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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2022 3:30am-4:01am AST

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this may, her majesty, queen elizabeth the 2nd rest in eternal peace. but not unless dragons have embraced the national day of mourning. instead, protest is in state. capitals have voiced her position, demanding recognition of the suffering that indigenous people endured during british colonization. the monarchs, representative in australia, has acknowledged that the queen's death has prompted abroad or to bite about the country's colonial past, unconscious, and respect that the response of many 1st nations a strident his shape by uh, colonial history and broader reconciliation journey. that is a journey we as a nation must complete the tent. empathy is a national landmark representative of the campaign for aboriginal rights. this year marks the 50th anniversary since it was erected, but the death of the queen has re ignited the movement. once again. it's also spot conversations about a strategy future under the marquee and opinion poll,
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this weight suggests less than half the population is in favor of becoming a republic. i personally supportive of a republic and i think but i'm not quite sure having said that pouring of grief and support for the claim that quite ready but you know, i think there's a lot of education to do between now and it's part of our history and i think with lunch that was like golf history before and we shouldn't let go again. the prime minister has ruled out a referendum for now noting it's not the right time for such a debate. fair o'clock audi 0 camera. ah. so this is these, all these have stories and hundreds of protests being detained across russia, blood re putin and also partial military mobilization on wednesday, one way, tickets out of the country of sold out and traffic research, the border crossings. the secretary of state is urged the un security council to
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send a clear message to russia over its invasion of ukraine and its threats to use nuclear weapons. and he blake, and describe moscow's language as reckless saying it must stop. it must be asked. how has this aggression against you? crane by president putin improved the lives or prospects of a single russian citizen, one man chose this war. one man can end it. because if russia stops fighting, the war ends. if you crane stops fighting ukraine ends. that's why we will continue to support ukraine as it defends itself. israel's prime minister has told the un general assembly, he supports a 2 state solution with palestinians. yale appeared says this is important for israel security. it's the 1st time and it's ready leader has disgusted to state
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solutions at the un since 2015. the u. s. has announced sanctions on several members of iran, so called morality police. it follows the death of a woman in iran being held by the force. it's accused by the united states of abuse and violence against rainy women and of violating the rights of peaceful protesters . re upstate with headlines got more news coming up, paranoid 0 right after we go to the inside story. ah, sued for the art of the sales. donald trump and his family, accused of massive financing for a former us president is dismissed. the lawsuit which hung so will his latest legal
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woes weakened of cement his political standing. this isn't boastful, ah, and i work as a program on the wrong hand. donald trump has branded himself as the ultimate self made billionaire. he boasts about creating an empire on the back of his impeccable business skills. but the you a state where he made his name as, as his success was built on lies and fraud. new york's attorney general, his fight a civil lawsuit against tromp. his organisation and 3 of his children are accusing him of inflating assets to secure better loans and insurance policies. one bank estimates the trump building in manhattan is worth about $220000000.00. the trumps put its value at more than double that and the luxury morrow lago resort in florida
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likely worth around $75000000.00 was valued at nearly 10 times that amount. the attorney general wants to trumps. we banned for life from working for a new york company, prevented from having any dealings with the states banks for 5 years, and to pay a quarter of a 1000000000 dollars in damages. this conduct can not be brushed aside and dismissed as some sort of good faith mistake statements. a financial condition were greatly exaggerated, grossly inflated objectively false, and therefore fraudulent and illegal claiming you have money that you do not have does not amount to the art of the deal. it's the art of the steel door, tom pers labeled the allegations another which hunt he's called leticia james, racist and accused her of filing lawsuit when reelection writing. i never thought
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this case will be brought until i saw her really bad poll numbers. she is a fraud who campaigned on a get trump platform. now we'll go to a guess in a moment, but 1st let's have a look at the other investigations into the former president. there's a criminal probe into his possible mishandling of classified information last month, the f. b, i searched his mar, logo home. there's also the january 6th attack and the storming of the capital by his supporters trump statements and behavior a part of this investigation. and then there's his alleged efforts to overturn george's 2020 presidential election results. and he's accused of pressuring the secretary of state to find votes to reverse jo biden's victory. ah, there's brain, i guess. in london, greg swenson, chairman of republican overseas u. k. in washing the seat on the sloan partner at summer strategies and a former federal prosecutor and in birmingham u. k. scott lucas,
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a professor of international politics at the clinton institute at university college dublin. a welcome to you. all. i want to begin in washington dc with melanie sloane. this is a civil lawsuit. it's not a criminal one. however, is there a smoking gun here? is there something that could put donald trump in and his family in real difficulty? well, a, from a former presidents perspective, this may be the most troubling at investigation that he has to deal with. he's facing the possibility of being barred from real estate in new york for 5 years and having the leadership of the trump organization taking away from him. so i'm sure he's quite worried about that. in addition, this case has also been referred to the u. s. attorney for the southern district of new york and the internal revenue service, there is the possibility of tax fraud. the sheer number of allegations of improper valuation of his properties could well have serious tax consequences for the former
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president. but melanie, this is all just part the rough and tumble of you know, neil real estate. i mean, i can't imagine real estate vend somebody in that business. i mean, honesty isn't a word we associate with those people. this is just business of the day that i think that's going to be a tough argument for mr. trump to make it in his deposition. earlier this year, he took the 5th amendment and a huge number of times when asked about the valuation of his properties. and that will be used in any kind of trial where there will be a strong inference of guilt in that case, for taking the 5th that wouldn't happen in a criminal trial. but in the civil trial, it does so there will be the inference that he indeed knew that he was miss valuing the properties, which i will contribute to a finding of guilt. obviously, he will argue that there was no intent to defraud but, and the fact that he has no emails are very rarely emails will,
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will obviously help him. because across the government will need to show that he had the intent to defraud. but again, there is a plethora of evidence at lined up against him. this is a very long, long civil complaint. but we are still at the beginning of this process. undoubtedly mister trump will be filing a motion to dismiss and we will see how it goes. but he also is facing additional jeopardy from this investigation, as i said, because it has been referred to criminal authorities as well. well, let me bring in greg swinson here in london. you're the chairperson of the of republicans overseas. there's a litany of charges, not just this one, but there's a listener cases being brought against donald trump. how can you still defend him? oh, not sure i had to send the president on, on any of these individual cases, you know, on their own, i think. but i think there's a long history of this, and it's really been going on for 6 years, specifically with tis james,
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it's been going on for 3 years. so, i mean, there might have been some disappointment that she wasn't able to come up with a, with a criminal case, nor was, nor was the manhattan da able to come up with a criminal case. so i think that might have been a disappointment, but this is a, you know, on top of, you know, what started in 2016 with the russia collusion, hopes, whichever, you know, many people seem very confident that that would, you know, in some way and the president's political career and it turned out to be a hook. so, you know, it's a long list. i, i probably would argue that the one that's most who should be, what most worth, worrying to the president is the ness handling of classified documents. not that, you know, i have a view on whether that will work or not, but again, it's just another, it's another case in the long list of attempts to, you know, to, to criminalize president trouble. i'm not sure this one will work. i doubt it will . and, you know, if you look at what happened at the rate of moral log, moral logo, i'm not sure what the intentions were. but, you know,
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the president was up 9 points over ron de santis, 4645 to 36 prior to the raid. and after the raid, the 1st paul came out with trump up $39.00. so if anything, it's probably generates some synthesis for the president, i'm sure he will not do well in manhattan. i think there's plenty of support for tis james in manhattan. but if you look at the other boroughs, they're really concerned about crime in the city and the lack of prosecution by tis james. and i think they'll be so disappointed in especially amongst the minority communities who are the ones suffering from the crime wave. and if anything, this is a distraction away from the real, you know, the, the real issues that are important new yorker so who knows what'll happen in terms of the civil case. but i'm not, i'm not confident it's really going to hurt the president that much will come to scott lucas now, who's in birmingham. scott is the case of teflon done the fact that nothing can
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touch him and it's just a distraction. well, is a case of making sure that we cut through politics and this information, like melanie did stick with the facts. first of all, the water context is, is that donald trump may have escaped justice. but he, in fact, or his campaign did collaborate with russia in 2016 to get him elected. that is on the record. in the more report, donald trump tried to blackmail a country ukraine, the country which is now at ward. so because it would not spread disinformation against his opponent in the 2020. what should joe biden? donald trump is facing civil and criminal investigations over his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. he is facing investigation over his powerful incitement of violence in the capital attack. and he is facing the multiple financial cases. contrary to what greg said, this was not
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a political campaign by the new york study attorney general leticia james. it was a legal case based upon a great deal of evidence, evidence obtained to fight years of trump trying to block those documents being provided. contrary to what greg said, the manhattan criminal investigation is not over. they have decided not to go to the grand jury for the moment, but the impact is melanie said, is that the findings in the james investigation, the civil investigation, having been handed over to the manhattan district attorney, made me that they now renew, going to the grand jury, i'm not talking here about political pro trop or anti trump. i'm talking here about the operation of the us legal system. and the danger here is that politics and disinformation is not just a case of saving proper, defending him. tough, long don. it's undermining the system which has to continue after he has gone one day, whether it's behind bars or somewhere else, or let's bring in many sloan him only. it is very difficult to separate the
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politics from the investigations. here as a film, a federal prosecutor, when you're talking about high profile cases like this, how much of the politics of this are you aware of? and how is that influencing? well, obviously the politics are very significant in that mr. trump is going on television and insisting that if anybody goes after how many prosecutors take on cases, they're pacing potential mob violence. so he's trying to bring in his supporters to stop any kind of criminal case, which i, scott said, and that would just be anti democratic me. we are facing really a crisis in our democracy. the thought that there would be mob rule to stop viable prosecution is a terrifying thing. i want to correct something that greg said earlier, which was that his james didn't bring a criminal investigation, suggesting that somehow she didn't have the evidence for that. she didn't have the
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jurisdiction to bring a criminal in cray, a criminal charge here, that's not not her role in the if the attorney general's office. so she's not the person for that or her office is not the right office. there is, however, another important criminal case going to trial shortly, which is against the trump organization for a conspiracy and all sorts of criminal violations. and alan weissberg, the former chief financial officer of the trump organization, who had to plead guilty earlier this year to criminal charges. is that to testify in that case. and so we should expect to see some very interesting information coming out about potential fraud. trump organization coming from his testimony to that to is yet another. that's where mr. trump is facing liberal legal jeopardy. and of course, don't forget, he also is facing the state investigation in georgia over the calls to brad rapids, burger and the attempt to quote, find votes in and georgia. and then there is also the justice department's january
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6 inquiry which remains ongoing as the also the house of representatives is conducting a parallel investigation into january 6. and mister trump's role in inciting the insurrection. greg, at what point to the republicans just turn around and say, you know, there are too many legal cases where there's too much smoke. go a deal with all of this and stop trying to lead and be the senior most famous republican on the planet. it's not helping us. yeah, that's a great question. and ron and there's, there's a significant number of republicans that would prefer that someone else runs in 2024. you know, for a number of reasons. one is that the president will be 78 years old on election day . the other is he can only serve one term, and i think there's a lot of scar tissue in the party about the, the special elections in, in georgia. melanie mentioned the georgia election. you know,
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that was really disappointing to many of us in the party that, you know, the president was too focused on his own, you know, his own ego or, or looking back at the, the november 2020 election instead of focusing on the special action which cost the republicans, the senate, so you know, there is some scar tissue there. as i mentioned before, there was a movement, a gradual narrowing in the polls between trump and specifically, ron de santis, but also trump and the other potential candidates. you know, up until the rate at morrow logo and not actually if the intention was to, to draw attention to trump, to, to elevate him in the polls. it worked. if the intention was to never have trumped the president again, i think it backfired. so look, i think we have to remember that the, the, the audience in america, the voters, are often will see these things as which chance, i know that's the term that the president uses are not necessarily agreeing with them. but this is, you know, the last of a long list of assaults or attempts to defame the president that's again started
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with the russia collusion hoax. i scott and i am, i'm sure we'll always disagree on this, but you know, many of the, much of this information is coming out currently. you know, that it was fabricated by the hillary clinton campaigns with the support of re i, and that's wrong. that's a lot out. lot happy to stick to fact, scott happy decided i'd love to hear from you. i'd love to have a reunion with all the people who were telling me in 2018 that he colluded with the rush. leslie and that this is a let me give greg, let's go 3 eggs and this guess go through actually i'll bring you both. and again, let me give you one of them always use my scouts. rianna get no, but greg, the mother report finds that there is an ongoing contact in collaboration between the trunk campaign and the russians throughout 2016. both remembers of the campaign and informal important advisors like roger stung. the more investigation
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finds that, that collaboration included the dumps over hillary clinton's e mails that had been stolen by the russians. the more of the court finds that at least 8 occasions. at least 8 occasions. there is substantial evidence the trump either obstructed justice or attempted to obstruct justice. the only reason why true was not prosecuted under the report was not because it was a hoax. but because moore was told by the justice department, you do not have jurisdiction to indict a sitting president. the only reason why that happened and asked for your dis information that there was a democratic plot that goes on. that is part of the discredited durham investigation which after years of wasting taxpayers, my friends, a couple of minor cases that you know, results and is now being shut down. so let's stay for the 1st. this is not there is writing, did they not all try says it's a you're going home. you don't to leave
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a whole. we get bogged down or tending with a whole week down in the details of all of this is fascinating, but i want to keep the, i want to keep us on topic. i want to and bring in melanie here. all of this is just goes to show you how remarkably political all of this is we're arguing about, you know, what facts were, who did, what the, you know, and how difficult then is it for somebody like james to bring the civil lawsuit in this atmosphere. i think there is, of course, concern about the politics, but we are a country that is based on the rule of law, and it can't be that i have prosecutors and people in a hurry over our criminal and civil laws. simply look aside while trump violates all of our laws and do nothing simply because there are so many people who will support him no matter what he does. as he very famously said, if he could shoot somebody on 5th avenue. and that was years ago,
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he said that in his abs, clearly true it's, there is literally nothing that his supporters wouldn't back him for doing it. i don't know if many of yours would have heard this, but last night at mr. trump very crazily said on sean hannity to shot kennedy last night on an interview that he could have declassified those documents that were immoral. i go just by thinking about it. and if he just thought that they were declassified, that would constitute declassification as if somehow that is a real is something could do such a thing. and i'm sure that millions of americans will say, sure, if he just thinks about declassification, that's ok. but that doesn't mean prosecutors can look aside while mr. trump violates rules of law and they have to do their jobs. even if mr. trump sadly did not. you is a good one to bring you back in here. what have you think of these cases, whether you think they're a political, which on what you think than not, all of them are incredibly difficult to prosecute. all of them are fraught with
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having to gather evidence against somebody who over. so kids and actually a downright lies about things and, and often contradicts himself here in this particular case, this, this civil law. so we are having a prosecutors are very concerned that the emails just aren't there to prosecute this case. that's a big challenge for them. but the other challenges for them is trumps legal team. trump has stiffed many, many, many lawyers. he doesn't have the kind of high profile legal team that he's going to need for this. right. not only will i, i would agree with that him, ron. i mean, the president has, has a habit of, of, you know, sort of self destructing with some of his bravado. and it is difficult for people to work for him that the turnover is high. so, you know, i'd have to agree that it doesn't, you know, so it's really hard to, to anticipate the outcomes of these things. but i think there should just be a little compassion for the voters who have seen this go on for a long time. and yes, melanie's right there, there are
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a number of republicans who are who are supportive of the president no matter what . but they're also seeing, you know, the scott mentioned dis, information or misinformation. we hear that word a lot. and these are the same voters though, who saw, you know, for example, that the hunter bite and laptop that was basically censored by facebook and twitter in october of 2020. and it looked study. you might not agree with me or not. mean, you might agree with the version, but it has nothing to do a diversion there, but that's what voters say. and i see that both right. most allows you put it out there because you want it out there and it's not really 70 percent of the vote out . you're not a voted for if, if they had known about the disinformation, you know that, that, or what was called this information by the 50, you know, former f b i or john justice professional. so look, this has gone on for a long, you know, for 6 years it probably peaked in, you know, in the fall of 2020 some. so it'll look that just, you know, have to,
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i think there has to be some understanding that voters are seeing this information from both sides and that's, it has strong. this information is a very, very strong word greg. and it, it is a very strong to read it, you'll use an ever let me just let me just break just a 2nd. but it's a very strong word. you're using even the price. and you're also saying that there is a that there is, this is coming to a peak. but there are several lawsuits. there are several investigations open into donald trump. i'm now school 3 of you the same question or begin the scope 1st scope. this is the president of the united states of america. the fact that this is happening to him, is it a damning indictment of the problems of us democracy? or is it a praiseworthy thing that the u. s. democracy system is doing? it's a damning indictment of the man who is under investigation for his business and financial practices. but even more importantly, as melanie highlighted, it is
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a critical moment for the u. s. system. it's a critical moment for the authority of the u. s. system. it's legal system foremost, but also its political system, which is that any person in the united states, even a former president, must be accountable, must be able to be investigated by the law. that no person should be able to trample upon the legal system, or to corrupt the political system, to avoid investigation, to avoid prosecution. and if found guilty, to avoid responsibility. melanie automatically, sorry we already had it on the do when it comes to our other guests as well. only the same question to you. is it a dummy entitling or is it praiseworthy? i agree with everything. scott said, i think it is. what we have seen is that the court system has been the last ball work of democracy, while so much has not worked. and that trump has been able to trample on so many of
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the norms of our democratic system and has really brought us to a press a p. we are seeing that the legal system is, is the ball work and protecting us, for example, with the 11th circuit coming out with the opinion yesterday, saying that indeed the f. b, i investigation can continue into the classified information and even the judge that john mr. trump himself picked to be the special master, not taking his side in that. so we are seeing that the, the legal system is, is protecting us and hopefully it will stand a greg the same question to which hunter, oh, is this justice doing her job? well, i would say it's praiseworthy. i mean, look at the institutions work and it's fair and balanced. and they, you know, we'll, we'll charge, you know, democrats as well as republicans, if they, if they suspect there's a crime, go ahead, bring it on. i think the institutions will, will work and they will outlive all the drama that we're seeing right now. but remember tish tish james ran her basic campaign strategy was i'm going to get trump
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. so it's hard to separate the politics. i wish that she would focus as much attention on looking after the minority communities in the, in the, for burroughs, outside of manhattan, who are suffering the worst from the surgeon. crime, thanks to prosecutors like to st. james. well, we all going to be looking at this a lot a, do see you shaking your head there very, very quickly because we all ring out. so i'm, why are you shaking your head? because you don't praise the legal system and say it must be a pell. and then watch an ad hominem attack on the new york attorney general for doing the job of trying to see that justice is served. that's irresponsible, and i do hope great. doesn't try that again. well, i want to thank ola gas in london, greg henson in washington dc. melanie sloane and in birmingham u. k. scott lucas and i want to thank you, take watching as well. like to see the program again, any time by visiting all websites out there, a talk home. and for further discussion, go to
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a facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you could also join the conversation on to twitter. we are a to inside story from me among con in the whole team here. ah ah. and a zillion is said to choose between 2 presidential candidates was radically different. ideologies on one side for president jade. those who are not on a hard line conservative on the other one was socialist president, lisinopril never see la, stay with al jazeera,
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expensive coverage. in the lectures. the world comp case will be cancer in 2 months . as the main event gets closer to 0 is here every step of the way. i'm going to go with updates from tier fans across the globe. things can expect some strong support hearing with the spotlight on north and central america, canada build on that 1st place. finishing, qualify all will the us, mexico will costa rica rise to the occasion? the work countdown on al jazeera. examining today's headlines. we cannot leave them a good is getting this hot, like the titanic heading for the iceberg. setting the discussions the fall of afghanistan is going to stay with every single ask and for the rest of their life sharing personal stories with the global audience. it's about our body economy. it is about our own. all right, programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. on al
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jazeera, there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. in australia, indigenous women, they're missing that disproportionately high rates. one to one east investigates is enough being done to help find missing aboriginal when on al jazeera and anti semitism is of evil under a labor government, it will not be tolerated in any form. what so ever beneath the surface lies a darker side in british politics, the labour files hot one on al jazeera ah .


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