military vehicles and put ammunition very close to the reactors themselves. you know, it's really sad when you think about it, but the russians have never learned anything from their stupidity and lying from 1986 in terms of what happened for novel. when the invasion happened in february,
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they took over turnover again. what did they do? dig up, contaminate, so all that sort of thing. so it just goes to show how irresponsible they are and how to, you know, when a nuclear disaster, god forbid happens when not only effect ukraine, it will effect russia. but it seems the russians don't care about their own people . let me bring into the okay. had to luca um there is precedent to this. there was a referendum in crimea in 2014. it was criticized widely. there were no independent election. observe, as it was done, some say under the barrel of a gun. is there any legitimacy that the russians can point to in this new referenda, that is actually going to convince anybody? no, absolutely not. and, and i will be illustrated by the fact that you won't find any you and member states who will be recognizing this. i'm going back to crimea in 2014, which of course is a template for this survey mark of i think said that was an a kind of an ideal type
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of referendum. again that was held under under dressing, was held during a time of war and it was, it was held with 10 days. notice i don't, you don't seem to know how to hold referenda. we have a lot of experience of ah, watching l 0. let's go live to the un general assembly where the british prime minister list truss is speaking the off to him off of the 2nd. well, this building symbolized the end of aggression for many decades. the u. n. has helped deliver stability and security it much of the wealth is provided to place the nations to work together on shad challenges. and it has promoted the principles of sovereignty and self determination even through the cold war and its aftermath. but to day those principles that have defined our lives since the dark days of the 1940 s a fracturing for the 1st time in the history of this assembly. we are
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meeting during a large scale war of aggression in europe. and authoritarian states are undermining stability and security around the world. geo politics is entering a new era one the requires those who believe in the founding principles of the united nations to stand up and be counted. in the united kingdom, we are entering a new era to join you here. just 2 days after her late majesty, queen elizabeth's a 2nd was laid to rest. we deeply mourn her passing and we pay tribute to her service. she was the rock on which modern britain was built and she symbolized the postwar values on which this organization was founded. our constitutional monarchy underpinned by a democratic society,
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has delivered stability, progress. her late majesty transcended difference and hail division. we saw this in her visits to post apartheid south africa and to the republic of ireland. when she had dressed this general assembly 65 years ago, she warned that it was vital not only to have strong ideals, but also to have the political will to deliver on them. now we must show that well, we must fight to defend those ideals. and we must deliver on them for all of our people. as we say farewell to our late queen, the u. k. opens a new chapter, a new cowardly, an age under his majesty king charles assert. we will, they, sarah, to be one of hope and progress. one in which we defend the values of individual liberty, self determination and equality before the law. one in which we insure the freedom
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and democracy, prevail for all people on one in which we deliver on the commitments that her late majesty the queen made here. 65 years ago, this is about what we do in the united kingdom. and what we do as member states of the united nations, say today, i will set out what we steps we are taking at home in the u. k. and our proposed blueprint. so the new era, when i, when the new partnerships and the new instruments that we need to collectively adopt all commitment to hope and progress must begin at home in the lives of each of every citizen that we serve. our strengths as a nation, comes from the strong foundations of freedom and democracy. democracy gives people the rights to choose their own path,
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and evolved to reflect the aspirations of citizens. it's unleashes enterprise ideas and opportunity and it protects the freedoms that are at the very core of all humanity. by contrast, autocracy say the seeds of their demise by suppressing their citizens, they are fundamentally rigid and unable to adopt. any short term gains are rated in the long term, because these society stifled the aspiration and creativity, the to vital to long term growth. a country where artificial intelligence acts as judge and jury, where there were no human rights and no fundamental freedoms is not the kind of place anybody truly wants to live. and it's not the kind of world that we want to build. but we cannot simply assume that there will be a democratic future. there is a real struggle going on between different forms of society,
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between democracies and autocracies. and unless democratic societies deliver in the economy and the security that all citizens expect, we will fall behind. we need to keep improving and renewing what we're doing for this new era, demonstrating that democracy delivers as prime minister of the united kingdom. i'm determined that we will deliver the progress that people expect. i will lead a new britain for a new era. firstly, this begins with growth and building a british economy, the rewards enterprise and attract investment. a long term aim is to get our economy growing. it's not bridge of 2.5 percent. we need this grace to deliver investment around our country to deliver the jobs and high wages. people expect and deliver public services like the national health service. we want people to keep
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more of the money they can so they can have more control of their own lives and come contribute to the future. secondly, it means securing affordable and reliable supplies of energy. we are cutting off the toxic power and pipelines from authoritarian regimes and strengthening our energy resilience. we will ensure that we can't be harmed by the reckless actions of road actors abroad. and we will transition to a future based on renewable in nuclear energy while ensuring the gas use during that transition is from reliable sources, including our own no c production. we will be at next energy ex bota by 2040. thirdly, were safeguarding the security of our economy. the supply chain is the critical minerals, the food, the technology that drive growth and protect the lives and health of people. we
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won't be strategically dependent on those he seek to weaponized the global economy . instead, where reforming are called me to get for to meeting, and we want to work with our allies, so we can all move forward together. the free world needs this economic strength and resilience to push back against so. so retiring aggression a win this new era of strategic competition. we must do this together. so we're building new partnerships around the world where fortifying our deep security alliance is in europe and beyond, through nato, and the joint expeditionary force. where deepening all links with fellow democracies like india, israel, indonesia, and south africa were building new security ties with friends in the pacific on the gulf. we show leadership of free and fair trade, striking trade agreements with australia, new zealand, and japan. many of us are in the process of exceeding to the trump specific
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partnership, rather than existing influence re debt aggression and taking control of critical infrastructure minerals. we are building strategic ties, a still mutual benefit on trust and with deepening partnerships like the g 7 on the commonwealth. we must also collectively extend the hand of friendship to those helps the world that have too often been left behind and left honorable to global challenges. whether it's the pacific or caribbean island states dealing with the impacts of climate change or the western balkans dealing with persistent threats to thus debility. the u. k. is providing funding using the might of the city of london and all security capabilities to provide better alternatives than those offered by malign regimes. the resolute international response to ukraine has shown how we can deliver.


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