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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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we understand the differences. samaritans have cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, there will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you count his arrow ah, with guns in their hands and face and gold that they're sorry. many american republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from donald trump, white christian nationalism. it's fun to mentally authoritarian, and it is anti democratic people in power. vista gates help the spread of while conspiracy theories because undermine us democracy. america's authoritarians on a j 0. ah,
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how has this aggression against ukraine, by president putin improved the lives or prospects of a single russian citizen? and he was actually a state condemn, as roches invasion of ukraine saying it has helped. no one bought moscow rejects weston accusations. ah, and of them nora. kyle, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up, russia. dom plays reports of a mass exodus asset border as it starts drafting civilians into the military to join the war in ukraine. countries from the u. k to south africa raise interest rates following the u. s. federal reserve as central bank step up, efforts to contain inflation. catholics out number persons for the 1st time in northern ireland opening up new questions about breaks it an irish unification.
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the sexual fate has called on all un security council members to warn russia against making nuclear threats and the war in ukraine as they blanket was speaking at a meeting of security council. foreign ministers, he said russian president vladimir putin cannot be allowed to shred the international order. it must be asked, how has this aggression against ukraine, by president prudent improve the lives or prospects of a single russian citizen? one man shows this war. one man can end it, because if russia stops fighting the war ends. if ukraine stops fighting ukraine ends. that's why we will continue to support ukraine as it defends itself. a rush of foreign mr. ross left the meeting as his country faith more and more criticism. he attempted to defend the invasion minutes earlier. you doing this
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3000000 in you're going to get see. today's meeting was motivated by the intention of several delegations to discuss the topic of impunity in ukraine. and i think it's very timely. it's precisely this turn. impunity that reflects what's been going on in this country since 2014, a national, radicalized force open, russo folks, and neo nazis came to power. and then as a result of an armed coup with direct support of western countries. right after that they took the path of lawlessness in totally ignoring fundamental rights and freedoms. and grand foreign minister may treat collab. i also spoke, he told the council that he believes his country will be victoria. yesterday put in announced mobilization. but what he really announced before the whole world was his defeat. you can draft 30500000 people, but he will never win this war. to day, every ukrainian is
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a weapon ready to defend ukraine. and the principles enshrined in the un charter. russia will fail. i thought now to our correspondent, alum fashion, and it's been an interesting day that the united nations security council, it's the 1st time and need that it's met or new crane since rush room pages in february. that's right, because any attempts to discuss this before were vetoed by one member of the un security council. those who have permanent seats, and that would be russia. but this time, during the general assembly, many of the foreign ministers are in tone. it's on the agenda and they have been discussing it now. the and secretary general said that this was simply unacceptable, was happening in ukraine, not least because of the triple problems. it's causing globally with a issues of food security, with the issues of energy security and also with the financial aspect of the war which is heading markets all over the world. he says it is hitting those who can
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least afford it. and then we'd, antony blink, and going on the attack along with other western nations saying that what russia did was against the un charter, and they had to be punished. so guy labrador was not in the chamber to hear many of those speeches. he appeared just a few minutes before he was due to speak and essentially said that the special military operation, as the russians call it, was inevitable because of what had happened in ukraine in 2014, when a government was overthrown by a popular revolution. he said that lead to atrocities being committed against russian speaking people in the don bass. and even though the russians had said and january that they had no intentions of invading ukraine, he insisted that the invasion then was inevitable because of all of that. and then he left and deemed cleverly the new foreign secretary from the united kingdom. he said that he simply didn't want to hear the condemnation of what had happened in
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ukraine, and the ukrainian foreign minister had his own dick. he said that russian diplomats disappear faster than russian soldiers, and then he made the point, as you just played, that ukraine is going to win this war. he said that when a, with the mobilization being announced in russia, so many people had tried to leave the country, but made the point that when war started, tens of thousands of ukrainians returned to defend their homeland. he said simply, you can't kill all of us. and fashion, thanks very much for rounding up events there at the un security council or hundreds of protesters have been detained across russia after president putin announced the partial military mobilization on wednesday. as it gets out of the country, had been sold out and traffic surged at border crossings with finland and georgia russian. these agencies are reporting, though that 10000 people have volunteered to fight even before their call up papers had arrived. ben smith has more there's not much time to say good bye here in
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soccer. russia's far east. most of these men had only 24 hours. notice that they were being drafted into russia's army, the sum of the 300000 reservists being called up to fight in ukraine. oh, not every one is going willingly. i and daggers stand. russia said the most tim reservists confronts a woman at the military commission. what's it for? this was this man shouts, i lepeu to protect his own palaces, not hide behind our men and children. i. 6 there is still a few who summoned the courage to protest against president vladimir putin announcement of a partial mobilization of civilians. this was in st. petersburg. when about them took my boyfriend received the notification from military commissariat. so he can
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come out here. but i came because i don't want our young men to be taken away. when we came to protect our friends, our fathers and our relatives who they want to take to the war, the brutal war against ukraine. one monitoring group says at least 1300 people have been detained in 38 cities. but alignment the middleton is public. most russians get their news from state levy and more than 70 percent of them definitely, or mostly support, or putin calls a special military operation. ukraine. that's according to a poll by an independent russian organisation before the draft was announced, which european commission says more than half a 1000000 russians. i've left the country since the invasion began in february. this was the border with georgia on wednesday. finland has also seen a spike in arrivals, the only remaining direct flights to european cities assemble in belgrade that sold out of or is horrible. so like a to be afraid to help or,
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and things. but those men who are eligible for military service will not be allowed to leave russia. they will have to stay and fight. and they don't know when they'll see their families again. bernard smith, i'll just hear that he pick an if he is the head of the in special affairs unit at the finish border guards. he says there's been a significant increase of traffic from russia at the border. we see increase in the border traffic up the finished russian border. so for example, yesterday we have some 4800 russians entering finland from russia. whereas the normal average wednesday week ago was 3100. so more than $1500.00 more. while the excepting numbers have remained the same. so yesterday, around 2900 russians, excuse me, land boarded russia. i would say all of them they have a valid passport and valid be awesome. it's not to be finish. these are streamlined,
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is part of the european saying an area, so it can be anything in a visa, which they have in process and then, and they will all the requirements say i love them. and we of course, at the moment very closely monitoring the border traffic and done with coming. and what the reason, however, i have to say that we are still seeing sort of a regular board of traffic. so it's, it's also families and not just men eligible for the meat that i service that are crossing the board female. and this is following the same approach of 21 others ching, and states which we told the same regime. and as was mentioned earlier, there will be a connections. so this is $11.00 be caught. but of course, as you said, there is a big political debate also in finland, whether finland close. it's $44.00, not unnecessary trouble at them all. russian and ukrainian president of war a being reunited with their families, took a broken exchange of hundreds of soldiers plus one high profile oligarch. gibbs
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under reports from keith, it's the most significant prisoner swap since the war began. 215, ukrainian soldiers released by russia in a deal brokered by turkey. this is definitely a victory for our state for our entire society, the most in portland for 215 families and who be able to see the loved ones who safety. oh mister president, dear fellow ukrainians, i am eternally grateful to you for bringing us back. thank you very much. emotions are overwhelming little blue in a separate deal facilitated by saudi arabia. 10 foreigners fighting alongside ukrainian forces have also been released on most of the ukrainian soldiers released were part of the so called as a regiment that held out for weeks defending the as of stone steel plant in marsupial, despite being surrounded and showed by russian forces. they finally surrendered in
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may as part of the agreement, 5 of the units commanders will remain in turkey until the end of the war. the soldiers that fight as a star are considered national heroes here in ukraine, you can see signs of it all over key. and while many were released in his prisoners swap, it's believed hundreds more are still being held as prisoners of war, or the russians to hold up. it's in the bargain. ukraine has freed 55 russian soldiers as well as victor bedbug, juke a ukrainian oligarch and former lawmaker who was jailed on trees and charges in the early days of the war. vladimir putin is godfather, to med jukes daughter in russia. some bloggers have criticized the kremlin, saying it gave up too much, but for ukrainians there's happiness, but tempered only by fears for those still detained ear. finally,
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they're all free. what i think all of ukraine is wearing for all of those who are still interested in the family. it's a huge tragedy to lose a loved one. but for those who are returning it's happiness. while the prisoners swap is a positive sign of diplomacy, it's not expected to last with neither side, willing to compromise the fighting rages on gabriel xander. how does either keith had her on out of their own un? it's warning of a color outbreak and syria linked the fray t river. and while europe energy crisis is taking its toll on flower graders in the netherlands. ah, ah. hi there,
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thank you for joining in. let's go with your weather report for the middle east and africa. no real change. sure, but those winds are now starting to blow down from iraq. that's 15 percent and dusting weight, for example. we go in for a closer look. so we can see that on our math, but i want to show you the next 3 days in kuwait. these blustery wins here to stay . in fact, those gus will get up to about 50 kilometers per hour. over the course of the weekend, some high temperatures intel on we're approaching near record temperatures for the month of september. we've got you in at 36 degrees. it's a different story for turkey. stormy weather around that black seacoast, especially the northeast black seacoast, pushing into the caucasus on friday. i also wanted to put this on your radar as well. we had some severe thunderstorms bubble up in algeria. that energy now sliding into new zia and also libya as well. so we could see some big downpours there on friday, tropical africa looks like this. the biggest downpours really around bungie and the congos. and now, as we slip toward the south,
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much calmer pitcher in south africa after that rain and snow had a weak weather maker push it to the western cape. just seen a few showers around ca soon tell. so that means durbin may see some showers of the hive 22 degrees on friday the season. ah, with lou.
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ah, again, you're watching out there. as reminder of our top stories this, our foreign ministers have been discussing the war, a new crane of the un security council. your secretary of state and state blink him started by saying no one has benefited from the war, but roches 2nd level of defended his country so called special operation. and ukraine's foreign minister was also spoken at the meeting. dmitri calais, by criticized law probes, remarks, and said ukraine will defend the principles of the un charter european commissions, as many russian men of trying to leave the country. that's all to president vladimir putin announced plants dropped 300000 new troops to help the fight in ukraine. cronin says, reports of mass exodus are exaggerated. some central banks in europe,
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asia and africa have raised interest rates as governments across the world try to bring inflation under control. this comes a day off, the u. s. federal reserve height rates, so the highest level in almost 15 years. but his chief warned the fight against inflation may cause a recession. has your castro reports from washington dc? you are central bankers, announced the federal funds, interest rate will increase buying another 3 quarters of a percent. for the 3rd time in a row, it was an aggressive, the widely expected move in an effort to bring down stubbornly, high inflation. still soaring at above 8 percent. a 40 year high and the u. s. the price of gas is down across the country. but in nearly every other category, the cost of living like food, medical care and rent remains high. meanwhile, the job market is strong with the unemployment rate at just 3.7 percent federal reserve chairman jerome powell signal that the central bank will continue to
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tighten its monetary policy. despite the risk of economic pain in the form of job losses, or even a recession down the road, no one knows whether this process will lead to a recession or if so, how significant that recession would be. that's gonna depend on how quickly wage and price inflation, inflation pressures come down, whether expectations remain anchored. and whether you're also do we get more labor supply, which would help as well. the u. s. federal reserve says it will likely raise interest rates at least another 2 times before it's done. that's while central banks around the world are taking similar measures. despite this week's warning from the world bank that these synchronized moves could trigger a global recession. or the bank of england has raised interest rates to its highest level in 14 years. it repeated last month, hike of half a percentage point. reasons are in the grip of cost to live in crisis. that is because of the worst in a generation. the central bank is wanting that the u. k. may already be in the
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recession. the swiss national bank is refusing to rule out for the interest rate increases. often it's biggest ever hike the level went from minus 0.2520.5 percent . that jump and did several years of negative interest rates in the country and take care have moved in the opposite direction, cutting interest rates. the benchmark rates been lowered by one percentage point to 12 percent. the lira has lost more than 27 percent of its value against the dollar this year. for the 1st time ever, northern ireland has more catholics and protestants. new census information released on thursday says that more people that now identify as catholics, northern islands, posts of population has seen its majority steadily decline since its creation a century ago. the island of ireland was petitioned in 1922 with what would become the republic of ireland leaving the united kingdom not entertained a population that had
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a 2 thirds majority of protestants who remained loyal to london by the time of the census. shortly after a power sharing arrangement in 199853 percent of the population identified as protestant and 44 percent of catholic. for a sense this result showed the more catholics and protestants for the 1st time, which 5.7 percent now identify as catholic compared with 43.5 percent of protestants. david mitchell is an assistant professor in conflict resolution reconciliation at trinity college in dublin. he's a little though census information could hasten a referendum on irish unity. the pictures look complex, but it once was and religious identity doesn't automatically translate into political preference. i mean, historically catholic pro. ready irish, i'm protestant, i've been through pro british, but the figures are different in terms of national identity. the for example, in terms of british only identity people at 31.9 percent and irish only is
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29 point one percent. and so it's, it's that doesn't translate into majority for iris, unity, but it will add to the sort of the trends and the, the sort of sense of the direction that northern ireland is going in. the trend and the census has already been showing up in election so 201-719-2021. and we've seen this change where union political union is shrinking and the growth of the other community as we call it, the non lines people. the vote for the community alliance party and the green party and that other block which is like 20 percent or so it's going to have the deciding vote in any referendum on an irish unity. so i think what all the figures together mean? yeah. the 2 big blocks you need them and nationalism. they're going to have 2
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wounds and went over to the, the other group. and they're going to have to do that with, with pragmatic economic arguments rather than the old political and religious and cultural arguments. but we've had in the past who gander has confirmed 7 new cases of the highly contagious burleigh virus. one person has died in the district of move in day. it's the country's 1st fatality from the virus since 2019 health officials say they expect cases to rise in the coming days. 6 other than the say, mary died earlier this month after suffering. what local officials called a strange illness, catherine sawyer, has moved from my ruby in neighboring kenya. the ministry of health has confirmed that several people have died from bola, from a village called moore bend. the 1st victim was taken to hospital, he was complaining about being feverish. he was bleeding also because another bug at another old victim was
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a child this that happened within the last month. 7 or so what, what is happening now is that concept tracing is going on. i, some people have been isolated. the walls. house organization has also believes a statement saying that they are, they are alarmed government. the government of uganda is however, saying that it is not new to such epidemic. and government officials that we have been speaking to say that the situation is under control. united nations says it's concerned about a cholera outbreak and syria possibly linked the euphrates river. while health organization has reported 39 deaths in the past 3 weeks. millions of people rely on the river for drinking water and to immigrate their crops are about unmanly reports . the free teeth river. it's an art tree cutting across syria, a lifeline for millions of people, but also the thought of
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a cholera outbreak. rehab loan. melissa. hello, mia. our laboratories and those of the world health organization confirmed the presence of vibrato. colorado which causes cholera in the euphrates river as a result of the euphrates receding and the huge decrease in water levels. many areas turned into swamps. the world health organization says a recent drought had cause no river levels, which coupled with pollution and sewage is being blamed for an outbreak that caused fatalities and thousands of infections. it says drinking water is contaminated and copper occasion is spreading the disease. cholera is caused by bacteria found and contaminated food and water. the center for disease control says one in 10 patients will experience severe symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting which can lead to severe dehydration. infections have been recorded in 6 of serious 14 governor. it's
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mostly in aleppo. a thoughts from this hospital says more than 4000 people have been treated here in the past 3 weeks. the un says the war have cause extensive damage to water pipes. more than half the health care facilities aren't functioning in the boston, or we used to have at least the basic infrastructure bill, like, for example, getting, you know, clean sources of water and sewage system. is there almost, you know, to deal with these sort of challenges. but now, you know, 20 years of war led into the destruction of the infrastructure. the w h. i sent to plain loads of a to the region and it's training 8 groups. but it's concerned about those already fundable to disease and hunger for the hundreds of thousands of displaced syrians living in camps a fresh outbreak of cholera, perchance through the misery and the months ahead. lore about manly and 0.
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indigenous groups and trailer have held rallies and several cities calling for an end to the british monarchy. the rule that demanding the return of land as well as recognition of the atrocities committed against indigenous australians. during bush rule. for o'clock reports from camera a minute's silence. the strains paid tribute to the queen. this would be the most fitting memorial to a magnificent life of service to others. may her majesty queen elizabeth the 2nd rest in eternal peace. but not unless trillions have embraced the national day of mourning. instead, protest is in state capitals have voiced her position, demanding recognition of the suffering that indigenous people endured during british colonization. the monarchs, representative in australia, has acknowledged that the queen's death has prompted abroad to bite about the
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country's colonial past, unconscious, and respect that the response of many 1st nations strides his shape by uh, colonial history and broader reconciliation journey. that is a journey we as a nation must complete the tent. empathy is a national landmark representative of the campaign for aboriginal rights. this year marks the 50th anniversary since it was erected, but the death of the queen has re ignited the movement. once again. it's also spot conversations about a strategy future under the marquee an opinion poll. this weight suggests less than half the population is in favor of becoming a republic. i personally supportive of a republic and i think but i'm not quite sure having say now pouring of grief and support for the claim that by quite ready, but i think i love education to do between now and it's part of our history. and i think with lunch that was like golf history before and we shouldn't let go again.
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the prime minister has ruled out referendum for now noting it's not the right time for such a debate. fair o'clock. audi 0 camera, all the $1000000.00 households in the netherlands are struggling to pay energy bills that have doubled or even tripled in recent months. some people have decided to cut themselves off from gas supplies, even though winter's coming. benevolence has the highest gas prices in europe. a steadfast report. the only gas will memory still uses is for the t lights used for improvised stove. the terra cotta pots retain heat, which helps keep her a little warmer as the colder weather approaches. the shop owner decided to have her gas cut off after her bill double to $345.00 a month with a warning from her provider that it could reach $700.00 in the vehicle. and he said he'll buy and home. my shop has hardly any income. i lost customers during the
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curve at 19 pandemic. and now inflation is so high. people don't have money to buy children's clothes. so my income has really dropped below minimum. i know i can't pay these high energy bills while it's getting colder in her house behind these doors, millions of cruise antonyms are thriving in warm temperatures. but greenhouse farmers depend on gas to continue operating during winter, and many have decided to stop the flowers and festivals. in the next few months, something that could seriously affect dutch export. normally, if we have like every, like 10 percent extra cost, no problem, but there's now like $10.00 times more than 2 years ago. it's crazy. in this way, if nobody can survive, no company, no people with a household, no nobody with new techniques that use less fossil fuel flow to divers st. hope to be able to continue his business. although he is worried that the prices of flowers will climb so high that the month will dry up that pay twice as much for gas as
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other europeans you to have the energy tax. and they're dependent on gas to generate electricity. and while other members have kept their energy prices, the dutch government is being accused of doing too little, too late. bo testers, carrying flags upside down boot. the royal family of king william alexander delivered his annual budget address, promising a price cap on energy, and $18000000000.00 to compensate poor families. a recent survey suggest at 7 and 10 dodge citizens have lost trust in the government. if you get problems of whether you can pay your food in energy because that's where they're talking about, even if they work full time, if they can still databases. necessities then. yeah, that's the best way for voting. trusting your own government for the opposition party say that the government's aid package has not been thought through and fear won't be enough to keep the country warm this winter.


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