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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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don't know if we'll ever see him again. i just want my boy back end of quote or lane a story. and those of many others tell us the truth, the real truth. this is a war of annexation, a war of conquest to which president putin now wants to send even more of russia's young men and women making peace even less like at best likely, mister putin must understand the world is watching and we will not give up a members of the security council, we must unequivocally reject russia's attempts to annex ukrainian territory. we must make clear to president putin that his attack on the ukrainian people must stop, that there can be no impunity for those perpetrating atrocities. and that he must withdraw from ukraine. and restore regional and global stability if
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he chose to he could stop this war a war which has done untold damage to the ukrainian and the russian peoples. his war is an assault on ukraine. an assault on un charter and an assault on the international norms that protect us all. so we stand with our ukranian friends for as long as it takes because ukraine's fight for freedom is the world's fight for freedom. it is our fight for freedom. and if you crane sovereignty and territory are not respected, then no country is truly secure. these are the reasons why ukraine can and must when thank that was james and cleverly the farm and stuff for the united kingdom. speaking the off, the 2nd row of the russian foreign minister at
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a un security council meeting on ukraine. a meeting of 4 minutes is the 1st since russia invaded ukraine back in february, that's bringing correspondent alan fisher. it also been listening in the end. we heard, 1st of all and 2nd lover of russian foreign minister repeating the same narrative we've been hearing out of russia that they are fighting near nazis in ukraine, who been dehumanizing people living in separatist areas of ukraine and interesting . he then left the chamber when the u. k. foreign minister started speaking he only arrived in the chamber just before his turn to speak. and of course, as you see, we heard from sergey oliver of that this special military operation. as the russians call, it was inevitable. he went on to list a series of alleged crimes. he says, were committed against russian speaking people across ukraine. since 2014,
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when there was a new government, it installed in and cave by a what appeared to be a popular revolt not popular as far as cellular lovers concerned, he saw the hands of western nations behind it. and he also pointed to the i c. c. seeing no, the international criminal court is investigating allegations of war crimes that have been committed in ukraine since the start of the war in february. will have they been for the last 7 years when russia has been pointing to problems and alleged crimes and abuses of human rights in russian speaking areas in ukraine says 2014. this was sergei oliver of a being a prime sergey lover of not stair stepping back, pushing forward with the the russian message. seeing that it is very clear that the ukrainians are full of the government is full of fascists. the or the west is
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helping them with as many weapons as they can possibly. poland because their view is that a prolonged war will weaken russia. james cleverly as you see at the new yuki of foreign secretary, seeing that sergei left lover of left the room because he didn't want to hear the collective condemnation. and that is certainly true. what we've heard from the majority of speakers is condemnation of the russian operation. in ukraine, seeing that the ruler, the really has to be a solution to this soon. as the irish foreign minister said, this war will end. and it is up to the united nations to make sure that it ends sooner rather than later through negotiation. ellen, we are also expecting the ukrainian foreign minister to speak and just a few moments. and of course we'll cross back to that when he starts. after that, we are expecting that to be some kind of debate, but what ultimately will come of this meeting?
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well, i think what the americans and others have been clear and, and it's clear that messages have been coordinated. each country is focusing on a different part of the war while it certainly expressing general condemnation of what is happening in ukraine. i did, the international criminal court is investigating, but there won't be a specific reference from the security council. and of course, the security council, if there was to be a vote on any sanctions against russia, if there was to be any action against russia. and there was a vote then there would be a veto, and that veto would come from russia. and that's the point that blood moves zalinski made in his video address to the united nations general assembly on wednesday. while russia is involved in breaching un conventions by invading another sovereign nation and trying to take territory from them than this should be suspended from the united nations,
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that they should lose the right to vote. and they should certainly roost lose the right to veto in the un security council. and certainly it's this situation that is leading people to say that has to be a rethink of the way that the united nations is built, particularly the security council. they should perhaps be more members of the security council and more permanent members as well. because remember, this security council was established in the aftermath of the 2nd world war and was built built to deal with the realities of a post war world. and the world has changed dramatically since then, and many countries think it's no time for the u. n. to change as well. and unfair south, thanks very much for joining us there. i will come back to you later once we hear the ukrainian foreign minister speaking and within the next half hour, we imagine well as you just heard, russia's foreign minister sag oliver of left the meeting as his country faced more and more criticism, he attempted to defend the invasion minutes earlier,
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it wasn't the one that was to the you room. today's meeting was motivated by the intention of several delegations to discuss the topic of impunity in ukraine. i think this very timely because this is precisely this term. impunity reflects what has been going on in that country. since 2014, the national radical forces opened, russo folks and neo nazis, came to power them as a result of an armed coup with direct support of western countries. and right after that, they took the path of lawlessness and totally ignoring main rights and freedom. yes, actually i said anthony blank and also spoke earlier. he said the russian president vladimir putin cannot be allowed to shred the international order. it must be asked, how has this aggression against ukraine, by president putin improve the lives or prospects of a single russian citizen?
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one man chose this war. one man can end it. because if russia stops fighting the war ends. if you grant stops fighting ukraine ends. that's why we will continue to support ukraine as it defends itself. a chinese farm . it's a one year spike next. and he said that china has played its part in supporting you claim with humanitarian aid. president jim team pointed out that his sovereignty territory, integrity of all countries, should be respected. washer johnson, the purposes and the principle of the un charter should be observed go go to hoodie . the reasonable security concerns of all countries should be taken seriously and all efforts that could help resolved the crisis should be support. it won't go to china, follows ukraine's humanitarian situation very closely and has assisted ukraine with
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35000000 un of humanitarian supplies. only a mile off to a president who tends partial mobilization coal on wednesday, russian men have been turning up at military centers after they were caught up for military service to fight in the war. in that ukraine than a smith has the story. there is no much time to say good bye here in soccer. russia's far east, most of these men had only 24 hours. notice that they were being drafted into russia's army, but some of the 300000 reservists being called up to fight in ukraine. oh, not every one is going willing, oh, and augustine, russia. so the most tim reservists confront a woman at the military commission. what's it for this was this man shout o lepeu to protect his own policies. not hide behind all men and children. i. 6
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there was still a few who summoned the courage to protest against president vladimir putin announcement of a partial mobilization of civilians. this was in saint petersburg. wouldn't about them. my boyfriend received today a notification from military commissary yet, so he can come out here. but i came because i don't want our young men to be taken away. when we came to protect friends, our fathers and our relatives who they want to take to the war, the brutal war against one monitoring group says at least 1300 people have been detained in 38 cities. but i'm in the middle. the most russians get that news from state levy, i'm more than 70 percent of them. definitely are mostly support puting called a special military operation in ukraine. that's according to a poll by an independent russian organization before the draft was announced,
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which european commission, there's more than half a 1000000 russians of left the country since the invasion began in february. this was the border with georgia on wednesday. finland has also seen a spike in arrivals, the only remaining direct flights to european cities assemble in belgrade that sold out of or is horrible. so like a to be afraid to health or and things. but those men who are eligible for military service will not be allowed to leave russia. they will have to stay and fight. and they don't know when they'll see their families again. bernard smith houses in russian and ukrainian presidents of war being reunited with their families. so k broke a break at an exchange of hundreds of soldiers plus one pri profile oligarch. everyone's under reports from keith. it's the most significant prisoner swaps since
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the war began. 215 ukrainian soldiers released by russia in a deal broker by turkey. this is definitely a victory for our state for our entire society. the most important for 215 families who be able to see their loved ones and safety. mister president, dear fellow ukrainian, i am eternally grateful to you for bringing us bank. thank you very much. emotions are overwhelming in a separate deal facilitated by saudi arabia. 10 foreigners fighting alongside ukrainian forces have also been released on most of the ukrainian soldiers released were part of the so called as our regiment. that held out for weeks defending the as of stone steel plant. and mario bull. despite being surrounded and showed by russian forces, they finally surrendered in may. as part of the agreement, 5 of the units commanders will remain in turkey until the end of the war. the
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soldiers that but as a star, are considered national heroes here in ukraine. you can see signs of it all over keyed, and while many were released in his prisoner swap, it's believed hundreds more. are still being held as prisoners of war, or the russians to hold up. it's in the bargain. ukraine has freed 55 russian soldiers as well as victor med juke ukrainian oligarch and former lawmaker who was jailed on treason charges in the early days of the war. vladimir putin is godfather, to meddle jukes daughter in russia. some bloggers have criticized the kremlin, saying it gave up too much, but for ukrainians there's happiness, but tempered only by fears for those still detained ear. finally, they're all free. what i think all of ukraine worrying for all of those who are still interested in family. it's a huge tragedy to lose
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a loved one. but for those who are returning it's happiness. while the prisoner swap is a positive sign of diplomacy, it's not expected to last with neither side, willing to compromise the fighting rages on gabriel zango, which is either keith. the central bank has raised interest rate to the highest level in almost 15 years. as it tries to bring inflation under control, it's also hinted there may be at least 2 more hikes before the end of the hydro. castro reports from washington, d. c. u. s. central bankers announce the federal funds interest rate will increase saying another 3 quarters of a percent. for the 3rd time in a row, it was an aggressive the widely expected move in an effort to bring down stubbornly, high inflation, still storing at above 8 percent. a 40 year high in the us, the price of gas is down across the country, but in nearly every other category,
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the cost of living like food, medical care and rent remains high. me, while the job market is strong with the unemployment rate at just 3.7 percent federal reserve chairman jerome howell signal that the central bank will continue to tightness monetary policy. despite the risk of economic pain in the form of job losses, or even our recession down the road, no one knows whether this process will lead to a recession or if so, how significant that recession would be. that's going to depend on how quickly wage and price inflation, inflation pressures come down, whether expectations remain anchored and whether also do we get more or less supply, which would help as well. the u. s. federal reserve says it will likely raise interest rates at least another 2 times before it's done. that's while central banks around the world are taking similar measures. despite this week's warning from the world bank that these synchronized moves could trigger a global recession. the bank of england has also raised interest rates,
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taking them to the highest level in 14 years, at repeated last months, hike of half a percentage point persons are in the grips of a cost of living crisis that is considered the worst in a generation. the bank expects inflation to peak in october at 11 percent. we well the swift national bank is refusing to rule out for the interest rate increases after it's a biggest of a high level, went from minus 0.2520.5 percent. the high candid several years of negative interest rates in the country, turkey has moved in the opposite direction, cutting interest rates. the benchmark rates been lowered by one percentage point to 12 percent. lira has lost more than 27 percent of its value to the dollar. in the year to date, cilla has hair on al jazeera guilty as charged a un backed war. crimes tribunal upholds the genocide conviction of cambodia as la
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surviving kemp ruge, lida. and so much for flower halla, grows in the netherlands, are having to deal with soaring energy prices as a brace for winter. ah, good. he has begun the, the full world copies on its way to catherine book. you travel packaged today. i good to see you again. it is dry for pakistan really up and down the country. the monsoon rains have cleared away from sin, province and southern punjab as wall different story in india though, we've got heavy rainfall alerts in play for with the british. but the british and east rogers thought we could pick up to about a 100 millimeters of rain. but where it's not raining, we've got high temperatures. so for example, in shy sands out with a high of $37.00 degrees southeast asia, we're getting pelted with rain as we look towards southern vietnam,
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the north as well. but i got to get you to the philippines. we're going to put this a few days out now toward the tail end of the weekend. we've got a depression tropical depression rolling by. i think it's going to have a big impact on low, og, inundate the area. so we'll keep you updated on what happens there. as we look toward china, temperatures have lowered in boiling 33 degrees, still seen that rain locked into the western yangtze river valley on friday. and another tropical depression. we're keeping tabs on rolling into chicago cou honju, stretching great up into her condo in japan. i think flooding a very real risk here and then a wine of storms from harbin rate into the korean peninsula. but i think it's more north korea. it's going to be impacted by this should stay dry in saul of the hiv 22 degrees bye. for now. cats are official airline. the judge. witness inspiring films from around the world. they shall not stop the violin and kill the power is bears witness intimate portraits and epic struggles because
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leadership is off the phone with not just the people witness the human spirit, and the bitter reality. there in men of believe we when a property witness award winning voice is telling groundbreaking stories. witness on al jazeera lou. ah ah, there again, you're watching on his era. his reminder of our top stories. this our how his, this aggression against few crane by president to improve the lives for prospects of a single russian citizen. here, a secretary of state condemns russia. invasion of ukraine saying it has helped no
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one. and the european commission says many russian men are trying to leave the country. that's after president vladimir putin announced plans to dropped 300000 new troops to help the fight in ukraine. the kremlin says, reports of mass exodus are exaggerated. hundreds of russian and ukrainian soldiers have been released and a prisoner swap. 10 foreigners fighting for ukraine have also been freed through a deal mediated by saudi arabia. the un back war crimes tribunal has rejected an appeal by the last surviving leader of the king. my rouge armed group recorded cambodia has upheld the genocide conviction and life sentence handed to 91 year old que some pon. he was head of the states during the rule of kim, a rouge when 2000000 people were killed. ferns louis reports. he was the head of state of the clear rouge and its most public figure. 91 year old que some pond will spend the rest of his life behind bars after un,
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back to tribunal upheld his conviction for crimes against humanity and genocide against the vietnamese minority. he's already serving and not the life sentence also for crimes against humanity. in relation to the forced evacuation, often on pen horn, between 19751979. as many as 2000000 people died, many of them tortured or starved to death. the brutality of the committee rouge's 4 year reign has not been forgotten. even though the regime was ousted more than 40 years ago, hundreds of people turned up to hear the verdict, including buddhist monks and camille rouge survivors. why get young man mol her little? i am happy. i want justice, sir, that what happened in the past won't happen. again, we want it to be over one more, not donahue. some pond had tried to argue, he was merely a figurehead with no real power. but prosecutors say he was one of those most responsible defeat. ah, a story called
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b o. border cambodian purple and specially bored with dim of the commodity man, also the international crime in or justice and humanity. this is only the 2nd case heard by the u. n. back to tribunal. but it's also the last in 16 years. the court has prosecuted 5, camille rouge officials, resulting in 3 convictions leading some to question whether it's been worth it. you chang, research as the regime and says the hearings, which allowed survivors and relatives of victims to testify have offered some closure. it confirmed that we can live after genocide or we can move, move on, and we can re bureau, we can put by what has been lost. ultimately the tribunals legacy may be its contribution to national reconciliation. florence louis al jazeera authorities in bangladesh say stray water shells from fighting and mamma,
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a landing inside its turret tree, and one persons being killed and several injured. also, they were caught in the crossfire between mammals, military and fighters, opposed to the jones, under the people want to cross the frontier to safety, but bangladesh and field and border found that chandry has more. this is tim ro and bunder bundis sticks out this bangladesh, about 6 kilometers from the main row. hang our camp, which is and talks about the distinct non my left is a no man's land where there about 6000 going refuge is living there since 2017. now this area has been a place for intense fighting right across the border. you can see the me on my military check post for last one man. this area i've been experiencing noise of artillery shell motor shell meshing and fire then light. even while we were here never that bliss 9 or 10 rounds of murder shows that blended nearby. people are in panic and in fear, including their own hang out. the government is thinking of moving at least $300.00
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families to a safer zone, including those living in the no man flanders, refugees on 16 september, killing laundry hang. been enduring. 5 others, several other shout landed, didn't explode. there's been airspace violation by man mar air force, where the helicopter gunship and fighter jets violating international law bangladesh has been pursuing and turns diplomatic policy in defusing, this tension. now, this fighting between, i can take you back now to be as jersey, counsel in new york with foreign ministers holding a meeting on ukraine, and it has been the ukrainian foreign minister dmitri clever security council secretary general, the parish prosecutor hon. i think the french presidency for keeping the focus of the security council on the most pressing threat to international peace and security in this century. russia's war of aggression against ukraine, right?
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as we speak, buddies of innocent victims are still being exhumed from at least 445 grapes in the recently liberated city of resume. some are not entire bodies, but only parts of them. like if you pay are so children's legs in one of the grapes, the grief of those who are close and beloved is yet another drop in the ocean of suffering that russia has inflicted upon the people of ukraine since 7 months. and 8 years of its bitter barrick aggression. many of you may have seen the image of a dead hand over 36 years old, ukrainian soldier, his name was 70, so one was a yellow and blue bracelet still on it. i do wear one to one to show it to you minutes. i was do
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and rush on should no one think it will never be able to kill all of us. and here is why because i'm february 24th. when russia attack ukraine from all directions within the 1st 24 hours, tens of thousands of ukrainians returned from abroad to defend their country. and what happened within the 1st 24 hours after president pushing announced, mobilize ation the opposite. thousands of russians booked international flights to leave russia, how many flights were sold out within hours yesterday put in announced mobilization. but what he really announced before the whole world was his defeat. you can draw 30500000 people, but he will never win this war. today, every ukrainian is a weapon ready to defend ukraine,
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and the principles enshrined in the un charter prussia will fail and will bear full responsibility for the crime of aggression and consequent war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. yesterday president zelinski made it clear and his address, the thrush, and responsibility is a key element to international peace and security, ukrainian warring horsemen together with partners that the international criminal court and countries who support both ukraine and the i see she worked collectively to collect evidence of russian crimes and hold perpetrators to account we trust in the international criminal court. justice will be served. we owe it not only to thousands of victims, but the future, future generations in ukraine and beyond. there will be no peace without justice. i emphasize that none of the russian crimes in ukraine would have been possible
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without the crime of aggression against ukraine committed by a russian leadership. it can not go unpunished. and the only feasible way to put president putin and his entourage on trial is to establish a special tribunal for the crime of aggression against ukraine. i reiterate my call in all states to back this undertaking for the sake of the very basic principles of humanity. and the un charter excellence is millions. you may listen to me right now with one question in mind. is there a chance for peace? will ukraine negotiate with russia in order to end this war? i want to stayed crystal clear. no other nation in the world graves for peace, more than ukraine prism zelinski was very outspoken about it. yesterday. we have never wanted anything but piece and stable development. we have never wanted this
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war and never chose it. we simply want to live normal life. but it's not enough for ukraine to want peace. russia must prioritize diplomacy over war in order to give peace, a chance. what we see instead is russian leadership seeking a military solution. only distinguished colleagues. this chamber has seen many heated debates since 945, many crisis. but the amount of flies coming from the russian diplomats is quite extraordinary. today, we are mostly focusing on crimes committed by russian soldiers in ukraine. but if anyone thinks they are the only one ready to kill torture, rape, cut off the genitals. they are wrong. russian diplomats aren't directly complicit because they are lies inside these crimes and cover them
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up. apparently the only thing in today's address by russian in the store and of lies worth of reaction is the inappropriate slang used when. when mentioning a president of a foreign country, the president of ukraine. i also noted to day that russian diplomats flee almost as aptly as russian soldiers before february 24th russian diplomats. here the united nations had repeatedly denied clams off the full scale invasion of ukraine. the russian president himself light into the face of european leaders, saying he was not planning to attack. it was days before the invasion. russia is shameless. they sit in the chair they occupied in 1991 on dubious legal grounds. armed with the right.


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