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a anti semitism is of evil under a labor government, it will not be tolerated in any form. what? so f beneath the surface lies the dark aside in british politics, the labour files hot one on al jazeera. with awe . at least 60 people are dead after a boat sinks off the coast of syria,
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where in lebanon near for the vessel. what done, ah, i'm robinson, this is all 0 live from dough hobb also coming up for moscow controlled regions of ukraine, a voting to decide whether to join russia. the west is calling it an illegal land, grab the u. k. on vales. it's planned to kick started to economy. the critics say it's going to do little to ease the high cost of living. we're on a u. s. aircraft carrier tv bought in joint military drills with south korea. it's a show of strength against north korea. ah, it's one of the deadliest migrant boats thinkings in the eastern mediterranean,
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in at least 70 margaret's and now known to have died when the vessel kept sized off the coast of syria. serena authorities say 20 people have been rescued, but many more a missing. as it is in a quarter has met the victims, families in our car, on the lovely sylvia border over at a home of a family whose relatives were on that ill fated vessel. this morning. they buried 2 young girls, 9 and 6 year old maya, and may, they still do not know the fate of 2 young boys and their mother. their father is now in hospital in the syrian city of tar tooth. there's a lot of grief here. people are in shock, they don't understand why they don't have much more information. in fact, it was last night. some members of the family cross the border went to the hospital and identified the 2 young girls. but since then, they haven't heard any information about the 2 young boys, as well as, as their mother,
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their calling on the liberties authorities to give them some information, or if they tell them when the bodies of the bodies will be brought back to lebanon . as we understand more than 60 bodies have been found so far. search operations began last night. they continued this morning. this was a small and over packed a boat. so far 19 people have been rescued. it's very difficult to say how many more are missing because you don't get official numbers on the passengers on these migrant boats. on this particular both there were syrian palestinian refugees, as well as lebanese, in fact, as of late, a growing number of lebanese have been making this dangerous journey try to, to, to reach europe because of the worsening economic conditions in this country. iran's armies warning it's going to confront what he calls enemies. protests continue against the death of a 22 year old women in police custody president. abraham hyacinth ordered an
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investigation into the death of martha omni. he's called the demonstrations acts of calles around state t. v. 's reporting that at least 26 people have been killed during the unrest. demonstrations are happening in at least a dozen cities across the country. up to study amazon and go to their house. there have always been protests and we hear their demands. but there is a difference between riots and protest, haven't nobody except riots as well. yeah. did they have a demonstration against policy or anything else in a random we have freedom of speech, can we see it on different levels? but there are differences of opinion, that's not a problem at all, but when there is a right, it's different than a protest. i mean, is that the, what i say hadn't been commenting at a media conference in new york as jamal arshad was there to quite a while for the around him. presidents are just one of the main concerns or issues with regards to run country. and that is the nation wide protests that have been spreading across the country over the past couple of days following the killing,
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or the death of that young running girl, or allegedly at the hands of the morality police. there, as the president says, he said that it was still not clear as far as the investigations was going on, whether she did die at the hands of both morality did, however, say that he contacted her family. he said that there was a right for iranians to protest, but he differentiates between what he described as peaceful protest vandalism. however, he fell short of talking about what type of accountability would happen. he said that there was a need for the traditional process to take it you course before. anything could happen that aside, the other main issue of discussion or addressed by the reading president as well as the nuclear deal, the j. c, p. o and any hope that it could be revived, the firm on that runs thumbs with regard to guarantees needed from any new
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deal that the united states would not renee on its commitments, as he says it's had done in the previous deal. it's, there was no discussion, however, or address about the situation in syria accountability for obviously the war time is committed thereby around to ally the regime or other topics their program and kinds of protests taking place in iran. these a lot of pictures from a chair on the capital, and you can see crowds of people making the way so far peacefully through the streets, bear the rallies as seen as a response to days of demonstrations following the death of marsan on the moscow controlled regions and eastern southern ukraine are voting on whether to become part of russia. the referendums are taking place in the hands. the netscape is up, patricia hassan, and about 15 percent of ukraine's territory. hundreds of thousands of people have
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until tuesday to cast their votes. keven as western allies say, the votes, a sham and an unlawful land griver comes as ukrainian forces continue to recapture swathes of territory in a major kinds of offensive. in eastern new grain, many of the people living in the regions for the referendum will be held, have already fled, and they're making their way west hotel. the jaime spoke to some of them in sub alicia, escaping russian occupation leave for it becomes nearly impossible. the atlanta and her daughter carina just arrived from the samsung region hours before a referendum, organized by russia is due should take place after the dinner present. april saint, if seemed, is about 70 percent of people are jobless. we were 5 months without any mobile connection. the feed is coming from crimea and we have to pan roubles. they have been telling us that our home town is parts of russia and it was liberated from ukraine. karina's husband had to stay behind because men of fighting age aren't
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allowed to leave. that's why it took only see and his family for days to travel from little hands to the ukrainian control part of their pooty jo. despite their permit issued by the separatists, his wife gulard tells me she was worried, he would be mobilized nibble's. for short, alexey says russia referendum is a sham, and now is the time to choose sides. as soon as you go through bloom, there are people who are going to vote. there are people who really believe a flu, hence, joins russia. life will become better and they will be happier. i'm surprised because most of them work for ukrainian companies and they owned a good living. now they have nothing but the supporting russia. people still living in jeopardy jack had a son and a dumbass will be asked if they want to join russia. russia doesn't fully control any of the 4 regions with this. so called referendum is taking place in the areas
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under ukrainian control. come on the regular attack, day and night. this is the latest one in the heart of the city. one of the several that rocked the body, joe, early morning. the target was a hotel said to host this place people on their way further west. people like tanya and julia who made their journey together for milly toppled, it's painful. her parents stayed back home. part of an older generation nostalgic about the soviet union. eula shows as a video where she was taunted by collaborators and russian soldiers forced to praise the russian motherland and sing the national anthem. who would give, give people, could have, i kept my children at home at school. there was too much pressure on them. they would get punished if they spoke ukrainian. i'm afraid i won't be able to return home after the referendum. there will be special permits for people to get in and out of there. no one here doubts the outcome of the referendum. devote has already
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been discarded by ukraine and its allies, that russia will use it to stretch its borders closer to western ukraine. put up the hemi algebra equity gym co workers, the former u. s. special representative for ukraine negotiations. he says the outcome of the referendum won't change ukraine's determination to reclaim more territory. this is all a sham. it's all a charade. being orchestrated by couldn't to have a referendum. everyone knows this fake to then say that they become part of russia . whichever one knows or not. so i don't think it has any impact on the ground whatsoever, and won't change. ukraine's determination to recover capture territories, nor will change the determination in the west to try to help you. grain defend itself against this version, aggression. if russia wanted to use nuclear weapons, they could use them today, and they're not doing it because they know it would be
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a bad idea. and so, even if they claim that these territories are now part of russian territory and doesn't change the basic calculation, that using nuclear weapons will mean the destruction of the russian military and possibly the russian state. and they don't want to reset. he's lost so many forces already. you know, the estimates are anywhere from 224-0000 casualties. ukraine's claim 55000 cashing or depths, but i think there may be high, even suppose it's 40000, multiply times 3 to get the number wounded. you're talking about a substantial piece of russia's conventional military forces that have been destroyed in ukraine equipment along with the personnel has also been destroyed. so what goodness doing is he's going to the general population getting retired military people, people who are older, out of shape, not trained, saying come back into the military. this is not going to add
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a substantial capacity for russia military forces. it's a matter of desperation because it was so much already still ahead on al jazeera, the investigation that's led to damaging these allegations against you and aid workers in south sedan. ah, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your cattle package today very few days off from things we are called typhoons, where they're still tropical, those spinning round the western part of the pacific in this one has been named as tells will bring significant rain. probably the early hours of sal didn't go more or less offshore. winds aren't a problem with this, but the rain over what is saturated grounded honshu may well be with some flooding, potentially there. and it remains hot and humid in japan that she with less hot in the korean peninsula and temperatures have come down in western china where they've
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been really quite high recently. but with rain coming along, the yank. see that spoke to the press, the temperatures there all day, way up again, i have to say and if you go north and round the top of the himalayan platter, tibetan platter. temperatures are really quite high still and will remain so into monday. and the picture sees temperatures rising. sharon, for example, dropping damage through jan hong kong at about 30 degrees. more or less where it should be. ok, the monsoon reigns in india. they are on their way out. technically they've left west roger stand, but they haven't left the north about. there's been some flooding recently around new delhi. and given the forecast for saturday and for sunday, the chances are that'll continue to be the case. in fact, we might find big showers cross into the hall. northern pakistan cats are official and i'm of the journey. frank assessments, if the united states that you're running a good program, was there to build
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a nuclear weapon they would assign to do by informed opinions. i believe that armenia and other regions should have bilateral negotiations. we've been calling that for many times. critical debate is the commonwealth now still something that king charles will take on in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah ah. the ones, you know, does it a reminder, what top stories this are at least 70 migrants have died when the vessel capsized off the coast of syria, syrian authority say 20 people have been rescued, but many more remained missing. most of those on board were lebanese pro government
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counter protests are taking place in iran, including in the capital tack wrong. the rallies are seen as it responds to days of demonstrations following the death of 22 year old masa omni and moscow controlled regions in the eastern and southern and ukraine of voting. whether to become part of russia, the referendums of taking place in the hans don, yes, is up patricia and council until tuesday. even it's western allies said the votes, a sham and an unlawful land grub. while the war in ukraine's dominating at the un general assembly were world leaders are meeting in new york. our diplomatic editor james base is at the united nations headquarters. and james, of course, if not just the war in ukraine, it's also a time of natural disasters around the world. millions of people desperately in need of help. that is something that's on the you an agenda as well, isn't it? absolutely. when world leaders come here every year for this week,
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they discuss all the crises in the world. but this year very much the war in ukraine is dominating proceedings, or we're supposed to have a meeting later on today with the chinese foreign minister and state counselor, wine ye with the u. s. secretary of state antony blinking. we had the news overnight that sir, the secretary of state's father saddle is passed away, so not clear, or whether that meeting we'll go ahead and if it does, who will participate from the u. s. but that is likely to be a meeting that's dominated by events in ukraine. i would have thought as well as lots of other issues that those 2 superpowers need to discuss. let's discuss what's been going on this week with an important player. that's the president of the international committee of the red cross, peter mauer, or thank you for joining us here on out to 0. let me start with ukraine. the situation on the ground, the humanitarian situation. you one of the biggest humanitarian organizations in the world. how bad is it?
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well, it's a pretty star cares, you know, we have been in ukraine on the ground since 2014. and we have seen 8 years of protracted conflict which as already weakened to society and disrupted the ukraine in society since february. with the intensification of warfare with the level of distraction, internal displacement or refugees coming out of ukraine at this country has been heavily affected. and therefore, our response to our all the multiplicity of ne terry needs had to be scaled ter, importantly, today, ukraine is the largest operation of icy r c. and this is a reflection of the humanitarian needs on the ground. you will not just a humanitarian organization you have in the international system, a unique role of oh, of a governing the geneva conventions which effectively of the rules of war historic role you have there. can i ask you with that hat on the situation in ukraine?
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we only in the last few hours, the u. m. commission of inquiry is which is looking to ukraine, has talked about war crimes. how worried are you that the rules of war in ukraine and elsewhere? are no longer being restrict, we are of course sir, worried in ukraine and globally, as you rightly see, we are involved with the parties to the conflict with the armed forces with the security forces to have international humanitarian law respective. and there is no conflict in the world where we don't see this respect, or the question is how we work afterwards with a party, how we try to influence them. and as you know, with these really the template of confidential dialogue, the methodology to really go to the commanders, sir, or to the ministers of defense with our findings on the ground. and to ask for a better behavior for change of behavior, for accountability within the armed forces. and here i think in ukraine and
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elsewhere, it's a huge, it's a huge challenge between the necessity to protect civilian populations and the military objectives to defeat the adversary. we always see the balance tilt towards military logic instead of protection logic of civilians. and this is what challenges us each and every day. but the in ukraine and elsewhere, we really try to forge our ways into their minds, set them into the thinking and into the military orders in order to allow international from human italian law to at least half some relevance in the conflict. and then i should say, of course, our 1st worries are the people themselves, the families stows, who are immediately affected by military operations. and i think it's, it is important that more consideration everywhere in the world is taken to respect
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those basic rules. in this week, you end up speaking with presidents and prime ministers and, and ministers. are you worried that the war in ukraine is taking out all the conversation when there are so many other crises from previous years in jamar, in syria, in africa, which haven't been sold, which are still there, and no one's talking. if indeed they're dresser a really ne, quit t off a tension which is probably the 1st big problem and consequence of the war in ukraine. i have difficulties except for the parties. thought the yet many the syrian or the sahalina or cotton flake still find any interest or whatsoever also from political leaders to discuss these issues. because all the attention is on ukraine, and then you have the real time, ah, effect of this conflict, the, or the impact on the world economy. the fact that many of the poorest countries who have already experienced fam in awe,
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difficulties still cope with our multiple challenges like climate change and pandemic are now babylon to triple effected by the real time ripple effects of the ukraine in crisis. and so that is a discrepancy on the one side. everybody looks and finances and tries to do a work in ukraine and on the other hand or there are an increasing number of forgotten conflicts, which is worrisome because you never know when these conflicts will come back to the international attention because of deep impact the they still have on societies . it's a grim picture. peter mouse, president of the international committee of the red cross. thank you for joining us here on al jazeera, just finishing 10 years in the job. and obviously you look at the state of the world now compared with 10 years ago. there are so many raging conflicts that were not here a decade ago. rob james, thanks very much. our diplomatic editor james base outside the un headquarters there. are you own secretary general,
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antonio casarez has requested an urgent report into the allegations of abuse carried out by aid workers at a un one camp in south sudan, an investigation by al jazeera and a non profit news agency. the you pam humanitarian as exposed years of widespread sexual abuse and account for displaced people in markle allegations. first emotion 2015, but no action seems to have been taken despite a you and lead task force charged with tackling it. aid workers are accused of raping and sexually abusing minors, as well as pressuring women and girls to have sex in exchange for gifts. joshua craze is an independent researcher in south sedan and co author of the original report. he explains the delay by the un to investigate cases of sexual abuse. the basic problem is that if you look through all of these task force set up to prevent sexual exploitation, since it was begun in south dawn, is what they do is they provide sensitization training. they provide hotlines. but
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the task force structurally from mandate from new york does not do investigations. investigations are left to the individual n g o. and you and agencies who staff members are accused of sexual exploitation. and the problem is they look back upstanding optimum at a huge fix exploitation scandal and it's funding was affectively by half. so, but none of these organizations is actually materially in that interest to really do investigation. so what happens is things that come up and all of the measures that have been announced by the un thus far have largely been reactive measures. so then measures about making sure that everyone has training. the problem is there is no proactive investigative capacity within the task force or within these organizations. just give you an offense. what they do is that they investigate the claims made to them beer a series of mechanisms that report allegation, claim like report sexual exploitation allegations. however, many people get them coming forwards,
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many people are worried and that will impact on stock family members who have jobs with these injures. many people are worried that they cases will be dismissed by bodies that are linked to community actually don't want to come access or endanger access from the engineers. the british governments unveiled a package of economic measures meant to stimulate growth and ease the cost of living crisis. the budget includes measures designed to tackle rising energy prices . chancellor of the exchequer cars cost thing says the plan is expected to reduce inflation by $5.00 percentage points. lowering the cost of living is also another tax cuts in the forms in boosting economic growth, honey false, and has more from westminster, the precious calling of many budget. the government is calling it a fiscal event and not a budget. one of the sort of follows on that is that it doesn't have to abide by any a bigger analysis of the precise effects on the government pocket book by the office of budget responsibility. and that is one of the main criticisms it's being made of
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it. how is this all going to be affordable? so let's just sketch out exactly what the chancellor said. as expected, the rise in national insurance contributions that employees have to pay that has been reversed from its rise in april, a projected rise for next year in cooperation tax that isn't going to happen so remain at 19 percent. not 25 percent. the basic rate of income tax i, the reduction in that is also being brought, who would buy it from 20 to 19 percent. but much more headline grabbing is the fact that the chancellor is abolished altogether. the 45 percent tax rate on the highest standard income, those earning more than a $150000.00 pounds a year. about a $168000.00 a year. and all caps on bankers bonuses have gone as well. so this is a real ideological statement, as well as a, an economic and financial one. the leadership election saw the prime minister as now, is this trust say that she was less worried about redistributing wealth more worried
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about growing the economy. and that everybody would benefit as a result, but this is a major sort of departure a returned to to the free market, small state ideology. and the labor opposition is saying, this is a gamble with this last roll the dice. and that is a menu without a price list actually goes to the polls on sunday and for the 1st time since world war 2, a far right coalition is expected to win a country's facing an economic crisis as a result of the war in ukraine. a staffing decor reports from naples living is becoming more expensive. it's a routine and a recipe that is handed down to generations. continuity is guaranteed success. but decades of hard work and now at risk, viola futrell punitive. i been a baker for 40 years. the situation as it is they are never been so bad with the gas and electricity bills. increasingly the costs are raw material. becker in the
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sense of risk of collapsing. we're sounding the lar, if there is no bread on the table. so battalions, there is a risk about revolution, this energy prices of sort, this time last year, this was dominique was bill network. and now this was an increase of around 600 per cent. i think to be easy. economists say it's unsustainable. a lot of ally darya was going bad. laura for italy. this coming winter will be the toughest. yet the storm of the energy crisis for hitters at the end of 2021. and then with the war with ukraine, things have become far more complicated than is, italy is worse off than other e u. countries as we rely more on imported energy and meaning, it is more vulnerable to the fluctuations of a gas and electricity markets. the one, the one misha. ah, and yet somehow, while walking around, you don't feel how bad things are. the streets here in the city center of naples are busy tourism is booming. it's very difficult to find a hotel room,
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but this isn't indicative of the real economic crisis that is unfolding here, affecting small family run businesses which make up around 90 percent of companies here in italy. which basically means it's affecting everyone at the morning market . the answer is the same, just like i said, the gay, tamara vancleve, we're all in this crisis together. we need at least 200 euros a week to buy food. and that's just the basics. there's no room for any extras here on, on java. so i don't make it at the end of the month, everything has increased to gas light, everything is all right, and my pension doesn't increase until we ask her if she thinks the elections will change anything in the wrong variable. no, i won't go to holland yet. i'm telling you straight up like and i apologize, i will have her get selected it. so the same mass for now the bread continues to rise as do the bills. you all are not a problem. our war is the whoo chair with political call or come to power with the
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selection, the problem will not be fixed. so people's anger, we bowler, opinion polls suggest a far right wing co and could when sundays, vote with italy's 1st fema prime minister. whatever the political predictions, the economic forecast is that this is only going to get worse and for whoever wins these elections. that may have been the easy part. stephanie decker, al jazeera naples, a u. s. nuclear part aircraft carrier. the ronald reagan has arrived on the south korean portable sun ahead of a joint military exercise. the naval jewels will be the 1st involving a u. s. aircraft carrier in the region since 2017. washington and sol have revived their large scale drills of a growing north korean threats robber briars aboard the aircraft. in the coming days, the u. s. strike group led by this nimitz class carrier will be conducting joint drills with their south korean counterparts. with the stated goal of showing their
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resolve in the face of renewed threats from north korea. the last time this carrier was here was 5 years ago. again, at a time of heightened tensions which followed, a series of miss are launches and even a nuclear test by north korea. in the years, in between these exercises are very much been scaled back as a way of trying to allow this phase of summit diplomacy to work, to get the north koreans to give up their nuclear weapons. that hasn't happened. and with piano yang now announcing that it has arrived as a nuclear armed power and it's up to the world to deal with that fact that does seem to be a mark shift in the position of the u. s. and its allies, her progress, career, etc. so one of the most successful alliances in the world, we have a history of sure. what are we sure common values and have a clear vision for a free and open open circuit. the.


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