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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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stone for her award winning wolf haul trilogy has died at the age of 70 mantel, one the booker prize, twice for 2009 wolf hall, and 2012 follow up. bring up the bodies. the best selling novels were based on the life of brushes, statesman, thomas cromwell, who served in the court of king henry the 8th mental publisher. so she died suddenly, yet peacefully, surrounded by close family and friends. as the ends of an error in tennis with roger federer just hours away from his final professional match, the twin, tea time grand slam champion was the center of attention that a girl had dinner on thursday. and in a fitting end to his career, frederick farewell will be alongside great rifle and friend. rough and adel. the pair will team up in the doubles champions on. the doubles on friday night at the labor cup in london, now represent team europe and face american. jude jack stopped, jack sock and frances tear foe, who are playing for team world. federal will hang up his racket after that mat.
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ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. moscow controlled regions in eastern and southern ukraine are voting on whether to become part of russia. the referendums are taking place of no handsome john as zap reacher and curse on until tuesday. keven as western allies say, the vote is a sham and an unlawful land grab united nations. investigators say they found evidence. russia committed war crimes and territories it had occupied in ukraine earlier this year is a violations were committed including rape, torture, and confinement of children. but the investigation in those court here he has showed a large number of ball crowns. private russians can be found to whom incidents of the treatment farther ukrainian showing that since there are 4 tre,
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mom. not only the russian patrol, so one the ukranian showed, but of course, according to what we found, and much less only toolkit and so forth. and these 70 migrants have died of their vassal capsized off the coast of syria. after leaving crisis, hit lebanon, syrian authorities at least 20 people have been rescued, but that many more are still missing. iran's army, as warning, it will confront what it calls enemies as protests against continue against the death of a 22 year old women and police custody martha. i mean, he died last week after being arrested by the so called morality police for leslie violating the countries headscarf policy program and demonstrations have taken place in iran, including the capsule. terran, they're seen as a response to the days of protests after a means death. police in the afghan capital kabul say that 7 people have been killed and 41, others injured, an explosion. a blas happens near the main gate of was an act by con mosque,
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as people were leaving the building following friday prayers. the british government has unveiled a package of economic measures meant to stimulate growth and ease the cost of living crisis. the budget includes measures designed to tackle rising energy prices and also features billions of dollars in tax cuts. those are you headlines, i'll be back with more news here on our 0 of the inside story say with us ah, with can the u. k is labor party hill? it's internal divisions, and al jazeera investigation reveals how and elected officials undermine format
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liter. jeremy proven, and anyone who supported him with british politics in turmoil could this effect labors chances of returning power. this isn't i store ah hello, welcome to the program. i'm ron carl. and our desert investigation has exposed accusations of dirty tricks and manipulation within the u. k. so position labor party, hundreds of thousands of internal documents, emails, and social media messages have been revealed and one of the biggest leeks in british political history. the 1st of a 3 part series reveals how labors own bureaucrats undermined former leader jeremy colbin. he was in charge from 2015 to 2020, his father left a socialist policies, galvanized young voters party membership doubled, but the leak documents show party managers silencing,
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discrediting and expelling colbin supporters. some former members spoke to out there is investigative unit, revealing more of labor's inner workings, saying who can be a candidate saying, who can be a member. then you control the body politic of one of the major parties in this country. and i found that is on democratic, basically to coo, by cooper people to take over one of the major political parties in britain. the files obtained biology 0 contain labors disciplinary records from 1998 to 2021. they show how several of corbin supporters were smeared by fellow party members and supporters where the false accusations of abusive behavior, which included homophobia and anti semitism with the intention to have them either suspended or expelled. and in 2019 corbin resigned as leader after the party lost the general election. now he was eventually replaced by care stomach britain's former director of public prosecutions. the documentary is being released as labor
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holds its annual conference, livable from sunday. opinion polls suggest the party could win a general election against the governing, conservative labor m. p. 's have been calling for an early vote. ever since. less trust took over from boris johnson as party leader and prime minister earlier this month. ah, let's bring it, i guess in london, alex nuns, a former speech writer for jeremy colvin in gauze. go. john curtis, professor of politics at the university of traffic light and also in london, jonathan, this political commentator and deputy director of the think tank british influence . welcome to the program. i'd like to begin in london with alex nuns at 1st. alex, you're actually in this documentary eve, so you've now finally seen all of it. it must be bittersweet on the one hand vindication that you were right. but on the other hand, actually disappointment that it got at this stage. and we'll certainly, and as people who work for jeremy corbin or even people who are just supportive of
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them and part of the movement we know and along with this kind of internal sabotaged was happening. and essentially what, what was occurring was a civil war within the labor party where the existing established party establishment, the staff, and the m p 's. and so we're working as hard as they could to for the chances of the left wing in the form of jeremy corbin's leadership, to, to make his case, to the lecture and to advance. and so, so yes, you know, but in britain especially, there's been one sided media coverage of this situation where everything was blind on the left and the right. we're never criticized. so in your right, it's big switch in the sense that finally some light has been shown on, on what actually happened often list and also in london, it must be disappointing view as well. but i mean, this is this just the internal workings of the labor party that have just been laid back, or is it legal? that's a good question. obviously,
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the labor party cannot be separated from its internal mechanisms, and that's a long history in the labor party of, at the kind of civil war between the left in the right, where each faction trying to rest control party. and so yes is disappointing and it doesn't bode well full of potential feature governance. but i suppose that the key points is the divided parties don't win elections. i doesn't make any sense to the party to be fighting a battle against the left. now, i just as a know, just as that the right party was fighting the left while the left was actually in, in power in the night party. and i think that the really the leisure pastor to look at the case, the public is not going to be attracted by party, which is focusing more on kind of purging one wing of itself. that naturally speaking to the country, i'm going to bring in a, bring back alex, hey, alex, in london as well. alex, you've heard the actually this needs to be looked at by the leadership. we've been
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actually speaking to members of my team and i a member of the live party all day to try and get their sense of this. and the overwhelming sense is just as we were about to become electable, just as things were turning caught up. we're back here, but the point is, this didn't happen overnight. this is systemic within the labor party, these documents go back to 1998. there's always been a problem. well that's true to an extent, but the problem is certainly intensified it intensify when jeremy corbin became leader of the later part. that's when for the rights of the labor party, the left became an ex essential threat. it's kind of self image rather than just an annoying in a relative of that puts up so so be definitely became more intention, the problem period. but i think it's wrong to just say, why can you leave it still behind you wife is still isn't parting because it's really a continuation of the same project. it's happening now during corbin's leadership. what sabotaged internally and then the same people in some instances,
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but certainly in the same fashion, are essentially the people who surround kissed armor who run the labor party right now. and what they've done now they've got a position of power is they've decided to jump in just that. don't you know, out of the less than trying, you know, like suspend, they suspended the former leader, jeremy corbin, they've expelled plenty of members on really gps grounds. and this just goes on and on and on. and it seems to be the leadership only kind of reflex is to attack it's left wing in a kind of a really bad prestige of the attorney blaze. so, so this is a problem for storm in a sense that he's not going to have united party carries on down that truck. don't curtis in glasgow. you've heard what both i guess of how to say about this. dr. rich about the allegations are within documentary, but do ordinary people care, your professor politics are posted to ordinary people, care about this kind of internal fighting? for the most part? no, but it's certainly correct to say docs and people are less likely to vote for parties
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that are internally divided in, in a sense. one of the advantages the labor party has a department is that is pretty care that the conservatives are divided. that is the perception of public hobble them. ah, it was something that was in the end, particularly fuel by party gates in the way, in the end. or as johnson's government effectively collapse at the beginning of july, ah, this year, ah, as compared with that, ah, the current arguments about the past in so either they were party and the way in which jeremy kobus was treated certainly will not have to send to a residence or voters, ah, not least on faith, because whatever his merits will there, jeremy corbin. so if i run the 2017 general election in the end i'm, he wasn't able to persuade the electric that he was somebody that they wanted to see him as prime minister. and to that extent, at least at the arguments about jeremy colburn all and afraid to some degree.
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yesterday's news as far as most of the product you're concerned, but it does have an effect i want to bring in jonathan les, hey, it does have the effect on people's perceptions clearly of the labor party. more importantly though, it is a problem for k selma who now has to publicly and the conferences on sunday is going to publicly address all of this and trying united policy. can he do that? i'm not sure that he does have to address it to jonas, and i mean, obviously j miss have to ask her about it and maybe some will. but i think that he will stay the conversation very rapidly away from it. and you know, as much as john was saying a 2nd ago to say this is yesterday's knees and points out. that's the ultimate verdict on jamie cuban. sadly was passed by the rich people in 2019 oversee as the saying was the health and by the the factions in the labor party. and it wasn't helped by the internal sabotaged. and that looks to have taken place with the
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bridge. people did not want jeremy coven fundamentally in, won't support les parts is offering and for a number of reasons in 2019 ice. based on that we'll, we'll make that point and steer it very rapidly away from that to look at the current dividing lines. and i think that the point is that his job has actually become a lot easier in the last couple of weeks. because when johnston was prime, minister, and johnson was also very unpopular at the end, the storms, main lines of attack against johnson, the 1st floor competence and then on character that now trust has become prime minister less trust and is completely transformed. the tory party agenda to make far more for clear lines, dividing lines, the territories and labor such, you know, similar in a sense. now because of the labor party, into a party by family to the right. so we have a similar kind of gap between the tea party that we had a few years ago, and i'll make it thought easier to stammer because now he has a political dividing line. and he can talk much about policies. and even though
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labor is to the right now, it's still much further to the left and the tory part to handle is trust. i think the public will be more prepared to get him for that. i think actually alex in london as well. jonathan, this is actually put our strategy papoulias unintentionally, but it's a decent strategy. let's just avoid that. let's focus on the tory party. let's forget any internal labor party workings, but there are going to be a lot of angry labor party members that will we've spoken to who want a clean house. they want reform that's going to have an impact. well, yeah, there will be that i think in the conference i'm going to keep it the gender if they can. i mean, i agree. it publicly like the part to say this is all in the past and let's move forward and so on and so forth. but actually, it does still present practical problems the case. and i also agree that the conservatives are trying to make it as easy as possible to start by moving. but i think you're trying to re run, you know, factors and from the eighty's, which gives labor a lot of space. the trouble for stuff practically is that
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a lot of like party membership, disaffected 3rd party members have left on the storm. i've resigned a membership or been kicked out and they tend to be the people who go around and deliver leaflets and knock on doors and all that kind of thing. the part is really in a financial situation because it's loss membership money from all the ex members or say, because he's got a kind of touchy relationship with the trade unions who are traditionally the biggest funds of labor who are basically saying, you know, when we're going to withheld our money and they're all the big rich donors coming back in to find the party they were in the tiny blair. so it's not just a political problem. the style where i agree, conservative made it much easier for him and it would otherwise have been of course, johnson had been in place and still successfully was previously. but he saw some practical problem about running at the party and the makeup of the party. and the morality. joe says, it seems to be that the natural order of things in britain is either sent to right or center left. that's kind of where we've been mostly,
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although the wrong extremes of that when the factory isn't, as we just mentioned, a perhaps though, even with a list trust. but jeremy kobus was always going to be on electable. so people working within his own party to actually try and bring him down. we're actually trying to do the party a favor. that's one spend right there. well, that certainly will be the thieves. those who were a engaged in trying to bring him down. although i think in truth, you know, we should remember that, i mean, he sat quite remarkably um, journey colbin in the 2017 election is probably the 1st party leader that i'm aware of. who, having being unpopular with the public actually managed to considerably improve his popularity during that luncheon. his bottom, of course, in the end is that what he wasn't able to do was to provide his party with adequately clear direction on the issue of breakfast. in the 2019 gen latching in contrast force, johnson didn't provide his party with a very clear directional not issue. and therefore as a result,
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the limitations of jeremy corbin's abilities as a liter. ah, we're exemplified and also because to some degree, some the things that made some traditional ever voters on happy about the liberal party and about johnny colbert tied in with their go. the boys socially conservative views that lead them to vote. that them to vote late. sorry, not to that extent, at least a jamie coven, to some degree, had the difficulty of being a party leader at a particularly. i difficult off, but again he can now watch their minor though is worth bearing in mind. this will be the 1st labor party conference since 2017. since jeffrey colbert did roughly by the 27th election. the labor party has come together for its annual conference when it's actually been a head in the opinion polls. and is one thing that we do know about pot leadership is the party leaders tend to be relatively strong when that part is that doing one, the poll and tend to be in the polls. and do i tend to be relatively weak when the
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converse is true? so probably, you know, despite all the matchings, abbas he kissed our just by the thought is perfectly clear. while he is somebody whom the public can imagine is prime minister. they don't necessarily have enthusiasm for in the way. as example, certainly a section of the election had for jeremy kobus are not a majority. again despite dot because now labor does enjoy chorus is done too late . there isn't much sign of a pass for the new prime minister this trust. he will actually, in some senses, have moral authority, i suspect, or at this conference they, he has done it to the previous ones that he's been presiding of his liter. jonathan, this is a very interesting point, is that he got a man that people can imagine being prime is the kissed alma, but he's also got a party that he's got to bring together somehow. and that is now has to be the focus. all of this comes out, it's going to give people a talking point. this is the next year for him. surely this is
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a distraction that is going to take. it is going to consume the labor pot encased almost leadership for the next year. at least i really don't think it'll be that much destruction. the simple reason, as we've already mentioned that i think the media has moved on the media, which was very hostile to cooper and anyway. and so might well have a look. some of the needs that were made against him because even on the, even most of century, so let we newspapers that wasn't a great loss to call in the 1st media as the night. and i think that that was the political weather has changed so much as you will say, just mentioning the 2nd guy that a lot of the people who wavering about labor and saying, well, it's no longer the case that any late the government is better than any consent to government and now on the trust perhaps being galvanized to kind of come back to the later fold. just because what trust is, is proposing is so radical. and i'm so on cold food say say on won't say
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by the bridge people you haven't had any say in it. and i think that that is really made. is alex, to say not really made storms of a lot easier. i don't mean that this kind of disaffection becomes much less of a political issue. when was a lot of the labor members who might be furious with him. i might also be very resentful about the fact that he broke so many of his leadership ledges in 2021 years campaigns to come labor leader and then kind of dates. almost all of those pledges they might be running to him because they know that what he's offering is a lot better. not radical, nothing like is progresses will call them, is offering, but much better than anything that could come from this trust. alex, the bottom line still remains though surely the this. busy was a democratically elected leader that was brought down by an elected people the most i've never even heard of that at that has to make head waves. well, i think the key point is in all of this, is that so you know,
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in this civil war within the life on one side, german coping side had democratic legitimacy. he was elected with large majorities within the party. the other side were using kind of regard actions, bureaucratic maneuvers behind the scenes to for that democratic mandate, even though they were mutually paid to carry it out. so, so yes, so this, i think, i mean stories in the british context. now the british news agenda moves on very quickly. people say, well that's old news, but then there was something quite profound that happened in the labor party between 201521900, something just unprecedented really. which is that an elected leadership was sabotaged from within by its own bias on site. and obviously there was, there were other forces that are acting against, like about, you know, you know, the media hostile mentioned. and as john said, this was an extremely difficult time with burkes it, which i think is the main reason for the 2019 general electric is out, which is essentially a kind of a bracket election where 2017, united meditatively. well, so there were all these other factors, of course,
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but it isn't the very least a fascinating case study of what can happen in a political party when you have this kind of internal sabotaging attempted to radio . the leadership because the leadership is considered to left wing by the people who previously run. i mean john curtis, this is the stuff of fiction that was very famous film called a very british qu, which is almost exactly what we're talking about now. it was just run by the british establishment to see this play out. in reality, i just see all laid bare that must have come as a, as a shock to you, or is this just part and parcel of the you politics that we all accept? well, i think to be honest, i may be bars johnson, jeremy coven should get together and started club for to pose leaders at the end of the day. leaders who are we end up being regarded by that party, or by significant section of the policy as a liability to them,
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are always at risk of being overturned irrespective of how strong well they did a general election kept bars. johnson's grace lawyer expected how well they didn't leadership election in the case of jeremy coleman at the end of the day. both gentlemen faced the problem, visa be that parties that a significant section of the of that party did not believe that they were in us. it and when that was the case, yes, unsurprisingly, people move to got my, the truth is not just a part of what politics is about. party leaders, one of that constant jobs they have to do is to maintain the confidence of their party if they don't have the comments of the party. they are always potentially on johnathan list. um it's ultimately the said of the republican party in the u. s. they actually should be 6 different parties because of the internal divisions. we've been talking a lot with all i guess about the idea that this is the hard left. this is todd, right. this is the, the wood divisions within the labor party itself. is it time to actually split the
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labor party? because this doesn't seem to be doing les party any favors to having these internal, almost constant in fighting. the bottom line is that the layer party is the only vehicle for progressive government in the united kingdom. and that is a result of our natural system. first pass the pace i wish requires a 5050 percent like not even the center a majority of one in each constituency the has no, i proportionality today whatsoever. if he had a proposal representation system, then i agree that will be very good grounds to state the labor party it into 2 different shades of left wing opinion and then the public to decide which one of those shades of wanted. and then you have a full coalition between the different factions to for when you government that is extremely normal around the world. we don't have that system until we do,
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then there is no option, but the lay party to group together. because if it doesn't, if that's a splintering, a slate. and we have seen that lay party who oversee a $991.00 when several and high profile and peace there to wait for the such democratic party, which then i measure the liberals and also to a less extent in 2019, when some disaffected and piece broke off and form the change e k policy, which wasn't any successful you have had, you have high break or break ups or not always benefits. the conservative policy, which is managed to say extremely united in a larry successful writing force, which doesn't have any rivals on the right lay part is always going to have roy was on the left, right, such as the liberal democrats and you know, by, they are at any given time on the green policy is always going to be hard if the labor party i'm taking now, the tories of redoing the electoral boundaries to make it easier to tory and peace elected that rule come in before the next election. so the lay party really needs to coalesce,
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and that is why i'm stall needs to stop purging the right and extend all the branches because without the left, without his aunt this is alex is saying it's gonna be much harder to win the election. expensive. yeah, she's spoken to jerry coven, since all of this came out. and well, i was talking to him yesterday or today, but i have spoken to him very recently when we knew it was coming out. so i don't think it's a great surprise to him. i mean, i work for jeremy in the labor party at the time and you know, this stuff was, was known that it was going on. it's just that it was very difficult actually wasn't in our interest in time to expose it because it would just make like a, like a hopelessly divided you know, in fighting bunch of, you know, a rabble basically so, so it was never frustratingly even though we knew the stuff was happening, it was never in our interest to say what's going on. and so now this stuff is coming out and it's good to have it finally confirmed. but i do think that something has changed within the labor party that makes it different from those
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other historical examples are just talking about in the there is now since jeremy kobus leadership, i think the right to life party the left as an existential threat to them. they think that the left is a genuine threat now and they have, they want to get rid of us. i think what's happening is that there's a, an attempt to really push the left out. the good to exterminate left. you know, suspending german corbin formally. there was a very bold step. it was, it wasn't something i did lightly, and all the other actions have been in keeping with that. and so i think that even though i actually believe this is detrimental to the labor party, damaging, i think those people around kissed armor don't care about that. and i think they're going to try and do it anyway. and i do think that will have long term consequences about it. it may well be that they can be trust in a general election and me the cost of living crisis, where everybody is likely that is the suffering. i mean, that's very possible, but in the long term, we've got plenty of examples from europe, especially democratic parties, essentially what followed out like with activist like with our social base then
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class. so i think not, and this is wearing for the label. i want to thank all i guess alex jones, john curtis and jonathan listen and i want to thank you as well for watching. now you can see the program again any time by visiting our website out there, dot com. and for further discussion, it's all facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at ha, inside story. for me am ron kon, on the whole team here. now. ah, ah.
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